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Tuesday May 31, 2016

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I'm Elise Laurenne and you've reached the program with nothing to hide - Naked News! We'll get to Carli Bei and your headlines in a few minutes. First up, we've got the latest in Entertainment and my good friend Vera's here with the Hollywood scoop! So, Shia LaBeouf's making waves AGAIN Vera. What is it this time?

It's no secret he's a big fan of experimental art. In February he spent 24 hours mingling with strangers in an Oxford elevator.

Right. And last year he filmed himself watching every one of his movies over three days in Manhattan. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy!

Well his newest project could be even riskier, and he needs America's help to do it! This is Entertainment! For the next few weeks, you can take Shia LaBeouf and two of his pals anywhere you want! His new art project is called #TakeMeAnywhere. Starting last week in Boulder Colorado, Shia tweeted out his GPS coordinates and waited for someone to pick up him up. Ever since, he and his two friends have been whisked around the country. People can drive them to any place they like. When they arrive at their new destination, they tweet out their coordinates and wait for the next ride. The hitch-hiking journey will continue until June 23rd, and you can follow along at TakeMeAnywhere.vice.com. So far it looks like people are using the opportunity to draw a big penis across the US. But hey it's art, right? Who are we to judge?

This just in: people really want to have sex with Jennifer Lawrence, and preferably in the shower! A survey of more than two thousand Americans by Trojan found that J-Law was the woman men would most like to get dirty - and then clean with - in the shower. I'm sure it's an honor that means more to her than her Oscar. Colombian hottie Sofia Vergara came a close second. It all puts a new twist on the phrase rinse and repeat!

Meanwhile the man responsible for leaking hundreds of nude photos of celebrities, including those of Jennifer Lawrence, has pleaded guilty to hacking charges in federal court. Between November 2012 and September 2014, 36-year old Pennsylvania native Ryan Collins gained access to celebrity email and iCloud accounts of 100 people, including at least 18 celebs such as Lawrence, Kate Upton, Rihanna, Kirsten Dunst, and US national soccer player Hope Solo. The flood of pics was released on 4Chan and Reddit and became known as "CelebGate" and "The Fappening". Collins faces up to five years behind bars.

Charlie Sheen is saying "adios" to the LA party scene and "hola" to a quiet life in Mexico! Charlie's purchased three adjacent homes in the Mexican border state of Baja California. Why three houses? So he can live in the middle one and have empty places on either side for maximum privacy! Sheen paid less than a million dollars for the properties, and is building a big fence to keep away the looky-loos. After years in the spotlight, he's doing away with his famously wild Hollywood lifestyle and moving to the sleepy town of Rosarito. And if he changes his mind he's only a short drive from Tijuana!

Irish director John Carney has made it clear he ISN'T a fan of actress Keira Knightley! In an interview with The Independent, Carney lashed out at Keira, who he directed in the 2013 musical drama "Begin Again". Carney swears he'll never work with supermodels again after dealing with constant headaches from Knightley and her entourage. Keira isn't a supermodel but she IS one of the faces of Chanel. Carney even called out the British beauty's singing and acting skills, saying she wasn't ready to take on the role. Long story short, I don't think John should expect a Christmas card from Keira this year! With the latest in Entertainment, I'm Vera Bambi.

In 2014, Wall Street businessman Benjamin Wey already had to pay 5-point-6 million dollars for sexually harassing a former intern. Now, he may have to pay an additional 2-point-4 million for harassing her online! Hanna Bouveng's settlement with her former boss included an agreement that he would pay her an additional 10 thousand dollars for every mean tweet about her and 50 thousand dollars for every attempted communication. According to the memo filed by her lawyers, that didn't stop him from attacking her online. He allegedly tweeted abusive things about her 59 TIMES!

It's an anniversary Josh Reichert won't soon forget! On May 20th, the 30-year-old was celebrating his third anniversary with his wife by hiking through Olympic National Park when he was swept away by the current and plunged down THREE waterfalls! He fell about 70 feet and shattered both his feet, but did eventually manage to swim to shore. After a 9-and-a-half hour rescue, Reichert was taken to hospital and had two surgeries on his feet! He is currently at home, where his recovery is expected to take three months!

