Today's Show Sunday October 4, 2015

Sunday October 4, 2015

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Transcript I'm Eila Adams, welcoming you to a SPECIAL edition of Naked News Travels. After my trip to Hedonism 2 in Ja... Read More >> Hide >>

I'm Eila Adams, welcoming you to a SPECIAL edition of Naked News Travels. After my trip to Hedonism 2 in Jamaica a few years ago, I thought I'd experienced the very best in "adult" vacations. That is until I heard about a resort in Spain called "Spice"! I got in touch with them and they were kind enough to invite us out for a special tour. A free trip to a 5-star all-inclusive? You don't have to ask me twice! I told Madison to pack her bags and we were outta here!

Spice is located in Lanzarote, the 4th largest of the Canary Islands. About a three hour flight south from Barcelona, Lanzarote is 100 km off the north west coast of Africa, meaning it gets warm weather year-round - the perfect spot for a naturist getaway! The moment we arrived we knew we were in for a great time. Spice is beautifully laid out and has everything you could ask for. The amenities are great, the food was fantastic, and there was LOTS to do - including tons of adult play areas.

One of the first things Madison and I tried at the resort was a belly dancing lesson - naked of course! I have to admit it was a little bit harder than I expected - at least at first. By the end of the day we were shimmying and shaking like total pros.

After working up a sweat on the dance floor, we opted to cool off in the HOT tub, where things definitely got wet and wild! We splashed around in the waterfall and took full advantage of the bar!

We made quite a mess together. The hot tub was a great gathering place for all the couples at the resort to lounge around and have a little fun. Oh, did I mention that there is a weekly foam party?

Let's just say there were a lot of busy hands underneath all that foam. Every day at the resort was a total blast, and none of it would have been possible without our amazing hosts, Rebecca and Julian, who were happy to tell me all about Spice and what makes it so special.

That's definitely true - there's nothing else like it. Of course, we didn't spend ALL of our time on the resort. We went out on the town and experienced everything Lanzarote has to offer. I'll have more on our adventures in Spain in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out! For Naked news, I'm Eila Adams!

I'm Angie Heyward with THIS week's, Odds & Ends! Imagine never taking a shower again. A new company is trying to convince us to skip the suds in favor of using a live BACTERIA spray. AOBiome says that we've been washing the good bacteria from our bodies ever since we started bathing daily. The AO spray is odorless and has the appearance of water. MIT grad and chemical engineer Dave Whitlock swears by the stuff, and he should know – he hasn't showered in TWELVE years.

We've all had a bad photo taken - but Velna Vanbuskirk's recent mugshot is going to go down as one of the WORST prison snaps we've ever seen! Velna was arrested a few weeks ago for threatening her neighbor with a knife in rural Oklahoma. The 50-year old told the New York Daily News that her face in the photo was just expressing how “hurt and disgraced” she felt. Funny enough, that's the face most of us are making when we look at it!

And SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is a BIG thinker. He helped create Paypal, Tesla and is on the forefront of bringing space travel to the masses. But his idea to create a habitable environment on Mars is raising some eyebrows. The billionaire believes that by dropping nuclear weapons over Mars' POLES, it would dramatically increase in temperature. Considering that SpaceX is still working on getting its fleet into orbit, it's safe to say that Musk's plans for Mars are still LIGHT years away. Stay tuned for MORE, Odds N Ends.

Thanks you two and welcome to the Naked News Video Blog. I think many of us can relate to having some kind of small animal hide out under their deck, you know, like a ground hog, a skunk, maybe even a squirrel. But wait until you see what these homeowners in South Lake Tahoe California found. You've gotta give it to the bear - he may have been frightened out of his comfy spot underneath that porch, but he left like a boss!

Now for a close encounter on the high seas. Two guys were fishing off the coast of San Diego when they noticed they'd attracted some followers who were getting a LITTLE too close for comfort! It's hard to tell in the video, but the guys claim there were at least THIRTY killer whales tailing them!

Meanwhile off the OTHER coast, Boston bros Mike and Jay were out on the water when they came across something they could not BELIEVE. Spoiler alert, it WASN'T a baby whale or a sea turtle. Nope, it was a sunfish. But it was wicked huge, bro!

Since you're watching Naked News, I don't have to tell you that a little sex appeal goes a long way when reporting the headlines. That's what Albanian native, Enki Bracaj was counting on when she auditioned for a job as a news reader at an Albanian TV station recently. Here's the actual screen test. Needless to say the 21 year old public relations major was counting on her 2 VERY distinct assets to get her the job. And I'm happy to report, it worked - she was hired.

Buckle up because things are about to get EXTREME. What's it like to sit in the cockpit of a Formula 1 car going 150 miles an hour up a mountain through a narrow Swiss road? Glad you asked!

And the adrenaline-rush doesn't end there. If you're afraid of heights you may want to close your eyes for this one. This is what it looks like to jump from ledge to ledge 43 STORIES HIGH. I get dizzy just watching it. Some people will do ANYTHING for YouTube hits! I'm Katherine Curtis and that'll do it for the Video Blog. See you next time.

An Indian man quit his cushy job as a research assistant to become a professional seflie taker. Bhanu Prakash says he was inspired by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who became a Guinness World Record holder for taking 105 photos of himself in just 3 minutes. Prakash plans to spend his time training for the hour-long record which currently stands at 14 hundred and 49. Better get practicing that pout, Bhanu!

Bodybuilders are known for their jacked up physiques, but a recent guest on a Brazilian talk show took it to a whole new level. The so called muscleman came out sporting a pair of breasts that most WOMEN would be jealous of. He's clearly put a lot of work in at the gym. He's also clearly been injecting himself with WAY too much synthol, a supplement used to fill out areas of the body that aren't responding to lifting. Who thinks he accidentally injected some in his brain?

And a Buddhist monk is learning the hard way that the house always wins! Khang Lee, a top monk at the Vietnamese Buddhist Association in Louisiana, stole 150 thousand dollars from his temple to fund his gambling addiction. Lee got hooked on blackjack in 2011 and had been topping up his own thousand dollar a month salary with help from his Temple's bank accounts ever since. Let's hope in his next life Lee isn't reincarnated anywhere near Las Vegas! With this week's Odds & Ends, I'm Angie Heyward.

With Nicole Arbour all over the news and internet recently for her "Dear Fat People" video that's caused so much controversy - we decided we'd replay her Schmooze!

Today's hosts Carli Bei and Whitney St. John close things out and send us into the Behind the Scenes segment

See some of our exclusive outtakes, including more from Madison Banes Naked In The Streets talking about Mars and The Martian, and Peyton Priestly and Eila Adams discussing whether our camera guys really are ugly - and who's Dustin?

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