Today's Show Friday February 12, 2016

Friday February 12, 2016

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Transcript Welcome, everyone to Naked News, I’m Isabella Rossini. We're coming to you today from one of Toronto's HOTT... Read More >> Hide >>

Welcome, everyone to Naked News, I’m Isabella Rossini. We're coming to you today from one of Toronto's HOTTEST adult playgrounds, Oasis Aqualounge. There's lots coming up so let's get things started in the naked newsroom, that's where Angie Heyward is standing by with your first look at the headlines. What do you have for us today, Angie?

Well, Isabella, as you know, MOST world leaders and WOULD-BE world leaders have Facebook profiles. Do you have any idea which one has the most LIKES?

Hm. I’d guess maybe Donald Trump, since he’s absolutely EVERYWHERE these days?

You know, I might have guessed him, too, but he’s not even CLOSE! The top spot in a LANDSLIDE is US President Barack Obama. Obama has over forty six point eight MILLION likes on the social media site. That's over fourteen million more than the second most liked world leader, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Among Obama’s would-be successors, Trump is way back with five point six million, and Hillary Clinton has just two point four million. Of course, NONE of them compare to the most liked PERSON on Facebook – Colombian singer Shakira. She's got over a hundred and four million likes!

For those of us with FRIENDS rather than likes, a new study out of Oxford University shows that MOST of our Facebook friends aren’t friends at all. The average person has around 150 “Facebook friends”, but only about fourteen of those friends would express sympathy if something bad happened. And only about FOUR are people you can truly count on.

And NIELSEN is now using Facebook alongside Twitter for its “Social Content Ratings”. These ratings track conversations on the social networks, using posts, Tweets, shares, and likes. They use that data to see how viewers are responding to a programs’ content, which can help determine ENGAGEMENT rather than just straight viewership. That information is especially valuable for ADVERTISERS Isabella, who’ll be able to see what’s getting the most buzz.

With all the new ways to watch programs these days, that makes a lot of sense! Thanks very much Angie. She’ll be back with more later, but up now, Katherine Curtis is back at Fan Expo! She’s talking to all the nerds and cosplayers – is that redundant? – with the burning question: Who wore it better?

I'm Eila Adams, and THIS, is Hollywood X-posed, brought to you with the help of our friends at Mr. Skin! Let's get naked!

In theaters this week, everyone's favorite male model Derek ZOOLANDER is strutting his stuff in a brand new sequel. Madison will give us the full scoop a little later, but WE want to see more of his co-star, Penelope Cruz! The sexy Spaniard keeps her clothes ON in Zoolander 2, but if we go back to 1997's Open Your Eyes we get to see Penny's PERFECT PAIR in action. Forget Blue Steel, she'll be giving you blue SOMETHING ELSE before it's over!

Just in time for Valentine's Day, it's the new romantic comedy How to be Single! Dakota Johnson stars as a New Yorker looking for love in ALL the wrong places. If you prefer seeing Dakota TIED down, check out last year's steamy blockbuster Fifty Shades of Grey! Dakota learns the ROPES of BDSM in some of the HOTTEST sex scenes in recent memory! Hard to believe that someone with a body like THAT would ever have to worry about being single!

In wide release, Katie Holmes plays a hospitalized woman who finds love with a fellow patient in the new drama Touched with Fire. It's a good excuse to go back and re-watch one of our favorite Katie movies, 2000's The Gift. The ex-Mrs Cruise gifts US with several shots of her incredible rack. No wonder Tom took the divorce so hard!

And out on Blu-Ray, it's season TWO of HBO's The Leftovers. The story takes place 3 years after a global event dramatically reduces the world's population. We get a glorious shot of Liv Tyler proving she's DEFINITELY a natural brunette, as well as some full frontal FUN when a bevy of beauties make their way through the woods. With LEFTOVERS like these, who needs the main course!

Now it's time for HOLLYWOOD XPRESS! On egotasticallstars.com this week, former WWE wrestler Tammy Lyn Sytch proves she still has ALL the right moves in these shots from her new sex tape!

British babe Holly Peers shows off a knockout pair, in this drool-worthy photoshoot for Page 3 online!

We like a woman who knows how to RIDE and model Anna Herrin even does it clothing-optional!

