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Today's Show Monday September 29, 2014

Monday September 29, 2014

Transcript One, the Dallas Cowboys are better than we thought. And TWO, the New Orleans Saints are in BIG trouble! ... Read More >> Hide >>

One, the Dallas Cowboys are better than we thought. And TWO, the New Orleans Saints are in BIG trouble!

Welcome INSIDE SPORTS everyone! The Cowboys led 31 to 3 after three quarters and never looked back – beating the Saints 38 to 17. Tony Romo threw for three touchdown passes and DeMarco Murray rushed for almost 150 yards and two scores. New Orleans couldn't get ANYTHING going against a Dallas defense that, on paper, should be the WORST in the league! The Saints are now one and three.

The Philadelphia Eagles dropped their first game of the season, losing 26-21 to the San Francisco 49ers. And the Tampa Bay Buccaneers FINALLY got in the win column. They stunned the Pittsburgh Steelers 27 to 24 on a touchdown with SEVEN seconds to go!

Europe comfortably retained the Ryder Cup trophy after defeating Team USA 16 and a half to 11 and a half. It's the THIRD straight win for the Europeans. Rookie Welsh golfer Jamie Donaldson earned the clinching point on Sunday when he beat Keegan Bradley four and three. The Americans made a late charge but it was too little, too late.

The Washington Nationals are headed to the playoffs in STYLE! Jordan Zimmermann threw a NO-HITTER on the FINAL day of the season. The right-hander blanked the Miami Marlins for his first career no-no. And Zimmermann has rookie outfielder Steven Souza Junior to thank for it! He made a SPECTACULAR diving catch on the LAST play of the game to seal the deal.

Jeff Gordon is simply ON FIRE in NASCAR's Sprint Cup championship. He took the checkered flag at Dover International Speedway in dominating fashion. Gordon was already guaranteed to be in the field of twelve thanks to his three previous victories. But when you're hot, you're hot! 4 more drivers will drop out after the next 3 race series that starts next week at Kansas Speedway.

And Demetrious Johnson continues to fend off ALL challengers to his UFC flyweight title. He submitted Chris Cariaso with a kimura in the second round at UFC 178 in Las Vegas. It's Johnson's FIFTH straight title defense. He proved why he's one of the top three pound-for-pound fighters in the world!

In Japan, the search continues for survivors of a deadly volcanic eruption. More than two hundred hikers were on the slopes of Mount Ontake around noon Saturday when a plume of ash and rock shot up into the sky. Dozens of hikers, near the peak of the ten thousand foot mountain, were trapped. So far, 31 bodies have been recovered with 40 more injured. Some managed to make it down the mountain on their own, while others were forced to wait for rescue helicopters. Japan is known to be one of the world most active countries for seismic activity.

Meanwhile in Hong Kong, tens of thousands of pro-democracy supporters have flooded the streets. Demonstrators are rallying against the communist rule of China, which resumed control over Hong Kong - a former British colony - in 1997. Protesters are calling for full democracy in Hong Kong - including the freedom to choose their own election candidates. The protests are considered China's largest political uprisings since Tiananmen Square, twenty five years ago.

And history was made in Afghanistan on Monday, as the war-torn nation witnessed its first democratic transfer of power. Ashraf Ghani has been sworn in as the country's new president. Ghani is taking over for Hamid Karzai, who held power since 2001. Ghani's coalition government was put together after months of deadlock due to a dispute over election results. It's hoped Ghani will set the country on a new path as the US withdraws after a decade of war.

Twenty-two year old Solveiga Pakstaite has created a new way to check food freshness. It's a special label containing gelatin that starts out smooth, but becomes bumpy as it decays - which it does at the same rate as the food inside the package. So the smoother the label, the fresher the food. Best-before dates only estimate freshness, and are blamed for millions of tons of food being wasted.

Paula Deen's new online network launched last week with some EXTRA content. Just a few days before its debut, the celebrity chef purchased the rights to over four hundred of her Food Network shows plus unseen footage. If you recall, Deen was dumped by The Food Network after she admitted to using "the n-word", and has been trying to rebuild her empire ever since. PaulaDeen.com will feature new content along with the old episodes.

Oreo has released a PUMPKIN SPICE version of the famous cookie for fall. The limited-edition flavor features vanilla wafers and a pumpkin cream filling. Oreo spent over a year developing the flavor, in response to the growing trend of pumpkin spice fall treats. And early tasters say that if you're into the taste of pumpkin, you're going to LOVE em! They're on shelves now, for a limited time, and ONLY in the US.

Taco Bell could be adding BISCUIT TACOS to their menu. They've been testing the idea in several markets, with an eye on rolling them out nationwide. The items are made with a warm rich biscuit - made with real buttermilk, and formed into the traditional taco SHAPE. Breakfast versions are stuffed with your choice of fillings, such as bacon, egg, and cheese, or sausage and gravy. Not exactly authentic Mexican, but they sound tasty!

And fans at University of Maryland football games now have an OUTRAGEOUS new food option. It's called The Chessie - after Chesepeake Bay's legendary sea monster - and it's worthy of the name. Behold a one and a half POUND soft pretzel, baked with a topping of crab dip, melted cheese, and Old Bay seasoning. It's sold as serving four people and costs seventeen fifty.

