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Monday April 27, 2015

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Transcript Thanks for joining us, I'm Eila Adams! It's a brand new week, and we're starting things off with a brand ne... Read More >> Hide >>

Thanks for joining us, I'm Eila Adams! It's a brand new week, and we're starting things off with a brand new guest anchor! The lovely Kira's back by popular demand after nailing her audition! Welcome back Kira! I KNEW I'd see you again.

Thank you Eila, I actually have YOU to thank because your direction during the audition really helped.

Well, I do what I can. So I understand you've got the headlines for us today.

I do, I do, Brian Williams, Bruce Jenner and how President Obama did at the White House Correspondents dinner. Here we go! An internal investigation by NBC has found that former Nightly News anchor Brian Williams lied to make himself look better in at least ELEVEN different reports! You'll recall that Williams was suspended for a false story about being hit by RPG fire while in a helicopter over Iraq. Well now, journalists poring over Williams past reports have found many other inconsistencies. This includes his coverage in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, the Arab Spring uprising in Egypt, and facing rocket fire in Israel. Williams is currently halfway through his 6-month suspension, and has been banned from speaking publicly or defending himself from the investigation.

Bruce Jenner has no trouble keeping up with the Kardashians, in the RATINGS department anyway! Diane Sawyer's interview with Jenner was a smash hit for ABC! The Friday night exclusive on 20/20 pulled in a whopping 16.9 million viewers! It was also the show's highest ratings in the 18 to 49 demographic in 15 years. But that's not all. According to Nielsen, the Olympian's heartfelt talk about transitioning to becoming a woman was the most SOCIAL non-sports broadcast EVER.

And whether you agree or disagree with his politics, you have to admit the man can tell a joke! US President Barack Obama brought the house down at the 2015 White House Correspondents Dinner on Saturday night. With 26-hundred prominent politicians, journalists, and Hollywood celebrities on-hand, the Commander-in-Chief dished out one zinger after another.

During his twenty minute speech the President took shots at Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, and the Hillary Clinton email scandal. It was quite a night! We'll be right back.

Welcome inside my Naked Sports report, I'm Natasha Olenski. Kurt Busch broke a 35-race winless streak on Sunday to claim the checkered flag at Richmond International Raceway. The Stewart-Haas driver dominated the NASCAR Sprint Cup series event, leading for 291 of the 400 laps. His victory in the Toyota Owners 400 came after a three-race suspension earlier this season for alleged involvement in a domestic abuse incident in Delaware.

The St Louis Cardinals could have stumbled on their Achilles heel. Ace pitcher Adam Wainwright's 2015 season is likely over! The three-time All Star went down with an ankle injury in the batter's box during the Cardinals win over Milwaukee on the weekend. The freak accident intensified calls for the National League to employ designated hitters to avoid these kinds of injuries to pitchers. Washington Nationals' Max Scherzer also hurt himself while batting this week.

Wladimir Klitschko, the undisputed world heavyweight boxing champion, easily defeated Bryant Jennings by unanimous decision Saturday night. It's been more than ten years and 22 fights since the 39-year-old Ukrainian heavyweight last lost a fight. Over 17,000 fans at Madison Square Garden chanted Ukrainian slogans when he entered the arena. This was his first bout in the US since defeating Sultan Ibragimov at the New York arena in 2008.

Demetrious Johnson literally left it to the last second to retain his flyweight title at UFC 186 in Montreal. Johnson's armbar on Kyoji Horiguchi, at the four minute and fifty-nine second mark of round five, ended it.

But most UFC fans came out to see the return of former light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. He hasn't been seen in the UFC since January of 2013. After 15 minutes of fighting, Jackson won a unanimous decision against Fabio Maldonado.

And in soccer action, Chelsea drew nil-nil with Arsenal to retain a ten-point lead at the top of the Premier League table. They only need to beat Leicester and Crystal Palace in their next two games to win the title for the first time in five years.

That's all for THIS edition of your naked Sports report! For Naked news, I'm Natasha Olenski.

Thanks for the update Nat, Wheelz is next with Kat Curtis and if you wait till the VERY end, you'll see me at the Canadian International Auto Show with a new concept car from Chevy. Buckle up, here's Kat Curtis.

