Today's Show Thursday May 5, 2016

Thursday May 5, 2016

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Transcript Thanks for joining us, I'm Isabella Rossini! Lots to cover today, so let's start by doing what we do best: ... Read More >> Hide >>

Thanks for joining us, I'm Isabella Rossini! Lots to cover today, so let's start by doing what we do best: The NEWS, naked! Here's Kat Curtis!

Isabella, online hacktivist group Anonymous is at it again, this time they're targeting central banks around the world. After attacking the Bank of Greece earlier this week, they released a video on YouTube claiming it's only the beginning. In an earlier video, Anonymous singled out Wall Street and the Bank of England as prime targets for an online assault. Their campaign, called Operation Icarus, is also taking aim at banks in China, Pakistan, and Iran.

The Australian government is really putting its money where its mouth is when it comes to cracking down on smoking. Pretty soon a pack Down Under will cost more than 33 dollars! Cigarettes were already heavily taxed in Australia, but the government's new budget is calling for a 12.5 percent increase every year from 2017 to 2020. By the end of the plan nearly 70-percent of the price of each pack will go to taxes!

And scientists in Washington have put together a new type of robot capable of performing complicated surgeries. Other robots in use today need a human operating the controls, but this one can carry out tasks all by itself. In fact in some cases, the Smart Tissue Autonomous Robot - or STAR - performed even better than human surgeons! The device isn't ready for use in hospitals just yet, but when it is, it should free up its human colleagues to focus on more difficult tasks. What do you think Isabella? Would you want a robot working on you in the OR?

Not sure how I'd feel about that one. I might need to meet it first. Don't go too far Kat, we'll be back to you in a few. Besides more headlines, Madison and Carli are on the way with THESE stories.

Okay, moving on, we have Angie Heyward next, ready to crown our Boob of the Week. And trust me, this one is pretty much the ULTIMATE in overkill! Here's Angie with the details.

Remember when you were eighteen years old? I bet you did a few crazy things. We all did. But one town's police department nearly RUINED one young man's LIFE because of one crazy thing HE did!

Hunter Osborne, a student at Red Mountain High School in Arizona, says a couple of football teammates dared him to "flash" during the team photo. So, at the appropriate moment, he peeled the waistband of his pants down a bit, exposing some of his "Little Hunter".

The photo was used on football programs, and published in the school's yearbook. Then somebody noticed. And despite the fact that, quote, "the small size of the photograph as published made the details difficult to discern", all hell broke loose. School officials called police. Hunter was then arrested and charged with SIXTY NINE counts of indecent exposure - because 69 other people were present when the photo was taken. What's even worse, he was also charged with a FELONY - "furnishing harmful items to minors". Because of the yearbook.

Conviction on those charges would have put Hunter the sex offender list. For LIFE. How could ANYONE think this stupid prank is worth seventy charges that would destroy a young man's future? It's completely absurd that the police department even CONSIDERED it.

To say nothing of the fact that it's the SCHOOL who distributed the photo - TECHNICALLY, the yearbook advisor and the principal who didn't notice the wayward wang were the ones who actually furnished the harmful item. But none of THEM faced any felony charges! And Hunter Osborn shouldn't have, either.

Fortunately - and very, very TELLINGLY - not a single one of the so-called "victims" at the photo shoot was willing to press charges. So after a few scary days, the charges were finally dropped on Wednesday.

Look, yes, it was a dumb thing for Hunter to do. He should have known better. And the school would have been WELL within their rights to punish him. Sure, make him pay to have the yearbook revised with a different photo. Hell, have the police come and tell him he was an idiot. But it should never have gotten as far as SEVENTY charges plus a FELONY. It was ridiculous and a total and complete waste of law enforcement resources. And frankly, it's an embarrassment to the Mesa, Arizona, Police Department, who took it as far as they did. Another embarrassment? They're also our BOOB of the WEEK. For Naked News, I'm Angie Heyward.

I'm Carli Bei and it's time to, TURN IT UP! The greatest concert lineup of all time is officially, official! The organizers of Coachella have confirmed a once-in-a-lifetime festival called Desert Trip. It features an all-killer-no-filler roster of The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Sir Paul McCartney, Neil Young, Rogers Waters, AND The Who! Each group is rumored to be getting upwards of 7 million for their performance. Two legendary bands will perform each night from October 7th to October 9th. Desert Trip is being held at the same site as Coachella in Indio California, and tickets for the historic show go on sale Monday. A three-day pass will cost you 400 dollars!

As lead guitarist for U2, The Edge has played at every top venue in the world - or so he thought. When he was offered a gig to cap off a medical conference in Vatican City he jumped at the chance. Why? Because it meant he'd get to play in the Sistine Chapel! The Edge is the first rock musician to EVER play there. Have a look. A truly heavenly experience! Looks like all those years sharing a stage with Bono have paid off - I had no idea he could sing like that!

