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Today's Show Tuesday October 13, 2015

Tuesday October 13, 2015

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Transcript Hello everyone and welcome back to Naked News! We're getting things going today with Carli Bei who's joins ... Read More >> Hide >>

Hello everyone and welcome back to Naked News! We're getting things going today with Carli Bei who's joins us now with the latest in entertainment. I understand what's old, is NEW again Carli.

That's right, tell me you haven't heard this before, Shia LaBeouf is in trouble with the law!

He just can't seem to get his act together can he?

Not at all but I'll give him THIS, he knows how to stay in the headliners. Here's the latest! Shia LaBeouf had a little TOO much fun this weekend partying in Austin Texas. He was arrested for public intoxication after stumbling through the streets, disrupting traffic. When police arrived things got even uglier. Shia apparently got aggressive with them, accusing one officer of killing his friend. He even claimed to be a member of the National Guard! LaBeouf has a long history of alcohol abuse and even checked himself into rehab last year after an embarrassing incident in Manhattan that saw him interrupt a Broadway show.

Things aren't any better for "Future Shia LaBeouf", aka Randy Quaid. He and his wife Evi are being held on 500-thousand dollars bail in Vermont! The couple famously fled to Canada to avoid facing burglary charges in 2010. Fast forward to this weekend, when the couple was detained at the border trying to re-enter the United States. The pair's legal counsel calls the 500-thousand dollar bail ludicrous, and says it's all because of Randy's celebrity status.

Former King of Queens star Leah Remini is about to cause some even MORE trouble for the Church of Scientology! The 45-year old is set to release a blistering expose about the church's inner workings, and it isn't flattering! Remini publicly left Scientology in 2013, and has been speaking out against it, ever since. In the book, titled "Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology", she even details how the church is controlling big stars like Tom Cruise and Kirstie Alley. You can read all the details when the book hits store shelves in November!

One of Hollywood's hottest couples is pregnant! Supermodel Chrissy Teigen and singer John Legend have announced they're expecting. The 29 year old supermodel let the word out on her uber-popular Instagram feed on Monday. She thanked everyone for their well wishes and said she looks forward to lots and lots of belly touching. And if her Instagram is any indication, she'll post some eye popping pictures.

And we'll wrap up with what HAS to be the most terrifying haunted house in the world! The 17th Door in Tustin California has earned the title with its 17 scary rooms - each more horrifying than the last. Guests even have to sign a waiver to be allowed entry. The house is a journey into the mind of a fictional college student named Paula. Her struggles with drugs, anorexia, and suicide are depicted as people travel from one nightmare to the next. If that isn't intense enough, the ghouls inside are allowed to touch and even LICK you! No wonder visitors are given one piece of advice upon entry: if you're freaking out, shout "mercy"! THAT'S going on my bucket list! With all your entertainment news, for NAKED News, I'm Carli Bei.

I'm Angie Heyward. Making headlines right now, Playboy Magazine is getting a surprising makeover! The iconic men's monthly will stop featuring photos of nude women as of March 2016. CEO Scott Flanders says easy access to porn online was making the practice of including nudes in print “passé”. The magazine will still feature women in provocative poses and will offer female-led sex advice. Playboy hopes to target a younger audience and has already sanitized its website so that it's safe to browse at work.

Seaworld has been banned from breeding orcas. The marine attraction had been seeking approval to double the size of the orca enclosure at its huge San Diego park. California regulators approved the plan, on the condition that any breeding programs stop immediately and that no new orcas are introduced from the wild. Unfortunately the ruling does NOT apply to Seaworld's other parks in San Antonio and Orlando.

And if you've ever wanted to play cowboy, then you have just a few more days left to pick up one of the largest ranches in the world. It's called the The Waggoner Ranch and it's made up of more then half a million acres, in north-west Texas. That's bigger then than New York City and Los Angeles COMBINED. It includes over a hundred of buildings, thousands of cattle and horses as well as 1200 oil wells. It's up for auction and bids will stop being accepted as of October 20. So how much do you think it costs to own this rural piece of paradise Isabella?

Oh my, I have no idea, WAY more then I can afford!

