Today's Show Wednesday November 25, 2015

Wednesday November 25, 2015

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Transcript Welcome to the program everyone, I'm Peyton Priestly. Natasha's on the way with your "MUST SEE" moments in ... Read More >> Hide >>

Welcome to the program everyone, I'm Peyton Priestly. Natasha's on the way with your "MUST SEE" moments in Sports and Kat's looking at what's hot online in Trending Now. Our gorgeous guest anchor VERA is ALSO on today's program, she's got Pillow Talk and joins us now with a quick look ahead.

Hi Peyton, I've got details on a new smartwatch that tracks your performance in bed. I've also got a global first in the sex toy industry, and believe it or not, Fallout 4 is OFFICIALLY, better than sex! At least according to the worlds largest adult site, Pornhub. I know you're not a gamer Peyton so you might not understand the appeal here.

You're right, gaming is just, over my head and I certainly wouldn't give up sex for it. BUT, I'm looking forward to hearing that story! We'll see you later Vera. The war on terrorism is going MOBILE. Here's Madison Banes with a Naked News Bulletin.

New York state is rolling out a smartphone app called “See something, send something”, that will allow users to report potential threats in real time. Any photos and messages submitted through the app will be reviewed by the state Intelligence Center, before credible hazards are forward on to law enforcement. The service is also available in Colorado, Louisiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia, and can be downloaded on Android and iOS.

More than 10 million US travelers are expected to fly during the upcoming holiday weekend. If you're one of them, you're likely to see a lot more security than usual. Fears of copy cat incidents following the recent Paris attacks have law enforcement on high alert. Police patrolling airports across the country will be armed with automatic weapons, and in big cities like New York there will be a larger police presence on the streets. Stay safe, everyone.

And President Obama handed out the nation's highest civilian honor - the Medal of Freedom - to 17 Americans on Tuesday. The entertainment world led the way, with Steven Spielberg, singer James Taylor and Barbra Streisand all making this year's list. Willie Mays was recognized for his contributions to sports, as was the late Yogi Berra. And the very first African-American congresswoman Shirley Chisolm was celebrated posthumously for her trailblazing contributions to politics. A little known fact Peyton, Shirley actually made a bid to run for PRESIDENT back in the 70's.

She sounds like an amazing woman. A well deserved honor. Thanks Madison. If you've ever thought that your local weathergirl's outfit looked familiar, you probably AREN'T going crazy. Here's Kat Curtis with the details in Trending Now!

Like Peyton alluded to, dozens of on-air meteorologists around the US have been caught wearing the SAME dress – a stretch pencil sheath number that sells for 23 bucks on Amazon. A giant conspiracy? Actually it's all down to a recommendation made in a private Facebook group for weather personalities. Someone leaked the news to Reddit and now the dress-appreciation has gone world-wide. We're predicting a 90 percent chance of the dress selling out!

He's been at the forefront of Internet culture for years, but Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has only JUST gotten around to making his first TWEET! The message celebrated the successful launch and return to earth of a rocket made by Bezos' space company Blue Origin, and has been shared thousands of times. The achievement is notable as its something other rocket launchers – including Elon Musk's SpaceX - have yet to accomplish. Most people keep their HUMBLEBRAGS to Facebook, Jeff!

In what COULD be the best prank of the year, Brit superstar Adele went undercover as an Adele IMPERSONATOR to see how she'd do when she was competing against OTHER Adele impersonators. The video has already been viewed a bajillion times on Youtube. Even when this girl is PRETENDING to be someone else, she still manages to come out on top!

Lara Mason is a professional baker known for her amazing cake-making skills. When she got married recently, Lara honored her new partnership by spending 3 DAYS creating life-size replicas of her and her new hubby in cake form. The results were so insanely good that the Internet won't stop talking about it. If you ever need someone to help with the tasting, Lara, call me!

And Facebook is trying to make it easier for us to get over our exes. The social networking site is trialing a new tool that will allow users to limit what former lovers can see, while still remaining friends with them. On the flip side, the service will also offer users the chance to block any and all updates about their ex-partners. Because sometimes the last thing you want to see is your ex having a better time without you! I'm Katherine Curtis, and THAT'S, what's Trending Now!

Welcome to your MID-WEEK look at naked sports, I'm Natasha Olenski! It's a SWEET sixteen for the NBA's Golden State Warriors! The champs continued their red-hot streak with a DOMINANT 111-77 win over the Lakers Tuesday night. They're now a perfect 16 and oh! That's the best record to start a season in NBA history. After 67 wins and a title last year, fans would have forgiven them for returning with a bit of a hangover. Instead, the Warriors look like they're on a mission to prove that last year was no one-hit wonder.

Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel has gone from the dogpound to the dogHOUSE! The controversial Heisman winner went from being named the starter just a week ago to becoming the THIRD string QB, and he's got nobody to blame but himself! After undergoing rehab in the offseason, Johnny was spotted out partying in Austin during the team's bye week, and then TMZ got hold of this video: Yep, that was a champagne bottle in his hand, and rumor has it that was the second night of a back-to-back bender! On Tuesday the Browns benched Johnny in place of Josh McCown.

