Today's Show Wednesday March 4, 2015

Wednesday March 4, 2015

Transcript You're watching NAKED NEWS. Welcome everyone, I'm Isabella Rossini. Based on the early feedback, our BE... Read More >> Hide >>

You're watching NAKED NEWS. Welcome everyone, I'm Isabella Rossini.

Based on the early feedback, our BEST OF April Torres was a big hit. We'll have more on that in today's wrap up. Right now though, guest anchor Madison is BACK, and she's got your first look at today's headlines, INCLUDING why gas prices in the US SHOULD go even LOWER!

Isabella, the United States has more crude oil than it knows what to do with! For the past seven weeks, the US has been producing and importing a million more barrels of oil EACH DAY than it consumes. Supplies are at their highest point in eighty years, and officials say they are literally running out of places to store it all. If things keep up at their current pace, storage facilities will hit their limit in mid-April, and some think oil could fall as low as twenty dollars a barrel!

It's more bad news for US retailer Target. The company has announced a restructuring plan that includes thousands of job cuts and 2 billion dollars in cost-saving measures. The majority of the job losses will come from Target's headquarters. CEO Brian Cornell says the moves are all about cutting complexity and making the retailer more competitive. This just after Target announced plans to completely exit out of Canada, laying off over 17 thousand people and amassing billions in losses.

Meanwhile Oprah Winfrey is laying off close to 200 staff members after announcing her Chicago-based "Harpo" Studios complex will be shutting down. On Tuesday it was announced that all operations will be moved to her Los Angeles location. Oprah released a statement saying she was sad to leave the Windy City studios she called home for 26 years. Don't go away.

Welcome to my NAKED SPORTS REPORT, I'm Natasha Olenski.

The Philadelphia Eagles sent starting running back LeSean McCoy to Buffalo for linebacker Kiko Alonso. Shady racked up the third-most rushing yards in the league last season – but was going to count nearly 12 million dollars against the Eagles' 2015 cap. Alonso, meanwhile, missed the entire 2014 season with a knee injury – but made 159 tackles with the Bills as a rookie in 2013.

LeBron James is known for being generous on the court – averaging nearly seven assists per game in his career. But this is a particularly generous – and EXPENSIVE – gift. He gave Brazilian soccer legend Ronaldinho a limited-edition watch worth sixty THOUSAND dollars! Only 600 of the luxury timepieces were made – and the King himself had a hand in the design.

The Florida Panthers had a tough time in net on Tuesday night against the Toronto Maple Leafs. Starting goalie Roberto Luongo got hurt in the first period and was replaced by backup goalie, Al Montoya. Then Montoya got hurt in the third period which had the Panthers scrambling to find another goalie. They even considered using Florida goaltending coach Robb Tallas – who hadn't played in the NHL since 2001! Luongo, who was in STREET clothes, suited up and finished the game, which they LOST by the way, 3 to 2. Crazy!

Baseball's spring training is finally upon us – and that includes some clubhouse shenanigans! New York Mets pitching prospect Noah Syndergaard decided to have a little lunch while the team scrimmaged on Tuesday. Not a good idea! Veteran teammates David Wright and Bobby Parnell weren't impressed – and tossed his food in the GARBAGE to teach him a lesson.

Here's something you don't see every day – a switch PITCHER! Pat Venditte of the Oakland A's can throw both right AND left-handed. And he showcased his skills on Tuesday against the Giants. Two batters, two outs, two arms! Pretty cool. The 29-year-old Venditte is hoping to win a job in the Oakland bullpen this season – and if he keeps this up, he's got a pretty good shot!

Now let's check out this week's must-see moments in Sports – including this never-before-seen Wisconsin recruiting video featuring Chris Farley!

Awesome play. FYI that kid is SEVEN feet tall! That's all for THIS EDITION of Naked Sports. Time to hit the showers. Who's with me?!

I'm Katherine Curtis. Trending Now is a BEEF going on between SportsCenter anchor Robert Flores, Iggy Azalea and her boyfriend - Los Angeles Lakers swingman Nick Young. It all started on Monday when Flores DISSED the Aussie rapper – HARD.

OH SNAP! Young then reacted poorly on Twitter, threatening Flores over social media. But that didn't faze Flores. He got in a nice dig at Swaggy P on an ESPN radio show.

So Nick, what did we learn? Don't screw with Robert Flores. I'd suggest you put water on that HUGE BURN....except, you know, water isn't your friend. More specifically, water-dwelling mammals aren't your friend. Dude, you got attacked by a dolphin.

This AMAZING photo of a weasel riding on the back of a flying woodpecker is trending WORLDWIDE on Facebook and Twitter! It was taken by an amateur photographer in a London park. It's a one in a million shot, no doubt about it! And as you might expect, there are plenty of funny Photoshops out there. My favorite is the Gandalf one. But full disclosure: the original photo ISN'T as heartwarming as it may appear. That weasel was actually ATTACKING the poor bird. Yeah, that didn't end well for either of them, I'll wager. Rodents fail at picking their battles. Hey, just like Nick Young!

