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Today's Show Thursday November 20, 2014

Thursday November 20, 2014

Transcript The Foo Fighters have announced an EPIC Fourth of July concert to celebrate their twentieth anniversary! Th... Read More >> Hide >>

The Foo Fighters have announced an EPIC Fourth of July concert to celebrate their twentieth anniversary! The band will perform at RFK Stadium in Washington DC, but they won't be alone! Buddy Guy, Gary Clark Jr., Heart, Joan Jett, and LL Cool J are among the other big names set to perform! Tickets go on sale this Saturday. And if you can't make it, don't worry. The show is just the first of a massive North American summer tour.

A one-of-a-kind piece of genuine rock 'n roll history is going up for auction on January 8th! That's when Elvis Presley's very first recording will be sold to the highest bidder. The acetate disc features two songs: "My Happiness", and "That's Where Your Heartache Begins". Presley paid four bucks to record the tracks at Sun Records in 1953. It's estimated the disc will fetch upwards of half a million dollars! The auction coincides with what WOULD have been Elvis's 80th birthday.

Now to a different kind of Christmas tune for the holiday season! Kristen Bell, aka Veronica Mars, has teamed up with an acapella group called Straight No Chaser. Together they've released a song poking fun at how impersonal the holidays have become thanks to technology. Have a listen. Uh nice job there Kristen... I'll give it two emoji thumbs up!

If you prefer Christmas jingles with a little more sex appeal, look no further than the upcoming single from Pornhub! Pornhub Records is hoping for its first Christmas chart topper with "Coming For Christmas", featuring a handful of TVXbabes. I'm not sure Santa would approve! The whole song - along with an X-rated video - will debut on Television X at 10pm on November 29th!

Now for our album of the week: "Seeds" by indie icons TV On The Radio! This is the Brooklyn band's fifth studio album, and their first since the death of bassist Gerard Smith in 2011. That kind of tragedy could have stopped the band cold. Instead, they've returned with their catchiest record yet! Here's the album's first single, "Happy Idiot"! TV On The Radio say "Seeds" is without a doubt the best thing they've ever done. With four critically acclaimed albums, that's quite a statement! I'm not sure I agree with them, but there's no question this fifth record fits right in alongside their strongest work. "Seeds" gets an enthusiastic 4 out of 5 Naked Ns!

They've already been hit with more than five feet of snow, but the worst is likely yet to come for the people of Buffalo. The forecast is now calling for eight feet of snow - or an entire year's worth of the white stuff - in just three days! The snowstorm is expected to break all sorts of records in a region that's no stranger to extreme winter weather. Sunday's Buffalo Bills game against the New York Jets is in jeopardy. The Bills' stadium is already under 220-thousand tons of snow. The NFL is considering pushing the game back to Monday or even Tuesday.

Tensions are high in Ferguson Missouri as residents await the grand jury's verdict on the shooting death of Michael Brown. In the weeks ahead of the decision, gun stores in Ferguson have been reporting huge jumps in firearm sales. Residents are fearful that if the officer who shot Brown is NOT indicted, the city's streets will be once again plunged into chaos. County records show that the number of gun permits issued in October is more than double that of October 2013. An estimated sixty percent of the purchasers are first-time gun buyers.

And it turns out milk might NOT really do a body good. A newly published Swedish study finds that a diet rich in milk could actually have ADVERSE health consequences! Scientists tracked 107,000 adults for a number of years. Both sexes reported higher mortality rates. Women who drank three or more glasses of milk a day were 93% more likely to have died during that period! Needless to say, the study questions the long-held belief that drinking milk strengthens bones or dramatically improves overall health.

We actually have a PAIR of boobs this week: Stephen Zhang and Seth Leach, CLAIM to be "viral marketers" who directed and released a video of a "social experiment". The video featured a woman pretending to be drunk in the street as men tried to take advantage of her.

Cue the justifiable outrage towards the men. But it turns out the ENTIRE thing was staged! You may recall that a few weeks ago, another video of a woman walking around New York City being catcalled and followed by strange men blew up the internet. It got over thirty six million views, and sparked an important discussion on street harassment.

Well in the wake of that, our "viral marketers" sensed an opportunity to cash in and get some clicks with a similar video, only with a DRUNK woman. It's really creepy. Even worse, the men had NO idea they were going to be portrayed as potential rapists!

Nope, our prize boobs had lied their faces off, telling the men - and the actress playing Drunk Girl - that they'd be participating in a "comedic hidden camera" shoot or a STUDENT FILM, and were coached on what to do and say. The men were, unsurprisingly, VERY unhappy with the negative reaction they were getting, and complained to Zhang and Leach.

The response? That the men should be happy for the publicity! Buuuut, it turns out that being portrayed as a creepy would-be sex offender without your knowledge isn't very GOOD publicity. And at least one of the men is reportedly considering legal action.

Now, the two directors seem to be in damage control mode. The original video has been made private, and social media accounts have been deleted. Gee, you'd think that a pair of "viral marketers" would have a better idea of how this stuff works.

So, for trying to manipulate viewers, lying to the people trying to help them, and just being grade-A jackasses, I hereby declare Stephen Zhang and Seth Leach our BOOBS of the week.

