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Today's Show Monday April 20, 2015

Monday April 20, 2015

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Transcript A big hello and welcome to Naked News everyone. We've got lots to get you caught up on and it all starts in... Read More >> Hide >>

A big hello and welcome to Naked News everyone. We've got lots to get you caught up on and it all starts in the Naked Newsroom today with Carli Bei!

Thanks Kat, one of the stories we've been following is how the Time Warner - Comcast merger may be in jeopardy of falling apart.

It's been in limbo for months hasn't it!

That's right and there's a big meeting this week that MAY determine its fate! Here's the story.

Execs from Comcast and Time Warner are scheduled to meet with the Department of Justice on Wednesday. The cable companies are hoping to finally get approval for the 45.2 billion dollar merger they announced in February of last year. But to do so, they'll have to convince the DOJ that their combined company won't give them an unfair advantage in the marketplace. It might not be easy, as the merger would give them control of about 40-percent of the broadband industry in the US. Reports surfaced on Friday that the DOJ is planning on blocking the merger.

Cirque du Soleil - the world's largest theatrical production company - has just been sold for 1.5 billion dollars! The Canadian performance company, founded by Montreal's Guy Laliberte, has been bought by a group of American and Chinese investors. Despite the deal, Cirque du Soleil's headquarters is expected to remain in Montreal. Laliberte will be keeping a ten percent stake in the company.

And how's this for extreme? The highest paid business executive in America is GoPro CEO and founder Nick Woodman! The 39-year old raked in a mind-boggling 284.5 million dollars in 2014, after being awarded a package of restricted stock units. That's some crazy money, but you can't say that Nick didn't earn his massive paycheck. The surfer-turned-billionaire was key in turning GoPro cameras from a niche gadget into a worldwide electronics giant that's now worth nearly 6 billion dollars. Not bad! From the naked newsroom I'm Carli Bei.

Sports fans had lots of choice this past weekend with the NBA and hockey playoffs, FA Cup semi-finals, and magic moments from baseball and boxing. But it was the shock return of Tim Tebow to the NFL that REALLY grabbed everyone's attention. No one saw THIS one coming did they Nat?

It was quite the shocker Kat. Even saying it now is a little odd. Tim Tebow in Philadelphia! Here's how it went down!
Welcome INSIDE sports! Eagles coach Chip Kelly left sports fans scratching their heads in disbelief by signing Tim Tebow this weekend. The former Jets, Broncos and Patriots quarterback hasn't played a regular season game since 2012. BUT he still made the most headlines ever for the signing of a potentially fourth-string quarterback. The devout Christian has now made more comebacks than Jesus himself! His legion of followers will hope the fourth time's a charm for the 2007 Heisman Trophy winner.

There will be no fairytale ending to Steven Gerrard's 17-year career at Liverpool. The Anfield side's forgettable season continued as they were beaten 2-1 by Aston Villa to exit the FA Cup semi-finals. Liverpool had hoped to reach the final, which takes place on Gerrard's 35th birthday, before the club captain departs for the LA Galaxy this summer. Aston Villa will meet Arsenal at Wembley after the Gunners struggled to an extra-time win over Reading.

The upcoming Mayweather-Pacquiao fight will struggle to match Saturday's slugest in New York for entertainment value. Lucas Matthysse and Ruslan Provodnikov battled to a fight of the year candidate with no belts or titles at stake. Matthysse bruised and bloodied the Russian's face with vicious jabs, only to be met by wild left hooks from Provodnikov. Mattyssewon a razor-thin majority decision with two scores of 115 to 113.

Luke Rockhold brutally demolished former champ Lyoto Machida in less than ten minutes at UFC on Fox 15. Rockhold's rear-naked choke victory extended his win streak to four in a row. The American is likely next in line for a shot at the UFC middleweight title, after current champ Chris Weidman fights Vitor Belfort for the belt at UFC 187 on May 23rd.

And in Golf, the LPGA's Sei Young Kim won the Lotte Championship in Hawaii with a walk-off 154-yard masterstroke over the weekend. The 22-year-old South Korean first sunk an incredible chip shot on 18 to force a playoff. Watch this. Then watch what she did on her 2nd playoff shot, from 154 yards out.

That was an UNBELIEVABLE eagle to win the whole thing! It doesn't get any better than that! With your weekend sports roundup I'm Natasha Olenski!

