Today's Show Thursday November 26, 2015

Thursday November 26, 2015

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Transcript Hello and welcome everyone, I'm Katherine Curtis. Peyto'ns crowning our Boob Of The Week, and Carli has All... Read More >> Hide >>

Hello and welcome everyone, I'm Katherine Curtis. Peyto'ns crowning our Boob Of The Week, and Carli has All-Access Turn It Up with The Meds. And of course, there’s also our weekly Naked Weather Forecast with our intrepid weather expert, Natasha Olenski! What have you got for us today?

Well, Kat, this weekend is a momentous anniversary in video gaming history!

Okay, now you’ve got MY attention!

I thought you'd like that. This weekend in 1972, humanity first experienced PONG, the simple black-and-white tennis-inspired video game. It might look ridiculously basic, or even BORING by today’s standards, but it was HUGE in its day! It’s the game that many people credit with starting us all on the path to becoming video game addicts!

Well, I for one WELCOME our digital overlords! We’ll check in with you and your weather report a little later. Isabella Rossini is standing by in the Naked Newsroom with the latest on a Brazilian billionaire going down!

One of Brazil's richest men has been arrested as part of a corruption investigation. Andre Esteves is accused of obstruction of justice and hiding evidence relating to a probe of the state-run oil giant Petrobras. Esteves is worth an estimated 2 and half billion dollars and heads one of the biggest investment banks in the country. So far more than 100 people have been arrested in connection with the 2-year-long inquiry, including politicians and former Petrobras executives.

Ukraine Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has banned Russian aircraft from using his country's airspace. The restriction applies to both military and civilian flights. The move comes after Russian energy supplier Gazprom stopped all gas deliveries to Ukraine as of Wednesday, citing unpaid bills. Ukraine officials say they're not worried and have been offered better prices from other European countries. Ironically, those other countries import gas from Russia too, but can pipe it BACK to Ukraine.

And Toyota is recalling another 1 point 6 million cars due to defective airbags. The NEW recall includes 22 models sold in Japan, Italy, Britain and Spain. The Japanese automaker has already had to repair almost 15 million vehicles fitted with the air bags made by Takata. Takata was recently fined 70 million dollars by US auto regulators for concealing evidence relating to the faulty parts. Kat, so far Toyota, Ford, Honda and Nissan have all dumped Takata airbags from future models.

As they SHOULD, what a mess! 2015 is definitely the year of the recall. We'll see you later Isabella. The TV season is in full swing and THAT means it's about time to cull the weakest from the herd. Here's Eila Adams with the details, Inside the Box.

Kat, low ratings means that FX's “Bastard Executioner” is heading for the chopping block. The Game of Thrones wannabe never really caught on with audiences during its 10-episode run. Over at ABC, the plug was pulled on its crime drama, “Wicked City” after just THREE episodes. But the BIGGEST surprise has to be E's long running show, “The Soup”. After 11 years, the show that made fun of OTHER shows has been cancelled. It'll make its last joke December 18th.

American Idol is celebrating it's fifteenth and final season by welcoming back its former judges! Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Paula Adbul are all confirmed to make appearances, and the word is that producers are negotiating to bring back the REST of the judges from the show's history too. That list includes superstar talents like Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Steven Tyler and Nicki Minaj. Let's just hope they let Simon loose in the auditions!

The LA Clippers dance team will be busting their moves on the small screen as of next year! E! has ordered eight episodes of an unscripted reality series based on the lives of the NBA dancers. The show promises to give us an EXCLUSIVE look behind the scenes at what it takes to become a Clippers girl, as well as how the they balance their private lives around their busy work schedules. Watch for an early 2016 premier.

It's the question haunting every Game of Thrones fan: did Jon Snow die at the end of season 5? A new photo tweeted out by HBO MIGHT have just given us the answer. The image shows a bloody, yet very much ALIVE Jon, accompanied by the hashtag “game of thrones season 6”. Spoiler? Teaser? Wishful thinking? We won't know for sure until Game Of Thrones – with or without Jon Snow - returns in April next year. DAMN YOU HBO!

And speaking of returning series, one of OUR favorite shows, Shameless, is coming back for a 6th season. Here's a preview of the Gallaghers and the crazy shenanigans they'll be getting up to in the new year:
If anything, watching this show will make YOUR family seem a lot more normal by comparison! Season 6 kicks off January 10th on Showtime. I'm Eila Adams, and THAT's what's happening Inside the Box.

Recently, university campuses across North America have been the sites for what some people see as political correctness gone wild. You've probably heard the stories about students demanding Ancient Literature classes have "trigger warnings" and allow traumatized would-be scholars to not read books that might damage their fragile little psyches.

But this week, a campus dust-up has emerged that's really brought the WTF. The Student Federation of the University of Ottawa suspended a free yoga class at one of the student centers, because of "cultural appropriation". Here's a quote from the email received by the class's teacher.

"Yoga has been under a lot of controversy lately due to how it is being practiced and what practices from what cultures (which are often sacred spiritual practices) they are being taken from. Many of these cultures are cultures that have experienced oppression, cultural genocide and diasporas due to colonialism and western supremacy, and we need to be mindful of this and how we express ourselves and while practicing yoga." End quote

Side, close

Now, cultural MIS-appropriation and imperialism ARE real things. And, for example, Connecticut sorority girls dressing up as (with distaste) "Indian squaws" or blackfaced Beyonce for Halloween IS offensive. But we also live in an interconnected world, with many cultures coming together and integrating the best of one another. Sometimes the worst, too, but I'd like to hope that the good things spread more. And trying to STOP the integration is both impossible and ridiculous.

