Today's Show Thursday February 26, 2015

Thursday February 26, 2015

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I'm Katherine Curtis. Welcome to Naked News. We've got the latest in TV, music, a sexy weekend weather forecast AND your Boob of the Week all lined up for you today. So let's get busy! Here is Peyton Priestly to start us off with a Naked News Bulletin.

Thanks Kat. Morgan Stanley has agreed to pay 2.6 billion dollars, to settle federal charges for its role in the housing bubble that triggered the 2008 financial crisis. They're the latest major bank to pay billions to settle with the US Justice Department, following in the footsteps of Citigroup, Bank of America, and JP Morgan Chase. The feds accused Morgan Stanley of packaging bad loans into mortgage-backed securities. Big US banks have now paid 130 billion dollars in settlements linked to the economic meltdown.

Tech giant Apple is being forced to make a hefty payment of its own. A federal jury in Texas found the company guilty of infringing three patents with its iTunes software. As a result, Apple has been ordered to pay nearly 533 million dollars to patent licensing firm Smartflash LLC. In a statement following the decision, Apple said it intends to appeal the ruling.

And a Washington DC law legalizing marijuana was put into effect on Thursday - despite a lack of approval from congressional Republicans. Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser had been warned by two House Republicans that implementing the marijuana bill would break federal law. At a press conference on Wednesday, Bowser urged Congress not to overturn a bill that 7 in 10 Washington voters were in favor of. The new pot regulations allow people over 21 years of age to carry up to two ounces and grow up to six plants in their own yards. We'll be right back.

I'm Angie Heyward, and I'm here to name the Czech Film and Television Academy our Boob of the Week. How, you may ask, does such an illustrious-sounding organization qualify for such a DIS-honor? Its a pretty good story.

OK, this past weekend, this academy - the CFTA - held the Czech Lion ceremony, which is basically their Oscars. Partway through the live broadcast of the event, THIS happened.

Did that guy look familiar to you? Around here, people have said he looks a tiny bit like Jason Segal, David Boreanaz, or maybe slightly like Mark Ruffalo, You know, if you squint pretty hard and the lighting is dim. But would you believe it's JIM CARREY? THE Jim Carrey?

No? Yeah, me neither. Nor, you'd think, would ANYONE with the gift of sight. But the awards show's organizers were CONVINCED it was him. Even after the awards, the host, Lucie Vyborna, told the media that, quote "Of course the real Jim Carrey was on the stage. I have heard people suggesting it was a lookalike but I can say no, it was really him." It was two DAYS before they admitted that they'd been the victim of an "elaborate hoax".

They claimed they'd been contacted by someone posing as Carrey's agent, saying the Ace Ventura star was in the area and wanted to attend the ceremony. A translator, and two bodyguards accompanied him. And apparently, that was enough for the CFTA to overlook their own vision and invite the man onstage.

The organizers even said he'd gone through the ceremony preparations just as the genuine Jim Carrey would have. This guy with BARELY a passing resemblance to a Jim Carrey *IMPERSONATOR* managed to fool the entire organizing group for more than just a few seconds. I guess next time I'm looking for a little free publicity, I'll hire myself a translator and security to say I'm Angelina Jolie!

So for getting tricked by a liar liar, the dumb and dumber folks at the Czech Film and Television Academy, are our Boobs of the Week.

For Naked News, I'm Angelina Jolie.

What an embarrassment.... anyone fooled by that guy has clearly never actually SEEN Jim Carrey. Anyway, it's time to go INSIDE THE BOX with Eila Adams.

So speaking of inside boxes Eila, how about that new SEX Box! It's causing quite the kerfuffle!

That's putting it MILDLY, Kat! And it hasn't even AIRED in the US yet. But that hasn't stopped the Parent Television Council from attacking it.

AH yes, the PTC, the group that claims to advocate "responsible" entertainment.

That's the ONE. They've targeted Sex Box, BIG TIME, even pushing for the broadcaster, WE-TV, to get kicked off regular cable!

