Today's Show Wednesday December 17, 2014

Wednesday December 17, 2014

Transcript A nearly ten-year, BILLION dollar legal battle has been decided in Apple's favor! After just 3 hours of del... Read More >> Hide >>

A nearly ten-year, BILLION dollar legal battle has been decided in Apple's favor! After just 3 hours of deliberations, a California jury found that the tech giant had NOT competed unfairly with its iTunes 7.0 update. The class action antitrust lawsuit argued that Apple's software update in 2006 froze out rival MP3 players and allowed Apple to raise prices of iPods, which in turn hurt consumers.

But Apple successfully argued that its updates actually HELPED consumers by allowing them to dramatically improve the quality of music downloads. The war is likely far from over. An attorney for the plaintiffs says they plan on appealing.

Meanwhile Apple has stopped the sale of its products online in Russia due to the volatility of the ruble. The currency is in total free-fall, losing more than 20-percent of its value this week alone. Apple says the unpredictable market makes it too hard to set proper prices for its products. This week Russia's central bank spent 2 billion dollars trying to prop up the ruble - and has spent a total of 80 billion on it this year - but cheaper oil prices and harsh Western sanctions have crippled the currency's value.

And ongoing threats from hackers have forced Sony to cancel the premiere of its highly-publicized - and highly controversial - comedy "The Interview". The movie is about the assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. A group of hackers calling themselves "The Guardians of Peace" have already leaked hundreds of sensitive emails and documents from Sony, and they had threatened to attack American theaters screening the film. In a recent warning the hackers referenced 9/11, saying "the world will be full of fear". Sony has shelved the movie for the time being, and the Department of Homeland Security is investigating the threats.

A group of current and former MMA stars are suing Zuffa LLC – the UFC's parent company - over sponsorships. The antitrust lawsuit accuses the UFC of forcing out rival promotions and limiting earnings – basically, they're calling it a monopoly. The UFC says it plans to defend itself and its business plans – this could get ugly!

The Milwaukee Bucks received some bad news on Tuesday. Rookie forward Jabari Parker will miss the rest of the season with a torn ACL in his left knee. It's a big blow to a Bucks team that's had a pretty decent start after winning just 15 games last year. Parker was the second overall pick in 2014 and was averaging about 12 points and five and a half rebounds per game.

If you missed Tuesday night's Washington Capitals- Florida Panthers game – I don't really blame you. Not the most exciting matchup on paper. BUT, the game made HISTORY – the longest shootout EVER in the NHL! It went a record TWENTY rounds before Florida's Nick Bjugstad finally ended it. The Panthers were down to their last shot FIVE TIMES – and every single time, they got a goal. They really EARNED that win.

One of the GREATEST strikers of all-time has hung up his cleats. Thierry Henry announced his retirement on Tuesday after an illustrious 20-year career. The Frenchman won a World Cup in 1998, a Champions League trophy with Barcelona in 2009 and also captured two Premier League titles with Arsenal. Henry racked up 411 career goals. The 37-year-old will join Sky Sports as a TV soccer analyst.

We have an update on that fishy Mickey Rourke boxing match from earlier this month. Surprise, surprise – it WAS fixed! Rourke's opponent Elliot Seymour told TMZ he intentionally took a dive for 15 grand – and HASN'T received full payment yet. Seymour said he's coming forward now because the Rourke camp still owes him five thousand dollars. Seymour believes Rourke was unaware the match was a sham – which, frankly, is pretty sad.

Are you TERRIFIED of the world ending in a nuclear blast or zombie apocalypse? Perhaps a LUXURY bunker is the answer to your unshakable paranoia! Survival Condos is located at a former missile silo in rural Kansas. The “doomsday-proof” complex has military-grade security and offers up to five years of safe and comfortable living. Apartments cost anywhere from one point five to four point five million bucks. Demand is SO high that a second building is currently being constructed.

The Staten Island mansion where “The Godfather” was filmed is BACK on the market! The Tudor-style estate is over six THOUSAND square feet and has been renovated to look JUST like it did in the iconic movie. That includes Don Corleone's office! The asking price is two point eight nine million dollars – but I'm sure the owner could be persuaded somehow.

Indonesia plans to create the world's LARGEST eco-resort just off the coast of Singapore! “Funtasy Island” will spread across a group of six islands covering about 35 MILLION square feet. Developers claim around 70 per cent of the area will be preserved in its natural state. A MILLION tourists per year are expected – and more than 1200 villas and apartments will be built to accommodate them. Funtasy Island is scheduled to open in late 2015.

