Today's Show Friday April 29, 2016

Friday April 29, 2016

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Transcript Welcome to the one and only, Naked News! I'm Isabella Rossini. If the sexy lady beside me looks familiar th... Read More >> Hide >>

Welcome to the one and only, Naked News! I'm Isabella Rossini. If the sexy lady beside me looks familiar that's because you might remember her from her recent AUDITION! Say hello to HANNA everyone! We'll get to know Hanna a little more throughout the show. Before we do that, let's head over to the newsroom where Carli Bei is standing by with some surprising stats about TATTOOS!

Getting inked is more popular than EVER at the moment! Over a THIRD of Americans have at least ONE tat. Age-wise, Millennials lead the way with half having at least ONE tattoo. Despite the widespread acceptance, you might want to keep yours covered during your next JOB INTERVIEW. 60 percent of HR managers said having visible tattoos reflects badly on a candidate.

Do you shower every day? You MIGHT be overdoing it! Researchers at Columbia University say that a daily wash may actually be causing you more HARM than good. Bathing too much can dry out and crack your skin, allowing access for BACTERIA to get in. Just how frequently we SHOULD shower is still up for debate, but the experts did agree on one thing – wash your hands, often! It's the best way to protect yourself from illnesses, AND to stop spreading germs.

And, if you've ever wanted to tick 'getting naked in public with a bunch of stranger' off your BUCKET LIST, now's your chance! Photographer Spencer Tunick has staged DOZENS of mass nude photo ops around the world. For his next naked image, he's heading to Hull, England on July 9th to help celebrate its new status as a UK City of Culture. It's free to participate, but you DO need to sign up in advance. Visit the Hull 2017 website to pre-register before the May 15th deadline. I don't know Isabella, I'm sensing a road trip here.

I love the idea! We would all get along better if we were naked more often!

World peace through naked group photos! Sounds like a plan.

Thanks Carli How are you with getting naked in public Hanna? Is there anywhere you WOULDN'T want to go naked? Okay, up next, it's time to get under the covers with guest anchor VERA, for some Pillow Talk. What do you have for us today Vera?

To shave or NOT to shave ladies, THAT, is the question. I've got a new survey about what people prefer down there PLUS, do you ever wonder if your partner is fantasizing about sex with their EX? The numbers may surprise you. It's all on the way in Pillow Talk ladies so don't miss it!

Okay, we'll see you soon Vera! Next up, we have one of our most popular segments- our auditions! Yours wasn't too long ago, Hanna- how was the whole process for you? Well, you did an amazing job. Okay so today, we're all about Addilyn. She's a sexy brunette with an even sexier body, who's never read off of a teleprompter before. Pay attention because we're going to want your feedback. Let's she how she did.

I'm Whitney St. John and THIS, is HOLLYWOOD X-POSED, brought to you with the help of our friends at MR. SKIN. Let's get started. In theaters this week, Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts and Kate Hudson star in Mother's Day! This feel-good ensemble comedy is the latest in the Garry Marshall line of holiday-themed films that's already given us Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve. The scenes that make US feel good mostly involve Kate Hudson! She doesn't get naked in THIS one – but if you go back to her breakthrough role in 2000's Almost Famous we get a nice peek at her perky pair! Well worth a trip down PENNY LANE...

Also hitting the big screens, it's KEANU! This hilarious comedy about a missing cat with the same name, has NOTHING to do with the famous actor and EVERYTHING to do with the luscious on-screen presence of NIA LONG. If you want to see Nia in ALL her glory, check out 1997's LOVE JONES! When she gets her mouth-watering mega melons out in the sexy bedroom scene, Ms. Long leaves us LONGING for more!

Out on Blu-Ray, Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn battle to turn back the clock in the 1992 dark comedy, Death Becomes Her! Lucky for our ladies, Isabella Rossellini just happens to have the secret to eternal youth and she's willing to share it. Watch as Isabella – or rather her body double Catherine Bell – shows off the ASSTASTIC results in this sexy pool scene, that even leaves Bruce Willis squirming!

And, it's the moment we've all been waiting for – the RETURN of HBO'S mega-hit Game Of Thrones! We're only one episode into season six and the series is ALREADY bringing it, especially in the NUDITY department. Watch and enjoy as Carice van Houten a.k.a. the red priestess Melisandre strips down in this smoldering reveal! Welcome back, old friend, it's been far too LONG!

Now it's time for HOLLYWOOD XPRESS! On EgotisticAllStars.com this week, it’s a wet, hot, RUSSIAN summer when Vita Sidorkina is in the pool! Bonus points for bringing her own flotation devices!

Sara Sampaio and her fellow Victoria’s Secret Angels make for HEAVENLY viewing in this topless shoot for Vogue Spain!

Get your rocks off to DJ and model Mariana Castillo! Her bangin' beats are just about as hot as her bangin' BOD!

Warning: girls on screen may be even HOTTER than they appear, especially when it’s Brazilian model Nalu Kasmierski.

That's all for THIS week's selection of celebrity skin, I'm Whitney St. John.

Hanna, what kind of music do you like? Do you have a favorite artist?

