Today's Show Wednesday May 25, 2016

Wednesday May 25, 2016

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Transcript Greetings and salutations everyone, I'm Katherine Curtis. Will Bill Cosby finally face justice for his ALLE... Read More >> Hide >>

Greetings and salutations everyone, I'm Katherine Curtis. Will Bill Cosby finally face justice for his ALLEGED sexual crimes? Isabella Rossini is in the newsroom with that story and MORE, including some bombshell allegations against some of the worlds largest modelling agencies.

Kat, Bill Cosby is heading back to court, this time to face criminal charges. A judge ruled on Tuesday that there was sufficient evidence to move forward with three charges of aggravated sexual assault. Cosby is accused in this case of having drugged and sexually touched Andrea Constand, a former Temple University employee, in 2004. Cosby has denied all charges, but if convicted, the 78-year-old comedian could face up to ten years on jail for each charge.

In other legal news, eight of the world's top modeling agencies are being taken to court by former clients in a class-action lawsuit. Some of the bombshell claims against them include, sex for contracts, pressure to lose weight and get cosmetic surgery as well as all kinds of fake fees. If successful, the lawsuit would cost the agencies over 100 million dollars and could permanently change the way the industry operates.

And with the warmer weather upon us, you might be thinking about running off to the local public pool for a dip. But you might want to take note folks, a recent study by the CDC found that nearly EIGHTY PER CENT of public pools had at least one safety violation. And in one out of every eight pools inspected, the violations were serious enough to get the facility shut down! The most common problems they found were improper pH levels, safety equipment issues and troubles with disinfectant! So in short, Kat, if you've got a friend with a pool, now's a good time to start sucking up!

That, or as I'm always telling the brats in my neighborhood, “Go jump in a lake!” Thanks, Isabella. We'll bring her back for another round of news in just a few minutes. Right NOW, I'd like to check in Elise to see what she's got cookin' in Dating Uncovered! And Elise, I hear it's good news for all the bad boys out there.

What is it about rebels, Kat? Bachelors who like to smoke and drink are actually MORE appealing to women... but there's a catch! I'll have details on the SHORT-TERM benefits for those who like to live hard coming up. Plus, some special advice from the NFL's wildest party man. Stick around for Dating Uncovered! Back to you Kat!

Advice from the NFL's WILDEST? That's definitely something I want to see! But before we get to that, let's check in with Angie Heyward and see what's Trending Now! So, Angie, I bet I can guess what video we're going to be leading off with THIS week!

You'd win that bet for sure, Kat. You can tell your BOOKIE it's the WOOKIEE! It's official! 'Chewbacca Mom' is the most-watched live-stream video in Facebook HISTORY! It's got everything you need for a video to go viral. Okay, technically, it doesn't have an adorable animal, but it has a character from a beloved franchise who LOOKS like an adorable animal! Combine that with a blissed-out mom, and you've got this video everyone's talking about! So just how popular is this video? It's been viewed over 140 MILLION VIEWS! The force is strong with this one!

Normally, the only feeding frenzy people on a cruise ship get to see is at the buffet. But tourists on a cruise around Western Australia got to see a REAL feeding frenzy at the appropriately named Shark Bay! In a sight captured by both passenger cameras and drones, the group witnessed about 70 tiger sharks feasting on a dead whale!
It looks like everyone loves a bloodbath, even when it's a LITERAL bloodbath! The cruise operator Eco Abrolhos uploaded the video to Facebook, where it has received nearly 2 million views!

There's a new “Shot Heard Around The World.” Even if you're not a sports fan, you've probably seen this clip of Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green kicking Oklahoma City Thunder center Steven Adams right in the jewels! And because the internet is a place where you TOTALLY kick people when they're down, the photoshop battle on Reddit spun the incident into comedy gold. We got a shout-out to a classic King of the Hill episode, a more even-footed version of the exchange, one showing the benefits of being able to hit those high notes, and of course, the inevitable Crying Jordans! That's adding some pretty good insult to a pretty bad injury!

The Lonely Island crew have a new movie coming out soon, and that's good news for the internet! To promote the film, they returned to their old Saturday Night Live stomping grounds with another classic music video. This one sees Andy Samberg's character Conner4Real hook up with a girl with a, shall we say, UNUSUAL kink? Okay, I'm for sure looking forward to their movie, but I REALLY wish I didn't have that song stuck in my head!

And now it's time to get your Instagram on with our HASHTAG FOLLOW ME pick of the week! This time around, we had to flip a coin to get our pick down to one, because Dana Bruna is one-half of a set of twins with the most bodacious booties on Instagram! They may not make a living SITTING on their butts, but they do pretty well for themselves taking selfies of them! Of course, you're welcome to follow both, but with curves like this, even one might be too much to handle! Though I'm pretty sure her over 700 thousand followers aren't complaining! I'm Angie Heyward, and that's what's TRENDING NOW!

I'm Eila Adams and THIS is your mid-week look at sports!
The IOC is really hoping to start the Rio Olympics with a BANG! The agency's handing out more than 450-thousand condoms to athletes arriving for the summer games. it's all in an effort to promote safe sex. Officials must be expecting things to get pretty wild, because that's THREE TIMES as many condoms as they handed out at the 2012 games in London! The games kick off on August 5th!

Just when we thought we were out... they pull us back in! New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is appealing his Deflategate suspension AGAIN! Brady's filed a petition for a rehearing in a federal appeals court. His paperwork claims Roger Goodell completely ignored standards set for equipment-related violations when handing down his shocking 4-game suspension. No word yet on whether the courts will agree to review the case. They're probably as sick of all this as WE are!

