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Today's Show Thursday October 8, 2015

Thursday October 8, 2015

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Transcript You're tuned into Naked News, I'm Isabella Rossini. We'll begin today with Eila Adams, who joins now for a ... Read More >> Hide >>

You're tuned into Naked News, I'm Isabella Rossini. We'll begin today with Eila Adams, who joins now for a look at what's happening, Inside The Box.

Hi Isabella! I've got a lot to talk about today including a new HBO show that causing a bit of controversy with its graphic sex scenes

Sex and nudity are pretty mainstream on HBO so, what, does it cross the line?

Not as far as the stars of the SHOW are concerned, but I'm talking about the EXTRAS, those background performers who are just there to fill in a scene. They want THEM to get involved too.

Okay, that makes more sense, and I'm guessing the actors aren't too happy about it?

It's not so much the nudity aspect as it is the VERY long list of OTHER stuff they're being asked to do. Here's what's going on. Welcome Inside the Box everyone. Background performers for the new HBO drama Westworld have been asked to sign an insanely sexually explicit contract in order to appear on the show. The graphic consent form requires extras agree to take part in possible simulated oral sex scenes, nude bareback riding and possible genital to genital touching. The form even acknowledges that some actors may find the "sexual situations" uncomfortable, but if they want to work on the show, they have to sign it. Westworld, stars Ed Harris, Anthony Hopkins and Evan Rachel Wood. Look for the premiere on HBO sometime next year.

80's action star MacGyver is being retooled for a new generation! CBS has officially put the reboot into development, with the writer behind NCIS: Los Angeles attached to pen the pilot. The new MacGyver will follow our self-sufficient hero in his 20's as he's recruited by a mysterious organization. We don't know all the details yet, but we're guessing that at some point MacGyver will be forced to get himself out of trouble using a paperclip and a banana peel!

With Marvel dominating the box office and TV landscape, it isn't surprising to hear they're branching out into a NEW form of entertainment – comedy! ABC execs have given the green light to a half-hour sitcom called Marvel's Damage Control. The new project will focus on an overworked and underpaid clean-up crew who follow the superheroes around mopping up their messes. I guess Marvel JANITORS didn't have the same ring!

Producing television isn't brain surgery. Unless you're making a program ABOUT brain surgery, that is! National Geographic is planning to broadcast a real brain surgery live from the operating room. The two-hour event will feature specially adapted cameras hooked up to the surgeon's tools to get the true experience of carrying out brain surgery. You can catch the special when it airs October 25th at 9 PM Eastern on National Geographic Channel.

And Mick Jagger is teaming up with legendary director Martin Scorsese for a new 70's-era drama about the music business. The HBO series stars Bobby Cannavale as a record company president, Olivia Wilde as his wife, plus a whole entourage of musicians and 70's scene hangers-on. Take a look: Scorsese is set to direct the pilot and will remain on board as an exec producer, along side Jagger. You can catch it in January 2016. I'm Eila Adams, and THAT'S what's happening Inside the Box!

I'm Madosn Banes. Starting October 19th, US Marshals will auction off 44 thousand Bitcoins, currently worth around 11 million dollars. The electronic currency was confiscated from a hard drive belonging to Ross Ulbricht, the brains behind the Silk Road drug trafficking website. Ulbricht is currently serving life in prison for money laundering, computer hacking and conspiracy to traffic narcotics. Prospective buyers will need to make a deposit of 100 thousand dollars before they can place a bid.

An Israeli team of engineers is the first group to advance in an international space race. Sponsored by Google Lunar Xprize, the contest will award 30 MILLION dollars to the first team that successfully lands a rover on the moon and relays images back to earth. So far, SpaceIL is the only one of 16 competitors to have signed a deal with a launch provider – in this case SpaceX. The mission is expected to launch in the second half of 2017.

And huge news in the sports world: FIFA has suspended president Sepp Blatter for 90 days! The organization’s ethics committee handed down the sentence to Blatter, as well as to the secretary general, and the vice president due to ongoing allegations of corruption. Blatter is facing a probe by the Swiss attorney general for signing a contract to the detriment of FIFA, and for making a disloyal payment to a fellow football crony. Sepp has been president of FIFA since 1998, Isabella, and even with all the controversy he was STILL re-elected earlier this year.

