Today's Show Monday May 25, 2015

Monday May 25, 2015

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Transcript Welcome to a new week at Naked News! I’m Peyton Priestly. We’d like to wish our American fans a happy Memor... Read More >> Hide >>

Welcome to a new week at Naked News! I’m Peyton Priestly. We’d like to wish our American fans a happy Memorial Day! We hope you’re enjoying the day off. WE’ve been hard at work to get you a terrific new program, and are marking the holiday with our special wardrobe theme. We hope you like it. We’re starting today’s show with a look at some of the big news out of Hollywood! The lovely Madison Banes has the hot stories, and Madison, I understand you’ve got some info about Hollywood’s hot new “It Boy”, Chris Pratt?

I sure do, Peyton! Chris Pratt – better known around here as “Katherine Curtis’s parallel universe boyfriend”, has responded to some of the MANY juicy stories swirling around him!

As in, the fact he’s rumored to be the star of just about every big movie planned for the next decade or so?

Exactly. I think “Pitch Perfect THREE” might be the only one he HASN’T been “attached” to.

And thank goodness for that! So what’s the fact and what’s the fiction, then?

Well, unsurprisingly, it all starts with the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel! Welcome to Naked At The Movies! Chris Pratt IS definitely a go for the next Guardians movie, slated for a 2017 release. He’s actually signed for at least two more Guardian sequels, in fact. BUT despite some reports saying it’s a done deal, he’s NOT committed – or apparently even in talks – to be the next Indiana Jones. Nor is he set to be in the planned Ghostbusters OR Knight Rider remakes. Of course, never say never, right?

In a different franchise, it’s being reported that Matthew McConaughey is being courted to costar as Norman Osborn in the NEW Spider-Man movie. That’s Green Goblin to those of you who aren’t fully up on your Spidey characters. Word is that Marvel and Sony want the bankable McConaughey to play baddie opposite rumored new Spider-Man Asa Butterfield. Yeah, there are a lot of “rumored” and “reported”s in there, but details on the new movie are being kept under wraps.

Details ARE trickling out about the in-production movie from “The Lonely Island” guys Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone. The comedy is called “Connor4Real”, and stars Samberg as a RAPPER who has to reunite with his old BOY BAND when his newest album flops. It’s apparently a parody of the recent concert-documentaries from singers like Katy Perry and Justin Bieber. Sarah Silverman, Imogen Poots, and Tim Meadows are also on board, with Judd Apatow producing.

The parent company of Rockstar Games has filed suit against the BBC to SHUT DOWN filming of their Grand Theft Auto movie. The made-for-television drama, currently titled “Game Changer”, focuses on the battle between Rockstar and Jack Thompson, a noisy opponent of violence in videogames. Rockstar is charging trademark infringement, so it’s possible the producers will have to use a fake game name. However it’s unlikely the project could actually be blocked.

And NOW it’s time for a peek at the first official trailer for The Man From U.N.C.L.E. It’s based on the early-60s TV show of the same name, and is largely faithful to the source. It’s still the early 60s, and it still follows brilliant CIA agent Napoleon Solo – played here by Henry Cavill – and top KGB agent Illya Kuryakin – played by Armie Hammer. The flick is co-written and directed by Guy Ritchie, who knows his way around a stylish action-comedy. His two Sherlock Holmes movies grossed more than a BILLION dollars worldwide. The Man From U.N.C.L.E. looks like it could be his next success. We’ll see for sure when it hits theaters on August 14th. For Naked At The Movies, I’m Madison Banes.

Hundreds of thousands of bikers descended on Washington on Sunday to honor military veterans and those missing in action. The Rolling Thunder “Ride For Freedom” is put on annually by a mix of veterans and their supporters, with the majority having served in the Vietnam War. The group started the ride at the Pentagon, crossing the Memorial Bridge and motored down the National Mall past the crowds. The capital has hosted the event every Memorial Day weekend since 1988.

Ireland has voted overwhelmingly to legalize same-sex marriage. 62 percent of residents supported the right for gays to marry. Long considered a staunchly Catholic country, only a single constituency, Roscommon-South Leitrum, voted no. The response from the Irish Catholic church has been cautious, noting that the church needed to do “a reality check” on its position. Same-sex marriage is now legal in 20 countries worldwide.

John Nash, the inspiration behind the Academy Award winning film “A Beautiful Mind” has been killed in a car accident. The Nobel Prize-winning mathematician and his wife were in a taxi on the New Jersey Turnpike when their driver attempted to pass another car and lost control. Nash and his wife died instantly. He shared the 1994 Nobel Prize in Economics and was a senior research mathematician at Princeton at the time of his death. Back to you Peyton.

