Today's Show Friday November 27, 2015

Friday November 27, 2015

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Transcript Thanks for tuning in, I'm Eila Adams! And I'm Carli Bei and today we're on location at SAME Nightclub, o... Read More >> Hide >>

Thanks for tuning in, I'm Eila Adams!

And I'm Carli Bei and today we're on location at SAME Nightclub, one of the best party places in downtown Toronto. We've really got a lot going on today Eila. Where to start!?

How about undressing some of our favorite celebrities. Isabella Rssini is standing by with Hollywood XPosed and she's starting with a sexy duo from the new movie Victor Frankenstein.

Which also just so happens to be the movie Madison will be previewing a little later in Naked at the Movies.

That's true, but Isabella's only focused on the GOOD parts, thanks to our friends over at Mr. Skin.com!

Thanks ladies, and yes, "Victor Frankenstein" is in theaters this week, and yes, Madison's previewing it later in Naked at the Movies. But while she's concerned with stuff like casting and plot, I'VE got some scenes our viewers will never forget! That's because they feature naked starlets Jessica Brown Findlay and Louise Brealey. Jessica showed off her killer b's - breasts and butt - in the 2012 mini-series Labyrinth. Bet you wouldn't mind getting lost in HER maze. Louise on the other hand will definitely make your mouth water with some backside shots and a tantalizing tub scene from 2013's "Delicious".

Also in theaters this week is "The Danish Girl", a movie you probably haven't heard of because a) it's getting lousy reviews, and b) it's only screening in select theaters. But any movie starring Alicia Vikander and Amber Heard is worth a look in our book. Who could forget Alicia's showstopping performance in Ex-Machina?. Her beauty does-not-compute. Then there's Amber Heard, who's a Mr. Skin Hall of Famer. Her HOTTEST role came in 2009's The Informers, where she just couldn't seem to keep her clothes on. Whether she was getting it on in the bedroom, entertaining two gents at once, or even being the center of attention in an orgy, Amber deserves to be seen AND heard!

Over on the small screen, if you haven't been watching period drama "Versailles", consider this your formal invitation! The show's set during the reign of French ruler Louis the 14th, and is packed with nude nubiles. Alexia Giordano takes the king for a ride and gives him a view to remember. Then there's Noemie Schmidt, who gives his highness a snack AND a great view of her heinie! Mon dieu!

And out on BluRay this week is indie crime drama "The Badger Game". Aria London steals the show in this one by taking some lucky schmo to paradise city in a recording studio. She turns up the volume by removing her top and showing off a pair of incredible lady gagas. They're NOT real, but they ARE spectacular! Now it's time for HOLLYWOOD-XPRESS!!!!
This week on EgotasticAllstars.com, feast your eyes on the drop dead gorgeous, American model, Maggie Duran. Here she is showing off her greatest assets for Yume magazine.

Sammy Braddy is one of Britain's top rated glamor models. And judging by these poolside pics, we can see why.

Brazilian bombshell Mariana Tarrafel looks amazing in lingerie... and even better WITHOUT it. Now THAT'S a bodacious badonkadonk!

And Aussie model Lori McKenzie is a tall drink of water guaranteed to leave you thirsty for more, in this steamy black and white pictorial. Crikey!

Undressing your favorite celebrities, one story at a time, I'm Isabella Rossini, and THIS, has been Hollywood XPOSED!!

I'm Katherine Curtis. Celebrity-penned books are always in demand, even when the author has been gone for more than a hundred and fifty years! Case in point - an autographed manuscript from US President Abraham Lincoln has just sold for more than 2 point 2 MILLION. The document is STEEPED in history and contains the infamous final passage of Lincoln's second inaugural address – “With malice toward none; with charity for all” - and was written just weeks before his 1865 assassination.

It might seem like an out-of-this-world price, but someone just paid 1 point 6 million for a WATCH. The rare Bulova Chronograph was worn by astronaut David Scott during his 1971 Apollo 15 moonwalk. Scott swapped HIS timepiece for the NASA-issued ticker after it developed a fault. Part of the proceeds from the auction will go to a cause close to every space geek's heart - the training of FUTURE astronauts.

And we told you a few weeks ago about the painting that sold at auction for 170 MILLION – the second highest price ever paid. The buyer of “Reclining Nude” is now stepping forward and claims that he's putting the purchase on his CREDIT CARD so he can collect the AIRMILES. Chinese billionaire Liu Yiqain says he'll be paying for the artwork with this American Express Centurion card to maximize his free flights. It just goes to show you that even the RICH love a good deal!

AND that you don't get rich without counting your pennies.

Or Airmiles!

I haven't done the math but I'm pretty sure his great-grandchildren will still be flying first class before they burn through all those miles! Thanks Kat. It's time for our brand new audition. This week we've got Charlie showing off her stuff and we think you're really going to enjoy her.

Remember – we want to know what YOU think. Send us your thoughts at feedback@nakednews.com. Here's Charlie.

Sexy blonde amateur Guest Anchor Charlie auditions with an In Focus look at Dakota Johnson. Then, in her Q&A, she demonstrates why she thinks her butt is her best feature, tells us that she's a true exhibitionist, and let us know what her ideal superpower would be. Let us know what you thought about her, by writing to us at feedback@nakednews.com

I'm Whitney St. John, with Naked News Travels. Boarding times for Emirates Airline passengers are going to be a LITTLE bit longer - at least if they're flying on the mammoth new Airbus A380! It's the largest capacity commercial plane in the world, cramming in 615 passengers. To make room, Emirates got rid of first class and some business class seats, adding 13 rows of economy class seats in the back. But don't worry, the luxury airliner made sure to keep its signature bar area intact. The new A380 will start flying between Dubai and Copenhagen on December first.

