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Today's Show Thursday October 30, 2014

Thursday October 30, 2014

Transcript It's a great time to get naked and we're going to do that with our BOOB of the week. Now I know we say this... Read More >> Hide >>

It's a great time to get naked and we're going to do that with our BOOB of the week. Now I know we say this EVERY week but, THIS week's winner is so, UNBELIEVABLY deserving of it! Here's Isabella to explain.

His name is Alan Knight and the "LONG CON" was his game – until he got CAUGHT, that is! The 47-year-old from Wales pretended to be quadriplegic and comatose for TWO full years! While Knight was faking all this, he was collecting disability checks - and STEALING from his elderly neighbor to the tune of 64 THOUSAND dollars! But like all con men, he tripped up his game and the con fell apart.

Police discovered that his supermarket's loyalty club card was being used. When they traced it and checked the security cameras of various stores, they spotted him WALKING AROUND on his own! Was it a a miracle? – or it's a HUGE mistake? Knight's family had claimed he was hooked up to oxygen and unable to move from the neck down. Well that sure looks like a LOT of movement to me!

The cops tried to take Knight to court a few times, but he managed to elude them by admitting himself to hospital. However, doctors there noticed Knight eating, wiping his face and even WRITING by himself. Here's a pro tip – if you're pretending to be in a coma, you gotta commit to the role! No moving at all – especially when cops and doctors might be on to you!

It's pretty unbelievable that this went on for 2 years. After he was caught on the store camera's Knight finally fessed up and faces charges of fraud, forgery and theft. The judge called him a “very accomplished and determined actor.” He'll be sentenced later this month. We don't have to wait THAT long though, YOU, Alan Knight of Wales, are guilty of being our Boob Of The Week and we sentence you to eternal shame.

For the third time in five years, the San Francisco Giants are your World Series champions! The Giants beat the Kansas City Royals 3-2 in a game 7 THRILLER, thanks mainly to a LEGENDARY performance by pitcher Madison Bumgarner. After throwing a complete-game shutout in Game 5, Bumgarner came in and pitched FIVE relief innings to help seal the victory. Not surprisingly, his two wins and EPIC save in the series earned him Most Valuable Player honors. It was a truly UNFORGETTABLE World Series - congrats Giants!

If you've been at the pump lately in the US you've probably noticed a welcome change: gas prices are actually CHEAP! Nearly two-thirds of stations across America are now charging 3 dollars or less per gallon! The current national average has dipped to 3-dollars and 2-cents - the lowest it's been in four years. You can thank increased US oil production for the price drops. The production increase, along with a stronger US dollar - has made millions of commutes much less painful.

And when it comes to McDonald's new slogan, consumers definitely AREN'T lovin' it! In case you haven't heard, the burger chain has come out with a new catchphrase: "Lovin' Beats Hatin". It will be launched next year in a campaign aimed at spreading happiness over Internet hate. But as it turns out, the new slogan has been the target of widespread ridicule and negativity online. Many are calling it "terrible". I guess it's a good thing then that McDonald's has already made it clear it won't be getting rid of its "I'm Lovin' It" brand phrase any time soon!

Way back in 1896, a photo showing a woman's bare breasts appeared in National Geographic magazine, for the very first time. So, let's take a TITILLATING look back at the history of nudity in popular magazines in THIS EDITION of the Naked Weather Forecast!

Before we skip to the centerfold, why not peruse some Brainstorm Trivia? Since we're talking boobs, this weather-related term seems appropriate – haboob! So what IS a haboob? I'll have the answer later on.

The November 1896 edition of National Geographic contained a groundbreaking photo featuring a Zulu bride and groom from South Africa. The magazine's publishers decided to set a precedent by depicting indigenous people “as they are” - which quite often happens to be nude. Johannesburg's weekend weather will be partly cloudy but HOT – with a high of 82 degrees (28 C).

The world's OLDEST nudist magazine is H&E Naturist from the UK. It's been published since 1900 and is all about the nude lifestyle and general healthy living. After World War Two, the movement EXPANDED and H&E REALLY took off as an champion of nudism. It'll be raining this weekend in London, and the high should reach 63 (17 C).

The GOLD standard of nudity in magazines is, of course, Playboy. Hugh Hefner founded the men's lifestyle magazine in Chicago back in 1953. Sixty-plus years later, it's one of the world's most ICONIC brands. Several of our very own NN anchors have graced the pages of Playboy, including RW, PP, AH and WSJ. I wouldn't recommend an outdoor nude shoot in the Windy City this weekend however. It'll be cloudy and COLD – just 48 degrees (9 C).

And if you're looking for yours truly in print, you can find me on the cover of the January 2012 edition of Hustler Canada. I've got some good news and bad news, though. First, the bad news: the issue's not available anymore. But the good news is that I still have a few copies – so feel free to drop me a line if you want one! Hustler's main office is located in Beverly Hills, California, where it'll be mostly cloudy and 68 (20 C) this weekend.

Now let's turn the page now to our Brainstorm Trivia answer! A haboob is an INTENSE dust storm that most often occurs in desert areas. They frequently appear with NO warning and can travel at speeds exceeding 60 miles per hour. Now you know!

