Today's Show Friday May 27, 2016

Friday May 27, 2016

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Transcript Welcome, everyone, to Naked News! The weather has finally turned Elise and we get to play outside I know... Read More >> Hide >>

Welcome, everyone, to Naked News! The weather has finally turned Elise and we get to play outside

I know, this is pretty cool, but I'm waiting for the nude beach, now THAT'S somewhere i want to work from.

As we call it, the greatest outdoor studio in all of broadcasting! This might be the 2nd greatest. So I have a question for you, are you worried about that beautiful porcelain skin of yours outside? Okay, let's get things started with someone who I think could be your sister! The beautiful Vera Bambi.

It's funny you should say that because we get that all the time.

Vera's in the Naked Newsroom with a look at one of the least appealing museums ever.

These are your ODDS 'n ENDS!

There's a new attraction on England's Isle of Wight - the National POO Museum! It's a new exhibition at the island's zoo, designed to, quote, "lift the lid on the secret world of poo". The display features twenty different animals' poops from pigeons to lions, to elk, along with a prehistoric fossilized poop. Each sampling is encapsulated in clear resin so visitors can get a 360-degree view. Oh, goodie!

Over in Sweden, the Tourist Association is looking to boost interest in the country with a new initiative called The Swedish Number. That sounds oddly ominous, but it's actually a phone number that will connect callers with a RANDOM Swedish citizen! People who have volunteered to be "telephone ambassadors" will answer questions about the country or even just chat! You can get more info at TheSwedishNumber.se.

And twelve hundred people and mattresses recently set a new "human dominoes" Guinness world record! With the help of a dominoes expert, which is a real thing, participants lined up in thirty-four zig-zagging rows in a Maryland convention center. From first shove to the last fall, the toppling took over thirteen minutes! And the record-breaking mattresses were then donated to a local charity. Now THAT's win-win! Stay tuned for MORE, Odds N Ends.

More goodies from Hedonism, can't wait to see it. Okay, Elise, our next feature is right up your alley. X-Men: Apocalypse is sure to be one of the biggest films of the year, and as a certified NERD, what are your thoughts on it? Well, let's see what Madison has to say about it because that's her big feature today in Naked At The Movies.

The latest movie in the X-Men franchise sees our mutant heroes taking on their biggest, baddest villain yet in the form of Apocalypse, played by the always incredible Oscar Isaac. And as we soon find out, Apocalypse isn't just a clever name. Turns out this original mutant has been a bad-ass for millennia!

The year is 1983, and Apocalypse is newly freed from being entombed and ready to make a comeback! He's on a quest to wipe out humanity, and to do so, he assembles his latest incarnation of the Four Horsemen, which includes some familiar faces. In that clip, we see Alexandra Shipp playing Storm, who we've previously seen played by Halle Berry. Part of the fun of this movie is seeing the younger versions of characters we've come to know. For instance, if you've ever wondered what Cyclops was like as a teenager, well, wonder no more!

Of course, introducing so many new characters AND trying to do them all justice helps explain why this movie comes in at a hefty two hours and twenty-four minutes! But of course the main reason we go to the big budget blockbusters is still to see the big fight at the end, and according to Apocalypse himself, we won't be disappointed!

That's all I needed to hear! Assuming life on this planet still exists, X-Men: Apocalypse is in theaters now! For Naked At The Movies, I'm Madison Banes.

While at Young Swingers Week at Hedonism resort in Jamaica, Carli Bei asked people about their craziest swinging experience.

OMG Hedonism was SO much fun! You'd love it there. Have you ever been to a nude resort or an adult themed resort? Okay, we have more Odds and Ends next, including a heartwarming- if really weird- story about forgiveness and redemption.

Here's Vera to explain.

Police in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, recently got an UNUSUAL package in the mail. It contained a "say no to drugs" sign that had been stolen nearly THIRTY years ago! Taped to the sign was a note saying "sometime in the late 80s, I stole this sign in a fit of youthful exuberance, please forgive me", and a fifty dollar money order to pay to reinstall it. Conscience? Cleared!

