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Tuesday May 26, 2015

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Transcript Welcome to Naked News, everyone. I'm Eila Adams. I'll start by addressing the elephant in the room. Yes, I'... Read More >> Hide >>

Welcome to Naked News, everyone. I'm Eila Adams. I'll start by addressing the elephant in the room. Yes, I'm wearing a camera on my head. It's for a "day in the life" type segment we'll be putting together for you in the not too distant future. And unlike most workplaces, cameras ARE allowed in our employee locker rooms! Watch for it coming soon! Now, on with the show! We all know the real estate market is HOT right now, but for just HOW hot, let's say hello to Madison Banes with HOT properties. What kind of juicy real estate do you have for us Madison?

Eila I've got a house called Versailles, and it's SO big, it was the star of it's own documentary in 2012.

Yes, i think I remember this one. QUEEN Of Versailles right.

Yes and if you recall the QUEEN was the rather odd wife of timeshare magnate David Siegel. Here's what's going on. JACKIE Siegel says their MONSTER 90,000 square foot dream home located in Orlando, Florida, is finally going to be completed. Construction started over 10 years ago, but was stopped when Mr Siegal experienced some serious financial difficulties a few years ago. They tried to sell the unfinished property in 2010 for 75 million but there were no takers. All is well in the world again and the lakefront mega-mansion is set to be completed in about 2 years. The single family home will be the LARGEST private home in the US when it's done.

Speaking of big, if you have a spare 725 million you could own the largest RANCH in the US. The Waggoner Ranch in Northern Texas, stretches across 510,000 acres of breathtaking cowboy country. That's over TWICE the size of New York City. It's a working ranch, with hundreds of homes, 20 cowboy camps and thousands of cattle. With so much space, you could ride off into a different sunset every night.

Pablo Picasso's villa, "La Californie", located in Cannes, France is up for sale. Picasso lived in the luxurious, three story home between 1955 and 1961 and painted his famous "The Bay Of Cannes" there. It's currently operated as a museum and art gallery but the Picasso family have decided to sell. The asking price? 100 million dollars.

Finally, a great view adds value to any property, but what if that view constantly changed? A Taiwanese industrial designer has developed a spinning apartment building. It may sound like an amusement park, but it's actually a high-tech vision for the future of urban living. Each apartment would slide along a track, rotating the building and enjoying the TOP view every 8 weeks. It's still a concept right now, with a projected completion date of, wait for it, 2035. I won't hold my breath. With your Hot Properties, for Naked News, I'm Madison Banes.

Faulty airbags made by Japan's Takata Corporation have affected more than 30 million vehicles across the US, but drivers are being told it could take MONTHS before the potentially fatal defects are replaced. American dealerships are struggling to keep up with calls from concerned car owners. A rep from Takata says the company is focusing on getting replacement parts to vendors in high humidity states first, since its believed the extra moisture can cause the air bags to malfunction.

Stunning images from the Galapagos Islands, where a volcanic eruption is putting the region's fragile ecosystem under threat. Wolf volcano on Isabela Island erupted for the first time in 33 years Monday. Officials say it poses little danger to people living nearby, but it is a cause for concern for the world heritage site, that famously inspired Charles Darwin's theory of evolution.

And Charter Communications has taken over Time Warner Cable in a massive 55 billion dollar deal. This comes only a month after the long talked-about merger between Time Warner and Comcast fell through due to pressure from regulators in Washington. As it turns out, Time Warner and Charter will now become Comcast's main competition. The newly-merged venture boasts 23 million customers, second only to Comcast's 27 million nationwide. From the Naked Newsroom, I'm Katherine Curtis.

Thank you Kat - we'll see her again in the newsroom soon. Up next though it's time to do some stargazing in Entertainment. Natasha Olenski's here to tell us who won the TOP PRIZE at the world's most prestigious film festival!

That's right Eila, the CANNES Film Festival is now in books, and a certain French director is the talk of the town. Here's the story. Welcome inside Entertainment everyone. French filmmaker Jacques Audiard has cemented his place as the country's top director by winning the Palme D'Or - at Cannes. His latest movie, Dheepan, about a former Tamil Tiger arriving as an illegal immigrant in France and trying to start a new life, won critical praise at the festival. Audiard won the runner-up award at Cannes five years ago for his international hit, "A Prophet".

A 28-year old Swedish singer has won the world's top international music contest! Mans Zelmerlow won over the crowd at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna. His pop-ballad "Heroes" has become a global hit. Sure it's cheesy, but the Eurovision final is HUGELY popular. Last year's broadcast pulled in 195 million viewers - more than the Super Bowl!

