Today's Show Friday May 29, 2015

Friday May 29, 2015

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Transcript Carli Bei has more from Young Swingers Week at Hedonism in Negril Jamaica. She talks to some of the guests ... Read More >> Hide >>

Carli Bei has more from Young Swingers Week at Hedonism in Negril Jamaica. She talks to some of the guests about what they've been doing, and what it takes to be in a swinging couple.

I'm Isabella Rossini. A new map using stats from Google shows the things people want to buy most in different countries around the world - and the results are disturbing and hilarious! Take Brazil and Argentina for example, where two of the most-searched items were "prostitute" and "coke". South Americans DO like to party! Over in Russia, people were most interested in the cost of flying a MiG fighter jet. While in North America, the price of patents and passports are of top concern. The map was put together by cost-estimating website Fixr.com. They say it shows what people around the globe are really thinking about when they're alone.

Another global survey has shed light on the most popular vices worldwide. The University of Adelaide study found smoking and alcohol to be the runaway favorites. There's a BILLION smokers worldwide, and 240 million people abuse alcohol. Both smoking AND drinking were most popular in Eastern Europe. It was also discovered that ALCOHOL has the biggest negative impact on peoples health.

And if you're having trouble getting excited about the 2016 US election, don't worry, you're not alone. A new CBS News/New York Times poll has found that 74 percent of Americans AREN'T paying much attention, YET. We're still about a year and a half away from election night, but if historical trends hold true, most people won't start following the race until after next year's primaries. And sadly, nearly HALF of the population will NEVER pay attention. From the Naked Newsroom I'm Isabella Rossini!

Amateur Rachel visited the studio to audition for us. She started with an In Focus look at bodacious singer Katy Perry, then told us about herself. She's an extreme hula hooper who loves being naked. Let us know if you think she has what it takes to join the Naked News team.

I'm Natasha Olenski, with Hollywood XPosed, your one-stop shop for celebrity nudity, with the help our very good friends at Mr. Skin!

This weeks Game of Thrones episode did NOT disappoint! It featured the epic nude debut of sexy Rosabell Laurenti Sellers. The Italian-American hottie ever-so-slowly reveals a body to die for - as one guy very nearly does. When she asks "who's the most beautiful woman in the world", no doubt you'll have some trouble coming up with any other contenders!

Fresh out on Blu-Ray and DVD is season two of Showtime's Ray Donovan. It's a terrific show, and well worth watching for the great plots and performances. But I'm not gonna lie - the frequent nudity is definitely a plus! Paula Malcomson, Vinessa Shaw, Tori Black... the list goes on. You have my personal guarantee you'll hit your replay button over and over for these luscious ladies.

Also out on Blu-Ray this week is the remaster of 1981's The Escapees. It's from director Jean Rollin, who was famous for his fantastical erotic flicks. This one stars a trio of largely-unknown actresses, Laurence Dubas, Christiane Coppe, and Marianne Valiot, as young women on the run. Who get naked. Former porn star Brigitte Lahaie also appears, as one of a duo of sexy lesbians. Best of all, The Escapees is "en Francais", so you're practically watching an art flick!

And 1971's The Merchant of Four Seasons is also out on Blue Ray. It's a gritty, brilliant, German drama about despair, love, and family. So don't look for a lot of laughs. But DO look forward to some fantastic seventies-style nakedness! Irm Hermann has a pair of sexy scenes, and Ingrid Caven gives a sensational performance doffing her duds for a languid lie on the bed. These ladies make reading subtitles WELL worth your time!

NO: Now here's Hollywood-X-PRESS, a quick rundown of even MORE, celebrity skin, courtesy of Egotastic.com

This is Jessica Alba in Shape magazine. She's achieved that very special level of hottitude, where even when she's covered up, her pics feel NSFW.

Camille Rowe is probably best known as a Victoria's Secret Angel. But these sexy, bedroom pics are, FAR from angelic.

Shane Van Der Westhuizen is a South African model who's been a favorite of bikini and swimsuit photographers for a few years. Now you know why.

And model Toni Garrn, otherwise know as Leo Decaprio's ex, made one of the most sensational splashes at the recent Cannes film festival, with an ultra-sheer bodysuit that had tongues wagging. Well done Toni!

I'm Natasha Olenski, undressing your favorite celebrities, one story at a time. Stay tuned for MORE, Naked News.

Colombian officials are looking for a new way to get rid of those PESKY coca plants, you know, the ones that are used to make COCAINE. The South American country WAS using a killer herbicide, but the World Health Organization reclassified it as a carcinogen. So plan B? Releasing a plague of eloria noyesi butterflies, whose larvae feed on coca plants. Killer butterflies, I love it! Let's hope THEY don't get addicted.

A contest to name a new ferry in British Columbia Canada has backfired, BIG time. Thousands of pranksters have besieged social media with names mocking the operating company for their sky-rocketing prices and route closures. Some of the sarcastic suggestions include: “Spirit of the Wallet Sucker”. “The S.S. Should've Been A Bridge”. And “Queen of the Cash Cow”. Unsurprisingly, since the backlash, BC Ferries has postponed any further cost-cutting measures. Maybe they should take a ride on the HMS Regret.

And I LOVE this last story. Take a look a these pics. A Chinese home-owner has refused to move from his home, despite a highway planned to run RIGHT THROUGH IT. Construction has already been completed up to the front of the property and continues BEHIND it. The stubborn resident claims that the government has yet to offer him adequate compensation. It sounds like government officials are on a road to nowhere. From the Naked Newsroom, I'm Isabella Rossini.

Bradley Cooper. Emma Stone. Rachel McAdams. In Hawaii. Do you really need any more reasons to see the new movie “Aloha”? Bradley plays a defense contractor hired to oversee the launch of a weapons satellite in the tropical paradise. In his spare time he reconnects with his ex-flame, Rachel, AND falls for his tough new co-worker, played by Emma. You can bet there will be some fireworks in this love triangle!

The star-studded cast continues with Alec Baldwin as a military general, doing what he does best – yelling! Funny guys John Krasinksi and Danny McBride provide the laughs and Bill Murray plays the billionaire boss financing the satellite. But hold on – Brad's character begins to have doubts about sending weapons into outer space and it looks like he may have to make a difficult choice. Although probably not as difficult as choosing between Rachel McAdams and Emma Stone!

The film comes from writer-director Cameron Crowe, of Jerry Maguire fame, so it's probably fair to label this a comedy-drama. The threat of the weapons satellite adds some thrill into the mix, though and we think Aloha will appeal to fans of both genres. And if that isn't enough, just enjoy the gorgeous Hawaiian scenery and imagine you were there. Aloha is in theaters now.

The new documentary “Deep Web: The Untold Story of Bitcoin and The Silk Road” investigates the recent arrest and trail of Ross Ulbricht. Using Bitcoin as their electronic currency, Ross and his cohorts allegedly made MILLIONS in the Silk Road drug marketplace, before the US government caught up with him.

Ross was arrested by the FBI as he logged in to his Silk Road account. This unlimited access into Silk Road's records provided the authorities with an overwhelming amount of evidence to press charges. Throughout the film director Alex Winter gives Ross's family a platform to defend him.

Ross was found guilty on all charges in February of this year. “Deep Web: The Untold Story of Bitcoin and The Silk Road” will be airing on the premium cable channel Epix. For Naked at the Movies, I'm Peyton Priestly.

Andrea Sully, Carli Bei and Katherine Curtis wrap things up and give us a little look at what's ahead on our Weekend show.

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