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Monday October 5, 2015

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Hello and welcome to a fresh new week of Naked News! I'm Eila Adams and I'm really excited about our program today, and you should be too! My good friend Madison Banes has her eye on the film industry and starts us off with Naked At The Movies. So I understand we're not even CLOSE to being done with the Fast and Furious franchise.

That's right Eila but it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone based on the TRUCKLOAD of money the LAST film brought in.

Yeah and unlike MOST movie franchises, this one SEEMS to be getting better and better.

WHich is exactly why not 1, not even two but THREE more films are planned. Here's the story. Let's go Naked At The Movies. Vin Diesel has revealed that the insanely popular Fast and Furious franchise will churn out at least 3 more movies! Diesel says he promised Universal he'd give them one final trilogy before driving off into the sunset. That's got to make the studio happy, especially since Furious 7 became the fifth highest-grossing movie ever! The only challenge now is finding a good script AND a director.

Speaking of successful franchises, Daniel Craig says he's not done being James Bond just yet! The upcoming blockbuster Spectre is slated to hit theatrers later this month, but it won't be the last we see of Craig as 007. The British star's let it slip that he's still on contract for one more adventure as the world's best-known spy. Craig had previously said Spectre would be his last go-round in the Bond franchise. But the 47-year old has changed his tune, claiming he wants to do the role for as long as he's physically able.

Game of Thrones fans are going to have to wait awhile to see the series on the big screen. Rumors had been spreading like wildfire that George RR Martin had confirmed a movie was in the works, and that it would veer from the show's storyline and look back at characters that had been killed off, like Ned Stark. That all sounds great, but Martin took to his blog to debunk the rumor, saying he's far too busy with the books and HBO series to think about a movie just now.

Everyone loves movies that put us right in the action, but the new Joseph Gordon-Levitt film "The Walk" takes it to a whole other level! The film covers the true story of a French tightrope walker who tip-toed across a wire between the Twin Towers in 1974. It was shot in 3D, and apparently the last 20 minutes of the movie are SO intense that people are getting vertigo and being sick in theaters! Watch for our full review of "The Walk" coming later this week!

And we're finishing up a look at an absolute MUST-SEE martial arts flick. Donnie Yen has become the world's greatest martial arts star and he's reprised his most iconic role as Wing Chun Grandmaster, Yip Man. In the Hong Kong based movie, Ip Man 3, Yen is squaring off against an all-too-familiar face, as you're about to see in this newly released trailer.

Yup, Iron Mike's on board for what should be an EPIC fight scene - though I don't like his chances in this one! The film will also star Bruce Lee, recreated through CGI. This looks like it's going to be an EPIC kung Fu flick. It hits theaters in Hong Kong on December 24th, and should get a wider release in the New Year. For Naked At The Movies. I'm Madison Banes!

Hello everyone, I'm Lydia, thanks for having me back! In the news today, Google is now officially Alphabet. The reorganization will see the search engine as just one of several subsidiaries under the new parent company. Other branches will include Google X self-driving cars,
smart home-electronics company Nest and life extension research under the name Calico. The Google brand will continue to focus on internet-related services and PRODUCTS such as Android, YouTube, and Google Maps.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is having a great week. The new iPhones debuted to RECORD sales last weekend. And then on Saturday, he was honored by political group, the Human Rights Campaign for his commitment to equality. Cook came out as gay in 2014 after succeeding previous CEO Steve Jobs and is a major proponent of LGBT charities. During his tenure, Cook has made Apple more assertive in its commitment to end workplace discrimination.

And clothing retailer American Apparel has filed for bankruptcy. The company has had a tough few years, including the firing of former CEO and founder, Duv Charney in 2014 for sexual harassment. The company has lost money every year since 2010, and now faces a 30 million dollar lawsuit from Charney for defamation. The bankruptcy filing would see 200 million worth of debt written off in exchange for equity in the business. As of September 30th Eila, American Apparel had approximately 227 retail stores in 19 countries.

A place I actually shop at! Nicely done Lydia and welcome back!

Thank you its great to BE back!

We'll see you again for more bulletins shortly and then you and I will sit down for a chat in the wrap up. Now to an action packed weekend in Sports! It was week 4 in the NFL and Natasha Olenski has all the details for you right now in her Naked Sports report.

