Today's Show Sunday May 24, 2015

Sunday May 24, 2015

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Transcript Welcome one and all to Naked News Magazine. I'm Eila Adams. And I'm Isabella Rossini, we're starting thi... Read More >> Hide >>

Welcome one and all to Naked News Magazine. I'm Eila Adams.

And I'm Isabella Rossini, we're starting things off today by getting your heart rate up, and believe it or not, it's NOT just because we're standing here naked.

Although that certainly helps. NO, we're heading out of the studio for Flex Appeal. Angie was kind enough to join me at the beach for a resistance band workout.

You know, had I know you were filming at the beach, I MIGHT have agreed to come along.

I'll keep that in mind because I'm ALWAYS looking for volunteers for Flex Appeal.

So what are you doing with these resistance bands?

Well, they're super-versatile and can be used in all sorts of workout routines. Here's Angie and I with one of my personal favorites.

I'm Kat Curtis, and THESE, are your Odds N Ends.

We all know cable providers suck, but Comcast has sunk to a shocking low. After 66-year old Minnesota native Jimmy Ware's house burnt down, he called Comcast to have his service cancelled. The company refused to let him out of his contract and demanded that he pay in full. How's that for friendly customer service? It's not like Ware had more important things to worry about, like FINDING A NEW PLACE TO LIVE. Comcast eventually gave in and apologized for how they handled the situation.

He once terrorized residents and destroyed huge parts of the city, but it turns out Tokyo is ready to let bygones be bygones. Godzilla has been appointed special resident and tourism ambassador for Tokyo's Shinjuku ward! Officials are looking to cash in on the global success of last year's Godzilla remake. A massive Godzilla head has been unveiled at the Toho studios, who produced the original sea monster film in 1954. Shinjuku's mayor says "Godzilla is a character that is the pride of Japan".

And military training isn't all about weaponry - The Air Force has just awarded a ten thousand dollar contract to teach soldiers about KISSING, sort of. The "May I Kiss You" training is designed to address some pretty serious issues: Getting consent before intimacy, how to intervene if they see someone using alcohol to facilitate sexual assault, and how to respond to someone who confides they've been assaulted. Because knowing is half the battle! For Odds 'n Ends I'm Katherine Curtis!

Thanks Kat, and hey, kissing a man in uniform, sign me up!

I know right, especially a soldier! There's something about a man who fights for his country that makes me a little weak in the knees.

I agree with you there. Okay, up next Isabella we have a woman named Keonna. She's the latest sexy lady to audition for a spot on our program.

She's artistic, likes to dance and wait till you hear her story about why she doesn't date.

Pay close attention folks because we're going to want your feedback on her. Here's Keonna.

Watch our for Texting Thumb! Orthopedic surgeons report that people who spend a lot of time texting or playing games on their smartphones could be at risk of repetitive stress injuries. The hours of tapping and even just holding a phone can cause the condition.

A Russian computer scientist has volunteered to become the first human head transplant. The 30-year-old man suffers from a rare genetic muscle wasting condition and is confined to a wheelchair. The proposed surgery would take up to 100 surgeons and 36 hours to carry out. An optimistic outcome would have the patient up and walking around in their new body after a year.

It's enough to make Homer Simpson cry. Two Swedish men sent a perfectly good donut into space, attaching the fried dessert, along with a camera, to a weather balloon. The UFP - or Unidentified Flying Pastry - made it to 20 miles above the earth still intact. A few hours after the launch the experiment came splashing down in a nearby lake. A very soggy donut was retrieved, but no word on if it was still edible. I'm Katherine Curtis and those are your Odds 'n Ends!

I'm Madison Banes and THIS is what went viral this week in the NAKED NEWS VIDEO BLOG!

We're off to a flying start with French wildman Yves Rossy! He's known as the "Jetman", and he's blasting off with a friend over Dubai in this unbelievable clip. Sort of makes you want to strap on a pair of wings doesn't it! The 12 minute vid has already had millions of hits online, and is well worth watching in its entirety.

Now for a slightly less extreme type of stunt, but one I bet you've never seen before! What what BMXer Pat Laughlin does. JUST when you thought it was going all wrong, he totally pulls off the unexpected! Full marks for creativity!

Y'know that scary opening scene from Jaws when the woman gets attacked by the shark while skinny dipping? This next vid's kinda like that, except the woman's not quite naked - sorry - and the sea creature isn't QUITE as dangerous. It's just a manatee - get it together woman! I love how even while completely freaking out, she never let go of the camera. Kids these days.

Russian artist Stefan Pabst makes 3D paintings that will BLOW your mind! His simple renderings of common objects, like say a glass of water, make it hard to believe they're not real. Pretty incredible right! There's plenty more where that came from on his YouTube page!

Now here's one for you Lord of the Rings fans. Comedian Jamie Costa is a master of impressions, and is ready to recreate one of the film's famous scenes with a new cast of characters!

Not bad! But seriously, shoot your videos in LANDSCAPE next time will ya! That's all for this edition of the Naked News Video Blog. Take care.

Thanks Madison, and that will wrap up THIS EDITION, of Naked News! Any parting words Eila?

As a matter of fact, yes! We fully expect everyone to check us out on Social media! Our official fan page is on Facebook, we're getting naked 140 characters at a time on Twitter and our Instagram account is Safe For Work, although, if we had it our way, it wouldn't be.

You know we can't even show bum shots now, unless there's some kind of panty showing.

I know, it's ridiculous! Anyway, and don't forget our blog, it's on the nakednews.com home page.

Thanks for tuning in everyone, we'll leave you now with a look behind the scenes.

Carli Bei enjoys a little more lobster and a "pantsing" from Hedonism in Negril Jamaica, and Eila Adams participates in an ill-fated plan to wear a whipped cream and cherry "costume" in her edition of Naked Foodie

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