Today's Show Thursday May 21, 2015

Thursday May 21, 2015

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Transcript I'm Katherine Curtis. It was the end of an era early Thursday, the KING of late night television, Mr David ... Read More >> Hide >>

I'm Katherine Curtis. It was the end of an era early Thursday, the KING of late night television, Mr David Letterman, officially signed off the air after 33 years. Eila Adams stayed up late to watch his final show and joins us, INSIDE THE BOX, with the highlights. So how was it, Eila?

It was as funny, it was original and even had some tearjerking moments.

Tear jerking as in YOU cried or DAVE cried cause he's not exactly known for being too sentimental.

That he's not, but there was a lot of emotion in the air and I'd be surprised if he at least didn't get a little TEARY eyed! Here are the highlights. It was a fitting sendoff for America's favorite Late Night host. Dave Letterman opened his last show with a series of Presidential messages - including a special appearance by President The very last Top Ten list was read out by a series of A-list celebs including Alec Baldwin, Jim Carrey, Tina Fey & Jerry Seinfeld, who all lined up to say the things they'd always wanted to say to the late night legend. Along with showing a handful of classic segments, the Foo Fighters brought the house down by performing their smash hit Everlong, a song that Dave has said helped him during his recovery from heart surgery. Dave paid extensive tribute to his own staff through out the episode saying “I've been blessed to work with people who are smarter than I am and funnier than I am." We'll miss you, Dave.

In other TV news, Simpsons voice actor, Harry Shearer, says he's voiced his last character for the long-running cartoon. Shearer posted a series of Tweets last week saying he was leaving the show. His characters included Ned Flanders, Principal Skinner, Mr Burns and dozens of other regulars. He was apparently offered a contract extension of 9 million a year but was more interested in having the ability to work on other projects.

Former Fresh Prince star Alfonso Ribeiro is taking over as host of America's Funniest Home Videos. Current host Tom Bergeron will pass the torch to Alfonso for the 26th season of the never-ending series. How much do you want to bet that the show will see an increase in “Carlton Dance” video submissions?

Emmy-winning Mad Men ended its 7 year run on Sunday. 3.3 million fans tuned in to say good-bye to Don Draper and the gang. It wasn't quite a ratings blockbuster but it did set a record in the key 25-54 demographic! For those of you missing the series already, here's a little trivia. According to Glamour magazine, Don Draper slept with 17 women over the course of the series. At least those are the ones we KNOW about.

It's only been a few weeks since Samantha Bee left the Daily Show, but we've already got a teaser for her upcoming TBS series. The former Daily Show correspondent will be hosting her own satirical news program for the cable network. Here's a sneak peek:

I don't know any woman who could turn down a nice sausage. Samantha will only be the second female late night host on TV, after Chelsea Handler. No word yet on the show's premiere date, so feel free to stick with sausages for now. And that's what's happening, Inside The Box. For Naked News, I'm Eila Adams.

I'm Andrea Sully. Five of the world's largest banks have been slapped with a 5.4 billion dollar fine, and the reason is pretty disturbing. They all admitted to rigging foreign currency markets. The guilty parties include JP Morgan Chase, Barclays, Citigroup, UBS, and the Royal Bank of Scotland. They all plead guilty to conspiring to manipulate the price of dollars and euros. Authorities described the banks as "The Cartel", a group working together since 2007 in online chatrooms, using coded language to set benchmarks and influence the markets.

RadioShack sold off the personal information of 67 MILLION customers. They did it last week to a company called General Wireless, for a cool 26 million dollars. A coalition of 38 states, led by Texas, fought the sale and has now reached a resolution with the defunct retailer. RadioShack has agreed to limit the information being given AND to give customers the chance to take themselves OFF the list. General Wireless will notify anyone ON the list, and then they'll have one week to let them know if they want to be removed.

And we guarantee your boss isn't as great as THIS boss! Leonardo Del Vecchio, the founder of Italian eyewear giant Luxottica, gave his employees 10 million dollars' worth of shares in the company to mark his 80th birthday. Del Vecchio says the small gesture is to show workers how important they are to him. Luxottica has 77,000 employees worldwide, but only the 8000 in Italy will get a piece of the birthday bonus, which works out to about 1200 dollars in shares each. MY boss won't even buy me lunch! From the newsroom I'm Andrea Sully.