I thought Axl Rose was a perfect fit as the new lead man for AC/DC, but apparently not everyone agrees! More than 7-thousand angry AC/DC fans have demanded refunds for the band's upcoming Axl-fronted gig in Belgium! Brian Johnson had to leave the group because he was at risk of going completely deaf. The news definitely doesn't bode well for the rest of AC/DC's trek across Europe scheduled for May and June.

It was a huge week for Radiohead fans! First, the band caused a stir online by disappearing completely from the 'net! The official Radiohead website slowly faded away, and their social media accounts disappeared too. Rumors that a new album was coming only intensified when the band popped back up online Tuesday and released a stunning new video! Check out the claymation vid for new song "Burn The Witch". Sounds good to me! The new song's got the band's insanely devoted fanbase in a tizzy. We're expecting the new album to drop any day now...

Now let's check out Drake's newest album, "Views". Love him or hate him, Drake might just be the biggest pop star on the planet right now. He's always got a single near the top of charts. He's also been working on this new record for YEARS, and expectations were very high. "Views" clocks in at over 80 minutes, and is being called his love letter to the "6", aka his home city of Toronto. The first hit to top the charts is called "One Dance". Here's a quick taste.
After all the hype for this album I have to be honest; this probably isn't the "instant classic" fans were hoping for. Views is good and at times even great, but it leaves you feeling like Drake's best is still to come. We're giving Views a solid 3 out of 5 Naked Ns. Turning It Up for Naked News, I'm Carli Bei!

It's been a crazy couple of days for New Zealand freediver William Trubridge. He broke his own 'free diving immersion' world record over the weekend, then went on to break THAT new record a few days later. 'Free immersion' involves an ocean descent done without ANY breathing device where the diver uses a rope to guide both his descent and ascent. The world record now stands at an ocean depth of nearly 407 FEET and a breath-holding of FOUR MINUTES AND THIRTY-FOUR SECONDS! The guy's a fish!

In a move we here at Naked News can certainly appreciate, Caitlyn Jenner is set to appear NAKED, on the cover of Sports Illustrated. She'll be wearing only a flag and her gold medal. The 'I Am Cait' star, who has become the highest profile member of the transgender community, will be celebrating the fortieth anniversary of her decathlon win at the 1976 Summer Games. This will be the first time Jenner has posed with her medal since completing her transition. Anyone else think this is weird?

And it might be time for 'Johnny Football' to start considering other nicknames. Former Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel turned himself in to police following misdemeanor assault charges. The charges stem from an alleged domestic violence incident against his girlfriend at the time, Colleen Crowley. Manziel, who was released on bond, has denied any wrongdoing, and his lawyer has said he'll enter a plea of “not guilty”. If convicted, the free agent could face up to a year in jail. Those are your headlines, I'm Katherine Curtis!

All right, thank you very much Kat, now it's time to go Inside the Box, with your friend and mine, Madison Banes. So, Sylvester Stallone...TV star?

That's right, the man can do no wrong lately and he's apparently jumping from the silver screen to the boob-tube.

Well, I have no issue with that, I think he's great and I loved his performance in Creed!

He's definitely getting more respect as an actor these days, and if his latest project gets the green light, you're going to be seeing a LOT more of him Isabella. Welcome Inside the Box everyone! Following in the footsteps of so many great Italian-American actors before him, Sylvester Stallone is joining the mob. On the small screen, that is. The actor is set to take the lead in a TV series based on Omerta, the last novel by Godfather author Mario Puzo. If the series, which is currently being shopped to networks, gets picked up, it'll be Stallone's first time as a series regular.

A classic game show is coming back to network TV, and it's bringing a familiar face with it. Alec Baldwin will be the host in a revival of Match Game, the game show where people try to match “Fill in the Blank” answers with celebrity guests. And in case you need more reasons to watch, you should know that Alec Baldwin will be donating his ENTIRE appearance fee to his and his wife's charitable foundation. The ten-episode series will be part of ABC's Sunday Fun and Games night this summer.

We first fell in love with Stephen Colbert on The Daily Show and later as the faux-conservative host of The Colbert Report. But he hasn't been feeling the love so much as the host of, “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.” The show is underperforming in key demographics and its viral videos have proven not so viral. So parent company CBS, wants to re-jig it. Among the changes is the hiring of new executive producer and showrunner Chris Licht. Licht's background is as a news producer, so hopefully it will be a good fit.

The divide between streaming TV and network TV is set to narrow once again. Hulu is hard at work building a subscription service that would allow viewers to stream broadcast and cable TV channels live. Two of Hulu's owners, Disney and 21st Century Fox, intend to offer their channels to the service, which would include ABC, ESPN, Fox, Fox News, and FX. The service is also expected to include other features associated with cable, including DVR and on-demand options. Everything old is new again!

Looking for something new to satisfy your binge-watching needs? We've got your next series all picked out for you in THIS EDITION of, STREAM THIS!

Our recommendation this week is the new Netflix original series Marseille. Yes, it's in French, but don't let a few subtitles scare you off! This series is a political thriller starring Gerard Depardieu. He plays the longstanding mayor of Marseille who has to wade back into the political muck when his chosen successor turns out to have ambitions of his own. Check out this preview and see why so many are calling this the French 'House of Cards.'

