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Tuesday July 28, 2015

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Transcript I'm Whitney St. John. THIS is Naked News, thanks for joining us. We're starting things off with some glitz... Read More >> Hide >>

I'm Whitney St. John. THIS is Naked News, thanks for joining us. We're starting things off with some glitz and glamour of Hollywood! And for that let's say hello to Isabella Rossini with the latest INCLUDING the scoop on another Kardashian cover shoot. Hasn't Kim done enough of these lately?

That's right Whitney and I'll have you know THIS time, it's not Kim in the spotlight, or Caitlyn for that matter.

I could really pick like 5 others Isabella so you better narrow down your choices, I mean, that entire family makes headlines.

That's actually true. Okay, she's been in makeover mode for a few months and now Khloe Kardashian's butt, has made it's magazine debut. And she's lookin FINE Whitney. Let's all take a moment and take in Khloe Kardashian on the cover of Complex magazine. My oh my, it's enough to make you say, Kim WHO? She isn't normally regarded as the sexiest member of the Kardashian clan, but these photos could change that. In her interview with the mag, Khloe revealed that she still misses her ex-husband Lamar Odom, the NBA player she split from amid rumors of drug use and infidelity. Well trust US, Khloe. After seeing these pics we guarantee Lamar misses YOU too!

Keeping up with the Kardashians really is a full time job! Younger sister, Kylie Jenner has caused a stir online by posting Snapchat videos showing her wearing a shirt that says "Eat Me Out". People on Twitter lost their minds when they saw the vids, most calling the wardrobe choice totally inappropriate. Is that their family's MO.

We'd like to send out some very special birthday wishes to one of the sexiest women of ALL TIME: Jennifer Lopez! J-Lo turned 46 over the weekend, but you'd seriously never know it looking at her. Lopez looks fit as ever, and could easily pass for someone 15 years younger. She certainly dressed to impress while heading out to a club in Southampton New York. She looked so good that Kim Kardahsian took to Twitter to call her "my idol".

Another day, another major court settlement against 50 Cent! The rapper has now been ordered to pay an additional 2 million dollars in punitive damages to a woman whose sex tape he released online. This just two weeks after 50 was ordered to cough up 5 million in Lastonia Leviston's invasion-of-privacy lawsuit. The rapper tried to avoid further punishment by filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. But with a reported net worth in the tens of millions, the courts were less than impressed.

And speaking of sex tapes, Hulk Hogan's lawsuit against gossip site Gawker has backfired in a BIG way. Court sealed tapes from the proceedings have been released catching the Hulkster on a racist rant... and they've cost him his job with the WWE! Hogan has already publicly apologized for the outburst, which was recorded in 2007. He's suing Gawker for 100 million dollars after the site posted a video of him having sex with his friend's wife. Hey Hulk - whatcha gonna do now, brother? I'm Isabella Rossini and THAT'S Entertainment!

I'm Eila Adams. Stephen Hawking, SpaceX billionaire Elon Musk, and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak are among thousands of tech professionals who are calling for a ban on AI weaponry. They've all signed a letter raising concerns over autonomous weapons landing in the wrong hands, or even that the technology may advance to the point that it disobeys human instruction. The letter calls for an immediate ban on all such weapons to secure a safe future for us all.

The White House has signed up some big names to help launch the new American Business Act on Climate Pledge. Thirteen corporate giants including Apple, Google, Microsoft and Wal-Mart have promised to contribute 140 BILLION dollars towards cutting pollution and promoting the use of sustainable resources. The pledge is part of the President's ongoing campaign to reduce US greenhouse gas contributions.

And a worrying new survey shows that 40 PERCENT of adults around the world, have NEVER heard of climate change. The Gallup poll looked at 119 countries, revealing a HUGE divide between rich and poor nations. North Americans, Europeans and the Japanese were the most informed, with 90 percent of residents familiar. Meanwhile, only 25 percent of Afghanistan citizens had heard of the term. Researchers behind the study are calling on local governments to do more to promote climate literacy in their regions. They may not have heard of climate change but I bet they have a term for this crazy hot weather!

And it's probably not a word we can use on the program! We'll see you later EIla. Up next, time to update your smartphone or mobile device because Andrea Sully is here with the App-Date

Thanks Whitney! Binder is a new free service on Android and iOS that allows users to DUMP their partners in just a few clicks. Single wannabes can pick from up to FOUR different reasons for the split, and the app will then send a text and a voice mail doing the dirty work for you. I know we've all wanted to do this, but I'd HATE to be on the receiving end! For that reason, Binder gets 2 out of 5 Naked Ns!

The new Star Wars app from Lucasfilm and Disney Interactive is PACKED with official content. Trailers and movie news come directly from the filmmakers to Android and iOS-enabled phones... all for FREE. Fans will LOVE the customizable selfies that turn the poser into a Jedi. There's even a video add-on that will let geeks showcase their lightsaber skills. All I have to say is, “the force is strong with this one”! It gets 5 out of 5 Naked Ns!

