Today's Show Sunday April 26, 2015

Sunday April 26, 2015

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Transcript I'm Isabella Rossini and YOU'RE watching NN Magazine! She's baaack! Ms. Kendra Sunderland was a big hit wit... Read More >> Hide >>

I'm Isabella Rossini and YOU'RE watching NN Magazine! She's baaack! Ms. Kendra Sunderland was a big hit with our viewers in her Schmooze with Eila, and now the Library Girl is here to try out as a naked news anchor! She's no stranger to performing on camera, but can she do it when the pressure's on and the teleprompter starts rolling? Let's find out in a brand new audition!

Oregon State University's famous "Library Girl" Kendra Sunderland is back again, this time auditioning. She starts off with an In Focus look at Miranda Kerr, then answers our interview questions. She also demonstrates her remarkably good twerking skills!

A group of seniors stripped down to their birthday suits for a charity calendar. The ladies of Ohio's Pleasant Pointe assisted living facility are in their eighties and nineties, and posed with strategically-placed props. The twelve-dollar calendar is apparently selling like hot cakes, with proceeds going to an organization that provides footwear to needy students.

A 77 year old grandmother in Italy is looking at a criminal charge after sickening five people with old hot chocolate!
And we're not talking about it being just a little past its expiration date either. The bag of cocoa mix expired in 1990 - that's a full TWENTY FIVE YEARS ago! She and her four visitors all drank the concoction, and ended up in the hospital.

And a man named Michael Gordon DICK has been arrested on multiple counts of public indecency. This after being caught naked and masturbating in public. DICK is also a suspect in a number of flashing incidents. It seems DICK, just can't keep it in his pants, apparently. Creeper.
Don't go away!

What a DICK, thanks Stephanie. She'll be back later with more Odds 'n Ends, but right now we've got Viewers Mail. Katherine Curtis is hosting this time out and she rounded up all the anchors for a question about EVERYONE'S favorite season - summer! Here she is.

I'm Angie Heyward and THIS is what went viral in the NAKED NEWS VIDEO BLOG!

Life in the hood can be pretty rough and you always need to have your guard up. Luckily I found this informative video on how to win a fight EVERY time!

You have to admit those man thongs ARE pretty scary but if you're looking for a more CONVENTIONAL style of protection, a taser might be the way to go. Just don't be a total jackass with one like the guy in this next clip. Guess he missed the science class on how metal conducts electricity - a lesson he'll now never forget!

Okay, so the taser guy wasn't too bright, but the same can be said for this next person who basically parks his car in the path of a tornado in Illinois. The footage? Amazing. The camera man? Amazingly STUPID and lucky it didn't end worse for him.

When it comes to crazy stunts it doesn't get much more dangerous than wingsuit flying. Chilean diver Sebastian Alvarez upped the ante by having his friends set up a 6-foot target on a mountaintop near Santiago BEFORE he jumped out of the plane. Not only did he nail the target, he also stuck the landing perfectly. Pretty fly!

Asian carp are become more and more common in American lakes, something this college rowing team learned the hard way in St. Louis! Not the best spot for rowing practice, but perfect for your next fishing trip! That'll do it for this edition of the Naked News Video Blog, I'm Angie Heyward!

Wisconsin woman Melissa Jacobson faces several charges after allegedly using a cardboard box behind a K-Mart's cash register as a TOILET! Not long after she left the store, employees noticed a funky odor and contacted police. They were able to use security tapes to identify Jacobson - partly thanks to the shirt she was wearing.
It was emblazoned with a picture of a dump truck and the phrase "Dropping A Load".

A celebrated German violinist has been charged after allegedly breaking into a woman's hotel room NAKED and choking her. The complaint says that Stefan Arzberger was roaming the halls of the Hudson Hotel in Manhattan, and knocked on one of the doors. When the woman inside answered, he burst in and started strangling her until hotel staff pried him off. Reports say Arzberger claims he has no memory of the attack, and someone drugged his drink.

And even ANTS are getting addicted to junk food!
According to a study published by the Royal Society, ants living in urban areas of Manhattan have MORE of a certain carbon isotope that is common to junk food, and found in humans. This means that garbage made up of junk food is a large part of the ants' diet. And THAT, my friends, explains why there are so many damn ants in New York City!

I'm Stephanie Lusk, and THOSE, are your Odds 'n Ends.

Eila Adams, Peyton Priestly, Katherine Curtis, and Natasha Olenski get a sweaty, bouncy workout on Kangoo Jumps.

Isabella says thanks for watching, offers up our feedback email address in case you want to contact us, and lets us know that Behind the Scenes is up next.

Bloopers, goofs, and little bits that didn't quite make the regular show! Featuring Eila Adams, Carli Bei, Katherine Curtis, Isabella Rossini, Guest Anchor Andrea, and "Library Girl" Kendra Sunderland.

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