Today's Show Thursday March 5, 2015

Thursday March 5, 2015

Transcript THIS is Naked News, I'm Isabella Rossini. Angie's crowning our Boob of the Week, Nat's doing some exploring... Read More >> Hide >>

THIS is Naked News, I'm Isabella Rossini. Angie's crowning our Boob of the Week, Nat's doing some exploring in Weather, and we've got the latest in music and television coming your way courtesy of Carli and Eila.
Right Now though, Kat Curtis has your FIRST LOOK at the news.

Isabella, in Ferguson Missouri, Mayor James Knowles has fired one police department employee and put two others on administrative leave. The decisions came just a few hours after an investigative report was released by the Department of Justice, which found severe racial bias in the policing of the town's citizens. The federal investigation blamed the Ferguson PD for creating the tense atmosphere that erupted following the shooting death of unarmed teen Michael Brown. Mayor Knowles says the report will allow his administration to focus on racial issues in Ferguson and around St. Louis.

The Food and Drug Administration is warning about the use of some popular testosterone-boosting drugs. They say commonly prescribed AndroGel and Axiron, have not been deemed safe OR effective for treating common age-related male issues like libido and fatigue. At the moment, the drugs are ONLY approved for treating low testosterone levels triggered by disease or injury - not aging. The FDA says the drugs could also increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. The agency is calling on drugmakers to add that information to their labels.

And a damning "60 Minutes" report on potentially hazardous floorboard laminates has triggered calls on Capitol Hill for a federal investigation. 60 Minutes found that Lumber Liquidators was selling floorboards imported from China that had unsafe levels of formaldehyde - a glue used in woods known to cause a host of health problems, including cancer. Consumers who think the toxic flooring may be installed in their homes are advised to call an environmental engineer. We'll be right back.

I'm Angie Heyward, and I'm here to name Special Agent Matt Fairbanks of the US Drug Enforcement Administration, our BOOB of the Week.

Utah is currently considering a bill that would legalize medical marijuana for people with certain debilitating illnesses. Senate Bill 259 would permit individuals with AIDS and cancer, for example, to possess and use cannabis in liquid or "gummy" form. Recreational use would still be illegal, as would SMOKING it.

Now, lawmakers wanted to discuss the issue before making a decision. And that's where Special Agent Fairbanks comes in. He spoke to the Utah state legislature, in opposition to the bill.

He prefaced his testimony by stating he "deals in facts and deals in science". Then he declared that he had seen, quote, "entire mountainsides subjected to pesticides, harmful chemicals, deforestation, and erosion", during his time with the state's "marijuana eradication" team.

These would be really valid concerns, except Special Agent Fairbanks was dealing with ILLEGAL marijuana cultivation, which will obviously happen in remote, environmentally sensitive locations. LEGAL cultivation would happen on farmland or in greenhouses. And would be regulated to control the use of pesticides and chemicals. It's like saying we should ban art courses because of graffiti.

But then, Special Agent Fairbanks upped the ante and recounted a story about rabbits developing a worrying taste for marijuana,

"Its instincts were somehow gone." He's clearly trying to imply that the rabbit was STONED!

While the idea of stoned rabbits is actually pretty hilarious and, honestly, adorable, it's a bogus point. You see, fresh marijuana plants aren't psychoactive. They have to be adequately heated or dehydrated to make the THC that gets people - or presumably rabbits - high.

So, for a guy who's all about the SCIENCE, he doesn't seem to have a particularly good grasp of it. Whether or not you believe that marijuana should be legalized, the fact is that baked bunnies and nature preservation aren't really issues. And it's frankly embarrassing that Special Agent Matt Fairbanks of the DEA tried to MAKE THEM into issues. THAT'S why he's our Boob of the Week.

Thanks, Angie. It IS embarrassing that this guy was so clueless! Anyway, time to go INSIDE THE BOX with Eila Adams. So Eila, I hear you've got some news on ANOTHER Sharknado movie. Listen, I'm not afraid to admit it, I kind of like these cheesy made for TV schlockfests.

Hey, join the club, they may be terrible but there's no denying the entertainment factor!

And what would Tara Reid and Ian Ziering do without these sequels, they have to pay the bills, right!

