Today's Show Wednesday January 28, 2015

Wednesday January 28, 2015

Transcript I'm Eila Adams and you're tuned in to NAKED NEWS! Katherine Curtis has been tracking some of the BIGGEST st... Read More >> Hide >>

I'm Eila Adams and you're tuned in to NAKED NEWS! Katherine Curtis has been tracking some of the BIGGEST stories from around the globe including RECORD results from Apple, mixed economic news in the US and MORE bad news for Russia.

Eila, Apple has just announced the biggest revenue quarter of any US company, EVER! They had a record 74.6 billion dollars in revenue and a record, 18 BILLION in net profit. Those numbers FAR surpassed ANY analysts expectations. So what led to the surge? iPhone sales of course. The company's new larger-screen 6 and 6 Plus models were flying off the shelves. Apple sold more than 74 million of them worldwide in the quarter. And the momentum should keep going for a while because their highly anticipated iWatch is set for release this April.

The forecast isn't quite as sunny on the US economic front. Business investment spending has dropped for a fourth consecutive month. Economists say it could be a sign that slowing worldwide growth might finally be having an impact stateside. A strengthening American dollar has also made US exports more expensive. However it isn't ALL bad news. Consumer attitudes remain upbeat, and December saw home sale hit their highest levels since June 2008.

And in Russia, things are going from bad to worse. Rating agency, Standard and Poor's, has just downgraded the country's credit rating to junk status! Half of Russia's government earnings come from oil and gas exports. And with oil prices falling at staggering rates, the nation has been pushed to the brink of recession. The S&P rating cut will make it much harder and pricier for Moscow to borrow money. Meanwhile the Russian ruble has hit all-time lows, losing more than forty percent of its value against the US dollar. That's sparked concern that Russia is on the verge of a full-blown financial crisis.

From the Naked Newsroom, I'm Katherine Curtis.

Welcome to Sports, I'm Natasha Olenski.

Super Bowl 49 is just a few days away – so let's break down the BIGGEST game of the year. The New England Patriots put up EIGHTY points combined over two playoff contests so far. But, the Seattle Seahawks defense allowed the fewest points in the entire league. New England is currently a SLIGHT favorite in Vegas – but it's too close to call. I'm expecting a CLASSIC in Glendale, Arizona this Sunday.

If you're looking to get tickets to Super Bowl 49 – you'd better bring a LOT of money! Prices are HIGHER than they've ever been. The average listed price for a ticket is currently around 5400 dollars – and reached nearly 6500 dollars a couple of days ago. Last year, the average price for a Super Bowl ticket was around three thousand – so that's a pretty big jump!

Super Bowl Media Day is usually a circus full of pointless questions and requests – and Tuesday was no exception. Rob Gronkowski sang a Katy Perry song. Michael Bennett called himself the 2nd most handsome guy in the world. But the unquestioned highlight of Media Day was Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch – who answered every question he received the same way: “I'm here so I won't get fined.” “Beast Mode” just keeps stiff-arming the media.

New England cornerback Brandon Browner spent the previous three seasons with the Seahawks as part of their “Legion of Boom” secondary. But it doesn't appear Browner is out to rekindle any friendships during the game. He says the Patriots need to target both Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas – who are dealing with elbow and shoulder injuries, respectively.

And if you're looking for something to do in Arizona before the game, why not stop by the home of Seahawks superfan Ashtin Fitzwater? He decked out his house in nearby Chandler – about 30 miles northwest of Glendale – in Seahawk navy blue and green paint. Fitzwater even added the logo to his lawn and put the number 12 on his roof – as a dedication to the “12th Man” Seahawk fans. For his sake, I hope Seattle wins!

Now it's time for some of the must-see moments from ELSEWHERE in world of Sports.

So THAT'S how you get Marshawn to talk – CANDY! That's all for Sports, I'm Natasha Olenski - enjoy the game, everyone and we'll talk about it on Monday!

Thanks Nat! For the record I'm picking the Seahawks in the big game! Okay folks, up next it's time to check out some Hot Properties! Scarlette's here with our weekly look at the lifestyles of the rich and the famous!

Thanks Eila! Let's start off in New York City with a look at the Brooklyn townhouse of Michelle Williams. The spacious 6-bedroom space she once shared with the late Heath Ledger just sold for 8.8 million dollars - 1.3 million OVER asking price! Michelle bought the place with Ledger in 2005 for just 3.6 million, so she's turning quite a profit here. Word is she's moved to Los Angeles to be closer to the film industry.

Elsewhere in the Big Apple, celebrity couple Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis have put their hip Meatpacking District condo on the market for just under 4 million dollars. The two-bedroom, two-and-a-half bathroom space is relatively modest by celeb standards, but as you can see it features all the modern amenities one could want. The 13-foot ceiling and large windows offer plenty of natural light. After having a child together last year it appears the power couple needs a little more space.

A British businessman has spent more than a million dollars returning the Las Vegas mansion of Liberace to its original opulence! Martyn Ravenhill bought the 15,000 square foot palace for just 500,000 dollars in 2013, after it went into foreclosure. The flamboyant pianist's former home features eighteen chandeliers, eight marble pillars, stain-glass windows, AND a giant ceiling mural modeled after the famed Sistine Chapel in the Vatican.

Tiger Woods' loss is your gain! This pristine 62-acre island in Lake Malaren, Sweden, features a private villa and six tee-off areas to practice your golf swing! It was one of the properties Tiger shared with ex-wife Elin Nordegren... and we all know how THAT went. Anyway, the property is about an hour from Stockholm, and is accessible by plane or boat. It comes with a ferry boat and private docking area, and also has a landing strip. The outdoor area boasts a hot tub, horse stables, and swimming pool! So, what does it all cost? Good question! The price is ONLY available upon application.

