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Monday February 8, 2016

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Transcript Welcome to Naked News, I'm Katherine Curtis. We're kicking off the week with a look at the game everyone's ... Read More >> Hide >>

Welcome to Naked News, I'm Katherine Curtis. We're kicking off the week with a look at the game everyone's STILL talking about today, Super Bowl 50! Let's bring in our Sports reporter, Natasha Olenski to help break it down for us. Quite the game wasn't it Nat!

Right till the very end Kat! Denver and Carolina put on a great show and it was a fantastic ending to another perfect NFL season!

You know I'm not much of a sports fan so the highlight for me was the halftime show! Nothing against Chris Martin and Coldplay but Beyonce and Bruno Mars stole the show!

And what about lady Gaga and the national Anthem, she not only looked great but WOW can that woman SING!

I know, she was awesome too! So a big congratulations to the Denver Broncos! They did it but, really Nat, it was anyone's game until the last couple of minutes!

It was certainly a close one and filled with mistakes on BOTH sides Kat. Here's how it all went down! WELCOME inside my Naked Sports report! The Denver Broncos are your new NFL champions! Denver's top-ranked defense put the clamps on Cam Newton and Carolina's high-powered offense in an upset for the ages. It seemed like every time Carolina got some momentum, Denver's D managed to force a turnover! Despite being 6-point underdogs, Denver came in and slugged out a 24-10 victory at Levi's Stadium. Broncos linebacker Von Miller led the charge for Denver, racking up 2-and-a-half sacks and forcing two fumbles. That was good enough to earn him Super Bowl MVP honors. Of course, the question on everyone's mind after the final whistle was whether Peyton Manning would announce his retirement.

While Manning was more than happy to answer reporters' questions after winning his second Super Bowl ring, Panthers QB Cam Newton was in NO mood for idle chitchat. Cam made headlines at the postgame press conference. Not because of what he said, but for what he DIDN'T say. Hey, if you'd been sacked a Super Bowl record-tying SEVEN times you probably wouldn't be too happy either.

So Cam didn't win his first Super Bowl ring, but if it's any consolation he did win some other awesome hardware this weekend! Newton was named the NFL's Most Valuable Player, AND took home the Offensive Player of the Year honor at the league's annual award show Saturday night. Newton won the MVP trophy in a landslide, getting 48 out of 50 votes. Other major award winners included JJ Watt, for Defensive Player of the Year, Rams running back Todd Gurley ran away with the Offensive Rookie of the Year trophy, and Kansas City safety Eric Berry won the Comeback Player award for making the Pro Bowl just months after battling cancer.

And it wouldn't be the Super Bowl without some of the year's best new ads! Amazon made a great first impression with its cool new Echo device, thanks to this spot that featured Dan Marino and Alec Baldwin getting testy at a football party. That was probably the funniest ad, but this next one was definitely the WEIRDEST! Mountain Dew promoted its new Kickstart drink by unveiling a character that instantly went viral. Introducing "Puppy Monkey Baby"! Funny, creepy, and totally catchy!

We'll cap things off with the world's happiest Denver Broncos fan today. Hours before kickoff, Justin Kerrigan was interviewed by a local news station about how much he'd spent for Super Bowl tickets. 30-grand and he never asked his wife! Luckily Denver won, but you can bet Justin will spend even MORE next weekend when he tries to patch things up with his wife on Valentine's Day! You really can't put a price on seeing your team win the Super Bowl!

I'm Natasha Olenski and that'll do it for this SUPER edition of Naked Sports! See you next time!

I'm Angie Heyward. A nuclear power plant in New York state is leaking RADIOACTIVE WASTE! Governor Andrew Cuomo has ordered an investigation after THREE monitoring wells at the Indian Point energy station were found to have alarming levels of tritium in them. So far the leak is thought to have only affected groundwater on the nuclear site. The station is located 40 miles north of Manhattan and supplies around 30 percent of the city's electricity.

Nearly 13 million American's have registered for health insurance under the affordable care act this year! The figures are well above the Obama administration's estimate of 10 million, with 42 percent of sign-ups coming from NEW customers. This massive jump is likely due to the increase in PENALTIES payable by those who stay uninsured. The average fine in 2016 is expected to be around 970 DOLLARS!

And despite record-low oil prices, US production remains in OVERDRIVE! American suppliers have more than 500 MILLION barrels of crude oil on reserve, the highest stockpile in the last 80 years! There is SO much oil in fact, that suppliers are running out of places to STORE it all. And it's not much different in the rest of the world - experts are predicting a daily oversupply of 1 point 5 MILLION barrels in the first half of this year alone! That's good news for drivers Kat, but not so much for the overall economy.