And it's DANGEROUS CURVES AHEAD when it comes to Brazilian bombshell Emanuela Albino! We'll take our chances! Undressing your favorite celebs one sexy scene at a time, I'm Eila Adams!

All right, welcome back everyone. Before I send you over to Angie for another Naked News bulletin, I'd like to address a feedback e-mail that came into us recently. It's from Lucy - yep, women love Naked News too! Lucy wants to know about whether our anchors like to get kinky! She writes:

"Hi ladies of Naked News, I'm wondering if the film "Fifty Shades of Grey", with two more films in the pipeline, made you more or less interested in BDSM? And if so, have you explored anything?" Great question Lucy! Let's see what everyone had to say.

There you have it. All right, it's time for another round of headlines! Once again, here is Angie Heyward.

More and more Americans are choosing NOT to drive. Thirty years ago, ninety-two percent of 20 to 24's had a drivers’ license. That number is now under seventy-eight percent! And a full twenty-two percent said they plan to NEVER get a license! At the OTHER end of the spectrum, seniors 70 and over are about fifty percent MORE likely to have licenses than thirty years ago.

And if you DON'T have a drivers license, Uber is giving you yet another option to get around town, and this one's pretty sweet. It's called UberChopper. They're teaming up with Airbus to offer on-demand helicopter transportation! Uber's tested in the past, with flights between Manhattan and the Hamptons, and at the Cannes film festival. Prices haven’t been made public, but past flights have apparently varied from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Finally, according to SCIENCE, if you like to swear, you MIGHT just be smarter than average person! That's fucking great isn't it! Contrary to the idea that people swear because they LACK a vocabulary, the idea now is that it's actually the OPPOSITE. FUCKING unbelievable! Scientists say that swearing is just another PART of a persons vocabulary, and a wide variety of obscenities COULD indicate a strong intellect. Isabella, if it’s true, then our friend Bruce Colero may well be the most brilliant person any of us have ever met.

I'll give him THIS Angie, he really knows his way around the f-bomb! Good story, thanks for all the updates! Madison Banes is up next! She’s checking out a pair of this week’s hottest new releases in Naked At The Movies.

If you haven't heard of DEADPOOL, you've been living under a ROCK for the past few months. The viral marketing campaign for this one has been FULL ON, from the Christmas-themed 12 Days of Deadpool, to fake posters trying to sell it as a romantic drama for Valentine's day, and even PSAs for cancer awareness. After all that build up, is the movie actually worth all the hype?

For those of us new to the character, Deadpool starts his life out as a former special forces operative facing a deadly cancer diagnosis. He turns to an experimental treatment that leaves him with superhero-like healing powers. He never loses his sarcastic sense of humor, which he breaks out when dealing with the baddies.

Deadpool is a grown-up comic book character and this is a VERY grown-up movie. It's one of the few Marvel flicks to be slapped with the dreaded R rating and it DEFINITELY deserves it. It's violent, it's explosive, it's obscene – and it's a TOTAL blast. And with that R rating, there won't be any kids in the theater to ruin the experience! Deadpool is in theaters now.

It's time to break out your best BLUE STEEL impressions! Derek Zoolander is BACK in the long-awaited sequel, Zoolander 2. When the world's best-looking pop stars start turning up dead, there's only one person GOOD LOOKING enough to get to the bottom of it!

Derek's a little older, but DEFINITELY not any the wiser! Luckily, he isn't going on this quest alone. Owen Wilson returns as former arch rival turned BFF Hansel. We also get some FEMALE eye candy in the form of Penelope Cruz as a sexy Interpol agent. It's up to the three of them to track down evil fashion designer Mugatu, played once again to super-bitchy perfection by Will Ferrell.

If you loved the original, the sequel is going to have you rolling in the aisles. Zoolander 2 is in theaters now. For Naked At The Movies, I'm Madison Banes.

Two perfect picks to help you survive Valentine's Day! A big thanks to Madison and a big thanks to everyone here at Oasis Aqualounge for hosting us. You can check them out on-line at oasisaqualounge.com. That's it for today's program, but we'll see you NEXT for this weekend's Naked News Magazine. We've got an exclusive 1on1 with adult film star Samantha Rone AND a smokin' hot new audition from the lovely Elise! Let us know how we did today, write to us at feedback@nakednews.com or post a comment on one of our many social media pages. We're on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Thanks for tuning in, see you soon!

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