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Wednesday July 29, 2015

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Transcript Thanks for joining us, you're tuned in to Naked News and I'm Carli Bei. Kat Curtis and her new hairdo join... Read More >> Hide >>

Thanks for joining us, you're tuned in to Naked News and I'm Carli Bei. Kat Curtis and her new hairdo join us to take a look at what's Trending Now. Last time I saw you Kat, your hair was short, what's going on?

The only constant in life Carli, is change. I loved it short but it was time to mix it up and now I'm loving the length.

Extensions are a girls best friend aren't they!

I don't leave home without them.

So besides your new do, what's trending now on-line?

It's the cop NOBODY wants to mess with Carli! His name's Lt. Clay Higgins, and his regular "Crime Stopper" segment on a Louisiana TV station has gone viral! When a burglar broke into Stelly's Restaurant in Melville Louisiana and ran off with a few hundred bucks in cash, Lt. Clay Higgins took it personally. Why? Because it's one of his - and his wife's - favorite restaurants in the small town. Higgins took to the airwaves to let the perp know he wouldn't be free for long.
The burglar must have been quaking in his booties after seeing that! Higgins vid has drawn hundreds of thousands of hits online!

Also Trending Now: this hilarious photo of Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan. Now Billy has never been known as the happy-go-lucky type, but this pouty shot taken while he was on Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland is just TOO perfect. Yep, despite all his rage he's still just a rat in a railroad car suitable for ages 7 and up. Somebody get poor Billy an ice cream!

German chancellor Angela Merkel a lesbian? Not likely, given her staunch opposition to same-sex marriage. But an ad for a new German magazine says otherwise. Here's the controversial video that's gone viral in Deutschland.
Was that really Merkel? Nein! It was a lookalike. Straight Magazine says they launched the ad to gain the chancellor's support of gay marriage, but so far no luck. The German government hasn't even bothered responding to it.

A popular new hashtag you may have noticed on Twitter this week is #ThighReading. The term was coined by user "Princess Labia" earlier this month and it's since become a top trending topic. She says a woman's thighs can tell a story the same way her palms could. Women are uploading unretouched pics of their thighs to show that stretch marks and scars aren't anything to be ashamed of and are perfectly normal.

And here's another example of social media gone RIGHT. This adorable photo of two hugging dogs was put up on Facebook by the Angels Among Us Pet Rescue. The pooches were about to be euthanized, but when the pic went viral, they were both rescued within 2 hours! Both dogs were moved to a shelter and are now up for adoption! Thank you internet. I'm Katherine Curtis and THAT's what's trending now!

Welcome to the newsroom, I'm Andrea Sully. Microsoft launched the much-anticipated Windows 10 on Wednesday! The latest version of the iconic software will be available as a FREE upgrade for PC users and with PC purchases. So what's new? The start menu is back – it was unceremoniously dumped for Windows 8 - and there is a new digital assistant 'Cortana' that promises to be the Siri of the PC world. There's also a new streamlined browser called 'Edge'. Gamers haven't been forgotten either – they're getting a dedicated Xbox Live app for the desktop.

Zimbabwe officials want to speak to an American man accused of illegally killing a popular lion. Walter James Palmer, a dentist from Minnesota, allegedly paid 50 thousand dollars to lure the animal out of a national park and hunt it down. Palmer released a statement Tuesday expressing his regret and stating that he believed the trip was legal and that he had paid for the proper permits. The lion, Cecil, was part of a research project and well-known to the local community.

And the prison worker accused of helping two New York prisoners escape has agreed to a plea deal. Joyce Mitchell is alleged to have provided hacksaw blades and other tools to Richard Matt and David Sweat before they escaped on June 6th. She also engaged in sexual acts with at least one of the men and asked them to kill her husband, before backing out. Under the terms of the deal Mitchell will now face up to 7 years in prison. And I'm sorry to say I don't really feel any sympathy for her Carli.

She certainly only has herself to blame. Thanks Andrea, and don't go to far because we'll be back to you in a moment. It's now time for the Boob Tube! Eila Adams has Tom Cruise hitting ALL the right notes during a visit to Jimmy Fallon.

Thanks Carli and welcome to the Boob Tube everyone! I've got the world-famous peanut gallery standing by as usual to help us get through THIS week's TV highs and lows!

Tom Cruise has had a tough few years. His marriage to Katie Holmes went kaput. His unquestioning faith in a crazy, alien-based religion has been mocked. And he hasn't had any good news to jump on Oprah's couch about for ages. What's a superstar to do, but go on Jimmy Fallon and lip sync his way to karaoke glory! How much do you want to bet than Tom was picturing L Ron Hubbard when he was singing?

It's one of the top grossing films of all time. And before you say anything peanuts, I'm NOT talking about the 'Best of the Peanuts' compilation you keep trying to push. Of course it is, I'm talking about Titanic! And judging from her appearance on Running Wild with Bear Grylls, Kate Winslet still hears about the film a TITANIC amount. You know peanuts, if YOU jump, I'd jump too. I'd jump for JOY, that is!

There's nothing more devastating than a fire destroying your home. Unless that fire was started by your cousin. Because he was in love with you. And you admitted it while being interviewed on the local news. See for yourself. The fire in the house may have been put out, but the fire in her cousin's heart is still burning strong!

