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Thursday May 26, 2016

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Transcript Hello and welcome to Naked News, I'm Carli Bei. We've starting things off with one of the worlds most notor... Read More >> Hide >>

Hello and welcome to Naked News, I'm Carli Bei. We've starting things off with one of the worlds most notorious hackers! His name is Marcel Lazar, but he's better known by his online handle, Guccifer. Here's Natasha with that story and MORE, in a Naked News Bulletin.

Carli, on Wednesday, the 44-year old Romanian pleaded guilty to identity theft and hacking charges. He was the man who hacked his way into the accounts of members of the Bush family and several other high-ranking US government officials, including Secretary of State Colin Powell. Earlier this month, he made headlines by claiming he'd broken into the private email server of Hillary Clinton, though he was unable to backup those claims. Lazar faced 20 years behind bars, but struck a plea deal with the Justice Department that will see him face no more than 7 years. In exchange, he's agreed to cooperate with authorities in the future.

It appears Hulk Hogan had the help of a pretty powerful friend in his court case against Gawker Media! Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel has admitted to secretly funding Hogan's highly-publicized invasion of privacy lawsuit! For weeks there had been rumors that Thiel had been backing the Hulkster in his lengthy battle against Gawker. The Paypal co-founder and Facebook board member has long been a target of the blog's scathing media coverage. After having his sexuality outed by Gawker sub-site "Valleywag" in 2007, Thiel says he's decided to help provide money to Gawker victims who normally wouldn't be able to defend themselves.

And the FBI is hoping to take a big bite out of crime and terrorism with a new low-tech weapon! Iris the Labrador retriever has been trained to sniff out hard drives and other hidden electronic devices that can store information. As the agency's first electronic-detection K9, Iris spent weeks in training. She's now able to detect a chemical that's used on all data storage devices. The feds say Iris will come in very handy for counter-terrorism investigations. And with thumb drives getting smaller and more difficult to detect these days Carli, Iris should be extra busy!

That's pretty cool considering I can't even get my dog to sit unless I have a treat in my hand! Thanks for the updates Nat. Up next is our look ahead to the weekend weather. The world's sexiest hippie Madison Banes has something special for us - whatcha got, Maddy?

Well, Carli, Everybody's talkin' bout rainstorms, sunshine, dark clouds, lightnin', this weather, that weather... All *I* am saying, is I've got a John-and-Yoko-themed Naked Weather Forecast, coming up later! Don't even IMAGINE missing it! Back to you!

Excellent, thanks, Madison! Now let's say hello to Eila Adams who's Inside The Box, to get us up to speed on the world of television! So Eila, I hear ANOTHER movie star is coming to series television!

You are absolutely correct Carli. He WAS “in a galaxy far, far away”, and now he's heading to the small American city of Fargo! Welcome Inside the Box! Fargo is set to become a little more Scottish! Actor Ewan McGregor has signed on to star in the third season of the FX series. And as if that wasn't good enough, he's starring in it twice! McGregor is playing brothers Emmit and Ray Stussy. The pair AREN'T twins, but rather a captain of industry type known as the Parking Lot King of Minnesota and a shlumpy younger brother with a chip on his shoulder! The award-winning series will resume production later this year, and Season 3 will air sometime in 2017.

And speaking of TV shows that started as movies, Buckaroo Banzai could soon be a series. That is, if Kevin Smith has anything to say about it! The director is working with MGM to adapt the 1984 cult classic “The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension.” The movie saw its title character, who was a rock star, scientist and RACE CAR DRIVER, repel an alien invasion! Smith has said the first season would basically retell the movie, and the second would deal with the sequel teased in the original's credits, Buckaroo Banzai Versus the World Crime League!

Of course, movies sometimes come to TV still as movies, and there's news on that front too! Starting in September, Netflix will be the exclusive pay TV provider of new releases from Disney, which also includes Marvel, Lucasfilm, and Pixar productions. The movies will still only become available after Blu-Ray and digital releases, but far earlier than subscribers are used to. Also, the exclusivity deal means Disney movies released in 2016 and beyond will not be appearing on subscription networks like HBO or on rival streaming services like Hulu. The announcement of the deal saw Netflix shares get a 3 percent bump!

