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Today's Show Monday October 12, 2015

Monday October 12, 2015

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Transcript Welcome to Naked News everyone, I'm Eila Adams. It's a holiday in our part of the world so we're taking the... Read More >> Hide >>

Welcome to Naked News everyone, I'm Eila Adams. It's a holiday in our part of the world so we're taking the day off. But we decided to do something today that we've been ASKED to do for quite some time now. And that's to show a true CLASSIC episode, a little peak into the early years of Naked News. We're not talking about a show that, 5, 7 or even 9 years old. Today we're going back TWELVE years, to July of 2003. It was a VERY different time with a very different cast, many of whom helped propel Naked News to what it is today. So I hope you enjoy this look back and we'll see here tomorrow for a brand new episode. Bye for now.

Hello and welcome to Naked at the Movies. Hollywood's love affair with the sequel continues with the release of Legally Blonde 2: Red White, and Blonde. This, of course, is the follow-up to Reese Witherspoon's runaway 2001 hit, and like most sequels, you're in for more of the same. That being said, the lack of explosions, gunfights, and kung-fu fighting sets it apart from most of the other films we're seeing this year.

The impossibly cute and perky Witherspoon reprises her role as Elle Woods. This time out, she discovers that the mother of her beloved dog Bruiser is being held in a cosmetics testing lab. Our plucky heroine heads to Washington DC in order to free the dog and winds up the motivating force behind a bill to outlaw animal testing. Of course, while getting caught up in the complex - and occasionally crooked - Washington political machine, she also has find time to plan her "perfect" wedding.

This is Reese Witherspoon's film from start to finish. What made the first movie fun was her portrayal of the 'ditzy-yet-somehow-intelligent' Elle as a more 3-dimensional character than you'd expect, and she's back in fine form once again. Of course, she's got more star-power helping her out this time. Sally Field does a fine job as a politician who tries to help Elle get the bill passed. However, other than Witherspoon, the best performance comes from Bob Newhart. He plays a doorman at the Watergate Hotel who befriends Elle and gives her all the information she needs to champion her cause... The movie itself is kind of like cotton candy: it's light, fluffy, and a bit too sweet. But if you're looking for an escape from a summer filled with over-the-top action epics, it's a cute little diversion.

We give Legally Blonde 2 - Red, White and Blonde 3 out of 5 Naked Ns. For Naked At The Movies, I'm Roxanne West.

Athena King and Erica Stevens went Naked In The Streets to talk to people about how to prepare for Toronto Pride, and what the best summer cocktails are.

I gave a friend of mine a ride home yesterday and he proceeded to go on a rant about the crazy regulations that have been implemented at his workplace. The company he does research for recently installed surveillance cameras virtually everywhere but the washrooms. This means he can't even pick his teeth without someone watching. In addition, his internet access and voicemail are monitored to make sure he isn't doing anything they don't like. This whole move toward businesses spying on their employees is disgusting. Privacy in the workplace is a fundamental right. Rather than making employees more productive, monitoring everything they do only makes them uncomfortable and hostile. And for companies who want to be successful, this is hardly the type of work environment you'd think they'd want to create. I'm Victoria Sinclair, and that's the view from here.

So companies out there actually want to stop their employees from goofing off. What an astonishing concept. Employee internet misuse is responsible for billions in lost productivity in the US alone. With these sort of numbers, is it any wonder more and more employers are being forced to baby sit their workers to protect their bottom line? The only people who get all huffy about workplace surveillance are those who obviously have something to hide. If you were doing what you're being paid for, there wouldn't be a problem. Sure, work sucks, but that's why it's called "work" and not "lazy time slackathon." I like to kick back and relax as much as anyone, but when I'm on the job, I mean business. And it's my hope that this commitment to excellence will be rewarded with a nice healthy raise. I'm Samantha Page, and that's the view from here.

Nestled on the banks of the Cumberland River, which links to the mighty Mississippi, this is a veritable Mecca for country music hopefuls. Its time to dig out your cowboy boots & belt buckles, because Naked News Travels is heading to Nashville.

