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Monday August 31, 2015

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I'm Isabella Rossini and we're kicking off a brand new week here at Naked News, in the great outdoors. Sports, Wheelz, our Naked Foodie, it's all coming up right after we go NAKED AT THE MOVIES with Madison Banes. She's here to tell us about two of the biggest female actors in Hollywood, joining forces!

That's right Isabella, no one's hotter right now than Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer. And these 2 sexy ladies have an intriguing new project in the works! Welcome to Naked At The Movies! After seeing Schumer star in Trainwreck, J-Law sent her an email telling her how much she loved her work. The two hit it off, and their friendship has blossomed into a full-on career partnership. They're now working on a comedic screenplay together which Lawrence says is nearly finished. Of course they'll both be cast in the leading roles. We can't wait to see what they have in store!

You'd think the man behind box office bombs like "The Last Airbender", "The Happening", and "After Earth" would have a hard time finding work in Hollywood. But nope, director M. Night Shyamalan somehow keeps getting jobs! He's reportedly teaming up once again with Joaquin Phoenix on an untitled thriller. Phoenix starred in "Signs" and "The Village", which were the last two Shayamalan movies that weren't TOTAL disasters.

Fresh off his success in Furious 7, Vin Diesel plans to reprise his tough guy role in the XXX movies! Vin has announced he's coming back as Xander Cage for another XXX flick. In case you don't remember, Cage is an extreme sports aficionado who gets roped in by American authorities to fight international bad guys. Which is NOTHING like Dominic Toretto in the Fast and Furious movies. Filming is slated to start this December in the Philippines.

2015 is far from over, but it's already been a GREAT year for Universal! The studio's enjoying its highest-grossing year EVER at the international box office. They've grossed 3.78 BILLION so far, and it's all thanks to a string of smash hits that include the aforementioned Fast and Furious 7, Jurassic World, Minions, and Fifty Shades of Grey. The number is just going to get higher because the tally doesn't include the new hit "Straight Outta Compton." Universal also still has a handful of blockbusters coming out this year including Everest, Steve Jobs, and Crimson Peak.

And that brings us to this week's preview! Crimson Peak is a gothic horror from Guillermo Del Toro, the mastermind behind Pan's Labyrinth. This one stars Jessica Chastain and Tom Hiddleston as residents of a creepy 19th century mansion filled with dark secrets. Have a look. I'm getting goosebumps already! Crimson Peak promises plenty of thrills and chills, and hits theaters on October 16th, just in time for Halloween! For Naked At The Movies, I'm Madison Banes!

I'm Katherine Curtis. Remnants of Tropical Storm Erika are STILL wreaking havoc in the Southeastern US. Despite petering out on Saturday, the storm system is expected to bring heavy rains to Florida and the eastern Carolina's Monday. Much of Central Florida will remain on flood watch until late Monday night. If that weren't enough, there is already a NEW storm on the horizon. Hurricane Fred is predicted to hit the Cape Verde islands on Monday, but should weaken before it reaches North America.

President Obama is changing the name of North America's tallest mountain. Alaska's Mount McKinley was named after 25th President William McKinley on the back of his run for the White House. The peak's NEW name will be Denali, an Athabascan word meaning “the high one”, in honor of the state's Native population. The President starts a 3-day visit to Alaska on Monday and will spend part of that time discussing Native issues.

And Sunday night's MTV Video Music Awards did NOT disappoint! There were new feuds, old feuds, a few tears and an 11-MINUTE Kanye West acceptance speech. Nicki Minaj called host Miley Cyrus a bitch in response to Miley telling the press that Nicki was “not so polite”. Them's fighting words Miley! Justin Bieber broke down in TEARS after his performance, not sure WHY, and our favorite moment was when Kanye West accepted the Video Vanguard award from Taylor Swift. He then used the platform to announce he'll be running for the White House in 2020! The VMAs are a trainwreck, Isabella, and we just can't look away!

And the crazy part is that Kanye might actually have a chance in 2020.

Can you imagine, and here we are thinking TRUMP is entertaining!

My my, okay sit tight Kat because we'll be back with you shortly. Now let's say hello to Natasha Olenski who's up next with her Naked Sports report and details on another no-no in baseball!

