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Tuesday November 24, 2015

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THIS, is Naked News. I'm Eila Adams, thanks for tuning in. Your overlady, Kat Curtis is on the way in the Naked Nerd, and we've also got some tips for all you singles out there with Lydia in Dating uncovered. But first our sexy guest anchor KY joins us with a look ahead to Entertainment and the WEDDING that's got men all over the world, a little sad today.

That's right Eila, she's considered one of the HOTTEST women on the PLANET, and now, she's officially, off the market. Sofia Vergara is off to start a "MODERN FAMILY" of her own, with her long time boyfriend, and now HUSBAND, Joe Manganiello. The Colombian beauty got married over the weekend, and unlike most super secret celebrity weddings, photos from the big party are ALL OVER social media! I'll have that for you later in Entertainment as well as a possible "memoir to end all memoirs", courtesy of Charlie Sheen!

Oh my, talk about a best seller! I'd even read that! We'll see you soon Ky. Peyton Priestly is standing by with today's headlines, starting off with a travel warning from the US government!

The US State Department has issued a WORLDWIDE travel alert for all US citizens. The warning was released Monday and is based on current information suggesting that ISIS, al-Qaeda and Boko Haram are planning further attacks in the wake of the recent Paris tragedy. Americans are being warned to be especially careful in public places or when using transportation during the upcoming holiday season. The alert will remain in effect until February 24th.

When it comes to dealing with terrorism, Hillary Clinton is the most trusted presidential candidate. This according to a Washington Post/ABC News poll. Half of voters believe Hillary has what it takes, while just 42 percent would put their faith in Donald Trump. Terrorism is set to be a key point in the 2016 election with those queried voting it the SECOND most important issue facing Americans, behind the economy.

And the Canadian government will limit its Syrian refugee program to women, children and families only. The country has pledged to take in 25 thousand refugees before the end of the year. According to Canadian news sources, this will NOT include unaccompanied men seeking asylum due to ongoing security concerns. Potential applicants will undergo screening by both the UN as well as Canadian immigration officials before being allowed into the country. Eila as many as 900 refugees a DAY are expected to start arriving in Montreal and Toronto to meet the year end quota.

What a relief for all of those families. Thanks very much Peyton. Guest anchor Ky joins us next. She's ready to get rolling with some celebrity wedding news, some raunchy nude pics, and the Hollywood memoir everyone would want to read! Here she is with Entertainment.

Thanks very much Eila and sorry guys, but Sofia Vergara is OFFICIALLY, off the market! She tied the knot with True Blood actor Joe Manganiello in Palm Beach Florida on Sunday, but it wasn't your typical celebrity wedding. Guests didn't have to give up their smartphones on the way into the ceremony, meaning there's been a FLOOD of pics and videos on social media! At the wedding rehearsal Saturday night, Joe serenaded Sofia with a rendition of Sweet Child O' Mine. Then after the nuptials on Sunday, Sofia danced her butt off with some help from a very special guest: Pitbull! Definitely a night they'll never forget! We wish the newlyweds all the best.

Speaking of weddings, it's taken them 30 years, but Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn are finally ready to exchange their vows! One of Hollywood's most enduring couples, the pair are rumored to be planning a "cowboy-themed" wedding near their ranch in Aspen next year. Kurt's fresh off his starring role in Quentin Tarantino's "The Hateful Eight", so he's got the western look down right now. Goldie's 70 and Kurt's 64, but something tells me these crazy kids are going to have a bright future together!

It would be the memoir to end all memoirs! Charlie Sheen's manager is reportedly pitching a tell-all book from the actor that would chronicle his crazy film and TV career, as well as his struggle with HIV. Last week, Sheen told Matt Lauer on the Today Show that the HIV diagnosis was a "mule-kick" to his soul, and that it sent him into a spiral of drinking, drugs, and prostitutes - including a few who tried to blackmail him. Those salacious details, along with Sheen's wild 30-year career in Hollywood, should have publishers champing at the bit.

Kate Moss has been modeling for almost as long as Charlie Sheen's been acting, and now her greatest hits are on full display at a new exhibition in London. Kate's literally had millions of pictures taken of her, but she's whittled down 11 of her all-time favorites - which include several saucy nudes! Hard to believe she's 41 now, but she looks as good as ever. The exhibition runs until December 23rd.

And Miley Cyrus is no stranger to nudity but she's getting downright raunchy on her latest tour! Check out these pics of the singer, um, "HARD" at work during her recent pit stop in Chicago. Miley stripped down and strapped on an 18-inch prosthetic for the final three songs of her hyper-sexualized two-hour set. Kids these days am I right? I'm Ky and that's the latest in Entertainment!

Loyal minions, I bring you good news! Captain Kirk wants to sing for Star Trek's 50th anniversary! Well, technically, Shatner wants to put on a 50th anniversary show, and he says he's been in talks with a “big company” who suggested a musical or variety show. According to Mr. Shatner, nothing's come of it yet, probably because nobody has forgotten what happens when Kirk is at the helm. Shatner wrote and directed Star Trek V, arguably the WORST film in the franchise, and also, he sounds like this when he sings.

Here's something I DO want: a Wonder Woman movie. And I'm finally getting it! Gal Godot tweeted a teaser photo of herself in the costume as an early peek at the Wonder Woman film with the caption, "Almost 75 years in the making... Wonder Woman is underway.” The film, which also stars Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, is due out in 2017. I hope Gal is ready - after the, uh, Wonder that was Lynda Carter, Godot's got some mighty big boots to fill.

