Today's Show Friday February 5, 2016

Friday February 5, 2016

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Transcript Thanks for tuning in everyone, I'm Katherine Curtis. And I'm Natasha Olenski, coming to you today from t... Read More >> Hide >>

Thanks for tuning in everyone, I'm Katherine Curtis.

And I'm Natasha Olenski, coming to you today from the amazing STIRLING ROOM in Toronto, Canada. It's a great nightspot that I've had more then my fair share of fun at Kat.

Why do I have a feeling you'd say that WHEREVER we were.

'Cause I like having a good time, that's why! All right, let's get this show on the road then! Madison Banes is standing by with a look at what's worth watching in theaters this weekend.

I'm REALLY looking forward to her first film, you'll understand why in a minute. Here's Madison, going Naked at the Movies.

Jane Austen meets The Walking Dead in the new film mash-up Pride and Prejudice and Zombies! The movie keeps Austen's original story of five unmarried sisters on the hunt for suitable husbands. The twist is that these ladies are ALSO highly-trained assassins, ready to defend themselves against the coming zombie apocalypse!

Lily James is the perfect mix of classic English beauty and modern butt-kicking woman as lead zombie-killer Elizabeth Bennet. Her skills are unrivaled on the battle field but she stills needs to find a MISTER zombie-killer. Enter the dashing and equally capable Mr. Darcy!

Mixing a classic comedy of manners with a modern monster movie offers up a lot of potential for poking fun at BOTH genres, but does it pay off? The film is at its best when it goes for a kitsch vibe. Go into it with the right mindframe and you'll have a BLAST! It's in theaters now.

1950's Hollywood comes ALIVE in the latest Coen Brothers offering, Hail, Caesar! When leading man George Clooney goes missing in the middle of a film shoot, it's down to Hollywood fixer Josh Brolin to get him back in front of the camera before it's too late.

The film is a SLY lampoon of how Hollywood USED to operate under the old-school studio system. Scarlett Johansson, Channing Tatum and Ralph Fiennes turn in hilarious supporting performances as the talent struggling to work within the system's strict confines.

A great cast and a fun story, all under the skilled direction of the Coens makes this one WELL worth the price of admission! Catch it in theaters everywhere. For Naked At The Movies, I'm Madison Banes.

Welcome to the Naked Newsroom everyone, I’m Danni. In a recent survey of college grads in the US, between the ages of 25 and 34, just over a quarter of them knew James Madison was the “Father of the Constitution.” Nearly SIXTY percent didn’t know HOW a constitutional amendment was ratified. Okay, MAYBE those are a little tricky. But nearly TEN PERCENT of the responders thought that JUDGE JUDY was a member of the Supreme Court! That's a tough one to overcome!

Legoland is looking for a few good builders! A newly-opened Florida model factory, has reportedly already hired fifty model designers and builders, and need at least another twenty. The master builders will design and build Lego models for Legolands worldwide! Applicants should have experience in Lego building, and COULD have to compete in a “build-off” against other applicants. No word on whether you have to sing “Everything is Awesome” as well.

And it’s part Formula One and part Star Wars “podracing”! Check out the brand new Drone Racing League. The quadcopter drones fly up to a hundred and twenty miles per hour, racing through tunnels, abandoned malls, and even NFL stadiums. It’s being called the sport of the future, and watching a couple of the videos, you’ll see why! The league’s season-opening races are set for February 22 at Sun Life Stadium in Miami. You're looking at the future of SPORTS, right there ladies.

It's pretty awesome if you ask me! Thanks Danni.

I don't know how those guys do it, I've tried to control a drone but I just can't get the balance right!

It's all in the wrists, plus lots and LOTS of practice, trust me!

All right, Angie Heyward is next and she's doing something that I WISH we could do outside right now.

Going Naked In The Streets, here she is!

Angie Heyward goes Naked In The Streets to find out what things people can't do.

I'm Peyton Priestly and it's time for Hollywood XPosed, your weekly roundup of celebrity skin - courtesy of our friends at Mr. Skin!

As Madison mentioned earlier, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is in theaters, and that gives an excuse to look back on one of Lena Headey's juiciest roles! In 1994's "Fair Game", she splashes around with a lucky guy in the water, giving us AND a nosy grandma a full frontal! And for proof Lena's aged gracefully, look no further than 2015's "Zipper", in which Patrick Wilson unzips HER and heads downtown for some bed 'n breakfast!

We also talked about Hail, Caesar! And while Scarlett Johansson's been getting most of the attention, WE'RE more interested in the always-excellent Tilda Swinton! Bet you didn't know that in 1997, Tilda got perverted in "Female Perversions"! This Mr. Skin Hall of Fame inductee shows Tilda in all her naked glory, especially in a steamy bedroom scene where she leaves her lover gasping for more. Then there's the part where she shares a tub with a VERY good friend.

Out on BluRay is the skintastic instant classic Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance! It's the followup, 25 years in the making, to the cult classic and it's back with more nudity than ever! Porn stars Kayden Kross and Lexi Belle both get time to shine in the spotlight doing what they do best. And when you're done with those scenes you can enjoy watching the badass Bai Ling getting down and dirty in a steamy threesome. But the must-see moment comes from two totally nude hotties going toe-to-toe in a deadly battle that'll have you unsheathing YOUR blade!