Hearing the word "Nashville" conjures up notions of rhinestones and twanging guitars. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere...oh wait - that's New York - but you get the idea. While you're IN Nashville, consider taking a night cruise on the General Jackson, a.k.a. "the largest show boat in the world". The four-story, 300-foot long boat offers a superb view of the city.
To explore the deeply rooted musical history of Nashville, consider a visit to the Country Music Hall of Fame, or wander through the area known as the "Music Valley" to see the Grand Ole Opry, Nashville's premier country music landmark.

The architecture of the city is an eclectic mix of old and new. Skyscrapers surround historical monuments such as the Parthenon which is the majestic centerpiece of Centennial Park. Just as it was in ancient Greece, the 42-foot statue of Athena is the focus of this magnificent building, which also serves as the city's art museum.

Take yourself out to the ball game and visit Greer Stadium, the home of the aptly-named "Nashville Sounds". Or, visit the sprawling coliseum... yet another ohmage to Greece...here, you can watch the NFL's Tennessee Titans with approximately 69,000 of your closest friends.
Spend a day at the "Frist Center for the Visual Arts" enjoying some of the diverse performances. Or spend the day shopping in the area known as the District, and then treat yourself to a relaxing beverage at an outdoor cafe. There's never a dull moment in Nashville....find out for yourself. For Naked News Travel, I'm Gia Gomez, see you there!

Lily Kwan sat down with band Wide Mouth Mason to learn more about them

Sandrine Renard and Roxanne West play Chantal Beaver and Cathy Beaver, hosts of Canadian Question Period, teaching people the nuances of Canada.

2003 has been a great year for gaming, with the launch of some of the best, most entertaining console games ever seen. Today, we take a quick look back at the best games we've reviewed this year.

In Hitman 2, you're Agent 47. a genetically engineered assassin who has abandoned his profession to live a peaceful, violence free life in a monastery. You find yourself BROUGHT back into action, however, when gangsters kidnap your mentor. For every mission you successfully complete, you get closer and closer to finding your friend and getting him back. Your reliance on stealth and blending in with your surroundings is what makes this game a tense, exciting ride.

At the opposite end of the spectrum is the GameCube's Metroid Prime. You play Samus Aran, a bounty hunter on the planet Tallon IV. You're tracking down Space Pirates bent on - what else? - taking over the universe. You're armed with a special suit of armor that can pack more gadgets and weapons than James Bond. You make your way through the different environments, solving puzzles and blasting the bad guys along the way. This game is beautiful to look at, and combined with it's stellar gameplay is keeping many a player coming back again and again.

Finally there's the awesome driving game Midtown Madness 3. Tear through the beautifully rendered streets of either Washington DC or Paris and reek a little 4-wheeled mayhem. As good as this game is on its own, the online aspect is simply incredible. You can play tag, hunter, or other games over your X-BOX LIVE system. We're warning you though...once you get started you may not want to stop.

Are there going to be any better games this year? Only time will tell, but if the 2nd half of 2003 is anything like the first, you're going to be spending plenty of time with a controller in your hands. From the Game Spot, I'm Samantha Page

Welcome to Flex Appeal - stretching part 2. The last time we talked, I left you with a little tease. The fact that stretching can not only help you avoid injury, but that it can help you grow. Let me explain.

Stretching improves the circulation, which improves the pump and so many other things that can factor into growth. It's also very important in the breaking down of muscle fibers that is essential to growth. And it's important in the prevention of injuries, that can put a stop to training and growth altogether. But very few people understand the nature of muscle and the human body, well enough to know how to stretch properly. As we discussed last week there is pre workout stretching-which is basically doing your workout exercises, with perfect form, but without the weight. The purpose here is to warm up the joints, get the fluid moving, and prepare the muscle for the real work to come. And then there's the post workout stretching. The iso-static stretching. The stretches you do and hold for 30-60 seconds. Both are equally important, and you really should take the time to do both.

