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Monday May 2, 2016

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Transcript Welcome to a brand new week of Naked News everyone! I'm Katherine Curtis, and back by popular demand, after... Read More >> Hide >>

Welcome to a brand new week of Naked News everyone! I'm Katherine Curtis, and back by popular demand, after a very entertaining audition, is Addilyn! Welcome to the program! Now I know our viewers will want to get to know you a little better, so how do you feel about joining me in the wrap up for a chat? Great, we'll have that for everyone in a few minutes. Right now though, Elise Laurenne is starting us off with the headlines in a Naked News Bulletin.

Kat, Belgium has announced plans to distribute iodine pills to its entire population of eleven million people. It's in an attempt to reduce the potential impact of a nuclear emergency. There have been heightened concerns about a potential incident, due to repeated safety warnings at Belgium's aging atomic power plants. On top of that, it was recently discovered that a senior Belgian nuclear scientist was being monitored and filmed by terrorists connected to the Paris and Brussels attacks. Pretty scary stuff.

Kenya's ivory trade is on fire, and not in the good way. To strike a blow to the illegal ivory trade, which is decimating the world's elephant population, Kenyan officials set fire to 105 tons of ivory, which equals the tusks of over 6-thousand elephants. Though many support the move, some worry that it may encourage further poaching by making a scarce commodity even harder to find. The value of the ivory destroyed has been estimated to be over a hundred million dollars.

And if there's one thing scientists are still on the search for, it's the cure for the common weasel. The Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland, which cost billions of dollars to make and was the site of one of the key discoveries in particle physics of our time, had to be shut down after a weasel got into a transformer and caused an electrical outage. Sadly for the weasel, he managed to weasel his way in, but didn't manage to weasel his way out. It's hard to believe, Kat. All that security and high-tech gadgetry foiled by one pesky wittle critter!

Next time they should call Elmer Fudd! Thanks Elise. Madison's on deck in Naked at the Movies, but first, let's look ahead to what Isabella's got cookin' in the Naked Foodie!

Meat and fruit bars, face-melting hot sauces, fish soup pizza and more Kat - I've got some CRAZY stories for you up ahead in my Naked Foodie! Stick around!

All right, thanks Isabella. Up next, we're going NAKED AT THE MOVIES with our resident film fanatic Madison Banes, what's happening on the big screen THIS week Maddy?

Hi Kat! I've got TWO remakes to tell you about, including a classic 80's comedy that has already spawned SIX sequels. I'll give you a hint: Steve Guttenberg.

That could ONLY be Police Academy. I feel like we reached PEAK Police Academy-appreciation sometime around the second one.

The 1995 fantasy-adventure film JUMANJI is getting the REBOOT treatment! The original featured Robin Williams as an adult who was trapped in an old BOARD GAME. The only way to win his freedom was to WIN the game – something that's easier said than done when every move releases a new life-or-death challenge! Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is set to produce AND star in the Robin Williams role. Expect to see the NEW version in theaters in July 2017!

The new Police Academy remake is shaping up to be TOTALLY different to the original! Comedy duo Key and Peele are attached to produce and according to a recent interview, they aren't interested in doing more of the same low-brow hijinks the series is famous for. The boys say they're aiming for a REAL cop story, like the 2012 gritty crime drama End Of Watch. There WILL be jokes of course. The guys compare the drama-comedy mix to the classic sitcom MASH. Whatever way they go, we hear Michael Winslow is available if they need someone to do the sound effects!

She's used to TAKING hits in the ring, but now Ronda Rousey could soon be STARRING in one! The UFC champ has just signed a 3-movie deal with LIFETIME. The specifics have yet to be revealed, but according to the network, Rousey will bring stories that reflect her passions about empowerment. This isn't Rousey's first attempt to go Hollywood. She's been linked to major roles in the upcoming “Road House” remake, as well as co-starring opposite Mark Wahlberg in “Mile 22”.

And, we're getting our FIRST look at the controversial new bio-pic, “Snowden”! The film, from director Oliver Stone, tells the real-life story of NSA contractor Edward Snowden and how he risked EVERYTHING to blow the whistle on government snooping. Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars as Snowden, a role that he's ALREADY getting Oscar buzz for. Let's take a look:

Whether you agree with what Snowden did or not, this is going to be one of the MUST-SEE movies of the year. It's due out in theaters September 16th. I'm Madison Banes. I'll see you next time for MORE Naked At The Movies!

