Today's Show Thursday April 28, 2016

Thursday April 28, 2016

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Transcript Welcome back to the one and ONLY Naked News, I'm Katherine Curtis. Let's start off in the Naked Newsroom wh... Read More >> Hide >>

Welcome back to the one and ONLY Naked News, I'm Katherine Curtis. Let's start off in the Naked Newsroom where Elise has GOOD news for Facebook investors, BAD news for Uber passengers, and some even WORSE news for Venezuelans!

Kat, Facebook has BLOWN industry expectations out of the water with its latest quarterly results! The tech giant reported sales of 5 point 4 billion on Wednesday, up 52 PERCENT from the same period last year. That's 10 percent HIGHER than what Wall Street analysts had been predicting. The majority of that growth was from advertising revenue. Profits were also up a whopping 200 percent, while the number of monthly active users reached an all-time high of 1 point 65 billion.

Uber wants to fine tardy passengers who keep drivers waiting! The ride-sharing service is currently testing out a program where users pay EXTRA if they are more than 2 minutes late for a pick-up. So if a driver waited 7 minutes, you'd have to pay for an extra five minutes of that ride. The company is ALSO trialing out a new cancellation fee of up to 10 DOLLARS if the trip is aborted more than 2 minutes into a call. Suddenly, taxis aren't looking that bad!

And, the government of Venezuela has introduced a TWO DAY work week for public servants to save on electricity! The country is in the middle of a DEVASTATING drought bought on by El Niño. That means that the water levels required to produce hydroelectricity are running dangerously low. Other emergency measures already in place include school closures and 4-hour rolling blackouts. Officials are even considering putting the clocks FORWARD by half an hour to reduce demand in the evening. Kat, a 5 day weekend might SOUND great, but if you don't have any electricity it's probably not as much fun as people might think!

Yeah, I don't think ANY of us would do very well without heat, light, Internet, you know, the necessities of life! We'll see you later Elise.

It's time to DOUBLE your pleasure with a look ahead at not one, but TWO segments we've got coming up. Here are Madison and Carli to tell us more.

Up next it's time for us to reveal the person whose recent behavior made us shake our head and mutter "dumbass". And personally, I'm thinking of a couple of STRONGER adjectives than "dumbass" for this guy. Here's Angie Heyward with the details.

Yeah, Kat, "dumbass" only BARELY describes Attorney Dwain Downing of Arlington, Texas. According to his website, he started out as an insurance adjuster, but thought it would be "nobler" to represent clients instead of big, bad insurance agencies. Nobility. What a great thing to aspire to, right? Except, that aspiration seems to have gone straight down the crapper.

You see, a few days ago, Downing went for lunch at Our Place Restaurant, in Mansfield. Our Place offers several hearty entrees that comes with two sides, rolls, cornbread with honey butter, and, WHILE SUPPLIES LAST, a cup of soup. All for the princely sum of seven dollars and ninety-nine cents. Soup or no soup, that sounds like a HECK of a deal to me.

But, alas, the SUPPLIES did not LAST until Downing's meal, so he did not get a cup of soup. And how do you suppose he reacted? You KNOW a NORMAL, SANE reaction wouldn't have landed Downing here! Nosirree! Mr. Downing stewed - pun definitely intended. And then he used his mighty legal education to pen a letter DEMANDING payment of two dollars and twenty-five cents in damages and two hundred and fifty bucks in ATTORNEY'S FEES, or he'd FILE A LAWSUIT FOR DECEPTIVE TRADE PRACTICES.

Of course the restaurant's gobsmacked owner, Benji Arslanovski posted the letter to Facebook. All hell broke loose, the media got involved, millions of people laughed and/or got outraged... you know, exactly what any sensible person would expect to happen in 2016. In the face of the media firestorm, Downing backed off, citing threats by online bullies. Hey, if anyone can recognize a bully, it's him!

But it's WAY too late for Downing's reputation. This ridiculous tantrum in a soup cup has made him a laughingstock at best, a pariah at worst. A typical Yelp comment about him calls him a "bottom-feeding unprofessional shyster". And us? Well, WE call him our BOOB of the WEEK. Oh, and Dwain? NO SOUP FOR YOU! For Naked News, I'm Angie Heyward.

I'm Carli Bei and THIS IS TURN IT UP! Sales of Prince records SOARED in the days following his death. According to a report from Nielsen Music, fans snapped up more than 650 THOUSAND copies of his albums, and downloaded nearly 3 MILLION of his songs as of Monday. The TOP-selling song of the week was Purple Rain, while The Very Best Of Prince lead in album sales. The surge in purchases will add around 10 MILLION dollars in royalties to the singer's estate.

2015 was the most successful year the music biz has seen in over a decade! Consumers spent 19 BILLION on music globally last year, a 5 percent rise from 2014. The boost is mostly due to the increasing popularity of streaming services. In fact, experts are predicting that streaming will account for 70 PERCENT of our music spend by the year 2020. There are a few major markets it HASN'T infiltrated yet – CD's still account for more than two thirds of sales in Japan and Germany!