Middlebury College in Vermont has BANNED the sale of energy drinks. And it's all because of its links to bad behavior! College officials claim that the caffeine-laced beverages contribute to poor work habits caused by prolonged periods of sleeplessness. They also say that it can lead to alcohol abuse and even risky sexual behavior.

It could soon be ILLEGAL to walk and text at the same time in New Jersey. Local lawmaker Pamela Lampitt has put forward a “distracted walking” bill that would hand out a 50 dollar fine or even JAIL TIME for offenders caught in the act. As silly as it sounds, she MIGHT be on to something. According to the National Safety Council, there were more than 11 THOUSAND cellphone-related accidents in the US between 2000 and 2011.

And, if you're finally ready to kick that nasty smoking habit, your BEST bet is to go COLD TURKEY! A new study from Oxford University says that people who stop smoking all at once are MORE likely to succeed than those who cut back gradually. The suggestion is that gradual quitters are more addicted. HOWEVER you choose to give it up, the study recommends adding in behavioral counseling and nicotine patches or gum for the greatest chance of success. Those are your news headlines, I'm Carli Bei.

Thanks, Carli. Have you ever had to kick a bad habit Hanna? Okay next up we have Vera with Pillow Talk and she's starting with a VERY interesting story about how often people fantasize about sex with their exes. I'm looking at you Hanna. Have you done it? Well, let's check in with Vera for the dirty details on just how often it crosses our minds!

This might come as a shock to many of you men out there, but it happens a LOT more then you might think. According to a new survey from IllicitEncounters.com, 59 percent of women regularly fantasize about sex with a previous partner. Not only that, more than HALF believe that their BEST sex is in the past. The GOOD news is that most women realize that fantasies are better left to the imagination - only around a third would actually want to go back to their exes, no matter HOW good it was!

The traditional wedding night nookie is in danger of going extinct! A third of newlyweds say they failed to consummate their marriage on their big night. The majority of "just marrieds" blamed fatigue for the lapse, while one in 20 said they were just too drunk. Bizarrely, 8 percent of those polled said they couldn't actually REMEMBER if they'd had sex or not.

Is noisy sex from your neighbors keeping you up? “Good!”, says Sweden's Minister of Health! Gabriel Wikstrom posted the comments on Twitter after after a constituent asked him to BAN loud neighbor sex after 10 PM. Wikstrom replied saying that sex was good for their health and that he was happy for them. The response has since gone VIRAL in Sweden.

Do you prefer your partner to be hairless down there? If so, you're not alone! A new survey from YouGov reports that more than half of men aged 18 to 44 prefer a clean work space. Older guys are less fussy – only a quarter of men aged 45 and up feel the same. Surprisingly, WOMEN are just as picky – nearly 50 percent those under 30 say MEN should be hair free too. Adjust your dating age preferences accordingly!

And, scientists are one step closer to nailing down the elusive MALE birth control pill! Researchers from the University of Minnesota are currently testing contraceptives developed by drug company Bristol-Myers Squibb. The oral version inhibits fertility, but ALSO causes some nasty side effects. Another version works when taken by injection, but a daily needle isn't exactly practical. The good news is that scientists say they are on the right track!

Thanks for joining me, under the proverbial COVERS, for some Pillow Talk. I'm Vera Bambi, let's meet up again soon.

I'm Madison Banes. Naked At The Movies this week, a punk band gets more than they bargain for when they accept a last-minute gig in the backwoods of Oregon! That's the terrifying set-up of the new horror flick GREEN ROOM! The club turns out to be a front for the white pride movement, and let's just say, they don't take too kindly to strangers!

The band accidentally walk in on something they shouldn't have, and from that moment on, it's all about getting out of there alive. That means getting past club owner Patrick Stewart, a man who will do ANYTHING to protect his secrets. It's a life-or-death showdown, and we won't know who will survive until the very end!

Horror fans – you are going to LOVE this movie – it's got thrills, suspense, gore AND a great story. The rest of us will love it too, but we might have to sleep with the lights on afterwards! Green Room is in theaters now.

See Earth as you never seen it before in the new IMAX documentary, A Beautiful Planet. Produced in co-operation with NASA, and narrated by Jennifer Lawrence, the film offers a stunning view of our world from the perspective of the astronauts on board the International Space Station.

Beautiful Planet is all about reminding us to take care of the only home we have. Using footage shot from space, we get to see on a grand scale the damage that climate change and overpopulation are doing to Earth.

The awe-inspiring visuals alone make this one WELL worth a trip to your local IMAX. Catch A Beautiful Planet out now. I'm Madison Banes, see you NEXT time for MORE Naked at the Movies!

That wraps up today's show, so how did you enjoy your first hosting gig Hanna? Well, we're not done with you just yet because you'll be back to co-host with me on this Sunday's Naked News Magazine. Besides this beautiful woman beside me, you'll want to tune in for a brand new Turn it Up with Carli Bei as well as an in depth sit down interview with our recent UK guest anchor, Lucy. Watch for that with Madison in the Schmooze. So how'd we do? Write to us at feedback@nakednews.com with your comments or any questions you might have. We also encourage you to stop by any of our social media pages. Check us out on Facebook, twitter, and instagram. Take care, everyone and we'll see you back here again soon.

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