Today's Show Friday March 6, 2015

Friday March 6, 2015

Transcript Gina visited the Naked News studios to audition. She started off reading an In Focus look at singer-actress... Read More >> Hide >>

Gina visited the Naked News studios to audition. She started off reading an In Focus look at singer-actress Zooey Deschanel, then let us know a bit about herself. She also demonstrated her twerking skills.

Here's proof the job market is REALLY tough these days: nearly a thousand people have applied for a job running the world's most southerly post office... in Antarctica! The "winning" candidate will run the outlet in Port Lockroy, which is also home to about two thousand penguins! It has no internet, no running water, no phone signal, and no central heating - and don't forget about the freezing cold temperatures! The place is SO remote that not even helicopters can reach it, meaning if there's an emergency the nearest doctor is three days away, by boat! Good LUCK everyone!

Coca-Cola is showing younger consumers it's still "HIP" by using emoji in its latest ads! The soft drink brand has launched a campaign in Puerto Rico using nothing BUT emoji in its web URL's. Coke thinks the smiling faces are a perfect way to help people associate their brand with happiness.

From good emoji to BAD emoji! Apple is getting all kinds of flak after unveiling its new line of globally diverse emoji featuring six different skin tones. The controversy surrounds this yellow character that Apple users in China aren't too happy about. Many have taken to Twitter calling it racially insensitive. The tech giant says the yellow emoji are supposed to be ethnically neutral. But with China becoming one of its leading markets, Apple might want to rethink its colorful new software. From the Naked Newsroom, I'm Angie Heyward!

Thanks you two! Chappie is the third feature film from South African director Neill Blomkamp. The premise goes something like this: in a not-too-distant dystopian future, authorities use a force of robot-soldiers to fight crime. Once again Blomkamp combines dazzling visual effects with gritty realism.

Things get tricky when one of the robots, Chappie - voiced by the criminally-underrated Sharlto Copley - is stolen by gangsters who plan on using him for their own devious purposes. Chappie is reprogrammed to think - and FEEL - for himself.

Though Chappie MEANS well, there are evil forces at work that aren't thrilled about the prospect of a droid making its own decisions. Sigourney Weaver and Hugh Jackman star as corrupt cops set on stopping our robotic hero. As one of Hollywood's hottest young directors, Blomkamp dazzled us with District 9, but his second film, Elysium, failed to live up to the hype. It looks like he's gotten back on track with Chappie, a sci-fi film that has plenty of action, laughs, and heart. It's a thinking man's blockbuster that should satisfy movie-goers during one of the slower times of the season. Chappie is in theaters now!

Now for something COMPLETELY different: The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. It's the follow-up to the surprising 2012 box office hit about British pensioners living it up in India. Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, and Bill Nighy are all back for this light-hearted comedy aimed at a... let's call it "more mature" crowd. Dev Patel - who also has a prominent role in "Chappie" - plays the quirky small hotel owner with big dreams of expansion. The cast gets a boost with the addition of another huge star: Mr. Richard Gere.

Though the characters are a little older in this film, they're still as lively as ever! The Second Exotic Marigold Hotel is guaranteed to please the early-bird crowd. It too is in theaters now! For Naked at the Movies, I'm Katherine Curtis.

Welcome to Hollywood XPosed, our weekly celebration of celebrity skin, brought to you with the help of our dear friends at Mr. Skin.

New in theaters this week is Unfinished Business, a raucous comedy starring Vince Vaughn, Dave Franco, and Tom Wilkinson. But, more importantly, it also features the lovely Sienna Miller. Ms Miller may be best known for her portrayal of Edie Sedgwick in 2006's Factory Girl, where she showed off her incredible body.

It's a stellar week for DVD and Blu-Ray releases, starting with Ask Me Anything. It's a mystery-thriller about Katie, played by Britt Robertson, who begins writing a blog to share her darkest secrets. And lucky for us, she ALSO shares a little on-screen skin! Between a bedroom scene and a little peekaboo in the washroom, there's definitely enough to keep you entertained. It's Britt's first on-screen nudity, and she definitely leaves us wanting more!

Also out now is DaVinci's Demons - The Complete Second Season. This Starz-BBC Worldwide collaboration is a fictional fantasy-adventure series about Leonardo Da Vinci's early years. Which apparently involve creating fantastical flying machines, and lots of hot women. Maybe the HOTTEST is played by Colombian Carolina Guerra. Need proof? This seductive scene should be all you need.

And finally, you can now get Outlander: Season One. This dramatic fantasy series is based on the WILDLY successful series of books by Diana Gabaldon. It's extremely popular, likely because of gorgeous Irish star Catriona Balfe gets naked constantly! Our kind of show!

Now with even MORE celebrity skin, here's Hollywood X-PRESS – brought to you by Egotastic.com!

Jade Elizabeth Roper was recently eliminated from reality show The Bachelor. But she's SIZZLING in this shoot for Playboy.

There's no doubt that Telenovelas star Maria Jose Martinez is smoking hot. But if you need proof, check out this photoshoot for Soho magazine.

Coco Austin is more than just a spectacular derriere. Her FRONTside is JUST as amazing as her backside, as evidenced in this Instagram pic she called "Fifty Shades of Coco".

Lydia Hearst COULD just sit around counting the Hearst fortune - she IS heiress to the publishing dynasty after all. But instead, she does things like pose for these sensational pics in Treats Magazine. Lucky us!

And that's a wrap on this week's celebration of celebrity skin. For Naked News, I'm Natasha Olenski.

Also, Isabella Rossini answers an Ask An Anchor question about marijuana and legalization.

Google is backing off on its porn crackdown! The search engine had announced plans to ban publicly shared images and video of a sexually explicit nature on its popular Blogger website starting March 23rd. BUT, after getting "a ton of feedback" from users, Google has changed its mind and will stick with its current policy for the time being. Blogs containing explicit adult content must show a warning page before people can enter, and Google still has the right to label a blog "adult" if it thinks the site's description is inappropriate.

Another website restricting nudity is Reddit. It will change its privacy policy to remove any posts that include nude photos or videos of people in sexual situations without first getting permission. This is in direct response to last year's celebrity hacking scandal involving Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and several other high-profile stars. It's a bit of a departure from Reddit's general opposition to any form of censorship.

And a YouTube user who earned close to five MILLION dollars last year opening toys has a PORNOGRAPHIC past of her own! Daiane DeJesus - the woman behind DC Toys Collector - was once a porn star with the stage name
Sandy Summers. Her Florida neighbors revealed her identity when they became aware of her controversial past. The super successful YouTube account has had almost three BILLION views.

That's all from here ladies, I'll send it back to you.

Eila Adams went to Toronto's Everything To Do With Sex Show and asked people for their serious sex tips. She got answers ranging from communication, to choking, to showers versus growers. She even ran into our own Jacqui Childs!

Eila Adams and Carli Bei close out the show

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