Today's Show Friday August 28, 2015

Friday August 28, 2015

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Transcript Welcome to the program with nothing to hide! I'm Eila Adams! And I'm Isabella Rossini, thanks for joinin... Read More >> Hide >>

Welcome to the program with nothing to hide! I'm Eila Adams!

And I'm Isabella Rossini, thanks for joining us. The doctor is IN, Eila!

That's right! Dr. Jess is back and NO topic is off limits with her!

Which is good because today's topic is a bit more risque - weird fetishes!

Trust me, I did some research and there are some REALLY odd ones out there! I asked Dr. Jess about some of them in THIS edition of Dating Uncovered!

I’m Katherine Curtis. Kyra Kennedy, daughter of Robert F. Kennedy Jr, has been told to clean up her out of control Instagram account - pronto. The nineteen year old has been posting shots from around the world, showing herself partying hard with the “Rich Kids of Instagram” ­ and her high-profile dad is unimpressed. In March, Kyra got busted with a fake ID trying to get into a New York club, then screaming “I’m a Kennedy!” when security wouldn’t let her in. Sounds like a handful!

A group of urban explorers in Detroit made an amazing discovery in an abandoned warehouse ­ hundreds of cases of collectible sports cards, worth up to a MILLION dollars! Some of the mint-condition Topps cards are still in uncut sheets, showing complete team lineups from the 80s and 90s. Though the cards ARE technically the property of the building’s owner or whoever paid to store them, the explorers admit to selling some online.

And SNAKE hunters take note! January 16 to February 14 next year you’ll have your chance to hunt giant Burmese pythons in Florida’s Everglades. The snakes are an invasive species to the area, and are wreaking havoc on the ecosystem. Whoever bags the biggest python wins a thousand dollars, and there’s also a prize for MOST snakes caught. The last hunt, in 2013, culled 68 snakes. That’s just a tiny dent in the estimated hundred thousand that live there ladies.

That's a LOT of snakes!

Soon to be a lot of purses and shoes! Thanks for the info Kat, we'll check back with you a little later. NOW it's time for Carli Bei to go Naked In The Streets. Now if you recall Isabella, Kat and Carli recently went to one of the largest rock festivals in North America called Amnesia Rock Fest!

I do and it looked like they had a LOT of fun! We actually aired their travel log from it on July 26, check it out in our archives.

Well they filmed a whole bunch of stuff including Carli going Naked In The Streets to talk to festival goers about GROUPIES! Couldn't have picked a better location for it. Here it is.

NOW it's time for Carli Bei to go Naked In The Streets. Now if you recall Isabella, Kat and Carli recently went to one of the largest rock festivals in North America called Amnesia Rock Fest!

I do and it looked like they had a LOT of fun! We actually aired their travel log from it on July 26, check it out in our archives.

Well they filmed a whole bunch of stuff including Carli going Naked In The Streets to talk to festival goers about GROUPIES! Couldn't have picked a better location for it. Here it is.

I'm Whitney St. John with this week's, Hollywood XPOSED, brought to you with the help of our friends at Mr Skin.

In theaters this week, Lake Bell is trapped in paradise in the new thriller No Escape. Luscious Lake keeps her curves under wraps in THIS one, but if we go back to the HBO series How To Make It In America, there's NO ESCAPING Lake's nude scenes! Getting out of bed in the morning would be a lot easier if we could wake up to THAT view!

Also in theaters, Elisabeth Moss trades the ad agency life of Mad Men to star in the indie-art flick Queen of Earth. If you want to see Elizabeth at her most earthy, check out the 2013 mini-series Top Of The Lake. Miss Moss ends up doing the dirty on TOP of some moss, giving us some great shots of her perfect peaks. Can't really blame the voyeurs!

Out on DVD, Patricia Clarkson stars in the thriller October Gale. Patricia plays the role of sensual, older woman to Scott Speedman's MUCH younger man. He's in need of some TLC after turning up with a gunshot wound – and there's nothing more healing than the touch of a HOT woman! The 55-year-old defies her age – and gravity – in not one, but TWO suggestive bathtub scenes!

And Showtime's Masters of Sex once again earns its title this week with double doses of tata time! Lizzy Caplan's knockout knockers make an appearance after a roll in the hay with co-star Michael Sheen. How he can concentrate on what she's saying we'll never know! We also get to enjoy Helene Yorke's bouncing beauties! Can't wait for NEXT week's episode!

Now it's time for this week's, HOLLYWOOD EXPRESS!

On EgotasticAllstars.com, check out Dutch supermodel Lara Stone, looking super HOT in some lacy lingerie. Did you know she's on Forbes top earning models list!

Model Rachel Cook is flashing her perfectly round breasts in this revealing topless spread.

