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Today's Show Wednesday November 26, 2014

Wednesday November 26, 2014

Transcript Protesters angry over the court decision in Ferguson Missouri are storming the streets of major cities acro... Read More >> Hide >>

Protesters angry over the court decision in Ferguson Missouri are storming the streets of major cities across the US. The frustration goes beyond the grand jury's decision in the Michael Brown case. For many it's about racial injustice throughout the American legal system. A day after the Ferguson verdict, protests popped up in 170 cities around the nation.

Disgraced former CBC radio personality and one time host of the syndicated show "Q", Jian Ghomeshi has been arrested and charged with FOUR counts of sexual assault. Ghomeshi surrendered to police on Wednesday in Toronto after almost a month of allegations that he physically and sexually assaulted several women. The arrest comes a day after Ghomeshi dropped a 55 MILLION dollar wrongful termination lawsuit against the CBC.

And Bill Cosby has had two more shows canceled due to widespread allegations of sexual assault. The 77-year old comedian's upcoming dates in Washington and Connecticut have been postponed indefinitely. In the past few weeks more than a dozen women have come out to claim Cosby assaulted them. The allegations had already caused NBC to cancel plans for a new Cosby TV show, and Netflix to drop a standup special that would have started streaming this week.

Columbus Blue Jackets defenseman Jack Johnson was forced to file for BANKRUPTCY last month - thanks to his PARENTS! The 27-year-old has amassed more than 18 MILLION dollars during his nine years in the NHL. But after he signed a lucrative contract extension in 2011, Johnson gave his mom full control of his finances. Tina and Jack Senior then took out HUGE loans against his future earnings to buy houses, cars and go on trips. Johnson has been left with around 50 grand in assets.

Also facing legal issues is Spanish soccer club Valencia. It's being SUED by DC Comics over a logo! It depicts a bat that – in DC's opinion – looks TOO similar to the Batman logo! Valencia has been using bats to represent the team since 1919 – twenty years BEFORE Batman even existed! In addition, bats have been used in Spanish heraldry since the 13th century! I'm no lawyer, but I'm giving the advantage to Valencia here.

Free agent NFL quarterback Tyler Thigpen has been looking for a job since 2012 – and incidents like this won't help his cause. Thigpen was arrested for DUI last weekend when police found him drunk and asleep at the wheel – at a Wendy's drive thru! According to the police report, it took officers several minutes to wake Thigpen, who had been snoozing for about 20 minutes.

If you were thinking about inviting Joey Chestnut over for Thanksgiving dinner, you may want to reconsider. The famous competitive eater broke the WORLD RECORD for turkey eating last weekend. Chestnut wolfed down nearly TEN pounds of turkey in 10 minutes. That destroyed the previous record of seven and a half pounds. Chestnut can now add turkey to his recent accomplishments, which include hot dogs, hard boiled eggs and deep fried asparagus.

And wrestling fans got a SPECIAL treat at the end of last Sunday's Survivor Series. Sting made his FIRST ever appearance in a WWE ring, attacking Triple H. The longtime face of WCW and TNA was long considered the GREATEST superstar never to be in the WWE. But after about THIRTY years, it FINALLY happened. I hope Sting faces the Undertaker – talk about a DREAM matchup!

Jodie Foster's Spanish villa in the Hollywood Hills has finally sold for just shy of 5 million dollars! The 6-thousand square foot home was initially listed for 6.4-million in 2013. The 4-bedroom home was originally built in 1935 and features plenty of classic stylings, such as high vaulted ceilings and exposed wooden beams. The two-time Oscar winner is moving her family into a larger Beverly Hills house worth close to twelve million dollars!

Sheryl Crow has also just sold her Hollywood Hills home for a cool, 11 million dollars. The place had been on the market since 2012, and was originally listed at 16 million. Sheryl bought the compound in 1998 for 8.4 million, so she's made a tidy little profit. The 10-plus acre property has 3 full houses on it - a main, and two guest houses - totalling 11 bedrooms!

Not too far down the road, Jake Gyllenhaal has closed a deal on his quaint little 3-bedroom 3-bathroom home, selling it for 3.26 million. Sitting on two acres near the Hollywood Hills, the house has sensational views and a private pool area.

Bruce Willis just purchased this incredible 9 million dollar country home in Bedford, New York. The eight thousand square foot palace features an open concept floor plan, high ceilings, and state of the art EVERYTHING! It sits on 14 acres of swanky suburban real estate. His new neighbors include Martha Stewart and Hollywood couples Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

And we'll finish up in Telluride Colorado, where the former home of former COUPLE Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes has been put on the market... for 59 MILLION! Cruise bought the 300-acre property in the 90's while married to Nicole Kidman. But the 10-thousand foot estate is best known as the place where Tom and Katie hid after the birth of their first child. The property's stunning views are truly second-to-none. Cruise says he's only selling because he doesn't have the time to visit as much as he'd like. Tough life!