MTV is bringing back its iconic “Unplugged” series! In its heyday, the program featured stripped down acoustic sets from the likes of Eric Clapton, Nirvana, and Pearl Jam. The album version of Nirvana's 1993 Unplugged performance went on to sell more than 11 MILLION copies alone. The reboot is part of the network's plan to refocus on MUSIC, after years of filling the schedule with reality TV. Watch out for the first episodes to air sometime this fall!

Drake is hitting the road this summer in support of his new album, Views! The Summer Sixteen Tour will hit 32 cities across North America, kicking off July 20th in Austin Texas. Drake and Atlanta-based rapper Future, will headline, with appearances by Roy Woods, DVSN, and a whole roster of special guests still to be announced. You can get your tickets on Friday, the same day his album drops!

Now let's get our first taste of Beyoncé's LEMONADE! The music diva released her SIXTH solo album Saturday night, following the premiere of her HBO special. Fans and critics alike are losing their MINDS over it, and for good reason! It's an amazing piece of work, blurring the lines between rock, blues, soul, hip-hop, country, you name it, it's in there! Let's take a listen to one of the songs, 6 Inch.

It's one of Bey's most PERSONAL projects to date – there are a TON of references to her relationship with Jay-Z, and what it's REALLY like to live in the spotlight. You can BUY Lemonade on Amazon and iTunes, but you can stream it on Tidal and Pandora. We're giving it 5 out of 5 Naked Ns! Turning it up for Naked News, I'm Carli Bei.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is NOT messing around! Musk tweeted Wednesday that SpaceX's first Mars mission would be in 2018. It would see an unmanned Dragon 2 spacecraft head to the Red Planet to collect soil samples and scout the terrain. NASA will lend a hand with some of the technical aspects of the journey. Assuming it all goes well, Musk is also aiming to send the very first humans to Mars around 2025. SpaceX's ultimate goal is to set up a colony of people there.

Baby boomers' time at the top has come to an end! For the first time in a LONG time they're no longer the largest living generation in the US. According to the Census Bureau, that title now belongs to Millennials. There are currently 75.4 million Millennials in America, compared to 74.9 million Baby Boomers. Millennials include people born between 1981 and 1997. An influx of young immigrants is a big reason why Millennials outnumber the country's other age groups.

And the bald eagle could be getting some competition stateside! On Tuesday, the US House voted to make the North American bison the national mammal of the United States! The National Bison Legacy Act still needs Senate approval, which it's expected to get next week. Then the bill can head to the Oval Office for the President's signature. Supporters say no other indigenous species tells America's story better, and believe the bison symbolizes the nation's strength, endurance, and dignity. I guess it beats a duck-billed platypus. For Naked News, I'm Elise Laurenne.

Thanks Elise. Now let's say hello to Madison Banes who's going INSIDE THE BOX for us this week. What's happening on the Boob Tube, Madison?

There's lots going on in TV land Kat, including some pretty great news for fans of Saturday Night Live.

Is Colin Jost leaving Weekend Update? Something about that guy BUGS me.

Really? I think he's kinda cute, and unfortunately for you, he's not going anywhere. On the bright side, you'll be getting more laughs and less commercials! Here's what's going on. Welcome INSIDE THE BOX, everyone.

NBC will be slashing SNL ad time by 30-percent next season. The change amounts to two less commercial breaks per episode, and more time to air sketches that would have otherwise been cut. The network isn't giving up those ad dollars for nothing though. Instead, it will be looking to incorporate ads INTO the broadcast, which could mean product placements or sponsorships. Get ready for "Weekend Update, brought to you by Cialis"!

The Game of Thrones premiere slayed the competition in the ratings department Sunday night! The season 6 premiere set a new record by drawing in 10.7 million viewers when counting the live broadcast, two encores, and streaming data from services like HBO Go. And that huge number DOESN'T count the million-plus pirates who downloaded the show illegally!

Top Gear is finding another gear with, Extra Gear! It's a new after-show that will follow the rebooted car crazy franchise when it finally returns next month. Extra Gear will be hosted by Riley Reid, who's part of the revamped Top Gear cast. The plan is to give the show's diehard fans a behind-the-scenes look into how Top Gear is made. Riley will also dish dirt on the show's celebrity guests and tell us which of the hosts can actually drive!

We're FINALLY getting details on Bill Simmons' new show on HBO. It's been a year since the famous sportswriter was booted from ESPN, and nine months since he signed at Home Box Office. His new show will be called "Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons". The 20-episode run will start at 10pm on June 22nd, and will see Simmons give his signature takes on everything from sports to entertainment and technology. When reached for comment Bill said quote: “I’m excited about the show, I’m excited about the title and I’m really, really excited to drop my first F-bomb on TV"!