Thanks Isabella! An exciting season for Chicago Cubs fans got even better on Sunday night! Pitcher Jake Arrieta threw his first career no-hitter! The 29-year old struck out 12 LA Dodgers in one of the most dominant performances by any pitcher this year. Chicago won 2-nothing. The Cubs acquired Arrieta in a trade with the Orioles in July, and since then he's become one of baseball's best pitchers, going 6 and 0 with an ERA of 0-point-4-3. I think we know who won THAT deal!

What a race on the IndyCar track at Sonoma Raceway! Scott Dixon came from 47 points back in the "double-points" season finale to edge Juan Pablo Montoya and Will Power for the 2015 championship! When Montoya and Power collided on lap 39, it opened the door for Dixon to do something special. And that's exactly what happened! He took the overall lead on the 51st lap and held on for a wild ride across the finish line. It was his FOURTH career championship!

In golf, it doesn't get much better than this. Jason Day shot a sizzling 62 on Sunday to run away with a win at The Barclays - the first event of the FedEx Cup Playoffs. The Aussie finished at 19-under in the tournament, six strokes ahead of runner-up Henrik Stenson. How hot has Day been lately? He's won 4 of his last 14 starts! Jordan Spieth is the hands-down player of the year, but Jason Day should finish a close second.

It looks like Los Angeles will be throwing its hat into the ring for a 2024 Olympic bid. This is according to a report from the Associated Press. Things won't be confirmed until Tuesday at the earliest, which is when LA city council is slated to approve the bid. If it happens, LA will join Hamburg, Paris, and Rome as the other bidders that have been confirmed so far. The deadline for submissions to the IOC is September 15th. The host city will be selected in 2017.

And the final Grand Slam event of the tennis season is upon us, but one of the biggest names on the women's side WON'T be at the US Open! Maria Sharapova announced Sunday that she'll be sitting out the tournament due to a right leg injury. The Russian would have been the third-ranked player in New York. She told fans she'd be back on the court in a few weeks. But in the meantime, her absence leaves the door WIDE OPEN for Serena Williams to complete a calendar Grand Slam! She'd be the first woman to do so since Steffi Graf in 1988.

With the latest in sports, I'm Natasha Olenski!

I'm your Naked Foodie, Peyton Priestly. A study funded by Denmark's Dairy Research Foundation has found that butter can be BAD for you! Obviously, this was not the result the butter industry was hoping for! The study indicated that butter consumption could raise cholesterol, and does raise blood cholesterol levels more than the common options like olive oil. It's very rare that an industry-funded report makes the industry look bad, so it's definitely worth noting!

DISTURBING news for burger fans who like their meat a little pink. A new report by Consumer Reports found bacteria "consistent with fecal contamination" in ALL of the 300 packs of ground beef they tested from across the country. Up to twenty percent of the packs had OTHER potentially-sickening bacteria, including antibiotic-resistant superbugs. For your safety, experts recommend you cook ground beef to 160 degrees. That'll kill the nasty bacteria.

If I said "name a brand of ketchup", it's likely you'd say "Heinz". But in Israel, the iconic condiment doesn't actually qualify as ketchup! The country's Health Ministry requires that ketchup contain at least 41-percent tomato concentrate. But a complaint by a COMPETING ketchup company says that lab testing showed a mere 21-percent, prompting the ministry to order Heinz be called "tomato seasoning". Heinz's distributor says the claims have no substance.

After an exhaustive survey, British website WineSearcher has come out with a list of the world's most EXPENSIVE wines. Topping the list is 1985's Richebourg Grand Cru, from France's Burgundy region. It averages over fifteen THOUSAND dollars a bottle, beating second-place Romanee-Conti's thirteen thousand dollar tag. Forty of the fifty spots are taken by wines from Burgundy, and just five aren't French. Four are German, and only one, California's Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon, is American.

And New York based chocolate company Mast Brothers has created CHOCOLATE BEER. As in, a non-alcoholic beer actually made from chocolate. They brew roasted, shelled cacao beans into the chocolate equivalent of root beer, with the flavor described as "rich and buttery, with some warm caramel notes". Two styles, "Brooklyn Blend" and "Vanilla Smoke", are available on tap at their Brooklyn factory. I might need to make a trip! With all your foodie news, for NAKED News, I'm Peyton Priestly.

