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Today's Show Tuesday September 30, 2014

Tuesday September 30, 2014

Transcript It's a new solar-powered lounge chair! Called the “Entertainment Lounger”, it has everything you need to g... Read More >> Hide >>

It's a new solar-powered lounge chair! Called the “Entertainment Lounger”, it has everything you need to get some much-needed R&R. That includes, built in speakers, a USB port for charging your phone and get this, your own MISTERS! That sells it right there! The controls are at your fingertips AND it comes with a "whisper quiet" hydraulic lift to adjust the back. It's a little pricey at four thousand dollars and can be purchased at hammacher.com

Here's even MORE awesome! Say “Aloha” to the Molokini – a SEE-THROUGH kayak! It's made of a super-durable material used in bulletproof glass and is virtually FLIP-proof! And if ocean conditions are right, you can see 75 feet below the surface! The two-person kayak goes for about 27 hundred bucks.

The idea of “super soldiers” is something out of a Captain America movie. But what about super-FAST soldiers? That's the aim of the 4MM project from Arizona State University and DARPA. They're working on a wearable JETPACK that can boost speed and agility. The goal is to have EVERY soldier be able to run a four-minute mile! One of these would REALLY improve my daily jog!

Android users who like to DRINK – this one's for you! DrinkMate is a tiny breathalyzer that plugs into your smartphone and claims to be SUPER accurate. Just blow into the device and its companion app will display your Blood Alcohol Content. Drinkmate is being offered to Kickstarter backers for just 25 dollars. They're looking for 40 grand and hope to bring it to market by December.

And now it's time for our COOL tech item of the week. Here's a truly BRIGHT idea – a light bulb you can control with your PHONE! The LIFX L-E-D bulb comes in several different fittings and uses WAY less electricity than a standard bulb. You can use an iOS or Android app to turn it on and off – and even change its brightness level and COLOUR! The bad news is that they're 99 dollars a pop. The GOOD news is that they'll last 40 THOUSAND HOURS – or about four and a half YEARS of use! Sounds like a solid investment to me.

The newly empowered Afghan government has signed off on a long-awaited security deal that will see US troops stay in the region beyond 2014. Signing the agreement was a campaign promise of new President Ashraf Ghani. He's essentially given the relationship a new start after it deteriorated under ex-President Hamid Karzai. Nearly ten thousand US troops will stay in Afghanistan after 2014, with the American military aiming to withdraw completely from the region by the end of 2016.

Democracy protest in Hong Kong are now in their 4th day. The civil disobedience was sparked by Beijing's refusal to allow Hong Kong citizens to choose their own election candidates. The rallies are being organized by the Occupy Central movement. On Twitter, the group gave current Hong Kong leader Leung Chun-ying until October first to either meet their demands for democracy, or step down. Leung says neither he nor the Chinese government will back down.

And disturbing new details have emerged concerning the man who jumped over a fence and entered the White House last week. It turns out the intruder - Omar Gonzalez, a 42-year old decorated Iraqi war veteran - made it much further into the White House than previously thought. Gonzalez ran through several rooms on the main floor before being caught by Secret Service agents. Officials say he was carrying a knife. Gonzalez was charged with unlawfully entering a restricted building while carrying a deadly or dangerous weapon.

He finally did it folks, George Clooney married British lawyer Amal Alamuddin over the weekend in Venice – in what was an EXTREMELY private affair. Cellphones were BANNED, plus, Clooney provided special traceable cameras – so if anyone tried to sell photos to the media, he'd KNOW who did it! The three-day event was lavish to say the least. Reports indicate the wedding cost as much as 13 MILLION dollars! We wish Clooney and his new bride all the best!

Another day, another celebrity nude photos leak! This time out, supermodel Cara Delevingne, Olympic gold medalist Misty May-Treanor, and actress Anna Kendrick were among the biggest names in the leak. Kendrick wasn't actually nude in any of the photos, but they were clearly private images from her phone. Apple's iCloud storage system continues to take a beating over its apparent security issues.

Jennifer Lopez is going on a vacation – with her EX! J-Lo and former beau Casper Smart are reportedly headed to the tropics together. Lopez split up with Smart back in June after he was ALLEGEDLY caught sexting with trans-sexual model Sofie Vissa. But it sounds like all may be forgotten. They were seen spending time together as recently as August. I don't blame Casper for wanting to reconcile with J-Lo – have you SEEN that new Booty video?