Lots of uncertainty ahead, that's for sure Angie. We'll see you later. Now let's head over to Madison Banes. She's going Naked at the Movies with the year-end figures at the box office. Let's just say it was a GOOD TIME to be a nerd! Here she is with the details.

Kat, 2015 was a RECORD breaking year for film studios - and yes, also a good year to be a nerd! Box office receipts from the 692 films released last year totaled more than 11 BILLION, the highest amount EVER. You don't need to be in tune with the FORCE to guess that Star Wars: The Force Awakens made the MOST cash, with 887 million. Jurassic World's dinos scared up 652 million for second place. And even the Hulk has to be smiling after the Avengers: Age of Ultron placed a respectable third with 459 million.

Tom Hanks is American's favorite movie star! It's the FIFTH time the affable actor has snared the top spot in the annual Harris Poll. He scored equally well across all ages and political affiliations. Johnny Depp came in second overall, but number ONE with the ladies! The highest ranking WOMAN was Sandra Bullock in 6th place, followed closely by Jennifer Lawrence in 7th.

We've just found out who will play the woman who taught Christen Grey EVERYTHING he knows in the upcoming Fifty Shades sequel! Oscar-winning actress Kim BASINGER. She'll take on the role of Elena, Christian's MUCH older business partner. She was the one who introduced Christian into the steamy world of BDSM – so now you know who to THANK, Anastasia! Watch out for Kim when Fifty Shades Darker hits the big screen in 2017.

Star Wars 8 hasn't even started filming yet, but the director for Star Wars NINE is already making plans for HIS installment. It's not QUITE in a galaxy far, far away but director Colin Trevorrow wants to film part of it on the International SPACE Station. Trevorrow says he's put the question out there, but has yet to hear anything back. If it IS possible, there's still plenty of time to plan it out. Star Wars 9 isn't expect in theaters until 2019.

And, it's a film 10 YEARS in the making. It was Miles Davis' nephew who first suggested that Don Cheadle play the jazz legend in a biopic. It took a while but Cheadle is FINALLY fulfilling that prophecy as the star and director of the new flick, Miles Ahead. The story focuses on Miles circa the late 70's, a particularly dark time in his life. Here's a look. The Oscar buzz is ALREADY strong with this one! Miles Ahead is in theaters from April 1st. For Naked News, I'm Madison Banes.

I'm Isabella Rossini. Kit Kat is continuing its storied history of unusual and interesting new flavors. May I introduce you to its NEWEST addition - SAKE! The Japan-only treat is described as having "the elegant taste of sake, wrapped in the gentle sweetness of white chocolate." It's also intended for adults only, because the bars have a point-eight percent alcohol content! Japan regularly gets interesting - or weird - Kit Kat flavors, from green tea to apple vinegar.

Still bitter at an ex? Then you could get free food on Valentine's Day! "Breastaurant" chain Hooters is having a "Shred Your Ex" event on February 14th. If you bring in a photo of your ex and buy ten wings, you'll get another ten wings free. If all your pics are digital, you can VIRTUALLY shred, burn, or bury it on their website, ShredYourEx.Hooters.com. You'll get a coupon you can redeem for the free wings.

Everyone loves tacos. But if you REALLY love tacos, you can now STUDY them - for CREDIT! The University of Kentucky has launched an undergrad course called "Taco Literacy: Public Advocacy and Mexican Food in the US South". It's part writing, part history, and part delicious. Students are expected to "explore Mexican foodways in the South", and "critique preferences and tastes with regard to Mexican food as part of American and Global cuisines". "Taco tours" are part of the curriculum!

Forget anchovies. Pizza Hut China is offering LOBSTER as topping! It's part of their Chinese New Year celebration, and it's definitely festive. The 'za is covered with bacon, asparagus, mushrooms, red bell pepper, a bit of shrimp and lobster sauce, and HALF a lobster, IN its SHELL! If dealing with lobster shell on your pizza isn't your thing, it's also available on their pasta. The special is also surprisingly inexpensive, at about fifteen dollars US.

We thought January's French Toast Benny Burger was impressive. But California chain Slater's 50/50 has outdone themselves with their FEBRUARY Burger of the Month. Meet the STUFFED LASAGNA burger. The patty is a blend of ground beef and Italian sausage, and it's topped with parmesan, mozzarella, and fried basil leaves. OH, and it's served on a FRIED CHEESE lasagna bun! Sounds yummy! For the Naked Foodie, I'm Isabella Rossini. Buon appetito!

