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Monday May 30, 2016

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I'm Eila Adams! The very latest in movies, cars, and FOOD is on the way, with a healthy portion of headlines tossed in for good measure. But first, it was a wild weekend on the race track. We had an epic finish to the Monaco Grand Prix and a ROOKIE won at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Here's Elise to break it all down for you, in her NAKED SPORTS REPORT!

Thanks Eila and it's game time people - this is Naked Sports! The first time was the charm for rookie racer Alexander Rossi at the 100th Indianapolis 500! The 24-year old grew up chasing a career in Formula One, and had next to no experience driving on an oval track... but he did just fine at the Brickyard! An aggressive decision to skip a fuel stop meant he was running on fumes on the final lap. He actually ran out of gas coming out of Turn 4, but was able to coast across the finish line. Alexander actually had to be towed to victory circle to celebrate!

Now to an epic F1 event at the Monaco Grand Prix! Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton won his first race of the year thanks to a bold tire strategy. The track was wet when the race began, but everyone went to the pits for an intermediate tire change as things dried up. Everyone EXCEPT Hamilton that is! He stayed on his wet tires, took the lead, and then managed to fend off a furious chase from Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo to take the checkered flag. What a race!

It was a weekend Mexican soccer star Alan Pulido will NEVER forget. The 25-year old was kidnapped late Saturday night while leaving a party in his hometown of Ciudad Victoria. The area's known as ground zero for a vicious turf war between rival drug cartels, and kidnappings happen there all too often. Thankfully, this scary story has a happy ending. Late Sunday night, a massive joint operation between state and federal forces managed to track him down. Pulido was clearly shaken up, but appeared to be in good health.

Here's something golf's Jordan Spieth hadn't done before: win in his home state of Texas. Golf's wonderboy did just that on Sunday! Spieth had six birdies on the back nine at Colonial, shooting a sizzling 65 in the final round. Spieth finished at 17-under on the weekend. It's been a rocky few weeks since Spieth's meltdown at the Masters. He missed the cut at the Players Championship and finished a disappointing 18th last week at the Byron Nelson.

And tied 1-1 after regulation and extra time, it all came down to penalty kicks in the Champions League final between Atletico and Real Madrid. In the shootout, Atletico's Juanfran hit the post, and that was the opening Real superstar Cristiano Ronaldo needed! He converted his kick to give his team a 5-3 victory on penalties! Real Madrid has hoisted Europe's biggest club trophy a record 11 times and have won it two out of the last three years. That's Naked Sports, I'm Elise Laurenne, don't go away!

I'm Katherine Curtis. In the news today, the World Health Organization rejected a call to move or delay the Rio Olympics because of the continued spread of the Zika virus. This despite an open letter issued by 150 health experts, citeing the risk of bringing thousands of tourists to Brazil. According to the Organization's statement, the fact that Zika already exists in nearly 60 countries removes the public health justification for canceling the Games.

More bad news from South America: German airline Lufthansa, one of the largest carriers in Europe, has announced that as of June 17th, it will be suspending all flights to Venezuela. Reasons cited include a lack of demand and troubles converting the Venezuelan currency. It's just the latest in a series of problems for the country, whose oil-dependent economy is in deep economic crisis.

And on a LIGHTER note, one of Germany's top politicians received a chocolate CAKE TO THE FACE over the weekend. Sahra Wagenknecht is much maligned because of her hard stance on capping the number of refugees entering the country. The attack was carried out by a protest group and while we don't condone these attacks, it was in Germany and the cake was chocolate, so if you're going to have food thrown at you, you could do a lot worse! I'm Katherine Curtis, don't go away!

Thanks, Kat. We'll be checking in with her again later for more news. Right now though, let's say hello to Angie Heyward who's going Naked At The Movies. So, Angie, is it really true we're getting a new James Bond?

It is indeed Eila. No OFFICIAL word yet on who'll be playing the role, but we know for sure who it WON'T be! It's official folks, Daniel Craig is double o-DONE, with the role of James Bond! According to reports, the actor turned down an offer of nearly 100 MILLION DOLLARS to star in the next two installments of the legendary franchise! Craig had earlier said he'd come back if the money was right, but if THAT didn't do it, nothing will! Apparently a knee injury suffered during the filming of Spectre was a big factor in his decision to hang up the tux. An offer THAT size would leave anyone shaken, but Craig was not stirred!