Well, let's hope WE-TV isn't going down without a fight!
EA: They're not. They're actually appealing to people's INTELLECT. Here the details!

Sex Box is set to debut in the US on February 27th, and they're challenging the Parent Television Council AND the public to actually WATCH it before forming an opinion. No sexual activity is shown, but couples DO have sex in a private, soundproof box and then emerge to have a frank and honest discussion with a panel of experts, all in-front of a studio audience. WE-TV is SO confident in the show's quality that they plan to post a link to the PTC's petition so people can complain if they actually did think it was offensive.

When Season 3 of Orange Is The New Black starts up in June, it'll be WITHOUT Jason Biggs. Netflix has confirmed that Biggs' character - Piper's former fiance Larry Bloom - doesn't feature in this season's plotlines. But several NEW characters will be joining the cast. Mary Steenburgen, Mike Birbiglia, and Ruby Rose have all signed on. Biggs has said that there IS a chance he'll be back in the future.

Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel's twentieth anniversary season has added a new feature - comedy. Not by Gumbel himself, luckily. Several episodes this year will be closed out with three to four minute long segments by comedians. Bill Maher debuted the bit February 24th, introducing "New Rules" for Real Sports. Other HBO-affiliated performers like Lewis Black, Chris Rock, and Susie Essman are also slated.

Stephen Colbert has been booked to guest-star on the Fox network sitcom The Mindy Project. He'll play Father Michael O'Donnell in an upcoming episode. He's currently got some free time, after stepping down from his Colbert Report in December. He'll be taking over CBS's The Late Show starting September 8. No airdate has been set for Colbert's Mindy Project episode and no plot details were released either.

Netflix just released a new trailer for Season 3 of House of Cards! It looks like fans can look forward to more tension between Kevin Spacey's Frank and Robin Wright's Claire even as they've become President and First Lady.

Expect Frank to continue plotting machinations to cement his power, even as Claire has ambitions of her own. It COULD well be the most dramatic season yet. It starts on Netflix February 27. That's what's happening, INSIDE THE BOX. For Naked News, I'm Eila Adams!

It's the fall EVERYONE is talking about! Madonna had a nasty spill during a live performance at Wednesday night's Brit Awards. The 56-year-old pop icon was singing “Living for Love” - and the plan was for a backup dancer to rip off her cape in dramatic fashion. Well, unfortunately the black Armani cape was still tied around her neck – and down she went! To her credit, she popped back up and finished the song. And not to worry - on Instagram Madge later said she was just fine.

Reggie Bush is out of work! The Detroit Lions released the 29-year-old running back on Wednesday after two years with the team. Kim Kardashian's former boy toy battled ankle injuries all season and gained just 550 total yards from scrimmage in 11 games. Bush will likely latch on with another NFL team before the beginning of the season – but his days as a starting back are probably over.

And hows THIS for ironic, the man behind a controversial revenge porn site is asking Google to REMOVE links to critical stories about his business. Craig Brittain ran the now-defunct site isanybodydown.com – which posted nude photos of women without their prior knowledge or consent. He's now arguing his case on the grounds that the articles feature pictures of HIM without permission. Sounds pretty hypocritical if you ask me. That's all from the Naked Newsroom. I'm Peyton Priestly.

Fans of NYLON, this is JUST for you! This weekend marks the 80th anniversary of the creation of the versatile material. So let's strap on a pair of stockings and have a little history lesson in THIS EDITION, of the Naked Weather Forecast.

Before we begin, here's a Brainstorm Trivia question for you! Nylon stockings feel pretty great, don't get me wrong – but how does the material perform in the COLD winter months? I'll tell you later on.

Nylon was created by American chemical giant DuPont in 1935. It was first used commercially in toothbrushes – and was later introduced as a fabric at New York World's Fair in 1939. It grew in popularity as a replacement for silk during World War Two. The Big Apple's weekend weather will be sunny but COLD with a high of just 33 degrees (1 C)

Nylon stockings actually spawned RIOTS across the US in the 1940s. DuPont had shifted production to war materials – leaving a shortage of the sexy garments. Some women paid up to twenty dollars a pair for them on the black market! When DuPont reintroduced them to the US market in 1945, there was so much demand that FIGHTS broke out – including one in Pittsburgh which involved 40 THOUSAND women! It'll be sunny in Steeltown this weekend, with a brisk high of 27 (- 3 C).