Happy birthday Mr. VICE President! Joe Biden turns 72 today. And we're celebrating with a look at some highlights – and LOWLIGHTS – in the career of the 47th Vice President of the United States in THIS edition of the Naked Weather Forecast!

Before we begin, let's take a peek at some Brainstorm Trivia! Remember the old joke “Don't eat yellow snow”? Well, believe it or not, yellow snow REALLY does exist – in several forms. I'll tell you what they are later on.

Now to the forecast! Joe Biden is the FIRST Vice President from the state of Delaware. The former Senator of “The First State” quickly gained a reputation for being a straight-talkin' contrarian behind the scenes. Biden would let his mouth get the best of him SEVERAL times, however – we'll get to that shortly. He currently resides in Wilmington, Delaware – where it'll be partly cloudy and COLD this weekend with a high of just 37 degrees (3 C).

As I mentioned, Biden has gotten into trouble on quite a few occasions thanks to some off-color remarks. He's dropped the F-bomb not once but TWICE! Both were caught on tape, and both in Washington, DC. The US capital will experience an overcast weekend with temperatures reaching 45 (7 C).

As Vice-President, Biden has traveled ALL over the world for various diplomatic and strategic meetings. This year, he'll be spending his birthday in Marrakesh Morocco. Biden will lead the American delegation to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit. It'll be sunny and 63 in Marrakech this weekend.

Here's something I bet you DIDN'T know about Joe Biden. His Secret Service codename is “Celtic”, which is a nod to his Irish roots. Biden's ancestors arrived in New York City from the Emerald Isle in the mid 1800s. Biden plans to visit Ireland in 2015. We hope it's on St. Patrick's Day! Dublin's weekend weather will be sunny and 48 (9 C).

Now let's reveal the answer to our Brainstorm Trivia question! “Yellow snow” can occur when the snow itself is full of pollen, sand or pine. Also, air pollution can give snow a yellow tinge. Hey, now you know!

That's all for the Naked Weather Forecast, I'm Natasha Olenski wishing Mr. Biden a VERY happy birthday!

The American public hasn't changed its tune on politics following the recent midterm elections. According to a new poll conducted by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal, TWO-THIRDS of Americans still feel the country is on the wrong track. One pollster said it's like the election never happened. The majority of those surveyed continue to think American political and economic systems are stacked against them.

Al Franken is calling out Uber over its treatment of journalists. The senator of Minnesota wrote a letter to the CEO of the ride-sharing taxi service company on Wednesday. In it, Franken expressed concern that Uber has a “troubling disregard for customers' privacy”. Earlier this week, an Uber executive suggested digging up dirt on reporters and exposing details of their private lives was fair game.

And NBC is joining Netflix in pulling a planned Bill Cosby project. The network will not continue developing a sitcom with Cosby due to growing allegations of sexual assault. The project was first announced in January. Also, cable channel TV Land has removed all reruns of The Cosby Show from its schedule and deleted its web page about the show.

FOX has ordered a pilot for an American version of the award-winning BBC cop drama "Luther"!! It's set to be written by the original show's creator, Neil Cross, who'll also executive-produce. Fans are hoping that the original's star, Idris Elba, might play the title role of brilliant detective John Luther in this version, too. But there's no indication that'll actually happen.

Remember Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous? Where host Robin Leach visited millionaires' homes and pointed out what everything cost? Well, it's coming back! NBC will once again be indulging your champagne wishes and caviar dreams with a rebooted version. Nick Cannon is slated to host and bring his own perspective to the reports. This version will apparently feature information about its subjects' philanthropic works and hobbies, along with their extravagances.

A page of script for American Horror Story: Freak Show was STOLEN from the set in New Orleans. The script apparently contains a HUGE spoiler about the character "Pepper", and how she ended up in the institution in season two. The script thief is TRYING to sell the script to media outlets. But Twentieth Century Fox TV says they'll take all appropriate steps to protect their intellectual property.

One casualty of XBox Entertainment Studios' closure has found a home on Vimeo. "Jash Presents Rubberhead" is a variety show hosted by Sarah Silverman, and features A-list talent like Seth Rogen, Tig Notaro, and 2 Chainz. Exec producer Daniel Kellison described it as a "new type of comedy experience - a no holds barred show without the middleman". Sounds promising! You can download it for five dollars through Vimeo on Demand.

And finally, Amazon has released details of its 2015 show pilots. In total, there are four comedies, two dramas, and a docuseries, offering something for just about everyone. They include the hotly-anticipated drama "The Man in the High Castle", produced by Ridley Scott and based on Philip K. Dick's 1962 novel. Other titles include "Salem Rogers", a comedy about a former supermodel who's just been released after ten years in rehab, and the docu-series "The New Yorker Presents". Premiere dates haven't been announced yet.

And that's a wrap on today's program! We've got another great one coming up for you tomorrow, too. You can look forward to a brand-new audition from Shondra, and Eila is going on location to visit the Frankie Fettuccini food truck! Plus a look at the newest Hunger Games movie, and plenty more.

If you've got any comments about today's show or any others, please be sure to let us know! You can email us at feedback@nakednews.com, or post to our offical facebook page at facebook.com/nakednews. We're also @Nakednews on Twitter.

Thanks for watching, and we'll see you back again tomorrow.

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