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Tuesday December 1, 2015

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Transcript Welcome to the program everyone, I'm Eila Adams! We're starting things off with some celebrity news, in Ent... Read More >> Hide >>

Welcome to the program everyone, I'm Eila Adams! We're starting things off with some celebrity news, in Entertainment! Peyton Priestly's got that for us now and joins us with all the juicy rumors, including another big breakup.

That's right Eila, and it's a familiar name to many in our audience, Tim Tebow. No luck ON the field, and OFF apparently.

I just don't get it with this guy. He's a former athlete, he's good looking, he's got money, but he can't keep a girlfriend. Why is that?

WELL, rumor has it there's one BIG reason why, and you're about to find out. Welcome to Entertainment everyone! Sexy brunette Olivia Culpo, a former Miss Universe by the way, has broken things off with former the EX NFL QB. The pair had been together for about two months but apparently things weren't so rosy behind closed doors. And by that I mean BEDROOM doors. Tim's a devout Christian and has been public about his desire to stay a virgin until he gets married. Well according to Olivia's camp, that didn't sit well with the former beauty queen! She wanted Tim to throw one in her end zone, but instead he kept handing the ball off. The lack of sex eventually drove them apart. Take a knee, Tim, this game's over, AGAIN!

Now to a couple I would NEVER want to picture having sex. Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy. They tied the knot in Manhattan over the weekend. The 29-year old Olsen twin married the 46-year old brother-in-law of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy at an intimate ceremony. Rather than the usual flower centerpieces on the tables at the reception, guests were treated to bowls of cigarettes and puffed the night away. How romantic. Mary-Kate and Olivier had been dating for three years.

Irish pop singer Sinead O'Connor is in hospital after an apparent suicide attempt. This after O'Connor posted a suicide note on her Facebook page at a hotel in Dublin Ireland. Police managed to track her down and rush her to hospital for treatment, and while there, the 48-year old published another lengthy rant on Facebook. The cryptic messages say she'd been "broken by events during this week" and had been the subject of "appalling cruelty". This isn't O'Connor's first suicide attempt. She admitted to Oprah that she was bipolar and had tried to take her own life at the age of 33.

Controversial photographer Terry Richardson has worked with the who's who of Hollywood, and now he's putting his very BEST work on display in a brand new book. "Terry Richardson: Volumes 1 & 2: Portraits and Fashion" features 600 pictures from the famous photog. Shots include the famous Cindy Crawford pic of the model popping champagne all over herself in front of the iconic Hollywood sign, along with a whole bunch of other highly sexual snaps. Richardson's shocking style has no doubt ruffled some feathers, but he's also had a huge impact on contemporary visual culture. The book's on sale now.

And Game of Thrones star Hafthor Bjornsson isn't just a tough guy on TV. The actor who plays The Mountain is literally one of the strongest men on the planet, and he proved it recently at an event called Giants Live Sweden. Bjornsson broke his own world record with this toss of a 33-pound beer keg. Check it out. He threw it 24-feet high, and made it look easy! We'll see more of him when Game of Thrones returns next April! I'm Peyton Priestly and that's what's happening in the world of entertainment! Stay tuned for MORE, Naked News.

I'm Carli Bei. Prince Charles appeared at the climate talks in Paris on Tuesday to promote forest conservation. The Prince called for accelerated action to reduce deforestation, and slammed companies who put profits above the environment. 30 million acres of woodland are destroyed each year, accounting for around 12 percent of the world's carbon emissions. 195 countries are taking part in the UN summit in the hopes of hammering out a deal to stem rising global temperatures.

The US Federal Reserve will no longer be allowed to provide bail out money to companies deemed “too big to fail”. The new rules came into play on Monday limiting the government's ability to lend money to institutions that are going bankrupt. The move is part of the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010. It was put in place in response to the massive bail out packages the government paid out in 2008 to save insurance giant AIG and investment bank Bear Stearns.

And China is set to open the world's largest animal cloning center! The $31 million facility is a joint venture between Chinese and South Korea biotech companies and will be operated out of Tianjin. It will clone animals like cattle, dogs for pets and police work, and racehorses. The facility will also include a gene bank and a museum. It'll start by producing 100,000 cattle embryos in it's first year, and eventually increasing that to one million a year, to try and meet China's increasing demand for beef products.

Social media was a buzz with this news Eila, many talking about how skeptical they were about eating cloned meat, especially from a country with so many food-safety scandals.

I don't know Carli, i don't find it such a big deal, in the end what's important to ME is the taste! We'll see you later. Next up is our Naked Nerd, Kat Curtis. She has a story for all those Star Wars fans paranoid about spoilers for The Force Awakens. Here she is.

Next up is our Naked Nerd, Kat Curtis. She has a story for all those Star Wars fans paranoid about spoilers for The Force Awakens. here she is.

Thanks Eila, I’ve been voraciously reading any and all fan theories and potential spoilers ahead of the new Star Wars film, because I can’t get enough of Star Wars stuff, but if you’re one of those weird people who likes to go in as a blank slate, I have an app for you! The Star Wars spoiler blocker for chrome will identify any potential news about the Force Awakens when you go to a page, and an alert will pop up warning you that there are potential spoilers ahead.

