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Monday November 30, 2015

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Hello and welcome to the program with nothing to hide, I'm Peyton Priestly. On the docket today we've got the latest in movie news from guest anchor Ky, some post-Thanksgiving foodie items from Whitney, and we'll be getting into the passenger seat for a ride with Eila Adams in Wheelz! First up though it's time for your weekend sports roundup. And everyone's favorite teammate Natasha Olenski's here to bring us the very latest.

Hi Peyton! Some major NFL headlines to cover today.

I caught some of the action on Sunday, and the games were WILD!

We had crazy finishes all over the place - as well some key injuries to more star players. But what else is new? Game on! This is Naked Sports! The big headline from week 11 was the spoiler in the snow at Denver! The Broncos stunned the undefeated New England Patriots in an overtime thriller! Backup QB Brock Osweiler did his best Peyton Manning impression to keep his team in the game, and CJ Anderson capped it all off with a 48 yard run to give Denver a 30 to 24 win. The Patriots didn't just lose their perfect record, they ALSO lost star tight end Rob Gronkowski to a right knee injury. Gronk took a nasty low hit late in the fourth quarter and left the game, though no one's sure yet if he'll miss any games. Patriots fans are holding their breath!

Things were just as crazy in Seattle, where the Seahawks and the Steelers had a shootout for the ages! It was a back-and-forth affair that saw EIGHT lead changes. Seattle QB Russell Wilson threw 5 touchdown passes - including 3 in the fourth quarter - to give Seattle a 39-30 win and keep their playoff hopes alive. Pittsburgh gunslinger Ben Roethlisberger threw for 456 yards, but suffered a concussion and couldn't finish the game. Meanwhile another star tight end - this time Seattle's Jimmy Graham - was carted off with a serious injury of his own. He'll need season-ending surgery on a torn patella tendon. Tough luck.

Now to some big news in basketball: this season will be Kobe Bryant's LAST. The future hall of famer announced he'll be retiring in a post on a website called the Players' Tribune. In the poem-style message, Bryant wrote: "My heart can take the pounding, my mind can handle the grind, but my body knows it's time to say goodbye". To anyone who's followed the Lakers this year, Kobe's decision is hardly a surprise. He's having a miserable season statistically, and LA is stuck in last place in the Western Conference.

The only NBA team having a worse season than the Lakers? The Philadelphia 76ers! They hit a new low Sunday night by losing their 18th STRAIGHT GAME! The 76ers are now oh and 18 on the season, and if you go back to last year, they've actually lost 28 in a row! That's the longest losing streak in American sports history. Hey, at least they're number one at something! Philadelphia will get the chance to start a new winning streak Tuesday night when they take on Kobe and the Lakers!

And it was a HUGE upset in boxing over the weekend in Germany - literally! Tyson Fury outpunched Wladimir Klitschko to become the new heavyweight champion of the world. The 27-year old Fury used his height and youth to outpoint the 39-year old Klitschko, who'd held the heavyweight title for the last NINE years. And afterwards he capped off his amazing night in the ring with an even more unforgettable performance: One of the weirdest post-fight moments EVER, and there could be an encore! Klitschko's camp is already saying there will be a rematch in 2016. Let's hope so! For Naked Sports, I'm Natasha Olenski!

Leaders from around the world gathered in Paris on Monday to discuss the escalating issue of climate change. The 12-day summit will feature talks from US President Barack Obama, Russian President Vladimir Putin and China's Xi Jinping. They'll attempt to negotiate a legally binding agreement to reduce carbon emissions. The meeting comes at a time of rising temperatures. 2014 ranked as the hottest year in recorded history, with 2015 already on track to beat that.

Eco activists have launched an ad offensive in Paris to correspond with the talks on climate change. The Brandalism campaign has installed more than 600 posters across the city criticizing the corporate sponsors of the UN talks. This includes car giant Renault-Nissan (REN-oh) and AirFrance. The group's mission statement says that the aim is to “highlight the links between advertising, consumerism, fossil fuel dependency and climate change”.

And Microsoft founder Bill Gates is in town for the Paris talks. He's there to announce a new initiative to get the private sector investing in clean energy. The Breakthrough Energy Coalition has already lined up an impressive list of supporters including Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, Virgin Group's Richard Branson and Alibaba CEO Jack Ma. The group will focus on financing ideas that support the production of large scale clean energy. That's a LOT of money and influence right there. If anyone can do it, these guys can.