British manufacturer Bloodhound aims to break the world land-speed record this year. And they plan to do it with the world's first 1000 mile-per-hour car. The Bloodhound SSC is described as 'part Formula One, part space rocket, part supersonic jet! It's capable of travelling from 0 to 1050 miles per hour in just 40 seconds! Fighter pilot Andy Green will try to break his own 1997 land speed record of 763 miles per hour in the SSC this September.

BMW's 2016 7-series will include autonomous parking technology. You'll simply press a command on the keyfob and the car will guide itself into a spot. It's just one of many major technology improvements in next year's version of the luxurious vehicle. The car's radio is adjustable with a mid-air motion of your hand, like some kind of sorcerer. Next year's model will also be constructed mainly of carbon fibre, allowing for better handling and a much lighter car then the current 7 series.

A legendary muscle car with only 81 miles on the clock could sell for up to one million dollars at auction. The mint-condition, Tor red 1970 Plymouth Barracuda is widely considered to be the lowest mileage 'Cuda on record. It will go up for sale on May 12th in Indianapolis. Visit the Mecum Auctions website for more details.

And Autoweek magazine's upcoming "fantasy camp" is the ultimate experience for car enthusiasts! Attendees will get a chance to test drive the latest performance sedans on California's Sonoma Raceway track. It usually plays host to NASCAR Sprint Cup series events. Fast and the Furious stuntman Tony Brakohiapa and professional driver Lauchlin O'Sullivan will join Autoweek editors at the event, taking place on the May 15th weekend.

As Eila mentioned earlier, she was at the Canadian International Auto Show recently, and this time out, she's taking a look at the Chevrolet Bolt EV Concept. Here she is.

Electrical and affordable? I like it! Chevy has now confirmed the volt-powered Bolt is going on sale in 2017 at a starting price of around $30,000 dollars. That's all for Wheelz, hope you enjoyed the ride.

An American photographer took home top honors at the world's most prestigious photography competition. A record-breaking 183,737 images were submitted, from 171 countries, to the 2015 Sony World Photography Awards. John Moore's heart-wrenching images from the Ebola crisis in Liberia earned him the top honor. Moore's stunning work is widely credited for exposing the scale of the Ebola outbreak in its early stages. Along with the award, Moore earned a 25,000 dollar cash prize.

Jay-Z took to Twitter over the weekend to defend his new music streaming service, Tidal. The hip hop icon says big companies are spending millions of dollars on a smear campaign to ruin the service. Numerous reports surfaced last week calling Tidal a colossal failure. Jay set the record straight by saying the service already had 770,000 subscribers, and that they'd only been in business for a month. He compared Tidal's progress to Spotify - which took nine years to achieve success. Jay is asking fans to give Tidal time to grow and get better. The question now is: will anyone listen?

And for the very first time, The Queen has dropped off the list of the 300 richest people in Britain! That's not to say we should worry about Queen Elizabeth the second - she's doing just fine thank you. Her wealth actually increased by 15 million dollars last year, up to 514 million. Thing is, Britain's super-rich saw their fortunes grow even larger! Topping the list is Ukrainian oligarch Len Blavatnik. The businessman and music mogul's estimated personal wealth is just under 20 billion dollars. For Naked News, I'm Kira!

Thanks, Kira! She's doing great, isn't she? Make sure to join me in the wrap up today because we'll be sitting down for a little chat. Now with the latest on the CONTROVERSY about Adam Sandler's upcoming movie The Ridiculous Six, let's go Naked At The Movies with Madison. What's going on Maddy?

In short Eila, Native Americans are PISSED! A number of extras walked off the set last week in protest of stereotyping and offensive character names, among other things.

C'mon, this is an Adam Sandler comedy. EVERYONE in his movies is portrayed as a stereotype.

Actually, that's part of the controversy! I mean, the bits of script that have been leaked certainly AREN'T what anybody would call culturally sensitive.

Well, it's certainly gotten the movie a ton of publicity!

That it has! Here's the story. Welcome to Naked At The Movies. About a dozen extras plus the film's cultural consultant, abruptly left the production. They were offended that characters were given names like "Beaver Breath" and "No-Bra", and that native traditions were being disrespected and portrayed inaccurately. Other extras, however, indicated that the comedy skewers many cultures, not just Native Americans'. Netflix, which will be releasing the movie, also defended it, saying "the movie has Ridiculous in the title for a reason".