Sad to hear. Thanks Kat we'll have more from her in just a few minutes, but in the meantime it's for a look at the latest in sports! Natasha Olenski's here to recap the weekend that was, including all the excitement from the Indianapolis 500! Ms. Olenski, start your engine!

Thanks Peyton, and what an exciting finish at the Indy 500! The final 15 laps featured a thrilling duel between Juan Pablo Montoya, Will Power, Charlie Kimbrall, and Scott Dixon. The racers swapped the lead multiple times, but with three laps to go, Montoya jumped ahead for good on the way to his second career victory at The Brickyard. What makes it even more impressive is the fact he's only raced there THREE times! This year's event more than lived up to its billing as "The Greatest Spectacle in Racing".

Over on the Formula One track, the third time was a charm for German driver Nico Rosberg - but the first two weren't bad either! The 29-year old won his THIRD consecutive checkered flag at the Monaco Grand Prix, but he should give all the credit to his Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton had a comfy 21 second lead through 62 of the race's 78 laps, but was called in by his crew for what turned out to be a totally unnecessary pit stop! That let Rosberg jump ahead, and he never looked back! Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel took second, and an unhappy Hamilton crossed the line in third.

To the basketball hardcourt now, where LeBron James brought the Cleveland Cavaliers to the brink of the NBA finals. LeBron was oh for 9 in the first quarter, but turned things around en route to a triple-double! James finished with 37 points as the Cavs eked out a 114-111 win over the Atlanta Hawks in overtime. Cleveland now has a commanding 3-nothing stranglehold over the Hawks in the eastern conference finals.

Tennis great Roger Federer won his opening round match at the French Open Sunday, but he wasn't too happy after the match! As Roger was leaving center court, a fan managed to sneak past security and approach him asking for a selfie. At the post-match press conference, a furious Federer said the same thing happened to him the day before during practice. FedEx says officials need to do a better job of making players feel safe on the court.

And at UFC 187, Daniel Cormier became the light heavyweight champion by choking Anthony Johnson into submission. Cormier now owns the belt that was vacated by Jon Jones, who's facing felony charges stemming from that bizarre hit and run incident last month. After the fight, Cormier had one message for Jones: "Get your shit together!" Jones made easy work of Cormier in their bout at UFC 182 in January. But if Cormier gets his way, he'll get another shot at the man many call the best pound-for-pound fighter in MMA today. I'm Natasha Olenski and THAT'S sports!

I'm Angie Heyward. In THIS edition of the Naked Foodie, there's nothing like lounging in front of the TV or your computer and having dinner arrive at your door. Now, more and more companies are getting in on the delivery ACTION!

Chipotle is FINALLY offering delivery! But rather than hiring drivers, they're using the app-based delivery service "Postmates" to get customers their food. Postmates is essentially trying to be the Uber of delivery services, and uses independent contractors who drive their own vehicles. Chipotle lovers will be able to get their favorite burritos and tacos in areas where Postmates offers services - currently nearly seventy cities.

And pretty soon those late-night trips to Taco Bell may be a thing of the past. They plan on testing out home delivery later this year. The chain is gearing up for it by making sure they can provide a "consistent experience". As in, they need to keep your Nachos Supreme from getting too soggy en route. They hope to have the logistics sorted out soon.

Ordering non-chain food is also getting easier, thanks to Google. Mobile searches for restaurants will now include a "place an order" link if that restaurant offers delivery through a service like Grubhub, BeyondMenu or Delivery.com. Clicking the link will take you directly to the ordering page. Similar desktop functionality is in the works.

Of course, even THAT is a slog compared to what Domino's Pizza is trying out - Ordering via Twitter! US Domino's customers can set up a "Pizza profile" including their Twitter handle, on the Domino's website. Once that's done, they can order simply by tweeting "#easyorder" or even just the pizza emoji! They then Direct Message a confirmation. Dominos says they're also looking at Facebook and Instagram as easy-ordering options.

And finally, Pizza Hut is set for the American launch of their "Pizza Navigation System". It's an app that shows customers exactly where their pizza delivery person is - and therefore, where their pizza is currently located, and how long it'll take them to arrive. The app also shows a photo of the delivery driver. Pizza Hut has selected Dallas as the first US city to get the service, and a nationwide rollout is anticipated later in the year.

It's pretty clearly only a matter of time before people don't need to leave their couches for anything, Peyton!

