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Today's Show Tuesday September 23, 2014

Tuesday September 23, 2014

Transcript President Obama has announced the US government will be closing a tax loophole known as inversions. It's wh... Read More >> Hide >>

President Obama has announced the US government will be closing a tax loophole known as inversions. It's when a US company merges with a firm in another country to reap the benefits of lower tax rates. A recent example would be the Burger King-Tim Hortons partnership, which saw the burger chain move its head offices to Canada to dodge higher tax rates in the US. Inverted companies often use "hopscotch" loans, which send money from offshore branches back to parent companies in the US while avoiding tax penalties. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew says the new measures will reduce the economic advantages of inversions, and will hopefully eliminate them altogether.

The iconic American family that made its fortune in oil is shifting its focus to CLEAN ENRGY! The heirs to the Rockefeller estate say they're selling off all their investments in fossil fuels. The Rockefeller Brothers Fund has joined a coalition of philanthropists aiming to divest themselves of 50 billion dollars' worth of oil assets. The announcement came just a few hours before the start of the UN climate change summit in New York. Rockefeller fund director Stephen Heintz said he believes the move honors the vision of John D Rockefeller.

And speaking of climate change, new data shows that last year the world discharged MORE carbon pollution than EVER before. Led by China, the US, and India, the planet pumped out nearly 40 billion tons of carbon dioxide - 778 million more than the year before. The results were compiled by the Global Carbon Project. They say that at this pace, global temperatures will rise by two degrees fahrenheit in the next thirty years. At the 2009 climate summit in Copenhagen, world leaders agreed that number was dangerous, and pledged to not let it happen.

Kicking off the train to Splitsville are Kris and Bruce Jenner. After 23 years of marriage, Kris has officially filed for divorce. The Jenners had been separated since last year, so it's no big surprise. They continued working on Keeping Up With The Kardashians despite the separation, which I'm sure wasn't awkward at all! Bruce seems to be handling it well, though. The day papers were filed, he bought a UTV race car! I think he'll be just fine.

The marriage between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver will soon be, wait for it...TERMINATED! I know, too easy. Anyway, their divorce is in the final stages and should be a done deal in December. It's taken more than THREE years to come to an agreement over the division of their combined 400 MILLION DOLLAR fortune. This must be welcome news for Arnold and Maria's new partners – Heather Milligan and Matthew Dowd. No more living in sin!

And because these things ALWAYS happen in threes – Canadian rockers Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger are also reportedly on the outs! The Nickelback frontman has apparently been going around LA telling people it's over. And Lavigne has recently been spotted sans wedding ring. That's all the evidence I need! Must've been tough to keep the relationship going, considering EVERY Canadian was rooting for it to fail. I mean, they got married on Canada Day! That's a bit much.

Ben Affleck has ADMITTED to counting cards! He was famously BANNED from playing blackjack at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas recently after they accused him of counting. And he confirmed it in a recent interview with Details Magazine. He says he “got good” at the game – SO GOOD in fact that the casino asked him to leave. Affleck claimed he WASN'T escorted out of the building though, which is too bad because that would have been BADASS!

And finally, tightrope daredevil Nik Wallenda has announced his latest stunt! He'll walk ACROSS the city of Chicago! Well, across the Chicago River, anyway. Wallenda plans to walk TWO wires rigged FIFTY stories high crossing through the Chicago skyline. The spectacle is scheduled to air on LIVE TV on November second. If this doesn't sound as dangerous as Niagara Falls or the Grand Canyon, remember: Chicago is known as the WINDY CITY. Think about it.

St Louis Rams defensive end Ethan Westbrooks NEVER wants to work a normal job again! So he decided to make SURE of that – by getting a FACE tattoo! Located on his left cheek under his eye, the tattoo reads “Laugh Now, Cry Later” and has a picture of a happy and sad face. Westbrooks claims he got the tattoo as motivation to stay in the NFL. Yeah, good luck with that!

I've heard of custom licence plates – but THIS is ridiculous! Jahanna Baez-Rodriguez was pulled over on a Massachusetts highway for having a plate made out of CARDBOARD! She hand drew the numbers, and state motto with a red marker and a blue pen. Nice effort, but KIND OF illegal! Baez-Rodriguez could face a few days in jail as well as a hundred-dollar fine.

Quick, try and think of the most SURPRISING thing that could happen in chemistry class! Maybe a cool explosion or unexpected reaction? Nope, how about the professor SHOOTING HIMSELF in the foot! That's what happened at Idaho State University recently. The prof's semiautomatic handgun accidentally went off in his pocket. He had a legal concealed-carry permit for the gun – but perhaps he'll reconsider bringing it to class next time!