Time to close the book on another edition of the Naked Weather Forecast!

The US mid-term election is on November 4, and the Daily Show and Colbert Report will be going LIVE, starting at 11pm Eastern. Jon Stewart's "Democalypse 2014: America Remembers it Forgot to Vote" will co-feature Republican National Committee chair Reince Priebus. And Stephen Colbert will be joined by Andrew Sullivan of the Daily Dish for "Midterms '014: Detour to Gridlock: An Exciting Thing That I Am Totally Interested In– Wait! Don't Change the Channel. Look at This Video of a Duckling Following a Cat Dressed Like a Shark Riding a Roomba! '014!" They'll both be available on Comedy Central, C-C dot com, and the Comedy Central app.

CBS formally announced that award-winning English actor James Corden will take over for Craig Ferguson on The Late Late Show. Corden is VERY well known in the UK, and has won a Tony Award for his work on Broadway. He'll also be appearing in the upcoming movie "Into the Woods" opposite A-listers like Johnny Depp and Anna Kendrick. Ferguson will step down from The Late Late Show in December, and Corden's first night as host will be March 9.

Taylor Kitsch will be joining the cast of the new season of True Detective, alongside Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell. Kitsch wanted to participate in the show so badly that he says he'd been turning down roles to keep himself open in case the producers called. It'll be his first TV series since making the jump to movies, though with box office, uh, "underperformers" like John Carter and Battleship on his bigscreen resume, maybe TV is where he belongs.

It looks like Orange Is The New Black's Lorraine Toussaint is NOT returning to the show for season three. Her character, Vee, was killed during an escape attempt in the finally of season 2. There had been some suggestion that she'd still somehow be involved with the show. However Netflix has confirmed that the villainous Vee is definitely gone. Season three is now shooting, and will premiere next summer.

And Showtime's Shameless comes back for its fifth season on January 11th. And based on this new trailer, there seems to be a LOT of twists and turns to look forward to.
Frank feels good? Dermot Mulroney? SOLD! I'm OFFICIALLY counting down the days. And that's what's happening, Inside the Box!

Microsoft is FINALLY done laying off workers. In this last round of cuts, three thousand people were let go on Wednesday – bringing the total to 18,000 since July. The majority of those laid off were former Nokia employees. Microsoft had purchased the Finnish cellphone company back in April. The goal of the layoffs was to reduce the layers of management at Microsoft and make the company more productive.

Ferrari is going it alone! The Italian sportscar maker will soon split with parent company Fiat Chrysler. Investors will be able to purchase 10 per cent of Ferrari's shares. The rest will be distributed amongst current Fiat Chrysler shareholders. Ferrari is expected to be listed on the US exchange and possibly in Europe as well. There's no timetable for the split as of now.

And Wal-Mart heiress Christy Walton is the WEALTHIEST woman in the world! She topped the Wealth-X list with an estimated net worth of just under 38 BILLION dollars. L'Oreal's Liliane Bettencourt finished second with more than 31 billion – and is the richest woman in Europe. The women on the Wealth-X list control 114 point six billion dollars in total.

Bob Seger's new album Ride Out is riding HIGH on the Billboard 200 charts! The record DEBUT at number three, marking the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Famer's best debut ever! "Ride Out" sold 59,000 copies in its first week. The 69-year old travelin' man is proving he still has plenty of the fire inside!

This week's Saturday Night Live promises to be an ALL-TIMER! It's being hosted by comedian Chris Rock, and more importantly PRINCE will be the musical guest! The Purple One has never been known to do things the conventional way, and this appearance promises to be anything but! Instead of doing the usual two performances, Prince will be doing one MEGA showstopper: an 8-minute long superjam! Better set your DVR!

A couple weeks ago we told you about an extensive and EXPENSIVE new Bob Dylan coffee table book. Well not to be outdone, the Rolling Stones have released one of their own - and just in time for the holidays! How convenient! The 500-page book - simply called "The Rolling Stones" - features fifty years' worth of photos from the band's long LONG history, many of which have never been seen before. Like the Dylan lyric book, this one comes autographed by the band and costs five thousand dollars! Kinda cool, but I wouldn't expect to see it on any bestseller lists!

Ahh, that felt good didn't it? It's literally impossible to listen to Bohemian Rhapsody and not rock out! A new BBC poll found the Queen classic is THE go-to jam for perking people up when they're feeling blue! Nearly a quarter of women and a third of male respondents picked the song, but the times are a-changin'! Younger listeners picked Pharrell's "Happy" as the best song for a quick pick-me-up.

No album review this week, but we're capping things off with something even better! YouTube sensation Anthony Vincent has made a name for himself as the voice of Ten Second Songs, where he does UNCANNY vocal impressions. Well, just in time for Halloween he's done a version of Michael Jackson's Thriller! It features versions from 20 different artists, and it is AWESOME! The ENTIRE song is worth watching, and also features impressions of Ozzy Osbourne, Tom Waits, Busta Rhymes, and many more

Eila Adams and Carli Bei answer some Viewer Mail about Artificial Intelligence, Kat's favorite comic books, and some teasing about our Halloween episode. Plus results of the last two poll questions.

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