Today's Show Wednesday February 10, 2016

Wednesday February 10, 2016

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Hello and welcome to the one and ONLY Naked News! I'm Isabella Rossini, and yes, I'm wearing a camera on my head. It's all part of another Point Of View segment we'll be bringing you VERY soon! We've got a JAM-PACKED program today, so let's get it started with Angie Heyward. She's standing by in the naked newsroom with the headlines!

Isabella, US President Barack Obama has signed off on a new law that will provide electricity for up to 50 MILLION Africans by the year 2020! Currently around 70 percent of the continent does not have access to reliable power. Estimates put the TOTAL cost of hooking up all of Africa at around 835 BILLION dollars. The US government has committed to spending 7 billion on the scheme so far, with the rest to be raised from other public and private partners.

Things are looking up for the US economy! Job openings surged to 5 point 6 million in December. That's the second highest reading since records began, and nearly THREE times the number of positions that were available at the end of the recession in 2009. Economists are pointing the finger at a shortage of skilled workers, especially those with experience in trades like electrical and plumbing.

And there's at least one person who WON'T be looking for a new job anytime soon – Google CEO Sundar Pichai. The tech boss has been handed 199 million dollars worth of stock, making him one of the highest paid executives in the WORLD. There is one pretty BIG catch though – Pichai will have to STAY in the role until at LEAST 2019 to keep the full amount. Not a bad pay out, Isabella. Especially considering he's only been in the job since OCTOBER!

I knew I should have paid more attention to computers when I was in school! Thanks Angie. Kat Curtis joins us now to tell us what's burning up the internet in our weekly Trending Now feature. What's happening Kat?

Isabella, just when you think Marvel has perfected the art of viral marketing, they go and take it to the next level – with a little help from Ryan Reynolds that is! Coming up, a Deadpool fan's Facebook post ends up scoring her a one-way ticket to the premiere! Plus, we look at one man's attempt to CROWDFUND a Valentine's gift. Let's just say that it doesn't QUITE go to plan.

I bet! We'll tune in later to find out what happened Kat, thanks very much. Now here's Natasha Olenski with your mid-week look at sports, and that starts off with a BIG party in Denver!

Isabella, an estimated MILLION people poured into Denver's downtown district to celebrate their Super Bowl champions! The festivities kicked off in the morning with a concert near city hall, and this being Colorado, the smell of marijuana was thick in the air! Then the real show started as the Broncos players were wheeled in on firetrucks and took center stage.

Here's an interesting bit of trivia for you. Denver Mayor Michael Hancock used to be the Broncos MASCOT! He was part of the 1986 Denver team that lost Super Bowl 21. Not many politicians can say that!

We already knew things were bad between the Cleveland Browns and Johnny Manziel. The team's expected to release the hard-partying QB next month. But new details have surfaced showing just HOW bad things got last season. NFL Network reporter Mike Silver says players on the team told him that Manziel showed up DRUNK to a Browns practice late in the year. Not only that, but the team covered it up by telling reporters Manziel was going through concussion protocol. Cleveland has categorically denied the report. It's no longer a question of WHERE Johnny will play football next year, it's IF he can play anywhere at all.

Real football fans know the NFL season never ends! The Super Bowl's behind us, which means it's time to gear up for the 2016 draft! And Adidas is making things extra-interesting at this year's scouting combine. The company is offering a million dollars to any athlete who can break the record in the 40-yard dash! Arizona Cardinals running back Chris Johnson set the mark in 2008 with a 4-point-2-4 second time, and that's going to be tough to beat! There is one catch for the prize money. The athlete has to be wearing Adidas shoes when he does it!

Now to basketball, and more bad news for LA Clippers star Blake Griffin. Already out at least a month with a broken hand after a fight with a team staff member, the league has suspended Griffin four games for that same fight! The ban will cost the all-star more than 850-thousand dollars. The incident happened at a Toronto restaurant on January 23rd. Griffin had already been sitting out nursing a quadriceps injury when he punched the team employee and hurt his hand. Luckily the Clippers haven't missed him much. LA is 18 and 4 without Griffin this season.

And it's another big blow to daily fantasy sports. ESPN has axed its partnership with DraftKings. The pairing was first announced last June, and DraftKings was made the official daily fantasy sports offering across ESPN's many platforms. If you've watched sports at any time in the last seven months, you've been inundated with ads for daily fantasy sites. But suspicions of insider trading in the daily fantasy world eventually landed DraftKings in the crosshairs of the FBI. The company was reportedly spending 200 million dollars a YEAR in its exclusive rights deal with ESPN, but it'll need that money to fight its mounting legal battles!

Those are your sports headlines! Now let's cap things off with your MUST-SEE MOMENTS!

Nice recovery! I'm Natasha Olenski and that'll do it for THIS edition of Naked Sports! See YOU next time!

In Ask A Porn Star, Samantha Rone tells us what she plans to do when she retires from the adult industry

Welcome to Trending Now, where we track down all the best viral goodies of the week so YOU don't have to! First up, Mariah Boyle owes her Mom a BIG thank you for posting an embarrassing video to Ryan Reynold's Facebook page. Stay with me here... the clip shows Mariah spaced out after dental surgery, crying over how she thought she'd missed the opening day of Deadpool. Take a look. Ryan responded with a joke photo of HIM with gauze in his mouth. Nice, right? Oh and he also invited her to join him at the Deadpool premiere in New York City! Ryan flew Mariah and a friend out and even posed for a pic. Someone remind me to book a dentist appointment after the show.