And we'll cap things off in LA, where Academy Award winner Jared Leto has just purchased this mysterious former military compound! The "Dallas Buyers Club" star paid 5 million dollars for the 8 bedroom, 12 bathroom, 50-THOUSAND SQUARE FOOT monstrosity! It's believed the Laurel Canyon facility was once used to film military training videos and document research on atomic bomb tests. It was turned over to a public buyer in 1994, and a recent rumor had it being leased to a commercial outfit who wanted to use it as a high-end rehab center. As you can see from the stunning photos, it looks like Jared is getting plenty of bang for his buck with this one! I'm Scarlette and THOSE are your Hot Properties

US President Barack Obama's approval rating continues to rise! A new Gallup poll shows it's now at 50 percent. It's the first time it's been that high since June 2013. This after his numbers hit record lows just weeks before the midterm elections. Obama suffered a similar drop in popularity just before the 2010 midterm elections. It appears the President's inspired State of the Union address helped boost his approval, as did the nation's improving economy.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration is threatening to veto new proposals at a record pace. The White House has indicated it will veto eight bills put forth by the Republican-controlled House since January - the most veto-threats of any administration since Ronald Reagan in 1985. The threats have frustrated GOP members, who say the President is unwilling to give bipartisanship a chance. The White House, meanwhile, says Republicans are stubbornly trying to pass bills they know the President opposes.

And new numbers on Obamacare show that enrollment levels have surpassed government projections for the 2015 sign up year. More than 9.5 million Americans have now signed up for individual health insurance through the online exchange. 7.1 million through the HealthCare.gov website, and 2.4 million through state-run portals. The White House says more than a third of those enrolled in the federal program are under the age of 35. The sign-up period for 2015 coverage opened on November 15 and closes on February 15th. I'm Katherine Curtis, and those are your headlines!

Thanks for the update, Kat. If you've been BITTEN by the travel bug – like me – then listen up! IR is standing by with some MUST-VISIT destinations.

I've been told I'll need a bathing suit for these spots, Isabella.

You're right, Eila and that's because we're checking out some of the very best INFINITY POOLS on the planet!

Our first stop is the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. Jade Mountain is a 600 acre beach front resort that boasts an infinity pool in EVERY room! Visitors even have a stunning view of UNESCEO World Heritage site “The Pitons” – St. Lucia's twin volcanic plugs. The pools range from 900 to two THOUSAND square feet in size – plenty of room to relax and enjoy the view.

On the other side of the world, Alila Villas Uluwatu in Bali promises an equally impressive vantage point. The private infinity pools are integrated into the surrounding natural environment and run along a clifftop plateau hundreds of feet above the Indian Ocean. Needless to say, the views are spectacular!

Few places on Earth offer a more picturesque view than the Greek island of Santorini. Now imagine taking IN that view, at the largest infinity pool on the island. It's located at the luxury, Grace Santorini, hotel and looks out across the Caldera, into the Aegean Sea. It's the IDEAL spot to watch the famous Santorini sunset.

Further WEST in Europe, is the infinity pool atop the Grand Hotel Central in Barcelona, Spain. This just might be the coolest spot in the city. Trust me when I tell you there is NO better place to take in the historic views then sitting poolside with a Mojito.

And if you're looking for a truly unique infinity pool experience, then look no further then Playa Vik José Ignacio, located on the southern coast of Uruguay. The 75-foot-long pool reaches out toward the Southern Atlantic Ocean like a spear. It's a remarkable combination of artistic flair, architecture and natural beauty. And an enjoyable swim to say the least! For Naked News Travels, I'm Isabella Rossini – don't forget your bikini!

I'm Whitney St. Joyh – and this right here is the Boob Tube. Can I get a HEY-O from the Peanut Gallery? Splendid. Can I get a HEY-O for jokes made at your expense? Too late, you already said HEY-O! Still so gullible after all this time. Let's begin.

Louis CK is clearly at the top of his game right now. Selling out multiple nights at Madison Square Garden is quite the accomplishment. But even at the height of his fame, Louis is still picking at the little things. You can't please everyone, Louis! Probably doesn't help to call them “miserable pricks”, either. Just a thought.

Here's another surefire way to NOT endear yourself to your fans – mock one of their favorite shows! Actress Amanda Peet made THAT mistake during her most recent appearance on Conan.

You're playing with fire, Peet! Coming from someone who starred in Gulliver's Travels and The Whole Ten Yards – I don't think you're one to judge quality entertainment.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver returns in February, and I for one cannot WAIT! Luckily, he's been supplying loyal fans with Youtube clips to tide them over – including this one where he performs his “audition” for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie.

He's probably presuming correctly. In fact, that should be the name of the sequel!

And speaking of SEXY celebrity talk, the stars of the movie Mortdecai – Johnny Depp, Gwyneth Paltrow and Paul Bettany - went on Ellen to play a little “Never Have I Ever”.
Gwyneth – you naughty, naughty girl! I'd never reveal ANY of that in public – I'm a lady! Hey, I said I'd never “reveal” it – doesn't mean I haven't DONE it. That's all for the Boob Tube – see you next time!

Eila Adams and Katherine Curtis play their own little game of "Never Have I ever", and talk about their favorite spa pools. They also have the result of yesterday's poll question.

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