Side, long

The class's teacher even offered to change the class' title to "mindful stretching". THAT was given a thumbs-down because they couldn't come up with a suitable French translation! Sheesh.

Side, close

Perhaps the biggest irony about this ridiculousness is expressed beautifully by Latha Sukumar (la-TAH soo-koo-MAR), who's practiced yoga for over thirty-five years. She said that calling the class "cultural appropriation" violates the concept and spirit of yoga itself, because "ownership" is a WESTERN practice. Oh, snap!

Side, long

This whole thing is the sort of politically correct silliness that desensitizes people to REAL issues, "boy who cried wolf" style. So for their petty PC imperialism and sheer ignorance, we're naming the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa, our BOOB of the WEEK. Namaste! For NN, I'm PP.

The US Food and Drug Administration has given the greenlight for a new type of flu vaccine called Fluad. It's aimed at helping seniors battle the bug, and it's got a unique component. Fluad is the first vaccine in the US to contain what's called an "adjuvant", which is a compound designed to help boost the immune system. These types of vaccines are already widely in use in Canada and Europe. The FDA says people over 65 bear the brunt of the blow when it comes to flu-related illnesses. The shot should be made available next year.

The hack of Sony Pictures Entertainment last year is costing the company more than just bad PR. A judge has given preliminary approval on a settlement that will see Sony pay out 8 million dollars to current and former employees, affected by the breach. Under the deal, Sony's agreed to give 10-thousand dollars apiece to those who suffered identity-theft loss because of the hack. The cyber attack on Sony was carried out by a group calling themselves the "Guardians of Peace". They released sensitive documents and emails in an attempt to thwart the release of the Seth Rogen movie "The Interview". US authorities traced the hack back to North Korea.

And 2015 is far from over but the UN's World Meteorological Organization is already declaring it the HOTTEST year, ever recorded. Based on current trends, scientists say 2015 is virtually GUARANTEED to shatter the record-setting temperatures we witnessed LAST year. The new report comes a week before world leaders assemble in Paris for MAJOR talks on climate change. Those are the headlines, for Naked News, I'm Isabella Rossini.

Carli Bei sits down with members of The Meds to learn more about their newest single, South America.

This weekend marks the forty-third anniversary of the grand-daddy of arcade video gaming! It’s one of the first arcade games, and THE first SPORTS arcade video game, though by current standards “sports” is a bit of a stretch! Atari’s PONG isn’t exactly Federer versus Djokovic, but the simple digital tennis game LAUNCHED the gaming industry that’s now bringing in over eighty BILLION dollars a year! To commemorate Pong’s anniversary, I’ll be taking a look at some of the highlights in video gaming history, in THIS edition of the Naked Weather Forecast! But FIRST, let’s SERVE UP a little Brainstorm Trivia!

In 2011, developer Thoughtquake Studios released a kooky puzzle platformer game that used the hero's powers of WEATHER to try to defeat his enemy. Do you know the name of that game? Stick around for the answer!

Andy Capp’s bar in San Francisco was home to the first Pong game, and soon it was in bars and homes everywhere. MAGNAVOX sued Atari, claiming that they owned the concept of electronic ping-pong. That lawsuit was settled out of court, and Pong is now considered the cornerstone of the industry’s success. Atari’s HQ was in Sunnyvale, California, where the weekend will be partly cloudy, with a high of 58 (14C).

One of the next HUGE games was 1978’s Space Invaders. It was pretty simple to play. One hand made your shooter move and the other mashed the hell out of that “shoot” button to destroy the approaching danger. By the end of its first year in release, it grossed developers Taito over six hundred million dollars in Japan alone! Taito’s headquarters are in Shinjuku, Japan, which will be mainly sunny and 58 (14C).

In 1984, the USSR gave the world Tetris. It was a simple tile-matching game where differently shaped geometric pieces fall downward and have to be fit together puzzle-style to form rows. It may have been simple, but it was – and IS - CRAZY addictive, and some people even developed “Tetris Syndrome”, where they’d envision random objects in the real world fitting together. Raise your hand if you did that. Thought so. Tetris was the brainchild of Russian computer engineer Alexey Pajitnov. His hometown of Moscow will see a mix of sun and cloud, and a chilly high of 27 (-3C).

And Grand Theft Auto was launched in 1997, and has spawned a BUNCH of sequels – about two hundred and twenty million units worth! According to Guinness, it’s also the most controversial video game series EVER. Its graphic depictions of sex, violence, and general mayhem has made it a target for lawyers, moral crusaders, and killjoys in general. GTA was developed by DMA Design, based in Dundee, Scotland. Dundee will be wet and windy, and just 47 (8C)

Now for the answer to this week's Brainstorm Trivia! "Tesla: The Weather Man" lets you play as Nikola Tesla, who uses experimental technology to harness the power of lightning, sun, and precipitation to stop a rampaging Thomas Edison and his horde of DC-powered robots. It's not exactly Fallout 4, but I bet you could kill a couple hours with it!

That's a wrap on this week's Naked Weather Forecast. For Naked News, I'm Natasha Olenski - game on!

Eila Adams and Katherine Curtis answer some emails that we've received from viewers.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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