It's been about a year since Mad Men wrapped up, and some of us still miss it like crazy! Luckily, there's a way to miss it less. The website ScreenBid.com will be auctioning off more than FIFTEEN HUNDRED ITEMS from the series! Prized props include Don's wallet, Peggy's typewriter, Roger's “Advertiser of the Year” certificate, and Betty's engagement ring. Plus someone's going to drive away in Don's 1964 Chrysler Imperial! The auction runs from June 1st to June 15th with some lots closing as early as the 13th, so don't forget to get your bids in!

And now it's time to give you a reason to go full couch potato with our latest edition of STREAM THIS! Bloodline as a TV show is a bit of a slow burn, but those who take the time, swear by it! The Netflix original series follows the Rayburn family and their buried secret, and with an all-star cast including Kyle Chandler and Linda Cardellini, this is a time investment worth making. Check it out: Bloodline's second season starts streaming May 27, so if you start a marathon of the first season's thirteen episodes RIGHT NOW, you just might make it in time! Just don't forget to hydrate! I'm EA and that's the latest from Inside The Box!

I'm Angie Heyward, here to crown our BOOB of the WEEK! And this one, as you'll hear, hits very near to our hearts. And breasts. Here's the scoop!

Movati Athletic is a health club slash gym with a dozen locations in Ontario, Canada. Their philosophy - nay, their MISSION is to consistently deliver an experience that makes their members "feel welcome, feel comfortable, and feel healthy." That's a direct quote from their website, by the way.

Sounds pretty awesome, doesn't it? But their client Jenna Vecchio was recently made to feel DECIDEDLY UNwelcome and UNcomfortable. She was working out at her local Movati Athletic when, she says, she was approached by a staff member who told her that her BREASTS were too BIG. And that because of her chest size, she had to go change into a t-shirt, instead of the sport tank top she had on. Publicly humiliating her in the process.

Now, it IS true that Ms Vecchio has a formidable pair of ta-tas on her PHENOMENAL body. Damn, girl - call us! But based on the photos she posted to her Facebook page, she was MORE than appropriately covered. JUST as covered as the many, many women in tank tops that Movati shows on their own site and Facebook pages. Covered enough that she could have walked into any Whole Foods and done some shopping without anyone batting an eye.

After the incident EXPLODED on social media, Movati released a statement standing by their employees and claiming the problem was her tank's lack of "coverage". Hm. I wonder how it compared to this image, capped from their own video tour?

Look, we respect a business's right to have a modest dress code for members. But if a tank is enough coverage for petite perkies, but not bodacious bazooms, then that's discrimination based on body type. And like ANY body shaming, it's NOT COOL. Plus, they're BOOBS. Half the world has 'em!

So, for acting like a glorious pair is some sort of assault on the eyes, and treating Ms Vecchio like a creepy exhibitionist, YOU, Movati Athletic, are our big, bouncy, in-your-face BOOB of the WEEK. For Naked News, I'm Angie Heyward.

Thanks, Angie. I know where I WON'T be working out! And now, it's back to Natasha with another round of Naked News Bulletins.

Very few of us read the terms and conditions that come with our apps, but the Norwegian Consumer Council did, and they made an event of it to prove just how ridiculously long they are! They arranged a live reading of the contracts for 33 popular apps, and it took NEARLY 32 HOURS to get through them! That's more than 900 PAGES of legalese, and more than a QUARTER OF A MILLION words! The heavyweight of the group was the iTunes agreement, coming in at 54 PAGES and taking TWO AND A HALF HOURS to read!

A new round of funding could see SnapChat end up with a valuation of as much as 22.7 BILLION DOLLARS! The company is currently seeking around 200 million dollars in financing, for which the they created 7-and-a-half million new shares. This follows a round of financing in March that valued them at 16 billion! SnapChat has over 100 million daily users and over 10 BILLION video views a day! It's a good app and all but almost 23 Billion? Can you say , "OVERVALUED"?