And Shark Week just got a little bit scarier thanks to horror director Eli Roth! He's returning to host "Shark After Dark", the late night talk show that runs during Discovery Channel's biggest week. The Hostel and Cabin Fever director will chat with shark experts and celebrities about their encounters with the predators of the deep. You can sink your teeth into the new shows from June 26th to the 30th at 11pm! And that's what's happening, inside the box, for Naked News, I'm Madison Banes!

Gorgeous movie star Penelope Cruz is celebrating her birthday, and we're going to mark this occasion in THIS edition of my Naked Weather Forecast! But first, how about a little Brainstorm Trivia!

Penelope might just be the hottest WOMAN Spain has ever produced, but do you know what city holds the country's record for hottest TEMPERATURE? Stay tuned for the answer!

Penelope was born April 28, 1975 in Madrid, Spain. She developed an interest in performing early, and studied ballet at Spain's National Conservatory before turning her interests to acting. She says that it was seeing Pedro Almodovar's "Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!" that gave her the acting bug, and she's never looked back! Madrid has a mostly sunny weekend ahead, with the mercury expected to hit 68 (20C)

At 18, she made her feature film debut, starring in the Spanish dramatic comedy "Jamón, jamón". It foreshadowed much of her career by featuring PLENTY of nudity, while ALSO garnering critical respect. Penelope was nominated for "Best Newcomer" at the Goya Awards, Spain's Oscars. The film itself won the Silver Lion at the Venice Film Festival. Venice's weekend will be mainly sunny, with some showers and a high of 64 (18C)

Jamón, jamón also marked Penelope's first time working with Javier Bardem. They've appeared together a number of times, and it was recently announced that they'd be costarring in the upcoming "Escobar", about a journalist's relationship with drug lord Pablo Escobar. Javier and Penelope began dating in 2007, and they got married in 2010 in a small ceremony at a friend's home in the Bahamas. The Bahamian capital of Nassau will see sunny skies this weekend and a high of 83 (28)

One film they were in together was 2008's Vicky Cristina Barcelona. The quirky romantic-drama was hotly anticipated, since it co-starred Scarlett Johansson AND was rumored to include a lesbian love scene. Sadly, it all ended up PG-13. But it DID get Penelope a whole BUNCH of awards, including the Best Supporting Actress Oscar. She was quite the site on the Oscars red carpet in Los Angeles, where this weekends forecast is for cloudy skies with highs of 77 (25C)

Now for the answer to our Brainstorm Trivia question! The hottest confirmed temperature recorded in Spain was a withering 116.96 degrees, back on July 4, 1994. That record was set in Murcia, a beautiful city on the Segura River.

Happy birthday Penelope! With your muy caliente weather report, I'm Natasha Olenski!

Thanks, Nat! Angie's joined me now, and we're going to answer a few of the emails that have recently come in! The first one is from Brian. He wrote "I loved your latest Cooking in the raw with Kat and Angie - those two compliment each other perfectly. Kat being the sensible strong type and Angie being the crazy one. Keep up the good work." Thanks, Brian! We have a LOT of fun doing Cooking in the Raw. But it's not so much that I'm actually "sensible" as that Angie needs adult supervision when surrounded by knives and ovens and other potentially dangerous things. We usually shoot it in MY kitchen, and I don't want it burned down.... or my insurance rates to skyrocket.

Ha, ha, ha. I just like to have FUN! Okay, the next email is from John, who says "Hello Naked News, I love this show and the format which, seems to be getting even better lately. Monday's show was outstanding! After seeing it I had to write and request two things: More frequent use of the naturist style format; and two, more full body shots of the anchors! Thank you all and keep up the great work!" We're glad to hear you appreciate it, John! We put a lot of thought and effort into the different styles and themes, so it's always nice to know our viewers are enjoying the variety. And we'll definitely let the producers know you'd like to see more of the all-nude format. Thanks, John!

The last email today is from P Dunne. He says "You have Lucy from the UK on the show for a week without an audition, can anybody now bypass the audition process. Does this now open the door up on a new way for guest Anchors from other places around the world, which can just fly in for a "working holiday" so to speak? I don't think this is very fair to everyone else who auditions." Okay, so here's the thing - Lucy flew all the way here from the UK for just one week. Obviously, that's not time enough to go through the standard audition process. But we'd been communicating with her and were familiar with her ahead of time, so we had a good idea of what she was like.

That said, we actually DID have her shoot an audition segment that we'll be showing soon. We make everyone do it - just on principle!

Thanks to everyone who wrote in. If you've got a question or comment, be sure to email us at feedback@nakednews.com, or drop us a line on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

That brings us to the results of yesterday's poll question! We asked if you thought Apple is losing its appeal in the marketplace. Looks like bad news for Apple, as two-thirds of you thought they WERE. Just one-third think Apple is staying strong.

We'll have another poll question for you soon. We'll see you back here again tomorrow with a VERY special Guest Anchor co-hosting the program. Til then, take care!

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