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Tuesday May 5, 2015

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Transcript Welcome to Naked News everyone. I'm Eila Adams. The news begins in Hollywood today with my good friend Carl... Read More >> Hide >>

Welcome to Naked News everyone. I'm Eila Adams. The news begins in Hollywood today with my good friend Carli Bei helming the entertainment beat. What's the good word pretty lady?

Hi Eila, while everyone ELSE was focused on the NFL draft, WE, were paying attention to what REALLY mattered: the new additions to the Victoria's Secret lineup!

Ah yes, always an exciting time for fans of genetically spectacular women. So who made the cut?

You're about to find out! Welcome INSIDE Entertainment! Ten STUNNING angels have been added to fashion's sexiest roster. Taylor Hill, Elsa Hosk, Martha Hunt, and Stella Maxwell are just a few of the heavenly beauties joining the team. They join uber-hot veterans like Lily Aldridge, Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima. With a mix of established superstars and fresh talent, the franchise promises to be a championship contender for YEARS to come!

January Jones has NEVER looked hotter than she does in this brand new photo shoot with Violet Grey's The Violet Files. Our favorite of the bunch has to be this black and white TOPLESS snap of Ms. Jones, just BARELY managing to cover her tantalizing ta-tas. Hard to believe that January is already 37 years old, but at this rate, the soon-to-be FORMER Mad Men star will be the world's hottest housewife by 40. Don Draper, eat your heart out!

Let's crank the heat up even higher with a gloriously nude Nina Agdal, who LITERALLY has us seeing stars! She posed for these pics with French photog Frederic Pinet. Whether she's in a Canadian tuxedo, a black see-through one-piece, or the luckiest pair of sneakers EVER worn, the Danish supermodel is simply spectacular. We guarantee no one's ever asked her to go Dutch on a first date.

Another one of the world's hottest women is Michelle Keegan, and she even has the title to prove it! The British soap star has just been crowned the Sexiest Woman In The World by FHM. Michelle beat out Kendall Jenner and Jennifer Lawrence for the top spot, getting revenge on J-Law after finishing a spot behind her on last year's list. All hail the new queen!

Finally today, who doesn't love Zoe Kravitz! The daughter of rocker Lenny Kravitz and the Cosby Show's Lisa Bonet, has inherited the flawless genes of her celebrity parents. This topless shoot with Flaunt magazine sees the 26-year old doing just that, and looking impossibly sexy in the process. We know you'll be up for an encore from Zoe, so be sure to catch her in the upcoming Mad Max reboot. I'm Carli Bei, and THAT'S Entertainment!

I'm Kira. Chrysler is back in the headlines, but not because of a recall! The automaker has announced all 118,000 of its dealership employees in the US will soon be able to get FREE college tuition! Fiat Chrysler has struck an agreement with Strayer University, a for-profit school whose programs can be completed online. A bachelor's degree from Strayer typically costs 42,000 dollars. Chrysler says the initiative will help them attract and retain strong talent. The car company will cover the enrollment fees as well as books and other expenses for employees at Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram, and Fiat.

The Federal Trade Commission in the US has shut down two more fake news sites peddling questionable weight-loss products. California-based Sales Slash and Purists Choice have been stopped from selling their supposed weight loss supplements. The sites used fake news stories, fictional reporters, and bogus celebrity endorsements to get their message out. They also hired marketers who sent illegal spam and posted banner ads to lure consumers into buying their products. Oprah Winfrey was one of the more notable celebrities they used to try and appear credible. A court order has frozen the sites' assets, and the FTC is looking to recover money from consumers who fell victim to the scam.

And Tuesday May 5, is Cinco de Mayo, where people around the world celebrate Mexican food, music, and culture. Contrary to popular belief, Cinco de Mayo ISN'T Mexico's independence day - that's September 16th. It's actually to celebrate the Mexican army's victory over Napoleon's troops at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. And oddly enough, the celebration is actually MUCH larger in the US than it is down in Mexico. Wherever you are, we hope you have a great time - and go easy on the tequila! From the newsroom I'm Kira!

Stay tuned for more from Kira later in the program! Now it's time for some PILLOW TALK. A lot of harsh jokes are made at the expense of the French. But sometimes, they just bring it on themselves. Here's Kat Curtis with their latest ridiculous decision.

This time France have waved the white flag to the PC brigade and banned dressing sexy in public! Prostitution remains technically legal in the country, but "LOOKING like a prostitute" is now a criminal offense. The anti-vice 'passive soliciting' law means sex workers could be forced to put on a pair of runners and a baggy sweater. Seriously? Get it together France.

Vivid Entertainment boss Steven Hirsch has reportedly offered Courtney Stodden a massive ONE MILLION dollars for her porn debut sex tape! Courtney apparently gives herself a hand or two in the racy footage. The 20-year-old Couples Therapy star is still married to Green Mile actor Doug Hutchison, despite the pair previously filing for divorce.

If I had a nickel for every time something was 'guaranteed' to make me orgasm, well, I'd have a lot of nickels. But I've never heard about a CONDOM that can make you climax every time. The V-A wow female condom from Michigan company Ixu has a vibrating sleeve that can apparently make you orgasm every time. That's what they're saying in public, but the company's own research shows it took up to four uses for all the women in the experiment to orgasm.