And a recent study shows that more Americans are obese than ever. A recent survey by the Centers For Disease, Control and Prevention, found that in 2015, 30.4 percent of Americans aged 20 and older were classified as obese. This continues a scary trend that has seen the number increase almost every year since 1997, when the rate was just 19.4 percent! Not surprisingly, there has also been a rise in the rate of diabetes. Almost 10 percent of adults 18 and over reported having diabetes in 2015, compared to just over 5 percent in 1997. Scary stuff. I'm Natasha Olenskin, and those are your headlines.

Thanks a bunch Natasha! NEXT UP, one of MY favorite segments, Turn It Up. Kat Curtis is taking the reins this week, starting with a MEGA DEAL for the world's biggest female musician!

Adele is saying HELLO to a 130 million dollar record contract, Carli! She's on the verge of signing with Sony Music's Columbia Records label. When the ink dries, it'll be the biggest contract ever awarded to a female artist, beating the 100 million dollar deal Whitney Houston signed in 2001. It will also make her the highest-paid British musician ever - man or woman. Adele is a force of nature when it comes to record sales. Her latest album "25" debuted in late November, but still sold more than 17.4 million units in 2015. That's FIVE TIMES more than Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift, who were second and third in sales.

Some sad news from the Canadian music scene this week, as Tragically Hip frontman Gord Downie was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. The announcement triggered a massive outpouring of well-wishes from fans across Canada. For more than three decades, the Hip have been one of the country's biggest bands, but oddly enough, their success in the Great White North never translated elsewhere. Rather than go out with a whimper, the Hip are planning one last celebratory tour of their homeland. They'll say goodbye by playing in Canadian cities nationwide, and when the lights come up there won't be a dry eye in the house.

Paul McCartney's finally admitted to what many music fans have said for years: Wings was terrible! In a candid interview with the BBC, Sir Paul said he went into a deep depression when the Beatles broke up. He says he thought about starting a supergroup with Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, and John Bonham, but ultimately changed his mind. Yeah good call, 'cause nobody would have wanted to see THAT. Instead he opted to start from scratch with Wings, and added that when the band first got together, most of the members hardly knew how to play their instruments. I hate to say it Paul, but it kinda showed.

Speaking of supergroups, here's one that's ACTUALLY happening. Members of Rage Against The Machine are teaming up with Chuck D from Public Enemy and Cypress Hill's B-Real. They're calling themselves Prophets of Rage, and they'll be performing songs from all three groups. We're not sure if there'll be a new album, but a summer tour is reportedly in the works, so dudes will have a chance to bro-out like it's 1993.

It's review time! This week we're checking out the 37th studio album from the one, the only, Bob Dylan. Just in time for his 75th birthday, Bob's given us a new record called "Fallen Angels." Like last year's collection of Sinatra tunes on "Shadows in the Night", "Fallen Angels" is a collection of old standards. The first single's a take on "Melancholy Mood" from American composer Walter Schumann. It isn't what anyone would consider "essential" Dylan, but you have to admit it's pretty darn pleasant. At 75 his voice sounds better than it has in years. If you like Dylan, you'll enjoy Fallen Angels, and at this point isn't that all you can really ask? We're giving it 3 out of 5 Naked Ns. Turning It Up for Naked News, I'm Katherine Curtis.

May 26th marks the 47th anniversary of the first day of John Lennon and Yoko Ono's 1969 Montreal "Bed-In" For Peace. We'll be marking that very groovy occasion in this John-and-Yoko-themed edition of the Naked Weather Forecast! But first, let's tune in and turn on to a little Brainstorm Trivia!

The term "movable bed" is sometimes used by the National Weather Service. Do you know what it means? Stick around for the answer.

