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Today's Show Sunday November 23, 2014

Sunday November 23, 2014

Transcript Carli Bei goes naked in the street and talks to people about what they hate about airline travel. Is it the... Read More >> Hide >>

Carli Bei goes naked in the street and talks to people about what they hate about airline travel. Is it the food? The security lines? Or the other passengers? Find out!

If you were hoping to snag a Hilary Clinton nutcracker – I have some BAD news for you! Urban Outfitters has already SOLD OUT of the highly sought after item online. And it's no use going to the source - the creator's website is temporarily closed as well. The controversial nutcracker first appeared during the 2008 election season. Its stainless steel claws are Hilary's legs.

What's on the menu at the restaurant at this Swiss zoo? Why, ZOO animals of course! A spokesperson for the Langenberg wildlife park just south of Zurich confirmed it's been serving meat from deer and boar. The animals were apparently killed at the park to control population. Despite claims that the process was supported by the majority of the zoo's guests, many are reportedly “shocked” by the revelation.

And a man from Washington State is in love with CARS – literally! Edward Smith claims he's “had sex” with over 700 of them. Cars I mean and there's no actual penetration involved. He describes his lovemaking to these vehicles as more gentle hugging caressing. He's been a “mechaphile” since 1965 and has been with the “love of his life” - a white Volkswagen Beetle named Vanilla – since 1982. Strange but true.

Welcome to Nerd Bites, loyal minions! Speaking of, the average Skyrim playthrough takes around 31 hours. But not if you’re speed runner DrTChops - who completed the game in just under FORTY MINUTES. That SHATTERED the previous world record. The only requirement for a speed run is to be very, very fast. Maybe I should try playing that way from now on. I’ve already used up all my sick days, and my boss isn’t buying the “there’s a bear outside my door” excuse anymore.

Nintendo has been pretty liberal with the almighty Ban Hammer lately. A technical glitch on Super Smash Brothers for 3DS has left a few unlucky troublemakers with 136 year bans! Normally, they're supposed to last 15 minutes. But apparently a developer left out a decimal place somewhere in the code. So if you commit a ban-worthy infraction – like, say, disconnecting in the middle of a match - be prepared to be SCREWED for life!

Fantastic Four villain Doctor Doom has officially been demoted in the upcoming film! Once the mighty ruler of Latveria, the new Doom will be an… antisocial blogger? Wait, what? And his name isn’t even Victor Von Doom anymore. It’s Victor Domashev. I’m not sold. But hey, as long as it’s not two hours of Jessica Alba chewing scenery and Galactus isn’t a freaking storm cloud, I’m willing to keep an open mind.

Playstation is getting its own TV series! Powers, a show about superpowered cops co-created by famed comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis, will be hitting the Playstation 4. The show will stream through the PSN in a similar way to Netflix or Hulu. They haven’t started shooting it yet, but the budget is said to be in the ballpark of a Showtime or HBO series. Pretty crazy for a show that’s airing exclusively on console.

Finally, let me introduce you to gorgeous, statuesque cosplayer Kay Pike, of Canada Cosplay.com. We met recently when she caught my eye at a comicon. You can find out more about Kay by going to Kaypike.com.

If you think drones are getting a little TOO intrusive nowadays, wait till you see this! It's called “Drone Boning” and it's taking the adult film industry to NEW heights! It was only a matter of time before drones got into the porn biz! Talk about a “wide shot”.

Let's head out out to the open seas where a speedboat, going 25 miles per hour, has a very unlikely pursuer. Pretty awesome. He's like a little toll collector of the sea. Pay me my fish and you may pass!

We're not done with the feeding wildlife clips just yet. A pursuing sea lion is one thing but watch what this stingray does to get a snack! Not the most cute and cuddly creature, but hey, a snack is a snack, right.

It's a time-honored tradition for newlyweds – the groom carrying his bride over the threshold. But, if you try and rush it, BAD things can happen! Looked painful but they both sucked it up. All right, having a job holding up a sign isn't the most exciting gig in the world. But it DOES give you a lot of time to practice THIS. this guy may very well be the BEST sign spinner of all time! Hands down, BEST sign spinner in the world. Well done sir. That'll wrap up THIS edition of the NN Video Blog.

A missing African parrot has been found – and apparently he's been busy! Nigel vanished four years ago from his home in Torrance, California. At the time, he “spoke” with a British accent – like his owner, Darren Chick. But now, Nigel can chat in SPANISH – and often mentions the name “Larry”! Chick and Nigel were eventually reunited because of a microchip placed in the bird. We STILL haven't found out who Larry is though.

An elderly Japanese man was recently arrested for dumping nearly 450 pounds of PORNOGRAPHY in an Osaka park. Hideaki Adachi claims the massive amount of adult materials – which included 17 bags of films and magazines - belonged to a sick friend. He was hoping the collection would be picked up and sent to a disposal site. Adachi is unlikely to face charges.

And it seems the Dutch can't stop URINATING on the Royal Palace in Amsterdam! Motion sensor lights will be installed around the palace to prevent people from relieving themselves on the building. Ironically, the construction is happening because a fence specifically designed to stop the public urination is coming down. The sandstone in the building is beginning to degrade due to environmental and, um, “human” pollution.

Dragon Age: Inquisition for multiple platforms is the THIRD installment of the action RPG series. And BioWare has taken the BEST from the first two games and jammed them together into one AWESOME experience! If you haven't played the first two Dragon Age games, don't worry – you can jump right into this one without needing to catch up. You play as “The Inquisitor” and lead a team to save the world from tearing itself apart. No big deal!

Inquisition's open world is VAST – covering FAR MORE territory than ever before. And the combat is diverse enough that you won't find yourself getting bored doing the same thing over and over again. You can rotate between characters to keep things fresh and interesting. There's bound to be a few dull objectives over dozens of hours of gameplay, but overall grinding WON'T be a grind in Inquisition. It gets a well-deserved four out of five Naked Ns.

And the latest Far Cry game ALSO looks to be the BEST in the popular Ubisoft franchise. Far Cry 4 for multiple platforms takes the first-person shooter series to the Himalayas. And it is truly one of the most STUNNING locations ever realized in a video game. Keeping with the tradition of having a total psychopath as the main villain, Far Cry 4 features merciless king slash Bond villain wannabe Pagan Min.

There's a lot to accomplish in this game and even if the story doesn't do it for you, you'll find PLENTY of missions worth devoting your attention to. And hey, how many other games let you ride a freaking ELEPHANT while shooting people? That's what I thought. Plus, there's a very special ALTERNATE ending that I won't spoil for you here. But let's just say it's a pretty clever idea – if you're patient enough! Far Cry 4 is definitely entertaining and also earns four out of five Naked Ns.

Eila Adams wraps up today's show ahead of the Behind The Scenes.

Some clips that didn't make the main show! See Natasha Olenski in an unguarded moment talking about a naughty video, and Eila Adams enjoying a whole passel of pasta.

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