Mushrooms are great – whether they're the regular or “magic” type. But a newspaper in Oregon is in a bit of trouble for being unable to tell which is which! The Oregonian mistakenly ran a photo of a hallucinogenic mushroom instead of a wild safe-to-eat variety. Even worse – the hallucinogenic one looks EXACTLY like the Super Mario mushroom! Warning - you WILL NOT grow bigger and be able to break bricks with your head after eating it.

And an American adult travel company is holding a “SEXY Downton Abbey” swingers event in England! The five-night excursion is called “Pleasure Castle” - which is fitting, because it's taking place in an ACTUAL castle! The fun includes pool parties, nude golf and of course, all the SWINGING you can handle! Pleasure Castle will go down from July 5 to July 10, 2015.

Six Flags Fiesta in San Antonio has announced the world's first 4D free-fly roller coaster! Batman The Ride will feature two "beyond 90 degree drops" and SIX 360 degree spins. It uses magnetic technology to recreate the feeling of weightlessness. The ride looks INSANE, watch for it next summer.

Fans of The Shawshank Redemption should start booking their trips to Ohio! The prison featured in the Oscar-nominated film is being turned into a MAJOR tourist attraction! The Ohio State Reformatory closed back in 1990. It was SUPPOSED to be destroyed and turned into a parking lot. But demolition proved too difficult, so it became a museum. It's about to get a HUGE makeover.

Don't get LOST at the new mall in Abu Dhabi - you may NEVER come out. The Yas Mall covers more than two and a half MILLION square feet - making it the largest in the city by far, and one of the largest in the world. It features four hundred stores, a twenty-screen movie theatre and ten THOUSAND parking spaces! Good luck finding your car! Developers are expecting to attract twenty five million shoppers a year. Yas Mall opens its doors in November.

It's true that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. But what if that "straight line" is downright TERRIFYING? "Peak Walk" in the Swiss Alps is a mountain bridge that will get you from Point A to Point B - almost ten THOUSAND feet off the ground! Peak Walk will also include a partial glass floor to encourage visitors to look down. When it's finished in November, it'll be the world's FIRST suspension bridge connecting mountain peaks.

And if that's not DANGEROUS enough for you - how about a truly SCARY footpath in southern Spain? "The King's Pathway" slices through a gorge and was shut down after FIVE people plunged to their deaths in 1999 and 2000. But after a long restoration project, the walkway will reopen to daredevil tourists in January!

"I'm a fairly new subscriber and have really gotten into Eila's Flex Appeal segments. I'm not sure if she's a certified trainer or not but she certainly comes across very professional and knowledgeable. How long has she been doing this for and would it be possible to watch her very first episode? I'd like to see how she's evolved. Thanks."

Eila isn't a certified trainer Domenic, but that's mainly because we keep her so busy here at Naked News. As you can tell she really knows her stuff! The re-invention of Flex Appeal with Eila happened in February of 2010. Here's Eila PUMPING HER GUNS, in that particular segment.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission wants you to know that honesty really IS the best policy. The agency just paid out a RECORD amount to an anonymous whistleblower living outside of the US. The SEC says the 30 million dollar reward was for highly valuable information that helped them uncover a difficult-to-detect fraud. The PREVIOUS record payout to a whistleblower was 14 million dollars handed out in 2013.

One day after some 300-thousand people filled the streets of New York to demand action on climate change, hundreds of protesters stormed the city's financial district in a demonstration called Flood Wall Street. Organizers accuse corporations of exploiting frontline communities, workers, and natural resources for financial gain. Unfortunately things turned ugly when protesters tried to knock over barricades set up by police. Authorities used pepper spray to subdue the crowd and three people were arrested.

And finally, Home Depot has said that it will provide free credit monitoring and identity protection services to customers. Earlier this year, a data breach at their US and Canadian stores compromised fifty-six million debit and credit cards. Home Depot said that anyone who made a credit or debit card purchase there after April can sign up for the identity protection service, through the Home Depot website.

Carli Bei, Eila Adams, and Katherine Curtis discuss some of the stories on today's show, including Home Depot's offer of identify protection and credit monitoring to US and Canadian customers, celebrity divorces including Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger, and Kris and Bruce Jenner, plus scary tourist attractions. There's also a poll on whether viewers would rather sit by a pool at a luxury resort, or risk their lives.

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