Today's Show Wednesday May 4, 2016

Wednesday May 4, 2016

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Welcome to the program with NOTHING to hide, everyone, I'm Carli Bei. We've got a great show up ahead, and it all starts in the Naked Newsroom. Isabella Rossini has the headlines including details on a devastating wildfire in the Canadian northwest.

Carli, a raging wildfire in the Canadian province of Alberta has forced the evacuation of an ENTIRE CITY! Fort McMurray, best known as the base of operations for Canada's oilsands industry, has successfully evacuated its population of about eighty thousand people. Though no major injuries have been reported, several neighborhoods have been destroyed.

The bad news continues rolling in for Japanese airbag manufacturer Takata. A recall that had already affected twenty-eight million vehicles in the U.S. is set to expand by ANOTHER thirty-five million! Used by automakers around the world, Takata airbags are prone to bursting, sending shrapnel into the cabin. At sixty-three million vehicles, this will be the biggest automotive recall America has ever seen.

And thanks to the ruling of a high court in China, Apple will not be the only company able to use the term 'iPhone' in the Asian country. Apple brought the trademark dispute against a leather goods company who filed to use the term in China in 2007, the year the iPhone first hit the market. Apple has been pursuing this case since 2012. The court ruled that Apple had failed to make ITS iPhone sufficiently familiar to the public when the leather company registered the name. You know Apple's got to be FURIOUS about this one Carli.

Hard to believe the court could come to that conclusion. But if it's any consolation Apple, your iPhone will always be number one to me! Thanks Isabella! Okay, Natasha's getting ready for her midweek look at sports, but first we have Eila Adams for a preview of what's Trending Now! What's caught your eye online this week Eila?

Tons of great stuff to talk about Carli, including a woman who's become an online hero for turning the tables on a creep at a big box department store! We have the video and trust me, you'll DEFINITELY want to see it! Plus, the Canadian PM issues an online challenge to his pals at the White House and Buckingham Palace! Stay tuned for that and more, now back to you Carli!

All right, thanks Eila. It's game time people and that can only mean one thing. Time to say hello to Natasha Olenski. She joins us now with the very latest in Sports.

Carli, let me ask you something. Would you get a tattoo of your favorite sports team?

Hmmm probably not, but I'm not exactly the biggest sports fan. Tats are permanent and EXPENSIVE, so I'm pretty picky!

I think most people would agree but what if the team PAID, for the privilege? Here's the story. Welcome to sports everyone! The NBA's Sacramento Kings revealed an updated logo this week, and they've come up with an interesting PR campaign to get the word out! On Wednesday, the team set up shop at five tattoo parlors around Sacramento and offered to PAY for fans to get inked with the new design. The team encouraged people to get tatted up and then post pics with the hashtag "New Era of Proud". Have to admit it's pretty creative! However, Sacramento's been so embarrassing on the court lately I'm not sure I'd want anyone to know I was a Kings fan!

If you don't want to get inked, you can always pay to put your design on someone else. And in this case I'm talking about a two-time Olympian! US track and field star Nick Symmonds. He's offering ad space on his right shoulder to the highest bidder on eBay! The listing says the winning bidder is entitled to 9 square inches of his skin. Symmonds will keep the temporary tattoo for the entire 2016 track and field outdoor season, which includes the lucrative Summer Olympics in Rio. It's not the first time he's done it. Back in 2012 he raised 11-thousand dollars, and it looks like this time around he'll get even more!

The NFL's got a beef with MEXICAN beef! The league has issued a warning to players about eating meat from Mexico after it triggered a failed drug test! Houston Texans tackle Duane Brown was facing a 10-game suspension for violating the league's PED policy, but won on appeal after proving his positive test came from beef he'd eaten while vacationing south of the border! As a result, the NFL has sent a memo to all players saying athletes should avoid beef produced in China and Mexico, since they could contain traces of a banned substance called clenbuterol.

Human hot air balloon Skip Bayless is leaving ESPN for Fox Sports 1, and he's signed a contract that would make most pro athletes jealous! His new deal's worth 5.5 million dollars PER year for 4 years, PLUS a 4 million dollar signing bonus. That's right friends: FS1 is paying 26 MILLION DOLLARS for Skip Bayless! The contract makes him higher-paid than 49 NHL'ers and nearly 200 guys in both the NFL and Major League Baseball! Hey Fox Sports, I'll do the job NAKED for less than HALF the money!

We're capping things off with another trip to the EXCLUSIVE Maxim VIP party, where Whitney St. John ran into 3-time NBA champ Rick Fox! Here's what he had to say.

It's true, Whitney does have freakishly large hands! A big thanks to Rick Fox for being such a great sport! That'll do it for this edition of Naked Sports! I'm Natasha Olenski, and I'll see you next time!

I'm Eila Adams. Trending Now on line is Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He's become somewhat of an internet sensation since being elected and NOW, he's talking smack about the first family and ROYAL family! It's all innocent fun though and meant to increase the awareness of Prince Harry's Invictus Games. Here's the video that's tearing up the internet. The video has gotten thousands of retweets and likes, and yes, in true Canadian style, the throwdown was issued in English and French.

