Today's Show Friday December 19, 2014

Friday December 19, 2014

Transcript Here's the REAL reason why Santa's so jolly: If paid an annual salary, he'd make nearly 140,000 dollars a y... Read More >> Hide >>

Here's the REAL reason why Santa's so jolly: If paid an annual salary, he'd make nearly 140,000 dollars a year! This is according to the annual Santa Index from They used data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics to compare Santa's many duties and hours worked to actual jobs. The fat guy's top paying duties included leading the workshop in the North Pole - which qualified him as an engineer - and flying the sled, which technically makes him a pilot! Wrapping gifts and looking after reindeer were his worst-paying gigs. Overall though Santa gets a 1.5-percent raise from 2013. Ho ho ho!

Buying all the items mentioned in the Twelve Days Of Christmas would cost you more than ever this year! 27,673 dollars, to be exact - but that's only if you were to buy each item ONCE. If you bought all the items every time they were mentioned in the classic carol it's cost you 116,273 dollars! That's a rise of just over 1-percent from last year, and it's thanks mainly to the rising cost of poultry. Six geese-a-laying went from 210 dollars in 2013 to 360 bucks this year. Who knew?!

And if you plan on buying gift cards this year, consider this: new research estimates that 750 million dollars' worth of gift cards will go unredeemed this year! That's actually down about 250 million from 2013, but it's still a staggering amount of money. The gift card industry has become extremely lucrative in recent years, going from 80 billion in 2007 to a whopping 124 billion this year!

Katherine Curtis goes to sex store Good For Her to talk to Carlyle Jansen about BDSM. How to get started, how to use safe words, and what to do with that paddle and wrist restraints.

Victoria Sinclair sits down to talk to Randy Murray, the director of "The Joe Show", a documentary about Maricopa County, Arizona, sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Thanks to ROBOTS, Amazon can now fulfil orders in as little as FIFTEEN minutes! The online retail giant recently started rolling out "Kiva" robots in their warehouses. So now, instead of workers walking the aisles to get items, Kiva brings shelves directly to them, increasing efficiency by about twenty percent. And that's a big deal - Amazon receives as many as four hundred and twenty six orders per SECOND.

The movie Ouija was a hit at the box office, and now Ouija BOARDS are a hit in stores! Sales of the boards which purport to help people communicate with spirits are up three hundred percent heading into Christmas. Ouija boards have been around as a parlor game since 1890, but it wasn't until World War One that it was touted as a divining tool. Since then, its popularity has cycled - rising after movies like The Exorcist and Witchboard.

It's ugly Christmas sweater season, but if you don't want to buy an ugly sweater you're only going to wear a couple of times, consider RENTING! Website Rent The Runway has added a selection of truly hideous Christmas sweaters to their inventory. For about thirty dollars, including shipping and insurance, you can rent a tinsel-trimmed sweater festooned with a real teddybear, a clown, or cats in Santa hats. I would not be caught dead in any of those sweaters, Christmas or not!

Eila Adams heads out Naked In The Streets to talk to people about the lottery. Do they play? Have they ever won? And what would they do if they won a jackpot?

Netflix's newest original series Marco Polo is getting A LOT of attention! Mostly because of Chinese-Canadian cutie Olivia Cheng. She makes her nude debut count with several sensational moments – including an ORGY with Kublai Khan, a TANTALIZING three-way and a BADASS fight scene! Who knew 13th century China was full of hot naked ninjas? I certainly didn't. Thanks for the history lesson, Netflix!

There's just ONE episode to go in Season One of the SCANDALOUSLY sexy Showtime drama The Affair. Ruth Wilson's character Alison rekindles her passion with Noah after some time off. But clearly, things are BACK ON in a big way! Who WOULDN'T want Wilson's wonderful form close at hand? I'm betting The Affair goes out with a BANG next week!

Season Two of the FX spy drama The Americans is out on DVD and Blu Ray. And Keri Russell shows off her KG BEE-hind in SEVERAL episodes. She's clearly FAR more concerned about being exposed as a SPY than “covering up” her shapely backside. And we definitely pledge allegiance to that attitude! Russell's rear views will tide us over until Season Three debuts at the end of January.

And out in theatres this week is The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies - co-starring Cate Blanchett. The critically acclaimed actress has dabbled in showing some skin in her impressive career. Most notably, in the 1995 TV miniseries Bordertown – and as the QUEEN herself in 1998's Elizabeth. Nothing quite like seeing Cate in ALL her majesty!

Now let's take an EVEN DEEPER look into MORE celebrity skin with Hollywood X-Press – brought to you by

Battlestar Galactica babes Katee Sackhoff and Tricia Helfer are NEARLY naked in their annual charity calendar Acting Outlaws. Sci-fi can be sexy too, and these ladies PROVE it!

Forget Taylor Swift – give me KAYLA Swift any day! She broke out the classic wet T-shirt for her 138 Water photoshoot. As you can see, proper hydration is VERY important!

Kate Upton's latest Sports Illustrated shots are simply SIZZLING! No mere bikini can contain THOSE curves! Which is probably why she didn't bother with the top for most of the shoot.

And raven-haired Australian model Nicole Trunfio is expecting. And WE'RE expecting this steamy Harper's Bazaar Australia shoot to turn PLENTY of heads!

Angie Heyward finishes up the program and reminds us to watch the Weekend Magazine edition of the program on Sunday!

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