Before boarding your plane in Dubai, we hope you get a chance to stay at what might be the most FASHIONABLE hotel on the planet. Italian label Versace has opened the five-star Palazzo Versace Dubai. The whole thing is meant to look like a 16th century Italian palace, and based on these images they've done a pretty amazing job! Each of the 215 rooms and suites were designed by fashion queen Donatella Versace, and the place is filled with one-of-a-kind furniture designed exclusively for the hotel. Rooms start at 650 dollars a night - which is less than I've paid for some of their handbags - but the top draw is the luxe imperial suite. It's a 13-thousand square foot two-bedroom duplex that takes up the entire top floor, complete with a private terrace, pool, jacuzzi, and amazing skyline views.

Looking for a more luxurious TROPICAL locale? Richard Branson's launched the newest hot spot in his Virgin Limited Edition getaways. Branson's Moskito Island in the Caribbean offers three 5-star villas that can accommodate up to 22 guests. This little slice of heaven on Earth has all the amenities you'd expect: hot tubs, swim-up bars, an infinity pool, and some incredible views of the turquoise ocean waters. You'll probably want to bring at least 20 of your friends along to split the tab, because this place ain't cheap. A night on Moskito Island costs nearly 50-thousand dollars.

Is it weird that I'm still not sick of that song? While neither is anyone in South Korea, and that's why they're planning to build a huge new "Gangnam Style" tribute statue in Seoul! The giant overlapping fists are a tribute to the song's signature dance move, and they'll be placed outside the COEX shopping centre where part of the famous video was filmed. Psy released Gangnam Style in 2012 and it's still the most-watched YouTube video ever, boasting more than 2.4 BILLION views!

And if I asked you where the coolest place in the ENTIRE WORLD was, you probably wouldn't guess Salt Lake City. But it's true, and it's ALL because of a virtual reality theme park called Void! It's kind of like laser tag, only players move through a room wearing VR headsets that completely alters the experience. Some lucky people got to try a beta version of it recently, but for the rest of us Void won't be open until the third quarter of 2016. Definitely putting that place on my bucket list! For Naked News Travels, I'm Whitney St. John

It looks like consumer confidence is on the rise! A new poll from Gallup says that US shoppers plan on spending an average of 830 dollars on their Christmas gifts this year. That's the highest figure since 2007, when Americans were splashing out around 866 dollars each. The amount dropped dramatically during the 2008 recession, but has been slowly improving ever since!

Speaking of potential presents, a mining company has just unearthed the second largest DIAMOND ever discovered. The lucky find by the Lucara Diamond Corporation in Botswana, measures in at one thousand one hundred and eleven carats – that's roughly the size of a TENNIS BALL. There have already been several offers to buy the gem, but company execs won't be able to put a value on it until it's properly assessed by the experts.

And if he was looking for good karma, Shlomo Rechnitz now has it in spades! The California businessman just dropped 20 grand to buy dinner for 400 US soldiers who were on a flight layover in Ireland. The soldiers were preparing to eat their military rations when Shlomo said he looked around and saw regular folk dining at various trendy restaurants. He wanted to treat the servicemen to the same, in honor of their sacrifice. Classy move! And those are your headlines. From the Naked Newsroom, I'm Katherine Curtis.

Nice one, Kat. Up next, it's a story we're all familiar with – Mary Shelley's classic, “Frankenstein”. Madison Banes is reviewing the latest film version to let us know if it's worth the price of admission.

With James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe attached, I'm definitely intrigued! Here's Madison with the details in Naked at the Moves!

There have been countless versions of Frankenstein re-imagined for the big screen over the years, but is there room for one more? “Victor Frankenstein” has a different take than your usual monster scare-fest, focusing on the scientist BEHIND the hellish creation and his equally brilliant assistant, Igor.

British actor James McAvoy is perfectly cast in the title role as a man obsessed with finding immortality through his mad experiments. A slightly more UNORTHODOX casting choice was choosing Daniel Radcliffe, AKA Harry Potter, playing the part of Igor.

Igor puts his faith in Victor and the joint belief that their illegal and sometimes UNETHICAL experiments will ultimately benefit the whole of mankind. But like all good mad scientists, Victor gets in WAY over his head. It's down to Igor to speak up and to remind his colleague why they started this whole thing in the first place.

Funny thing about those monsters – they are darn near IMPOSSIBLE to control once they get loose! With dead bodies piling up, and suspicions about Victor's venture on the rise, the police are called in to find out what Victor and Igor are up to.

The relationship between Igor and Victor maintains a more playful Sherlock and Watson vibe than master and slave. You can tell both Dan and James are having a lot of fun with the roles and luckily the movie never takes itself TOO seriously. If you're in the mood for a fun popcorn flick, Victor Frankenstein fits the bill! It's in theaters now. For Naked at the Movies, I'm Madison Banes.

That's all the time we have for today's program. We'd like to thank Same Nightclub for allowing us to film at their gorgeous location.

You can check them out on-line at sameclub.ca So how about that Charlie?

She's pretty sexy, VERY liberal and has a crazy tattoo on her back BUT, is she naked news material?

Let us know by dropping us a line to feedback@nakednews.com!

We'll see you back here NEXT for this weekend's Naked News Magazine. I'm Turning It Up on location with a band called The Mad Caddies. Kat and I met them at Amnesia Rockfest in the summer and I interviewed them right there.

That looked like a really fun festival. I've been enjoying all the segments you two brought back.

It was a lot of work but well worth it. Anyway folks, while we're gone, make sure to check in with us on social media. There's all kinds of exclusive content on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, that you won't see on the show.

Thanks for watching, we'll see you again very soon, take care

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