The synthetic material has PLENTY of uses nowadays – cookware, camping gear, and even GUITAR STRINGS! Spanish virtuoso Andres Segovia was one of the first classical guitarists to endorse the use of nylon strings over catgut. Segovia was born in the city of Linares – where it will be mostly sunny and a pleasant 65 degrees (18 C).

Perhaps the most SURPRISING product to be made of nylon is a GUN! The Glock pistol was created in Austria and entered military and police use in the European nation by 1982. There was some resistance at first to the concept of a “plastic gun” - but now Glock pistols command 65 per cent of the handgun market share in the US. Glock's headquarters are located just northeast of Vienna – which can expect cloudy skies and a high of 47 (8 C) this weekend.

Let's reveal the answer to our Brainstorm Trivia question!

Nylon is used in making windproof and waterproof winter clothing. BUT, it's often combined with polyester or other materials in several layers. As any girl who's worn JUST nylon stockings in the winter can tell you, it's not enough!

We salute you, nylon – one of the SEXIEST man-made materials to ever exist! That's all for the Naked Weather Forecast, I'm Natasha Olenski.

I'm Carli Bei and it's time to, TURN IT UP!

Kiss has come clean about using recorded tracks during live shows. A video from a recent gig in Japan was posted on YouTube had fans speculated on whether the band was FAKING, what was supposed to be "live". Well, they were right. Being the shrewd businessman that he is, Gene Simmons got out in front of what could have been an embarrassing scandal. On Twitter he wrote that PARTS of a new song, called Samurai Son, were pre-recorded... but only because it features more production layers than usual. Of course, Gene also added that he probably wouldn't have come clean about it if he hadn't been caught.

You've gotta give props to podcaster Jesse Carey. To raise money for charity recently, he put himself on the line by offering to listen to nothing but Nickelback, all day and all night, FOR A WEEK! He says he consulted with a number of doctors beforehand, who warned him listening to that much Nickelback could result in irreversible damage to his ears, brain, kidneys, and soul! Carey was aiming to raise 10,000 dollars to help build a well in a developing country. Instead, his cause went viral and he wound up raising more than THIRTY-thousand! Jesse is a true hero!

Scarlett Johansson really CAN do it all! The actress released an album of Tom Waits cover songs in 2008, and now she's fronting a new electro-pop group called The Singles. Here's a sample of their first track, a groovy little ditty called "Candy". She looks great AND sounds pretty good too. Here's hoping Scarlette decides to do a little touring.

VH1: it's not just reruns of "Mob Wives" anymore! Actually it is, but VH1 CLASSIC isn't! They've debuted a new show called "Rock Icons". It's a series of half-hour documentaries profiling the quirks of some true legends using archival footage and exclusive interviews. The first episode featured Rush's Geddy Lee, but other big names to be featured include Ted Nugent, Slash, Nikki Sixx, and Billy Corgan.

And now to this weeks album review: "First Kiss" by Kid Rock. He's definitely come a long way since his rap metal "American Badass" days.

Since then, the Michigan native switched gears in a big way and turned into a country singer. His last few albums have featured all the country radio staples: trucks, beers, and girls in tight jeans. Hey the formula works, so why change it right? The first single off First Kiss - named after the album - features all those cliches and more!

Listen, I'm sure Kid's a great guy to kick back and party with, but his music has officially veered into the muZAK category with this one. We'll give "First Kiss" a GENEROUS 2 out of 5 Naked Ns. Turning it up, for Naked News, I'm Carli Bei!

Eila Adams and Katherine Curtis answer some viewer mails, including a question about our first high definition show, a compliment about our Roku channel, and a question about Rachelle Wilde, Whitney St. John, and Victoria Sinclair.

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