Sounds like this could be his final round! Thanks very much Madison. It's time to present the most shameful designation on the internet - our Boob of the Week! This time, it's another obnoxious Millennial who thinks the rules don't apply to him. Here's Angie with the details.

Thanks, Isabella! Shameful is RIGHT! Meet Luke Gatti, a student - possibly FORMER student- at University of Connecticut. The other day, after a couple-few drinks, he decided he was hungry, so headed for the University's cafeteria. But he decided to open-carry his beer there, which is a violation of the rules. So, the manager told him to leave. Uh-oh. Luke Gatti doesn't leave just because he's breaking the rules and someone in authority dares to deny him his bacon-jalapeno mac and cheese! This type of outrageous behavior cannot be allowed to stand! This is AMERICA! So Luke persists. Of course, when you're an entitled drunken douchebag, that means calling the manager a gay slur and mocking him for being a mere food services manager. Then shoving him. Twice.

Go ahead and call police! Surely law enforcement would ensure he wouldn't go hungry! But before they arrived, Luke decided that further physical threats were in order, and a cafeteria employee got fed up.

You don't get food by assaulting people? Who knew? Well, it started to dawn on Luke a minute or two later when the officer and his handcuffs took over! We don't know just HOW fucked Luke is yet. He's charged with breach of the peace and criminal trespass, and is LUCKY not to have assault tacked on there. He could be jailed, and he COULD be kicked out of school. Which WOULDN'T BE THE FIRST TIME! Because LAST year, one Mr. Luke Gatti was a student at University of Massachusetts Amherst, where he was arrested TWICE in one month after he had run-ins with police - including calling one a racial slur I am NOT going to repeat.

Clearly, what we have here is an obnoxious little ass-wipe who can't deal with not getting his way, can't handle his liquor, and DOESN'T learn from his mistakes. I don't think there's ANY doubt that Luke Gatti is our grade-A Boob of the Week. His mother must be SO proud. For Naked News, I'm Angie Heyward

I'm Natasha Olenski. Friday is the three hundred and fourteenth anniversary of the establishment of one of the most prestigious schools in the world, Yale University. So we're celebrating this studious occasion with a look at some of the world's oldest and most renowned universities, in THIS EDITION, of the Naked Weather Forecast!

Let's COMMENCE with a little Brainstorm Trivia! In 1922 St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas lost their natatorium to a weather event. Do you know what it was? Stick around for the answer.

Yale University is one of the top-rated institutes of higher learning in the world, with its medical, law, and even drama schools among the most prestigious and selective anywhere. Its alumni include five US presidents and 19 Supreme Court justices, along with many Nobel laureates, Academy Award winners, and Pulitzer Prize winners. Yale is located in New Haven, Connecticut, where the weekend will be a mix of sun and cloud, with a high of 65 (18C).

314 years sounds like a long time, but Yale isn't even CLOSE to being the oldest university in the world. Though there's debate on precisely how to define "university", the title is generally given to the University of Bologna, Italy. Founded in 1088, its faculty has included luminaries including Dante Alighieri and Nicolaus Copernicus. Notable alumni include Pope Alexander the Sixth and, more recently, Enzo Ferrari! Bologna has a grey and rainy weekend ahead, with highs of just 61 (16C).

The University of Oxford is the oldest English-speaking university still in existence, with evidence showing that there was teaching there as early as 1096. But it really began to grow in 1167, when English students were prohibited by Henry the Second from attending the University of Paris. 26 British prime ministers and 27 Nobel winners have studied at Oxford, and another 31 have taught there. Oxford will be cloudy with showers this weekend, and a high of 59 (15C).

And Morocco's University of al-Qarawiyyin is the oldest existing, longest continually operating, and first degree-awarding institution in the world. It was founded as a mosque, religious school and college in 859. The male-only school offers courses in English, French, and Information Technology, but strongly focuses on Islamic studies. Interestingly, alumni include Jewish philosopher Maimonides, and Pope Sylvester the Second. The University is located in Fes, Morocco, which has a sunny weekend in store, with the mercury hitting 85 (29C) degrees.

