Today's Show Thursday February 11, 2016

Thursday February 11, 2016

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This is Naked News, welcome everyone. I'm Katherine Curtis. It's going to be a good day today folks, Angie Heyward has some real WINNERS in our Boob Of The Week and Carli Bei is turning it up with the Modern Hearts a little later. First up, Isabella Rossini and the headlines, including new details on the clean-up efforts at the FUKUSHIMA nuclear plant in Japan.

Kat, it's been nearly 5 years since the Japanese nuclear plant went into meltdown after being devastated by an earthquake AND a tsunami. The reactor is now in stable condition, but it COULD take up to 40 years to finish the clean up. That includes removing molten nuclear debris and treating up to 750 THOUSAND tons of contaminated water. The biggest hindrance at the moment is safe access - the disaster released DEADLY levels of radiation that is still present today.

Los Angeles officials have approved nearly 2 BILLION dollars to help tackle the city's homeless crisis. The California metropolis is the homeless capital of the US, with an estimated 40 thousand people living outside. Homelessness levels have surged by more than 12 percent in the past two years and its only predicted to get worse. The 10-year-plan will use the funds to expand existing shelters and to build affordable housing.

And, autonomous cars are one step closer to hitting the road! The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has confirmed to Google that the AI technology used to pilot driverless cars COULD be considered the driver under current US law. The decision ISN'T legally binding, but it's a big step forward for carmakers. Most state and federal laws still require a HUMAN to be able to override the self-driving controls. Kat, Google say that requirement is INHIBITING their ability to test and further develop the technology.

As much as I want to hand over driving duties, I'd rather wait a little longer for everyone to agree it's safe! Thanks Isabella. It's time to go Inside The Box with Madison Banes. She's got the scoop on just how big the Super Bowl ratings were, plus a couple of brand new series to look forward to! Here she is.

The Denver Broncos might have won the big game on Sunday, but the REAL winner was CBS! The network scored an average of 112 MILLION viewers during the broadcast. That makes it the THIRD highest watched program in television history! The trend spilled over onto social media, with more than 200 million super bowl-related posts on Facebook and nearly 14 million messages on Twitter. What can I say, we like our football!

A popular Jimmy Kimmel Live segment is getting its own TV series spin-off! “Who Knows” has celebs compete against their BIGGEST fans to see who knows more about them. Kimmel has signed on to exec-produce a weekly half-hour version of the game under the NEW title of “Big Fan” for ABC. And none other then Andy Richter will be the shows host. The spin-off will feature THREE celeb enthusiasts who will compete to face-off with their idol in the final round. We'll keep you posted on a premiere date!

Karaoke is going on the ROAD in a new special for Spike TV! The network has teamed up with Howie Mandel to produce a new singing competition called “Caraoke Showdown”. Host Craig Robinson will pick up unsuspecting contestants in his car and challenge them to belt out their favorite tunes in exchange for cash and prizes! So far it's only scheduled as a one-off but if the ratings are good, you can BET this one will be picked up for series!

Andy Samberg is returning to his sketch comedy roots with a new series for FOX! The Brooklyn 99 star and his Lonely Island cohorts will produce a new half hour sketch series called, “Party Over Here”. Don't count on seeing Andy in FRONT of the camera on this one – the main cast will be all-FEMALE. You can join the “party” when “Party Over Here” premieres Saturday, March 12th at 11 PM.

And, the Emmy-award winning series “The Good Wife” is calling it quits! The legal drama premiered back in 2009 and has been one of the few NETWORK programs to hold its own against the rising onslaught of cable series. Producers are ALREADY teasing the possibility of a spin-off, but nothing has been confirmed yet. The finale airs May 8th on CBS.

I'm Madison Banes and THAT'S what's happening, Inside the Box!

I'm Natasha Olenski. February 14th is, of course, Valentine's Day! I hope you remembered to get something sparkly, sweet, or silky for your special someone! I'm going to tell you about some Valentine's Day history and traditions around the world in THIS EDITION, of my Naked Weather Forecast! But first, how about a little Brainstorm Trivia!

Last July, NASA's New Horizon spacecraft sent back spectacular images of Pluto. SOME of those images showed evidence of SNOW, though not the same KIND of snow that we're used to here on Planet Earth. Do you know what Pluto's snow is believed to be? Stick around for the answer!