Burlesque performer Maggie McMuffin was recently kept from boarding a JetBlue flight from Boston to Seattle because her shorts were considered too revealing! Even though she'd already flown the first leg of her journey on the same airline in the same outfit! She ended up buying a pair of shorts at the airport and boarded the flight. A Facebook post about her experience has been shared over seventeen-hundred times, and the airline has offered her a refund for the shorts and a credit for a future flight. I doubt she'll be using it! I'm Carli Bei, don't go away!

Next up in the Naked Nerd, we've got some GOOD NEWS for casual comics fans who want to dig a little deeper, but don't know where to start! Here's Overlady Kat Curtis to tell us more. This sounds awesome, Kat!

Elise, this app is a dream come true for people looking to check out titles they may have missed without having to put strain on their pocketbooks. Comixology has gone Netflix with its new subscription model! The service, called Comixology Unlimited, will offer tons of titles from several different publishers for 5.99 a month. However, there is a catch- the service is more like a sampler than anything. There's no Marvel or DC. But still, for under ten bucks a month, it might be a great way to check out those titles you've always wanted to read - like Saga. Saga is on there. Read Saga.

AMC has greenlit a six-part documentary series with the working title Heroes and Villains: The History of Comic Books. Expected to premiere in 2017, the series is executive produced by comics legend Robert Kirkman and his The Walking Dead co-producer, David Alpert. The series focuses on all the wild and crazy stuff that happens behind the scenes in the comics industry, and having dated some comic book creators, I could personally tell you some SALACIOUS stories. I won't, though, so you might want to tune into the series if you want some gossip.

Kowloon Walled City was this really gritty, crowded city in Hong Kong that was used as inspiration for backdrops for a number of places, like Blade Runner, Call of Duty: Black Ops, and Shadowrun, before it was demolished and turned into a park. Well, now you can live out your cyberpunk fantasies at Kowloon Warehouse arcade, in Kawasaki City, Japan. The path leading to the arcade is through a series of steel doors, underground tunnels, and an escalator, and the arcade itself is all classic games, like Street Fighter and DDR. They nailed every detail, down to a river of glowing green goo you have to cross to get to the arcade. Ew. I mean, cool, but ew.

Oh, goodie- a Japanese company with the terrifying sounding name Earth Chemical has just created a roach glue so strong it traps humans. The scientists at Earth Chemical tested their mega glue by creating a trap 929 times the normal size of a regular cockroach trap and rounded up a runner, a sumo wrestler, and one of the scientists themselves. Take a look. Man, I could think of SO many uses for that glue...my birthday is coming up next week, just sayin' guys.

And finally, CBS revealed the newest teaser for the Star Trek series...which is 50 seconds long and shows us absolutely nothing, other than the new logo. The show has yet to be cast, and details on the new series are slim. All we know so far is that it's being helmed by Hannibal's Bryan Fuller, and it's the first series picked up by CBS All Access, the company's digital platform. I have my reservations until I see the cast, and, you know, a plot. I mean, Star Trek has been great, but we've also had Enterprise, so...I'm not gonna nerdgasm about this one just yet.

All right, I gotta go figure out where I can get my hands on some of that glue. I'm gonna have a party. If you never see me again, know that things went horribly and I'm probably stuck to a major landmark somewhere. BYE!

I'm Whitney St. John, and this week in Naked News Travels, we're all about bridges! And not cute, quaint “Bridges of Madison County” bridges! These are the bridges that will push your fear of heights to the limit. Whatever you do, DON'T look down!

To visit the tallest bridge in the world, you'll be heading to Southern France. The Millau Viaduct reaches a maximum height of 1,125 FEET above ground, and yes, that is taller than the Eiffel Tower! Besides the great view, it's also quite the engineering marvel, at over 8 thousand feet long and over 200 THOUSAND TONS of concrete! Plus it connects France to Spain, offering a direct route from Paris to Barcelona, which is DEFINITELY an added bonus!

