Today's Show Friday January 30, 2015

Friday January 30, 2015

Transcript Welcome, one and all, to NAKED NEWS, the program with NOTHING to hide, I'm Peyton Priestly. First up today,... Read More >> Hide >>

Welcome, one and all, to NAKED NEWS, the program with NOTHING to hide, I'm Peyton Priestly. First up today, the HEADLINES with Isabella Rossini. What's going on today Isabella?

Passwords, Peyton. I bet I can guess yours!

I'll admit it isn't super complicated - but where's this going, exactly?

Consider it a public service announcement – DON'T use the following as your password!

Splashdata announced its yearly list of the top 25 most common – and therefore WORST – Internet passwords. “123456” and “password” continue to hold down the top two spots – which has been the case since data was first collected in 2011. The highest new entry on the list is “baseball”, which slides in at 8th place. “Football” also cracked the top ten, while “superman”, “batman” and “trustno1” also made the list.

If you own a “selfie stick”, you'd better think twice about bringing it to a concert in the UK. Several big venues like O2 Arena and Wembley Arena in London have BANNED the extendable phone holding devices. The sticks have been a problem since Christmas, as they were a popular gift choice this holiday season. Here's a tip – put down the camera altogether and enjoy the show!

And NASA has released the LARGEST picture EVER taken. The image of the Andromeda Galaxy taken by the Hubble Telescope is a whopping 1.5 BILLION pixels! The ultimate panorama photograph was assembled using nearly 7500 exposures. You'd need about 4.3 gigabytes of disk space to store it – so clear some room on your hard drive! It's pretty epic. With your first round of headlines, I'm Isabella Rossini

Welcome, everyone, to our celebration of celebrity skin, Hollywood Xposed! With the help of our dear friends at Mr. Skin, we're working hard to keep you abreast of the best nudity around!

It was a great week for TV watchers, starting with House of Lies. It's a great show that's been pretty generous with the nakedness. This episode featured former Saturday Night Live cast member Jenny Slate in the buff as she poked around some shrubbery in the dark. Sadly, we only get to see her from behind, but you gotta admit, it's a pretty nice behind!

We got ANOTHER pretty nice behind on Girls, too. This time, courtesy of Jemima Kirke, whose character Jessa is having a webchat with Lena Dunham's Hannah. Ms Kirke has bared more on the show in the past, but the see-through panties are a first. And the close-up of her lovely derriere is definitely worth a watch. I wonder if I should start mooning MY friends when we Skype.

Showtime's Shameless is, well, shameless when it comes to flashing the flesh. Which is AWESOME. This week's episode we got more of stunning Emma Greenwell, and you'll want to save this one on the PVR for future viewing. And by the way - blonde beauty Emma trained at one of Britain's most prestigious performing arts institutes - she's more than just a gorgeous face and perfect breasts!

Now to theaters, where Kevin Costner's Black or White is premiering. Among its terrific cast is Gillian Jacobs, who you probably remember best from the TV show Community. But as of right now, you SHOULD remember her best for 2008's Choke, where she plays a stripper called Cherry Daiquiri. This is Gillian's ONLY topless scene to date, sadly, but it's one WELL worth savoring!

Now with even MORE celebrity skin, here's Hollywood X-Press – brought to you by Egotastic.com!

Kayslee Collins is a California-born actress, singer, and MODEL. She's set to be Playboy's Playmate of the Month for February, but she's teasing us NOW with a sexy black 'n white photo set.

Model-slash-reality star Adrianne Curry reminded us once more that Twitter CAN be used for good. Very, very good, in fact. Her lovely bare backside selfie certainly brightened up our day!

Meet Lili Brillanti. Mexican viewers may know her telenovela and morning show stints. The rest of us are just meeting her now, and on behalf of all of us, may I say HELL-LLOOOO!

