Today's Show Friday June 24, 2016

Friday June 24, 2016

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Transcript Welcome to the program everyone, I'm joined today by a very special guest, Hanna. It's nice to get you back... Read More >> Hide >>

Welcome to the program everyone, I'm joined today by a very special guest, Hanna. It's nice to get you back in front of the camera Hanna.

Thank you Eila, that's very sweet of you to say. I love Naked News and it's good to be back.

Aside from being my co-host, we have a lot of fun things planned for you over the next few days including a Pillow Fighting NITS. What do you think of that one? Okay, let;'s get things started here, the gorgeous Vera Bambi is standing by in our Naked Newsroom with this week's Odds N Ends.

Ladies, I think I've stumbled upon the greatest cure for hangovers: a beer with such a disgusting story that you throw up every time you drink any! One that leaps to mind: the 7 Cent Brewery in Australia has made a beer that uses yeast from the BELLY BUTTON LINT of its brewers! If I have to, I can put up with a beer belly, but I am NOT putting up with a belly beer!

Speaking of possibly drunk Australians, four prisoners were recently caught breaking BACK IN to the prison they'd escaped from! And it's a good thing for everyone they came back, because staff actually saw them climbing a fence to escape, but protocol stopped them from doing anything about it! Clearly though, the prisoners were just looking for a little weekend fun. Or maybe they were just nostalgic for Australia's days as an open-concept prison!

And a British policewoman has been suspended after getting into a fight with another officer over which one of them had better boobs! To make matters even worse, it happened while they were attending the Senior Women in Policing conference in Manchester! Amazingly enough, this kind of argument never happens at Naked News. Probably because my breasts are so clearly the best! Just kidding. I'm Vera Bambi, I'll see you later for MORE, Odds N Ends.

That looks like a lot of fun, All right Hanna, next up we're going Naked At The Movies. What's your favorite sci-fi flick of all time? Well, many people might have said Independence Day. Do you remember that one with Will Smith from all the way back in 1996? Well the LONG-awaited sequel to it is out and Madison Banes is about to tell us if it's worth seeing, in Naked At The Movies.

Not quite sure why Independence Day: Resurgence is coming out on June 24th, but I guess like us, they just couldn't wait! The sequel TWO DECADES in the making has the human race once again fending off an alien threat! Of course, the human defense systems have made great strides since the first time around. Which works out nicely, because so have movie special effects!

That was Liam Hemsworth at the controls and Jeff Goldblum riding shotgun. The movie blends the original characters with a series of newcomers, showing off the difference between people who had a full life before the attack and those who grew up in the years that followed. This is particularly clear in the pairing of President Whitmore, played by Bill Pullman, and his now-grown daughter.

Roland Emmerich directed the first one, and he's back at the helm again. In the intervening years, he also directed such blockbusters as Godzilla, The Day After Tomorrow, and White House Down. While that's a mixed bag in terms of quality, he does have a track record of making action movies you get invested in. Up-and-coming star Maika Monroe explains what she thinks his secret is.

Let's be honest. Sequels rarely live up to the original. But even if this one's only half as good as the first one, that's STILL a damn good movie! Independence Day: Resurgence is in theaters now.

The Shallows stars Blake Lively as a surfer stuck on a rock a mere 200 yards from shore. Of course, when there's a GREAT WHITE SHARK between you and there, it's a problem serious enough to warrant a movie! And while you'd think we'd have already seen every shark story possible, Lively says the movie comes with a modern twist.

Well, we're definitely rooting for the human here - although we'll probably wait 'til The Shallows comes out on Netflix to do it! If you can't wait to see Blake in a wetsuit, The Shallows is in theaters now! For Naked At The Movies, I'm Madison Banes!

Carli Bei went Naked In The Streets to ask people if they could define some unusual sex terms.

That was one of the funniest Naked In The Streets we've had in a long time! Have you ever heard of a furry fetish?
What's your favorite fetish? Okay, next up, we're going back to the Naked Newsroom with Vera for another round of Odds N Ends.