Bad news for Randy Jackson – he'll have to pay up BIG TIME in his divorce settlement. His soon-to-be-ex wife Erika recently filed divorce documents after 18 years together. The American Idol judge stands to lose HALF of his 40 MILLION dollar fortune. Plus, Erika is asking for spousal support AND attorney fees. Should've got a pre-nup, dawg.

And speaking of newly single people – Paris Hilton had one HECK of a night out last week. Her and her crew racked up a jaw dropping bill at New York City club Marquee. The total came to 230 THOUSAND dollars and included 11 bottles each of Patron, Cristal and Grey Goose. Obviously, she can afford it – Paris recently made two point seven MILLION dollars in just FOUR days of DJ work in Ibiza. And she's not even GOOD!

In dating news, there are TONS of cards you can send your wife or girlfriend. But what about your MISTRESS? Well, that "problem" has been solved with Mistress Cards, from cheating website IllicitEncounters.com. The saucy cards range from suggesting an affair to marking the anniversary of one. In rhyme! They can be sent for free via email, OR you can have one sent by snailmail for about four dollars.

Everyone knows most men are attracted to younger women. But research based on OKCupid profiles has broken it down. And basically, once a women hits her mid-twenties, it's all downhill. The data shows that on average, men - regardless of their age - are most attracted to women in their EARLY twenties. In contrast, WOMEN are generally attracted to men close to their own age or slightly older.

If you're looking for love, there are more people available for you than ever before. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, MORE than HALF of adults in the US are unmarried. That includes people who are attached but not married, but it's the highest percentage of unmarried people since tracking began in 1976. Also notable, over thirty percent of adult Americans have never been married at all. That's up from twenty-two percent in 1976.

And if you're a bit soft in the middle, don't worry. According to a British survey, three-quarters of women say they'd choose a man with love handles rather than a guy with a six-pack. But according to a sex therapist, it's not because women are more ATTRACTED to big bellies. It's that three-quarters of women ALSO said they'd be self-conscious getting naked in front of a super-toned man.

Finally, you've heard the phrase "happy wife, happy life", right? Turns out it's true. A study of thousands of retired couples shows that men are happier if their wife is happy with the marriage - even if those same men think the marriage is miserable. The researchers suspect it's because of traditional gender roles. A happily married woman is more likely to emotionally support their husband, as well as cook and clean. So keep the missus happy and you'll be better off, it's a win-win!

An American judge has found Argentina to be in contempt of court. The reason, for refusing to repay debts owed to two US hedge funds. The decision follows a ruling from July ordering Argentina to pay back the hedge funds 1.6 billion before repaying bondholders. But Argentina has refused to reimburse what it calls "VULTURE funds". US District Judge Thomas Griesa says he will decide on effective sanctions at a later date.

The number of animal species disappearing from the planet is even worse than previously thought. New research from the London Zoological Society shows that populations have been cut in half over the past forty years! Bird, reptile, mammal, amphibian, and fish populations have all dropped by just over half, while fresh-water species numbers have fallen off by 76 percent. The report concludes that mankind is consuming forest and ocean resources faster than they can be replenished, and pumping more carbon into the atmosphere than the planet can absorb.

And Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates has been named the richest person in America by Forbes Magazine! The magazine's "400 richest people in the nation" poll put his fortune at 81 billion dollars. Berkshire Hatahway honcho Warren Buffett came in second with 67 billion, and Oracle founder Larry Ellison took third place with a net worth of 48-point-1 billion. When it comes to fastest risers on the coveted list, watch out for Mark Zuckerberg! The Facebook CEO saw the biggest jump in wealth in the past year, going from 15 to 34-point-7 billion dollars - good enough for 11th on the list.

Next up we have a our weekly feature, From The Vault. We're always getting e-mails about re-broadcasting some of our older footage. And THIS week, a viewer named Gord in Pennsylvania wanted to know,

"I've really been enjoying your travel segments from Hedonism lately. No doubt it's a pretty exotic place. I'm wondering what is the most interesting destination your company has ever featured?"

Ooh good question Gord. Lots of great options there but after polling the people behind the scenes here at our studios, we agreed that Lily Kwan's trip to Tokyo really stood out. You're about to see what I mean! This one's from all the way back in April 2005!

Katherine Curtis moderates a discussion of several of the stories in Dating Uncovered, including the idea that men are attracted to women in their early twenties, that women would choose a man with a soft belly over one with a six-pack, and the study saying that a happy wife leads to a happy life. There's also a new poll question.

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