Now, here's the answer to our Brainstorm Trivia question! St. Edward's University was struck by a tornado, which caused significant damage to the campus, including destroying the natatorium - the building housing its swimming pool. Talk about water damage!

That'll do it for this week's Naked Weather forecast. Wishing you a P-H-D - a perfectly happy day - I'm Natasha Olenski.

Sightseers at Yuntai Mountain in China's Henan province got quite a scare this week. Part of a new 35-hundred foot high GLASS walkway, cracked! The skywalk was temporarily closed, and officials believe the culprit was a stainless steel mug that was dropped onto the walkway. Nobody was hurt, and the panic seems to be a bit overblown. The bridge is made up of three layers of glass, and only the TOP layer were cracked.

When Tom Hanks found a young woman's college ID card in New York's Central Park, he took to social media to help track her down! Hanks posted the photo on his Twitter feed and it didn't take long before Lauren Whitmore heard about it! The Fordham University student received an email from one of her professors telling her she was famous. Next thing she knew her face was all over the web! Lauren says she lost the card while jogging through Central Park. She'd already bought a new ID card, but says she's hoping to meet Hanks to thank him in person!

And the debate team at Harvard University is the top-ranked club in the world, winning national and world championships. That's why this is so incredible: Harvard just LOST a debate to a team of inmates at Eastern New York Correctional Facility! Convicts at the maximum security prison upset Harvard in a debate about illegal immigration. It's not the first surprising win for the prisoners, either. They'd already beaten teams from the University of Vermont and the prestigious West Point Military Academy. Inmates are taught by professors from nearby Bard College and have to study without access to the internet. Simply amazing! From the Naked Newsroom, I'm Madison Banes.

Thanks a bunch Madison! Up next it's time to Turn It Up with the one and only Carli Bei! She's ready to rock with details on what could become the NEXT big music festival in the US!

Thanks Isabella. Coachella is widely regarded as the PREMIER music event in the US, and now those same organizers are setting their sights on New York City. AEG Live, are talking to city officials about bringing the festival to Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Queens. It's being tentatively called The "Panorama Festival" and would be held in June. If it works out, it will become one of the biggest music showcases in the Big Apple. We'll keep you posted on how this develops.

Will Smith's gettin' jiggy with it all over again! The Fresh Prince is reportedly planning a WORLD TOUR with his old pal DJ Jazzy Jeff. Smith's revealed that he's been going into the studio to record new tracks every day, and wants to hit the road with Jeff next summer. As a warm up he even made a guest appearance on a remix of Bomba Estereo's "Fiesta". Not bad for his first time rapping in 10 years! Believe it or not Smith's sold 20 million albums over the course of his career!

All she is saying, is give peace a chance! Yoko Ono paid special tribute to the late great John Lennon for what would have been his 75th birthday this week in New York City. Yoko gathered more than two-thousand people in Central Park to create this massive peace sign. She was hoping to set a Guinness World Record with the giant symbol, but unfortunately she was about 3 thousand people short. Either way we're sure John would be proud!

There's nothing like cranking up your favorite tune to lift your spirits, and now SCIENCE has come up with a formula to determine which ones work best! According to study by a Dutch neuroscientist, songs with higher tempos and positive lyrics are clinically proven to make us feel good. The top 3 choices to turn up when you're feeling down are Queen's “Don't Stop Me Now”, Abba's “Dancing Queen”, and “Good Vibrations” by the Beach Boys. I know what I'll be listening to later!

And now to this week's review: "Unbreakable" from Janet Jackson. Yup, the owner of the world's most famous nipple is back with her 11th studio album, and her first one in seven years. So, was it worth the wait? This'll probably surprise most people, but yes, it really was! Is it possible to miss someone you didn't even know was gone? That's kinda how I feel about this new album. Here's the lead single, "No Sleep". Even at 49 years old, Ms. Jackson's still bringing the heat! I love the sultry vibe on this album. And if you're a fan, you can catch her in a city near you during her massive North American tour! We're giving Unbreakable 3 and a half out of 5 Naked Ns! Turning it up for Naked News, I'm Carli Bei!

Isabella Rossini and Eila Adams answer some viewer mail. There are comments about Guest Anchor Lyida, Peyton's lovely new haircut, and Katherine Curtis Cooking In The Raw with Angie Heyward

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