Today's Show Tuesday September 1, 2015

Tuesday September 1, 2015

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Transcript When Kanye told the world he was running for the White House in 2020, the Internet went nuts! All sorts of ... Read More >> Hide >>

When Kanye told the world he was running for the White House in 2020, the Internet went nuts! All sorts of hilarious memes have turned up on Twitter! Some of our favorites include "The Kanye West Wing", and "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" with the famous sisters standing out front of the White House. Now THAT would be must-see TV. Some even have Kanye joining forces with Taylor Swift for the 2020 ticket. And here we think TRUMP is entertaining!
Here's the last place we'd expect to find judge Joe Brown: jail! But that's exactly where the former TV personality is right now. He's serving a 5-day sentence for contempt of court. Joe had a meltdown in a Memphis courtroom in March 2014 while acting as a lawyer in a child support case. The clerk told him they had no record of the case, and Brown threw a major temper tantrum. The 68-year old is doing the time, but says he won't apologize for vigorously defending his client and demanding that the court follow the law.
Tila Tequila is begging for a second chance on the newest season of the UK's Celebrity Big Brother. She got booted just hours after entering the house after producers discovered she'd made pro-Nazi comments in the past. It turns out that in 2013 she went on a Facebook rant calling Hitler a "man of compassion" and a "special and sweet kid". She even posted a picture of herself in an outfit with a swastika. But we haven't necessarily seen the last of Tila on the show. She's apologized and is reportedly negotiating a return to the show.
Meanwhile Hulk Hogan is begging for forgiveness for HIS racist rant. The Hulkster broke his silence on Good Morning America this week. Hulk claims he's been so depressed about the incident that he's contemplated suicide. The 62-year old used the n-word while talking about his daughter's boyfriend in a tirade that was captured on a sex tape. This is the same sex tape that was leaked by Gawker and is now part of a highly-publicized lawsuit. Hogan is seeking 100 million dollars from Gawker for posting part of the tape online.

The US State Department released an additional 7 thousand pages of emails belonging to Hillary Clinton. Of those, officials have classified 150 messages, bringing the TOTAL of classified e-mails so far to over 200. Hillary has always denied allegations that any classified info was sent or received from her private email
server. Hillary handed over 55 thousand pages of work-related emails to the State Department for review. The emails will continue to be released in monthly batches until January.
Watch out Donald Trump! A new poll from Monmouth University has Ben Carson and Trump tied for first place with Iowa Republicans. Both Carson and Trump scored 23 percent, while their nearest competitor Carly Fiorina came in at just 10 percent. Carson actually BEAT Trump with a higher favorability rating. This is the first time in over a month that Trump has not been a clear frontrunner in a key early state.
And it's been announced that President Obama will appear in an upcoming episode of the NBC show “Running Wild with Bear Grylls.” It's meant to draw attention to climate change in Alaska. The commander-in-chief began a 3-day visit to the northern state on Monday and will film the episode this week. So far, Bear's show has seen celebs like Kate Winslet and Michelle Rodriguez learning to live off the land by eating bugs and even drinking their own URINE.

Sex and technology just keep coming together in the most wonderful ways. Blush Vibe is a new wearable vibrator that can be controlled remotely from your Apple Watch and smartphone – or if you're lucky, from someone ELSE'S smartphone. Users can download and create their own vibration patterns and even synch it up to their favorite song. The pleasure product is currently raising funds on Indiegogo and a donation of 39 bucks will score you your very own!
A design student from the Pratt Institute has come up with a new version of the spray-on condom! Despite the name, Girlplay is designed to be unisex, meaning that both men and women can spray it directly on their bits. The "spray can" method would remove the need for different sizes of condoms, plus who doesn't love spraying things out of a can?
If your lady finds that smoking marijuana increases her libido you might want to order a tube of Foria Cannabis Lube! The love lotion is made from pharmaceutical-grade cannabis oil and can be applied directly to the vagina. And I mean DIRECTLY. The more internal you can get it, the better it will tickle her fancy. You do need to plan ahead with this one; the lube takes about 15 minutes to take effect.
We know from our audience that men have VERY specific preferences when it comes to lingerie. Ask Men dot com decided to get the official word on what men want in a new survey. Unsurprisingly, guys LOVE the push-up bra with the humble sports bras coming in dead last. Thongs came in tops on the bottom, while granny panties didn't even get a mention! Suggestions noted!
And golf may not be as boring as we thought! According to new data collected by Golf Digest, 33 percent of golfers admitted to having had sex on the golf course. And it wasn't a one time only thing. TWELVE percent of players claim to have done it at least 10 times or MORE! That just sounds like a lot of grass stains, but it does make me want to check out my local club and practice my strokes.