Now for a feel-good football story... or at least one we hope will have a happy ending. Every morning for the past month, the New England Patriots players and staff members have arrived at Gillette Stadium to find Abiola Aborishade standing in the parking lot. He's a division 3 wide receiver who played at UMass Dartmouth, and he's hoping for a tryout with the team! His plan is to stay out there until the Patriots coaches get sick of seeing him and give him a shot. The plan might be working. His story's getting attention from media outlets across the country. The big question is whether or not coach Bill Belichick is listening!

Three American cities are feeling SUPER this week, thanks for asking! Atlanta, Miami, and Los Angeles have been named hosts of the 2019 through 2021 Super Bowls! All three cities have poured millions or even BILLIONS of dollars into new stadiums or major upgrades, and the league's rewarding their investments. Atlanta's getting the big game for the third time and Miami will host for a record-breaking 11th time.

Former basketball great Dikembe Mutombo is saying "no-no-no" to Bismack Biyombo! In the NBA playoffs, the Toronto player has repeatedly used Mutombo's iconic finger wag after blocking shots. Biyombo says he was given Mutombo's blessing to use the move. But in an interview with TMZ, Mutombo says he's NEVER spoken to Biyombo about it. Both big men are from the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Mutombo says he plans on having some words with Biyombo when he's home for the offseason. What I wouldn't give to hear THAT convo!

Time to cap things off with your must see moments of the week, and wouldn't you know it, Mr. Biyombo is featured rather prominently. I still can't believe Green wasn't suspended for that kick. It was a BAD week for Steven Adams' balls! I'm Eila Adams and that'll do it for this edition of Naked Sports!

Thanks, Eila. Now I'm going to send you back to Isabella Rossini another Naked News Bulletin.

Kat, if smokers out there have been feeling lonely on their your cigarette breaks lately, there's a good reason! Only 15 per cent of American adults were smoking in 2015. The rate has been in decline for years, but the 2 per cent drop from 2014 to 2015 is the highest in decades. It's not clear why the big drop occurred, but smoking's decrease is usually attributed to anti-smoking campaigns, increased taxes, and fewer places you can smoke. It's also thought that the rise of vaping may have had something to do with it.

Living with your parents may not be ideal, but it's not uncommon. For the first time since the U.S. Census began tracking living arrangements in 1880, more adults aged 18 to 34 are living with their parents than are living with a spouse! In 2014, nearly a third of young adults were living at home! But before we go beating up on millennials, it's important to note that employment and incomes are down, and the rates of living at home are highest where rents and mortgages are most extreme!

And if you're a millennial who really wants out of your parents' house, you MIGHT want to move to Switzerland. The country is holding a referendum on June 5th to decide if they should introduce a guaranteed basic income. If enacted, the Swiss government would see that everyone in the country received an income of at least twenty-five hundred dollars a month! Though you shouldn't pack your bags just yet: that amount is barely over the poverty line in the expensive country, and polls suggest the majority of citizens oppose the measure. Still, money for nothing! And maybe the chicks for free? For Naked News, I'm Isabella Rossini.

Thanks, Isabella. The World Naked Bike Ride is RIGHT around the corner, taking over the streets of cities around the world. We'll be giving you a taste of what it's all about a little later in the show with guest anchor Raymi and her coverage of LAST year's event. But first, let's cycle on over to the world of romance with Dating Uncovered. So, Elise, I understand we're starting off with some advice from an UNLIKELY source!

That's right Kat, he's got a nickname straight out of The Flintstones, but his advice is anything but old fashioned! Normally, we wouldn't recommend getting dating advice from NFL players, but New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has a pretty good strategy for Tinder! In an ESPN article, the always entertaining Gronk offered his two big strategies for the dating app. First, swipe right on everything. Second, make 'em laugh. Of course, he leaves out the THIRD winning strategy: be a beefcake millionaire! But two out of three ain't bad!

Speaking of Tinder, it's not just for individuals any more! The app is currently testing Tinder Social, which will allow people to form groups of friends and meet up with OTHER groups of friends! Now, some people are upset that to make the app work, your Facebook friends on Tinder will get to see that you're on it too. But if it lets people socialize in a way that's more fun to them, we're all for it!

Over a million users of the controversial elite dating website BeautifulPeople.com have had their personal information LEAKED! And more than just email addresses, phone numbers and passwords have been compromised. Physical attributes, personal interests and even private messages were stolen from the database! The website has long been under attack on social media for its elitism. Prospective members only get in if enough members of the opposite sex deem them hot enough!

Dating apps are all about shared interests and tight bodies, so it only makes sense that there should be one for fitness buffs. Sweatt is an app that matches people based on their workout compatibility. The algorithm looks at many things, including how often people work out, when they work out, and what they do. That's Sweatt with two Ts, if you're interested in signing up. And yes, shirtless selfies do abound!

And finally, we've got some good news for the bad boys! A recent study from Belgium's Ghent University suggests that women are more attracted to men who smoke and drink, though only in the short-term. As in one-night-stand short term. For long-term relationships, men who are non-smokers and only light drinkers are still more desirable. But if you're looking to live hard and die young, check and check! Wishing you luck in love, for Dating Uncovered, I'm Elise Laurenna!

Raymi "The Minx" went to the World Naked Bike Ride

Katherine Curtis, Carli Bei, and Isabella Rossini talk about some of today's stories

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