It's an incident destined to become a Samuel L. Jackson movie! A flight from the Dominican Republic to Montreal had passengers screaming at the sight of two free-roaming TARANTULAS! One spider was caught after crawling up a passenger's leg, but the other wasn't found until after the plane landed! If I'd been on that flight, I would have grabbed an inflatable vest, thrown open the door, and taken my chances!

God knows I've dated some babies in my day, but if they'd at least had this adult-sized stroller, I might have stuck around! Kolcraft created this giant version of their Contours baby stroller to let people see what their babies go through. It proved very popular, though I bet there'd be an even better reception for adult breast-feeding!

And in a case of 'life imitating the Simpsons', Sweden's northernmost city is moving a few miles down the road! That's right: the whole city! Kiruna is built above a giant iron ore mine, and as the mine expanded, the ground beneath the town has literally been hollowed out! The mining company is footing the bill for the move until 2033, which is quite generous... until you find out the entire plan isn't going to be completed until around 2100! Strange but true. I'm Vera Baby, see you next time for MORE, Odds N Ends.

I can't imagine moving an entire town! I don't even like moving apartments! Speaking of big moves, you went from Ukraine, all the way to Montreal. How did that work exactly, did you bring much with you? Okay, let's move on to something we ALL like doing, looking at naked celebrities! Who's YOUR ultimate naked celebrity? Well, with the help of MrSkin.com, we now present to you, Hollywood Xposed, hosted by another Eastern European beauty, Natasha Olenski.

It's time to undress your favorite celebrities, with the help of our friends at MrSkin.com, THIS, is Hollywood-X-POSED!

Out on DVD this week is All American Bikini Car Wash. If that title hasn't sold you, you should know this one features the TA-TA talents of Mindy Robinson! We get not one but TWO bouncy bed scenes with the bombshell, and believe you me, those bombs are going off! For a movie with “Wash” in the title, All American Bikini Car Wash manages to bring the dirty!

Greta Gerwig is in theaters now with the movie Wiener-Dog, but we'd rather spend our nights and weekends watching her in, well, Nights and Weekends! She co-wrote and co-directed the 2008 film, so we can always imagine she chose to give the sex scenes multiple takes! Though honestly, with her combination of acting chops and bodacious bod, one go at them is probably all she needs!

Also in theaters is The Duel, starring Alice Braga. Of course, for our money, nothing will top her appearance in 2005's Lower City. In it, she plays a stripper who comes between two best friends, and after seeing the scene where she dances for them, we totally buy it. After all, you can always make new friends, but Alice is one in a million!

And on TV, the second episode of TNT's Animal Kingdom had us enjoying the animal behavior of Christina Ochoa! Her sexual mounted attack makes her the kind of predator we pray for, and we're perfectly content to see her end up on top! The show airs on Mondays, and Christina's upcoming appearances just might have us looking forward to the weekend being over!

Now, get ready for, HOLLYWOOD EXPRESS! On EgotasticAllStars.com this week, Rita Ora helps satisfy our ORA fixation with this tantalizing taste of toplessness!

Bianca Balti is a saucy Italian model whose naked spread in GQ Italy shows us that, unlike a pizza, she's actually better WITHOUT toppings!

Ava Sambora is, believe it or not, the DAUGHTER of Heather Locklear. And these bikini pics are proof positive that the tastiest apples don't fall far from the tree!

And buxom blonde Lissy Cunningham brings her funbags to a Page 3 pictorial that has us officially not caring if there's a Page 4! I'm Natasha Olenski, see you next time for MORE, Hollywood X-Posed!

Okay, we're just about out of time Hanna but we've got one last item to get to. It's a question that came through our feedback e-mail and it's from Pascal in Florida. This is what he wrote; “You're all amazingly beautiful, strong women and I'd like to know if you take on a more submissive or dominant role when you're in a relationship.” Ohhh, great question Pascal! Before Hanna and I answer it, let's see what the rest of our anchors had to say. What about you, Hanna? Are you more dominant or submissive? And that will just about wrap up today's program. I'd like to thank Hanna for joining me today, you can see more of her on this weekend's Naked News magazine so make sure to tune in. Pascal had a great question for us and if you have one, please send it in to feedback@nakednews.com because you never know, it might be yours we answer on the air next. Take care everyone and we'll see you back here soon for MORE, Naked News.


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