Today's Show Sunday January 25, 2015

Sunday January 25, 2015

Transcript It's veterans Whitney St. John and Katherine Curtis versus newbies Isabella Rossini and Carli Bei in an epi... Read More >> Hide >>

It's veterans Whitney St. John and Katherine Curtis versus newbies Isabella Rossini and Carli Bei in an epic Jenga showdown. Tempers flare, balance and patience are tested. Who will win?

I'm Scarlette with this weeks, ODDS N Ends

A British man recently awoke from a coma and believed he was Matthew McConaughey. 25-year old Rory Curtis was unconscious for six days after a brutal car wreck. Curtis was a barber and semi-pro soccer player, but when he woke up he was CONVINCED he was the Hollywood star. He also spoke fluent French. It took an experimental drug treatment and months of rehab for him to remember his true identity!

This Italian circus really went to the dogs! Police in the city of Brescia seized two chow-chow canines from a circus owner who had dyed them black and white to look like pandas! The owner had been telling suspicious circus-goers the animals were a half-panda half-dog hybrid. But obviously not everyone was convinced, because the cops were notified and he's now facing charges of animal abuse and defrauding customers.

California firefighters were recently called to a Woodcrest California house to free a naked woman from a chimney! After going to her estranged boyfriends house around 5 am, and getting no answer, she thought it'd be a good idea to strip down and enter the house through the chimney, SANTA STYLE! Her ex eventually heard her desperate cries for help and called 911. It took dozens of firefighters 2 hours to free her. I'm Scarlette, don't go away!

Eila Adams demonstrates a grueling power yoga workout that'll make you sweat.

I'm Angie Heyward – here's what went viral this week in the NAKED NEWS VIDEO BLOG!

The internet is mostly made up of boobs and cat videos nowadays. So the next logical step would be to put them together! Sorry guys, cats can get away with it because they're so adorable! Unfair, but it's just a fact.

Here's another video you can watch for hours, because it's kind of mesmerizing and brings new meaning to the term “hammer time!” That takes a lot of co-ordination. Well played, gentlemen.

The first snowfall of the year can be pretty exciting. But trust me, you aren't NEARLY as excited about it as this Irish dude. I think what makes this even better is how NOT impressed his buddy is. Complete opposite reaction – love it.

Let's get rolling now with quite possibly the BEST curling shot you've ever seen! Don't believe me? Check this out.
Magic Mike indeed! Just to clarify it WAS a trick-shot competition, but still, pretty awesome.

And now for something that falls into the “EPIC FAIL” category. It's a perfect example of how NOT to fly your brand-new drone!

I suppose that's one way to look at it. That drone cost nearly three THOUSAND dollars, by the way. Money well spent! That'll do it for THIS edition of the Naked News Video Blog. I'm Angie Heyward, see you next time!

A Massachusetts man was granted bail after offering up Nike sneakers as collateral! 39-year old Jason Duval was picked up on an outstanding warrant after New Year's for failing to pay court costs from an earlier incident. Duval told the judge he was going through a divorce and was completely broke. He offered up his kicks, and the judge surprisingly accepted.

Here's proof pet owners will do anything for their pets! A British man noticed that his goldfish was constipated, and took it to the vet. The vet told him he could perform surgery and that it would cost about 500 bucks. Pretty pricey considering a NEW goldfish can be had for less then a buck! After thinking about it for a few minutes, he paid up, the surgery was done and the fish was saved. I guess dogs aren't ALWAYS man's best friend!

And a British company called UKPaintball put an ad up recently, looking for a paintball "bullet tester". And believe it or not, they received nearly ten thousand applications. The lucky candidate will be shot at with each new batch of balls to make sure they meet health and safety standards. The gig pays surprisingly well, with an annual salary over 60,000 dollars. Those are your Odds 'n Ends. I'm Scarlette

Thank you Scarlette. Now something for all the gamers in our audience. Are looking for something new and fun to play? Katherine Curtis has got you covered in the Game Spot. What are we looking at this week, Kat?

I've got 2 titles worth picking up Eila, Resident Evil HD Remaster and Citizens of Earth.

I'll have you know Resident Evil is in my top 10 BEST best movie franchises ever!

Yeah, mine too -and the games are pretty epic as well. This one's actually a remake of a REMAKE! Let me explain. Welcome to the Game Spot everyone. Resident Evil HD Remaster for multiple platforms is Capcom's newest, shiniest take on one of the most iconic horror games of all time. The original was released way back in 1996, and the remake came along six years later. Now, Resident Evil is getting the complete HD makeover. As you might expect, it looks – and sounds – AMAZING.

Resident Evil purists need not worry – the story is completely the same, and no unnecessary changes were made. The gameplay experience is enhanced by higher resolution, non-static 3D models and high-definition sound. So those zombies waiting around the corner are EXTRA terrifying. You can play with the classic control scheme or an updated system using the analog stick. Basically, it's a chance to play Resident Evil with the very latest technology. And for 20 bucks, it's totally worth it. The 2015 version of Resident Evil gets what it would have received in 1996 and 2002 – a life changing FIVE out of five Naked Ns!

Next up, Citizens of Earth, also for multiple platforms. If you're sick of the same old grinding and random encounters, then this is the RPG for you – because it's a different animal altogether. First of all, your main character is the “Vice President of the World” - and he does ABSOLUTELY nothing! Yup, just like a real politician, he's charismatic but pretty much useless. His role is to recruit others to fight his battles – and that's where Citizens of Earth really shines.

EVERYONE in the game is a potential teammate – or enemy. No NPCs here. Citizens of Earth also does away with the traditional RPG classes like warrior, mage and thief. Instead, you've got real-world characters like baker, plumber, school teacher and, yes, Homeless Guy. Each has its own unique and useful abilities, and you're encouraged to collect many different recruits and switch them out regularly.

This game is like Earthbound meets Pokemon – and it is a LOT of fun! Citizens of Earth gets FOUR out of five Naked Ns. For the Game Spot, I'm Katherine Curtis.

Both titles look VERY promising - thanks Kat! That's all we have for you today, thanks again for watching and be sure to let us know how we did by writing to feedback@nakednews.com! And while we're gone, make sure to visit us on social media. Our official fan page is on Facebook, we're also on Twitter and our newly opened Instagram account is coming along nicely. I'm Eila Adams, and I've got one last parting gift for you: a look behind the scenes! Take care!

Here are some clips that didn't make it in to the regular segments, alongside some bloopers. Plus adorable footage of Peyton Priestly and her sweet new mini-dachshund, Charlie Ray.

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