Way more then most 1 PERCENTERS can even afford - 725 MILLION dollars.

Wow, that's quite the price tag! All right thanks for the stories Angie. We'll check back Angie for more bulletins in a bit. Next we have Eila Adams to who's taking a look at some of the tasty treats making headlines in the Naked Foodie. That includes GOOD news for vegetarians, and NOT so-good news for people enjoying those Halloween Black Whoppers from Burger King.

Isabella, poor, drunk, VEGETARIAN college student now have more dining options! Taco Bell is now the first quick-service chain offering items that are American Vegetarian Association, certified! Their veggie menu has 13 "named" items that are certified, including the Cantina Power Veggie Bowl, 7-Layer Burrito, and customers can "hack" the regular menu using 36 veggie ingredients, most of which are also vegan. It's part of the chain's initiatives towards offering healthier, more natural foods.

As we previously reported, Burger King brought back the "Black Whopper" for Halloween. Well, it's definitely SCARED a few people, because the burger's bun may go IN black, but it comes OUT an alarming GREEN! Soon after the burger's release, the hashtag "GreenPoop" popped up on Twitter, with people complaining of that vivid after-effect - some saying it lasted DAYS. BK said the bun is less than one percent dye, and all colorings are FDA-approved.

It's one of those things you don't know you needed until you find out about it: Caffeinated peanut butter! "Steem" peanut butter has a coffee's worth of caffeine in each tablespoon. The creators claim that the combination of protein, electrolytes, and caffeine prevents coffee-jitters because the caffeine's effects are released slowly. So, it results in extended endurance and focus and is ideal for busy people or students pulling an all-nighter. An eight ounce jar of Steem currently retails for $4.99.

This October 21st is the date Marty McFly arrived in "the future", in Back to the Future Two. You may recall that Marty asked for a Pepsi and was given the fictional "Pepsi Perfect" in a very distinctive bottle. Well PEPSI is set to MARK the occasion and have created a very limited edition of just 6500 Pepsi Perfects. They'll only be sold in the US and cost a pretty hefty, twenty dollars and fifteen cents a pop!

And it's baseball playoff season, so that means MORE unique stadium food! Texas Rangers fans at Globe Life Park were treated to an item that may not be the BIGGEST one out there, but might be the WEIRDEST. I present the Sweet Spot Cotton Candy Dog. It's a hot dog topped with cotton candy-infused mustard and ACTUAL cotton candy. Yes, seriously. I really want to know - whatever happened to "peanuts and crackerjack"? That'll do it for this edition of your Naked Foodie. I'm Eila Adams. Bon appetit!

Hey there loyal minions, and welcome to the Naked Nerd! I am your Overlady, Kat Curtis. Marvel is shaking up its cinematic release schedule! The bad news is, you Carol Danvers fans will have to wait a bit - the Captain Marvel movie is now delayed to March 8, 2019. The good news is, it's been bumped to accommodate a NEW Ant-Man film - and this one will heavily feature the Wasp! That's right, Hope Van Dyne finally gets to do what we wanted her to do the entire Ant-Man movie and SUIT UP to kick some ass!

Ever wanted to have robot battles in your living room? Of course you have. The Microsoft Hololens will make it all possible. It works by mixing virtual reality technology with your own real world surroundings and uses spatial sound to create a real world environment. And here's what it looks like when you're fighting giant robots. The Hololens will be available early 2016 to developers for around 3 thousand dollars, and then when it gets released to the general public expect to never see me again. I am gonna kill SO MANY things. Holographic things, I mean. I've said too much.

Speaking of augmented reality, here's a clip of Disney's new augmented reality coloring system. It allows someone to see a 3D version of the thing being colored AS the person is coloring it. I can't wait for the first time this is used for Coloring Book Corruptions.

And continuing with the VR theme, here's a preview of an Adventure Time virtual reality game. This brings the cult-hit Cartoon Network series to life like never before. Adventure Time: Magic Man's Head Games is an adorable 3D platformer that lets you use VR tech to look around freely at the world. Players take the role of Tiny, a monster that Magic Man transforms into a balloon. You trail along behind Finn and Jake as the duo sets out to return Tiny to his original form. What I want to know is, can I make bacon pancakes in the game?

