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Today's Show Monday October 20, 2014

Monday October 20, 2014

Transcript History was actually made TWICE on Sunday, – once on the ground and once through the air. Peyton Manning... Read More >> Hide >>

History was actually made TWICE on Sunday, – once on the ground and once through the air.

Peyton Manning is the new leader in career touchdown passes. He threw FOUR against the San Francisco 49ers – giving him 510 in his illustrious career. Manning passed Brett Favre for number one all time. Led by Manning's arm, the Denver Broncos blasted the Niners 42 to 17.

And Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray put his name in the record books as well. He notched 100 yards rushing for the SEVENTH straight game in the Cowboys' 31 to 21 win over the New York Giants. That makes Murray the FIRST running back EVER to open the season with seven consecutive 100-yard games.

Elsewhere in the NFL, the St Louis Rams upset the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks 28 to 26 – thanks in large part to a pair of trick plays on special teams. The Buffalo Bills stunned the Minnesota Vikings 17 to 16 on a last second touchdown to rookie receiver Sammy Watkins. And the Detroit Lions scored 14 late fourth-quarter points in under 2 minutes to shock the New Orleans Saints 24 to 23.

Brad Keselowski needed to win on Sunday at Talledega to advance to the Eliminator Round of the Chase. It took a restart in overtime – but he got it done! Keselowski beat out Matt Kenseth – who just last week JUMPED him from behind after the race in Charlotte. The field is now down to just eight. The Eliminator Round begins next Sunday at Martinsville Speedway.

You might say there's quite a “racket” going on in women's tennis! Last week, the head of tennis in Russia, Shamil Tarpischev, described Serena and Venus Williams as “the Williams BROTHERS”, on a late-night talk show, calling them "scary" to look at. He's now been BANNED by the WTA for a year and fined 25 thousand dollars. Tarpischev publicly apologized, but that wasn't enough for Serena Williams. She slammed him for making insensitive, sexist and racist remarks. And rightfully so!

And we had a MATCH of the year candidate in the Premier League on Sunday! FOUR goals were scored in the final seven minutes of the game between Queens Park Rangers and Liverpool. The visiting Reds came away with the three-two victory – thanks to a Steven Caulker own-goal in the fourth minute of added time. What a heartbreaker!

Liverpool moved to fifth place in the Premier League table, while QPR sits in the basement. That's all for Sports.

In the news today, the World Health Organization is celebrating a victory in the fight against Ebola. Nigeria has been declared officially free of the deadly virus. It's now been six weeks without a single new case in the African nation, and the WHO is calling the situation there a spectacular success story.

The political crisis in Hong Kong deepened over the weekend. Dozens were injured during clashes between protesters and riot police. The volatile situation there now hinges on talks between government officials and student protest leaders scheduled for Tuesday. The negotiations will be broadcast live, however both sides are still far apart, and there isn't much hope they'll reach an agreement on how to elect their next leader in 2017.

And the Swedish navy is on the lookout for a Russian submarine that may have gotten into trouble in waters near Stockholm. The Russian defense ministry is denying that one of it's vessels was in the area, but Sweden's military says it has made three sightings of foreign underwater activity in the past few days. Local media outlets are reporting that a distress call from a Russian submarine had been intercepted by Swedish intelligence.

Welcome to Naked At The Movies everyone. Brad Pitt's latest war adventure FURY, was number 1 at the box office, taking in an estimated 24 million dollars. Director, David Ayer said that in order to get the cast appropriately exhausted, roughed up, and battle-weary, he planned four MONTHS Of preparation, including having the cast actually beat one another up repeatedly, and then going through a Navy Seal boot camp that involved living together INSIDE A TANK. Looks like it worked out, because Fury is getting terrific reviews!

According to Variety, Captain America 3 is going to be based on Marvel's 2006 "Civil War" crossover, and will feature Iron Man. The story has the government introducing a "superhuman registration act" that would require super-abled people to register and be employed by SHIELD - with Captain America and Iron Man fighting on opposing sides of the deal. The movie is set for release in 2016.

Looks like there's going to be another Steve Jobs biography flick, and Christian Bale is in talks to take on the lead role! It's expected to be titled "Jobs", like 2013's biopic starring Ashton Kutcher, but that's about the only similarity. Aaron Sorkin is penning this one, and he says it'll be structured as three long scenes, each one backstage before a major product launch. They're hoping to start production this spring.

Warner Brothers has BIG plans for the next few years! At their recent shareholders meeting, it was announced that three Harry Potter spinoffs are in the works, three more Lego movies, and a whole bunch of DC Comics features including Justice League, The Flash, Aquaman, Shazam, and Wonder Woman. The first Harry Potter spinoff, part one of "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them" will mark author JK Rowling's screenwriting debut.