Thanks Eila! Football fans on the east coast were up EXTRA late Sunday, because the game between New Orleans and Dallas went to overtime! Thankfully it didn't take TOO long, as Drew Brees found CJ Spiller for an 80-yard touchdown pass that sealed the deal for the hometown Saints, 26-20.

EARLY on Sunday - at least for us here in North America - the Miami Dolphins battled the New York Jets in jolly old England! The two teams put on a good show for the fans at Wembley. Jets running back Chris Ivory rushed for 166 yards and a touchdown to help New York to a 27-14 victory. Rumor has it the loss for Miami could lead to coach Joe Philbin's firing as head coach.

St. Louis Rams rookie Todd Gurley served notice to the league that he's the real deal! The Rams made Gurley the running back the 10th overall pick in the draft. He was recovering from a knee injury to start the year, but paid off big time with a MONSTER day against Arizona! Gurley ran for 136 yards in the SECOND HALF as the Rams upset the heavily favored Cardinals.

In NASCAR, it was a must-win race for Kevin Harvick at Dover, and he didn't disappoint. LAGGING in points, Harvick needed to take the checkered flag for a chance to advance to the second round of NASCAR's playoffs. He didn't just win, he dominated! Harvick led 354 of the laps on his way to a first place finish.

Things weren't so rosy for 6-time champ Jimmie Johnson. He was forced out of the race on the 36th lap with a torn rear axle seal. That put him out of the race and dropped him just enough to eliminate him from the Chase for the Cup standings. Tough luck!

Over to soccer now, where Liverpool bid a not-so-fond farewell to manager Brendan Rodgers! He was sacked after the team's 1-1 draw with Everton Sunday, though insiders say the decision was made well before that. Liverpool have won only 4 of their 11 games this season and currently sit 10th in the EPL standings. That just wasn't going to cut it for one of Europe's biggest squads. Former Borussia Dortmund boss Jurgen Klopp is rumored as the most likely replacement.

And after a wild Sunday of action the Major League Baseball playoff picture is finally set! In the American League, the Yankees will take on the Astros in the 1-game Wild Card playoff, and the winner will face the Royals. On the other side of the bracket two of baseball's hottest teams, Texas and Toronto, will square off for a series that should feature plenty of fireworks!

Over in the National League, the Cubs will face the Pirates in the Wild Card showdown, with the winner taking on St. Louis. And it's east versus west coast with the Mets taking on the Dodgers. The fun all starts Tuesday night! I'm Natasha Olenski, and that's the latest in Sports! See you next time!

Welcome to the Naked Foodie - I'm Peyton Priestly. After nine long, sad months, carnitas are BACK at most Chipotle outlets! The chain had pulled carnitas off the menu when they found one of their pork suppliers was violating Chipotle's animal welfare standards. But that's in the past now and about ninety percent of their restaurants are once again serving burritos, tacos and all their other delicious, carnitas dishes. They expect to have ALL outlets fully stocked by November.

Keurig, known for their "pod" coffee makers, has now launched a pod SODA maker. The Keurig Kold looks much like their coffee units, but chills and prepares an 8-ounce drink in about one minute. Unlike other home soda makers, it doesn't require a CO2 canister - the carbonation is IN the pod with the soda syrup. The downside is that the unit is pretty pricey at three hundred and seventy dollars. Coke has their own pods for the new Keurig unit and each one costs about a buck twenty five.

If you're not a pumpkin spice fan, Starbucks has a new fall flavor for you: Toasted Graham Latte. It's explained as "an espresso with steamed milk, flavors of graham and sweet cream, finished with a sprinkling of cinnamon graham crumbles". It's available hot, iced, or blended. Whipped cream is ostensibly optional, but come ON. This is Starbucks' first new fall flavor in four years, and like the pumpkin spice, it's a limited time special.

Instagram is about half selfies and half pics of people's food - but have you wondered WHAT food is the MOST Instagrammed? Turns out, it's PIZZA. Of the mind-boggling three hundred million food pics on the site, seventeen million are hashtagged "pizza". It shouldn't be TOO surprising, though, since the average American eats thirteen pounds of pizza every year. Another interesting discovery? Men photograph their main courses, but women are more likely to Instagram their desserts.

