Today's Show Thursday May 28, 2015

Thursday May 28, 2015

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Transcript Welcome everyone, I'm Peyton Priestly. Angie's got this weeks BOOB, Carli is Turning It Up and Natasha has ... Read More >> Hide >>

Welcome everyone, I'm Peyton Priestly. Angie's got this weeks BOOB, Carli is Turning It Up and Natasha has another sexy forecast for you in our weather report. It's all coming up right after some exciting new developments with Eila Adams, Inside the Box. And Eila, I hear you've got details on the new project from Kurt Sutter.

That's right! He's better known as the creator of the hit show Sons of Anarchy. And it looks like he's shifting from badass bikers to medieval warriors in his new show.

I have to say I LOVE the title: "The Bastard Executioner". What can we expect?

Sons of Anarchy was known as one of the most violent shows on television, and it doesn't look like Kurt's holding anything back with this one either! Here's what's going on. Welcome Inside The Box! FX has given the green light for a ten-episode run of "The Bastard Executioner". It centers on the story of Wilkin Brattle, a warrior knight in King Edward the first's army who tries to leave his violent past behind. But just when he thinks he's out, he gets pulled back in. Like Sons of Anarchy, the new series will feature acting roles for both Sutter and his wife, Katey Segal. Shortly after the announcement was made, Sutter promised on Twitter that "There will be blood". The new show will air on FX this fall.

It looks like Ryan Seacrest will soon add another credit to his extensive IMDB page. The former American Idol host is the new face of summer series Knock Knock Live. The premise? Seacrest walks up to a random person's door, rings the doorbell, and gives them the chance to win a huge cash prize AND meet some major celebrities. Imagine your favorite NBA player showing up to play you 1-on-1 in your own driveway and you get the idea. Pretty awesome! Knock Knock Live premieres on Fox July 21st!

BIG news for fans of Bruce Lee! A long-lost passion project of the martial arts legend is being brought to life by Fast and Furious director Justin Lin. He's struck a deal with cable network Cinemax to direct a pilot for a series called "Warrior". It's being described as a "visceral crime drama" tracing the path of a talented but morally corrupt prizefighter. Bruce Lee apparently spent years working on the story, and the new project is based on a huge collection of handwritten notes from the action movie icon.

The Twin Peaks reboot is alive and well! About six weeks ago famed director David Lynch said he was quitting the show due to a budget dispute with Showtime. But not only is Lynch BACK, the show's LONG-awaited third season has been upped from nine to eighteen episodes! And the best part? Lynch will direct the whole shebang! We can't wait to see what he has up his sleeve. The third season of Twin Peaks is slated to air some time next year.

And we'll finish up with the return of another show we can't wait to see: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee! Jerry Seinfeld's rounded up another group of comedy A-listers to join him in season 6: Jim Carrey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher, Steve Harvey, and Trevor Noah. Here's a preview. It looks as good as ever - especially that Jim Carrey episode! Season 6 premieres June 3rd on Crackle! And that's what's happening, INSIDE THE BOX. For Naked News, I'm Eila Adams.

I'm Katherine Curtis. Here's a big OOPS from the Pentagon. They accidentally shipped LIVE anthrax across nine states and to a US air base in South Korea. The samples were sent unsecured through FedEx because they were THOUGHT to be dead. However, when a Maryland-based lab carried out further testing, the bio-weapon was found to be VERY MUCH alive. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have confirmed that 4 lab workers exposed to the samples have been put in post-exposure treatment and 22 workers in South Korea are being closely monitored.

Police have raided 30 locations across Europe in a co-ordinated effort against the Bandidos motorcycle gang. This is the same gang that participated in the recent Waco, Texas shoot out. 400 officers launched the operation in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, resulting in the arrests of 20 people. The gang is suspected of carrying out drug trafficking, extortion and money laundering. Police found an ecstasy lab, stolen goods, automatic weapons and get this, five rocket-propelled GRENADE launchers.

And it's been revealed that ex-FIFA official Chuck Blazer was arrested by US authorities in 2013 on 10 counts relating to bribery. Blazer admitted accepting cash in exchange for votes and influence on the 2014 South Africa and 1998 France World Cup bids. The charges were kept secret while Blazer participated in the Department of Justice investigation that culminated with the arrests of numerous FIFA officials on Tuesday. Blazer will forfeit the cash and faces up to 15 years in prison. From the Naked Newsroom, I'm Katherine Curtis!

