Today's Show Sunday August 2, 2015

Sunday August 2, 2015

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I'm Isabella Rossini and you're watching Naked News Magazine! I'm coming to you once again not from the SHORES of Lake Ontario, no, that's too easy, I'm hosting today from a boat ON Lake Ontario. Pardon me if I tip over from the waves, although it seems pretty calm out here right now. Okay, lots of great stuff coming up including the ULTIMATE water gun challenge. A few of our anchors took on some brave athletes from the Pan Am games, as well as anyone who was feeling lucky that day. Here is Eila Adams to break it down for you in Naked Goes Pop.

I'm Meghan, with this week's, ODDS N ENDS!

An obese Italian man has filed a complaint against a cabbie after being CHARGED EXTRA for a FLAT TIRE!
The passenger said that during the ride, a rear tire blew out and the driver demanded extra money on top of the fare because of his size. The man, who weighs about three hundred and thirty pounds, paid, but later lodged a complaint.

Lumbersexual beards and ornately styled mustaches are passe, the NEW trend in facial hair is the MERMAN!
That's when you color your beards, staches, eyebrows, even the hair on your head, with sea-inspired tones
like turquoise, green, purple, and even pink tints.
And you even have to put some effort into this, because the hair has to be bleached out first, in order for the new color to be properly vivid. Whatever floats your boat!

Redheads can look forward to the UK's first ever Ginger Pride Festival coming in 2016. The event will be held in Plymouth, England, and will include a gingerbread decorating competition and live music. It's been organized to encourage redheads to be proud of who they are.
And it looks like it's working - the festival's Facebook page already has over six thousand likes. Don't go away!

They should get Ed Sheeran to play. You don't get much more ginger than him! Alright, Kat Curtis is next and she went around and interviewed most of the anchors on behalf of one of our lucky viewers. Here she is to tell you more in Viewers Mail.

The question is whether the anchors prefer to start segments naked, or clothed and then disrobe.

I'm Andrea Sully and THIS is what went viral this week in the NAKED NEWS VIDEO BLOG!!!

It's a staple at most wedding receptions. Members of the wedding party pair up and make sassy entrances, but this one went HORRIBLY wrong. A woman's wedding day is supposed to be one she'll never forget, but we doubt that poor bride remembers ANY of it. Ouch!

Raccoons - they're always getting into your garbage bins and leaving a mess. But I bet people wouldn't hate them so much if they had table manners like this cute little guy.
Pretty impressive, right? Now if only they could teach him to chew with his mouth closed...

We've featured plenty of pranks in this segment, but this one is hands down the meanest one EVER, courtesy of some bros in Sweden! It involves a sleeping friend and a chainsaw.

That was cruel but for my money Canadian bros are the best bros! Watch these hosers set up and attempt a backyard stunt for the ages! Well done dudes! Part of me KIND of wish he caught on fire, just so we could have seen him doused in maple syrup.

If you thought the fire was big in that last clip you ain't see NOTHIN' yet! These southern rednecks won't be outdone by a bunch of Canadian punks. Here's what happens when you pour 5 GALLONS of gasoline on a massive pile of wood. If you're gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough. Those guys are lucky to be alive! That's all for this latest edition of the Naked News Video Blog, I'm Andrea Sully, enjoy the rest of the show!

Here's a warning if you've ever thought about participating in a mud run: Over a THOUSAND people developed a fever, diarrhea, and vomiting, after a mud run in France recently. It was apparently a Norovirus, caused by possible FECES in the mud. It was reported that SOME runners say parts of the course smelled of manure. Disgusting.

Talk about doing hard time! A six-day erection has won a former inmate a seven hundred and fifty thousand dollar settlement. Rodney Cotton was being held at New York's Manhattan Detention complex when the persistent erection - a side-effect of medication - struck. Jail officials refused to get him medical attention beyond ice packs and Tylenol. He finally required surgery to relieve the painful swelling, and was left impotent.

Finally, there were a few scary moments for visitors of the Minnesota Zoo after a grizzly bear picked up a basketball-sized rock and started smashing its glass enclosure. Witnesses said the grizzly bashed the glass several times, causing it to shatter like a car windshield. Fortunately, the five-layer pane stayed in place. Needless to say the exhibit will be closed until further notice. With your Odds N ENds, I'm Meghan.

Great job, thank you very much, Meghan. I hope you've all saved a little energy because up next Eila Adams is aiming to make you SWEAT in Flex Appeal. She's on location with a different kind of workout called TRX. Here it is.

Credit to Eila there- that did NOT look like an easy workout! And that will wrap up today's program. Thanks for being here and I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. We LOVE hearing from you so please get in touch with any questions or comments you might have. You can reach us at feedback at naked news dot com. We also invite you to check us out on social media. Our official fan page is on Facebook, we're also on Twitter and Instagram. And don't forget to check out our blog on the Naked News homepage - we update it regularly. I'll leave you now with a look behind the scenes, take care everyone.

We've got some outtakes from the epic Water Gun Challenge, more of Carli at Amnesia Rockfest, and fun bits that didn't make it to the regular show.

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