Thanks Andrea - and he won't buy me lunch either, so don't feel so bad! We'll have more headlines for you in just a few minutes but not before we TURN IT UP with Miss MADISON BANES! What's on your radar this week Madison?

It's the new documentary EVERYONE's talking about Kat, and NO, not the Kurt Cobain thing on HBO.

Ahh, SEE, that's what I was going to say. So now I'm curious what you're talking about.

Well I guess we can call this one the OTHER doc everyone's talking about, and it's all about the life - and tragic death - of Amy Winehouse. Here's the story. The long-awaited first trailer to "Amy", the critically acclaimed documentary about soul singer Amy Winehouse, has been released and it's everything fans could have hoped for. The film tracks Amy's meteoric rise, her struggles with fame, uncovers all sorts of surprising details about her personal life, and brings a new perspective on yet another star who died too young. It's set to be released in July.

Newly-single pop star Hilary Duff made waves when she revealed she was on Tinder. Her newest song covers her adventures in the online dating world. Believe it or not she hasn't had much trouble getting dates! Here's a taste of the video for a song called "Sparks". Hilary had never been on a blind date before trying Tinder, and the vid captures her out having a blast with a handful of lucky bachelors. The song's pretty catchy!

How much would YOU pay to get your hands on a guitar played by Beatles legend George Harrison? At a recent auction in New York, the rock 'n roll icon's 1963 Maton Mastersound guitar sold for 485,000 dollars! George played the instrument during a run of shows in July and August of 1963, but he never actually OWNED this guitar. He'd borrowed it from a Manchester shop after bringing in one of his other guitars in for repairs, but liked it so much he asked the shop if he could keep it for a few extra weeks. The rest is history!

75,000 dollars' worth of Grateful Dead memorabilia was stolen from an auction house in Illinois before it could be delivered to its new owners. Officials say it was part of a sophisticated heist, so think Oceans Eleven except the thieves are old hippies. The merchandise included one-of-a-kind hand-painted prints. Auction house owner Randy Donley is urging whoever stole the prints to not destroy them over fear of getting caught. Instead he says he just wants them returned.

And one of the biggest rock festivals in North America is turning ten this year! Amnesia Rockfest in Montebello, Quebec is celebrating its big anniversary in style. Carli Bei sat down with Alex Martel, Amnesia's founder, to talk more about this incredible music event.

And here's the good news folks, Naked News will be AT the event, filming all kinds of naked goodness for you to enjoy. So if you plan on being there, come and say hi - it's going to be a lot of fun! Amnesiarockfest.com is where to buy tickets! Turning it up for Naked News, I'm Madison Banes!

I'm Angie Heyward and you've probably already heard of our Boob of the Week, even if you can't spell his name – George Stephanopoulos! George started his career as a political aide, before hitting the big leagues as a member of the Clinton administration. These days George is the Chief political anchor for ABC News. He wouldn't want to do anything to mess that up, would he?

But wait. George did something very stupid. George got caught. And now George is in trouble. Despite it being a clear conflict of interest to his position at ABC News, George donated 75,000 dollars to the Clinton Foundation. He made these donations at the same time he was reporting on-air about the Foundation... and DIDN'T tell anyone.

For his part George says that he thought the donations were a matter of public record. In a statement released last Thursday, George acknowledged that he should have made additional disclosures and apologized. George also made a live-on air apology on Friday's edition of Good Morning America.

He then apologized again on the Sunday news show, This Week. Me thinks you doth apologize too much, George!

What's even worse for George-of-the-political-jungle is that the Clinton Fund was already in the news for alleged ties to private donations for political influence. You'd think George's reported 105 million dollar, 7-year-deal at ABC might have been enough reason for him to double-check what he was getting himself into.

So what does all of this mean for George's future? TV talk show host Geraldo Rivera pointed out that he was fired from ABC News 30 years ago for making a 200 dollar political donation to a friend. ABC seems to be taking a different approach with their 105 million dollar man. The network released a statement confirming it stands behind George and that he won't be fired. Wait – which one of them is the Boob again?

