Today's Show Friday September 4, 2015

Friday September 4, 2015

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Transcript Welcome to Naked News everyone, I'm Whitney St. John! And I'm Peyton Priestly, and we're BACK on the sho... Read More >> Hide >>

Welcome to Naked News everyone, I'm Whitney St. John!

And I'm Peyton Priestly, and we're BACK on the shores of Lake Ontario at Hanlan's Point in the HEART of Toronto.

We've got a terrific show coming up for you and I'm not JUST saying that because we get to be here soaking up the sun, naked!

It's definitely a perk!


Marie is our latest guest anchor and she's back in our studio to kick things off with a Naked News Bulletin.

As far as marijuana use goes, the country with the MOST per capita marijuana consumers is Iceland! I know, that surprised me too! I would have thought Jamaica but they're not even in the top 5. This is according to data from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. A hundred and eighty-three of every thousand adults in Iceland used weed in the last year. The US was second, with a hundred and forty-eight. Spain, the Czech Republic, and France rounded out the top five.

There's some good news and BAD news about global life expectancy! The GOOD news is that humans born in 2013 can expect to live six point two years longer than people born just twenty-five years ago. The BAD is that we're living longer with illness and disability. According to the study in the UK medical journal, The Lancet, heart disease, stroke, and respiratory infections are the most prevalent problems.

And now here's some insight into the many dog owners out there. According to a survey by PoochPerks.com, nearly half of people would end a relationship if their partner didn’t get along with their dog! People also said they’d be MORE upset if their dog ran away than if their partner dumped them. That may be because eighty percent of people said they like their dog BETTER, than other people! I think the only surprising part here ladies is that twenty percent DON'T like their dog better than other people!

EXACTLY! I wanna know who these people are!!!

Thanks for the stories Marie, we'll check back with you a little later. I'm with you. Nobody gets between me and my puppies! Okay, up next, Carli is Naked In The Streets talking to people about their superstitions. Do YOU have any superstitions?

Of course not. That's all mumbo-jumbo. Except for the "breaking a mirror is bad luck" thing. That's totally true. And I always throw salt over my shoulder if I spill it. And I won't walk under a ladder.

Good to know you don't believe in mumbo-jumbo!

I've never needed all that stuff. Touch wood!

Well, here's CARLI, to find out what OTHER people have to say!

Carli Bei goes Naked In The Streets and asks people about their superstitions.

I really think Carli has found her niche with Naked In The Streets, she's a natural.

I know, and although I've never done one, I hear from everyone that it's not as easy as it looks.

It's not, there's a LOT of distractions, including people and their camera phones snapping pics.

Seems like it could get annoying. Anyway, we've got ANOTHER viewer request right now. It came in from Robert in Wisconsin and he writes, “I am a huge Whitney fan. Can you find her 1 on 1 and play it for me? As I recall it was really hot.”

Well thank you, Robert! It was with one of my favorite photographers, Paul Buceta, a few years ago and I had so much fun!

Here's it is from June of 2013.

Kinda weird seeing that again, but I have to admit: those are STILL some of the best shots I've ever done!

Right? You looked INCREDIBLE. Tell me though – is the sand finally out of your hair?

Almost! Any day now.

Well it was worth it! All right folks, it's that time of the week where we undress our favorite celebrities.

Here's Natasha Olenski with the sexiest scenes of the week from TV and film, in Hollywood X-Posed.

Thank you ladies and WELCOME EVERYONE, to Hollywood X-POSED, brought to you with the help of our friends at Mr. Skin.

In theaters this week, Emma Thompson stars in A Walk In The Woods. But according to Mr Skin, if you want to see Emma take a walk on the WILD side, you should check out the 1989 comedy, The Tall Guy. We're used to seeing this British beauty in period dramas but this sex scene with Jeff Goldblum gives us a GREAT view at what Emma's been hiding under her corsets.

In limited release, it's the new romance Before We Go. Alice Eve explores New York with a stranger, leading to love and a lot more. But we think Alice did some of her best work in 2009's drama Crossing Over, mostly because she spends a lot of time showing off her yabbos. We would CROSS OVER an ocean or two to get to those! Oh and the movie's pretty good, too.

Also in limited release is the Norwegian drama Blind. Blonde stunner Ellen Dorrit Petersen takes on the challenging role of a woman losing her sight. She also takes off her clothes. A lot, in multiple nude scenes including THIS one where she's rolling around on the floor in ecstasy.