But special effects are overrated these days. I mean, nobody does anything real anymore, right? WRONG. Take a look at these totally CGI and VFX-free videos that someone created of people blowing fireballs in bullet time. All imagery was created using 50 separate cameras. I wish people would let ME blow fireballs. But my coworkers and friends keep taking explosives away from me, because everyone except for me hates fun. OH HEY WHAT'S THIS THEN? YAS. GONNA GO EXPLODE THINGS NOW BYE

Boeing says they've created the world's LIGHTEST metal structure. Called Microlattice it's 99 point 9 percent hollow and is 100 times lighter than Styrofoam. The material is made from interconnected hollow tubes that are 1000 times thinner then a human hair. Despite its size, Microlattice is capable of absorbing high energy impacts before returning to its original shape undamaged. Boeing thinks the new material will lead to a new generation of planes and spaceships.

Pepsi has revealed plans to launch a line of Pepsi-themed mobile phones and accessories. Images leaked online show that the Pepsi P1 will be a budget Android smartphone costing around 200 dollars. The handset will feature a 5 point 5 inch screen, 13-megapixel camera and come with 16 GB of internal storage. We'll get our first look at the P1 when it's revealed in Beijing on October 20th. Pepsi plans to initially release the phone in China only.

And it's now illegal to ride a hoverboard in the UK! The self-balancing electric scooters have been banned from use on public property because they're considered vehicles under British law. The skateboard-like device has been gaining popularity in recent months with celebs like Chris Brown and Justin Bieber pictured using them. Similar to rules surrounding Segways, riders will still be allowed to ride them on private property. From the Naked Newsroom, I'm Angie Heyward.

Thanks Angie! Next up we're going Naked At the Movies with Madison Banes, and for those of you who thought you'd seen the end of the Transformers franchise, Madison has some sobering news for you.

That's right, Isabella and welcome to Naked At The Movies. We've had to endure FOUR flicks so far in the Transformers franchise. And plans are for another FIVE, over the next 10 years which includes an animated origin story. A group of writers lead by Academy Award-winning screenwriter Akiva Goldsman is currently plotting out the storyline for Transformers 5, which is scheduled for a 2017 release.

Daniel Craig is officially done with playing Bond. In a new interview with Time Out magazine, Craig says that he'd rather slash his wrists than make another 007 film. Tell us how you REALLY feel Daniel! There's just one, tiny little problem with his plans, Craig is still legally contracted to do one more film. Needless to say studio bosses aren't too impressed with Craig's public position, especially with Spectre hitting theaters on October 26th. They've told him to keep his mouth shut.

It's one of the hottest events of the year and we finally have a date for it. Star Wars: The Force Awakens will premiere in LA on December 14th. Returning cast members Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill are just some of the famous faces we can expect to walk the red carpet. You WON'T see many reviews for the film though - press screenings are being limited to keep spoilers to a minimum until it opens wide December 18th.

Hollywood is rarely known for giving away content for free, which is why it's such a big deal when it DOES happen! Paramount Pictures is streaming dozens of old films for zero cost on Youtube. There are a lot of duds in the selections, but there are a few gems, too, including the Elvis classic King Creole and the cheesy He-Man saga Masters of the Universe. Check out The Paramount Vault Youtube channel for the full list.

And the Coen brothers are back, and they've brought one of their favorite collaborators – George Clooney – along for the ride! Hail, Caesar! is a comedic romp through 1950's Hollywood. Clooney plays an aging matinee idol who's seen better days – especially after he's kidnapped in the middle of a major shoot! Here's a quick preview.

Hail Clooney and Hail the Coen Brothers! Watch for it in theaters February 5th. Going Naked at the Movies, for Naked News, I'm Madison Banes.

Eila Adams, Carli Bei, and Isabella Rossini discuss some of today's stories, including Playboy's decision to stop showing nude women in their magazine, Microsoft's new Hololens, and the UK's ban on so-called hoverboards in public. Plus, the results of our most recent caption contest featuring Natasha Olenski.

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