Thanks, Kat! Stay tuned for even MORE headlines from Miss Curtis later in the program. Now for a look ahead to this week's naked Weather forecast, let's say hello to Natasha Olenski outside the Naked News studios.What sort of theme do you have for us this week Nat?
NO: Well Peyton, London's "Big Ben" clock tower is celebrating its one hundred and fifty-sixth anniversary this weekend, so I'll be taking a look at it and some of the world's OTHER most famous tourist attractions. And, of course, the forecasts. So don't go anywhere Peyton, because it's all coming up!

Absolutely, we'll be watching. Love that Brainstorm Trivia by the way. See you soon Nat! Before we get to Weather, it's time for Angie Heyward, to crown our Boob of the Week. And this one's a REALLY special case! Here's Angie.

Peyton, this week, I'm presenting the dishonor to Nick Loeb, who broke up with Modern Family actress and bodacious bombshell Sofia Vergara a year ago. That ALONE makes him a BOOB. But unfortunately, the story doesn't end there. And the BOOBERY doesn't end there, either. A California JUDGE is actually involved as well, more on that later. Let's start with Nick Loeb.

After Loeb and Vergara broke up, she moved on, like a normal person would, and is now engaged to actor Joe Manganiello, who your female friends probably know best as "Big Dick Richie" from Magic Mike.

But Nick Loeb HASN'T moved on. In fact, he still wants to have children WITH HER. And it turns out, to the shock and dismay of just about everyone - ESPECIALLY HER, he just might! You see, back in 2013, while they were still a couple, he and Vergara froze embryos, some of which were unsuccessfully implanted into a surrogate. Their contract stated that NOTHING could be done with the remaining embryos without the consent of both parties. Sounds fair, right?

But not to Loeb who is suing Sofia, essentially for custody of the embryos, with the ALLEGED intent to have them implanted into a surrogate. What the hell is wrong with this guy? And what the hell is wrong with California Superior Court Judge Lawrence Cho, whose recent ruling is ALLOWING the case to proceed. Again, remember, there's a written contract saying BOTH parties had to consent to any action regarding the embryos. There really should be NO legal claim!

It's important to note that Loeb isn't infertile or otherwise unable to have kids with a woman who WANTS to have kids with him. There are no extenuating circumstances that make it absolutely vital that he use these embryos. Except that he just really really wants his ex's kids. Because... something. And Judge Cho shouldn't be looking past a signed contract to let this farce continue.

A NORMAL person would be trying to find a loving partner to start a family with. A NORMAL person would be leaving his ex alone and finding his own happiness. A NORMAL person wouldn't be wasting a lot of time and money trying to void a contract that was pretty explicitly clear.

So, Nick Loeb, for just being a grade-A creeper, and California Judge Lawrence Cho, for allowing this case to proceed, YOU are our Boobs Of The Week.

I'm Carli Bei and it's time to, TURN IT UP! Paul McCartney REALLY likes sharing the microphone. After recent duets with Kanye and Rihanna, the music legend is teaming up with Lady Gaga. Gaga dropped her poker face long enough to post pics of the session on her Instagram. The new song will be part of the soundtrack for the upcoming animated film, “High in the Clouds”. It's based on a children's book Paul wrote, and he will contribute additional songs to the soundtrack.

Neil Young has FINALLY confirmed the release date for his new album. “The Monsanto Years” will be available June 29th. The new collection of songs highlight Neil's passion for the environment, with lyrics slamming food industry giant Monsanto for their controversial agricultural practices. Here's Neil performing the song “Monsanto Years” at an anti-GMO event. Neil will hit the road with a series of live shows in support of The Monsanto Years starting July 5th in Milwaukee.

It's been 45 years since Simon and Garfunkel went their separate ways, but it sounds like Art is STILL holding a grudge. During a recent interview with the Telegraph, he described Paul Simon as a “monster” with a “Napoleon complex”, blaming him for the duo's break-up. Nevertheless, Art says he would NOT rule out further collaborations with Paul. I wonder if Paul will still be up for it after that interview? Let's call it troubled water under the bridge, guys!

If you thought vinyl was on the way OUT, think again. Independent record stores are joining together to launch Vinyl Tuesday, a weekly release of the latest records. This will include catalog releases, commercial and promotional releases, reissues of CD recordings and exclusive content that will drop before their digital counterparts. Sales of vinyl have been on the up lately, with over 9 million records sold in 2014, a 50 percent increase on the previous year.

