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Today's Show Tuesday October 21, 2014

Tuesday October 21, 2014

Transcript Forbes released its list of the Top-Earning Dead Celebrities and Michael Jackson continues to sit at the to... Read More >> Hide >>

Forbes released its list of the Top-Earning Dead Celebrities and Michael Jackson continues to sit at the top of the list. The King of Pop earned 140 MILLION dollars over the past 12 months. Jackson's second posthumous album Xscape debuted at number two on the charts. And his hologram's appearance at the Billboard Music Awards generated plenty of attention. Elvis Presley ranked second with 55 million in earnings. Peanuts creator Charles Schulz, Elizabeth Taylor and Bob Marley round out the top five.

In the land of the LIVING, is Charlie Sheen. His whirlwind romance with an ex-porn star appears to be over. How sad! Sheen broke off his engagement to Brett Rossi after about a year together. According to Sheen, they travelled the world and crossed a lot of things off their bucket lists. But evidently, he didn't want to make Rossi the FOURTH Mrs. Charlie Sheen.

This next budding relationship is brought to you by TWITTER! Evan Rachel Wood is dating Ray Donovan actress Katherine Moennig. They had flirted via Tweets for almost two years. When Wood got divorced in May, the two took things to the next level: real life! The 27-year-old Wood and 36-year-old Moennig have been inseparable since.

Long-time David Letterman cue card guy Tony Mendez has been FIRED for assaulting a co-worker. Mendez apparently had a long-simmering beef with staff writer Bill Scheft. Things recently came to a head with a verbal argument over changes in the cards. The next day, Mendez grabbed Scheft and pushed him against a wall. Mendez was kicked off the set and promptly terminated. Talk about taking the wrong cue!

And if you're a fan of the lovely Brooke Burke – and who isn't? - head to New York City for a REAL treat! Never-before-seen NUDE photos of the former Dancing with the Stars beauty are on display at a Manhattan art gallery. The shots were taken back in 1995 and are simply STUNNING. The show runs until November 6.

The verdict is in in the highly-publicized trial of South African sprinter Oscar Pistorius. The Olympic and Paralympic star has been given a five year prison sentence for the shooting death of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. Pistorius was convicted of culpable homicide, and despite the five year sentence, he's only expected to serve about ten months behind bars. He'll finish the rest of the sentence under house arrest. The parents of Reeva Steenkamp told the media they were satisfied with the ruling and are happy the ordeal is over.

An ex-Polish minister has thrown some STUNNING accusations at Russian leader Vladimir Putin! In an interview with US website Politico, Radoslaw Sikorski says that Putin offered to divide Ukraine with Poland. The proposal was made to then-Prime Minister Donald Tusk during a visit to Moscow in 2008. According to Sikorski, Putin referred to Ukraine as "an artificial country". The PM made it clear he wanted NOTHING to do with Putin's plan.

And another MASSIVE recall has US regulators urging millions of Americans to get their vehicles checked immediately. The inflator mechanism in airbags made by Japan's Takata Corporation can send out sharp metal shrapnel during accidents. The warning involves some of the top names in the industry: Honda, Toyota, Ford, GM, BMW, Chrysler, Nissan, Mazda, and Mitsubishi models dating back to 2002. 4.7 million cars in the US are being called in for urgent care.

The Sony PlayStation 4 came out on top and it was also T3's first inductee to their Hall of Fame! The gadget website T3, gave out a BUNCH of prizes at the awards show in London. Phone of the Year went to the HTC One, Sir James Dyson was named T3 Tech Legend, and Apple took home two honors, as the MacBook Pro with Retina Display was given Laptop of the Year and the Mac Pro won in Design Innovation. Apple was ALSO booed by the crowd because nobody was there to ACCEPT the awards.

GoPro has released three new cameras. The Hero 4 Black Edition has double the video resolution of the Hero 3 Plus, recording in full 4K with thirty frames a second. The Hero 4 SILVER edition finally includes an LCD preview screen. And then there's GoPro's LOWEST priced new entry, the Hero, which despite its low hundred and thirty dollar price tag, shoots in 1080p HD at 30 frames per second, or 720p HD at SIXTY frames per second.