A new study says it's women who should be keeping their socks on in the bedroom. The research found that 30% more females reached orgasm when they were wearing socks! That's great, but I'm not sure all those Hollywood movies showing toe-curling orgasms would quite be the same with a pair of multicolored polka-dot socks in the way.

Last but not least, an Iowa chiropractor has lost his medical license for trading sex for services! Scarily, that might not even be the creepiest thing the medical practitioner did! Apparently he also tried to perform exorcisms on his clients in the small town of Lamoni. He can no longer practice medicine for 10 years, which is actually quite a lenient decision for such bizarre behavior. With your Pillow Talk, for Naked News, I'm Katherine Curtis.

I'm Angie Heyward. If you're not already on Tinder, I suggest signing up RIGHT NOW. The reason? Pop star Hilary Duff is single and looking to mingle on the popular dating app. She said she's been on it for a while now and claims she's talking to at least nine different men. She split from her hockey hubbie Mike Comrie in March, and the 27-year old has said she's already been on a Tinder date.

A crucial key to a happy relationship? Staying away from Ikea! California psychology expert Ramani Durvasula says just even WALKING through the Swedish furniture store can cause all sorts of problems. And that's even BEFORE you get the furniture home and try putting it together with your partner. Have you ever done THAT? It's a nightmare! Word to the wise: avoid buying the Liatorp at all costs! The entertainment unit is known as "The Divorcemaker" for being so insanely difficult to put together.

So, what is the opposite sex REALLY looking for in a potential mate? A new study from eHarmony says that women prefer men who are well-cultured, well-travelled, and can hold their own in a discussion about politics. Men, on the other hand, prefer women who are into personal growth and exercise. eHarmony surveyed 10,000 people for the results. It might be time to update your online dating account.

We THOUGHT we'd seen every possible type of online dating site... until NOW! The Supernatural Dating Society is made EXCLUSIVELY for people who believe in the paranormal! The site calls itself a place where singles can "discuss their thoughts, beliefs and experiences without compromise". And it's not JUST for people who are into ghosts. Vampires, aliens, curses, astrology - it's all welcome! The site is the brainchild of renowned mentalist The Amazing Kreskin, and is free for the first 6 weeks.

And a Brooklyn bartender was so sick of the online dating scene that he decided to try something a little different. He creating a date site that's all about HIM. DateBrandonScottWolf.com is easily the number one site for dating Brandon Scott Wolf.

Brandon's looking for that special someone, and they think they're a match, they have to fill out a quick survey. You have to admit it's a pretty clever idea! Wishing you, luck in love, for Dating Uncovered, I'm Angie Heyward!

Fast food giant McDonald's are planning to restructure their entire business. With customers looking for healthier options beyond Big Macs and super-sized fries, sales have dropped significantly in the past five years. McDonald's will aim to cut 300 million dollars by 2017 and to refocus on their stronger markets. CEO Steve Easterbrook advised investors this week that McDonald’s will aim to become a more “modern, progressive burger company”.

How would you like to earn all of the benefits of a credit card loyalty program without even having a card? American Express are doing just that with their new loyalty program “Plenti”. From Monday, users can join the service for free and earn “plenti points” while shopping at a SLEW of participating retailers. Points earned will be redeemable with a minimum pay out of ten dollars per 1000 points. You can find more information, including how to sign-up, at www.plenti.com.

And Germany is looking to increase the number of women in company leadership positions. Despite having a female Chancellor, Germany's top companies have not had a single female board member in ten years! 59-percent of MID-size companies report similar figures. New legislation passed in the German parliament last Friday will now force Germany's leading public companies to fill a minimum 30-percent of non-executive board positions with women. Smaller companies are allowed to set their own quotas. The changes will go into effect in 2016. From the Naked Newsroom, I'm Kira!

Thanks Kira and WAY TO GO GERMANY! All right folks, it's time for our weekly feature From The Vault. This is where we show a classic segment requested by one of our viewers. This week's selection is thanks to Jerome in Kansas, who wrote;

"Hi there, long time viewer, have been enjoying the show for close to 10 years now. I miss the old days when you had more Viewer Mail skits. Roxanne going to the beach, Kat dressed as a character from Avatar or fake talent shows. Wondering if you could replay some of these and if you would consider bringing these types of segments back."

Well, Jerome, firstly we're VERY happy to hear you've been enjoying our program for so long. You've certainly seen lots of changes! And yes, that includes the number of skits we do. Sometimes they work, and sometimes they don't but I think you're right, we SHOULD do more. Anyway, in the meantime, you talked about that fake talent show segment. Here it is from 2010.

With Christine Kerr, Elle Kingsley, Rachel Simmons, Katherine Curtis, Eila Adams

Eila Adams and Guest Anchors Kira and Andrea discuss some of today's stories, including whether women orgasm more if they wear socks (and find out which anchor likes her toes sucked!), what men and women look for in the opposite sex, and whether going to Ikea is bad for relationships.

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