I'm Isabella Rossini, your Naked Foodie! The 25th annual World Pizza Championships were held recently in Parma, Italy. And it was won by a FRENCHMAN! Who made a FISH SOUP Pizza! Ludovic Biccierai said his pizza was inspired by bouillabaise, and included bream carpaccio, tomatoes, courgette flowers, mozzarella, prawns, and tabasco sauce. He won the prestigious "pizza gong", and twenty-two hundred pounds of FLOUR. Italian makers DID take second and third places, so the world hasn't gone COMPLETELY crazy!

10^32 Kelvin is being touted as one of the HOTTEST sauces available, and it's the brainchild of GENERAL ELECTRIC! It's a blend of the Carolina Reaper and Trinidad Moruga Scorpion peppers, both of which can exceed two MILLION Scoville heat units. FYI, a jalapeno will hit around five THOUSAND Scovilles. The fire-breathing concoction is meant to parallel GE's jet engines, which can withstand 2400 degree temperatures. It's actually PACKAGED in their high-tech materials.

Chocolate maker Hershey's is set to roll out... MEAT BARS! Okay, their VP of Marketing is specifically saying they're NOT called meat bars, but... they're meat bars. As people move towards sugar-free, gluten-free choices, the meat snack market is growing, while the CANDY market is getting tougher. Hershey's new bars will made from dried meats blended with "healthy" things like cranberries and quinoa. Expect to see the new snacks roll out this August, under Hershey's KRAVE line.

McDonald's is changing the recipe for their popular Chicken McNuggets! It's the latest step in their ongoing move towards simpler ingredients that people "can feel good about". The update includes replacing the old artificial preservatives with natural ingredients like lemon juice. The McNuggets will also be cooked in oil that DOESN'T contain the controversial additive TBHQ. The changes are rolling out nationwide as we speak.

Thor Björnsson is best known as "The Mountain" from Game of Thrones, and he's also a competitive strongman. He recently Instagrammed his diet regimen, and it's CRAZY. It includes eating every two hours during the day, and once overnight. EVERY DAY, Thor eats at least 14 eggs, two pounds of meat protein, and two pounds of sweet potatoes, plus almonds, greens, fruits, and supplements totaling ten THOUSAND calories. Just READING that makes my stomach THOR! I'll show myself out. For Naked News, I'm Isabella Rossini. Buon appetito!

Welcome back to the newsroom. Here we go again. There was no big winner in Saturday's Powerball lottery and that means Wednesday draw is worth a monster 348 million dollars. If taken in a lump that would mean 226.1 million. Would be nice wouldn't it! The last jackpot to see numbers that high eventually went on to be worth $1.5 BILLION. Now the BAD news, the odds of winning are about 1 in 292 million.

Ending a tradition that lasted over a century, the Ringling Brothers elephants have performed in their final show. Known for their big dance routines, the retirement of the elephants came two years earlier than initially announced. That was largely in the wake of animal rights protests and increased legal restrictions. The elephants will, like so many do, spend their retirement in Florida, but I'm sure their time in show business is something they'll never forget. Because they're elephants.

And a big mystery in the tech world appears to have been solved. Australian Craig Wright, AKA Satoshi Nakomoto, has outed himself as the inventor of Bitcoin. He's been suspected of being “Satoshi” for some time, because of his knowledge of key facts. If Craig Wright is indeed Satoshi Nakomoto, he's believed to have about a million Bitcoins, which carry a cash value of 450 million dollars. Those are your headlines from the Naked Newsroom, I'm Elise Laurenne!

Thanks Elise. Still ahead we've got Carli gearing up for some automotive news in Wheels! But first, Natasha Olenski's ready to recap another weekend in sports, starting with a pair of exciting Game 7's in the NBA!

Welcome inside my Naked Sports report everyone. It was do or die for the Toronto Raptors. They hadn't won a playoff series since 2001 and had NEVER won a game 7, but that all changed Sunday night! The Raptors got the monkey off their backs by beating the Indiana Pacers in a nail biter! The Raps were up big heading into the fourth quarter, but nearly blew a 16 point lead in the final minutes! Demar Derozan scored 30 points and Toronto did JUST enough to come away with an 89-84 win!