And a Chinese multimillionaire has given his old neighborhood a MAJOR upgrade. Xiong Shuihua grew up near Xinyu in southern China. He said his family was well looked after while he earned his fortune in the steel industry. So he returned the favor by DEMOLISHING the slum buildings he grew up in – and replacing them with FREE luxury accommodations for 72 families. What a guy!

A landmark prisoner-swap between the US and Cuba could help thaw the historically frosty relations between the two countries. Cuba has released American prisoner Alan Gross, a contractor who spent five years behind bars for allegedly trying to undermine the country's government. In exchange for his release, the Obama administration has agreed to release three Cuban prisoners jailed in the US. It's believed the surprise deal could lead to discussions that would ultimately end America's decades-long economic embargo against Cuba.

New figures from federal officials show that close to 2.5 million NEW people have signed up for health insurance under Obamacare. The number could actually be a bit higher, as it doesn't account for the last minute rush of people signing up in the days before the December 15th deadline. The White House says that unlike last year, the website is holding up very well to the large amount of online traffic. It's projected that 10.5 million Americans will have health insurance through the online exchanges by the end of 2015.

And thanks to a surge of online orders, this past Monday was the US Postal Service's busiest day for deliveries of the year... and it wasn't even close. 640 MILLION cards, letters, and packages were shipped on the hectic day - 33 million more than the same day last year. The rush is obviously far from over. Between Christmas and New Year's Eve the postal service expects to handle more than 3 billion items! The Postmaster General says they're ready for the holiday rush and can handle the extra workload.

The times, they are a-changing! Dating site OK Cupid has expanded its gender and sexuality options beyond just "man" and "woman". Daters have twenty-two choices for their own gender, including intersex, pangender, and transgender. And there are a dozen sexuality choices, from asexual to SAPIOsexual (SAY-pee-o) - someone who is sexually attracted to intelligence. The new options are rolling out to users over the next few weeks.

We all know you're not "supposed" to have sex on a first date, but how many people ACTUALLY follow that rule? According to a survey by Website, about two thirds of respondents! Of course, that means a third of people HAVE had sex on a first date. tsk tsk. Unsurprisingly, women are LESS likely than men to succumb, with only twenty-three percent admitting to first date sex - compared to fifty four percent of men.

The "paper bag speed dating" trend has found its way to the US! British speed dating service LoveFlutter recently had its first American event in New York. SIXTY singles showed up to spend an evening with a bag over their head, only revealing their faces after they'd made their match choices. Participants said it was a great way to get to know people without judging them on looks. More of the events are planned for next year.

Just when you thought that niche dating sites couldn't get any more specific - hello, 420 dating! - here's BRISTLR. Its mission is to connect BEARDED men with women who love facial hair. It might sound a little ridiculous, but in the few weeks since its launch, it's already got TENS of THOUSANDS of members. Pretty impressive for a site that creator - and beard-wearer - John Kershaw started off as a gag.

And it turns out that women are MORE self-conscious about showing men bare faces than bare bodies! SURPRISINGLY, research by skincare company Flint and Flint found that half of women would show their whole body within six months of starting a relationship. But they wouldn't let their partner see them without MAKEUP for at least a YEAR! Some women admitted that they won't even duck their faces under water on vacation, to make sure their makeup didn't wash off.

Saturday Night Live pretty much nailed it this past weekend and I say it was because of host Martin Freeman - who brought back a couple of old characters into one glorious mashup! Classic. I would NOT want to share a workspace with Gollum. Though he WOULD fit in well with you guys!

Oprah Winfrey made a rare talk show appearance on the Tonight Show. And you know Jimmy Fallon is on FIRE when he can get someone like OPRAH to go along with a silly sketch like this. Oprah auto-tuned - didn't see THAT coming. Plus, extra points for the car giveaway nod - well played Jimmy!

Faking an orgasm is something almost ALL of us ladies have done at one time or another. But how does one sound CONVINCING? Let's ask English actress Tamsin Greig - and...Jim Carrey? Tamsin's tip was pretty great - not so sure about Jim's though. Hard to get "hot" when you're thinking "cold".

And we've shown some pretty RACY Family Feud responses here on the Boob-Tube. And I'm pretty sure they're doing them on purpose now. Don't believe me? Check this most recent one. OK, sure, there are some LEGIT answers to that question. But C'MON, you knew something like that was gonna happen!

Katherine Curtis and Carli Bei talk about some of today's Dating Uncovered stories, including whether it's okay to have sex on a first date, whether they'd do "paper bag dating", and what they think about a report saying women would rather show their partner their bare body than their bare face. Plus the results of yesterday's poll question.

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