Everyone knows bikers are dudes you don't want to mess with, but who'd have thought a STALLED motorcycle could be a menace? Cyclists found out the hard way in Brooklyn's Red Hook Criterium race, when a pace motorcycle stalled and THIS happened. None of the injuries were life-threatening, but still, a pretty good ad for helmets!

A brown bear kicking back and basking in the sun made for a good picture. But it made for an even better inspiration for a PhotoShop battle on Reddit. And it didn't take long for the bear to go completely Hollywood! Some of our faves include THIS one of the bear sharing some deep thoughts with his new BFF Keanu Reeves. Whoaaa! Then there's the one of the bear doing the talk show circuit with his pal Conan O'Brien. And obviously with fur like that he's a BIG hit with the ladies! Pretty funny, plus it's nice to see a bear acting so chill when so many of them are bi-POLAR!

There was some social media justice this week when a woman literally turned the camera on her harrasser. In a Facebook video that's had over TWO MILLION VIEWS, Candice Spivey calls out a man who had targeted her with his creepiness previously and CHASES HIM right out of the store! When the video went viral, dozens of women came forward with similar stories about the man. He was later identified as Jeffrey Polizzi, and it turned out he'd been arrested in 2009 for taking pictures of women in dressing rooms. Following this latest incident, police arrested him for, of all things, reckless driving.

And now, it's time for our Hashtag Follow Me recommendation of the week! Good things come in small packages, and that is definitely true of Demi Rose. The British lingerie model thought, at five-foot-two, she would be too short to pursue a career in modelling, but luckily for us, she has been proven wrong time and time again. Demi detailed her fitness journey on Instagram, and damn is milk doing THAT body good! If you aren't already one of her five hundred thousand Instagram followers, you SHOULD be! I'm Eila Adams, and THAT'S what's TRENDING NOW.

Germany is officially going green! The country is set to legalize the use of medical marijuana starting in 2017. The drug would be made available only to patients with serious illnesses and for whom no other treatment would be effective. Here's an interesting quirk about the new system. Germans will have their pot paid for through their public health insurance! Germany's drug commissioner was quick to point out that legalization will NOT apply to recreational use.

There's a massive frozen foods recall happening across the US right now. Three hundred and fifty-eight different brands of frozen fruit and vegetable are being recalled because of listeria contamination fears. The company involved, CRF said it received notice from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that seven people had been hospitalized with listeria infections, and some of the cases are connected to their frozen products. For a full list of the affected products, you can visit the FDA's website at FDA.gov.

In other health news, the CDC says that nearly thirty percent of all antibiotic prescriptions written by a doctor, are completely unnecessary. The greatest concern is that this huge overuse of antibiotics is helping to create drug-resistant superbugs. The CDC notes that over two million people a year are infected by these drug-resistant germs. The report also mentioned that despite YEARS of warnings from health officials, doctors are still writing prescriptions for colds, ear infections and bronchitis, even though they do not help. For Naked News, I'm Isabella Rossini.

Thanks Isabella! Up next, Whitney St. John's got details on which cities have the most FUN - or at least the most fun TOYS, in the bedroom! Here she is with the saucy scoop in Pillow Talk!

If AMAZON is any indication, Carli, Florida is a HOTBED of hot BEDS! The online mega-store's sales data shows the US' top two destinations for sex toy orders are Miami and Orlando, Florida. Floridians apparently just can't get enough vibrators, bondage gear, and sex furniture!

According to a new study, up to a QUARTER of MEN have faked an orgasm! And not surprisingly, the reasons are pretty similar to why WOMEN have been known to fake it. The most common reason given was to boost their partner's self-esteem or make their partner happy. Other reasons included the partner not being desirable enough, and the sexual experience being bad.

I've got good news for those of us who love sex, and bad news for abstainers - virginity is OUT! According to a study in The Journal of Sex Research, sexually inexperienced people are considered LESS desirable as partners. Even by OTHER virgins! That's probably why the number of virgins is falling. According to the stats, fully ninety percent of 22 to 24 year olds have had sex. Unfortunately, the remaining ten percent report feeling stigmatized and unattractive.

Guys, if your partner's sex drive is falling, it could be YOUR fault! New research says that when men expect a "perfect performance" by their partner, it BACKFIRES. Demanding an A-plus encounter every time can make women anxious and may damage their self-esteem. And THAT can cause them to want LESS sex. But interestingly, women who demanded top performance from THEMSELVES were the MOST hot to trot!

And finally, British sex toy makers Mystery Vibe are planning to release a vibrator that monitors and records details on users' orgasms! The Crescendo, nicknamed the "spy-brator", will collect data on muscle contractions, temperature changes, and "device positioning". That info will then anonymously transmit back to Mystery Vibe! The data will help the designers and even sex researchers figure out exactly what's giving ladies the most bang for the buck. So to speak. with your Pillow Talk, I'm Whitney St. John!

Angie's going Naked in Streets to find out what you're good at!

Isabella Rossini, Carli Bei, and Katherine Curtis talk some more about a few of today's Pillow Talk stories, including a report that nearly a quarter of men had faked an orgasm, a study saying even other virgins don't really want to go out with virgins, and how a man's expectation about women's sexual performance can backfire

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