The OTHER big game 7, wasn't even close! The Miami Heat trounced Charlotte in a 106-73 beatdown. The Heat were an afterthought heading into the postseason, but all of a sudden it looks like they could be contenders for the Eastern Conference crown! 34-year old Dwyane Wade has turned back the clock and looks like his old self. Miami is heading to Toronto for the next round, which tips off Tuesday night!

Sunday's NASCAR race at Talladega wasn't about who had the best car, it was about who could SURVIVE! There were so many crashes it was like watching a demolition derby! 35 of the 40 cars were involved in accidents! Two drivers were sent airborne, and there was literally tens of millions of dollars in damages to race teams. Danica Patrick somehow managed to walk away from a wreck that saw her slam into the wall at 200 miles per hour. The actual finish of the race was pretty anticlimactic. Brad Keselowski avoided most of the danger and cruised across the finish line for his 4th win at Talladega.

Thankfully for the drivers in F1, things weren't QUITE as dramatic at the Russian grand prix in Sochi. Nico Rosberg had it easy up front and took the checkered flag, stretching his lead in the standings to 43 points. He was followed by Lewis Hamilton, who put on a real show for the fans. Hamilton started out in 10th and put on a master class weaving his way through the field. At one point he ALMOST caught Rosberg, but not quite.

Rumors are swirling that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is about to END his retirement and return to the ring! The former champ has reportedly been talking to CBS and Showtime about scoring one more BIG pay day. Not sure how much more money Floyd really needs. He made 220 million for his bout against Manny Pacquiao! Floyd's team has added fuel to the rumors by filing trademarks for "TMT 50". "TMT" stands for "The Money Team", and his next fight would be the fiftieth of his career.

And the NFL draft wrapped up this weekend, and the Dallas Cowboys definitely made the biggest splash... in the sixth round! That's when they stunned everyone by picking Rico Gathers, a man who hasn't played organized football since middle school! Gathers is a 22-year old basketball player who set a school record for rebounds at Baylor. He's six-foot-eight and weights 270 pounds. The Cowboys hope to try him out at tight end. As they say, EVERYTHING'S bigger in Texas!

That's how things look in the sexy and EXCITING world of NAKED SPORTS! I'm Natasha Olenski, see you next time.

Welcome to Wheels, I'm Carli Bei! The revamped Top Gear returns this month and if you're a fan, this'll get you revved up! The first trailer from the new series has been released, and it stars Matt LeBlanc gettin' dirty in a badass dune buggy called the Ariel Nomad!

Pretty cool, right? I know, it's weird not seeing Jeremy Clarkson and the boys behind the wheel, but I think Matt's going to be a great replacement.

New details are trickling out about Porsche's long-awaited 960 supercar! It looks like we'll be seeing the mid-engined beauty in 2019 - or about two years later than originally anticipated. But that's okay because the wait should be well worth it. The 960 is expected to pack a turbocharged flat eight-cylinder engine, with a zero to sixty time of 2.5 seconds! That kind of adrenaline rush won't be cheap. The 960 will sell in the 290-thousand dollar range.

It looks like Dr. Dre is putting all that Beats headphones money to good use! He splashed at least 200-thousand dollars down on this tricked out 2016 Cadillac Escalade ESV! Designed by Becker Automotive, this thing is basically like a private jet on four wheels. It's got everything: WiFi, a flat screen TV, automated footrests, air cooled leather seats, and most importantly, PRIVACY.

If given the choice between owning a Ferrari F430 or a Tesla Model X, I'd bet you'd pick the Ferrari, right? I know I would have, until I saw THIS drag race video that might make you think twice! The Tesla wins, and it wasn't even CLOSE! Not bad for a car that costs about HALF as much!

Last up in today's Wheelz, a Norwegian teenager has set a new world speed record... for losing his license! The 18-year old passed his driving test at 9am. At 9:58am he was pulled over for speeding and got his license suspended! He was only doing 52 in a 30 zone, but Norway has strict rules when it comes to speeding. It's not clear how long he'll be off the road, but he WILL have to take his driving test all over again! Bummer! I'm Carli Bei, I hope you enjoyed the ride.

All right, as I promised, our latest guest anchor Addilyn has joined me. I'd like to start with what your first impressions were of your audition.

Well, we're keeping you busy all this week so I suggest everyone tune in to see what she's up to. And I'm sure our viewers have plenty more questions for you! Just send them in to feedback@nakednews.com. Thanks, everyone for watching, and thank you Addilyn for being here. See you back again tomorrow!

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