Today's Show Sunday March 29, 2015

Sunday March 29, 2015

Transcript Welcome to Naked News magazine, I'm your host Peyton Priestly. And I'm your OTHER host, Eila Adams. We'v... Read More >> Hide >>

Welcome to Naked News magazine, I'm your host Peyton Priestly.

And I'm your OTHER host, Eila Adams. We've got a great show for you and it includes the official unveiling of our graffiti wall!

I'm sure many of you have seen it, in one segment or another. Well now we're going to find out what went into creating it.

Carli Bei is sitting down with the amazing street artist Jessey James, aka Phade, right now in the Schmooze!

Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford sold the tie he wore when confessing to smoking crack cocaine. The tie got over a hundred bids on eBay and ultimately sold for nearly thirteen THOUSAND dollars. Ford also got more than five hundred dollars for a pair of pants that he'd worn shopping to WalMart. Part of the proceeds will be donated to a local Hospital, where he's been receiving treatment for cancer.

An Alabama man has been awarded two and a half million dollars after medication caused him to grow double-D breasts! Austin Pledger took the anti-psychotic drug Risperdal to help with some of his autism symptoms. Although breast growth IS a side-effect of Risperdal, thousands of patients are suing, claiming they weren't adequately warned. Sufferers will need MASTECTOMIES to remove their unwanted breasts.

And if THAT'S not odd enough for you, how about a NUTELLA jar being blamed for a house fire in London, England. According to the fire investigator, there was an empty glass Nutella jar on a bedroom windowsill. The jar is believed to have refracted the sun's rays onto some blinds, causing them to catch fire. The room and part of the roof were subsequently destroyed. I always knew Nutella was BAD for you but that's RIDICULOUS! Stay tuned for MORE, Odds N Ends.

I’m Katherine Curtis. Here's what went VIRAL this week in the Naked News Video Blog!

The Food Network is always looking for their next big breakout star. Well, I think we’ve found her. Or at least, she’s the next breakout Vertical Video star. Here she is making some sweet treats.

All the simplicity and butter of Paula Deen, and all the cursing of Gordon Ramsay! It’s can’t-miss, Food Network! Get on it!

Speaking of Gordon Ramsay, meet Arthur. Like Ramsay, he’s got a hair-trigger temper and quite a potty-mouth. To say that Arthur HATES English traffic is the understatement of the year.

If the traffic reporter on our local all-news channel sounded like Arthur there, I’d NEVER STOP LISTENING. And I don’t even drive!

If you don’t know who Ronda Rousey is, she just won her last UFC championship fight in a record 14 seconds. Which means she can kick your ass! Don’t believe me? Check out Mr. Cocky here.

Hey, he ASKED for it. Okay, he probably didn’t ask for the broken ribs and week in traction, but he DID ask for it!

This poor lass – who for some reason is wearing a jersey with “Satan” on it – was just minding her own business when some punk tried to push her in the water. Here’s a tip – don’t mess with Satan.

Hey, Ronda Rousey, I think we just found your next opponent!

In the interest of promoting health and fitness, here’s an exercise video. It’s Playboy model Lindsay Pelas, showing you proper running technique, in slow motion. You’re welcome in advance.

It’s almost hypnotic isn’t it? That'll wrap up this edition of the NNVB, see you next time!

He was one of the better guests we've had on the Schmooze.

Who was?

Nick Waterhouse silly. Aren't you paying attention?.

Actually, no, I'm more concerned with what's happening NEXT. As in Isabella and I at a motorcycle trade show, camera crew in tow.

She hasn't done too many location shoots has she?

Nope, in fact this was her very first! She's not the first newbie I've broken in and she won't be the last! But let me tell you, she didn't miss a beat!

That's our Isabella, she's good like that. Okay, well, I'm dying to see it. Here they are in Naked Goes Pop.

Residents of the town of Luderitz in Namibia are protesting plans to change the town's name. The new name is set to be one spelled with an exclamation point and a hashtag, which are used to represent the click sounds of the local language. But opponents believe the characters will cost businesses money and hurt tourism. They're ALSO concerned, because if the new name is pronounced slightly wrong, it becomes a derogatory term for women!

A Ukrainian man claims to have the world's longest EYELASHES, thanks to a secret diet. Valery Smagliy says when he started eating his mystery food, his lashes started growing, and they're now over an inch long! And after noticing women staring enviously at his lush lashes, he's planning to MARKET his discovery. He had to cut his lashes back to a normal length because they grew SO long, his eyelids were sore from the weight!

And finally, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield gained worldwide fame as commander of the International Space Station back in 2013. Well, somehow his flight suit was found at a thrift store in Toronto, where it was sold for just FORTY dollars! Even stranger? The woman who found and bought it, is director of a company that creates 3D-printed medical supplies, which has applications in space travel AND TRAINED with Hadfield! Small solar system, eh? I'm Natasha Olenski, and those are your Odds & Ends.

I'm Angie Heyward, THIS, is the GAME SPOT!

You'll soon be able to play with Mario and Luigi on your smartphone! After years of heel dragging, Nintendo has finally agreed to bring its most popular characters to the mobile app world. It's reached a deal with a developer to create new games AND a membership service that should launch in the fall! Nintendo had been resistant to joining the mobile gaming world over fears it would cheapen its brand. I guess the booming growth of the industry helped change the company's mind.

Move over Tiger Woods, EA Sports has a new face for its famous PGA golf franchise! Rory McIlroy will appear on the cover of the latest version of the game. It was a spot Tiger Woods famously held from 1998 to 2013. But with Tiger's game in serious decline, Rory's taken over as the top name in golf. The Irish superstar says he's thrilled with the honor.

PlayStation has finally launched its long-awaited TV service, called PlayStation Vue. It was originally announced a year ago, but only just went to air in New York, Chicago and Philadelphia. The basic package will cost you fifty bucks a month, which gets you fifty channels including NBC, CBS, Fox, and Comedy Central. But I wouldn't go cutting the cable cord just yet! One glaring omission is ESPN, which could leave sports fans in a tough spot. Packages run as high as 70 dollars monthly, and Sony plans on making Vue available to more American cities later this year.

BIG news for all you God of War fans out there! Sony has announced it will be releasing a remastered edition of God Of War 3 on the Playstation 4! Fans of the 2010 classic will be able to kick ass with Kratos in glorious 1080p graphics. God Of War 3 was one of the best looking games in the PS3 lineup, so we can't WAIT to see how awesome it looks on the PS4! It'll hit store shelves on July 14th with a price tag of 40 dollars.

Farming and video games... two things that apparently go amazingly well together! After the surprising success of "Farming Simulator" on the PC, the newest version of the game will also be coming to Xbox and Playstation. They've announced they'll release Farming Simulator '15 on May 19th. The game sees players handle tasks like looking after livestock, selling products, and investing in new farming equipment. The PC version has sold close to a million copies! Then again, if you're spending all your time harvesting fake corn and milking fake cows, it MIGHT be time to put the controller down and go outside. Just sayin'! For the Game Spot I'm Angie Heyward!

Thanks Angie, that's it and that's all for now folks!

Thanks for tuning in, I hope you had as much fun as we did!

While we're gone, make sure to stay up to date with ALL things Naked News, on social media.

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And last but not least, for all you technophobes out there, you can reach us by e-mail with any questions or comments you may have to feedback@nakednews.com

We'll leave you now with our weekly look behind the scenes. Take care everyone!

We have another look into the Devious Mind of Angie Heyward, who spills the strategy she'd use if she was ever on Big Brother. And Natasha Olenski simply hits a roadblock trying to read a story about the retirement of Canadian NBA superstar Steve Nash.

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