Today's Show Sunday August 30, 2015

Sunday August 30, 2015

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Transcript Welcome to Naked News Magazine everyone! I'm Isabella Rossini- And I'm Eila Adams! We've got lots to loo... Read More >> Hide >>

Welcome to Naked News Magazine everyone! I'm Isabella Rossini-

And I'm Eila Adams! We've got lots to look forward to today including our new guest anchor Marie.

She'll have a double dose of Odds N Ends later in the program.

And wait until you meet rocker Tommy Gunn. I'll be turning it up with him shortly, he's a real character.

Yeah and one of his songs is so catchy that I can't get it out of my head! It's sort of annoying.

I hate when that happens!

Okay, on with the show, things are about to get MESSY and Eila here had a hand in MAKING that mess.

That's right, our watermelon eating edition of Versus is up next, and things did get a little out of control.

Eila took on Carli, Angie, and Madison to see who could chow down the most. Hope you guys are hungry!

I'm Marie, with this week's Odds N Ends. Would you pay 25-hundred dollars to put a prosthetic leg on a chicken? Most people would probably fire up the deep fryer, but not Massachusetts woman Andrea Martin. She's a poultry behaviorist who couldn't bear to see a 3-month old chicken named Cecily put down due to a wonky right leg. So, she's paying a team of surgeons at Tufts University to attach a prosthetic made from a 3D printer, and paying for the operation with her OWN money. Whether she's compassionate or just plain crazy is up to you to decide!

A New York attorney wants to settle a civil suit filed against him like they do in his favorite show, Game of Thrones! Richard Luthmann wants a "trial by combat"! He's being sued after his client skipped town and failed to pay more than 500-thousand dollars in judgments. Luthmann says the suit filed against him is absurd, so he opted to respond with absurdity in kind! He's prepared to go to war, clad in the armor of Robert Baratheon (bar-ATH-ee-on), warhammer in hand! Attorneys for the plaintiffs didn't find Luthmann's offer so funny, and they say the courts won't either.

If you have a dog and live in Suffolk England, you'd better scoop when they poop - or deal with the Turdinator! That's the nickname of Andrew Hawes, a man in the community who camouflages himself and takes videos of dog owners who don't clean up after their pets. He even hides in the bushes and confronts people who don't pick up the poop, threatening to post their video on his Facebook page and turn their details over to police. The Turdinator has hundreds of followers on social media, has been profiled by the BBC, and was even given the thumbs up by movie star Hugh Grant! I'm Marie and I'll be back in later with MORE, Odds 'n Ends!

On the one hand I have to salute the guy for cracking down on this. It drives me crazy when people don't clean up after their pets. But then again, has he got nothing better to do with his time?

Hey, some people like camping, others prefer hiding in bushes watching dogs poop. Who are we to judge?

Too weird! Anyway, we'll see Marie again one more time with another edition of Odds 'n Ends.

Up next Kat Curtis is here to tell us what went VIRAL this week in the NN Video Blog!

Thanks ladies! If you've been struggling in the gym to improve your bench press, I've got the PERFECT solution. It's guaranteed to give you the motivation to lift ANY weight, no matter how heavy. Popeye used spinach, and that guy uses other dudes' butts. Whatever works!

Their NFL videos are the viral sensations, and now the guys from Bad Lip Reading have done it again! This time they're going from the gridiron to the recent Republican debate hosted by FOX News. That debate is the gift that keeps on giving, just wait till for the Democrats turn!

Not all ziplines are created equal. In fact some are downright lame. Then there's THIS one in Whistler Canada. It's more than a mile long and starts 600 feet above a valley floor. Buckle up! They hit a top speed of 90 miles per hour, sign me up!

Next up some incredible footage of Great White sharks attacking! Scientists put together a submersible "sharkcam" to follow and study the behavior of the ocean's greatest predator. The footage will give you chills. Positively GRIPPING footage, am I right? The sound of shark teeth on metal is SUPER creepy.

I've got one more shark vid for you. This one involves a giant whale shark and scuba diver who gets the surprise of his life. He should be happy that wasn't a great white! Thanks for tuning into this edition of the Naked News Video Blog, I'm Katherine Curtis, see you next time.

An Algerian man is suing his wife for fraud after claiming to see her for the first time WITHOUT makeup. The man says his wife wore a lot of makeup before they got married, and he thought she was beautiful. But after the wedding, he woke up in the morning and saw her makeup-less face and was horrified. He's suing for 20-thousand dollars for "psychological suffering".

Surf's up! A Norwegian prisoner used an antique surfboard and a shovel to paddle his way to freedom! The 23-year old man was doing time in a minimum security facility located on an island. With activities like horseback riding, fishing, and tennis it sounds more like a country club. The prisoner managed to sneak out a window, grab the surfboard, and made it back to the mainland before anyone knew he was missing!

And the Australian government has put a limit on Vegemite sales for individuals because people are using it to get DRUNK! Turns out the salty spread can be used to make moonshine, and people have been buying it in bulk. Vegemite started out as a war-time substitute for Marmite, and has since become a staple of Australian cuisine. I'm Marie and those are your Odds 'n Ends!

Thanks Marie, good to know! Next time I run out of booze I'm digging into my cupboards for some Vegemite!

Ugh I've tried it before, and I'll stick to tequila thanks you very much! It's just awful!

It's definitely an acquired taste. All right Eila, it's time for an ALL ACCESS edition of Turn It Up!

That's right, I had the opportunity to sit down with hard rocker Tommy Grasley aka TOMMY GUNN to talk about his rock 'n roll lifestyle! Here it is.

Tommy's such a sweetheart. If any of you out there like good ol' fashioned hard rock, definitely check him out!

And that brings us to the end of the show Eila. We'd like to thank everyone for tuning in and remind all of you to keep in touch with us during our time apart!

There are no shortage of ways to do that: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and of course there's always feedback@nakednews.com!

For the program with NOTHING to hide, I'm Isabella Rossini

And I'm Eila Adams. Now we'll leave you with our weekly look BEHIND the scenes!

Take care everyone.

We've got fun extra video, bloopers, and other behind the scenes tidbits featuring Katherine Curtis, Eila Adams, Angie Heyward, Isabella Rossini, and Carli Beei

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