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Today's Show Friday October 31, 2014

Friday October 31, 2014

Transcript It's an epic Halloween edition of Versus as two teams of anchors have one hour to carve a pumpkin. Once the... Read More >> Hide >>

It's an epic Halloween edition of Versus as two teams of anchors have one hour to carve a pumpkin. Once the winning team is declared, the losers have to suffer a particularly gruesome penalty. We also see the first entrants in the costume contest - Angie Heyward, Natasha Olenski, Isabella Rossini, and amateur guest anchor Scarlette.

Halloween is SO good for business it's scary! According to the National Retail Federation, spending on the spooky holiday will reach the 7.2 billion dollar mark this year! That's a a 300-million increase from 2013. Between candy and costumes, the average American's expected to spend just shy of eighty dollars getting into the spirit of things. And with Halloween landing on a Friday this year, retailers expect people will be going ALL OUT.

If you thought that your pumpkin was a little more expensive this year, you're right - and here's why: California's ongoing drought led to a major shortage in Jack-O-Lanterns, resulting in price hikes of up to fifteen percent! The Golden State is the number two supplier of pumpkins in the US, behind Illinois. The drought made for smaller pumpkins that ripened unusually early. And if you're wondering why your pumpkin spice latte isn't more expensive, the reason is pretty simple: it doesn't contain any actual pumpkin!

And for those of you wondering what the most POPULAR costumes will be this year... Yahoo has the answers! The most popular costumes on its search engines were Ninja Turtles! Hopefully they went with Raphael 'cause he was CLEARLY the best one! Pirate costumes, Star Wars costumes, a Poison Ivy costume, and Superhero costumes rounded out the top five. Not exactly the most original list is it? But then again, who the heck uses Yahoo as their search engine?

Welcome to Vampire bites, I’m your overlady, Kat Curtis, otherwise known as Jessica Hamby. Vampires are the sexiest of all monsters, why? Because they're permanently young, beautiful, and have an insatiable desire to suck things, enough said. So prepare to get HOT-BLOODED - because I’m about to bring you the sexiest vampires in history.

The first one is the quintessential Vampirella, from the campy comic of the same name. A direct to video film was made of the sexy good hearted vampire in 1996, and while the film was cheesy, it was still hot. I mean, come ON. That costume? Rowr.

The next one is Salma Hayek’s character, Santánico Pandemónium, in From Dusk Till Dawn. According to a recent poll by me of everyone in the office, Santanico’s sexy snake dance still ranks among the hottest stripteases in film. However, once she transforms into a vampire, she isn’t QUITE as alluring. Baby, you got real ugly.

Another sexy Vamp is Rayne, from the Bloodrayne video games - but more importantly, the Uwe Boll film BASED on the games. Rayne is played by uberhottie Kristanna Loken. Sure, the film is kind of really bad, but it’s worth watching for Kristanna fighting Ben Kingsley in a crop top.

And finally, the ULTIMATE vampire Queen: Selene, from Underworld. Can't go wrong with Kate Beckinsale in skin-tight leather jumping around a lot. And that’s when she ISN’T naked and having megaboink sessions with her lycan lover Michael.

Okay, now that everyone’s blood is all warmed up, just the way I like it, I’m feeling peckish. THRALL! Come here.
YOWCH! Too hot. Guess I’m going to have to cool you down a bit with this next clip. Ever wanted to learn how to do gross undead skin for the zombie walk? Yeah, me too, so I had someone teach me. To buy your own zombie skin, go to dotsytheclown.com. For Vampirebites, I’m Kat Curtis. That Thrall should have cooled down by now

We also have Eila Adams, Rachelle Wilde, and Carli Bei demonstrating their Halloween costumes.

Welcome to a special Halloween edition of Hollywood Xposed! Brought to you alongside our buddies at Mr. Skin. Today I've got 5 of our ALL TIME favorite nude scenes from SCARY movies! It's quite the list so let's get started.

First up, 1983's The Hunger. It's a tale of love, lust, and vampires. Classic beauty Catherine Deneuve stars as an Egyptian vampire who seduces and feeds off her lovers. Including Susan Sarandon. The two of them have a glorious extended scene together, and it's one for the ages. IT might be in slow motion, but I guarantee your heart'll be beating double-time!