And this week in Blu-ray releases we get Gemma Arterton starring as Gemma Bovery! When she moves to the French countryside, Gemma finds herself getting a LOT of attention from the locals. It's easy to see why when you look like THAT! We get some great shots of Gemma enjoying her lover's baguette. So much so that she doesn't even notice when she pops out of her top! Merci beaucoup!

Now it's time for this week's HOLLYWOOD EXPRESS!

On EgotasticAllstars.com, you know her from E! News, but now Maria Menounos is the one revealing all in this sexy spread for Allure magazine!

Amber Valletta in bed is the stuff dreams are made of. So I won't hold it against you if you nod off for a while looking at her pic.

Model Danica Dillon claims to have seduced goody-two shoes Josh Duggar. Looking at her incredible jugs, we're guessing that he didn't need TOO much convincing!

And Suicide Girl, Alice Sey is RACK-tastic in this spread for Yume magazine. More like YUM!

Admiring the beautiful bodies of our favorite celebrities, ONE story at a time, I'm Natasha Olenski, for Naked News. Take care.

Oxford’s online dictionary has announced their list of the newest words added to their database. Among the newly-recognized terms are ones you probably recognize, like “manspreading”, “brain fart”, “awesomesauce” and “pocket dial”. New words are added to Oxford Dictionaries dot com once they’ve become widely used. Knowing that manspreading is being widely used is sort of disturbing.

A “message in a bottle” over a HUNDRED years old recently washed up on the beach in Germany. It appears to be the OLDEST message in a bottle ever found! It was originally dropped into the North Sea between 1904 and 1906 by British scientist George Parker Bidder. Unfortunately there's no real MYSTERY here, the bottle was part of an experiment to track currents at the bottom of the ocean.

And let's chalk one up to Daytona Beach, Florida. City commissioners, in all their wisdom, have just approved a 12-lane gun range, that will serve alcohol. To be fair it'll be the accompanying RESTAURANT that serves the alcohol, not the gun range, but really, it's the same business, under the same roof. The new owners say there will be plenty of safety measures in place but let's be real. Any-time you mix bullets and booze, you KNOW there's going to be trouble. We wish em luck! From the Naked Newsroom, I'm Marie.

Thanks Marie! Serving alcohol at a gun range, Hmm, THAT sounds like a good idea!

Yeah, that one's a real head scratcher.

Okay, if you're into action flicks, which I know YOU are, you're going to want to pay attention because Madison Banes has some new releases in Naked At The Movies!

I'm MB and that was your first look at The Transporter: Refueled. If you caught any of the first three Transporter films you'll already know that our leading man operates as a mercenary delivery service. No item – or person – is too dangerous for him to transfer, for the right price of course! Jason Statham isn't reprising his role as Frank Martin this time around, leaving it to newcomer Ed Skrein to take the franchise forward.

Frank finds himself roped into helping an all-girl gang intent on carrying out the heist of a century. The incentive? They have Frank's father and they aren't letting him go until they get what they want. I can think of a lot WORSE things than being held for ransom by four femme fatales!

The core elements of The Transporter are all present in this reboot: fast cars, fast driving and fast women! It's clearly aimed at bringing in a younger generation but there's enough adrenaline-pumping actions scenes to keep established fans tuning in. The Transporter: Refueled is in theaters now!

Also in theaters, is Break Point, which tells the story of two estranged brothers reuniting in the name of tennis! Jimmy is a 35-year-old washed up tennis pro who REFUSES to hang up his racket until he wins one last major tournament. When he loses his doubles partner and becomes a pariah on the circuit, he turns to his last hope: his baby brother. The brothers were once the best junior doubles team in the country – that is until Jimmy ditched little brother Darren for a higher-ranked partner. Trying to get these two back on the court, let alone all the way to the Open is going to take a lot of work!

Tennis films are always a bit hit and miss but Break Point works because it's balances elements of comedy, reconciliation and sports all rolled into one. This one's worth taking a swing at! For Naked At The Movies, I'm Madison Banes!

My pick is Transporter: Refueled, that looks like it could be a lot of fun!

Yeah but it's not the same without Jason Statham, no one can top that man, in MY eyes anyway!

All right, Whitney, we're just about out of time but before we go I'd like remind everyone to tune into this weekend's Naked News Magazine.

Eila has a BRAND NEW Flex Appeal for us and Carli is going on an adventure, in Naked Goes Pop.

Also, please don't forget to send in your questions or comments about today's show, we're at feedback@nakednews.com

You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I love instagram. As a matter of fact, let's selfie this and post it when we get back!

That's a good one, now everyone will have to go to our Instagram page to see how it turned out.

Take care everyone.

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