Today's Show Tuesday November 25, 2014

Tuesday November 25, 2014

Transcript Katy Perry was OFFICIALLY announced as the headliner for Super Bowl 49 on February first. Bruno Mars may be... Read More >> Hide >>

Katy Perry was OFFICIALLY announced as the headliner for Super Bowl 49 on February first. Bruno Mars may be a tough act to follow. BUT, Ms. Perry is UP for the challenge – and she's got some “interesting” ideas! Katy Perry, wrapped in bacon, riding a fire-breathing shark! Forget the game – I'd watch four hours of THAT!

Alec Baldwin's stalker is back to doing what she does best – stalking Alec Baldwin! Just ONE DAY after she was released from Riker's Island, Genevieve Sabourin was spotted outside the actor's home AGAIN last week. She violated her restraining order but hasn't been arrested. Sabourin spent SIX months in jail for stalking Baldwin, plus 30 days for contempt of court. Guess she didn't learn her lesson!

Jennifer Lawrence is moving on QUITE well from that Coldplay guy. She's reportedly got a NEW love interest in Hunger Games co-star Liam Hemsworth. The Aussie actor is rumored to have sent J-Law a HUGE stuffed koala bear! Kinda cheesy but kind of adorable too!

Jay Leno did something AMAZING for a wounded American veteran. He gave a brand new Dodge Hellcat to Corporal Ethan Laberge. Leno met Laberge through his USO comedy tour. He's needed TEN surgeries to recover from injuries sustained in Afghanistan. So Leno wanted to show him a little appreciation for serving his country. Well done, Jay!

And a pair of country singers have come out as gay. Ty Herndon – who had several hits in the 90s including “What Mattered Most” - came out in interviews with People Magazine and Entertainment Tonight. That inspired 26-year-old Billy Gilman to post a Youtube video to his fans – where he went public as well. Congrats to the courageous country crooners!

After lengthy deliberations in Ferguson, Missouri a grand jury has chosen NOT to indict police officer Darren Wilson for the killing of teenager Michael Brown. Anger over the decision quickly boiled over, erupting into another round of violence in Ferguson's city streets. As many as 25 buildings were burned and looted. Police chief Jon Belmar said rioters fired 150 shots at officers, calling it the worst night of violence the community had ever seen. Meanwhile hundreds gathered to demonstrate in front of the White House and voice their frustration. Shortly after the decision, President Barack Obama called for calm, saying Americans need to accept the grand jury's ruling.

In other US news, a monster storm could turn Thanksgiving travel plans into an absolute nightmare! Snow and ice are in the forecast from New England all the way south to Georgia on Wednesday - one of the busiest travel days of the year. A cold coastal system is moving in, bringing heavy rain that will turn to snow as the temperatures dip. The timing could hardly be worse, as 41 million Americans are expected to travel for Thanksgiving this week - the highest number in seven years!

And a US judge has sentenced a lieutenant from one of Mexico's most notorious drug cartels to 22 years behind bars! Alfredo Vasquez-Hernandez - a key member of the Sinaloa cartel and associate of drug lord 2` - has been convicted for his part in a billion dollar conspiracy to traffic narcotics in Chicago. Vasquez-Hernandez is the first of 11 indicted cartel members to face sentencing. The judge said he wanted to send a stern message to Mexican drug traffickers. "El Chapo" Guzman is currently in custody in Mexico. Authorities there have not yet said whether he will be extradited to the US. We'll be right back.

Geneva and Zurich were ranked one-two on the Global Liveable Cities Index. The international study balances economy, environment, and aesthetic perspectives. Singapore finished third, while ZERO North American cities cracked the top ten. New York City was 17th overall despite ranking FIRST by economic indicators. Europe DOMINATED the list, with seven of the top eight cities overall – including Copenhagen, Helsinki and Berlin.