I'm your Naked Foodie, Peyton Priestly. Walmart has been rated as one of the US' WORST grocery stores! Consumer Reports surveyed nearly sixty three thousand people, who rated stores on categories like cleanliness, courtesy of the staff, and freshness. Walmart, along with A&P and Waldbaum's, scored just sixty-four points. That's compared to TOP-scoring Wegmans with NINETY points. Even though Walmart is the country's largest grocer, they ONLY category they scored well on was price. Hey, you get what you pay for!

The popular Taxi App everyone loves to hate, Uber, MAY have just gotten a bit more likeable, at least for foodies! Uber is now embarking on a food delivery service. UberFresh has launched in Los Angeles, and Uber-EATS in Barcelona. They're both basically the same service: food delivery for lunch and dinner that will arrive in 10 minutes or less. Watch for it in YOUR neighborhood soon.

Students at the University of Wisconsin have created what may be the biggest Rice Krispies square EVER. It took over three days of marshmallow-melting and mixing, but they ended up with a snap-crackle-and-popping treat weighing in at eleven thousand, three hundred and twenty-seven pounds. That's over a thousand pounds more than the previous Guinness World Record! The massive gooey goodie is being sold off - in pieces - with the profits donated to local charities.

Canadian coffee and doughnut chain powerhouse, Tim Hortons, is betting on NUTELLA to boost sales! They've just released two new menu that include the decadent hazelnut-chocolate spread. First is a Nutella filled doughnut, topped with crushed hazelnuts. And then there are savory "pastry pockets" that ooze Nutella when you bite into them. The specials are only available until June ninth, and only in Canada.

And Italian coffee maker Lavazza has built a special espresso maker for the INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION. It all stems back to 2013 when Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano complained about the lack of good espresso on the manned station. The cleverly-named "ISSpresso" uses pods to brew the coffee into a drinking bag, since zero-gravity isn't cup-friendly. Astronauts already had INSTANT coffee, but that's so NOT the right stuff. For Naked News, I'm Peyton Priestly. Buon appetito!

Jon Stewart has revealed the REAL reason he's decided to leave The Daily Show: coverage of American politics just really bums him out! Stewart says he decided to call it quits after a 17-year run because he couldn't stand watching 24-hour cable news, which he calls incredibly depressing. Someone get this guy a Naked News membership! Stewart also admitted that he wasn't getting as much satisfaction out of doing The Daily Show as he used to, and knew it was time to move on. No word yet on his official exit date, but Stewart will eventually be replaced by South African comedian Trevor Noah.

A group of America's top doctors wants Columbia University to boot TV's Dr. Oz from his faculty position at the prestigious school. The doctors cite Oz's "egregious lack of integrity" and promotion of what they call "quack treatments" as the main reasons they want him out. They accuse Oz of endangering the public by endorsing miracle products with little or no medical research, for his own personal gain. Last year Oz appeared before a US Senate panel and admitted that some of the products he recommended to viewers lacked scientific backing.

And YouTube is celebrating its ten-year anniversary this week! The site's very first video was uploaded featuring co-founder Jawed Karim at the San Diego Zoo. No one could have known at the time that THAT simple clip would spawn a media revolution! Today YouTube boasts more than a billion users and uploads 300 new hours of footage EVERY MINUTE. And from Chris Crocker to PewDiePie, has given birth to hundreds of online celebrities. So happy birthday YouTube, I wouldn't know where to watch cat videos without you! For Naked News, I'm Carli Bei!

Thank you very much Carli and thank you very much YOUTUBE! I have NO idea how I would have spent the last 10 years with you. All right, Madison is on deck now and lucky us, she's going Naked At The Movies.

Yes I am Kat and I've got the hottest bigscreen news from Hollywood, including another HUGE score for Netflix! This one's a comedy with some big names attached.

I just said thanks to Youtube Maddy but who I REALLY should be thanking is NETFLIX. Life wouldn't be the same without them!

I think tens of millions of other people around the world share that sentiment Kat. And if big time funny man Ricky
Gervais has anything to do with it, even MORE people will be watching Netflix. Here's what's going on. Welcome to Naked At The Movies everyone. Ricky Gervais' next feature film is set to premiere next year on the popular streaming service! Special Correspondents stars Eric Bana as an arrogant radio journalist having career troubles. To save his job, he and his assistant fake being kidnapped during a rebellion in South America, all from the safety of a Manhattan apartment. Gervais is writing, directing AND costarring! Special Correspondents is just the latest in Netflix's A-list movie deals - they've also signed deals with proven stars like Judd Apatow and Adam Sandler.