And now to this week's album review. It comes to us from British art-rockers Florence and the Machine. “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful” is the group's third release and drops on June 1st. The band took a year long hiatus in between touring and recording and the resulting effort DEFINITELY feels more grown-up. Here's a taste of the first single, “What Kind Of Man”. Florence’s powerful anthems still make up the bulk of this album, but there is a new honesty and a new sense of personal reflection here too. This a band that just keeps getting better. And that's why we're giving Florence and the Machine's “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful” 4 out of 5 Naked Ns! For Naked News, I'm Carli Bei!

Singapore Airlines passengers endured a terrifying experience in the skies off Hong Kong this past weekend. Their Airbus A330-300 was flying from Singapore to Shanghai when BOTH engines failed and the plane plunged 13-THOUSAND feet. Luckily, pilots managed to restore power to the engines and land safely in Shanghai. The incident has baffled engineers, who haven't been able to find any issues with the aircraft's systems. Rolls Royce, Airbus, and the airline are investigating the incident.

The IRS is blaming Russian hackers for a breach of its servers that saw the private information of more than 100-thousand US tax payers exposed. Over the course of four months, an organized crime group used the info to file fraudulent tax returns, netting 50 million dollars in the process. Authorities have not yet identified the hackers. The Treasury Department's inspector general and the Department of Homeland Security are investigating the breach.

And here's one text you DON'T want to get on your iPhone! A flaw in iOS software makes it vulnerable to a text message containing two English words, a string of Arabic characters, and a Japanese character. The text doesn't even have to be opened by a user. As soon as it's received on the iPhone, the device shuts down, only to restart 15 seconds later. You then can't access your messages until you reply to the person who texted you. The hack was discovered by users on Reddit. Apple says it's aware of the issue and will make a fix available shortly. I'm Katherine Curtis and those are your headlines!

Great work, Kat. And now, as I promised you earlier, here's Natasha Olenski with a look ahead at the weekend weather.

Thanks Peyton, a hundred and fifty-six years ago, the clock tower at the Palace of Westminster started operating. The four-faced clock is one of the most iconic images in all of London. In honor of its "birthday", I'm looking at some of the worlds OTHER most iconic tourist spots, in THIS EDITION of the naked weather forecast.
Let's begin with this weeks brainstorm trivia question

Toronto's CN Tower was the tallest free-standing structure on earth for many years, at just over eighteen hundred and fifteen feet tall. Do you know the TEMPERATURE difference that can exist between ground level and the top of the tower? We'll have that answer for you coming up!

And now, to the forecasts! Although most people refer to the clock tower as "Big Ben", Big Ben is ACTUALLY the nickname of the Great Bell INSIDE the belfry. And when I say "great bell", I mean it - Big Ben is seven and a half feet tall, nine feet wide, and weighs about thirteen and a half TONS. If you'll be in London this weekend, you'll want a brolly and a light jumper, as the city is expecting some showers and a high of 67 (19C).

Over in FRANCE, the Eiffel Tower gets the most attention, but it's the Arc de Triomphe that really speaks to me. Located at the west end of the famed Champs-Elysees, the spectacular stone monument honors those who died for France in the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. If you go see it, be sure to go at night, when it's at its most magnifique. Paris will be partly cloudy over the weekend, with highs of 75 (24C)

The Great Pyramid of Giza is definitely on my tourism bucket list. The Egyptian marvel is the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and is still incredible, four and a half THOUSAND years after being created. It took about twenty years to build, from about two point three million limestone and granite blocks. Visitors to the Great Pyramid in El-Giza this weekend will want some serious sunscreen, as it'll be sunny and dry with a high of 86 (30C)

Last but not least is the Grand Canyon, a member of the Seven Wonders of the NATURAL world. It's two hundred and seventy-seven miles long, up to eighteen miles wide, and over a mile deep. Its stunning colors and textures are millennia of geologic history, carved out by the Colorado River over seventeen million years. So yeah, WOW. Grand Canyon National Park guests can expect sun and a high of 82 (28).

Now, here's the answer to our Brainstorm Trivia question!
Air temperature at the top of the CN Tower can be EIGHTEEN degrees colder than at the base. That's a pretty dramatic difference!

With my eyes on the skies for Naked News, I'm Natasha Olenski!

Peyton Priestly and Katherine Curtis read a few emails from viewers, including a comment on the Johnny Depp-dogs-in-Australia story, and some thoughts on Naked News Uncovered, the docu-series about the show.

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