Today's Show Sunday May 1, 2016

Sunday May 1, 2016

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Transcript Welcome to Naked News magazine everyone, I'm Isabella Rossini...and standing beside me is our latest guest ... Read More >> Hide >>

Welcome to Naked News magazine everyone, I'm Isabella Rossini...and standing beside me is our latest guest anchor Hanna. Welcome back to the program Hanna. You ready for today? Okay, coming up shortly Madison Banes recently sat down with our UK guest anchor Lucy, for an in depth interview. One thing you two have in common Hanna is an accent. I'm not sure which one I find sexier. What accents do you really enjoy? I'm wondering what out audience thinks is the hottest accent out there. Send us an e-mail will ya, I'm curious! Okay, to kick things off, Carli Bei has an all access edition of Turn It Up.

I'm Elise Laurenne, welcome to the Game Spot. Microsoft is putting the Xbox 360 six feet under! The company has announced it will be stopping production of the popular gaming console. The 360 had a good run. It first launched in 2005 and has sold nearly 90 million units. If it’s your only gaming platform, don’t worry. Microsoft still plans on supporting it with software updates via Xbox Live.

It’s the scandal that’s rocked South Korea. Eleven people have been indicted for their involvement in a Starcraft 2 match-fixing scheme! It’s been a huge story in Korea, where competitive gaming is serious money. One player was allegedly paid more than 60-thousand dollars for throwing a match, while others claim to have been paid 30-thousand.

We know Sony is hard at work on the NEXT Playstation console, aka 4.5 or “NEO”. Well get this: there may NOT be a Playstation 5. When recently asked about what the PS5 might look like, Playstation boss Shuhei Yoshida said he wasn’t sure there would BE a PS5! Based on his comments, we could see the traditional 5 year cycle of consoles coming to an end!

And Sega’s cranking up the nostalgia factor with The Sega Mega Drive Classics Hub on Steam. It’s an emulator that means you can play the fifty classic Sega games - upgraded with modern graphics. Sonic, Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, Ecco the Dolphin - they’re all there! And not just that, but the Hub software is also a modding tool that will let gamers put new twists on the classics!

Now let's take a look at Quantum Break for Xbox One and PC. You play as Jack, a man with the ability to freeze time thanks to a science experiment gone wrong. This one's like a great scripted TV series come to life. That's because it mixes intense third-person-shooter gameplay with cut scenes that are on par with a high-quality Hollywood drama!

Quantum Break is like a Choose Your Own Adventure book. Each cut scene gives you the chance to make tricky decisions that totally alter the outcome of your journey. You'll definitely want to go back and replay this one a few times to see how ELSE it can all turn out. We'll give it 4 out of 5 Naked Ns! For the Game Spot, I'm Elise Laurenne!

So Hanna i'm curious, are much into video games? Okay so I mentioned Lucy earlier, our recent guest anchor from the UK. We enjoyed having her on the program and from all the e-mails we received, so did our audience. Well, on your behalf, Madison Banes sat down with Lucy to get to know her a little better. Here they are in the Schmooze.

Okay, we've got one more feature for everyone and that's our weekly Naked News Video Blog, this time presented by the one and only Kat Curtis.

Thanks ladies! They call French pool player Florian Kohler "Venom", and the reason is simple: his skills are DEADLY! Some of these shots are just ridiculous. And his assistant is ridiculously hot! Very impressive! Now there's a guy who REALLY knows how to play with his balls.

Now for some moves that are ALMOST as impressive. A Russian soccer fan wanted to get right into the action, and wouldn't let a few pesky security guards get in his way. Watch this guys moves! He was breaking ankles and making those guards look silly. In fact for all we know he's still out there...

Navy SEALS are notoriously badass, and these guys are no exception. During a recent college football game in Knoxville, the SEALS made a special appearance by parachuting into the stadium. Here's how it all went down! So honey, what did you do at work today? Oh y'know, jumped out of an airplane, landed on the fifty yard line at the Vols game. The usual. Coolest. Job. Ever!

Animals. You love 'em. WE love 'em. But let's face it. Sometimes animals be CRAZY. As these next clips can attest to.

For the Naked News Video Blog, I'm Katherine Curtis!

Well Hanna, unfortunately we're out of time. I understand you've got a busy schedule with us later today.

So that's good news then because we'll be seeing a bit more from you over the next little while. I wanted to thank you for co-hosting with me. And I think I speak for our entire audience when I say, we hope you'll come back and visit us again soon. Let us know how we did today or ask us anything by writing to us at feedback@nakednews.com. We're also on social media with pics and videos you won't see anywhere else, weekly contests, poll questions, you name it. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We'll leave you now with a look behind the scenes.

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