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Today's Show Sunday October 19, 2014

Sunday October 19, 2014

Transcript Welcome to Hollywood XPosed, brought to you alongside our good friends at Mr. Skin. This week's top BluRay ... Read More >> Hide >>

Welcome to Hollywood XPosed, brought to you alongside our good friends at Mr. Skin. This week's top BluRay release is 1988's Married To The Mob. It's a loopy mafia rom-com starring Michelle Pfeiffer, who, sadly, doesn't get naked. BUT! Nancy Travis does offer up a couple of enticing peeks! You gotta admit, once you've seen her in the buff, you're never gonna fuggedaboutit!

Out on DVD this week is 2013's Venus in Fur. It's directed by Roman Polanski, and it's about an actress who's trying to persuade a director that she's perfect for a role he's casting. So, yeah, it's going to be sexy. It stars Polanski's wife, Emmanuelle Seigner, who has a history of AWESOME nudity in his films. Don't believe me? Then check out Bitter Moon or The Ninth Gate. There are more, but I think I've proven my point quite nicely.

Birdman is out this week, in limited release. The fact that it costars Naomi Watts is a HUGE perk. I think my favorite of her many roles is in 2001's Mulholland Drive. Naomi is ten thousand watts of HOT in her two love scenes with gorgeous Laura Harring. I mean, they pretty much DEFINE sapphic sexiness. It's yet another thing we owe David Lynch a debt of gratitude for.

And in WIDE release is The Best of Me. Yes, it's a chick flick based on a Nicholas Sparks novel. BUT, it stars Michelle Monaghan, who is definitely a delightful diversion! Most recently, she starred in Fort Bliss, where we were treated to quite an eyeful! It must have been awfully tempting for the actor to "accidentally" mess up his lines so he could spend a little extra time with Ms Monaghan straddling him. And who'd have blamed him?

Now with MORE celebrity skin, this is Hollywood X-Press, brought to you by Egotastic.com.

Sara Malakul Lane is a model and actress - you may have seen Sharktopus. Apparently, she also enjoys a little strip Scrabble now and then. She is triple word score S-E-X-Y!

Kim Kardashian is famous for her superstar badonkadonk, but the rest of her is pretty curve-tastic, too. She recently proved this AGAIN, appearing bra-free in a tight little number, see through number.

Minami Kojima is a glamour model in Japan, but this recent photoshoot should make her a household name worldwide. At least, if there's any justice. Those are some lucky suds!

And Jessica Chastain gives off a darkly mysterious "Old Hollywood" vibe in this new black and white photo set for Interview Magazine. Even clothed, she can WORK it.

This takes the expression “hold the mayo” to a WHOLE new level! Jorge Arturo Perez was arrested last month for bathing in an Oklahoma City public fountain. And he used MAYONNAISE as shampoo! Pretty gross. When police arrived on scene, they found a wet Perez breathing heavily. He admitted to washing his hair with mayo and spent the night in county jail. With shiny, shiny hair.

Many women aspire to be models. But for some, that's JUST not enough! Meet Victoria Wild – a Latvian woman who spent FIFTY GRAND to become a real-life SEX DOLL! The 30-year-old had five years worth of surgeries to achieve her Barbie doll look. With help from her Italian boyfriend, Wild now works as a model in Cannes, France. Living the dream I'm sure!

And a woman in eastern France is STICKING it to the tax man! Known only as Audrey D, she used SIXTY SIX POUNDS of coins to pay a tax bill. She had 268 dollars remaining on her initial total, which was nearly 1500 dollars. Audrey had to sell her car to raise the funds. So she decided to get some measure of revenge – it took over TWO HOURS to count the coins.

We're all in agreement that videos just look COOLER when filmed on a GoPro camera. Here's a perfect example of the "fantasy" of a Gopro, verses the REALITY of a GoPro! Clearly not EVERYTHING is more interesting just because it's shot on a GoPro. Glad we could clear that up.