One of the strangest sports-related lawsuits ever has finally been settled! In 2012, Playboy model Liz Dickson was working at a company golf event in southern California when she truly went above and beyond. Dickson agreed to place a golf tee in her butt and allow radio host Kevin Klein to hit a shot off it! You can probably see where this is going... I guess nobody told her they were playing a skins game! Dickson suffered some nasty bruising and filed a lawsuit for medical expenses and punitive damages totaling 500-thousand dollars! Terms of the settlement have not been disclosed.

If you live in or near Miami, or just love hockey, I've got a CRAZY deal to tell you about. The Florida Panthers have offered up a special holiday package that includes a pair of tickets to three games, two t-shirts, an autographed puck, free parking for all three games, an on-ice photo after 1 game, AND two passes to the Everglades holiday park... all for NINETY-NINE DOLLARS! You can't get ONE ticket in some hockey cities for that money, let alone SIX tickets and a whole bunch of other goodies. When I retire I'm moving to Florida!

And Forbes has released its list of the NHL's most valuable teams, and for the first time since 2006 it ISN'T the Toronto Maple Leafs! The first-place New York Rangers earned the top spot with a valuation of 1.2 billion. A couple of deep playoff runs the past few seasons helped boost the Blueshirts' profits. They were followed by the Montreal Canadiens, who scored big in their deal with French broadcaster RDS and are now worth 1.1-8 billion. Toronto fell to third, which is still pretty impressive considering they haven't made it past the first round of the playoffs since 2004! Poor Leafs fans, they'll put up with anything.

Now feast your eyes on some of this weeks MUST SEE MOMENTS in the world of Sports! An alley-oop three-pointer! Can't say I've ever seen that before! I'm Natasha Olenski and that's the latest in sports - see YOU next time!

It's good news for the US economy! According to the Commerce Department, the economy grew by 2.1% between July and September. That's better than its first estimate of 1.5%. The revised number is a sign that the economy is faring well, even through a global economic slowdown. It's also an indication that the main thrust of economic growth, the US consumer, is confident in the direction of the economy.

Almost half of Americans believe that racism is a
"big problem" in society today. The joint poll from CNN and The Kaiser Family Foundation shows that 49 percent describe racism that way. It's a huge jump from a similar poll just 4 years earlier, where only a quarter of those queried thought it was a big problem. Opinions were divided heavily along race lines, with Hispanics and Blacks more likely to view it as a big problem than white respondents.

And there's been ANOTHER outbreak of E. coli! 19 people across seven states have become infected after coming into contact with chicken salad sold at Costco. So far five people have been hospitalized in connection with the illness. The strain is reportedly much more aggressive than the recent cases traced to Chipotle restaurants. Those are your headlines, for Naked News, I'm Madison Banes.

All these E-Coli outbreaks are making me think about going Vegetarian, DAMN YOU E-COLI! All right, the headlines are out of the way, and that means we can get under the covers with Guest Anchor Vera. Here she is with Pillow Talk!

Peyton, it's like a FitBit - for DOIN' it! Spanish startup Geek!sme has created a smartwatch that tracks your activity in the bedroom. By turning the watch's "Love Mode" on, you can calculate the start and end times of your sexual activity, the length of the act, as well as how often and how INTENSE things got. That's on top of counting your calories and fat burned. Plus, the watch does all the other daily fitness tracking things you'd get out of a Jawbone or Fitbit!

It's the world's first sex toy that attaches to your smartphone! The IZIVIBE is a dildo that uses your phone's vibrate feature along with an app so users can tweak the settings for maximum pleasure! There are 7 different vibration modes and a slider for controlling intensity. And if you don't want to play by yourself, the IZIVIBE Connect feature let's that special someone take control, whether they're at home or somewhere far far away. It would be the perfect stocking stuffer, but IZIVIBE won't be available until June 2016.

Durex has launched a new campaign calling for the creation of the first safe-sex emoji! The company says emojis have become a key part of the way young people communicate these days. In the run-up to World AIDS Day on December 1st, Durex wants to see a condom emoji created to help promote safer sex. Show your support on social media by using the hashtag Condom-Emoji.

It's official: Fallout 4 is BETTER than sex! On the day the hugely-anticipated game was released, Pornhub says its traffic dropped a full ten percent! The adult site blames the dip directly on the game's debut, which came on November 10th. Gamers had their hands on their joysticks all day, with the biggest drop happening between 7am and noon. We can only imagine the havoc the game must be wreaking on ACTUAL relationships.

And with apps like Tinder, it's never been easier to hook up, but that has many people terrified! A University of Michigan study showed that more people think they would die from contracting HIV from a single unprotected sexual encounter, than they would from being killed in a car crash. That really couldn't be further from the truth. You're actually TWENTY TIMES more likely to die in a crash. The study blames the stigmatization of STI's on leading people to think that sex is something dangerous they should fear.

The big takeaway here? Don't be afraid to do it, but use protection! With your Pillow Talk, I'm Vera Baby from officialverababy.com!

Eila Adams, Peyton Priestly, and Madison Banes talk a bit more about some of today's stories. That includes bucket lists, Facebook's plans to help you deal with your ex's posts, and fears of HIV. Plus, the results of our most recent poll question.

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