And Mockingjay Part One - Return to District Twelve is the third film in the Hunger Games series, and a new preview has been released. It doesn't reveal a whole lot more than the previous teasers, but it still manages to ratchet up the anticipation! Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen is forced to confront the devastation of her home district.

It looks like fans of the series are NOT going to be disappointed. Mockingjay Part One arrives in theaters November 21st.

According to Nielsen, sales of snacks are rising faster than actual FOOD sales. While spending on groceries has largely remained unchanged over the last few years, SNACK food sales are on the rise. The number ONE snack food? Potato chips. When asked WHY they snacked, most Americans polled simply said they enjoyed it. Satisfying hunger between meals was the second most frequent answer. Busy schedules are also a factor.

A new study suggests that artificially-sweetened drinks might actually CONTRIBUTE to obesity. Research from the Weizmann Institute of Science says that the use of common sweeteners saccharine, sucralose, and aspartame caused glucose intolerance in mice. It's suspected that sweeteners affect how your stomach breaks down food and increases the likelihood of diabetes and obesity.

Imagine a perfect medium-rare burger that's juicy and delicious - and VEGAN. It may soon be a reality, according to California's Impossible Foods. Their meatless meat smells and feels virtually identical to hamburger, and tastes like a cross between beef and turkey. The key is heme, the part of hemoglobin that gives meat its juicy texture and "meaty" flavor. Impossible Foods has managed to extract heme from PLANTS. They're hoping to have their product consumer ready soon.

Remember Crispy M&Ms? Chocolate and candy coating around a crisp wafer center? They disappeared from North American shelves in 2005 but now they're coming BACK! The company says they've been pestered almost daily with Facebook posts, phone calls, and even online petitions, so they decided to relaunch the bite-sized treats in January. And to think some people say that posting angry rants on the internet is useless!

And how's THIS for a new take on traditional sushi. Nikuzushi is a restaurant in Tokyo that is famous for its HORSE meat sushi. Apparently it's delicious. They offer up a variety of different options, including belly meat, lean meat, diced fatty meat, and sliced back meat. Prices aren't bad either, for an eight piece combo, you'll only have to PONY UP about fifteen dollars. Sorry - I couldn't resist!

The Turkish government has given the go-ahead for Kurdish fighters from Iraq to cross through its territory to defend the Syrian city of Kobani. They've been fending off attacks from ISIS extremists. The Turkish decision comes a day after the US military air-dropped weapons, ammunition, and medical supplies to Kurdish forces in the region.

It's been a rough few days for travelers in Germany! A pilot strike has forced German airline Lufthansa to ground nearly 15-hundred flights over Monday and Tuesday. The company says the strike will affect 200-thousand passengers - mostly across Europe. And all this after MILLIONS were stranded by a German train drivers' strike over the weekend!

And Ukraine has said that Russia has agreed to a deal to supply them with natural gas over the winter. Moscow cut off supplies to the country in June over unpaid bills, raising concerns Ukrainians could be left out in the cold when the weather turned. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko says the new deal will last through the end of March 2015.

I LOVE coffee – almost as much as I HATE waiting in line for it! Luckily, there's Square Order for multiple platforms. It lets you place an order for your favourite drink in advance! It uses “arrival prediction technology” to determine how far away you are – and will alert baristas when you're getting close. Just pick it up and you're on your way! Square Order gets 4 out of 5 Naked Ns.

If you spend your nights checking concert listings, then you're going to like Jukely for iOS. It helps users find nearby shows and connects them with fellow music lovers. For 25 bucks a month, its Unlimited service lets you attend as many eligible shows as you want! Just flash your ID at the door, and you're in! It's essentially Netflix for live music. Jukely gets 5 out of 5 Naked Ns.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is launching its own FREE interactive app! It will give visitors a comprehensive tour including trivia, bios and directions to your favourite celebrity's star. It's basically one of those “walking audio” tours – updated for the 21st century! It's currently available for iOS and will be out for Android soon. This one gets four out of five Naked Ns.

Between Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and texts, it can be hard to keep track of all those messages. Snowball for Android makes it easy. It puts them ALL in one inbox so users can access everything together. The app for organizing social apps is in beta right now and fee. Snowball gets four out of five Naked Ns.

And now for our FEATURE app. Offtime for Android lets you customize your level of connectivity. Busy at work? Offtime will block calls, texts and notifications so you can get the job done. At home with family or friends and don't want to be disturbed? Set up an auto-reply. The free app uses intuitive analytics to learn your habits and help you become more productive. Offtime gets 5 out of five Naked Ns and is a must-have for any Android user. Consider yourselves APP-dated

Peyton Priestly closed out the show by announcing the winner of our most recent caption contest.

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