We do love our conveniences, don't we? Thanks very much Angie.

Waves and walks in splitscreen

Now time to round up the day's headlines! Kat Curtis is standing by with the latest on the NSA spying program, the hacking of an online adult sex site, and some very special birthday wishes!

The National Security Agency may no longer be allowed to collect bulk telephone data when the current law expires on June 1st. Republican Senator Rand Paul successfully blocked even a one-day extension to the program in the senate on Friday. After running into the early hours of Saturday, the session was adjourned until May 31st, just one day before the law expires. While President Obama supports an extension, the NSA has said it will not attempt to continue the program after expiry.

Adultfriendfinder.com has been hacked, and if you were ever a customer, your data COULD be compromised. The sex-seeking service was first compromised in March, with 4 million current and former frisky members' details turning up online. The leaked Excel spreadsheets include everything from customer email addresses to sexual orientation. There could be further identifying info, including zip codes and birth dates. It's another reminder to use caution when giving out personal information online.

They say you're more likely to win the lottery than to live to the age of 116, but Jeralean Talley has done just that. The great-great grandmother celebrated her 116th birthday on Saturday, with President Obama sending his “warmest wishes”. Born in Georgia in 1899, Jeralean is currently the oldest living person on Earth. She credits her longevity to her faith - but bowling until the age of 104 probably helped too. Happy Birthday, Jeralean! From the Naked Newsroom, I'm Katherine Curtis.

I'm Eila Adams. Welcome to Wheelz! Is this what the inside of your car will look like in the future? Mitsubishi Electric seems to be pointing the way forward with its FLEXConnect In-Vehicle Infotainment and Active Noise Control systems. A three-screen interface can be controlled with the swipe of a finger, letting you customize your radio, GPS, and climate control. The noise canceling technology means you'll hear your phone calls and music better than ever before! Look for the systems to show up in 2017 or 2018 models.

Chevrolet has unveiled it's brand new Camaro for 2016. This beast is lighter, faster and STRONGER! The muscle car is two hundred pounds lighter than its predecessor and has the option of a V6 or V8 engine. It doesn't matter which you choose because BOTH are faster and more powerful than past editions. In fact the 6.2-liter V8 produces 440 horsepower, making it the most powerful Camaro SS EVER. The V6 version gets 30 miles to the gallon, which makes it the most fuel-efficient Camaro Chevy's ever built. This new model will go on sale this fall with the V6 retailing for about 23 and a half thousand and the V8-powered SS for about 33 and a half.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has declared the 2015 Nissan Murano the safest mid-sized SUV on the road! The Murano earned top marks in the agency's crash testing, edging out the Jeep Wrangler and Ford Flex. Seven different models were tested in all, with the Dodge Journey and Durango models earning the lowest grades.

Aston Martin is one of the UK's most prestigious automakers, but how would you feel about buying one built in Alabama? The company is looking to open a second factory - preferably stateside - and Alabama appears to be the front-runner for the new plant. It would be devoted to building the upcoming DBX crossover. Aston Martin says the majority of the car's buyers will be in the US and China. But putting a factory in the Asian country is tricky, and exporting cars from China is harder than it would be from the US. The British carmaker is hoping to launch the ritzy new DBX in 2019.

And the US government isn't happy about how long it's taking Fiat Chrysler to recall 10 million cars for a variety of issues. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says it has "significant concerns" about the company's performance in the recalls, which include faulty airbags and gas tanks that can rupture in rear-end collisions. A hearing will be held on July 2nd to review Chrysler's progress. For its part the company says its cooperating fully with government demands, and denies dragging its heels on the recalls. With the latest in Wheelz I'm Eila Adams, hoping YOU enjoyed the ride!

Thanks, Eila! Fiat Chrysler had better hope there are no major incidents while they're dawdling on this recall! Anyhow, that brings us to the winner of this week's caption contest! This week's photo was of Eila Adams being decorated with a little whipped cream. There were a whole lot of great options for us to pick from, but we decided that our favorite entry was Rob Tomlin's
"I guess that's what they call putting on your sundae breast!"

Gotta love a good pun! Thanks, Rob! Drop us a private message on Facebook and we'll get you your prize! There's a new caption contest up now, so make sure to send us your best entries.

There's plenty to look forward to this week, as well. We have a brand-new audition, and even more from Carli Bei's trip to Hedonism Jamaica for Young Swingers Week. Plus, of course, your news, sports, entertainment, and much more. For Naked News, I'm Peyton Priestly. Take care and we'll see you tomorrow.

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