Today's Show Tuesday June 28, 2016

Tuesday June 28, 2016

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I'm Eila Adams. I can't think of a better way to to kick off the program then with an appearance from everyone's favorite guest anchor, Vera Bambi! She's ready with all the Hollywood gossip you can handle, starting with the FAMOUS new music video that has more than one celeb A-lister fuming!

Kanye's done it again Eila! This time he's stirring up controversy with a new 10 minute music video for his song "Famous". The premise is simple: 12 of the world's most famous people are lying naked in a bed together. That includes Kanye and his wife Kim, Rihanna, Amber Rose, Donald Trump, Caitlyn Jenner, BILL COSBY, and his old pal Taylor Swift - who is none too happy about it! Kanye used wax figurines but you have to admit they look super-lifelike! George W Bush, Ray J, and Chris Brown make up the other famous faces we see in there. Taylor Swift is reportedly horrified by the vid and is one of a handful of celebs contemplating legal action. In fact, Kanye's been BEGGING someone to sue him over it on Twitter. Love or hate the video, we can't help but watch.

If I had a nickel for every time rapper 50 Cent's big mouth got him into trouble... well I'd have at least fifty cents! The hip hop star was arrested during a performance in the Caribbean over the weekend for swearing in front of 40-thousand people. Authorities in St. Kitts had warned him not to use any foul language during his show. As a result he was taken to jail and fined, which is pretty much the LAST thing he needs right now. Documents from his ongoing bankruptcy case show 50 is more than 36 million dollars in debt!

It's been a LONG time since we've talked about Fergie on this program, and that's probably because it's been TEN YEARS since her last solo album. The Dutchess is making a comeback, and she's giving us two BIG reasons to pay attention again! This is the artwork for her new single, MILF$, and as you can see, Fergie's still looking pretty darn Fergalicious! Let's hope there's more where that came from! Her new album "Double Dutchess" is expected later this summer.

The revamped version of Top Gear has crashed and burned in the ratings department, and it was only a matter of time before things got ugly! Rumor has it Matt LeBlanc is threatening to quit the show if his co-host Chris Evans isn't fired! Insiders say LeBlanc has had it with Evans frosty attitude towards the rest of the Top Gear team. The former Friends star is refusing to make another episode until the issue is sorted out. Since the new season began, Top Gear's ratings have slipped to record-low levels.

If you're bored with Top Gear you might want to give Jay Leno's new car show a spin! Leno got the scare of a lifetime while riding shotgun with renowned stuntman Bob Riggle for an episode of "Jay Leno's Garage". The pair hit Irwindale Speedway in California in a 25-hundred horsepower Barracuda, and things took a dramatic turn for the worse! Pretty scary! Jay never had that kind of excitement sitting behind the Tonight Show desk - but he proved his comedic timing's as sharp as ever. You can catch the premiere episode of Jay Leno's Garage Wednesday night at 10pm eastern on CNBC! I'm Vera Bambi and THAT'S Entertainment!

I'm Carli Bei. Two of the world's top credit ratings agencies have downgraded the UK's economic status. Standard & Poor's took away Britain's last remaining top rating of Triple-A, lowering it to Double-A. Rival agency Fitch also dropped the UK to a Double-A rating from their previous level of Double-A-plus. This comes in the wake of Thursday's stunning referendum decision to pull the UK out of the European Union. It is the first time in Standard and Poor's history that they've dropped a nation's sovereign credit rating by two positions in the same move!

Volkswagen has reached a settlement related to their diesel engine emissions scandal that will cost the company around 15 BILLION DOLLARS! It was revealed in September that the automaker had been equipping their diesel cars with software that allowed them to fraudulently pass their emissions tests. About ten billion dollars of the settlement will be designated to repairing or buying back the nearly HALF A MILLION two-liter diesel engine vehicles. They will also be paying 2-point-7 billion to offset the environmental damage they caused and investing 2 billion in zero-emissions technology.

And speaking of 15 billion dollar settlements, that's what TransCanada Corporation is seeking from the U.S. government over their rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline. They have filed their claim under the provisions of the North American Free Trade Agreement, stating that the project had been shut down for purely political reasons. The pipeline, which would have run crude oil from the province of Alberta to U.S. Gulf Coast refining facilities, was harshly opposed by several environmental groups. From the Naked Newsroom, I'm Carli Bei.

Thanks Carli - more from Ms. Bei coming shortly. Up next we've got your Naked Nerd Kat Curtis! She's geeking it up with details on a new event for you Game of Thrones diehards, plus the reason the new Star Trek series could be racier than ever! Here's Kat!

Eila, the new Star Trek series is now free to boldly go where no Star Trek series has before! Because the new series is on CBS's All Access service instead of the network proper, the show has a little more leeway as to what it can include. I'm now picturing a Game of Thrones style Trek with all sorts of violence and nudity and graphic Orion Slave Girl three-ways. I'm actually pretty down for this. Lord knows we could use a good Trek series after the wreck that was Enterprise.

Sorry, Chicago Star Wars fans, but it looks like George Lucas is building the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art in California. The museum was originally planned for Chicago, replacing a parking lot near Lake Michigan. Lucas planned to spend 700 million of his own fortune to build it. However, a local preservation group sued to prevent construction... on a parking lot. Which may SOUND silly, but with how often George likes to "revisit" things he built, that museum would have probably been torn down and rebuilt every ten years or so.

And the Deadpool marketing campaign continues to kick total ass! This time, he's hijacking a Japanese X-Men: Apocalypse trailer with an after credits scene, sharing five things you might have missed in the trailer- and he gets in a pretty good jab to Fox while he does it! Hope you have some water for that BURN, Fox!

