Today's Show Sunday February 7, 2016

Sunday February 7, 2016

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Transcript This is Naked News magazine, welcome everyone I'm Natasha Olenski. And I'm Katherine Curtis, coming to y... Read More >> Hide >>

This is Naked News magazine, welcome everyone I'm Natasha Olenski.

And I'm Katherine Curtis, coming to you once again from one of our favorite nightspots in Toronto: Stirling Room. It's the perfect place to kick back with your friends.

We always have a great time here! Okay, Madison is kicking things off today with one of her first solo location shoots. She was at a wrestling event called Superkick'd and got to talk to some of the AWESOME performers!

Here she is, kicking butt and taking names in Naked Goes Pop!

I'm Isabella Rossini and THIS, is the Game Spot! 2015 was a banner year for gaming! Sales hit a record 61 billion dollars - an eight percent jump from 2014. The boost is thanks to a rise in popularity of downloads for mobile and console devices. Downloads for Microsoft were especially strong. Brick and mortar stores on the other hand don't have as much reason to celebrate. Their sales slipped 13 percent.

And that probably explains why the GameStop is heading in a new direction! Rather than just selling games, GameStop wants to publish them too! The outlet's reached a deal with Insomniac Games, the studio behind hit games including the Ratchet and Clank series. The agreement means Gamestop will be the only brick 'n mortar retailer selling physical copies of Insomniac games, starting with the hotly-anticipated "Song of the Deep", set for release this summer.

This could be a first in the gaming industry: the developers at Volition have released "Saints Row Undercover" for FREE! It was slated for release on the PSP, but ultimately cancelled because it didn't meet company expectations. So yes, it's only a prototype and probably buggy as hell, but you can't argue with the price! If you're interested you can get YOUR copy at Unseen64.net!

And here's more proof that e-sports are going mainstream: TBS has agreed to broadcast a global Counter-Strike tournament in May. The ELEAGUE Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tourney boasts a 1.2 million dollar prize pool, and will run for four nights starting on May 24th. But if you plan on tuning in, don't expect to see it in primetime. TBS will air most of its coverage between 10pm and 1am.

Now let's check out The Witness for PS4 and PC. Have a look. This one's a puzzle game that sees your character stuck on a gorgeous yet mysterious island. You're free to roam in any direction you please, but unlocking new areas means solving new challenges. For the most part, the puzzles consist of panels containing mazes. Each puzzle builds on the rules of the ones that came before it. The overarching sense of mystery, and the fact that each new part of the island is more breathtaking than the last, is what will keep you driving forward.

This is far from your average mindless shoot 'em up. The Witness is a thinking man's game that will draw you in and keep you coming back for more - no matter how frustrated it makes you in the process! The year is young, but you can bet this one will be on everyone's award shortlist when 2016 wraps up. The Witness gets the big 5 out of 5 Naked Ns! For the Game Spot, I'm Isabella Rossini!

And that explains why Eila's so sweet.

LOVE that girl! All right, we're shifting gears now Natasha, and going from video games to music!

That's right, it's time for an ALL ACCESS edition of Turn It Up, this time courtesy of our very own Angie Heyward!

She's filling in for Carli and taking the stage with Morgan and Allen from the band Bellwoods. They're an indie act taking the scene by storm! Here they are.

I'm Madison Banes with THIS week's edition of the Naked News Video Blog! Did you know that eating meat and other animal products can restrict blood flow and even cause IMPOTENCE? That's the message PETA is trying to get across in a new commercial that's been deemed so graphic it was banned from airing during the Super Bowl. Let's take a look: So NOT eating meat makes your meat work even better? Go vegans!

Adele's hit “Hello” is the earworm that just WON'T go away. During a recent interview, rapper Wiz Khalifa was asked to freestyle his OWN lyrics over the song. If it's possible, it turned out even CATCHER than the original! Aaaand..... now you have TWO versions of the song stuck in your head! You're welcome!

No one ever comes out of a road rage incident looking good. We wish we knew who to root for in this next clip, but it sounds like BOTH these guys need a few lessons in conflict resolution. The GOOD news is, they were able to sort out their differences. Okay, that didn't happen. They're still jerks, but at least the whole world knows it now!

It's time for our NEW weekly category feature. It's dedicated to those men and woman out there who do the sorts of things that make us ask the question, “WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO?”

I'm not sure we're any closer to answering the question “WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO”? But hey, if it means we get to keep seeing videos like THOSE, maybe it's a question better left UN-answered! For the Naked News Video Blog, I'm Madison Banes!

Thanks Madison. I'm loving that new section in the Video Blog.

Seriously, she finds the WEIRDEST clips! Okay, we've got one last segment to get to today, and it's a classic. We're taking a look back at Eila's incredible trip to Hedonism in Jamaica.

If you love to party and you're not shy about your sexuality, it's a place you HAVE to visit at least once. Eila came back with some CRAZY stories.

Yeah and we aren't allowed to tell most of them on camera! We always get a ton of email about people wanting to see more of our Hedonism coverage. So today's that day.

In this edition of Naked News Travels, Eila's featuring the sponsors of our very first trip to Hedo.

Hedonism looks like a lot of fun doesn't it.

It really does. And just as an FYI, Naked News is going back to Hedonism in mid march for a full week!

Carli and EIla will be going and they'll be traveling with our good friends at Young Swingers Week. I'm not jealous at all, are you?

Pff, NO, I LOVE staying home, in the cold.

Yeah, me too! We're pretty much out of time. Thanks to Stirling Room for hosting us. You can check them out online at stirlingroom.com

We'd love to get your thoughts on today's program, so send them to feedback@nakednews.com, or post them to any one of our social media pages. We're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Take care everyone, we'll leave you with our weekly look Behind the Scenes!

It's our weekly peek at some of the silliness that didn't make it on to the regular show. That includes some random public flashing, and Angie Heyward's awkward encounter with a breast-seeking dog.

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