If you're planning to visit the Grand Canyon – or other National Parks in the US – be prepared to pay a little extra. Starting next year, the National Park Service may raise entrance fees for the 130 parks that charge them. Under the proposal, visiting the Grand Canyon would go from 12 to 15 dollars for pedestrians and bicyclists. Single vehicles fees would increase by 5 bucks to 30 dollars for a seven-day pass.

Fans of anthropology should flock to Russia! A new exhibition featuring the carcass of a nearly 40,000 year old woolly mammoth has gone on display in Moscow. The young female mammoth was discovered in permafrost in surprisingly good condition. Scientists believe it's the BEST preserved carcass ever found. “Yuka” had previously been displayed publicly in Japan and Taiwan.

This hotel in Indianapolis features something inside it that NO OTHER hotel in the world has – TRAINS! The completely renovated 1920 Pullman train cars are a part of the Crowne Plaza at Historic Union Station. The 26 car rooms are only about twenty bucks more than a standard room. Each car is named after a notable public figure – including Charlie Chaplin and Winston Churchill.

And it's official – Rio de Janeiro finally has a NUDE beach! The Abrico beach has been designated as the Brazilian city's first nudist site. It's about an hour's drive away from the city center. Nudist activists applauded the decision as being courageous – and LONG overdue! So if you've got a trip to Rio on the horizon – no need to pack that bathing suit!

Our first stop today is It's a simple webpage that generates a temporary email address that you can use for about, you guessed it, ten minutes. You can read, click on links, and even reply to emails in that time. And if ten minutes isn't enough you can click on a button to get ten MORE minutes. So, WHY would anyone want to use this? To avoid getting spam! Just think of how many times you've given out your email address to sign up for a site, which then requires a validation email. 10MinuteMail lets you take care of that and then avoid the unwanted future emails to your personal inbox. Pretty cool. is a shopping site we've covered before in this segment but they've got a cool new feature we'd like to tell you about. They've added a nifty little photo editing tool that could come in pretty handy! Simply drag and drop your photo into the box and it'll automatically make the background disappear. Some photos work better than others, and you're going to have better success with pics that have a solid background. is where to find it.

Last but not least there's! This is an excellent tool for keeping track of incidents in your neighborhood. Simply type your address into the search box and the area's reported crimes all pop up. The site is a mix of Google Maps and local police data. Each crime is given a clickable tab that provides further details on what happened. By signing up for the service you can even get alerts on crimes in your neighborhood. You can never be TOO safe, right?

Meryl Streep, Stevie Wonder and Tom Brokaw are among the newest recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Barack Obama awarded the HIGHEST civilian honor in the US to 18 worthy people on Monday. It's given to individuals who've made “meritorious contributions” to American security, culture or world peace. Other recipients include actress Marlo Thomas and Ethel Kennedy, the widow of the late Robert Kennedy.

Russia is feeling the economic effects of falling oil prices AND Western sanctions. It's estimated that the country will lose 140 BILLION dollars this year largely because of those two factors. Making matters worse, the Russian ruble has dropped more than 25 per cent versus the US dollar since the beginning of the year. Many Russians are converting their savings into other foreign currencies.

And the president of Turkey is once again in SERIOUS hot water - this time for controversial comments he made on Monday. At a conference on women and justice in Istanbul, Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared that women are NOT equal to men and are created differently. He also said that motherhood is the highest position – and accused feminists of not understanding that special status. Erdogan further claimed women cannot be expected to do the same work as men.

I've got a request here from Justin in Washington, who's wants a segment, "From The Vault."

He says, "I fondly remember Lily Kwan and appreciate the segments you re-broadcast of her from time to time. I was trying to find Lily's very first segment she filmed in London after she moved there, but I guess your archive doesn't go back that far. Would you mind playing that again for me and letting me know what year it was. Thanks."

Your wish is our command, Justin! Lily moved to London in 2004, and sent us this segment not long after that. It also features ANOTHER popular NN anchor, Samantha page.

Katherine Curtis, Eila Adams, and Carli Bei discuss a couple of news stories, including Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan's comments about women. Also, they reveal the cities they'd most like to live in.

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