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Today's Show Wednesday October 29, 2014

Wednesday October 29, 2014

Transcript 50-year-old Jose Canseco accidentally BLEW OFF his middle finger while cleaning his gun at his Las Vegas ho... Read More >> Hide >>

50-year-old Jose Canseco accidentally BLEW OFF his middle finger while cleaning his gun at his Las Vegas home. According to his fiancée, Canseco didn't know the handgun was loaded. The bullet went RIGHT THROUGH the bottom of the middle finger on his left hand. Canseco is having surgery to try and save what's left on the finger.

The NBA is BACK – and so are the Charlotte Hornets! Principal owner and basketball legend Michael Jordan took over the team's Twitter account on Tuesday. It's his FIRST foray into social media – and it was AMAZING. He took some selfies and even responded to a trash talker. Pro golfer Keegan Bradley claimed to regularly beat MJ on the course. Jordan replied, “Last time I looked, you were wearing MY shoes.” Another game-winning shot for His Airness!

There's plenty of knockoff sports merchandise out there. But it's rare to see HOMELAND SECURITY get involved! That's what happened to the owner of Birdies Panties - a Kansas City lingerie store. Peregrine Honig designed boyshorts featuring a hand-drawn Kansas City Royals logo. But last week Homeland Security agents CONFISCATED dozens of pairs of the underwear for violating copyright laws. Strange but true!

Say hello to the world's TINIEST boxing champion! Five foot three, 105 pound Hekkie Budler retained his minimumweight title in Monte Carlo last weekend. “The Hexecutioner” won by unanimous decision over his Chinese opponent Xiong Zhao Zhong. Minimumweight is the lightest sanctioned classification in professional boxing. The South African is SO small that he can't wear his IBO belt around his waist! But he sure packs a WALLOP with his punches!

It's pretty clear that Halloween is Josh Sundquist's FAVORITE! The former Paralympic skier has created some LEGENDARY costumes in the past – but this year's might top them all! Sundquist dressed up as a FOOSBALL player – complete with metal rod - in a US men's national team kit. He even got makeup applied to look more like plastic. Great job, Josh.

Security has been heightened at US government buildings in Washington due to a possible terrorist threat. A US official - speaking on condition of anonymity - says there isn't a credible threat to any specific location. But there has reportedly been increased activity on Islamic State and Al Qaeda message boards and social media, calling for attacks against the US. Law enforcement has been warned to keep an eye out for small-scale lone gunman attacks similar to the one seen last week in Ottawa.

A friend of Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was convicted of misleading the FBI. 21-year old Robel Phillipos was found guilty on two counts of lying to investigators. Phillipos lied to authorities about being in Tsarnaev's dorm room three days after the bombing. Tsarnaev's backpack filled with fireworks and other evidence was removed. Phillipos' defense claimed that he had been high on marijuana and couldn't clearly remember the events from that day. Phillipos could face up to eight years of jail time on each count.

And in Virginia, an unmanned supply rocket exploded seconds after lift-off late Tuesday. The 200 million dollar Antares cargo ship was supposed to bring five thousand pounds' worth of food and other supplies to the six astronauts aboard the International Space Station. Fortunately no one was hurt in the explosion. Officials say it's still too early to tell what caused the malfunction.

How would you like to own a medieval fort on your very own private island! Well now you can thanks to this awesome 18th-century Italian structure. It just hit the market with an asking price of 12 million dollars. Located north east of Venice, the Napoleonic fort has been converted into a four-bedroom dwelling, but still looks totally badass! One caveat however: it's only accessible by boat and is about a twenty minute ride from Venice.

If you prefer properties with a little more, "character" this halloween, how about buying a ghost town? The abandoned village of Johnsonville in Connecticut can be all yours with a winning bid at auction! The 62 acres of land is full of eery Victorian-style buildings. As the story goes, the place was bought by an eccentric entrepreneur in 1972 who wanted to turn it into a tourist attraction. But Johnsonville never took off, and the owner died in 1998. It's been vacant ever since.

Also in time for Halloween: the world's first and ONLY certified zombie-proof cabin! This is the handiwork of a British company called Tiger Log Cabins, and it comes complete with a ten-year anti-zombie guarantee. The cabin comes with all the basics needed to survive an undead apocalypse: barbed wire, reinforced windows, an escape hatch, a storage unit, and a rooftop deck to help you spot oncoming swarms. The cabin costs just under 113 thousand dollars. But hey, you can't put a price on peace of mind!

Most people would probably tell you they could NEVER sell their beloved pet. But those people are big fat liars! EVERYONE has a price, and for one Australian couple selling a multi-million dollar home, that price is 140,000 dollars. That's how much they got for coughing up Tiffany, a cute kitty that the buyers fell in love with and just HAD to have. They threw the money in on top of a 2-million dollar offer for the place, making Tiffany the most EXPENSIVE cat down under!