This next video comes to us from Texas A&M University. May I present to you the world's TOUGHEST security barrier! It's just a steel pipe placed deep into concrete – but it stopped that 15 THOUSAND pound truck DEAD in its tracks! Simple but effective.

Now for something PRETTY scary. These fans at a recent rally car race in northern Italy are lucky to be alive after being WAY TOO CLOSE to the action. Miraculously, no spectators were hurt and both the driver and navigator escaped serious injury.

Next up we have a pretty epic prank. If you've ever been to a psychic before, then you know it's ALREADY a bit spooky. Watch what happens here when they turn that up by a factor of 10! That prank came courtesy of the makers of the upcoming Ouija movie, but the eye popping is totally REAL!

Here's a social experiment we can really get behind! A woman hid a camera in her BRA to see how many people stared at her chest throughout the day. Let's see how it went. Happens to me, ALL the time! And believe it or not, WOMEN are the worst offenders. Can you blame em though?

See you NEXT TIME for more, Naked News Video Blog!

Side, close

NO) Happens to me, ALL the time! And believe it or not, WOMEN are the worst offenders. Can you blame em though

Eila Adams demonstrates a tough workout with TRX suspension bands.

Here's a FUN way to quit smoking – try magic mushrooms! A recent study by Johns Hopkins revealed a SURPRISING success rate for smokers who participated in three psychedelic drug sessions. EIGHTY percent managed to stop smoking for six months. The best treatment currently on the market has a 35 per cent success rate. Sounds like a lot more fun than just quitting cold turkey!

In Portland, police don't just serve and protect – they serve PIZZA! A driver for Pizza Hut got into an accident recently. He was unable to complete the order – so the two cops on the scene did it FOR him! The customers were certainly surprised to have their pizza delivered by the long arm of the law. The photo of the police officers at the door has since gone viral.

And a British senior citizen has gone from goodie-good granny to FOUL-mouthed – because of a STROKE! Pat Preston says her vocabulary has gotten FILTHY since suffering a stroke earlier in the year. She often can't help from swearing during regular conversations. Preston has been using a “swear jar” but it hasn't stopped her potty mouth.

Let's begin with The Evil Within for multiple platforms. It's a new survival horror game from the creator of Resident Evil. You play as Sebastian – a detective who gets knocked out and awakens in a strange world of hideous creatures. No, not Walmart on Black Friday – that would be TOO scary! Anyway, The Evil Within is a real THROWBACK to what made horror games great. It's super violent, and it's scary as hell.

Even the puzzle-solving is pretty gory stuff! Poking around in cadavers or performing impromptu brain surgery just to open a door. Resident Evil fans will feel at home here – right down to the over-the-shoulder third-person camera. If you feel like the horror game genre has gotten a little stale lately, then THIS is the game for you – you sick, twisted person, you. The Evil Within gets four out of five Naked Ns.

Our second review is Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel for multiple platforms. This is the THIRD game in the franchise and takes place between the first and second games. Hence the somewhat awkward yet strangely clever “Pre-Sequel” label. The story focuses on Handsome Jack's rise to big baddie status. You play as one of FOUR characters who start the game as his henchmen.

Gameplay-wise, The Pre-Sequel is more of the same – shoot everything, collect loot, level up, repeat. But it's just as ADDICTIVE as the first two games. And what sets it apart from other titles in the genre is its sense of humour. It's hard not to enjoy shooting enemies with Australian accents while bouncing around on the moon. For maximum fun, grab some friends and try the four-player co-op mode. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel earns a solid four out of five Naked Ns.

We hope you enjoyed today's broadcast and invite you to send us your questions, comments, and compliments by writing to feedback@nakednews.com! We also invite you to join us on social media. Our official fan page is at facebook.com/nakednews and you can also check us out on Twitter @nakednews.

Whitney St. John, Natasha Olenski, Katherine Curtis, and Eila Adams appear in some clips that show bloopers, silliness, or just didn't quite make the regular show.

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