Game of Thrones is getting its own convention. Watchers On The Wall, a Game of Thrones fansite, has announced they're teaming up with seasoned con-throwers Mischief Management to put on the very first "Con of Thrones". The event takes place  June 30 to July 2, 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee, and will feature panels, Q&As, and autograph sessions with members of the cast. I called and asked if there would be real dragons available to purchase and they hung up on me, though, so you won't see ME there.

Youtube user Sufficiently Advanced is using science for good instead of building evil robots like most people try to do these days. Modeled after X-Men's Cyclops, this helmet shoots two lines of fire out of your eyeball area, which is incredibly unsafe and even more incredibly awesome and I want one. I mean, yes, there are many scenarios that would most likely lead to me exploding my face-slash-setting everyone on fire, but on the plus side, I COULD SHOOT LINES OF FIRE OUT OF MY EYE-HOLES. Benefits outweigh the cons, dudes. On that note, I'm going to go get my hands on one of those helmets and set fire to some Stargate DVDs. Come at me, nerds.

I'm Angie Heyward. In Travel news, TripAdvisor's new list of the World's Most Beloved Landmarks is especially interesting this year because of the names it leaves OUT. The Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Sydney Opera House, and Great Wall of China? NOT on the list! Taking the number one overall spot in the rankings is Machu Picchu in Peru. Then in the runner-up spot is a totally unconventional pick: the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, which really is an architectural marvel. And then for something completely different, at number 3 we have the incredible Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia! One thing's for sure: TripAdvisor's top ten will definitely get you off the beaten path!

Cowabunga dudes! AirBnB is now offering a "Turtle Lair" for people staying in the Manhattan. And by "Turtle Lair" I obviously mean Teenage Mutant NINJA Turtle! Lucky contest winners will get to spend a night here as part of a promotion for the movie. As you can see, the entire place has been decked out like an underground dojo. The walls are lined with graffiti, but this sweet pad is hardly a dump. It's got three huge rooms and four bathrooms, so plenty of awesome chill space to hang with your bros. There's a basketball net and plenty of flatscreens for gaming. And since the stay was free, you'd also have plenty of leftover money for pizza!

And it seems AirBnB's days in the Big Apple could be numbered - at least if the New York Senate gets it's way! Legislators have approved a bill that would make listing rentals of less than 30 days illegal. It would essentially ban people from making their apartments available for short stays. Lawmakers say the bill is designed to keep commercial firms from buying up properties and turning them into AirBnB hotels. But critics say the change will hurt the city's middle class and take money out of the pockets of regular citizens. Under the new law, anyone found advertising a living space for under the 30-day minimum would face up to 75-hundred dollars in fines! It's now up to Governor Andrew Cuomo to make a final decision on whether or not to pass it into law.

Here's an airline business class cabin that's really about business! Check out the new design on Virgin Australia Boeing 777's. The business class section is filled with 37 of what the airline calls "suites". But if you ask me they look a LOT like cubicles. Each one is fitted with a screen, a desk, and a foldout bed. You'll have plenty of privacy and NO excuses for not having your work finished upon arrival. If you're feeling social, you can hang out at the new business class bar, which just might make joining the mile high club easier than ever! I'm Angie Heyward. Happy travels everyone.

We've got more headlines for you next, including a new poll of republicans, and their thoughts on Donald Trump as their presumptive nominee for president. Once again, here's Carli Bei.

Eila, the NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll shows that less than half of Republican voters are satisfied with Donald Trump as their nominee. Only 45 percent expressed satisfaction, while 52 percent said they would've preferred someone else. 55 percent of all registered voters also said that what they'd heard about Trump in the few previous weeks had lowered their opinion of the candidate. Despite all that, the race remains close, with Clinton enjoying just a five-point lead and Trump leading in several categories, including the economy.

According to AAA, nearly 43 MILLION Americans are expected to be traveling this Independence Day weekend, a new record high! The combination of the lowest gas prices in a decade and increased consumer confidence have people ready to hit the open road for vacation fun! While air travel and other modes of transportation are all expected to rise this year, more than eighty percent of travelers will be driving to their destination!

We think of helium as the stuff in party balloons that makes your voice funny. But it turns out it's a pretty rare gas here on earth, with very important uses, like in satellites and MRIs. World supply has been dwindling to dangerously low levels, until now that is! A large reserve of helium has just been uncovered in Tanzania. Scientists say resources in just one part of the reserve are enough to fill more than a million medical MRI scanners. Those are your headlines. For Naked News, I'm Carli Bei.

Thanks, Carli! Now it's time for our weekly feature, From the Vault. You can thank Aaron in New York for today's selection. He wrote in and said "I recently read somewhere that you had Colin Quinn on your show. He's one of my favorite comedians and I'm wondering if you can direct me to the footage in your archives?"

You read correctly, Aaron! Comedian Colin Quinn was on the program way back in 2008. It was one of Kat Curtis' first celebrity interviews, and it was a DOOZY! Colin is known for being pretty sharp and quick, and he demonstrated that pretty clearly for Kat! And now, you can see for yourself!

Welcome to the wrap up everyone, Nat and Carli have joined me to talk about some of today's stories. No surprise, ladies, I want to talk about KANYE and his video full of simulated naked celebrities. Is this "art" or just super creepy?

On a completely different topic, Angie told us that New York legislators are working to ban short-term rentals. That would effectively make AirBnB illegal in the state. What do you think about this?

And that brings us to our latest POLL question! We want to know if you think companies like AirBnB lead to the proliferation of homes that are essentially illegal hotels?

You can cast your vote via our BLOG, at www.NakedNews.com/blog

We'll have the results for you soon!

Thanks to everyone for watching. We'll see you back here again tomorrow! Take care.

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