X-Men: Apocalypse has signed another lead actor!
Olivia Munn is set to play Betsy Braddock A-K-A the telepath Psylocke. Olivia is probably best known as a former host of the tech nerd talk show Attack Of The Show, and more recently on Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom. She'll be joining James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Rose Byrne and Michael Fassbender in the keenly-anticipated sequel to X-Men: Days of Future Past.
It's set for release next summer.

Probably even MORE anticipated is the sequel to last year's blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy! Writer-Director James Gunn confirmed recently that he was "VERY" far along on the script. Also piquing fans interest are reports that the sequel MAY be titled "Guardians 3000". THAT tidbit is of interest because it's the same title as the 2014 comic book. And that implies that some of THAT comic's Guardians could be in the movie. We'll find out for sure in 2017.

And yet ANOTHER sequel is on the horizon! This time it's the 6th installment in the National Lampoon's Vacation franchise. This one's a "next generation" type, as Rusty Griswold, now an adult played by The Hangover's Ed Helms, decides to recreate the cross-country trek to Walley World that started the series. Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo reprise their roles as Clark and Ellen Griswold, and they're joined by Leslie Mann, Christina Applegate, and Chris Hemsworth. Vacation premieres July 31st.

Now we've got sneak peek at what's sure to be a MASSIVE movie, the Mad Max reboot, Fury Road. George Miller, the original writer-director, is again at the helm. And this new preview shows he hasn't lost his touch! That's Tom Hardy as Max, with Charlize Theron co-starring. We've waited 30 years for a new Mad Max, so we're definitely hoping it kicks post-apocalyptic ass. Mad Max: Fury Road hits theaters May 15. For Naked At The Movies, I'm Madison.

I'm Eila Adams. In thisedition of Wheelz, the largest private car museum in Britain has closed its doors and is auctioning off it's incredible collection of vehicles. Stondon Motor Museum shut down on April 6 and now hundreds of classic cars, motorcycles fire trucks, surface to air MISSILE LAUNCHERS, AND a HELICOPTER, can be yours. They're even selling a double decker bus! The auction is happening in 2 phases, the first on April 29 and then on June 10. For more info go to Brightwells.com.

The Shell Eco-marathon Americas is the slowest race you'll ever see! Over 1000 students from 113 teams across North America descended on Detroit to put their hyper-efficient vehicles to the test. The 'race' winners are the team that goes the furthest using the least energy. It's Formula One or NASCAR without the speed. The University of Toronto's team triumphed this year, building a car that gets a mind-blowing 3421 miles per gallon!

McLaren is expanding to take on the likes of Audi's R8, Porche's 9-11 and Mercedes AMG-GT. May I present to you the incredible McLaren 5-70S. Unlike their other supercars, that range in price from 350,000 and up, THIS one is listed for about 180 thousand. This entry-level model has a twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V8, giving it 562 horsepower. That equates to 0-60 in 3.2 seconds, and a top speed of 204 miles per hour. The supercar will be available this year, although no firm launch date has been confirmed.

British car manufacturer Mini has unveiled awesome new augmented reality glasses. Think of them like Google Glass for your car. They're designed to let drivers of its Mini models see pop-up virtual displays including speed and directions. It can also help you park and allows you to see right through parts of the car for better visibility. They're still in the prototype stage but mark my words, this is going to happen because WAY too cool!

Now let's head back to the Canada International Autoshow for a look at Infiniti's dazzling new 'Q80 Inspiration' concept. You know, I'm not so sure he was being serious! Whatever the case, it's a pretty sleek car and my money's on them building it sooner rather then later. I'm Eila Adams. I hope you enjoyed the ride.

That is one SEXY car!! Alright, time to announce the winner of our most recent caption contest. The photo was of Angie Heyward and a toothy Fuggler raccoon in the dressing room. As always, you folks gave us a ton of options, and our lucky winner is Nathan Foulds, who entered "Yumm. Angie tastes like Angel Food Cake."

Little known fact, Nathan: Angie DOES taste like angel food cake! Congratulations. Drop us a private message through our Facebook page and we'll get your prize sent out to you. And there's a new caption contest up now, so give us your best entry!

We've got a SENSATIONAL week for you highlighted by Oregon "library girl", Kendra Sunderland. She was in our studios recently and her sit down TELL ALL interview with Eila Adams is coming up on Friday's program. Then she does something a little special for you on our weekend magazine. It's not to be missed! We'll see you back here tomorrow.

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