Today's Show Friday July 31, 2015

Friday July 31, 2015

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I'm Isabella Rossini, ON A BOAT, and THIS, is Naked News. Rather then hosting from the SHORES of Lake Ontario today, I'm actually on TOP of it. So pardon me if things get a little WAVY! And that's exactly how we're starting things off today. Watch for some special dance moves courtesy of Kat & Carli at Amnesia Rockfest. Here they are going Naked In The Streets.

I'm Whitney St. John. The University Of Essex in England, wants to build the world's DEEPEST swimming pool. At 164 feet deep, the 62 million dollar project would be FOUR times deeper than NASA's training pool and surpass Italy's 137 foot by-40 pool. The purpose would be to recreate the conditions of space and human endurance research. The proposal is supported by the European Space Agency, AND by me – so long as I get an invite to the first pool party!

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is offering a new class on POKER. The course will be taught online as part of its OpenCourseWare program and it's available for FREE to the general public. So why would such a prestigious school be interested in a card game? The course guide claims that poker theory and analysis strategies can be used in business environments, like investment management and training.

An Australian teenager has won the Rubik's Cube World Championship by solving the puzzle game in just 5 point 6 9 5 seconds! And if you think THAT'S fast, it STILL wasn't enough to beat the world record of 5 point TWO seconds! Other, not-so-serious games at the event included players going blind folded, using their feet only, and even with just ONE hand. Is peeling the stickers off still a legitimate game strategy? From the Naked Newsroom, I'm Whitney St. John!

Thanks Whitney! 5.6 seconds is ridiculous. I'd be lucky to solve Rubik's Cube in 5 HOURS! Okay next we have a brand new audition for you. Her name is Kat, and no, we're not looking to replace Kat Curtis. She's rather unique and we think she's got some qualities that will make her stand out from the crowd! Here she is.

Kat auditions with an In Focus look at hot redheaded actress Jessica Chastain. She also tells us more about herself, her thoughts on nudity, and how she'd describe herself in five words

Still ahead, we're going Naked at the Movies with Tom Cruise in the action-packed Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation! Trust me, you don't want to miss it!

You can't keep Ethan Hunt down. And that's good news for movie fans, or else we wouldn't have the fifth and latest installment of the Mission Impossible hitting theaters this week! Written and directed by Christopher McQuarrie, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation is promising to be the most ACTION-PACKED sequel yet! Series star Tom Cruise reprises his role as secret agent Hunt, and THIS time he's investigating a mysterious group of rogue operatives called the Syndicate. Jeremy Renner, Ving Rhames and Simon Pegg all return as the rest of the MI force, but they MAY not be a team for much longer. The CIA is hellbent on taking over the division. That's just a TINY bit inconvenient, as the gang is hot on the trail of the mysterious Syndicate. Along the way, Hunt joins forces with the beautiful Ilsa Faust, a fellow spy who MAY know more about the Syndicate than she's letting on.

Cruise is well-known for doing his own stunts and Rogue Nation is no exception. There are at least half a dozen heart-stopping sequences that viewers will be in awe of, and no doubt wondering what Tom was thinking! The stand-out scene of the film HAS to be the opener. Cruise clings to the side of an ACTUAL A-400 airplane as it takes off. Here's a behind the scenes look at how they did it.

Director McQuarrie has worked with Cruise before on the excellent thrillers Jack Reacher and Edge of Tomorrow. He really knows how to get the best out of his star in an action setting. Combined with the kick-ass stunt work, everything REALLY comes together in this film. Here's McQuarrie on how the two mesh their storytelling styles together.

Mission Impossible is one of the few franchises that actually gets BETTER with each new incarnation, and the buzz on this one is EXTREMELY high. Early test screenings have rated it even above 2011's stellar Ghost Protocol. Another good sign? Paramount has ALREADY started work on Mission Impossible SIX. I just hope that means we won't have to wait as long between sequels! You are going to want to see this one! Catch Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation in theaters now.

