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Today's Show Wednesday October 22, 2014

Wednesday October 22, 2014

Transcript The US government is ramping up security measures to combat the spread of Ebola. The Department of Homeland... Read More >> Hide >>

The US government is ramping up security measures to combat the spread of Ebola. The Department of Homeland Security is now requiring US-bound passengers from Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea - three countries at the heart of the outbreak in West Africa - to fly into one of five major American airports to be checked for infection. Chicago's O'Hare, Washington Dulles, New Jersey's Newark, New York's John F. Kennedy, and Atlanta's international airports are the five main hubs.

One of three American prisoners being held in North Korea has been released! 56-year old Jeffrey Fowle was flown home and reunited with his family in Ohio early Wednesday. Fowle was held for five months after being arrested in May for leaving behind a Bible in the restroom of a restaurant. Missionary activity is considered a serious crime in North Korea. Washington officials were puzzled by Fowle's sudden release, with Pyongyang saying only that Fowle had been granted a "special dispensation".

And Apple says it's iCloud service is under attack from hackers. Their main goal is to scoop the personal information of iCloud USERS. The attacks occur when people try to log in to their iCloud accounts. Normally, your browser will give you a notification that it's using an encrypted connection to sign in but some users are getting messages saying that their browser can't verify the identity of the website. If they try logging in after that, their info is exposed and can be siphoned off by hackers. Apple has posted specific examples of the hacking attempts on its website.

When you're the CEO of Facebook, you can pretty much buy WHATEVER you want! Mark Zuckerberg dished out 100 MILLION dollars for two massive pieces of land on the Hawaiian island of Kauai recently. They total about 750 acres and include a white sand beach and a former sugarcane plantation. Zuckerberg plans to build a private getaway for his family.

Another tech giant, Bill Gates, has just purchased an 18 million dollar horse farm in San Diego. The 200-acre ranch was purchased from weight-loss guru Jenny Craig. It's actually the SECOND equestrian estate Gates owns – he also has one in Wellington, Florida. It just goes to show that Gates will spend whatever it takes to help his daughter pursue her equestrian dreams.

Ever since George Clooney got hitched, rumors have been swirling that he'll put down roots as a married man. And it may very well be this mansion in Berkshire, England! Clooney and new wife Amal Alamuddin have reportedly snapped up the nine-bedroom Georgian manor house for about 16 million dollars. It boasts a library, gym, spa, steam room and wine cellar. Plus, it's only an hour outside of London.

One of the worlds top DJ's, Calvin Harris, is headed to Beverly Hills! The musician dropped 15 million on an 18 thousand square foot property, complete with guesthouse, pool and spa. Harris pulled in 110 million dollars over the past two years, so he can clearly afford it. The compound covers two point six six acres altogether – and should be an IDEAL place for Harris to get “Ready For The Weekend”.

And Mila Kunis is following her fiance's lead and DUMPING her bachelorette pad! The actress sold her Hollywood Hills home for just under four million dollars. This after her man, and father of her child, Ashton Kutcher sold HIS Lake Hollywood bachelor pad for a cool TEN million. Looks like it's marriage or BUST for these two lovebirds.

Michael Sam's dream to appear in a regular-season NFL game is on hold yet again. The Dallas Cowboys announced that Sam has been cut from their practice squad. The first openly gay player in the NFL spent the first seven weeks of the season on the 10-man squad. But he never made it to the main 53-man roster. Sam vowed he'd continue his fight to crack an NFL roster and play in the BIG game.

Manchester City and CSKA Moscow played in a virtually EMPTY stadium in the Russian capital. Why? Well, UEFA recently BANNED CSKA Moscow fans from attending Champions League group matches due to several violent and racist incidents. Despite the closed doors, fans gathered outside of the stadium and were loud enough to be heard over the broadcast. The game finished in a two-two draw.

The NBA season is fast approaching – and one player is preparing in a rather UNUSUAL way. Knicks forward Amar'e Stoudemire recently posted a picture on Instagram showing him taking a bath - in RED WINE. The treatment reportedly boosts circulation and he says it helps to rejuvenate his legs. I guess Amar'e is willing to try anything – considering how OFTEN he gets injured.

Manny Pacquiao is OFFICIALLY a pro basketball player! He played seven minutes for the Kia Sorento of the Philippine Basketball Association. Pacquiao scored one point and committed two turnovers. Not particularly impressive, and frankly, not all that SMART either. Pacquiao is supposed to be training for a welterweight title fight on November 22. Manny's lucky he didn't sprain an ankle! Maybe just stick to boxing.