She was the queen of the catwalk so it's only fitting that Naomi Campbell hired out an entire French castle to celebrate turning 45! Celebs like Leonardo DiCaprio and Kendall Jenner helped the model down endless champagne while R n B legend Mary J. Blige serenaded the A-list crowd. After blowing out her candles, the birthday girl was seen feeding cake to her guests. I guess THAT'S how she stays in shape.

She's used to showing off her moves on TV but now wrestler Tammy Lynn Sytch may be showing off a little MORE onscreen. The WWE Hall of Famer is in talks to become a bona fide PORN STAR. Vivid Entertainment is reportedly offering the star a SIX figure deal to do a series of videos. Vivid has already had success with the wrestler-turned-porn-star genre, producing Chyna's “Backdoor to Chyna”. Who wouldn't want to be pinned by Tammy?

But if you prefer your porn with a side of politics, there's a new skinflick parody starring Hillary Clinton. Well, not ACTUALLY Hillary Clinton – she's kind of busy these days. Adult star Nina Hartley plays the Presidential candidate in a send up poking fun at her race to the White House. According to Hartley, playing Hillary requires a “take charge” attitude when filming. We always knew Hillary was the dom in the relationship. And THAT'S Entertainment. For Naked News, I'm Natasha Olenski.

Welcome to Dating Uncovered, I'm Angie Heyward. Beards are back in style and it might be the fault of us women! A study by the University of Western Australia believes that facial hair is a way for men to enhance their sex appeal to the opposite sex. Academics believe it's a common technique amongst primates and it seems that the more men there are, the more likely it is they would need to differentiate themselves. Just try not to go full Sasquatch, guys.

Rejection can be hard when dating, but we don't expect to be rejected BEFORE the date. That's exactly what dating website BeautifulPeople.com have done, though. The “dating community for the beautiful” recently removed three thousand profiles for weight gain or “graceless” aging. Expelled members are encouraged to re-apply when they are back to “looking their best”. I would encourage them to look for a less judge-y site!

If you've ever used Facebook to check up on your partner, a new study says that's a GOOD thing. Monitoring the activities of your significant other on social media can be a way to measure your partner's commitment and loyalty. It's especially helpful for long-distance relationships where social media is often the best method for couples to keep tabs on one another.

Social media isn't ALWAYS beneficial, especially if your partner catches you up to no good! Law Firm Slater and Gordon claim that Facebook is now a factor in 1 out of 7 divorces. And married couples reported that the number one reason they check their spouse's social media is to find out if they're talking to a “marital threat”. Maybe it's time to switch to Snapchat, where messages disappear after reading? It's better than your PARTNER disappearing after reading.

And couples who PDA together, stay together. Or so a new Ohio State University study says. Loved-up twosomes who get frisky in the streets tend to be MORE satisfied in their relationships and end up having more sex between the sheets. And when we've reached that level of comfort our happiness levels rise. Sounds like a win-win! For Dating Uncovered, I'm Angie Heyward.

If you've ever found yourself drawing on a scrap of paper, Google MIGHT have a dream job for you. The search engine giant is looking for a graphic designer to fill the position of “Doodler”. The jobholder would create the daily image on the Google homepage. Previous images have celebrated holidays or highlighted historical figures and events. With the average salary for a Google employee starting in the SIX figures, you could turn those doodles into dollars in no time.

There's a new Internet search engine in development that's so powerful, even the mysterious reaches of the dark net won't be able to hide. NASA is teaming up with the Department of Defense to create a supercharged web search utility called Memex. The combined effort will be used to track potential criminal activities on the dark net that can't be picked up by traditional search engines.

And the future of US defense looks like something out of Star Wars. Laser weapons, that will one day be mounted on drones and fighter jets, have just completed their first series of tests. Military officials say the weapons show 'unprecedented power' and are about to begin testing against live targets on firing ranges. The new system called the High-Energy Liquid Laser Area Defense System, is TEN times more powerful then any current lasers the military uses and can cut through the structure of a ship. Sounds like a game changer to ME! For Naked news, I'm Katherine Curtis.

ow THOSE are some frickin' lasers! All right, thanks Kat, and now it's time for our weekly feature, from the Vault! This week, we're fulfilling Gary's email request! He wrote

"I have been a viewer of Naked News for a few years now, and have seen many anchors come and go. I miss several of them, but the one that always comes to mind is Marina Valmont. Would love to see something from her again. Thanks for the great job you do."

Great suggestion, Gary! I'm not at all surprised Marina comes to mind! We knew right from her audition that she was Naked News Anchor material. So, we've gone back to May of 2012 for her audition! Here you go!

Isabella Rossini, Eila Adams, and Peyton Priestly discuss some of the day's stories. Plus, there's a new Poll question

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