Ukrainian beauty Yara Khmidan is a sextastic brunette in this new photoshoot with famed photog, Danny Cardozo

And for obvious reasons, we can't get enough of Colombian stunner Carolina Zapata. Here she is in all her glory for Soho magazine.

With this week's celebration of celebrity skin, for Naked News, I'm Whitney St. John.

How’s this for a cool tool: the newest addition to Google Earth will help you decide if you should put SOLAR PANELS on your house! “Project Sunroof” calculates the space on your roof for solar panels, how much sunlight your roof gets in a year, and how much money you’d save with the panels. It even factors in how you’ll PAY for the panels, and facilitates a consultation with one of Google’s solar provider partners.

NASA is funding research that would turn human POOP into FOOD. You heard me. The space agency has to develop ways to generate food on Mars or long-term expeditions, and “recycling” astronaut waste into edible material is one possibility. A Clemson University scientist is the recipient of the funding, for his project “Synthetic Biology for Recycling Human Waste into Food, Neutraceuticals, and Materials: Closing the Loop for Long-Term Space Travel”. That’s, uh, quite a MOUTHFUL!

SPEAKING of POOP, Vermonters use their smartphone’s poop EMOJI more than any other state. SwiftKey, the maker of iPhone and Android keyboard apps, mapped individual emoji usage in each state, revealing some INTERESTING results! It’s not surprising that New Yorkers use the Statue of Liberty most, or that Hawaiians are tops with pineapples. But Oregon led the country in poodles, and North Dakota loves CAMELS! Now you know! From the Naked Newsroom, I'm Katherine Curtis.

Thanks Kat. I LOVE emojis, which one do you use the most?

I don't really use them, except the smiley face.

Well, you have a Blackberry so it's a lot more difficult on there isn't it.

It is, for a smiley face I need to type colon, bracket.

You need to step up your emoji game girl, get it together!

I can't let go of my Blackberry!

Even PEYTON's upgrading to an iPhone.

I know I know, one day! I have trouble letting go!

Okay, well, while we wait for you to upgrade, let's catch up with Madison Banes. Here she is going Naked at the Movies!

Owen Wilson, action star? That's what the new thriller “No Escape” is setting him up to be. Owen is hired by an American corporation to help run a factory in an undisclosed Asian country. When the locals realize that the Americans are exploiting local resources for profit, Owen finds himself and his family in the middle of a DANGEROUS uprising. With the natives on a rampage, Owen has no choice but to go on the run with his wife and kids. Their only chance for survival is to get across the border to Vietnam – they just have to get past an entire city full of political unrest first. Lake Bell is along for the ride as Owen's wife, and she proves herself MORE than capable of pulling her weight in the action department.

Owen is surprisingly effective in the role of action hero. We're used to seeing his goofy “gee whiz” persona, and that naive innocence actually serves him well here as the bewildered family protector. Saying that, I don't think Jason Statham should be TOO concerned about Owen stealing his parts just yet.

Being alone in a foreign country where they don't speak the language amplifies just how cut off and stranded the family really is. The film does a great job of keeping the suspense going and we don't know until the very end if they all make it through safely. If you're in the mood for a thrill-a-minute popcorn flick than there's no escaping “No Escape”. It's in theaters now.

Also in theaters now is the aptly named Zipper. It's a new political thriller starring Patrick Wilson as a hot-shot prosecutor and aspiring politician. On the surface, he has everything. Family, success and an future in public service. But when an intern tries to seduce him, Patrick's lust for other women is awakened. He turns to the uninhibited pleasures of high-class escorts to feed his desires and finds himself descending into an addiction that could cost him everything. Patrick knows what he's doing is wrong but he can't quite give up his fetish for female flesh. When an investigative journalist begins sniffing around the stakes are suddenly raised, and he finds out just how far he'll go to save his reputation.

We all know that sex and politics go hand in hand, and Zipper feels like a timely story for our image-obsessed society. I don't want to give TOO much away but there are some clear parallels to the Clinton's political marriage! It's definitely worth a watch. For Naked At The Movies, I'm Madison Banes.

As far as that No Escape flick is concerned Eila, I'm not so sure I can get into Owen Wilson as an action star.

That makes two of us, but he's still cute, I'll give him that! So any last words before we wrap up the program?

YES, I want to make absolutely sure everyone tunes into this weekend's Naked News Magazine because of our EPIC watermelon eating contest, which you were a part of!

That's right and ALL I'm going to say about it is this, it was MESSY and FUN!

I'm sorry I missed it but you KNOW I'm logging in to our webite on Sunday to watch it!

Never a dull moment here at Naked News!

While we're away, please send in your questions, comments, suggestions or COMPLIMENTS to feedback@nakednews.com!

We'd also like to hear from you on social media. Make sure to stop by our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages and say hi!

Thanks for tuning in everyone, we'll see you next time for MORE, Naked News.

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