A misdirected AMAZON package resulted in CHAOS recently in a California neighborhood. A man expecting plumbing parts got a box that contained men's underwear, stockings, and hot sauce, dusted in a loose powder. Worried about the powder, the man called 911 and soon police, the HAZMAT team, fire crews, Environmental Health Services and the FBI were on hand to investigate! After all that, the powder turned out to be a cosmetic. How embarrassing!

And finally, there's a new food truck on Seattle's streets. A DOG food truck! The Seattle BARKery visits farmers' markets, office parking lots, and dog parks. It offers treats like dried duck neck, chicken feet, and bacon PUPcake treats. But the most popular item is a special ice cream sundae with an edible bowl. And it's not JUST for the pooches. They also offer coffee for the critters on the OTHER end of the leash. For Naked News, I'm Vera Bambi.

I think the food truck craze has officially jumped the shark.

I don't think so, it's actually kind of cute. Not a great business plan but cute nonetheless. Anyway, Elise, you met former Naked News anchor Rachelle Wilde at our recent party right, what did you think of her? Well, since that party sighting, we've been getting inundated with questions about her, like why did she leave. The answer to that question was that she went back to school, graduated with a marketing degree and decided on a career outside of the entertainment field. Good for her. Guess what the next most popular question we've been getting about her. If we can re-air her audition. And because we love to please our fans, here it is from October, 2010.

Welcome to Hollywood XPosed, brought to you with a little help from our friends at Mr Skin! Let's get started! In theaters this week is Alice Through The Looking Glass. This being a Disney flick it isn't too hot in the nudity category. But that's okay 'cause we never get tired of looking at Anne Hathaway! Anne caused a ruckus in 2005's Havoc. She gets it on with a gang member before telling him to put his pistol back in his holster. Then there's 2010's "Love and Other Drugs", where she spends one scene after another rolling around in the sack with Jake Gyllenhaal. Where Anne HathaWILL, Anne HathaWAY!

Now let's celebrate a skintastic classic! Out on BluRay this week is the 1972 Italian horror flick "The Red Queen Kills 7 Times". And you'll want to watch Sybil Danning undress at LEAST that many times. The B-movie queen really knows how to serve up a pair of spicy meat-a-balls! Her heavy hangers are guaranteed to leave you hypnotized!

For some slightly more modern fare, you're sure to enjoy being under the influence of 1990's "Bad Influence". Now out on BluRay, it features an epic threesome scene between Adrienne Leigh, Charisse Glenn, and the world's luckiest man, aka Rob Lowe. He plays a psychopath with KILLER skills in the bedroom. Bad Influence is a movie filled with our three favorite B's: babes, boobs, and butts!

And over on the Boob Tube, HBO's Game of Thrones proved once again why it's king of cable TV. The latest episode featured a racktastic debut for nude newcomer Eline Powell. She gets her top pulled down onstage during her performance as Sansa Stark. And then later on, we go backstage to get a lengthier look at her lovely lady lumps. It was a scene that no doubt left fans swinging their swords with BOTH hands.

Now it's time for even MORE celebrity nudity in Hollywood XPress! Over on EgotasticAllstars.com this week... a topless Miranda Kerr in the water? Yessir! These sensational shots for Vogue Italy will cause a stir... in your pants!

Paige Marie Evans does her best mermaid-turned-human impression in these saucy black and whites.

Someone call the UN, because Emma Glover's sporting a pair of atomic weapons no man could handle responsibly.

And feast your eyes on Moldovan fashion model Xenia Deli in these steamy beach shots. Any volunteers to help rub that sand off? That'll do it for this edition of Hollywood XPosed. For Naked News, I'm Natasha Olenski!

Thanks very much Natasha and unfortunately Elise, that's all the time we have for today.

The GOOD news is we'll be back before you know it, on this weekend's, Naked News magazine. You won't want to miss it because we've got a special Schmooze with Michael and Holli from Playboy Radio.

We're also debuting a brand new segment called Naked News Moves. All I'm going to tell you is this, it involves our recent guest anchor Hanna. Enough said.

So how'd we do today? Let us know by writing to feedback@nakednews.com. You can also post a comment to any of our social media pages, we're on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Be safe, be well, and we'll see you again soon.

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