Nice to see them using their power for good. Here's hoping it pans out, thanks Kat. More from Ms. Curtis in a few minutes. Up next it's time for a look at the latest in showbusiness! Guest anchor Ky's here with some BIG casting news and great or TERRIBLE news depending on how you feel about the Star Wars movies!

Thanks Peyton! The upcoming Baywatch flick has just added some serious A-list talent! Alexandra Daddario has been cast as Summer Quinn in the made-from-TV blockbuster. She'll be joining San Andreas co-star The Rock. He announced the big news through his Instagram page. Daddario made a splash in the first season of True Detective. We'll never forget THAT nude scene! Summer Quinn was originally played by the gorgeous Nicole Eggert, but we're confident Alexandra's famous double-d's will more than fill the iconic swimsuit!

We seem to have a new Star Wars item in this segment every week, and you'd better get used to it! Rumor has it Disney is planning to release a new Star Wars flick EVERY YEAR until at least 2019! "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" comes out on December 18th, and two sequels are planned for 2017 and 2019. In between, Disney is also launching a series of spinoff films focusing on other characters in the Star Wars universe. Disney plans to keep things going until the movies are no longer profitable. It's no wonder industry insiders call Star Wars a "forever franchise"!

Sylvester Stallone has been back in the headlines lately thanks to "Creed", the latest installment in the Rocky series. During interviews for the new movie Stallone was asked about one of his OTHER famous action franchises, Rambo. Who does Sly see playing the famously misunderstood marine in a reboot? The answer will surprise you! Ryan Gosling?! Yeah Sly, that IS a pretty odd choice. But when Gosling heard about it he was THRILLED. He says he'd LOVE to play Rambo. Your move, Hollywood.

There's only a few weeks left in 2015, but we've got a late nominee for biggest BOMB of the year! Morgan Freeman's new movie Momentum earned an embarassing 74 dollars in its opening weekend in the UK! Momentum was trashed by critics before its release, with some calling it "preposterous". That led to a dismal showing at British theaters. Many didn't register a SINGLE ticket sale!

Now to our PREVIEW of the week, and this one promises to be another big hit for Marvel. "Captain America: Civil War" sees Avengers stars Chris Evans and Robert Downey Junior reprise their roles as Captain America and Iron Man. Only this time rather than working together, political differences turn the former allies into super-foes. Looks epic in every way! The cast also includes big names like Scarlett Johanssen, Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Rudd, and Jeremy Renner. Look for it in theaters on May 6th! For Naked At The Movies, I'm Ky!

If YOU roasted a Thanksgiving turkey last week, hopefully it went well. Because SOMETIMES, it doesn't! Butterball's "turkey hotline" recently revealed some of the craziest things they've heard from their callers. That included a man who cut his bird in half with a chainsaw, a woman who thought her turkey had no breast meat because she had it upside-down, and MY favorite, the man who wanted advice on how to give his Butterball the look of bikini tan lines!

The FDA has approved a genetically-modified salmon for human consumption. The "AquAdvantage" Atlantic salmon has been engineered to grow twice as fast as usual. It's been a contentious path to this point, with opponents worried that if these bigger fish escaped their hatcheries, they could endanger the wild salmon population. Some grocery chains, including Trader Joe's and Whole Foods say they won't sell the so-called "Frankenfish".

If you're feeling a bit glum, try eating some vanilla yogurt! A study in the Food Research International journal says that we often get a boost from being "pleasantly surprised". Apparently, we expect yogurt to be less delicious than it is, and that tasty treat is enough to make us happier. It's ALSO believed that fermented foods in general are mood-boosters. Add to that, the fact the smell of vanilla is known to improve relaxation, and you're looking at happiness on a spoon!

The Vermont Hotel recently held a classy fundraising dinner - that included ROADKILL! The meal, in support of conservation, mainly featured such delights as woodcock, beaver, and muskrat donated by local hunters. But it was the roadkill venison that got the most attention! Interestingly, it's not as bizarre as you'd think! Vermont is one of numerous states where moose and deer that are hit by cars are retrieved by game wardens and donated to locals.

And if you're a true foodie, then you DEFINITELY need to go to the new Museum of Food and Drink in Brooklyn, New York. You can actually EAT the exhibits! Their first exhibition is "Flavor: Making it and Faking it", which includes comparisons and explanations of a variety of natural and manufactured smells and flavors. It also features a history of the flavor INDUSTRY and vanilla, the first flavor successfully recreated in a lab. Check it out at MOFAD.org! That's your Naked Foodie for this week! I'm Whitney St. John - bon appetit!

