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Monday November 23, 2015

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Welcome to Naked News, I'm Peyton Priestly. Madison is going Naked at the Movies, Eila's going to make your mouth water from a delicious food truck and Natasha has all the highlights from a VERY busy weekend in Sports. She joins us now with a look ahead. What a weekend for racing fans, Nat.

It really doesn't get any better, Peyton. It was ALL on the line in NASCAR at Homestead-Miami! After a grueling run through the playoffs, 4 drivers were left standing and had a chance to win the Sprint Cup championship on Sunday. And a man NO ONE expected to be in the running was the one who drove away with the checkered flag! I'll be back with that story Peyton - plus your highlights from week 11 in the NFL.

Sounds good we'll see you later! Kat Curtis is standing by in our Naked Newsroom with details on a national E. coli outbreak and rising tensions between the US and Iran. Here she is with a Naked News Bulletin.

An Iranian court has thrown a US journalist in prison. Washington Post reporter Jason Rezain was convicted last month of a number of charges including espionage and crimes against national security. The length of his sentence has not been revealed, but the charges are believed to carry a maximum penalty of 20 years. Rezain is an Iranian-American who had spent more than 15 months in jail awaiting a verdict. He was arrested at his home in Tehran in July 2014, where he'd worked for the last two years as a correspondent. The Washington Post says Rezain's trial and sentence are a sham, and that he should be released immediately.

An outbreak of E. coli linked to the Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant chain has now expanded to six states across the US. Cases were first reported in Oregon and Washington a few weeks ago, and have since popped up in Minnesota, California, New York, and Ohio. 45 people have been affected, with 43 of them saying they'd eaten at Chipotle in the week before they got sick. Inspectors from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are still trying to determine the specific food item that is causing the illnesses.

And then there were three. San Diego Zoo officials mourned the passing of Nola this weekend. The 41-year old northern white rhino was one of just four of her kind left in the world. Nola had been fighting a bacterial infection near her right hip. The three remaining members of the critically endangered species reside on a preserve in Kenya. Poaching for the rhino's horn has brought the breed to the brink of extinction. It's not ALL bad news though Peyton, the San Diego Zoo has female SOUTHERN rhinos and they're hoping to implant embryos they took from the northern white, to try and keep the species going.

Aw, that's really sad. I hope they can do something to keep this breed alive. We're losing too many animals, too fast these days Kat. Thanks for the stories. Kat will be back with more headlines a little later. Up NEXT, Motor Trend's car of the year, a new SUV-convertible mash-up, and a stress-free way to buy your new ride. Buckle up folks, here's Isabella Rossini with WHEELZ!

Peyton, the Chevrolet Camaro has been named Motor Trend's 2016 Car of the Year! The magazine called the car one of the finest driving vehicles in the entire world. It's also one of the most affordable in its class, with an entry level 2-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine starting at just 27 thousand. The Camaro beat out a host of other stellar models to pick up the honor, including the Audi TT, BMW 7 Series and the Mercedes-AMG GTS.

Nissan already tried it and failed with the Murana CrossCabriolet. Now Range Rover is set to start selling its OWN version of an SUV-Convertible crossover in 2016. The Evoque Convertible will feature a 240 horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder engine and retail from around 51 thousand. Fans of off-roading adventures rest assured – even with the roof down, the Evoque will still tackle the same rough and tough terrain as a typical Range Rover.

The Dubai police force is adding ANOTHER supercar to its ranks. A Porsche 918 Spyder that costs close to a million dollars is joining the already elite fleet. That includes a
Bugatti Veyron, Lamborghini Aventador, a Ferrari FF, a Chevrolet Camaro SS, a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, a Bentley Continental GT, and a limited edition Aston Martin One-77. Many drivers in Dubai speed on PURPOSE, hoping they'll get pulled over by one of these amazing vehicles.

Move over self-driving cars! Switzerland will trial driverless BUSES starting next spring. The electric public transport vehicles will carry up to 9 people and travel at the incredibly safe-speed of just 12 miles per hour. BestMile, the company behind the automated trial, will oversee the buses remotely through a network similar to the way a control tower does in an airport.

And if you've ever wanted the experience of purchasing a car to be a little easier, you've just gotten your wish. Online car retailer Carvana has opened the world's very first car VENDING MACHINE in Nashville, Tennessee. That's right, you just insert a custom coin you pick up from the welcome desk and out pops your preferred set of wheels. Take a look: The five story tower holds up to 20 cars and buyers are allowed to test drive their choice for up to 7 days. I don't even need a new car and I'm tempted! I hope you enjoyed the ride, for Naked News, I'm Isabella Rossini.

Eila Adams visited the Southern Smoke food truck to try some of their amazing brisket and chicken sandwiches.

Thought your morning drive to work was bad? The gridlock is actually worse out on the high seas, where a a global oil supply glut has resulted in "super tanker" traffic jams! Heightened production from OPEC combined with near-record output in the US has put oil inventories around the world at capacity. The oversupply has led to tankers piling up off the US Gulf Coast, waiting to be unloaded. Similar scenes are playing out near China and Singapore, and in the Arabian Gulf. There's just no where to store the oil. But that's GOOD news for drivers. In the US, gas prices are expected to slip under 2 dollars by Christmas.

Cheap gas is definitely good news for the nearly 47 million Americans who are expected to hit the road for Thanksgiving this week. And if you want to avoid the worst of the holiday traffic, the best time to travel is actually Thursday morning! That's according to data from navigation app Waze. Their data shows that the heaviest days for traffic are normally the Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving. The times of day to avoid are typically between noon and 4pm, so if you're planning a trip, try to leave early in the day or wait 'til the evening. As for your return home on Sunday, Waze says the mad dash hits its peak between 1pm and 6pm. Happy travels!