Director Bryan Singer will be back at the helm for "X-Men: Apocalypse", the next chapter in the superhero franchise! Singer directed the first two X-Men flicks and this year's "X-Men: Days of Future Past", and all three were box office smash hits! Rumor has it that the timeline in Apocalypse could force a MAJOR shakeup in casting, with Halle Berry, Famke Janssen, and James Marsden - who played Storm, Jean Grey, and Cyclops - being replaced by younger actors.

It's the movie event sci-fi geeks have been waiting DECADES for - and it's almost here! Ridley Scott says the script for Blade Runner 2 is complete! Scott says the sequel to the 1982 classic will be "surprisingly clever". Now it's just up to star Harrison Ford to find time in his busy schedule so they can start shooting. Scott's also dropped some hints about his plans for Prometheus 2. He says the movie might not include ANY xenomorphs, aka the terrifying monsters from the Alien franchise. Instead, he's promising something even MORE interesting. We'll just have to wait and see.

The third installment of the Bill and Ted franchise is gonna be totally TUBULAR! That's straight from the mouth of Bill himself: Mr. Alex Winter! Winter says the new flick is quote "really sweet and really fucking funny". He says they've been working on a new script for YEARS, and the duo's new adventure will be about how Bill and Ted are in their forties but not totally grown-up yet. Whenever the movie actually gets made Winter is promising a quality product that fans will love.

Now to a couple of new trailers for TWO of the year's biggest comedies! First is the new Seth Rogen/James Franco flick "The Interview". If you haven't heard about it yet, it's about a TV host and producer who land an exclusive interview with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un. But the stakes are raised EXTRA high when the CIA asks the guys to assassinate him! It looks hilarious! If there's ever been a comedy that could trigger an international crisis, it's this one! "The Interview" hits theaters on Christmas!

And now a peek at a movie sequel that's twenty years in the making! Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels are finally reprising their roles as Lloyd and Harry for "Dumb and Dumber To". This time around, the goofy duo find out Harry has a daughter - who's super hot by the way, because duh, Emma Stone. They set out on a mission to find her, and yes, shenanigans ensue.

In other news making headlines today, US President Barack Obama acknowledged that his administration underestimated the threat posed by militant group ISIS. In a taped interview on "60 Minutes", Obama admitted that failing to intervene in the Syrian war allowed for the region to become a quote unquote "ground zero for jihadists around the world". The President is facing harsh criticism in Washington for his "no boots on the ground" policy in dealing with ISIS. On Sunday, House Speaker John Boehner said that if local forces in Iraq and Syria weren't properly trained, American troops would be needed to combat the threat.

US Senator Elizabeth Warren is calling for a major investigation of the New York Federal Reserve. Warren believes the regulator is too chummy with Wall Street's biggest banks. This after secretly made audio tapes were made public, allegedly showing Fed supervisors reluctant to question or criticize a conflict-of-interest policy at Goldman Sachs. Warren says the tapes raise disturbing issues about the role and effectiveness of financial regulators. The New York Fed has rejected all claims of any wrongdoing.

And the Federal Aviation Administration says it will take until October 13th to get a Chicago-area air traffic control site fully back up and running. The site was set on fire by contract employee, Brian Howard on September 26, after a failed suicide attempt. It caused air traffic chaos across the country with over three thousand flight cancellations. Howard has been charged with a felony.

There's also an Ask An Anchor with Angie Heyward.

If you want to learn a new language, don't waste your time on those silly Rosetta Stone lessons. What you REALLY need is to slip into a coma! An Aussie man who spent a week in a coma baffled family members when he woke up speaking fluent Mandarin! 22-year old Ben McMahon had taken Mandarin lessons in school, but always struggled with the language. When he woke up he spoke it perfectly, but struggled instead with his English. Luckily that came back to him, and now the Melbourne native has moved to Shanghai as a student where he even hosts a Mandarin TV show!

Here's ONE way to bring attention to your cause! 31-year old Thomas Cantley is rolling a giant ball across the US to generate awareness about testicular cancer. Cantley, who's a cancer survivor himself, is going from Santa Monica California to New York City. He's inviting people to donate money AND write their own stories on his giant ball. His goal is to cross the country without spending ANY money on food or lodging, instead relying on the goodwill and generosity of others. You can learn all about his project at BallPush.org!

Donating to charity usually makes people feel good. But this takes it to a WHOLE new level! At the recent Eroticism Saves The Earth television fundraiser in Tokyo, lucky porn fans got to COP A FEEL in exchange for a donation to the Stop AIDS charity. 12 Japanese adult film stars were on hand for the event. More than two THOUSAND fans showed up and donated nearly 25 GRAND to the worthy cause.

A textbook publisher in Thailand is getting a FAILING grade. Among the pictures on the cover of one of its math books was a young woman in a suit. Turns out, that young woman was Mana Aoki – a famous PORN STAR! The image was from one of her movies. Three THOUSAND copies were sold before the cover was replaced. I bet not a SINGLE student cracked that book!

And Pop Tarts are known for being quite addictive. But one amateur drug dealer took it a bit too far! Cameron Mitchell was arrested in North Carolina for selling a crushed up Pop Tart and claiming it was COCAINE! Even worse, he sold it to an UNDERCOVER police officer! Mitchell was charged with selling and creating a counterfeit controlled substance. Sounds like he got his “just desserts!”

Eila Adams closes out the show by announcing the winner of our weekly caption contest.

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