BIG HALO 5 update! The free patch HALO 5: Guardians is now available, and it includes the series' classic Big Team Battle mode, which will see two teams of 8 Spartans square off. There's also four new maps in the pack, and a number of new new armor options, weapons, vehicles and assassinations to find and acquire. The Shinobi armor set looks super cool. It looks like it's for when you want to play HALO, but you ALSO want to be a Power Ranger.

Are YOU a budding robotics engineer, with tons of robot ideas? Well, then the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, wants to hear from you. DARPA has joined forces with the Open Source Robotics Foundation, and they've launched a new project called Robotics Fast Track. Basically, they want people outside the government to pitch robot ideas. And here's the awesome part: if DARPA likes your proposal, they may offer you a contract to build it. And then they reserve the right to use your tech however they want. No way that could go badly.

And good news for us Playstation gamers! Sony has confirmed they're trying to bring PS2 emulation to PS4 consoles- that means you'll be able to play all your favorite PS2 games on your latest gen console! This is totally amazing because PS2 has the best, most comprehensive game library ever, including one of my favorite games, the ridiculously bizarre God Hand. NOTHING is sexier than that game. Except maybe Jessica Jones, which I am in the middle of marathoning. I'd better get back before Netflix misses me! BYE!

Welcome back to the newsroom. An estimated 136 MILLION Americans are expected to participate in this year's Black Friday shopping weekend. According to the National Retail Federation, that's slightly higher than last year's figures. In a surprising twist, Cyber Monday is expected to SURPASS those estimates. The November 30th online shopping bonanza could see up to 184 MILLION bargain hunters trawling the net for deals. Get your credit cards ready!

The world's biggest retailer is changing up how people will shop this Thanksgiving. Walmart will start its Black Friday sale a day EARLIER, on Thursday at 6 PM Eastern. The company says that the move is designed to ease the amount of in-store crowding previous Black Friday sales have caused. They're also moving Cyber Monday up a day, to Sunday. Things get started at 8 PM Eastern.

And if you ARE shopping over the holiday weekend, good luck finding this year's hottest toy! The hoverboard - a motorized, self balancing scooter - is all the rage, and is selling out across the US. WalMart has run out of stock of its most popular model, while Amazon is unable to guarantee arrival before Christmas. If you CAN find one, you'll likely be paying far above retail prices, with higher end versions going for upwards of 15 hundred dollars! Good luck out there. For Naked News, I'm Peyton Priestly.

Thanks Peyton and ONE thing is for sure folks, you won't catch me in a store this weekend! There's NO WAY I'm dealing with those crowds.

All right, guest anchor Lydia is back on the program and she's standing by with some great stories for you, no matter WHAT your relationship status! Here she with Dating Uncovered.

Thanks, Eila! Looking to get lucky on Tinder, but without copy-pasting "hey, what's up, girl?" over and over? Then the new Turbo Talk app is just what you're looking for. In addition to auto-swiping, it has "Multi Swipe", that shows you nine profiles at a time that you can select from. Then, with its Auto Message and Group Message features, it'll send your pick-up line to all your selections, effortlessly. Download it free from the App Store.

SPEAKING of Tinder, a new study by Global Web Index shows that nearly HALF of its users are married or in a relationship. Some of those are likely so-called "Tinder tourists" who are just curious or looking to see how popular they'd be. But a rep for Tinder says it's also because it's not just a hookup app - it's a social network, and people are using it to make friends or meet new people when they travel. Suuuuuuure, that's totally it.

Another dating app, The Grade, says that it's not just looks that bring in the right-swipes. Certain NAMES are more popular than others! Their data says women named Brianna get right-swiped seventy percent of the time, with Erika and Lexi close behind. Lowest rated? Tiffany! For men, Brett was most popular, along with Tyler, Corey, Andy, and Noah. You might want to try a pseudonym if your name is Joel or Victor - they got swiped right by just THREE percent of women.

Forget the seven-year itch. The HEAT in relationships starts to COOL after just ONE year! A new study in the journal "Archives of Sexual Behavior" shows that while sexual satisfaction rises in the first year, it then starts dropping. The reason may be that women's sex drive drops over time, but men's don't. However, many couples develop more EMOTIONAL intimacy which helps keep the love alive. Couples who DON'T are more likely to start affairs.

Finally, we thought "GHOSTING" was the worst way to break up with someone. Well, this might be even worse. The Breakup Shop is a new website that will dump your partner for you, for a charge. Ten bucks gets a breakup text, twenty bucks and they send a real letter. For thirty dollars, your soon-to-be-ex gets a phone call. There's even a SHOP, so you can send flowers, Netflix gift cards, or other farewell presents to make yourself feel like less of a jackass. And hey, they're hiring!

I'm Lydia, and that's Dating Uncovered.

All right, it's time for our weekly feature, From the Vault! Today's selection is courtesy an e-mail request from William in Chicago who wrote,

"I JUST watched your Halloween special and it rocked. Kat was the winner of the costume contest, hands down. Amazing effort! Why do I think that this isn't the first time Kat has gone all out with a costume. Has there been any other times she's outdone herself in that department?"

You're right, William! Kat tends to go all-out with costumes at pretty much ANY opportunity. And even those of us who LOSE the costume contest as a result - ahem - have to admit she's pretty amazing at it. I believe it all started in 2010, right after Kat saw the movie Avatar. She REALLY went to town on this one.

Carli Bei, Eila Adams, and Guest Anchor Ky talk a bit more about some of the stories from today's Dating Uncovered. That includes a report saying almost half of Tinder users were married, the Archives of Sexual Behavior saying the heat in a relationship starts fading in just one year, and a dating app saying users' names seemed to affect how often their profiles got left or right swiped. And there's a new poll question about that very subject, too.

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