You may soon be able to own a wearable air conditioner. The "Wristify" looks like a futuristic bracelet, and it will blow either cool or warm air onto your wrist. That acts much like holding your wrists under running water, and helps your body's natural cooling or warming systems. The Wristify is currently a finalist in Intel's Make It Wearable competition, and they hope to have it on the market soon.

Practising yoga at home could be a lot easier thanks to the "SmartMat" - and with over two hundred percent of its goal already pledged through IndieGoGo, it's got a great chance. The SmartMat is embedded with sensors which measure you and track and record your movements. It can send the data to your smartphone, and instruct you on how to improve your positions. SmartMat is expected to be available in fall of 2015, at about four hundred and fifty dollars.

And now our cool new tech item of the week; the Avo, a self maintaining tropical aquarium. Never change the water or filter again. The self-contained tank cycles fish and food waste into a nitrate that live plants feed on. All YOU need to do is top up the water occasionally. The lighting is designed to benefit the plants, AND look good even at night. You can order now through Kickstarter at a cost of about two hundred and fifty dollars. They expect to ship next July.

Tesla's got some NEW tricks up its sleeve! The electric carmaker recently unveiled a slew of upcoming features. It will add an all-wheel-drive version of its Model S car to the fleet starting in December. Plus, a new semi-autonomous system will change lanes, adjust speed and even PARK automatically! You don't even need to be IN the car for that last one. Pretty cool.

Tesla's not the ONLY game in town when it comes to electric cars, however. A new German company called Quant has launched the FIRST electric car powered by SALT WATER! No, it's not the underwater Lotus from The Spy Who Loved Me. The e-Sport Limousine runs on something called an “electrolyte flow cell power” system. It's got some JUICE too – generating a whopping 920 horsepower! It's now certified for use on public roads in Europe.

Lamborghini is also getting into the electric engine game – but with typical Italian flair! The new Asterion hybrid is equipped with both gas and electric motors. It gets 282 miles to the gallon AND can hit 200 miles per hour! Talk about the BEST of both worlds! The hybrid Lambo turned heads at the Paris Motor Show earlier this month.

The Rolls Royce of motorcycles is BACK! A limited edition of the Brough Superior SS100 is close to completion. They will be the FIRST made under the legendary name in more than SEVENTY years! The SS100 was the FASTEST road-going bike at the time. Playwright George Bernard Shaw owned one, and TE Lawrence – aka Lawrence of Arabia – owned SEVEN.

Say hello to the world's FIRST 3D printed car! The Strati – Italian for “layers” - was built by Arizona company Local Motors. The battery-powered vehicle is made entirely of 49 parts of black plastic and carbon fiber. It seats two and took just 44 hours to build! Local Motors hopes to sell the game-changing cars soon for around 14 thousand dollars.

The FBI has warned some of America's biggest banks and corporations that more than FIVE HUNDRED MILLION financial records have been stolen in the past twelve months! The revelation came at a cybersecurity event being held by the Financial Services Roundtable, in the wake of online breaches at Home Depot, Target, JPMorgan Chase, and many more. FSR president Tim Pawlenty says 110 million Americans have had their info hacked in the past year. Business leaders are being told that they WILL be hacked, and that they need to have a swift response plan for when it happens.

Google is joining the fight against online piracy! In an effort to curb illegal downloads of music and movies, Google will highlight sites like Spotify and Google Play where people can download content legally. The entertainment industry has been lobbying for the search engine to demote illegal websites like Pirate Bay from its results for several years. But until now, Google had been reluctant to tinker with what it refers to as "organic" search results. Legal sites will be highlighted at the top of search pages as an advertisement, which they'll have to pay for.

And the fashion world is mourning the death of a genuine visionary and icon. Oscar de la Renta is dead at the age of 82 after a long battle with cancer. The legendary designer rose to fame in the 1960s, when then-first lady Jacqueline Kennedy often wore his gowns and outfits. Nearly every first lady since has been spotted in de la Renta's designs. The man known for making women look and feel beautiful passed away at his home in Connecticut surrounded by friends and family.

Angie Heyward introduces a classic One On One segment from 2004, featuring former Penthouse Pet of the Year Victoria Zdrok.

Angie Heyward, Isabella Rossini, and Katherine Curtis talk about the Oscar Pistorius verdict, what Google is doing to fight online piracy, and then they introduce a new poll

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