Forget photo bombs, the latest trend is VIDEO BOMBING, and I'm not talking about Johnny Depp's latest film! Watch this next clip closely, as two enterprising magicians magic up some PUBLICITY for themselves on a BBC newscast!
Seriously though, I think the REAL magic is in this studio. As in there must some kind of magic for you peanuts to still have JOBS! Thank you very much, I'm here all week. That's it for the Boob Tube, I'm Eila Adams!

Notorious spy Jonathan Pollard is set to be released after nearly 30 years in prison. Pollard was working as a US Navy intelligence analyst in 1987 when he was convicted of passing top-secret information to Israel. Secretary of State John Kerry denies that the release is a way to smooth over Israeli tensions about the Iran nuclear deal.

We now know why Virgin Galactic's spaceship broke-up during a test launch last year. The National Transportation Safety Board has released its report revealing that the co-pilot prematurely unlocked the braking system. The spaceship's designers were also cited for failing to install safeguards to prevent such an error. Despite the setbacks, Virgin still aims to have its first paying customers in the air within the next 2 years.

And the world's largest automaker is now VOLKSWAGEN. The first half of 2015 saw the German carmaker overtake Toyota in sales, while General Motors claimed third. Although popular abroad, Volkswagen has struggled to thrive in the US market, with US sales down 2 point 6 percent so far this year. From the Newsroom, I'm Andrea Sully.

Thanks Andrea! The headlines are done but we've still got plenty of news to cover - sports news that is! Natasha Olenski's got your mid-week round-up ready, starting with some BAD news for New England Patriots fans!

It looks like the NFLPA will be seeing the NFL in court, Carli! The league will NOT be reducing Brady's 4 game suspension for his role in the Deflategate scandal! Many thought Brady's ban would be reduced on appeal. Instead, the NFL held firm, unleashing a new claim that Brady destroyed his cell phone the day before the inquisition began. The league believes the phone held damning evidence against the star quarterback. Prior to the ruling, Brady had threatened to go to court if his suspension was upheld. We'll soon find out if he'll stick to his guns.

Major League Baseball's trade deadline is this Friday, but I don't think anyone will drop a bigger bombshell than the Colorado Rockies and the Toronto Blue Jays! The Jays acquired superstar shortstop Troy Tulowitzki from the Rockies in exchange for shortstop Jose Reyes and a trio of prospects. The move stunned the baseball world! Despite already having the league's best lineup, Toronto went out and added another premium bat they hope will help lead them to the postseason for the first time since 1993.

The NBA is breaking new ground with an innovative new pay-per-view offering! Starting this season, hoops fans will be able to order ANY out-of-market game for 6.99. Games can be watched via broadband on computers, tablets, and mobile devices. It's the first time the league has ever made individual games available for purchase. In the past, fans only had the option to buy ALL of their favorite team's games, at a cost of 120 dollars or more.

No one doubts that the Chicago Blackhawks have diehard fans, but I don't think I've ever seen anyone go to such crazy lengths to support a hockey team. The Richardson Adventure Farm in Spring Grove Illinois is honoring the Stanley Cup champs with this incredible 11 MILE corn maze! As you can see, the maze features the Blackhawks' logo, a view of the Chicago skyline, and some hockey players. The farm claims its the biggest maze of its kind in the world!

And we'll finish up by tipping our cap to the NFL's Arizona Cardinals. They've just hired the first ever FEMALE coach in league history! Jen Welter has been brought in as an assistant coaching intern for the team's training camp. Welter will be working with the team's inside linebackers. She's no stranger to breaking down barriers. The 37-year old was also the first female coach in the Champions Indoor Football league, where she coaches linebackers for the Texas Revolution. It's a BIG step forward for women in sports.

Now let's finish up with the week's must-see moments! A triple play, thanks to some of the WORST baserunning you'll EVER see! I'm Natasha Olenski and THAT'S your Naked Sports report.

Welcome to Dating Uncovered, I'm Angie Heyward! A tasty new trend has developed on Tinder! The "Tinder Games" has women competing against each other to see who can get more desperate guys to buy them pizza! As you can see from these screenshots, women are racing to see who can get a guy to send them food first. It may be a bit sad that guys would actually do this, but you can't blame the ladies for trying. The only thing better than pizza is FREE pizza!

Pretty much everyone uses dating apps these days, but men and women use them differently! For instance, men are more likely to download more relationship apps than women. BUT, women tend to use the apps they have
more than their male counterparts. Basically, guys get bored with an app and look for something new. The data is from a survey compiled by app marketing platform Liftoff. It also found that women are more likely to pay for premium in-app purchases. For ladies it's obviously more about quality than quantity!

Attention all cheaters: do NOT use the Hinge dating app if you're looking for a little lovin' on the side. The app uses your Facebook profile to look for possible matches, and users MUST include their relationship status from the social site in the dating app. That means philanderers better have their stories straight!

So, what do men value most in a woman? Probably not what you'd expect! Research from Cambridge professor David Bainbridge shows that the number one attractive feature for a man is INTELLIGENCE - even over bust size. Why? Because men see it as a sign that a woman had a good upbringing and will be a good mother herself.

And what are people REALLY up to on Facebook? A new Western University study says 88-percent of people admit to creeping on their exes! Checking up on former lovers is a 100-percent bad idea, leading to nothing but stress and jealousy. But it seems people just can't help seeing whether their exes have moved on. The number one recommendation for researchers? Delete your ex the moment they BECOME your ex!

Wishing you luck in love for Dating Uncovered, I'm Angie Heyward!

Andrea Sully, Carli Bei, and Katherine Curtis discuss some of today's stories, and give the results of the most recent poll question.

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