Next we have Embrace of the Vampire - the 1995 original. Yes, the 2013 remake also has great nudity, but hey, the classics are classics for a reason! And in this particular case, the original features Alyssa Milano, then 23 and at the pinnacle of her "voluptuous vixen" period. Her character is a good girl being led astray by a vampire and his sexy demons. And this involves a LOT of nudity. Yay!

Now, we'll take a little levity break with a more comedic horror flick, 1999's Idle Hands. It's about a hand that's gone evil and begins a killing spree. And it has one of my FAVORITE scenes EVER. It's got everything. Kelly Monaco's spectacular breasts, Kiss make-up, and a demonic disembodied hand killing people, all set to Ace Frehley singing "New York Groove". It's pretty much cinematic perfection.

No horror movie binge would be complete without Friday the 13th. But I'm going to go with the 2009 reboot that includes MUCH better nudity than the original. Bodacious America Olivo oils up fireside before Jason kills her. Willa Ford gets wet and wild doing a little topless wakeboarding before Jason kills her. And Julianna Guill has a sensational sex scene before Jason kills her. Oh, Jason. You're so predictable!

And of course no Halloween horror fest would be complete without, well, Halloween! The fifteen-disc boxed set came out in September, but once again, I'm going to suggest the very first one. It's a classic and still scares the pants off of me AND it's got the tragically underrated PJ Soles and the CRAZY hot Sandy Johnson getting naked.

So there's your playlist for a KILLER celebration of Halloween skin. Hope you're not afraid of the dark!

Get this: a sexy Ebola containment suit has become a top seller online at BrandsOnSale.com. Selling for sixty dollars, the site promises the short dress and chic mask to be the very height of hazmat couture. Some sexy lace-up yellow boots can be bought separately for eighty dollars. Naturally the costumes have caused controversy, but a spokesman for BrandsOnSale says they're all in good fun. And for those wondering, NO, they WON'T actually protect you from the deadly virus!

With temperatures around the freezing mark, you'd probably expect the people of Nunavut Canada to really bundle up before going trick or treating. But that's NOT the case... because Halloween is being held INDOORS this year! Residents in the small town of Arviat are being told to stay inside after dark because of POLAR BEARS running through the streets! Arviat is actually known as the polar bear capital of Nunavut, since it sits on a bear migration trail for the winter.

And if you're in the Denver area, beware - you could end up getting a little more than you'd bargained for in your Halloween candy! Denver police are warning people to watch out for marijuana edibles! The psychedelic treats often look just like regular candy. Some call the warning unnecessary fear-mongering. Either way, if you find your kids acting a little goofy after trick or treating it could be more than just a sugar high!

In theaters now is Ouija, a supernatural horror film based on the famous game... or IS it just a game? It's definitely serious business in this movie! When a young woman mysteriously dies shortly after recording herself playing with a Ouija board, her friends decide to try one themselves to see if they can contact her in the spirit world. It doesn't take long before they make contact with the "other side".

And wouldn't you know it - once the door to the spirit world is opened, it's pretty darn tough to shut! A malicious dark presence has latched itself onto the group, and aims to take them out, one by one. Ouiji is a perfect Halloween B-movie that will have you squirming in your seat!

Another thriller that will have you squirming is Nightcrawler. Set in the dark underbelly of urban LA, Jake Gyllenhaal stars as Lou Bloom, a young man who stumbles into the seedy world of crime journalism. Armed with a cheap camcorder he sets off to capture video from grisly scenes all over the city, in hopes of selling it to a local TV news station.

Lou eventually makes acquaintances with Nina, an over-night producer at the station played by Rene Russo. She tells him exactly what type of footage she's looking for.

Lou goes from amateur to pro in no-time, and before he knows it he gets a bit TOO involved in the stories he covers. Nightcrawler is getting a TON of buzz and could even get some love from the Academy at the Oscars next year! It's also in theaters.

Both Ouiji and Nightcrawler are guaranteed to fix your craving for something dark and wicked this All Hallows Eve!

Peyton Priestly and Eila Adams close out the show.

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