This week, we'll focus on our lower body. Iso -static stretching for the legs: Start with a quad stretch: stand with your feet shoulder width apart, with a slight bend in your knees. Bring your right heel up towards your butt, and hold your ankle with your right hand. The tendency with this stretch is to pull on your leg with your arm, but you'll get a much better stretch if you just jut your hip forward. Hold for 30-60 seconds and then do the other side.
Then your hamstrings: There are 2 versions of this stretch. Sitting and standing. We'll do the sitting one. Sit on a cushy mat, with your legs as far apart as they will comfortably go. I said comfortably. I don't want you all contorted. Now bring your body down toward your leg, while keeping your back as straight as possible. The straighter your back, the better the stretch, and the less chance of injury. Hold and switch sides.

Your calves: You'll need a wall for this one. But if you're outside and you don't have a wall nearby, any solid mass that can give you some resistance will so. Place your foot on the wall or- in this case a rolled up mat. Step back with your back foot. Now lean into your lead foot with your body, until you feel a stretch in your calf. Hold. Switch feet.

Your lower back, and your abs: This one feels good! Get on all fours. No snide comments from you! First your going to drop your head, and raise your back up like a scared cat. Next, bring your butt down over your calves, and breath into your lower back. Now dip forward, keeping your body as close to the ground as possible, and look up at the ceiling. Don't forget to breath while you hold this one! Do it a couple more times, and you're done.

Don't try to stretch the muscle beyond it's comfortable limit. A tired muscle is even more susceptible to injury than a cold muscle. When you've finished working out a muscle group then and only then do a static stretch for 30-60 seconds. Just get into position, and hold. This is the part where you can increase flexibility. That way you won't be walking around with your arms like this. Oh and one more thing: to Gar in California, that exercise ball won't help you loose fat on your abs, it will help you build abs. To loose that layer of fat, Gar, you have to do some cardio. So get that heart pumping. I'm Sandrine Renard. Remember: getting started's the hard part.

Greetings everyone and welcome to another edition of Viewer's Mail. This is the segment where, each week, we answer the letters you send us. So let's DO this thing, shall we?

Our first letter comes to us from Eddie in Seattle, and he writes "Dear Athena...what's your perfect way to spend a summer day?"

I love summer... But before I answer, let's see what the other ladies had to say.

Thanks ladies. As for myself, I love to relax with a good round of GOLF. Nothing washes the stress away better than a nice 18 holes on the links. That is until I get to that stupid windmill. I can never seem to get the damn ball through that thing. It makes me just want to pack up my putter and head home.

Letter number 2 comes to us from Adrian in Denver, and he writes "Dear Athena. I love watching Athena the Greek, but sometimes your opinions get pretty far out there. Has there ever been an Athena segment that got scrapped because you went too far?"

Great question, Adrian. The truth is, no. We've never had to scrap an Athena segment for any reason...
GUS: Actually, there is that one.
We've NEVER had to hold anything back...
No, remember Athena? There was that one time. You know, I've got it cued up and everything.
FINE! Fine, Gus, go ahead and roll the stupid clip.

You know, if there's one sad sack TEAM in the majors this year, it's the Detroit Tigers. You'd think that in a city that produces so many cars... Oh man, speaking of cars, do you know what happened to me this morning? I'm driving to work, minding my own business, and this jerk comes out of nowhere and cuts me off. No signal, no honking. He just swerves right into my lane! What's up with that? Where did this jerk learn how to drive, anyhow? Jerk school? I mean the GALL... The NERVE of this guy, just whipping into my lane like that. Where's the fire, buddy? Are you late for your weekly jerk meeting, you jerk!? And another thing... So then Michelle's all like "Don't use my make-up sponge" and I'm all like "Whatever" Because I don't think she realized how PISSED OFF I was AT that jerk cutting me off. Yeah, I'm talking to you, Mr. Beemer Convertible!
Athena, please! I want to go home, I'm tired!
So anyways, to close, the Tigers suck this year. For Naked News, I'm Athena King, and it's all Greek to me.
Cut ME off, will you?

The inimitable Michelle Pantoliano tells one of her trademark stories, this time about the time she and a friend went to the Ontario Place amusement park. Hijinks ensued, and boobs were involved.

Erica Stevens and Lily Kwan finish things off.

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