And file this one under D'OH! Keystone Homes - one of Northeast Florida's most respected developers - built a million dollar house on the WRONG LOT! The 5300 square foot home has all the fixings: five-bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms, a theater room, a pool, a games room, you name it. Amazingly, nobody noticed it was on the wrong lot until 18 MONTHS after its completion! Now, the owner of the property and the owner of the house are trying to work out a deal, but this one could get ugly!

Saturday Night Live was hit and miss – as usual – but Jim Carrey sure tried his best. Two skits in particular tickled my funny bone. The first was Carrey's DEAD-ON impersonation of Matthew McConaughey in those weird Lincoln ads. Is it too late to have Jim Carrey star in Season Two of True Detective? Because I'd binge-watch the heck out of that!

And the “Jim Carrey Family Reunion” was especially awesome as a tribute to the guy who basically OWNED the mid-1990s. The SNL crew really brought its A-game for this one! Remind me to schedule a Jim Carrey marathon this weekend!

This year's World Series provided plenty of highlights – but this was DEFINITELY the LOWlight! For some reason, Aaron Lewis - aka the guy from that horrible nu-metal band Staind – was asked to sing the American national anthem in San Francisco. It went about as badly as you would expect. He screwed up on the FOURTH line! Pretty embarrassing – just like his ENTIRE career!

Let's end on a HIGH note with one of the BEST moments in Price is Right history! Colorful contestant Eliot spun the wheel like a PRO – and he CELEBRATED like one too. Great job, Eliot – looking forward to seeing you on Dancing With The Stars!

Google is taking a bold step forward with the announcement that it's trying to cure cancer. The tech company is working on creating nanoparticles that could detect cancer and other diseases before they become a problem. Andrew Conrad, the head of Google's Life Sciences division, says the nanoparticles would do for your body what getting an oil change does for your car. Patients would swallow a pill filled with the nanoparticles, which could then send health information to a wearable device. Pretty cool! Conrad says it's time for healthcare to become more proactive and less reactive.

AT&T is once again in trouble with the government! The Federal Trade Commission has launched a lawsuit against the company for misleading millions of mobile customers about "unlimited" data plans. But once customers reached a certain data limit, AT&T would reduce their connection speeds by as much as 90-percent in a practice known as throttling. The FTC says AT&T failed to adequately disclose the practice to its customers. This new lawsuit comes on the heels of a settlement that saw AT&T pay 105 million dollars for cramming unauthorized charges onto customers' monthly bills.

And a national discussion on what qualifies as consensual sex is being held in Canada right now, after a prominent radio show host was abruptly fired over allegations of sexual abuse. Jian Ghomeshi, host of popular music and arts show "Q", has filed a 55 million dollar lawsuit against the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for breach of confidence and defamation, as well as punitive damages. The accusations of sexual abuse against Ghomeshi have come from 4 women who wish to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals. Ghomeshi has publicly stated that he enjoys BDSM and any rough sex with partners has always been consensual. The radio host claims to be the target of a smear campaign by a jilted ex-lover and an opportunistic reporter. It's quite the story!

Let's begin with a friendly hello to HelloTel – the Tinder for hotels! Here's how it works – you check in to your hotel and declare whether you're there for business or PLEASURE. The app will display who's around and what's happening in your area. It sure beats hanging out in the lobby waiting for people to walk by. HelloTel is free for iOS with an Android version coming soon. It gets four out of five Naked Ns.

Next up is Nestdrop for multiple platforms. It's a handy delivery service for medical marijuana! You can order the legal “medication” and have it sent RIGHT to your door. All you need is proof that you're over 21 and have permission from a doctor to obtain medical marijuana. Nestdrop also delivers alcohol – so this app is pretty much a one-stop shop for a kickass party! It earns a no-doubt five out of five Naked Ns.

Amateur conductors will LOVE Brainwave for Android. The free app uses your phone's front-facing camera to track a user's hand movements. You can control music without even touching your phone! Just set it in landscape mode and put your hand over the phone one to three feet away. You can play, pause, skip or play the previous song with a simple gesture. Perfect for driving! Brainwave gets five out of five Naked Ns.

Not so great at math? Then PhotoMath for iOS will solve your problem – LITERALLY! It uses real time text recognition software to give you an INSTANT solution to any mathematical problem. The free app will even “show your work” so no one can accuse you of cheating. Even though that's EXACTLY what you're doing! Now nobody has to know. Useful plus free equals FIVE out of five Naked Ns for Photomath.

And now for our FEATURE app. Everyone's talking about the new Simpsons World app for multiple platforms. You can watch ALL 552 episodes from your phone, tablet, or entertainment system. Sounds great, right? Not so fast, boyo. There are SEVERAL issues preventing it from being a perfectly cromulent app. First, you need a subscription to a provider that supports the FXNow app. Plus, there are already technical problems. Older episodes have the wrong aspect ratio, so they look like sweet merciful crap. And perhaps worst of all: there are LOTS of commercials – and they're WAY too loud! All this makes it tedious to binge-watch, which is kind of the point, isn't it? Simpsons World is worth a mere two out of five Naked Ns.

Eila Adams and Isabella Rossini discuss the very complex issue of consent within a BDSM context, and when someone's private life becomes public, and more, plus a poll question.

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