The US military is planning to INCREASE the number of troops it will leave behind in Afghanistan in 2015. The exact numbers have not yet been agreed upon. The extra bodies are needed to fill a gap left by other NATO countries. The additional soldiers will join 12,000 others to help assist and train Afghan forces in a mission called Resolute Support.

The French government announced it has suspended delivery of a high tech war ship to Moscow until "further notice". French President Francois Hollande says the decision is due to the ongoing crisis in eastern Ukraine. In 2011, the countries had agreed on a two-ship deal worth 1.6 billion dollars. However there are now concerns in the EU that Russia could use the ships to threaten its neighbors. Russia has warned Paris of "serious" consequences unless France delivers the first of the two warships by the end of November.

And a doctor working with Ebola patients in Sierra Leone has become the first Italian to contract the virus. The Italian health ministry says the unidentified man is being sent back to Rome for medical treatment. According to officials he is currently in stable condition. Ebola has killed nearly 55-hundred people, with Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia being the worst-hit nations.

Microsoft's Office suite of software is widely used on PCs, but has lagged behind on mobile devices. In February they rolled out apps that would let iPad users VIEW documents in Office programs - Word, Excel, and Powerpoint - but required a paid subscription to EDIT or create them. Needless to say, many people were NOT impressed. Guess they had a change of heart though because now it's all free. They also announced they're be releasing Office apps for the iPHONE and a test version for Android tablets, early in 2015.

Reports say that Facebook is creating a new site called "Facebook at Work" to let users have both personal AND professional profiles - separately. It's based on Facebook's existing internal employee site, which apparently includes chat as well as the ability to collaborate on documents. Plus, of course, the ability to connect and communicate with other professional contacts. This would be direct competition to the LinkedIn professional network - THEY have to be sweating!

Taxi service Uber is adding music to the mix. They've just announced a partnership with music service Spotify. Users can connect their Uber and Spotify accounts, and when you request a ride you can also select a playlist. When your car shows up, your music should play. There IS a catch, however - you'll need to upgrade to Spotify Premium service at nine ninety-five a month. The Uber-Spotify partnership has launched in ten large cities already.

Oculus Rift is FINALLY coming!... soon. CEO Brendan Iribe says the consumer version of the virtual reality headset is expected in a few months. What's holding it up? The lack of controller. Iribe says existing controllers like keyboards and mice aren't good enough, because they want you to FEEL when you touch something. The current developers' version is already pretty impressive, so people are ANXIOUSLY waiting for the VR headset to be ready - especially gamers. Ahem.

And finally, our cool new tech item of the week. Pretty soon, cyclists will be able to refill their water bottles just by bicycling! The "Fontus" uses solar panels that generate energy used to cool part of the device, while the other part is heated. As the bicycle travels, moisture in the air is condensed in the device, and drips into the water bottle. It takes about an hour to get roughly two cups of water, if environmental conditions are right. Pretty cool!

Jennifer Aniston has had a pretty wholesome reputation throughout her career. But after the movie Horrible Bosses, Jen's gotten a bit EDGY! She made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel to promote the sequel – and got into a Celebrity Curse Off with a special “friend”.
Snap pants? What the (BLEEP) is that, Lisa Kudrow? If you're going to (BLEEP) swear, then (BLEEP) swear, you (BLEEP)! We're bleeping that out, right? (YUP!) Phew! Good.

Cameron Diaz hosted Saturday Night Live last weekend. And with Thanksgiving approaching, the SNL girls got together for their FAVORITE annual tradition – treating your parents' house like it's a free hotel! I'll admit, it feels pretty great getting waited on hand and foot. Love you, Mom and Dad!

If you follow Chelsea Peretti on Instagram, you'll know she's a LITTLE bit obsessed with Beyonce. Well, she recently went on The Wendy Williams Show - and her DREAMS became reality – sort of. Pretty cool. I'm sure one of you CREEPS is working on a Whitney St. John cutout in your basement, aren't you? I knew it! It BETTER have my face on it!

And let's close with something completely WACKY. It's hard to describe, but let's just say it involves a Virginia football fan, a fake goose, and Journey! Only in college could you get away with stupid crap like that. I miss those days.

Eila and Peyton discuss the Bill Cosby and Jian Ghomeshi stories, and announce a new caption contest.

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