And while you're in Europe, you might want to swing by Switzerland and experience Europe's highest suspension bridge! At just three feet wide, the Titlis Cliff Walk stands at nearly 10 THOUSAND FEET above sea level. Not only does its Swiss Alps location give you a great view in all directions, if you have the nerve to look down, you'll be looking at a glacier 1,500 FEET BELOW! It's a little over 300 feet long, which is about 150 steps, for those of you thinking of holding your breath as you run across!

Of course, there is always going to be debate about which bridge offers the most spectacular view, but for our money, you can't beat the Langkawi Sky Bridge in Malaysia! Located on top of the Machinchang mountain, the over 400 foot long pedestrian bridge curves around a SINGLE support pylon! At 2,300 feet above sea level, the bridge is accessed by cable car, and its curved shape allows plenty of opportunity to stare into the distance and see nothing but the splendor of nature!

In terms of which bridge is SCARIEST to cross, it probably depends on what you're most afraid of, but it's hard to imagine one scarier than the Passu Suspension Bridge! Constructed in 1970, the 850 foot long bridge in Northern Pakistan seems to be a patchwork of steel cables holding together planks which may or may not last and may or may not be there! On the plus side, at least if you plummet, you'll be hitting the Hunza River and not land!

But of course, for the most UNIQUE bridge-crossing experience of your life, you've got to go to Peru! The Q'eswachaka bridge is rebuilt EVERY YEAR using cables WOVEN FROM GRASS! It is an incredible feat accomplished by communities on both sides of the Apurimac River Canyon using CENTURIES-OLD traditional Inca methods. Each new bridge is put together in an amazing three days and they're strong enough to hold dozens of people at a time! Now THAT's a bridge to write home about! Wishing you all safe travels, I'm Whitney St. John.

If you've ever wanted to see Australia's Great Barrier Reef, you might want to move quickly. According to Australian scientists, more than a third of the corals in the northern and central portions have been destroyed. The coral has fallen to bleaching, which occurs when warmer water causes the coral's colorful algae to separate. Experts have pinned the blame on global warming and El Nino. This is considered the most extreme bleaching event to hit the Great Barrier Reef in 18 years!

At the risk of getting biblical, southern Russia has been hit with what can only be described as a PLAGUE of locusts! An area of around 2 MILLION ACRES has been infested with millions of locusts, which have already destroyed at least 10 PER CENT of the crops! The Russian Ministry of Agriculture has declared a state of emergency, but their efforts to stem the swarm have proved largely fruitless. Adding to the problem are high summer temperatures, which have lessened the effectiveness of pesticides.

A gator sighting in Florida wouldn't normally be news. But when it's a GIANT gator and it strolls across a GOLF COURSE, that's worth taking a look at! Charles Helms was hitting the links at the Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Palmetto, Florida, when he captured a video of the beast. He estimated the gator's length at 15 feet, which would make him one of the biggest ever recorded! Which is pretty crazy, since according to club employee Wendy Schofield, the reptile is a frequent guest and something of a mascot for the course! Just one more reason I don't golf! With your headlines from the Naked Newsroom, I'm Carli Bei!

I'm pretty sure that's a dinosaur, not an alligator! Now, it's time for our weekly trip back in time via our From The Vault feature! This week's clip is thanks to Manuel in Belize! He wrote:

"Dear Naked News. I am a new member and am enjoying watching your program daily. I haven't picked a favorite lady because I love them all so much! But I saw a photo of a past newsreader named Laura Conner and would really like to see something she did with you. Thank you so much!"

We're happy to oblige, Manuel! Laura wasn't with the program very long, but she made quite an impression and we get plenty of requests to see more of her! We're going to give you a GREAT introduction, by showing you her exclusive One on One, which also shows her sexy photo shoot. You're going to love it, so without further ado, here's Laura Conner!

Well, everybody, thanks for watching! We'll be back tomorrow with another terrific program. Kat Curtis will tell us what's hot in Trending Now, and Vera Bambi checks in with Pillow Talk! Plus, of course, our usual great News and Sports coverage and more. You'll definitely want to tune in - so until then, take care!

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