Today's Show Thursday November 27, 2014

Thursday November 27, 2014

Transcript Alec Baldwin's Love Ride is a new web series from entertainment site Above Average Productions. It has him ... Read More >> Hide >>

Alec Baldwin's Love Ride is a new web series from entertainment site Above Average Productions. It has him in the back of a taxi, picking up couples and talking about their relationship, with the help of long-time Saturday Night Live writer Paula Pell via headset. The five-ish-minute episodes are set to be released weekly, and the first two are already available at aboveaverage.com.

If you love Jimmy Fallon's "Lip Sync Battles" - and c'mon, who doesn't? - I've got great news! It's being spun off as its own show, debuting on Spike TV in April 2015. It'll start with ten half-hour episodes of celebrities facing off in front of a live studio audience. Fallon and co-creators John Krasinski and Stephen Merchant will exec-produce. Fingers crossed that Emma Stone and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are among the competitors!

The cast of True Detective's second season is starting to come fully into focus. Rachel McAdams has officially signed on as the female lead, straight-arrow Sheriff Ani Bezzerides. Taylor Kitsch and Kelly Reilly are also on board in smaller roles. They join Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn in the upcoming 8-episode season, described as "three police officers and a career criminal must navigate a web of conspiracy in the aftermath of a murder".

Daily Show alum Larry Wilmore's upcoming Comedy Central show finally has a premiere date - AND a new title. Formerly "Minority Report with Larry Wilmore", It's now "The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore", because Fox is working on a show based on Steven Spielberg's Minority Report movie. Whatever the title, it's set to debut on January 11, in the 11:30 spot vacated by The Colbert Report, which wraps up December 18.

Also in late-night, there's almost 3 months between Craig Ferguson's last program and new host James Cordon's FIRST show as host of The Late Late Show. So CBS has announced a series of special editions hosted by a rotation of celebrities. They include, Drew Carey, Wayne Brady, Will Arnett, Sean Hayes, John Mayer and many more. Sounds fun! That's what's happening, Inside The Box!

It's Thanksgiving in the US and an estimated 41 MILLION Americans traveled for the big holiday. A survey from GasBuddy has shed a bit more light on HOW they reached their destinations. If you had to fight your way through some highway gridlock, it's because an overwhelming 92-percent decided to drive. Only 6.5 percent of people traveled by plane. And nearly half of those polled said they'd spend two to three days before heading back home.

Think your Thanksgiving feast was decadent? Well think again because it PALED in comparison to what the Old Homestead Steakhouse in Manhattan was serving. The restaurant offered a 35,000 dollar dinner for four, which works out to 8750 dollars per person. The feast included foie gras soaked in a five thousand dollar bottle of Courvoisier cognac, an organic turkey stuffed with seven pounds of ground Japanese Wagyu filet mignon, and plenty of other fixings! If you can afford that you really have a LOT to be thankful for!

And if you or your relatives get a little TOO cheerful this holiday, take note that AAA is offering a FREE tow to intoxicated drivers all weekend long! The program is available in Florida, Goergia, and Tennessee, and will take people to any safe location within a ten-mile radius!

This week's DIShonoree is Chad Ian Lieberman. Now, don't judge him because he's named "Chad" - that's not his fault. Judge him on the merits of the scam he tried to pull.

First, the backstory. Chad's grandfather, Eric Oppenheimer, lived in a lovely rent-controlled eight-room apartment in an Upper East Side New York building. In 1997, Eric made a deal with his landlord, who wanted to erect another building next door. The new building would block off an air shaft that provided light and air to three of Eric's apartment's rooms. In exchange, he got a massive rent break - just a hundred dollars a month for as long as he and his wife lived there. Not a bad deal!

Enter CHAD. He moved in with grandpa Eric in 2009 - no doubt purely out of love and affection. And when grandpa died last year, he launched a lawsuit, claiming that the deal with the landlord was illegal. That the two hundred and forty-six unit building next door was illegally depriving him of the enjoyment of his massive, hundred-dollar-a-month apartment. And he demanded that his apartment be returned to its original condition by demolishing the other building.

Yep. Chad SUED to DEMOLISH a building and displace several hundred people, to essentially have a better view. SHOCKINGLY, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Anil Singh didn't buy it. The judge said that grandpa Eric had agreed to the deal with full knowledge of what it entailed, and there were no grounds to challenge that agreement.

But THAT legal failure is minuscule compared to THIS. Remember that massive rent break for as long as grandpa Eric and his wife lived there? Yeah, it turns out that kind of rent control agreement DOESN'T pass on to the next tenant, AKA CHAD. The landlord is now petitioning to have the unit's rent bumped up to current value, which could be THOUSANDS of dollars a month.

That, Chad Ian Lieberman, is whatcha call "karma biting you in the ass". It's also what gets you SERVED as our Boob of the Week.

Hello, shopaholics! As you can see, I'm getting ready for Black Friday – the BUSIEST shopping day of the year! I'll pass on Thanksgiving and all that turkey – there are DEALS to be had! Time for some GLOBAL retail therapy in THIS EDITION of the Naked Weather Forecast!

Before we hit the mall, let's get to our Brainstorm Trivia question! Black Friday hasn't ALWAYS associated with shopping. For those in Winnipeg, the term has a WHOLE other meaning – and it's weather-related. What happened? I'll tell you later on.