Christian Bale's Batman once said “You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” Looks like for ANOTHER Batman, that's coming true! Michael Keaton is set to play the villain in the upcoming movie “Spider-Man: Homecoming.” Though the exact role he'll be playing hasn't been confirmed, it's widely believed that he'll be appearing as classic comics bad guy The Vulture! The actor had earlier withdrawn from negotiations when it seemed the addition of Robert Downey Jr. to the cast wouldn't leave enough in the budget for both. But once a Birdman, always a Birdman!

Turns out it can take a long time to do something fast! According to actor Evan Peters, the big Quicksilver action sequence in X-Men: Apocalypse took TWENTY DAYS to shoot! That means the shooting of the speedster scene lasted nearly a QUARTER of the film's production schedule, with SEVERAL DAYS spent for every minute of screen time! And that's not counting all the time in post-production! A big investment, but of course, the Quicksilver scene from the earlier X-Men movie Days of Future Past was incredibly popular and gave this one a LOT to live up to!

It's only May, but John Carpenter already is thinking about the next Halloween! The director of the original Halloween movie back in 1978 is returning to executive-produce the TENTH sequel in the popular horror franchise! The last film in the series he was actively involved with was Halloween 3, made over thirty years in 1982! This will be the first Halloween movie since 2009, and Carpenter said that he intends to make this movie, quote, “the scariest of them all!” Given what the creepily masked Michael Myers has done so far, that's definitely saying something!

We're less than two months away from the new Star Trek movie, and we can hardly wait! This will be the first in the rebooted franchise not to be directed by J.J. Abrams, but based on this latest preview, it looks like it's in capable hands!

The movie is directed by Justin Lin, who has previously worked on the Fast and Furious franchise, so you know the action is going to be literally and figuratively out of this world! Star Trek Beyond hits theaters July 22nd. For Naked At The Movies, I'm Angie Heyward.

Welcome back to the newsroom. For the very first time, a gene that could create the superbug doctors have been fearing for years has been found in the U.S. The mcr-1 gene can be passed from bacteria to bacteria, making it resistant to the "last-resort" antibiotic 'colistin'. It's not a full crisis yet, because colistin isn't used that often, and the infected patient was successfully treated. But if this gene were to combine with the bugs colistin IS used for, it would create a superbug with no treatment options!

Elon Musk's SpaceX has successfully landed another booster rocket! The 15 story tall Falcon 9, launched a communications satellite and landed safely about nine minutes later, on a barge 400 miles off the Florida coast. The company has been working hard to land rockets so that they can be reused rather than dumped in the ocean, saving millions of dollars. This marks the company's third successful landing in a row, all in the last two months!

And shark attacks are on the rise in Florida, and one scientist says it's partially because of global warming. George Burgess of the University of Florida says it's a combination of an increase in the shark population as well as warmer weather pushing more people into the water. He predicts that 2016 will see well over 100 shark attacks, an increase from 98 last year. His advice, take extra precaution when going into the water. I'm Katherine Curtis, and those are your headlines!

Thanks again Kat. Let's keep things rolling along here with the latest from the automotive world! Whitney's rarin' to go in Wheels, starting with some quirky new safety tech from Google!

Google's self-driving cars aren't exactly accident prone, Eila, but in case the worst DOES happen, the tech company's come up with a pretty unusual safety solution! Welcome to Wheels! Google has patented a sticky solution that would be applied to the front of its cars. In the event a car hits a pedestrian, the solution would keep the person attached to the hood, kinda like human fly paper! It sounds goofy, but in theory it's a pretty good idea. People hit by cars are often sent flying up over the car and into the air, which means multiple collisions instead of just one.

Safety probably isn't a top priority for muscle car owners, but that could change. For the very first time, the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety or IIHS, put American muscle cars through its rigorous crash test rating system. NONE of the cars received the agency's top rating, but the Ford Mustang earned the best overall score. The Chevy Camaro received a "good" rating, but did poorly in rollover tests. The worst of the three was the Dodge Challenger. It scored poorly for roof strength and crash avoidance technology.

Google might be in the pole position when it comes to the self-driving cars race, but it looks like Uber isn't too far behind! The ride-sharing company's unleashed an autonomous hybrid Ford Fusion on the streets of Pittsburgh. It's mission: to collect mapping data and test its self-driving technology. It's still early days for Uber in the self-driving car department. And don't worry Steel City residents: there WILL be a human in the car who can take over if things go wrong!