A 62-year-old hiker who broke both her legs has been found 9 days after she went missing. Miyuki Harwood was rescued Saturday morning in California's Sierra National Forest after becoming separated from her hiking group on August 20th. She spent TWO days crawling to a nearby creek where she survived by drinking the water through a bottle with a filter inside. Harwood used a whistle to attract the attention of a search and rescue team passing nearby.

A California woman is lucky to be alive after a shark swam under her surfboard and took a 14-INCH bite out of it! The 54-year-old was surfing at Morro Strand State Beach over the weekend when the great white shark attacked. The woman managed to jump off her board and swim to safety. Police have now closed the beach for 72-hours.

And one of the LARGEST natural gas fields EVER, has been discovered off the coast of Egypt. An Italian energy group have rights to the area, which covers up to 40 square miles in the Mediterranean. The offshore field could contain the equivalent of up to 5 point 5 BILLION barrels of oil. The find will have a major impact on the region's economy and could lessen Europe's dependence on Russian gas imports. From The Naked Newsroom, I'm Katherine Curtis.

Thank you very much Kat. Eila Adams is next and she's got the results of a consumer satisfaction index in Wheelz.

When it comes to cars in the US, Isabella, bigger is usually better. So it's not a huge surprise that the tiny Fiat 500 ranked dead LAST in the 2015 American Consumer Satisfaction Index. Fiat merged with Chrysler last year, and the results so far have been less than impressive. They've combined to make a handful of the cars at the bottom of the rankings including Jeep and Dodge models. Lexus was the year's top-ranked brand, followed across the finish line by Acura, Lincoln, Mercedes, and BMW.

Uber has gained a powerful new ally in its race against Google to create the world's first self-driving cars: the University of Arizona! It's a long-term collaboration that will see staff from both teams work on mapping technologies, and also test Uber's self-driving vehicles on the streets of Tucson. Arizona governor Doug Ducey says the partnership will boost economic growth, create new jobs and put the state at the forefront of an exciting new technological frontier.

Ford's thinking long and hard about bringing its Ranger and Bronco truck models back to the US! The Bronco was sent riding off into the sunset in 1996 - thanks a LOT, OJ - while the Ranger stopped production in 2011. Small pickups were all the rage in the early 90's, but fell out of favor as larger models like the F-150 took center stage. Ford feels the time is right to bring back the smaller vehicles.

It's been more than 40 years since Mercedes last produced its S-Class Cabriolet, but these pictures show the streak is almost over. The latest S-Class Cabrio will take aim at the hoity toity market occupied by the Bentley Continental GT Convertible. It'll boast the biggest folding fabric roof ever used in a series production car, and Mercedes promises it'll be the most comfortable cabriolet in the world. We'll get to know a lot more about it when it hits US showrooms next year!

And Boxer Floyd Mayweather's never been shy about showing off his incredible car collection - or anything else for that matter. We have to admit we ARE impressed with his newest toy though: a silver Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita. The car looks like a transformer, and it performs like one too! It has a 250 mile per hour top speed and a zero-to-sixty time of 2.9 seconds. Floyd proudly posted pics of the supercar on Instagram, saying he paid 4.8 million dollars for it. There are only TWO of them in the world, and now one has been added to the champ's 54 million dollar car collection. Must be nice! For Wheelz I'm Eila Adams, and I hope YOU enjoyed the ride!

Thanks, Eila! Mayweather should probably change his nickname to Mr. Ostentatious! Of course, it IS a pretty sweet car... Now, it's time to announce the winner of our weekly caption contest! This week's photo was of Carli Bei with a big new - and fortunately PHOTOSHOPPED - anchor tattoo. Our favorite entry was from David Jones. He submitted "An anchor on a Bei is better than making port in a storm".

Congratulations, David! Send us a private message through Facebook, and we'll send out your prize, pronto. There's a new caption contest on our Facebook page now, so be sure to enter for YOUR chance to win.

If you've got any comments on today's program, or just about anything else, we love to hear from you. Drop us a line at feedback@nakednews.com, or contact us through social media. We're on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Thanks, everyone, for watching! We'll see you back here again tomorrow.

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