The Carolina Panthers may have lost the Super Bowl, but it was APPLE who took a beating on social media! CEO Tim Cook shared THIS blurry post-win photo to his two million Twitter followers. Fans DIDN'T hold back in their responses: one user tweeted “get him a Samsung or LG G4”, another wondered if the image had been “shot on an iPotato 6+”, and someone even suggested that maybe “taking terrible photos of important moments” was a new Apple advertising strategy! Tim obviously didn't think so, because the pic has since been deleted!

An Australian man is CROWDFUNDING cash to pay for his girlfriend's Valentine's gift! The anonymous Aussie wants to hire an airplane banner to profess his love - and if YOUR girlfriend's name is Prue and you live in Melbourne, he wants you to get in on it!

His reasoning is that by signing the banner as ME, every guy with a girlfriend named Prue can claim ownership. Unfortunately, the effort has gotten enough attention that the REAL Prue recognized him and blew the surprise.

Forget Making a Murderer's Steven Avery, the Internet has a NEW true crime saga to obsess over. Making a SIMPSONS Murderer is a mash-up of the hit Netflix series and everyone's favorite cartoon family. It's racking up the views online and we can only hope its popularity means we'll get a full length version at some point! Okay, so Homer was CLEARLY framed, right? I mean it's so obvious! Let's just agree to disagree.

And now for our weekly feature – FOLLOW ME! This is where we recommend the HOTTEST social media stars WE think are worth a follow! Before she became known as The Blonde Abroad, Kiersten Rich was stuck in a boring finance job. She gave it all up to travel the world and now gets PAID to promote brands on her mega-popular blog and Instagram account. It doesn't hurt that she's easy on the eyes, either! She recently made headlines after visiting her FIFTIETH country. With hundreds of thousand of fans, and a steady supply of bikini shots, The Blonde Abroad is our FOLLOW ME pick of the week! With your look at what's Trending Now, I'm Katherine Curtis!

Welcome back to the newsroom. 2015 was a RECORD year for SHARK ATTACKS! There were 98 reported incidents around the globe last year, including six fatalities. That's 26 MORE attacks than in 2014 and significantly higher than just a decade ago. Florida had the dubious honor of hosting the MOST incidents, with 30 attacks. Experts blame the increase in encounters on warmer ocean temperatures from El Niño.

Florida residents have MORE than just SHARKS to watch out for... A 23-year-old man has been charged with aggravated assault after throwing an ALLIGATOR into a drive-thru window! After placing an order at a Wendy's restaurant in Royal Palm Beach, Joshua James pulled up to the window and TOSSED a THREE FOOT LIVE alligator inside! James says it was meant to be a prank on a friend who worked there, but it's probably looking a lot less funny from behind prison bars!

And finally, police in India are testing out the use of a common children's TOY to control protesters! In addition to batons and tear gas, officers are being trained on SLINGSHOTS as a non-violent method to manage crowds. The specially-designed equipment will shoot marbles and CHILI balls instead of bullets. If they need any training tips, they could always try giving Dennis the Menace a call! Those are headlines, for Naked News, I'm Angie Heyward.

Alright, now let's check in with Eila Adams, who's got some travel tips to share with us. Eila, what should we be looking out for when planning our next vacation?

First of all, you should be making sure you have room for ME! That's the most important thing!

I saw your last Travelogue! You might be BORED on MY kind of holiday!

Well, luckily I've got something for EVERYONE in today's picks, starting off with the ULTIMATE in ocean liner luxury! Welcome to Naked News Travels everyone, the Scenic Eclipse is set to be the world's next SIX star mega-yacht! It will offer an almost 1 to 1 staff to passenger ratio to ensure that the whims of all 228 passengers are catered to. There will be 6 on-board dining options, a full spa and gym, plus two helicopters and even a SUBMARINE to explore nearby tourist attractions. You've got plenty of time to save up for this one – it's still under construction and the maiden voyage isn't scheduled until August 2018!

National Geographic has updated their Unique Lodges of the World list! Newcomers this year include the intimate Tiamo Resort in the Bahamas. Accessible ONLY by plane or boat. Its private beach and 10 villas ensure a PEACEFUL retreat. If you're more of a nature buff, check out the Seal River Heritage Lodge in northern Canada. Tourists rave about the up-close-and-personal tours of the local wildlife, but you're just as likely to spot a polar bear sniffing around one of the lodge's INCREDIBLE panoramic windows!

Atlantis Resorts are in negotiations to build a 2 BILLION dollar MEGA vacation complex in Hawaii. The high end retreat will feature a mix of hotel rooms, condominiums and timeshare units. The BIG draw will be the resort's ocean-theme, with a giant interactive aquarium, a shark habitat, and a swim-with-the-dolphins experience. No opening date YET, but if it DOES go ahead it could be the most EXPENSIVE resort ever built!

Want to Netflix and Chill but don't have the privacy? You can now RENT a space dedicated to the cultural phenomenon on Airbnb! The Netflix and Chill room in New York's Washington Square park area, features a cozy double bed, complete with Netflix-branded bedding. There is a fully stacked mini bar, as well as complimentary access to the streaming service and an HD projector. All you need now is that special someone to join you – plus the 400 bucks it will set you back a night!

And a popular tourist hotspot in Mexico has started charging guests for taking SELFIES! Visitors to the Mayan archeological site in Tulum National Park are now required to fork over two dollars and fifty cents US if they want to use mobile technology on the site. Tourism officials say the tax is in response to complaints from OTHER tourists about selfish selfie snappers taking up too much space. So far it looks like it's working – attendance has dropped by more than a THIRD since the levy was added! Happy Travels, for Naked News, I'm Eila Adams.

Carli Bei went Naked In The Streets to ask people for details about their favorite beverages.

Isabella Rossini, Katherine Curtis, and Angie Heyward have a chat about some of today's news stories. They share their thoughts on shark attacks, alligator pranks, and Indian police using slingshots as crowd control.

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