Today's Show Friday March 27, 2015

Friday March 27, 2015

Transcript I'm Eila Adams And I'm Peyton Priestly, welcoming you to the one and ONLY Naked News! So Peyton, on a s... Read More >> Hide >>

I'm Eila Adams
And I'm Peyton Priestly, welcoming you to the one and ONLY
Naked News! So Peyton, on a scale of 1 to 10, how sexy do you think my name is?
Hmm... it's really just a normal name, so maybe a 5?
A 5? Really? I was hoping for at least a 7. If I were to rate yours, I'd give you an 8, Peyton is pretty hot.
Yes she is. And can you believe our names didn't even crack the top 10 of the sexiest names list?!
I know, I saw the list. Here's Angie Heyward with that story and MORE in a Naked News Bulletin!

The results of a five-year study to determine the sexiest names for men and women are IN! The top two are, Alessandro and Scarlett! This is according to a study by website BabyNameWizard.com. They polled tens of thousands of visitors on the names most likely to sweep them off their feet. Also making the shortlist were Nicolette, Natalia, and Paulina for women, and Lorenzo, Rhett, and Dante for guys. And here's some advise for anyone named Bob, Gertrude, Ernest, or Norman, it might be time to switch things up! Those names were found to be the LEAST attractive for singles.

Thailand - it's often considered a land of debauchery and excess for foreigners who want to get wild during vacations. But the nation's military government isn't as laid-back as you might think! They've just issued a warning against people taking underboob selfies! Apparently, taking photos showing the underside of a woman's breast violates a law passed in 2007, and could land you in jail for five years! You've been warned.

And a place where underboob IS legal? Facebook! The social media site has released a new version of its community standards, which feature detailed guidelines on posting nudity. Full-on nudity is obviously still banned, as are bare butt shots. But Facebook IS allowing photos of breasts so long as they don't include any nipple! Until now, Facebook's rules on nudity had been frustratingly vague. You can bet we'll be taking full advantage over at facebook.com/nakednews! We'll be right back!

That segment looks pretty racy!
I wouldn't expect anything less from Whitney! I was at that show too to and there were some pretty interesting characters!
Oh I remember that one girl who liked to be choked. No thanks!
Hey, to each their own I say.  Anyway, I lost my train of though, what's coming up next.
We've got Katherine Curtis going Naked At The Movies with a couple of award winning documentaries.
Sounds like fun! Here she is!

Thanks ladies! Today, we’ll be checking out two documentaries that have been red hot on the festival and awards circuits!

First up is the beautiful “The Salt Of The Earth”, from celebrated filmmaker Wim Wenders. It's all about the work of celebrated Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado. He’s spent decades traveling around the world, seeing things few people have ever seen in person, and capturing the haunting images on film.

Salgado’s images, and the stories they tell, will stick with you long after the movie ends. It was nominated for a Best Documentary Feature Oscar, along with many other wins and nominations. You can learn more at sonyclassics.com/thesaltoftheearth/

Our next doc is a labor of love nearly 20 years in the making that is finally seeing a theatrical release. “The Wrecking Crew” is about a small group of session musicians whom you’ve likely never heard of. However, they performed on literally hundreds of songs in the 60s that you know and love. Everyone from Sonny and Cher to The Beach Boys.

This story, about these talented hit-makers, has already won numerous film festival awards around the world. It’s finally available to us after a crowd-funding effort, in part to secure music licensing. And it’s a must for ANY fan of 60s rock and roll. To find out how to see it, visit http://www.wreckingcrewfilm.com. For Naked At The Movies, I'm Katherine Curtis!

I'm Isabella Rossini. This is Hollywood XPosed, where we undress our favorite celebrities, alongside our friends at Mr. Skin. This week, we're shining a spotlight on some of the hottest stars born in the month of March.

Our first birthday girl is Eva Mendes, born March 5. This Cuban-American hottie first captured our attention as Denzel Washington's girlfriend in Training Day. She's since flashed some of her skintastic curves in flicks like We Own The Night, and the sultry Frank Miller adaptation of The Spirit. She may not be one of the world's great actresses, but she sure is easy on the eyes!

Born March 13, is none other then Dana Delany. This fiery redhead is best known for her television roles in Desperate Housewives, Body of Proof and China Beach. But it's the movies where she really got the chance to SHINE. 1994's Exit to Eden is worth checking out for her nude scenes ALONE!

Eva Amurri Martino, born on March 15, is the daughter of Susan Sarandon. Sexy Susan has a long and illustrious history of movie nudity, and Eva has followed in her mother's footsteps. In fact, they're BOTH Mr. Skin Hall of Famers! Once you've seen Eva's scenes as stripper Jackie in Californication, you'll understand exactly why. She's got what scientists refer to as GOOD GENES!