Carl's Junior is known for occasionally using bodacious babes to boost their burgers. This year's model is Charlotte McKinney. She's being called "The next Kate Upton". That's a GOOD thing!

And that's a delicious wrap on this week's celebration of celebrity skin. For Naked News, I'm Angie Heyward.

Amateur Larissa came in to the Naked News studios to audition for us. She read a story about actress Emmy Rossum, then answered a few questions about herself. She's an exhibitionist, she loves to dance, and she demonstrates hula hooping and a mighty impressive headstand.

We've got a TRIPLE HIT of marijuana-related stories for you now! Would you use a POT-infused sex spray? It's called Foria and it contains cannabis extract. Medical marijuana co-op Aphrodite Group claims the relaxing properties of the drug will help women have BETTER sex! Just spray it on your – well, you know – 30 minutes before show time. Foria is available in Calfornia AND Colorado to people with a medical marijuana card.

How about WEED lip balm? Yup, that's a thing now too! Goodwitch is an organic salve that contains extracted marijuana mixed with coconut oil and other herbs. It's gaining popularity in both Brooklyn and Manhattan. The maker of Goodwitch recommends the balm for use during the day – and a spray version containing a more calming marijuana strain - for the evening.

And finally, Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel wants to put an end to the munchies! She plans to launch her own line of “Skinnygirl” marijuana in the US. Frankel claims a specially engineered strain of pot will be designed that won't make you super hungry after use. There's no word yet on when it will be released – but it sure sounds promising! Those are your headlines for today, I'm Isabella Rossini.

Whitney St. John visits the Everything To Do With Sex show to meet some of the sexy girls and learn more about what they're selling.

Welcome back, everyone! Now it's time to grab some popcorn and get comfortable for Naked At The Movies! Carli Bei has two reviews for us – so sit back and enjoy!

Thanks Peyton. First up is the “quirky” Johnny Depp comedy Mortdecai. Unfortunately, “quirky” might be the kindest thing you could say about this movie. Depp plays a suave art dealer who's trying to recover a stolen painting – which is rumoured to contain the code to a lost Nazi bank account. His character seems to be in on some joke that literally nobody IN the movie – or watching it – understands.

Depp spends the entire film making bad mustache jokes and weird facial expressions – seemingly for no reason. Seriously, WAY too much attention is given to the mustache.

Mortdecai's supporting cast features Gwyneth Paltrow, Ewan McGregor, Paul Bettany and Olivia Munn. But all the A-list talent in the world couldn't save this flop in the making. Mortdecai is trying to be whimsical, when really it's just tedious and PAINFULLY unfunny. What happened to you, Johnny Depp? You used to be cool! Mortdecai is in theaters now, but I wouldn't recommend it.

Now for a look at an Academy Award contender for best picture. Birdman stars Michael Keaton as a washed-up Hollywood star - famous for playing a superhero - who's trying to salvage his career on Broadway. Ironically enough, the actor most known for being Batman delivers the comeback performance of the year! Keaton is BRILLIANT – don't be surprised if he follows up his Golden Globe win with an Oscar victory.

Visually the film is spectacularly shot and edited. It gives the appearance that it's all done in one long take – and it really works. Edward Norton and Emma Stone also play exceptional supporting roles – it's no surprise they were BOTH nominated for an Oscar.

Birdman received NINE nominations in total – including Best Picture and Best Director. It's a good bet to come away with a handful of trophies come February 22nd. For Naked At The Movies, I'm Carli Bei

And that will wrap up another edition of Naked News. Please send us your thoughts on Larissa. Is she someone you'd like to see on our cast? Let us know at Feedback@nakednews.com. You can also post your comments through our social media profiles on Facebook and Twitter. Do you have a question for one of our anchors? Send it into feedback under the heading Ask An Anchor and we'll make sure it gets on air. We'll see you back here NEXT for Naked News Magazine. Until then, thanks for tuning in. For Naked News, I'm Peyton Priestly, take care.

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