And Americans in the midwest got their first blast of winter over the weekend, with temperatures plunging below 20 degrees in six states! Things were especially nasty in Illinois. Chicago residents found themselves digging out of 11 inches of snow - the most the Windy City's had in November in 120 years! The conditions led to hundreds of flight cancellations at Chicago's VERY busy, O'Hare International Airport. States from South Dakota to Michigan got between a few inches to TWENTY inches during the first snowfall of the season. Be careful out there. From the Naked Newsroom, I'm Katherine Curtis!

Alright, it's time to join Natasha Olenski at the starting line in sports! She's got highlights from the NASCAR Sprint Cup, the biggest soccer match on the PLANET, and another epic clash in tennis between Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer.

Thanks Peyton and WELCOME to my NAKED SPORTS REPORT!!!! He missed the first ELEVEN races of the season with a broken leg and foot but Kyle Busch is now NASCAR's 2015 Sprint Cup champion! It was Busch's his first Sprint Cup crown and he did it by winning the Ford EcoBoost 400 at Homestead-Miami Speedway in dominating fashion. He took the checkered flag holding off runner-up Kevin Harvick by about a 20-car margin.
In Victory Lane Busch said it was all a dream come true, but the hardest part was getting through rehab and finding the confidence to race again. It was an amazing comeback by an amazing champion!

In NFL action, it was sweet revenge for Carson Palmer and the Arizona Cardinals. They took on the first-place Cincinnati Bengals in a potential Super Bowl matchup. The Bengals famously traded Palmer a few years ago, but he came back to haunt them on Sunday! With the game tied at 31 late in the fourth, Palmer drove the Cards down the field to set up a game-winning field goal! Speaking of comebacks, Tony Romo finally returned to the Cowboys on Sunday, and he might just save their season! Romo led Dallas to a crucial win in Miami against the Dolphins, and while he wasn't 100-percent, there is now hope in Big D!

Peyton Manning who? The Denver Broncos kept on rolling without their legendary quarterback, thanks to a great fill-in performance from Brock Osweiler. The backup threw 2 touchdowns and the Broncos held on late against the Bears to win 17-15! And Brock wasn't the only great backup playing on Sunday. In Seattle, Thomas Rawls replaced the injured Marshawn Lynch and didn't miss a beat! Rawls did his best Beast Mode impression against the 49ers, rushing for 209 yards and scoring two touchdowns! That's huge for Seahawks fans, because rumor has it Lynch could be done for the season with a hernia!

Meanwhile, one of the biggest sporting matches on the PLANET, happened on Saturday in Spain between soccer giants Real Madrid and Barcelona. Unfortunately, it was a pretty one-sided affair. Madrid came out totally flat and got humiliated at home by their rivals in a 4-nil romp. Barcelona had goals from Luis Suarez, Neymar, and Andres Iniesta before superstar Lionel Messi came in off the bench! The convincing win leaves no doubt that Barca are the true kings of Spanish football!

And Novak Djokovic lost to Roger Federer in the group stage, but came through when it mattered most! The Joker beat FedEx 6-3 6-4 to claim his record fourth straight ATP World Tour Finals title! The packed crowd of 18-thousand at London's O2 Arena were firmly behind Federer, but that didn't faze Djokovic one bit. It was a dream year for the Serbian star. He won 11 titles, including three Grand Slams.

That's the latest in sports for Naked News, I'm Natasha Olenski!

Welcome to Naked At The Movies, I'm MB! It's a plight that every struggling screenwriter faces - how to get your work noticed? When Eric Wilkinson heard that there was a new Die Hard prequel in the works, he decided to pitch HIS idea in a full page ad in The Hollywood Reporter. So was it crazy enough to work? When reached for comment, Mr. Die Hard himself Bruce Willis said he'd heard the pitch, but he didn't know what was happening with the project. That sounds like a MAYBE to us, Eric!

Woody Allen's "Annie Hall" has been voted the funniest screenplay of all time, in a new Writers Guild of America poll. Woody dominated the list with 6 other scripts placing in the top 101 picks. Comedy classics "Some Like It Hot", "Groundhog Day", "Airplane!" and "Tootsie" rounded out the top 5. The highest rated modern comedy was 2011's "Bridesmaids", written by Kristin Wiig and Annie Mumolo.

Harrison Ford is reprising his iconic role of Han Solo in the upcoming Star Wars sequel. but it's ANOTHER one of his classic roles that's making headlines THIS week. Harrison told Entertainment Weekly that he'd LOVE to return for a new Indiana Jones adventure. The buzz a few months ago was that Chris Pratt was in the running to take over the beloved franchise. Nothing's been confirmed but it looks like the original Indy still has a few cracks left in his whip!

Fast and Furious 8 doesn't hit theaters until April 2017, but there are already a bunch of sequels and spin-offs in the works. Franchise star and producer Vin Diesel says that the Fast and Furious team is currently mapping out storylines for future films. So far studio bosses have only committed to three more, but assuming they like money, we'll probably be handing over our cash for at least a few more!

And... it's been nearly 15 years since we first met male supermodel Derek Zoolander and his iconic BLUE STEEL pose. Well, he's back in a brand new sequel and he's brought his really, really, REALLY ridiculously good-looking friends along for the ride. Here's a quick preview. We've still got a few months left to practice our best Blue Steel poses. Best Blue Steel. Zoolander 2 is strutting into theaters February 12th, 2016. For Naked at the Movies, I'm Madison Banes!

Peyton Priestly finishes things up with the winner of our most recent Caption Contest, plus a preview of what's ahead on this week's Naked News shows.

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