And if you enjoyed last year's “Kitten Bowl” - get ready for the Feline Football League! The Hallmark Channel will cover the adorable kittens over a FULL season. That includes a scouting combine, draft, regular season and playoffs – culminating with the Kitten Bowl. Former NFL MVP Boomer Esiason will act as the league's commissioner.

The Marriott hotel chain has unveiled some amazing travel booths in New York. Using Oculus Rift technology, users can be transported to a beautiful Hawaiian beach complete with eighty-degree heat, sea breeze, and ocean mist. Another option takes you to the very top of the swanky Tower 42 in London! The booth was built by Academy Award-winning FX company "Framestore". The Teleporters as they're called will be at select locations across the US throughout November!

Just in time for Halloween, one of the world's best amusement parks has unleashed a new video of a TERRIFYING new rollercoaster! Check out the Rougarou! Set to open at Ohio's Cedar Point in 2015, the thrillride features top speeds of SIXTY miles an hour, a 119 ft vertical loop, and a heart-stopping 145 foot drop! The Rougarou is named after a scary werewolf-like creature from French folklore, and based on the specs it'll live up to its name and THEN some!

Flying from New York to LA? If you like to travel in style, I'd suggest taking American Airlines! They now offer private sleeping areas so you can truly relax on your journey! You'll get a three-course meal complete with award winning wines, shrimp scampi, and cucumber infused water. And don't forget the noise-cancelling headphones and extra space for your pet chihuahua! This kind of luxury obviously doesn't come cheap: it's 8 thousand dollars for a ticket!

If you've ever wondered what it's like to live like Sir Richard Branson, now you can! Just head to the Kasbah Tamadot in Morocco! It's the Virgin tycoon's holiday home, and it recently came in ninth in a Conde Nast poll of the world's best hotels. When Branson's not there, the structure's 27 opulent rooms are available to rent, starting at about 550 dollars a night. Sitting about 43-hundred feet above sea level, you'll get stunning views of the Atlas mountains. And with celeb guests like Mick Jagger, Peter Gabriel, and Annie Lennox, there's no telling who you'll run in to!

As the saying goes, what happens in Vegas... gets posted on Facebook! At least that's the case as far as honeymoons go. That was the number 1 spot where newly-weds, "checked in" according to the popular social media site. Two Hawaiian spots - Lahaina and Honolulu - and two Mexican destinations - Playa Del Carmen and Cancun - rounded out the top five!

In other news today, new figures show that the US government has been fighting a losing and very EXPENSIVE battle against opium growth in Afghanistan. Washington has spent 7.6 BILLION dollars trying to eradicate opium fields. Yet in 2013, more than 216-thousand square acres of the profitable plant was grown in the war-torn country. That's the highest amount EVER! Afghanistan accounts for eighty percent of the world's opium supply, and profits often fund terrorism networks around the world.

The UK marked an electrifying milestone on Tuesday. For 24 hours, wind farms generated more energy than nuclear power stations! Wind turbines accounted for 14.2 percent of all generation - a full percentage point more than nuclear plants. But don't let the news blow you away, there are two main reasons for this: one, conditions have been especially windy over the past few days, and two, eight of the UK's fifteen nuclear reactors are currently offline for maintenance.

And a petition by Florida moms has forced Toys 'R Us to take it's "Breaking Bad" action figures off store shelves. The toys were mirrored after the show's two stars: chemistry teacher-turned drug kingpin Walter White, and his sidekick Jesse Pinkman. But a Change.org petition started by Florida's Susan Schrivjer gained thousands of signatures from parents who didn't want their kids playing with dolls modeled after drug dealers. Toys 'R Us initially defended the action figures, but a spokesman now says they have taken an "indefinite sabbatical".

The Simpsons had its annual Treehouse of Horror episode last weekend. My favorite moment was at the end, when the family sits down to dinner with the original, Tracey Ullman Show era Simpsons. I never thought I'd see Simpsons Minions! Who says they're out of ideas?

A weatherman from Edmonton, Canada recently tried to LIVEN up the forecast by bringing a DOG to help promote animal adoption. It went about as well as you might expect. Awww, who's a good boy? You don't care about the weather, you just want to play! Someone adopt that dog - or I will!

Typically, preseason basketball produces a few highlights on the court. But this one came from the sideline report! Allie Clifton of Fox Sports recently interviewed Cleveland Cavaliers forward Tristan Thompson. And things got AWK-ward! Allie handled it pretty well, but come on, Tristan! You didn't even get her NAME right.

And finally, Bradley Cooper joined Jimmy Fallon for one of the SILLIEST segments in Tonight Show history. They strapped on some visors and played a little “Egg Russian Roulette”. I guess technically it finished as a tie – but really, we're ALL winners!

Katherine Curtis and Peyton Priestly read some viewer mail and provide the results of our recent poll.

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