Ooh la la! Now that looks like a series that's worth reading for! I'm Madison Banes, that's what's happening, Inside the Box

This weekend is - brace yourselves! World Naked Gardening Day! It's just one of the weird and wonderful events that take place in THIS edition, of my Naked Weather Forecast.

First, let's dig up a little Brainstorm Trivia! You probably know that water from the ground is released into the atmosphere by the process called evaporation. But do you know what its called when PLANTS release water vapor into the atmosphere? Stick around for the answer!

Now to the forecast! World Naked Gardening day takes place the first Saturday in May. It's a celebration of getting out in the fresh air and acceptance of good old-fashioned nudity. Hear hear! Since its debut in 2005, it's grown in popular among nudists worldwide. The day was co-founded by an editor at naturism-oriented Nude & Natural Magazine, which is published in lovely Oshkosh, Wisconsin. They'll be gardening under mostly sunny skies this weekend, with the mercury hitting 66 (19C).

If gardening isn't your thing, the first Friday in May is also International TUBA Day! Since 1979, the oompah-oompahs of bands and orchestras have been celebrating their brassy basso around the world. You can even buy entire books of all-tuba musical arrangements for classics like "My Old Kentucky Home", "Waltzing Matilda", and "Polly Wolly Doodle". The tuba was invented in Aschersleben, Germany, where the weekend will be sunny with a high of 73 (23C)

May also features Lost Sock Memorial Day on the 9th. You can "celebrate" by commemorating missing socks and using their remaining mate for good. Suggestions include making sock puppets, or putting them on your hands and dusting with them, or having a moment of silence - probably in front of your washer-dryer. The OLDEST known surviving pair of socks are over 1500 years old, and are on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London England. London will see thunderstorms and a high of 77 (25C)

One of my favorite things about May is that it's National Barbecue Month. A whole month dedicated to classic smoky low-and-slow cooking! Is your mouth watering yet? Mine is! The US is home to several different styles of barbecue. There's Memphis style, Carolinas style, Texas styles, and MY favorite - Kansas City style, with a big slathering of barbecue sauce. Both Kansas Cities - in Missouri and Kansas - will have to do their cooking in the rain, but they'll be plenty warm at 84 (29C)

Now for the answer to our Brainstorm Trivia question! When plants release water into the atmosphere, it's called TRANSPIRATION. It's estimated that just one large oak tree will transpire forty thousand gallons of water a year!

That'll do it for this week's edition of my Naked Weather Forecast. Time for a little gardening in the buff! For Naked News, I'm Natasha Olenski.

Welcome to the wrap up, everyone! It's that time of the week where we answer some viewer mail.

One of my FAVORITES things to do by the way. Okay, I've got one here from Mark. He wrote "I'm wondering what happened to Eila. I haven't seen her in a couple week and most of the segments before then were shot much earlier. I miss her lively and bubbly personality."

I'm right here, Mark! I went on vacation to Costa Rica and it was AWESOME. I even shot some segments that'll be coming up on the program. And by the way, I DID announce on the show that I'd be away! You have to LISTEN to me, Mark! Not just LOOK! But I could never stay mad at you. I'm glad you missed me!

The next email is from John, who's a little confused by our last Behind the Scenes segment. He wrote "Please explain some of what was happening in "Behind the Scenes" in the Sunday show for May 1st. An anchor with blonde highlights in her hair (probably Whitney) did a naked handstand with a nerdy guy holding up her legs. Then later, you were trying to flash your boobs and ass to that same nerd, but the nerd was ignoring you. It is obvious that you can do much better than that nerd, so it wasn't clear why you were flashing him as a joke. What was happening? Who was the Anchor and why was she doing a naked handstand? What is BTS?"

"To start, John, words cannot express how much joy you have brought us with this question. And that's because one of our editors, Nate, is the "nerd" in question, AND he's the editor responsible for this very segment today.

Hi, Nate!

Anyhow, we all love to tease Nate. The clip John is talking about is in the Archives dated May 1 if you missed it. Nate was on the phone trying to talk to his MOM, so CARLI decided to try to distract-slash-annoy him. Not for the first time, either! Tormenting Nate is kind of a THING around here.

It's because we love you, Nate! And yes, it was Whitney doing the handstand. "BTS" is Behind the Scenes, by the way. Not sure how you didn't put that one together John. The last email today is from Anthony in North Carolina. He says "Dear Naked News, I want to let you know that in my opinion you are the best news service I have ever watched. Not only are the girls good looking and have wonderful personalities you have a very good news program. Thank you so much for being available."

He also goes on to let us know how much he enjoyed our most recent guest anchor, Addilyn. Well, thank you, Anthony! We all appreciate hearing you're such a big fan. Thank YOU for watching us! And good news for you about Addilyn - she and I are co-hosting our Friday and Weekend editions, so you'll get to see some more of her.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in! If you've got a question or comment for us, you can email us at feedback@nakednews.com, and we might just answer you here on the program.

See you back here again tomorrow! Take care!

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