So for failing to disclose donations to his political friends while he reported about them, we elect George Stephanopoulos as our Boob Of The Week! For Naked News, I'm Angie Heyward.

A new Gallup poll shows that a record 60 percent of Americans support same-sex marriage. That's an increase from the previous year's figures of 55 percent support, and nearly double the number since 1996. There is a definite split along political lines though. Democrats lead in support with 76 percent in favor, while Republicans are at 37 percent. The figures come as the Supreme Court prepare to rule on the constitutionality of same-sex marriage next month.

A worrying survey by AT&T shows that 70 percent of drivers are distracted by their smart phones while driving. Facebook is the NUMBER ONE diversion, with 27 percent of users admitting to using the site while behind the wheel. Video chatting, taking selfies and tweeting all ranked highly, too. With these kinds of figures, it's unsurprising insurance companies are launching DriveID, a new device that can disable texts, emails and use of the web while in the vicinity of the drivers seat.

And an oil spill off the coast of California is even worse than originally thought. The leak began Tuesday when a pipeline ruptured, spilling the oil into the waters just outside Santa Barbara. Early estimates had a broken pipe releasing 21,000 gallons of oil but now it's believe the amount could be as high as 100,000 gallons. The slick now stretches for 9 miles along the coast. Governor Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency to help speed the clean-up efforts up. Those are the headlines, I'm Andrea Sully!

All right thanks Andrea! Now it's time for our weekly forecast with the HOTTEST weather girl north of the equator, Miss Natasha Olenski.

Thanks Kat, May the fourth might be "Star Wars Day", but this weekend we're marking the thirty-eighth anniversary of the US premier of the original Star Wars - Episode Four, A New Hope. In honor of that MOST momentous of occasions, I've got a STAR WARS SAGA themed edition of the Naked Weather forecast!

But first, let's start with a little extra-nerdy brainstorm trivia!
According to Wookieepedia, in the Star Wars universe, the spaceport planet Bonadan used weather control to create "sweeper storms". What ARE "sweeper storms"? Stay tuned for the answer.

Now to the forecasts! The film's hero, Luke Skywalker, spent most of his youth living with his uncle Owen and aunt Beru on the planet Tatooine. That's where Luke met his trusty droids C-3PO and R2-D2, and of course his mentor Obi-Wan Kenobi. Tatooine was a harsh desert planet, and many of the scenes set there were filmed near Nefta, Tunisia. Nefta can look forward to a dry, sunny weekend with a high of 89 (32C)

One of the best-loved characters in the movies is Chewbacca. Without the big "walking carpet" helping save Princess Leia from the Death Star, the Rebellion would very likely have failed and the Empire taken over the galaxy. And that sure would have sucked! Chewbacca hailed from the planet Kashyyyk, which the filmmakers based on the mountains of Guilin, China. Guilin will be partly cloudy with showers this weekend, with highs of 87 (31C)

The Rebel Alliance used the ice planet of Hoth as their secret base, and it was the site of some of the most iconic scenes in the saga. The wampa attack. Han Solo saving Luke's life by warming him in a dead tauntaun. Rebels on snowspeeders wrangling giant AT-ATs rodeo-style. Awesome scenes, and most were shot in ACTUAL frigid conditions at the Hardangerjokulen glacier near Finse, Norway. Finse should expect snow and a BRISK high of 37 (3C).

And love me or hate em, EVERYONE remembers Ewoks, the fuzzy little creatures introduced in Return of the Jedi. Ewoks might look like adorable space teddy bears, but they were fierce in battle, and helped defeat the Empire on Endor. Scenes on the forest moon of Endor were shot in Redwood National Park in California, where this weekend will be sunny with a high of 66 (19C).

Now, here's the answer to our Brainstorm Trivia question! In the Star Wars universe, "sweeper storms" are violent storms that clean out pollution in the planet's atmosphere.

And that's it for our weekend weather forecast. For Naked News, I'm Natasha Olenski. Now you can go about your business. Move along!

Eila Adams and Katherine Curtis read some Viewer's Mail, including a clarification of military identification protocol, a question about autographed photos, and kind words from a longtime member.

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