Seattle's Space Needle has just launched an AMAZING new virtual reality app. Space Needle 360 gives users the chance to enjoy the spectacular scenery from a seaplane ride over Lake Union. Feel what it's REALLY like to walk the outer edge of the Needle or just enjoy the view from the top. It's free on Android and iOS, but you WILL need a VR Viewer. We think it's worth it! We're giving Space Needle 360 4 out of 5 Naked Ns!

Pluto-mania has carried over to the app world! With NASA's New Horizon spacecraft returning stunning photos of the dwarf planet, Pluto Safari is a great way to stay up to date. Users can monitor New Horizon's current position, catch up on the latest news, and even delve into the background of the historic mission. And the best part? It's FREE on iOS. We think Pluto Safari is out of this world so we're giving it 5 out of 5 Naked Ns!

And now for our FEATURE APP. If you've ever wanted to star in your own music video then check out Triller! This free music video maker for iOS records users lip-syncing to their favorite tune. Intelligent audio and video analysis tells the app which of your close-ups match best to the song, and edits it all together AUTOMATICALLY. I bet BEYONCE doesn't even have it that easy! This is a super fun app for all ages and that's why we're giving it 5 out 5 Naked Ns! I'm Andrea Sully, consider yourselves APP-dated!

I'm Katherine Curtis. In this week's Pillow Talk, it’s the news we’ve all been waiting for! The Naughty America adult entertainment company has released its first VIRTUAL REALITY porno. 2 Chicks Same Time is a totally immersive porn experience that's available from both the male and female point of view. As per the title, you, the user, are the third person in this lifelike threesome of your dreams. The clips are currently FREE, but before you start downloading, you WILL need a set of Samsung Gear OR Oculus Rift VR Headsets.

Better safe than sorry – at least according to the creators of the new app We Consent. This free download allows users to record prospective sex partners agreeing to have sex. The idea is that if the issue of consent is ever raised, the video clip could be used to as proof. The file is stored for up to 7 years, but with all the recent personal data hacks, do you really want evidence of your sexcapades so readily available?!

If you want to know who’s having the BEST sex, it might be time to head back to school! The University of Florida polled 300 students who ranked the 'the booty call' as their sex of choice. The theory is that if it’s just a one-night stand, there isn’t much incentive to impress. But with a booty call, both participants NEED to have a good time for it to continue. That's incentive enough for me!

A porn super fan is petitioning the WHITE HOUSE to get porn star Lisa Ann out of retirement. The 43-year-old actress starred in over 500 adult films and is probably BEST known for playing a sexed-up Sarah Palin in 'Who’s Nailin’ Palin', before she hung up the sex toys for good last year. I'm not sure how much the PRESIDENT can help, but you can add YOUR name to the list at petitions.whitehouse.gov.

And a Swiss study is trying to answer the age old question of 'What is a Good Looking Penis?”. You can relax guys, because it turns out that the size of your sausage REALLY doesn't matter. And if you need more proof, 89 percent of Cosmopolitan readers could care less about getting out the measuring tape. So what DO women want in a willy? General cosmetic appearance came in tops, which means DON'T forget the manscaping! With this week's Pillow Talk, I'm Katherine Curtis!

There's a terrifying new bug infecting Android phones. Stagefright exploits a security flaw in Android software allowing attackers to take over a phone remotely. Access can be gained by sending a vulnerable phone a text message, even if the user doesn't read it. Once the hacker has gained control they have the ability to copy personal data, and to activate the phone's microphone and camera settings. Google has issued a patch and is currently working with phone companies to roll it out.

35 women accusing Bill Cosby of sexual assault are featured on the latest cover of New York magazine. The stunning black and white composite photo caused the magazine's website to crash for 12 hours on Monday. Inside, interviews with the alleged victims reveal their personal stories, describing the assaults in extreme detail and how they struggled to get help from the authorities afterward. Cosby has yet to be charged for any of the allegations.

And New Yorks LaGuardia Airport is about to get a MASSIVE facelift! Construction on the first phase of the project is set to start next year and will cost 4 billion dollars. When all is said and done space at LaGuardia will more then double. The airport is one of the busiest in the country but is regularly voted among the worst in the US. Phase one is expected to open in 2019. From the Naked Newsroom, I'm Eila Adams!

Thanks, Eila. About time LaGuardia got spruced up! All right, next we have our weekly feature From the Vault. Our request today came in from longtime fan Ray, who wrote "Looking for old footage of Natasha Olenski in the archives and vintage areas of the nN website. I would specially like to see her audition or an early One on One if available." GREAT suggestion, Ray! And we're happy to oblige - we're going all the way back to 2008, for Nat's audition. Enjoy!

Natasha starts her audition with an In Focus look at actress Scarlette Johansson, then tells us a bit more about herself.

Eila Adams, Isabella Rossini, and Whitney St. John chat about some of today's stories, including Jennifer Lopez and Khloe Kardashian, Booty calls, and the perfect penis.

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