So what’s a Star Wars fan to do if he doesn’t want to read spoilers? Well, why not build a ridiculously oversized lightsaber? That’s what Bob Clagett from the website I Like To Make Stuff did, out of concrete forms and clear polycarbonite roof panels. Take a look. Here’s what the finished product looks like. Man, fighting with those must be so much fun.

What’s your idea of a holiday vacation paradise? Cabo? Bali? Narnia? Well, how about Koopa Troopa beach, a Nintendo paradise? Technically, it’s in the UK - London, to be exact. From the first to the third of December, an organization called Shout About London is bringing the Mario Kart themed gaming event to the city. There will be several large screens attached to N64 and Wii systems for epic Mario Kart battles! There will be competitions galore, as well as a costume contest - so someone please go as Yoshi and start hucking turtle shells at everyone and film it for my enjoyment.

Amazon is THIS close to launching their drone delivery service. They even enlisted the help of ex Top Gear host, Jeremy Clarkson to explain how it'll all work. Check it out.
How's that for convenient? Amazon says the drones will deliver packages in under 30 minutes - perfect for the next time you forget your anniversary!

And finally, here’s a really cool video of Youtuber Nick Luciano’s dad re-enacting all the poses from Street Fighter. I don’t know why I can’t stop watching this, but I can’t. His Dhalsim impression is particularly good. He DOES win. He wins the internets. I’ll try the Chun Li one! Ow. Okay, I’m gonna go see a doctor. I don’t think I was supposed to bend like that. Ow. For the Naked Nerd, I'm Katherine Curtis.

I'm Whitney St. John, with this week's, HOT PROPERTIES.
It WAS going to be the largest private land transaction on EARTH, but the Australian government has stepped in to block the sale. S. Kidman and Co, the eighth-largest landholder in the world, was selling their 8,800 square mile cattle ranch in the Australian outback. Two Chinese companies were locked in a 250-million dollar bidding war before Australian officials pulled the plug. Part of the land sits inside a military weapons testing range and the government says selling it off would breach national interests.

It's currently the most expensive home for sale in the US. The mega mansion “Le Palais Royal” in Hillsboro Beach, Florida, is modeled after the palace of Versailles and like its inspiration, no expense has been spared! A 22-carat gold-leaf entrance welcomes you to the 4 and half acre waterfront spread. There are SIX waterfalls, because having only one is just EMBARRASSING. And there's a 30-car garage to store your luxury fleet. The asking price? a cool 159 MILLION dollars.

Our next property could be your FOREVER home. And by that we mean there isn't much that will knock THIS place down. For 17 point 5 million you can move into this underground bunker 45 feet below the ground. Located just outside Savannah, Georgia, the property features a weapons room, an extensive CCTV system, and can reportedly withstand a 20-kiloton nuclear blast. More importantly, with four separate apartments, it can also withstand a visit from your in-laws!

And they say a man's home is his castle. For the new owners of the Castello Baronale, that will ACTUALLY be the case! The 12th century property just outside Rome is steeped in history and was commandeered by Napoleon during the French Revolution. It features 9 en-suite bedrooms, a library, a ballroom and even its own DRAWBRIDGE. . So how much to commandeer it for yourself? A mere 7 and a half million. Start saving now.
With your Hot Properties, I'm Whitney St. John.

Welcome back to the newstoom. Saudi Arabia has approved plans to construct the tallest building in the world! The tower will be located in the coastal city of Jeddah and rise a kilometer into the air. That's about 3 thousand 281 feet. As a comparison, that's 55 stories taller than One World Trade Center in New York and 565 feet higher than the world's CURRENT tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The 170-story complex will feature a hotel, offices and apartments and is scheduled to open in 2020.

Vtech, the company behind the successful brand of children's electronic toys, has been hacked. Up to 5 million user accounts were affected by the breach after cyber thieves gained access through an app store database on November 14th. The info includes the names of both parents and kids, email addresses, mailing addresses and birth-dates. The company has suspended use of its app until the breach is resolved.

And finally, one generous couple is riding high on the Christmas spirit! The duo – who wish to remain anonymous - dropped a check of 500 THOUSAND dollars into a Salvation Army collection bucket in Rosemount, Minnesota this weekend. By comparison, the average yield is usually around 30 dollars an hour. The couple made the donation in honor of one of their fathers who served in World War Two. Aw, that's what we like to hear! From the Naked Newsroom, I'm Carli Bei.

Thanks, Carli! Now it's time for our weekly feature, From The Vault! Our classic clip this week is thanks to Sam in New York, who wrote "I've been a member for quite some time and many years ago, I recall a guest on your show, she was a gorgeous black woman named Selena. She was just unbelievably beautiful. Would you mind re-playing something from her and also letting me know what happened to her?"

Great choice, Sam! Sam's talking about Selena Valentine. She was a dancer in New York who'd written a book called "How To Date An Exotic Dancer". She came to Naked News to promote the book, but was such a great fit with us that she stuck around for a little while as a Guest Anchor. And she wasn't just gorgeous, she was super smart. She's currently back in NYC and is a motivational speaker and a therapeutic HYPNOTIST! We've selected her One on One for you, from back in 2004. Enjoy!

Eila Adams, Katherine Curtis, and Carli Bei talk a bit about some of today's stories, including a Chinese cloning facility, the world's tallest building, and Star Wars spoilers.

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