Black Friday – the Friday after American Thanksgiving - is the busiest shopping day of the year. 141 MILLION consumers took part in last year's extravaganza – spending an EYE-POPPING total of more than 57 BILLION dollars. Many states including California have even made Black Friday a PUBLIC holiday for government employees. It'll be the PERFECT weather to shop in LA this Black Friday, with sunny skies and a high of 74 degrees.

The biggest shopping day of the year in China is November 11th, or Singles Day. It's actually become the largest ONLINE shopping day in the world! Singles Day was initially celebrated by single young university students in Nanjing. But in 2012, it was trademarked by Alibaba. Jack Ma's e-commerce giant reported a NEW record of NINE billion dollars in sales this past Singles Day. It'll be raining in Nanjing this weekend – with a high of 61 (16 C).

The first Monday in December is known as “Mega Monday” or “Cyber Monday” in several parts of the world, including the UK. Online shopping is usually the focus of Mega Monday. BUT, for the first time since 2008, Black Friday and Mega Monday fall on the SAME weekend. A “perfect storm” of shopping is being predicted with several UK records set to be broken! London residents will enjoy a SUNNY weekend, with a pleasant high of 54 degrees (12 C).

And let's not forget the ORIGINAL shopping holiday – Boxing Day! It's long been a gift-giving day in Commonwealth nations including Canada. Employers would traditionally give their staff the day off, along with Christmas “boxes” as gifts. Nowadays, Boxing Day is synonymous with TWO things in the Great White North – watching sports on television and SHOPPING! Cloudy skies are in the forecast for Ottawa this weekend, and the temperature will only get up to 36 (2 C).

Let's unwrap the answer to our Brainstorm Trivia question!

In 1950, the Red River in Winnipeg reached its HIGHEST level in nearly NINETY years. After weeks of flooding from melting snow, the river burst several dikes on Friday May fifth, leaving much of the city underwater. Talk about a “Black Friday”.

That's all for your Naked Weather Forecast

For the first time EVER, the majority of online purchases in the US, on Thanksgiving Day, will be made on a mobile device. That's according to IBM's latest forecast. Smartphones lead the way as the preferred device for browsing – accounting for nearly 30 percent of online traffic. Another forecast from Adobe predicts Thanksgiving Day will be the BIGGEST mobile shopping day of the year.

What about Black Friday? Well, it seems many Americans are OVER IT. According to a poll from bankrate.com, only 40 percent of shoppers will take part in the Black Friday madness. And even less than that will brave the stores – a mere 28 per cent of those surveyed. Early “Black Friday” offers are to blame for the lack of hype – some retailers started back on November first.

And finally, here's a holiday sale we can REALLY get behind! San Francisco apparel store Desigual asked shoppers to show up in their UNDERWEAR this past Tuesday for a pre-Black Friday giveaway. The first hundred nearly nude customers got a FREE outfit! Temperatures were below 40 degrees – but people were lined up out the store. The Barcelona-based company also holds “Semi-Naked Parties” in January to kick off winter sales around the world.

2014 is winding down and all kinds of year-end awards are being handed out! British music mag NME has released its picks for the top 50 albums of the year! So who's number one? That would be Texas musician Annie Clark - aka St. Vincent. Her self-titled release took the very top spot, thanks to a handful of awesome tracks like "Digital Witness". You can see all fifty picks in this week's edition of the music mag, which is on news stands now!

Just in time for the holidays, Beyonce has blessed us with a super sexy new video! It's for her latest catchy single, "7/11", and sees the pop queen dancing around in her skivvies and PLENTY of booty shaking! Love the home-video style look in this one. Beyonce really can do no wrong!

It's official - the highly anticipated documentary on the life of Kurt Cobain will debut on HBO! This is far from the first film on the life of the grunge music icon. But what makes "Montage Of Heck" special is that it's the first one to have the full cooperation of the Cobain family. Directed by Oscar-nominee Brett Morgen, the crew was given total access to Cobain's personal archives, which includes previously unreleased songs and all kinds of never-before-seen home movies, journals, artwork, and concert footage. Morgen has spent the last EIGHT YEARS putting the film together. "Montage of Heck" will premiere on HBO some time next year.

And how's this for an unforgettable experience: earlier this week, Bob Dylan and his band played an entire concert for ONE super lucky fan! It happened at Philadelphia's Academy of Music. Rather than the usual setlist, Dylan opted for some classic covers including Fats Domino's "Blueberry Hill" and "Heartbeat" by Buddy Holly. The once-in-a-lifetime show was for a Swedish series called "Experiment Ensam" - or "Experiment Alone". The lucky fan is Fredrik Wikingsson (WE-king-son), who just happens to be a close friend of the show's director. It really is who you know!

And once you're done stuffing your face this Thanksgiving, I've got the perfect thing to watch while digesting-slash-nodding off on your sofa! VH1 is airing a concert special called "A Very Bonnaroo Thanksgiving" featuring tons of awesome artists! Jack White, Metallica, Pearl Jam, Arcade Fire, and Mumford and Sons are just a few of the big names involved!

Katherine Curtis and Eila Adams close out the show with some viewer mail as fans ask questions about body makeup, a Sunny Megatron show, and the music on the show. They also have the results of our most recent poll question about Bill Cosby.

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