If you were worried about how to post a selfie from the top of Mount Fuji, worry no more! Government officials have installed Wi-fi access points at 8 locations across Japan's tallest mountain. The move is designed to cater to American and European hikers, in hopes that they will promote the tourist locale on social media. There is one catch – Wi-fi access will be only be granted for the first 72 hrs of each climb, so better climb FAST!

Hawaii has become the first state to ban plastic bags. Businesses are banned from handing out non-reusable bags, or those made from non-compostable materials. And anyone found breaching the ban COULD be liable for fines of up to 1000 dollars a DAY. Shops will still provide plastic bags for bulk items such as meat, grains or fresh produce. California is reportedly considering a similar move.

The most crowded island on earth isn't Manhattan, or even Japan, but in fact the tiny islet of Santa Cruz del Islote. Located just off the coast of Columbia, this 2 point 4 acre bit of land is home to a VERY cozy population of 1200. Residents starting invading the island 150 years ago when they realized it was free from mosquitoes. Sounds like they should have kept it a better secret! From the Naked Newsroom, I'm Whitney St. John!

Doesn't exactly sound like an island paradise, thanks Whitney! The headlines are done, and up next we've rounded up the week's hottest celebrities for your enjoyment in a segment we call Hollywood XPosed! Angie Heyward's got it for us starting right now!

Thanks Isabella and welcome to Hollywood XPosed everyone, brought to you alongside our pals at Mr. Skin!

Madison showed you the new Mission Impossible movie earlier but did you know the REAL star isn't Tom Cruise. Nope, it's Rebecca Ferguson. She didn't disrobe in Rogue Nation, but she more than makes up for it in the 2013 period drama The White Queen! Rebecca plays a white HOT Queen Elizabeth with a royal body that will drop you to your knees. She sits on more than just the throne in a bevy of boobtastic nude scenes. Long live the queen!

Starz series "Power" is always a good bet for some quality nudity, but the drama really outdid itself this week! It featured a threesome between Kaitlin Mesh, Rachel Annette, and one very lucky dude, who get it on with the help of a little booger sugar. A cute little puppy even barks his approval as the lovers get after it doggy style.

Out on BluRay this week is the 70's classic Prime Cut. The Gene Hackman classic is about a Kansas cattleman who runs a prostitution ring. There's some prime nude scenes, specifically one involving Janit Baldwin and Sissy Spacek. The pair's perfect bodies are put on full display, and it's classic Hollywood nudity at its finest... full bush and all!

Also on BluRay this week is "The Rites of Frankenstein". It's a kitschy B-grade retelling of Mary Shelley's classic horror tale. Unlike the original, it's filled with all sorts of erotic scenes. The film's in French but it's themes translate to any language. It probably isn't for everyone, but it might just be the thing that helps bring your monster back to life.

Now it's time for our bonus round, HOLLYWOOD EXPRESS!

On Egotastic Allstars.com, sexy American model Alyssa Arce is busting out of her bikini poolside to proves there's no need for a lifeguard thanks to those flotation devices.

Colombian knockout Daniela Giraldo is super soapy and super SEXY in these shower shots. Watching her get clean gives us dirty thoughts.

Charlotte McKinney comes tantalizingly close to showing off her ta-tas in this latest shoot for GQ magazine. Never have we been more annoyed by 4 strips of black tape.

And statuesque South African stunner Jenna Pietersen is decorating her birthday suit with some sand at the beach, and we think she's never looked better! Surf's up!

Undressing your favorite celebrities, one story at a time, I'm Angie Heyward. Take care.

Hollywood Xposed is a good way to end the show but Peyton running through some foliage in a bikini, wins hands down. That'll do it for today's program. We'll see you back here for this weekend's Naked News Magazine, which includes an EPIC water gun challenge. Don't forget we want your feedback on Kat plus anything other questions or comments you might have for us. We're at feedback@nakednews.com I'm Isabella Rossini. Thanks for tuning in, take care everyone.

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