Today's Show Sunday July 5, 2015

Sunday July 5, 2015

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Transcript I'm Peyton Priestly and THIS, is what went viral this week in the Naked News Video Blog. John Coffey i... Read More >> Hide >>

I'm Peyton Priestly and THIS, is what went viral this week in the Naked News Video Blog.

John Coffey is a Dutch punk rock band that most people had probably never heard of, until a few weeks ago that is. And it's all thanks to THIS, awesome, moment in time. Catching a half-full beer while crowdwalking and then drinking it like a BOSS? It might be the coolest thing that's ever happened.

For animals in Africa, every day is a struggle to stay alive. Even getting a simple drink of water can be a life-threatening experience, and JUST LIKE THAT, it could ALL be over. I don't know about you but holy SHIT those gators move fast!

Here's a much EASIER way to get a drink: I present to you, a beer cooler that would make even James BOND jealous! Super cool right? And just imagine how much THAT cost to install!

Shemika Charles was already a world-record holding limbo champ, and then THIS happened. Pretty amazing right? Charles practices her limbo skills for up to six hours a day, and it shows.

I've never been great at doing accents, but some people have a real knack for it. Watch as this Canadian dude takes us on an accent tour around the world. Although that was impressive, he's got nothing on MY British accent. I'm Peyton Priestly, and we'll do it all again NEXT TIME, in the Naked News Video Blog!

Carli Bei talks to indie rocker Rory Taillon about his new album, drinking until you're sober, and being too loud for the microphone. Plus, Rory performs live in the Naked News studio.

Whitney St. John sits and chats with wrestling legend The Iron Sheik. Learn more about this iconic athlete, and his thoughts on everyone from Hulk Hogan to Justin Bieber

Eila Adams, Madison Banes, and Katherine Curtis wrap up the show.

Check out some leftover clips from Eila Adams' day with a GoPro strapped to her head, plus more of singer Rory Taillon's performance in the Naked News studio.

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Carli Bei visits the Vanity Sex Fan Expo to find out what sexy women look for in a man.


Eila Adams visits the Frankie Fettucine food truck and learns how to make osso buco gnocchi poutine


Carli Bei checks out Fetish Night at Young Swingers Week in Hedonism, Jamaica. Hot, hot, hot!

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