Much LESS controversially, the cast for the upcoming Zoolander sequel. Oscar-winner Penelope Cruz and Oscar-nominated Kristen Wiig have just signed on, as has Billy Zane. Owen Wilson will return as Hansel and Will Ferrell will be back as Mugatu. Early word is that the film centers around Derek Zoolander and Hansel trying to return to their former male modeling glory. Zoolander 2 hits theaters next February!

Look forward to theaters FULL of Merry Men, because right now there are FOUR Robin Hood movies in development! Warner Brothers' new project, being written by Aquaman writer Will Beall, follows on the heels of three other versions. Disney's "Nottingham & Hood" will be a "family friendly adventure", and Lionsgate is working on "Robin Hood: Origins". Sony Pictures' version is reportedly a "Fast & Furious meets Mission: Impossible" action flick, with Jerry Bruckheimer allegedly producing, of course.

One of Robin Williams' last movies finally has a release date. Starz Digital announced the film will be released July 17, over a year after its premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival. The beloved actor plays a closeted married man who has to deal with his secret after picking up a young hustler. The late Williams' performance is being called "absolutely remarkable". Williams' FINAL movie, Terry Jones' sci-fi comedy Absolutely Anything, is expected out later in the year.

Now let's take a quick peek at the upcoming Fantastic Four re-boot. It's got a hot young cast including Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Jamie Bell, and Michael B. Jordan. Fantastic Four TWO is already scheduled for 2017, so it's safe to say expectations are HIGH for this flick. Judging by this trailer, it's almost DEFINITELY going to be an improvement of the 2005 version starring Jessica Alba and Michael Chiklis! Fantastic Four lands in theaters August 7. Thanks for joining me, Naked At The Movies, I'm Madison.

Welcome to the Naked Foodie. I'm Peyton Priestly. There are many flavors of Kit Kat available in Japan that never get released in the rest of the world. Strawberry, citrus, hot chili, and soy sauce, for example. But their newest flavor might be the weirdest yet; Apple Pie and Carrot. Yes, TOGETHER. Kit Kat maker Nestle says they asked customers what their favorite flavor combinations were, to come up with the new snack. I can't say that's a combo that would've occurred to me!

Great news for Sriracha fans! Huy Fong Foods, creators of the REAL Sriracha sauce, has partnered with Seattle based, "Pop! Gourmet Foods." The agreement means they'll produce a line of GENUINE Sriracha products including popcorn, hummus, croutons, mayonnaise, chips, and more. Most products currently touting Sriracha flavoring are merely attempting to MIMIC the taste rather then using the original Huy Fong brand.

Beer and ice cream, sort of like Apple Pie and Carrot, two awesome things that you don't really think of going together. But ice cream makers Ben & Jerry's and New Belgium Brewing have teamed up to create just that, ice cream-flavored beer! Ben & Jerry's Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale Beer is set to hit shelves this fall and it contains six point three percent alcohol. Even better, you can drink it knowing you're doing GOOD! The two companies will use the beer to raise awareness for good causes.

Burger Chain Carl's Junior is testing a new menu item - Pepperoni Pizza FRIES. They're pretty much exactly what they sound like, skin-on french fries topped with pepperoni, mozzarella, and pizza sauce. They're currently only available in the Anaheim area of Southern California, but if they're a hit, they could roll out across the chain.

And competitive eater Molly Schuyler just set ANOTHER mind boggling record. The tiny 120 pound mom, did it ALONE, pitted against four teams of two, including, professional wrestlers and two former Texas A&M football players. And get this, each team was allowed to SPLIT the enormous meal of, three 72-ounce steaks, three baked potatoes, three shrimp cocktails, three salads and three rolls, BETWEEN them. Molly won, HANDS DOWN, in 20 minutes flat! The contest was held at the Big Texan restaurant, in Amarillo, Texas. The owner said they've been doing this contest since 1960 and has never seen anyone eat so much at one time, let alone in 20 minutes. That's your Naked Foodie, I'm Peyton Priestly.

Eila Adams talks to Guest Anchor Kira about her first day on the show.

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