And Elle Macpherson celebrates a birthday on March 29th. She's most famous for her time as a supermodel, but her acting career should also be legendary, if only for her role in 1993's Sirens. It's pretty much an excuse for gratuitous nudity, but it's some truly EXCELLENT gratuitous nudity.

Now with even MORE celebrity skin, here's Hollywood X-PRESS – brought to you by Egotastic.com!

Zoe Kravitz doesn't need glamorous makeup and fancy clothes to be hot. Baggy jeans and and a tank top can't hide the fact that this gal is HOT!

Lindsey Pelas calls herself "genetically gifted", and a look through these snaps shows that description is indisputably true.

Natalia Triviño is a South American sexpot who's also pursuing her Masters degree in the arts. Very fitting, because these photos from Soho Magazine show that she's a work of art herself!

Brazil is renowned for its ultra-sexy women, and looking at Lorena Bueri in these pics for Sexy magazine, are proof positive that the stereotype is based on cold hard facts.

And that'll wrap up this week's celebration of celebrity skin, for Naked News, I'm Isabella Rossini.

Now this is MY kind of politician! Yolanda Morin, a candidate for local office in Spain's Basque region, is campaigning with posters showing her naked. Her eye-catching ads feature the slogan "Politicians have left us stark naked". Not bad Yolanda! I've got a slogan for you try on: "The politician with NOTHING to hide!" Now THAT has a nice ring to it!

A billboard featuring a nun with semi-exposed breasts is causing all kinds of controversy in Naples Italy! The 30-foot photo was put up by high-end fashion company Rosso di Sera, and as you can see it features a model with a nun's headdress holding a rosary while wearing bluejeans. Adding to the outrage of religious locals was the fact it was erected a few weeks before a visit from Pope Francis!

And a big congratulations goes out to all you beach bums in Perth Australia! They set a world skinny dipping record recently, when 790 people stripped down and ran into the water at Fremantle's South Beach. After splashing around for a few minutes it was announced that they'd broken the previous record of 744 skinny dippers set by New Zealand last year. Your move Kiwis! From the Naked Newsroom, I'm Angie Heyward!

Thanks Angie, you know, that's quite the accomplishment because organizing 790 people is no easy feat!
It's hard enough to wrangle our camera men around the studio and there's only 3 of them!
You guys out there have NO IDEA how true that statement is, ANYWAY! We've got a real looker coming up next.
That's right, her name is Andrea and this is her 2nd time auditioning for our program.
I actually remember when she came in this past summer, she's very pretty but seems to have changed her look a little.
Let's see if anyone notices, here she is now with her 2nd screen test.

I'm Andrea and this is an In Focus look at the super talented and super adorable Anna Kendrick. The pint-sized 29-year-old actress was born in Portland, Maine and started out in theater. She was nominated for a Tony Award early in her career – and her success soon carried over to the silver screen.

Kendrick turned heads in 2009's Up in the Air – earning an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress. She followed that up with a recurring role in the Twilight movie series and a starring role in the musical comedy Pitch Perfect. The music video from that movie became a HUGE hit on the Billboard charts – and made Kendrick an online sensation!

With her girl-next-door good looks and undeniable talent, it's easy to see why Ms. Kendrick has become the Internet's girlfriend. We can't wait to see how high her star will rise! With your In Focus look at Anna Kendrick, I'm Andrea.

Thank you VERY much Andrea. Okay so how do you think she did?
I thought she did great, smooth, confident delivery, poised, pretty and nice boobs!
34 double D if I'm not mistaken. I thought she did pretty good too! But we're looking for YOUR opinion.
Would you like to see more of Andrea, let us know at feedback@nakednews.com
Okay up next we're going back to the Everything To Do With Sex Show and this time out Eila, I think we're getting pretty racy!
Hey, it's a sex show, sometimes it can't be helped. But Whitney certainly pushed the boundaries because she went there, looking to see who could FAKE, the best orgasm.
This oughta be interesting!

Okay, listen, I was SORT of getting into it until Whitney blew my ears out at the end. I really hope she doesn't squeal like that.
Man, you're tough. I actually though it was pretty hot. And I bet our audience did as well! Am I right?
Well, maybe one day I'll treat everyone to mine, I've been told they're pretty epic.
DO TELL, the floor is yours and for a little extra encouragement, I've got 20 bucks burning a hole in my pocket, over there.
Ha ha, very funny but I'm not in the mood.
I knew it! Fine, but you OWE US one! All right folks, we're out of time, we hope to see you back here for Naked News Magazine because Carli is sitting down with the street artist who graffiti'ed our logo on the wall over there.
He did a pretty good job too! And don't forget to send us your comments on Andrea. We're at feedback@nakednews.com or on social media at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Take care everyone!

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