And leave it to Showtime's Shameless to bring the boobs to the Boob Tube! The sixth season is in full swing, and the fourth episode got us a chance to ogle a perky pair from Isidora Goreshter, who plays Russian prostitute Svetlana! If it gets us more time with Svetlana, we'll have what he's having! Shameless is cable's naked gift that keeps on giving!

Now it's time for Hollywood XPress! On EgotasticAllstars.com this week, pop princess Rita Ora went straight to the top of OUR charts thanks to this racktastic rendition in Lui Magazine. As you can see from these outrageous outtakes with Terry Richardson, Rita's much more than a one-hit wonder!

Here's two big reasons why you should be watching Chelsea Handler's new show "Chelsea Does"! We LOVE what Chelsea does here as she struts her stuff on the streets of San Francisco. It pretty much guarantees a 5-star Netflix rating from us!

For our money, busty English bombshell Kelly Hall ranks right up there alongside Adele, Downton Abbey, and Harry Potter as Britain's best modern cultural exports. Kelly's giving us the finger in Nuts Magazine, and we don't mind one bit!

And Suzy Cortez, aka Miss Bum Bum, scores big time in these body-paint-only shots. A Brazilian wearing the name of an Argentinean player would normally get that person exiled, but Suzy's booty means she can get away with just about anything. GOAAAAAAAAL! For Hollywood XPosed, I'm Peyton Priestly!

Now, Guest Anchor Danni is back with more Bulletins, including some SAD news for fans of the original flip phone.

Here she is with the stories.

MOTOROLA, one of the big brands in the mobile world we're all familiar with, is no more. Lenovo bought the company in 2014, and is working to merge the brands. Publicly, it’ll now be “Moto by Lenovo”. But they WILL be keeping the iconic M icon. At least for now. Motorola was one of the first BIG brands in mobile. Their StarTAC was the first flip-phone, and before the iPhone, their RAZR was THE hot thing.

Researchers at MIT say they’ve developed x-ray vision! It uses variations in radio signals to identify human silhouettes through WALLS. It can track their movements, and even measure heart and breathing rates. The developers say it’s got potential for use in everything from the health care industry to policing.

And a wealthy European businessman paid over a million dollars for THIS, a photo, of a potato. Now, it's not just ANY potato. It's organic AND it was shot against a plain black background by photographer Kevin Abosch. He's famous for his portraits of celebrities including Johnny Depp, Vanessa Redgrave, and Stephen Spielberg. But still, it's a potato! Rich people and their money, right? From the Naked Newsroom, I’m Danni.

Okay, that's a little outrageous Natasha. A million dollars for a picture of a dirty potato? C'mon!

I know, how about a picture of ME, for the bargain basement price of, ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS!

I'm sure most people would rather look at you on the wall then that potato.

Some people have WAY more money than sense. Anyway, next up on the program, it's the return of one of MY favorite segments, The Boob-Tube!

It was on hiatus for a while but Eila Adams is back in the driver's seat and I have to admit, she does it proud!

The peanuts however, not so much. Here it is.

Thanks ladies and welcome to the Boob Tube, everyone! I'm Eila Adams and fresh from the rock they crawled out from under, it's the one and only peanut gallery! Save it for the videos guys, because we're about to get started!

Now, do you peanuts realize how HARD celebs have to work to promote their movies? Jack Black should get a MEDAL – and maybe a new agent, for agreeing to participate in this weirdly entertaining Korean game show to talk up Kung Fu Panda 3! Peanuts, help me out: we haven't seen a celeb's mouth THAT full since...

We've all seen 50 Shades of Grey, right? Peanuts, you keep it on repeat in your dressing room. I'm pretty sure some of you are watching it on your phones right now! Well ANYWAY, it was Fifty Shades of FOREPLAY when Dakota Johnson and co-star Leslie Mann turned the tables on an interviewer in this NEXT clip. I haven't seen a man that happy since the last time Hillary told Bill she'd be away for the weekend.

If you're ever feeling down about yourself - and if you're a peanut, that's probably an everyday thing - I recommend turning on some JERRY SPRINGER. However bad YOUR life is, count your blessings that you aren't in a relationship like THIS! Peanuts, what would YOU do for 50 bucks and a pack of cigarettes? Okay, let's make it easier – what WOULDN'T you do? Sounds about right!

And we all enjoy some dirty talk now and then, don't we? I know YOU do, peanuts, we've all seen the limericks. For viewers watching the recent Warriors - 76ers game, it must have felt like they'd walked into the LOCKER ROOM, when the announcer began talking about Steph Curry's wrists – or at least we THINK he was talking about his WRISTS! On the bright side, if his sportscaster career is over, he's already proven that he's MORE than qualified to become a Naked News peanut! That's all for the Boob Tube, I'm Eila Adams.

Funny stuff, thank you Eila and I can't believe I'm saying this, but thank you peanuts!

Someone ELSE who deserves our thanks? The fine folks here at the Stirling Room. We appreciate them letting us take over the place today. Make sure to check them out on-line at Stirlingroom.com

We'll be back for Naked News Magazine on Sunday to bring you some amazing features, including Madison at a rowdy wrestling event, and Eila at Hedonism in Jamaica.

Until then, make sure to keep up to date with everything Naked News by visiting us on social media. Catch us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Thanks for watching, take care everyone.

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