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Today's Show Sunday September 21, 2014

Sunday September 21, 2014

Transcript Eila Adams runs us through her Beach Body Blast workout on the gorgeous beach at Hedonism in Negril Jamaica... Read More >> Hide >>

Eila Adams runs us through her Beach Body Blast workout on the gorgeous beach at Hedonism in Negril Jamaica. It's a hot, sweaty, bouncy and fun way to get toned.

First up today, a "window into hell". Explorer and documentarian George Kourounis brought some GoPro cameras with him as he climbed into an active volcano in the Vanuatu islands. The results are unlike anything you've ever seen before!

To get the amazing footage, George and his team had to descend 12-hundred feet, dealing with acid rain stronger than battery acid! I think you'll agree it was all worth it!

We've got another GoPro clip now, this time featuring a Labrador retriever named Walter, who's EXTREMELY motivated to get into the ocean.

That my friends is the look of pure joy! Nothing was getting in his way!

Now to Russia for a dashcam video showing the STRANGEST road rage incident, I've ever seen.

There's some talk on line that it was staged but I don't know, I'll let YOU decide.

As the saying goes, breaking up is hard to do. ESPECIALLY when you're the one who's been dumped. But this next guy's come up with a perfect solution for the breakup blues:

I'll DEFINITELY have to try that some time!

And now to what is, HANDS DOWN, the SEXIEST video of the year so FAR. I present to you, Victoria Secret's latest line of lingerie!

I think I need a cold shower after THAT! Well done VS!

Whitney and Eila sat down and talked with adult movie star James Bartholet at the AVN Video Awards in Las Vegas.

It's solids versus stripes as Katherine Curtis and Melissa Childs go one-on-one in a sudden-death game of pool.

Summer's almost over. That means MORE time indoors - and MORE time for video games! Here are the games WE'RE looking forward to the MOST this fall!

Let's begin with a fan favourite - Super Smash Bros! The newest incarnation of the Nintendo beat-em-up franchise will include the usual gang - Mario, Donkey Kong, Kirby and Pikachu. BUT, the new bunch of characters are quite possibly the most PUNCHABLE ever featured in the game! Pacman, the dog from Duck Hunt, the villager from Animal Crossing AND the Wii Fit Trainer! So much pent-up rage will soon be released!

Next up is the survival-horror game The Evil Within. It was developed by Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami and is basically a WAY better version of the disappointing Resident Evil Six. It's old-school zombie killin' - and it looks like a lot of fun! Plus, the main villain is voiced by Jackie Earle Haley - aka Freddy Krueger! Definitely worth a look.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare hopes to make up for last year's lackluster Ghosts. Unlike previous Call of Duty games, it's got a futuristic setting - including futuristic weaponry. Kevin Spacey adds some weight to the voice acting team as well. It's going to get compared to Titanfall - but is it BETTER? We'll have to wait and see if Advanced Warfare is embraced by its brotastic fanbase.

The Assassin's Creed franchise is back with a DOUBLE SHOT of games. Unity is set in Paris during the French Revolution and is ONLY available for next-gen consoles and PC. It's pretty clear why - the game looks STUNNING. It also includes a co-op multiplayer mode for the first time in the franchise's history. Meanwhile, Rogue is available JUST for PS3 and Xbox 360 and will complete the North American trilogy of Assassin's Creed Three and Four.

And finally, Far Cry Four should appeal to fans of the popular open-world action series. The violent yet darkly funny game takes place in the middle of a civil war in the Himalayas. You can choose from single player, multi-player or two-player co-op modes. You can even ride ELEPHANTS into battle! Sign me up.

Isabella gives a quick wrapup and introduction to Behind the Scenes.

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