Twitter has closed down more 125 thousand Twitter accounts since the middle of last year for promoting terrorism! Most of the affected handles were traced back to members of ISIS, a group known to use the site for recruitment and propaganda. The topic of tech companies taking on terrorism has been a hot issue of late, with the likes of Facebook, Google and Apple all recently expressing interest in limiting terrorist-related content.

Monday marks the first day of the Chinese New Year! Celebrations are taking place across the globe and will continue for the next 15 days. Each year of the Chinese lunar calendar is characterized by one of 12 different animals from the Chinese zodiac – this time around it's the Year of the MONKEY! Although it's usually thought to be one of the UNLUCKIEST years, those born under the sign are thought to be intelligent and likely to excel in their careers.

And it will take a lot more than the ZIKA VIRUS to stop Brazil's annual Carnival festival! The street party kicked off Sunday and is expected to attract more than 5 million visitors from around the world. It's a situation that experts fear could SPEED UP the global spread of the Zika virus. Public health officials will be on hand to pass out leaflets highlighting the risks to tourists until the party ends on Wednesday. For Naked News, I'm Angie Heyward.

Thanks Angie, let's hope everyone stays safe! Okay, in just a few minutes I'll be announcing the winner of our latest caption contest. But right now, we've got another edition of Wheelz. Eila Adams is rarin' to go with some BIG news for you Top Gear fans!

Kat, new Top Gear host Chris Evans will have a "friend" sitting shotgun when the BBC show makes its long-awaited return! Friends star Matt LeBlanc has signed on as a co-presenter on the renowned car program. Matt's a perfect fit for the show. He's a lifelong gearhead and no stranger to Top Gear. In fact, in 2012 he set the record for the fastest celebrity lap around the Top Gear track! LeBlanc will be the first non-British host in the show's 39-year history. Producers hope his presence will give Top Gear a popularity boost in the US. Watch for the premiere on May 8th!

Great Scott! DeLoreans are coming back... to the future! For the first time in more than thirty years, the car made famous by the Back to the Future movies will be hitting showrooms in 2017. They won't be cheap, either. The new DeLoreans come with a price tag of around 100-thousand dollars. And calling them "new" is a bit misleading. The cars are being made from an inventory of a million spare parts that have been kept in storage for decades. The engine will be the only part made in THIS century. If it weren't for the blockbuster Hollywood franchise, it's doubtful anyone would have remembered the DeLorean. They were discontinued in 1982 - THREE YEARS before Marty McFly's first adventure!

It's widely regarded as one of the finest cars EVER made, and it just shattered records at an auction in Arizona! This legendary 1937 Mercedes-Benz 540K is one of just three still in existence, which explains its monstrous 9.9 MILLION DOLLAR selling price! Believe it or not that's LESS than many expected. The car was projected to go for somewhere between ten and thirteen million. Only 419 of them were originally built.

Here's an iconic car that sold for a LOT less! The 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am from Smokey and the Bandit went for 550-thousand dollars at auction in Scottsdale. The Bandit himself, Burt Reynolds, was on-hand to help with the proceedings. The car wasn't actually in the classic movie, but was used to help promote it. That didn't seem to bother bidders one bit! It's believed to be the most ever paid for a Trans Am. The winner got the car, the original movie script, behind the scenes pictures taken during filming, and an autograph from Reynolds.

And if you've ever been pulled over speeding you'll LOVE this! A Miami woman was out on the highway doing the speed limit when a police car blew past her. She decided to follow the officer and eventually managed to track him down and pull HIM over! She then questioned him about his aggressive driving style and got the whole thing on video. Ah yes, the old "I was going to work" excuse! To be fair, the officer handled the situation like a gentleman. Florida cops have a reputation for ignoring the speed limits so maybe this will get them to slow down! That's all for Wheelz. I'm Eila Adams, hope you enjoyed the ride.

We're almost out of time, but before we go, I've got the winner of our latest caption contest! The pic was of Eila looking badass with a pair of spray bottles, and it inspired a lot of great captions! There was a fair bit of debate, but ultimately we awarded the win to Duncan Marchant and his entry "It is going to take me forever to get rid of this grafitti".

That WOULD be a hell of a tough job! Congratulations, Duncan! Drop us a private message on Facebook, and we'll arrange to send out your prize. There's a NEW contest up right now at Facebook.com/NakedNews, so be sure to enter.

We've got a great week coming up for you, that includes an exclusive One on One with our recent guest host, adult film star Samantha Rone. We've also got a new audition, her name is Elise and I'm pretty sure it's going to be love at first sight. Watch for that on our weekend magazine show. Thanks for tuning in, see you all back here again tomorrow.

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