Well THIS is embarrassing: the Jeep plant in Toledo Ohio recently had to put the brakes on production of its new Jeep Cherokees because it ran out of STEERING WHEELS! I'm no mechanic guys, but isn't having enough parts kinda car building 101? I guess it's a Jeep thing! Parent company Fiat Chrysler hasn't commented on the issue, nor has their steering wheel supplier in Mexico.

And leave it to China to come up with an innovative way to deal with gridlock! the Transit Elevated Bus was demonstrated at the 19th China Beijing International High-Tech Expo. It definitely takes public transit to new heights. Passengers would sit up on an elevated platform, and the bus would literally roll OVER cars on city streets. It could carry up to 12-hundred passengers! The hoverbus is also being touted as a much cheaper alternative to building subways. Testing is expected to start this fall, and the buses could be operational before the end of the year! For Wheels, I'm Whitney St. John.

I'm Isabella Rossini, your Naked Foodie! Taco Bell is testing out MORE tasty flavor mash-ups. This time, it's the Flamin' Hot Fritos Taco and the Chili Cheese Fritos Taco. Lucky testers in Ohio report that they both feature a hard Fritos shell. One in delicious chili cheese flavor, the other with a hot 'n zesty tang. For a buck, they're stuffed with the usual beef, lettuce and cheese, or there's a Supreme version for one thirty-nine that adds sour cream and diced tomatoes. Look forward to seeing them rolled out nation wide.

Remember Reese's Peanut Butter Cups' "two great tastes that taste great together" jingle? Soon, it's going to have to be "THREE great tastes that taste great together" because Reese's will be offering Peanut Butter Cups that have mini Reese's PIECES, inside! A leaked photo of the tantalizing wrapping made the viral rounds, but Reese's wouldn't confirm or deny. But NOW Reese's Pieces Peanut Butter Cups are showing as "coming soon" on their webpage. Sign me up!

Pringles has a new "limited-edition" flavor of their stackable snacks - cheesy quesadilla flavor! They're describing it as "a mariachi band in your mouth", with hints of tomato, sour cream, spices, and of course cheese. If you want to get in on the flavor fiesta, you'll need to make it quick, they're only available for a limited time and ONLY at Walgreens.

There's yet another food craze sweeping New York City, and it's totally DECADENT! It's called the "donutccino" and it's the diabetes-inducing brainchild of past MasterChef contestant "Scottish" Francis. It's a cold-brew coffee with whipped cream and chocolate sauce, which is then topped with sprinkles and a house-made artisinal mini-DONUT! It's exclusively available at Astoria, Queens' Gossip Coffee, but sounds worth a road trip!

And finally, chefs in Naples, Italy, recently set a new Guinness world record for the world's LONGEST pizza! The mega-pie was six THOUSAND and eighty-two point two feet long, and took over 400 Italian chefs to create over eleven hours. It was topped with 44 gallons of olive oil, 66 pounds of basil, 3300 pounds of sauce, and a whopping 4400 pounds of mozzarella cheese. It was cooked by feeding it through wood-burning ovens on wheels. And after being certified by Guinness, it WAS sliced and eaten. MY kinda party! For Naked News, I'm Isabella Rossini. Buon appetito!

Now THAT's a party-size pizza! Thanks, Isabella! Okay, before we wrap things up, I get to announce the winner of our weekly caption contest! The pic was of Carli Bei out on a gnarly old tree and we got quite a few terrific entries. It was a tough call, but we decided on Philip Leibfried's "My bark is worse than my bite".

Good pun there, Philip! Drop us a private message on Facebook, and we'll arrange to get your prize sent out! Thanks to everyone who entered! There's a new contest up now, so be sure to enter your best. On a side note, Whitney and I are heading down to MIAMI for the big X-Biz, Cam-Con trade shows. We'll be talking to everyone behind the scenes as well as introducing you to all the sexy women. Watch for that coming up ion the next few weeks.

As for THIS week, lots of great stuff coming your way including Dr. Jess, back on the couch, talking about how to recapture sexual attraction. We'll also have a NEW audition from a PAST auditioner! Kat came in last summer but didn't make the cut. She recently contacted us again and said she'd been working hard to improve. So we gave her one more shot. Watch for that on this weekend's Naked News Magazine. Thanks, everyone for watching! We'll see you back here again tomorrow. Take care!

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