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Today's Show Friday September 19, 2014

Friday September 19, 2014

Transcript It's a reversible form of male birth control, and it could be here sooner than you think! Vasalgel is an in... Read More >> Hide >>

It's a reversible form of male birth control, and it could be here sooner than you think! Vasalgel is an injectible drug that blocks the passage of sperm. But unlike a vasectomy, it's reversible through another injection. And unlike female birth control, Vasalgel DOESN'T have any impact on hormones. It's been successful in trial studies and COULD be on the market by 2017!

The United Taxi Workers of San Diego are making a big stink out of the criteria used by officials at the city's international airport. That's because drivers are subject to a SMELL test before being issued their license! Cabbies say the whole thing smacks of discrimination. The airport authority, on the other hand, claims it's all about satisfying its customers.

Vienna is looking to follow in the footsteps of Zurich by introducing a drive-in brothel to get sex workers off the streets! The idea's pretty simple: provide prostitutes with a safe place to work, and in exchange they get proper permits and pay taxes. Zurich's sex drive-in launched in August 2013, and has been a rousing success.

And we'll finish up by introducing you to the Naked Handstander. He's an anonymous exhibitionist who's making quite a name for himself by going head over heels in famous spots around the world! From the Great Wall of China to Ayers Rock Australia, the handstander says he just loves to experience famous places in the buff. He says his Naked Handstand Project is all about raising awareness of our throw away culture. We salute his excellent work!

Amateur Sasha came in to audition with an In Focus look at the Great One's daughter, Paulina Gretzky.

This is an In Focus look at Paulina Gretzky. She's the first child of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky and his actress wife, Janet Jones. And she definitely inherited her mother's sultry good looks.

She quickly found work as both a singer and a model, even getting a song on the soundtrack of the MTV show "Laguna Beach". But it's her modeling that got her the most attention - and not even on a professional basis. Her steady stream of sexy shots posted to her Instagram feed quickly made her one of the most-followed people on the social network.

But that hasn't stopped Paulina. She landed on the cover of the December, 2013 issue of Maxim magazine. She's also managed to land film roles, including one in the hit film "Grown Ups 2". Hey Wayne - who's "The Great One" now?

In theaters this week is Terry Gilliam's sci-fi drama The Zero Theorem. It's about a computer hacker who's getting too close to a big discovery, so a mysterious entity sends a beautiful woman, played by Melanie Thierry, to distract him. And distract him she does! We get to see Ms Thierry as a coquettish cam girl, a bouncy beach babe, AND a sexy space siren. I'd say that's WELL worth a watch!

On DVD and BluRay this week, we've got Spartacus: The Complete Series. This series wasn't just the stereotypical swords-and-sandals. It also featured TONS of sex and nudity! For example, stunning Viva Bianca who really needs to be more famous. Spartacus is also memorable for having former Xena: Warrior Princess actress Lucy Lawless's FIRST nude scene - definitely worth the wait!

ALSO on DVD and BluRay is season one of From Dusk Til Dawn, The Series. It's based on the 1996 Robert Rodriguez movie, and definitely shares its creepy-sexy vibe. It's not as chock-full of nudity as we might want, but what there is, we sure do like! For example, hotties Amanda Moreno, Bonnie Ann, Elle LaMont, and Leslie Augustine play pole-dancing strippers - ALWAYS a great addition to any show.

Finally, to television and Steven Soderbergh's The Knick on Cinemax. This week's episode guest-starred Rachel Korine, who you may recall from her role in 2012's Spring Breakers. Lovely Ms Korine once again doffs her top and offers up her beautiful bosom, this time as a pillow for her lucky costar.

The eggheads at NASA are working on a supremely complex air traffic control system made specially for DRONES! The flying machines are rising in popularity, and SOMEONE needs to establish a system to keep things in order. NASA's control matrix would keep drones from flying into buildings, no-fly zones, and other aircraft. BUT, the system is ONLY designed for commercial drones, so if you've bought one to fly on weekends you're on your own!

Whether you're looking for a hotel, a restaurant, or a shiny new electronic device, you're almost guaranteed to use online reviews to guide your decision. But according to a new Harvard study, up to thirty percent of ALL online reviews are phony. With businesses looking to improve their online image, and more and more people offering to write fake reviews on the cheap, you should probably expect this problem to get worse before it gets better!

A new study shows that a simple germ on one lousy doorknob can infect half your workplace in just a few hours! The University of Arizona, Tucson study found that common surfaces like doorknobs, light switches, phones and computer equipment were the most likely culprits for spreading germs. Luckily, researchers say there's a simple solution: disinfectant wipes! Disinfecting common surfaces along with regular hand washing is the recipe for a happy and healthy life!

And if you're looking to lose a little weight, you should probably lay off the action movies! A study of undergraduate students found that those watching action movies ate TWICE as much as those watching The Charlie Rose Show. The study's author says the reason is that people watching fast-paced, stimulating programs are distracted from thinking about how much they're putting in their mouths! Some food for thought!

Laim Neeson is BACK in ass-kicking mode once again in the dark new thriller "A Walk Among The Tombstones". Neeson plays Matthew Scudder, an alcoholic ex-cop dealing with a closetful of skeletons. As an unlicensed PI, Scudder scrapes by doing shady work for shady people, which eventually leads him to a drug kingpin seeking revenge over his kidnapped wife.

Scudder's investigation takes him down a seedy trail winding from one gruesome murder to another. Fortunately, he has a very particular set of skills he's acquired over a very long career. If this is starting to sound like Taken, Taken 2, or Taken 3 - aka "Non-Stop" - you're probably right. But that's NOT a bad thing. The formula works! Give Neeson a goal, put some bad guys in his way, and let him kill everyone in his path!

"A Walk Among The Tombstones" is based on the best-selling book of the same name by Lawrence Block. The story and character are a perfect fit for Neeson, who gets to display his physical talents as an action hero, AND showcase his acting chops as a tough guy struggling with his own personal demons. He also gets to do the ONE thing he does better than ANYONE else: threaten bad guys over the phone!

It may not get any love from the Academy, but if you're looking for a solid action movie with a creepy twist, "A Walk Among The Tombstones" fits the bill perfectly! It's in theaters now!

Katherine Curtis went Naked in the Streets at Fan Expo to ask people "*bleep*, marry, kill" some nerdy icons. Gamora, Wonder Woman, Mystique. Starlord, Han Solo, Malcolm Reynolds. There were some tough choices to make!

Isabella closed out the show from the nude beach.

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