Next up we have a helpful guide from a Snapchatter named Reece on how to take DICK pics! Listen up, guys: this is REALLY good advice! Reece offers SEVERAL options on optimal Snapchat dong shots – the “low angle”, the “bird's eye view” and her personal favorite, “the counter flop”. Classic! The guide caused a MAJOR buzz on Reddit and several blogs. What Reece neglected to mention is that when us girls get your Snapchat dick pics, we screenshot that shit, draw party hats on it and then Snapchat it out to all of our girlfriends. Unless it's the birds' eye view, then that gets the Snapchat ghost drawn onto it.

We're all saddened by the loss of the great Leonard Nimoy. But, as he once said on The Simpsons, “the world needs laughter”. And several Canadians are paying tribute to Nimoy in an AWESOME way! They're drawing Spock on five dollar bills – which bear the likeness of former Prime Minster Sir Wilfrid Laurier. The idea took off on Facebook and has been shared THOUSANDS of times! Live long and prosper, indeed.

And let's close with a video that is BLOWING up YouTube. If you've ever wondered what would happen if someone covered themselves in Mentos and got into a bathtub full of Coca Cola – wonder no more!

Yup, that went exactly as I would have expected. Three MILLION views later, the experiment was a TOTAL success! That's what's Trending Now! For Naked News, I'm Katherine Curtis.

The Russian attorney for NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden says his client is ready to return to the US! Snowden is prepared to leave Russia - which has granted him political asylum since 2013 - on the condition that he receives a fair and impartial trial on American soil. Snowden's lawyer claims Attorney General Eric Holder has guaranteed them that Snowden won't face the death penalty.

France has adopted a new law forcing companies to tell consumers how long they can expect new electronics and appliances to last BEFORE they buy them. That would include items such as TVs, cell phones, washing machines and dryers. The French law is aimed at fighting what's known in the industry as "planned obsolescence". It's when companies deliberately limit the life span of appliances so that consumers have to replace them.

And after an eight year search, a crew led by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen appears to have located a long-lost Japanese battleship. During the Second World War, the Musashi was one of the two biggest warships on the planet. It was sunk by the US Navy in 1944 in the Philippines. This week, Allen's expedition team released photos and video of what they believe is the missing vessel. It bears the emblem of the Japanese navy and was found in the Sibuyan Sea at a depth of about 33 hundred feet. Officials say they are ninety percent sure the ship is the Musashi. Quite a find! Reporting for Naked News, I'm Madison!

Thanks for that, Madison. Now for the latest gaming news, let's say hello to Carli Bei with the Game Spot with some insight into WHY people buy different consoles!

4400 people took part in the survey, Isabella and here's what they said.

The MAIN reason for buying a PS4 was “better resolution”, while “BRAND” was the top driving factor for Xbox One purchases. And “fun factor” was the primary reason why gamers went with the Wii U.

Upcoming indie game A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build will have a VERY unique pricing model. Its UK developers plan to set the game's daily price according to the WEATHER! Specifically, the temperature – in Celsius - at “teatime” in London, around five o'clock. The offer lasts until March 10.

Expect an even DARKER and EDGIER Batman game this summer! Rocksteady announced Batman: Arkham Knight will be given an M for mature rating in North America. It's the FIRST title in the popular series to be rated M. Batman: Arkham Knight drops June second for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Fans of the Forza racing series and the Fast and Furious movie series will LOVE this! A FREE standalone expansion to Forza Horizon Two will be available starting March 27. You'll get to race in several of the cars from the popular movie franchise. With Furious 7 coming out in theaters April 3 – it's PERFECT timing!

And the Mortal Kombat X story trailer reveals some INTERESTING details about the highly-anticipated fighting game. It takes place 25 years after 2011's Mortal Kombat – and includes some familiar faces as well as a NEW generation of fighters!

Looks pretty epic! Mortal Kombat X hits multiple platforms on April 14. For the Game Spot, I'm Carli Bei.

I'm EA, welcome to the Boob Tube! What's happening, Peanuts? Nice to see you're all so chipper and upbeat. I take it you all received my little “care package”? I send them some cheap candy every month - they really seem to enjoy it, and it keeps them off my back for a little while. Anyhoo, let's check out some clips!

Jon Stewart has been “feuding” with WWE superstar Seth Rollins for weeks now, after the wrestler claimed he could do better as host of The Daily Show. Things finally escalated – and Stewart showed up on Monday Night Raw to “lay the smack down” - figuratively AND literally!

Nice shot, Jon! Side note – who still watches WRESTLING nowadays? Yeah, that figures.

I'm a big fan of Jimmy Fallon's “History of Rap” series with Justin Timberlake. BUT, after hearing THIS duet medley with Kelly Clarkson, I may have a NEW favorite!

Great stuff, you two! That Lionel Richie - Diana Ross number gets me RIGHT in the feels EVERY time!

We're all sad that Parks and Recreation is no longer a thing – but this might be the PERFECT sendoff. Aziz Ansari told Conan about a “special” gift he received from castmate and good friend Aubrey Plaza.

Super weird AND super funny – just like Parks & Rec. We'll miss you guys!

And finally, it didn't take long for Family Feud to provide us yet another unscripted comedy gem. Take it away, Steve Harvey!

Guess that question REALLY stumped them! How embarrassing. That's all for the Boob Tube – see you next time!

Guest Anchor Madison, Isabella Rossini, and Katherine Curtis talk a bit about some of today's stories, including the feud between SportCenter's Robert Flores, Nick Young, and Izzy Azalea. Plus the Snapchatter who created a guide to dick pics, and a discussion about our "best of" programming.

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