Now fans can explore Abbey Road Studios from in-front of their computer screens! Just go to insideabbeyroad.withgoogle.com
Google has recreated the iconic building in digital form, giving users UNLIMITED access to the three main recording studios and mastering suite. In studio one you can find video clips of musicians like composer John Williams recording the soundtrack for Star Wars: The Phantom Menace:
Head over to studio 3 to explore the extensive microphone collection. Or to watch Amy Winehouse record a duet with Tony Bennett.
For you producer wannabes you can even play around with the sound equipment. This is a must-visit site for music fans everywhere – just make sure you have a few hours to spare!
If you want to know about online fraud, check out one dollar lesson dot com. It's all too easy to enter your details and click pay, but how does the money get to the retailer, and what risks are involved? One Dollar Lesson takes us on a virtual journey from payment to bank server, stopping to tell us how scammers are trying to get our cash.
A trojan might look like a trusted program you use, but it gives thieves access to your personal information. A fake Wifi access point could be used to steal your passwords and log in details. There are three different scenarios to work your way through and by the end you'll feel a lot more in control of your finances online! You'll also get a free three month trial of Kaspersky Total Security for that extra protection.
And when it comes to weird websites I think we've got a pretty good contender with Potato parcel dot com. It's exactly what it sounds like. You can send a potato to anyone in the US or the UK, with a message of your choice written on it. There are two different sizes, large and medium and you can have up to 140 characters in your message– depending on the size of the spud.
The best part of the site is scrolling through previous potato parcels to see what other people have deemed potato parcel-worthy. Mailing a tater starts at a reasonable 7.99.

A new poll shows that Russian opinion of the US is at its lowest in years. 59 percent of Russians consider America a hostile country, while 31 percent see it as unfriendly. For comparison, a similar poll in 1990 showed that just 2 percent thought that the US was Uufriendly. Anti-American sentiment has been on the rise since President Vladimir Putin began a US bashing campaign in the the mid 2 thousands.
Six scientists began a year-long Mars simulation on Friday. The participants will spend the next 365 days in a 36-foot-wide, by 20-foot-high solar powered dome on an island in Hawaii. Contact with the outside world is restricted and crew members will only be allowed outside in full spacesuits. Researchers will keep tabs on the scientists via cameras and body-movement trackers to test how well they cope with the simulation.
And worrying news from a new study on the effects of waste in the oceans. Published in the science Journal PNAS, it says that up to 90 percent of seabirds have eaten plastic and could have remaining debris inside them. Most are unable to pass the litter, which puts their health at serious risk. Seagulls and penguins are just some of the 135 bird species that can mistake pieces of plastic for fish or other food. Approximately 8 million tonnes of plastic waste is dumped in the oceans each year. The study also says that by 2050 basically all seabird species will have plastic inside of them.

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Eila, Peyton, and Marie discuss some of the day's top stories, including the new Blush Vibrator, a new survey from Ask Men Dot Com about lingerie and what most men preferred, and a LOT of people are apparently doing it on golf courses.
We'll finish up with our latest poll question. We want to know if that Blush wearable vibrator is a toy you'd like to try with your partner?

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