Now to the forecasts! Valentine's Day began as a celebration of several early saints named Valentinus. Exactly which one became a symbol of love isn't entirely certain. But it's generally believed to be Valentine of Rome, a third-century priest. He performed marriages for soldiers in defiance of the Emperor's orders, and was executed for it. His SKULL, crowned with flowers, is on display at the Basilica of Santa Maria in Cosmedin, Rome, where this weekend will be rainy, with a high of 60 (16C)

Many countries mark Valentine's Day, but not all of them have the same traditions. In Japan, women are expected to spoil their men, not the other way around! Chocolate is a large component of gift giving, with chocolates of varying types designed for different levels of relationship. This is all thanks to a candy company in Kobe that introduced the tradition in the 1930s, to boost chocolate sales. How romantic! Kobe's weekend will include showers, and a high of 64 (18C)

In Finland, Valentine's Day is known as "Friend's Day". Finns give gifts and cards to friends, rather than romantic partners. But there IS still a degree of romance to it - it's a popular day for men to "pop the question" and to hold weddings. Finland's capital of Helsinki will be partly cloudy this weekend, with a high of 33. (1C)

In Wales, some people celebrate St. Dwynwen's Day on January 25th, instead of Valentine's Day. St. Dwynwen was said to have been visited by an angel which granted her three wishes. She's considered the Welsh patron saint of lovers, and celebrations on her day have been gaining popularity in recent years. Cardiff, Wales' capital, has a cloudy, wet weekend in store, and a high of 45 (7C).

Now for the answer to our Brainstorm Trivia question! According to Alan Stern, principal investigator on the New Horizons mission, snow on Pluto is made up of frozen nitrogen. For the record, nitrogen freezes at minus 346 Fahrenheit. And that's your Naked Weather Forecast. Happy Valentine's Day!

Welcome back to the newsroom. Congress is reviewing a bill that could stop airlines from shrinking their seats! If you feel a bit more claustrophobic on flights these days, it isn't just you. According to SeatGuru, the average width of airline seats has narrowed two inches since the 1990's, and the distance between rows has gone from 35 inches to about 31 inches! Tennessee Congressman Steve Cohen is looking to stop the shrinkage. He's introduced a bill that calls on the FAA to impose guidelines on minimum seat sizes.

For the first time since it was listed on the stock market in 2013, Twitter added NO new users in their latest quarter. Not only that, but it also lost 90 million dollars. Twitter has been in trouble for awhile now. The value of shares have dropped by HALF since July, and the number of users has stagnated at 320 million - roughly a fifth of the number on Facebook. Co-founder Jack Dorsey says Twitter needs to focus on being less confusing for new users.

And Ikea has issued a worldwide recall on two of its popular ceiling lamps! The Lock and Hyby lamps are prone to slipping from their fittings and crashing to the floor. There have been 224 reported incidents of the lamps falling, and 11 customers have been injured by broken glass. If you own one of the models, you're encouraged to return it to your nearest Ikea location for a full refund. No proof of purchase is necessary. Those are your headlines, I'm Isabella Rossini!

Carli Bei interviews The Modern Hearts.

I'm Angie Heyward, and I'm here to offer up our greatest dishonor - our BOOB of the WEEK. This week's "winners" are a group of brainiacs in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

This weekend Lake Geneva hosted "Winterfest". The highlight of the festival is the US National Snow Sculpting competition. The temperature was a little warm for ice sculpting, at three degrees above freezing, but they made do. Actually, Lake Geneva has been enjoying the relatively balmy temperatures for a while now. Overnights are in the low twenties, but the DAYS have been mid-thirties pretty regularly. They've hit 39 and 40 there recently!

Crazy, right? I blame El Nino. But in short, it's been a really warm winter. So wouldn't you think that MAYBE parking your car ON Lake Geneva wouldn't be such a smart thing to do? If so, that makes you a HELL of a lot smarter than a couple of dozen people at Winterfest!

See, parking spots were tough to come by, so someone decided to park on the ice. Then more people started parking on the ice. And right about 2pm, the absolutely predictable happened! FIFTEEN cars fell THROUGH the ice.

I did some research. Consensus is that ice needs to be about EIGHT inches thick to support a car or small pickup. *A* car or small pickup. I haven't found any official measurements out of Wisconsin, but looking at the photos, I'd eyeball the ice at five, maybe six inches thick. And frankly, considering the recent temps, I'd have ASSUMED it was thinner than that.

So what were these people thinking? They paid thousands of dollars for their cars, but coughing up a few bucks for paid parking is too pricey, or walking that extra block? Or maybe the old "I saw other people doing it..." rationale? Whatever answer, there's no excuse. It was cataclysmically stupid.

I'm glad nobody got injured, of course. Especially the crews that had to haul these idiots' vehicles out of the lake all night. But on top of the hit to the wallet these dumbass drivers had to take, I am pleased to be piling on one last bit of ignominy - designating them all our BOOBS of the WEEK. For Naked News, I'm Angie Heyward.

Katherine Curtis answers some Viewer's Mail. There's a question about a Game Spot review, applause for Kat's butt shake, a compliment about Eila Adams' bravery, and kudos for the cast and crew.

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