Today's Show Sunday December 21, 2014

Sunday December 21, 2014

Transcript Today's question comes to us from Sebastian in Detroit who writes "Dear ladies, I would like to know what ... Read More >> Hide >>

Today's question comes to us from Sebastian in Detroit who writes "Dear ladies, I would like to know what you've been taught or have learned from any of the other anchors as far as your on screen performance goes. Things like disrobing, where to put your hands, wardrobe choices, how to walk away, things like that. It's always nice to get some insight into the inner workings of your show.

Great question Sebastian! It's a pretty steep learning curve for anyone just starting here but all of us definitely had someone help us out in one way or another. Let's see what everyone has to say!

A woman was recently BUMPED off a US Airways flight in Connecticut because of her pet PIG! The 70 pound pot bellied pig was concealed in a duffel bag when she boarded the plane. A rep for US Airways said the woman brought the pig aboard as an “emotional support animal” - which is allowed. BUT, the porker was stinking up the cabin and, um, “hogging” the aisle space.

Next stop: TRUE LOVE! A young couple from New York City recently got MARRIED while riding the N train from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Hector Irakliotis and Tatyana Sandler said the subway line was significant to their relationship because of how much time they spent travelling on it together. Passengers were invited to stay and share in the joyous ceremony.

And Germany's Ministry of Environment has created a series of BIZARRE video clips meant to raise awareness for energy conservation. One shows a young woman AWKWARDLY catching her parents in the act!

Peyton Priestly and Whitney St. John go to the Sportsmen's Show and learn about hunting, fishing, shooting, and more.

We recently covered the most SHARED viral ads of 2014. Well now, YouTube's released its list of the most popular clips of the year, and we're counting down a few of our favorites!

New York might be the greatest city in the world, but it's not always so great for attractive young females. "10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman" showed us how creepy it can really be. If you think that's bad, try going NAKED in the streets! Almost 40 million views on Youtube.

We've featured our share of Epic Rap Battle in this segment, but THIS one was the most popular of the year! It pits Goku, a character from the Japanese animated series Dragon Ball Z, against the Man of Steel himself, Superman! Well played, fellas. After almost 42 million views on Youtube, I think we'll call this one a draw.

The only thing people love more than getting new iPhones is COMPLAINING about their new iPhones. When the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus came out earlier this year, it was revealed that the Plus could be bent when walking around with it in your pants pocket. The news caused quite a stir, and that's why this vid was so popular. 60 million views and counting. Here's a free tip: if your new smartphone is getting bent in your pants, you don't need a new phone - you need new PANTS, you whiny hipsters!!

Now for the number one most popular video of 2014: "Mutant Giant Spider Dog". Wiener dog plus giant spider costume equals viral video magic!

More then 116 million people have watched that clip and its easily one of MY favorites one of the year!

A lawyer in Australia has set a Guinness World Record for the largest LED light image! David Richards strung up almost one point two MILLION Christmas lights in a downtown Canberra mall. The 75 MILES of wire is in the shape of three HUGE interconnected wrapped presents. It will be on display to the public for FREE until New Year's Eve.

Would YOU wear pre-broken in jeans? One Welsh denim company is hoping the answer is yes! Hiut employs fifty “denim breakers” to wear the jeans for six months before being washed and sold. The company says the process will give the “new” jeans a more “vintage” look – plus they'll already be comfortable. Prices range from 200 to about 350 dollars.

And a French inventor has created a pill that makes your farts smell like CHOCOLATE! Christian Poincheval says years of research went into the capsules – which contain cacao zest and other plant-based ingredients. They'll also reduce gas and bloating. You can buy a pack of 60 pills online for about twelve fifty. They'd make a great stocking stuffer!

There were SO many amazing games released this year that I had a tough time coming up with my top 5, but here they are!

Coming in at number five is Bayonetta 2 for the Wii U. This one was a real surprise. No one was expecting a major improvement over the first game – but Sega delivered, and then some! It's over the top and cheesy and hyper-sexualized – but it all works somehow! Bayonetta 2 is non-stop action and it's just plain fun!

Speaking of fun Wii U titles, Super Smash Brothers gets the number four spot. It's literally impossible to not enjoy playing a Smash Brothers game. You just get HYPED right from the intro.

The combat is smooth and fast. And the more the merrier! Four players and even EIGHT player battles are about as epic as it gets. The hardest part will be getting people to leave your house after a game. I only have so much couch space.

Number three on the list is The Evil Within for multiple platforms. To be honest, the horror genre was getting a bit stale and REALLY needed a swift kick in the ass. THIS is the game that did it.

The Evil Within is a throwback to Resident Evil, Silent Hill and other legit scary games. It's super gory and it's sick, twisted fun – if you're into that kind of thing.

At runner-up for 2014 is Dark Souls 2 for multiple platforms. I'm not going to sugar coat it – this was the HARDEST game of the year. If you want a challenge, this game BRINGS it big time.

You'll spend a LOT of hours dying over and over again in Dark Souls 2– but I assure you, it'll be worth it.

And the NUMBER ONE game for 2014 is Dragon Age: Inquisition. Don't get me wrong, the hacking and the slashing is fun. SUPER FUN. But what makes Inquisition the game of the year for me is the RELATIONSHIPS you build. The level of interpersonal interaction is miles better than anything the genre has ever produced before.

Plus, you can have a LOT of sex in this game. Just sayin. Dragon Age: Inquisition has it all and is a truly LIFE-CHANGING experience! Give it and the other four games on this list a play-through, otherwise, you know, judgy face.

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