To the forecasts! John and Yoko had actually already held a Bed-In For Peace in Amsterdam in March, but it's the one in Montreal's Queen Elizabeth Hotel that most people think of. Probably because it was where the couple, along with other celebrity peaceniks, recorded their famous anti-war anthem "Give Peace A Chance". This weekend, Montreal will see clouds and thunderstorms, with a toasty high of 87 (31C)

John Lennon wanted the Bed-Ins to be a form of non-violent protest against the Vietnam War. He also hoped to get politicians involved, and sent ACORNS to a number of world leaders, asking for them to be planted as peace symbols. The STATUE of John Lennon and the rest of the Beatles in Liverpool actually has John holding a pair of acorns. Liverpudlians will need to give umbrellas a chance, as they'll be seeing showers and a high of 69 (21C) this weekend.

John and Yoko continued their activism well beyond the hotel bed and acorns, too. Their iconic 1971 songs "Imagine" and "Happy Xmas War Is Over", famously pleaded for peace. Their activism was almost certainly behind the Nixon administration's failed attempt to deport the couple. John and Yoko lived in New York's Dakota apartments, where this weekend's weather will be mostly sunny, with the mercury touching 86 (28C)

Yoko has continued to promote their shared cause. Over the years since John's death, she's released several UPDATED versions of "Give Peace A Chance". In 2005, she did a version referencing September 11th, and in 2008 and 2009, a variety of REMIXES were released. One of them actually topped the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart! Yoko Ono was born in Tokyo, Japan, where the weekend will turn sunny after a cloudy start, and see temps of 82 (28C)

Now for the answer to our Brainstorm Trivia question! In hydrology terms, a "movable bed" is a STREAM bed consisting of materials that can be easily moved by the water's flow. For Naked News, I'm Madison Banes. Peace out!

Great job thanks Madison! Now let's answer some feedback e-mails Eila.

Let's start with this one from Boris! He writes "Hi this is one of the better sites that I've subscribed to although I was wondering if there were more pictures, particularly of Eila Adams? Some girls and segments I'd like to see more of are Isabella, Katherine, Eila, Flex Appeal, and Versus."

Welcome to Naked News, Boris! It's awesome to hear you're enjoying your membership! To see all the available photos of any of us, just log in and click on "Anchors", then click on the pic of who you'd like to see. That'll take you to a bio page, which includes our most recent segments and some photo sets.

And for more of your favorite segments, there are well over a THOUSAND FULL programs from the past available in our Archives. You can search "by anchor" or "by segment" to see your favorites. I hope you've got plenty of free time! The next email is from Frank in Wellington, New Zealand. He says "Dear Naked News, I've got a novel suggestion: why don't you do your first ever fully nude Naked News show? A full show where every presenter is fully nude from start to end: not a stitch, not even shoes, just completely naked. You haven't done that yet."

I'm pretty sure we've done that many, MANY times, Frank! But we'll send your request to the producers, and if you're lucky we'll do it again soon!

The last email today is from Travis. He asks "I have been a loyal fan of Naked News for years now and I love the constant variety of the show. I've always wondered how are the anchors arranged in the Introduction? I thought first it was alphabetical and then I thought maybe it was by the anchor's duration. Could you please shed some light on this for me? Just curious and thank you for all of the great work!"

Good question, Travis! For a long time, the credits were seniority-based. But when anchors left and new ones came on, we sometimes had to do some juggling because of the color theme in the credits and a few other design-related reasons. Rumor is we'll be updating the look of the credits soon, so keep an eye out!

Before we finish up, we've got the results of Wednesday's poll question! We asked if you thought millennials 18-35 have it tougher than previous generations, or are just unwilling to do what it takes to make it on their own.

Forty-one percent of you thought that millennials have it tougher, with the tight job market, high cost of living, and big student loans. But fifty nine percent of you said life isn't easy, and they're just unwilling to do what it takes.

Thanks for voting, and thanks to everyone who wrote in! If you've got a question or comment for us, email feedback@nakednews.com and we might just respond right here on the program. We'll see you back again tomorrow!

Take care!

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