The US government has ceased the collection of bulk data from telephone calls as of midnight Saturday. The practice was first revealed in a series of leaks provided by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden and comes after Congress voted in June to end the program. Under the new rules, phone companies will hold the information and the NSA will have to apply for access on a case-by-case basis.

The Chinese capital of Beijing is under its highest smog warning so far this year. The orange level alert was issued on Sunday after parts of the city reached 17 times the amounts considered safe by the World Health Organization. By law, the orange level requires industrial plants around the city to reduce or even shut down production until the alert is lifted. Although China has committed to cutting emissions, the country is still heavily dependent on the use of coal for its energy and industrial needs.

And move over wi-fi, there's a newer, FASTER way to get access to the Internet! Li-fi uses visible light instead of traditional radio waves to deliver data at speeds of up to 100 times faster than wi-fi. One of the biggest advantages of the new technology is that, unlike wi-fi, it doesn't interfere with other radio signals. Velmenni, the start-up behind the breakthrough, hopes to roll out the service to consumers within the next three to four years. From the Naked Newsroom, I'm Katherine Curtis.

Moving right along, up next we're zooming over to Eila for the latest in Wheelz! She's here to tell us about the return of a notorious Italian car and a cool new offering from Ford!

Peyton, Ford's new Escape models are about to get a whole lot smarter, thanks to their nifty new SYNC Connect smartphone app! The software communicates with the car's modem and can monitor everything from fuel and oil consumption to battery levels. You'll never have to worry about forgetting where you parked thanks to the app's GPS tracker. My favorite feature? The ability to schedule daily engine startup times, meaning you won't have to sit in a cold car during the winter months! SYNC Connect is being introduced in 2017 Escape models and will be free for the first five years. Ford expects to roll it out to other models soon!

Fiat announced the return of one its most INFAMOUS vehicles at the LA Auto Show! For the first time since 1985, the Italian company's SPIDER will be available on US soil! The sporty new model looks great, we'll give it that. But the OLD Spider's were notorious for having all kinds of engine problems, and helped spawn the old joke that Fiat stood for "Fix it again, Tony". The new Spyder features engineering from Mazda's MX-5 Miata, thanks to a new partnership between the companies. Byer beware though, Fiat's track record hasn't been so good lately. Consumer Reports recently named them the LEAST reliable brand sold in America!

Truck owners aren't normally too concerned about being green friendly, but if you're driving a new Ford F-150, you can pat yourself on the back! It's been named the Green Truck of the Year at the LA Auto Show. The F-150 surprisingly beat out three fuel-efficient diesel models for the honor. It's all thanks to the company's recent move to aluminum bodies, which have lightened the load by up to 700 pounds and boosted gas mileage, big time!

Listen up Tesla S owners! The electric car company has recalled ALL S models to check a potentially faulty front passenger seat belt. This after a woman's seatbelt in Europe became disconnected when she turned to talk to passengers in the back. No injuries were reported, but the company has opted to call in all 90-thousand S models sold worldwide for a checkup. The Model X SUVs and Roadster models aren't affected.

And finally, Volvo has just gained a powerful new ally in its race to create driverless cars! The Swedish automaker is teaming up with Microsoft to develop autonomous cars. Volvo unveiled its Concept 26 model recently to show its vision for the interior of a driverless vehicle. But the partnership doesn't stop there. Volvo's looking to revolutionize the dealership showroom experience by introducing Microsoft's HoloLens augmented reality headsets. So for instance, customers will be able to wear the headgear to get a 3D look at their potential new car, and swap out certain features and colors to know they're getting EXACTLY what they want. Pretty cool idea!

That's all for THIS edition of Wheelz, I'm Eila Adams. and I hope you enjoyed the ride.

That brings us to the end of today's program - but before we go we should announce the winner of this week's caption contest! The photo was of me in the dressing room, goofing around a bit with Madison. Our favorite caption came from Tom Freeman, who entered "That little note on Madison's back says "kick me!", so here goes!"

That's pretty much exactly how it went, too! Congratulations, Tom! Drop us a direct message on our Facebook page, and we'll arrange to send you your prize. Thanks to everyone who entered! There's a NEW contest up now, so submit your best and you might win a copy of Bruce Colero's sensational Sirens 2016 calendar.

We've got a great week coming up for you. Guest Anchors Vera and Ky are back, and we have a brand new audition we're going to want your opinion on. And we've also got Jacqui Childs on the couch with adult star Daisy Destin in The Schmooze. So you're definitely not going to want to miss a single thing! Thanks for watching! We'll see you back here again tomorrow - take care!

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