Last week we told you about a new Oreo flavor being introduced, Toasted Coconut. Well Nabisco isn't finished rolling out the new flavors. May I tempt your palate with the new, CINNAMON BUN Oreos! That's two cinnamon cookies with a cinnamon bun flavored creme filling. They aren't yet on shelves, and no release date has been set. Someone leaked a photo of the package and ever since, the internet has been abuzz! If you didn't already know, Oreo has become the best-selling cookie in the United States since its introduction in 1912. That's the final course for THIS edition of the Naked Foodie! I'm Peyton Priestly. Bon appetit!

Up to 26 people were injured, some seriously, at a super car rally on Sunday, after a luxury vehicle crashed into the crowd. British millionaire Paul Bailey was showing off his 1 point 1 million dollar Porsche Spyder at a charity car show in Malta. The car was speeding down a taxiway when the back wheel hit a patch of grass and spun out of control and into the crowd of onlookers. At top speeds the Spyder can reach up to 210 miles per hour.

The Canadian city of Montreal is proceeding with a controversial plant to dump over 2 BILLION gallons of raw sewage into the local waterways. Officials say that they must turn off one third of the city's sewage collection system in order to carry out essential roadworks. The shut off is scheduled to begin October 18th and will result in all water from toilets, sinks, showers and businesses to be dumped directly into the St Lawrence River for up to 7 days.

And NASA is giving space fans a rare treat! More than 8 THOUSAND photos taken during the Moon missions have been uploaded to Flickr for public browsing. The never before seen high-definition shots date back to the Apollo landings between 1969 and 1972. The candid shots include scenes of the astronauts shaving, eating space meals and standing on the moon surface. You can find the treasure trove of snaps at Project Apollo Archive on Flickr.com. From the Naked Newsroom, I'm Lydia.

Thanks Lydia. Make sure to tune into today's wrap up because I'll be sitting down with our newest guest anchor for a little chat. Now, if anyone can get your motor running it's Carli Bei! She's up next in Wheelz with details on a new luxury car that's about as sexy as they come.

That's right Eila! Rolls Royce is bringing sexy BACK, big time! The luxury car maker has just released its new Dawn convertible, a 250 thousand dollar state of the art machine inspired in part by the Fellini classic, “La Dolce Vita”. The four-seater is powered by a massive 6 point 6 liter V12 engine and can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than 5 seconds. And don't worry - if you want to show off in your new toy the roof retracts in just 21 seconds.

Camping just got a LOT more interesting! Check out the colossal Global XRS 7200 from Austrian-based RV makers Action Mobil. This massive vehicle weighs in at 18 tonnes, and combines six driven wheels of off-road madness with a luxurious living area that looks and feels like a modern condo. Just because you're stuck in the wilderness doesn't mean you shouldn't have access to everyday comforts like satellite TV, a washer/dryer and a full-sized oven. It even has a motorcycle lift in the back. And with a price tag coming in at nearly 900 THOUSAND dollars, you might have to live in it for a while until it's paid off!

Tesla will be selling fully autonomous, affordable cars by the year 2020. A report from top investment firm Jeffries predicts that Tesla will have the necessary battery technology in place by then to market a 35 thousand dollar Model 3 to the public. For his part, Elon Musk agrees, but points out that the government approval for self-driving cars could cause delays. In the short term, Tesla owners can look forward to traveling up 620 miles on a single charge by 2017.

More signs that the electric car is going mainstream – The Los Angeles Police Department is trialing the use of a Tesla Model S P85D AND a BMW i3. Officials plan to use the high-end vehicles to find out if electric cars can meet police requirements. If the trial is successful, the city plans to lease up to 160 electric vehicles and 128 hybrids that can run on batteries or gas for use across LA's public services.

And finally, Ford is getting tough on spiders! The car maker will fit certain models with new ANTI-SPIDER technology. The North American Yellow Sac is EXTREMELY attracted to the smell of fuel. Once inside the engine, it can cause extensive damage to vapor lines by blocking it with webbing. The new Ford Focus RS models will come equipped with custom plastic screens to deter the arachnids from hitching a ride. Now you know! Thanks for coming along for the ride! For Naked News, I'm Carli Bei.

Guest Anchor Lydia sits down with Eila Adams to talk about her first day at Naked News, and answers some questions about herself. She also teaches Eila a couple of German words!

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