EXACTLY, but that sure isn't why the two NEWEST cast members have signed on! They're not exactly who you might expect to show up in SHARKNADO 3. Here's the story.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban will be portraying the President of the United States. And controversial political pundit ANNE COULTER will be his VP. Needless to say, Sharknado 3 JUST became that much more interesting. I'm guessing at least ONE of them is going to meet a gory and ridiculous end! They join a D-list cast that also includes Bo Derek and the WWE's Chris Jericho. Sharknado 3 is set to debut on Syfy in July.

Netflix has announced premiere dates for some of their MUCH anticipated programs. Season three of Orange Is The New Black starts up June 12, and the long-awaited Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp launches July 17. The new sci-fi series Sense8 hits the site on June 5. Sense8 has a HECK of a pedigree - it was created by The Matrix's Andy and Lana Wachowski, along with award-winning writer J. Michael Straczynski.

Ray Liotta and Drea de Matteo have joined the cast of Jennifer Lopez' upcoming NBC cop drama. Shades of Blue focuses on a close-knit but corrupt police precinct where one of the officers - played by Lopez - has been forced to become an FBI informant. Oscar-winner Barry Levinson directs and produces, while J-Lo and her American Idol costar Ryan Seacrest exec-produce. NBC has already ordered 13 episodes. No premiere date has been announced.

Contrary to rumors, former Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson WON'T be hosting a new syndicated chat show. Instead, it's been announced that he'll star in an ABC sitcom pilot titled "The King of 7B". Ferguson will play an agoraphobic who leaves his apartment for the first time in years after spotting his possible soulmate move into the building across the street. Ferguson will also continue to host Celebrity Name Game.

And Judge Judy fans can rest easy - she's not going anywhere. CBS TV Distribution announced that she's signed another multi-year contract that'll keep her at the bench until 2020. Judge Judy is first-run syndication's top-rated show, averaging over ten million viewers. Particularly impressive for a show in its nineteenth year! Salary details weren't released, but her last contract reportedly made her the TOP-PAID person on TV at forty-seven million a year. And that's what's happening, Inside the Box.

It's official: the US is a POT-friendly country! According to a new national study, the majority of Americans support marijuana legalization for the first time EVER! The General Social Survey revealed 51.7 percent were in favor – up from 43.3 percent in 2012. Four states – along with Washington DC – have legalized recreational pot possession and consumption. Vermont and Rhode Island appear to be next in line, with California following suit next year.

Remember Sydney Leathers? She was the woman who finished off the political career of Anthony Weiner with a sexting scandal. Well, she seems to have struck again. Her latest victim appears to be a Midwest Democratic state legislator. Leathers advertised for a submissive, who she could financially dominate, in her hometown of Evansville, Indiana. The lawmaker never gave her his name – instead using the pseudonym “Bitch Boy”. But lo and behold, his name appeared on items he sent her through Amazon. OOPS! Leathers says he's into some really freaky stuff, too! This AIN'T gonna end well folks!

And American business magnate David Geffen will have his name on one of New York City's most PRESTIGIOUS cultural landmarks! The Lincoln Center will rename Avery Fisher Hall – better known as the home of the New York Philharmonic – as David Geffen Hall in September. So what did the co-founder of movie studio DreamWorks DO for the honor? Just donated a measly 100 MILLION dollars to renovate the building, that's all.

So YEAH, you'd better BELIEVE he should get his name on it! I'm Katherine Curtis. Don't go away.

Way back on March 5, 1496, John Cabot got the go-ahead from King Henry VII to explore the world! We're going on a journey through history in THIS EDITION of the Naked Weather Forecast!

Before we set sail, let's take a gander at some Brainstorm Trivia! Many explorers encountered some BAD weather on their journeys around the world. But ONE in particular stands out as being the WORST! Which is it? Stay tuned for the answer.

John Cabot may have sailed under the English flag but like - Christopher Columbus - he was actually Italian! Born Giovanni Caboto in Genoa, the future explorer learned sailing and navigation from Italian merchants. The forecast looks pleasant in Genoa this weekend - sunny and 60 degrees (16 C).

Cabot moved to the UK around 1495. About a year later, King Henry the seventh gave him a grant to "seek out, discover and find new lands" for England. In May of 1497, Cabot set sail from Bristol with a crew of 18 men on a 50-ton ship. It'll be sunny and 58 (14 C) in Bristol this weekend.

After about 50 days at sea, Cabot landed in North America. He's widely believed to be the FIRST European to reach the continent's mainland since the Norse Vikings in the 11th century. Exactly WHERE Cabot landed is debatable, but Cape Bonavista in Newfoundland is the generally accepted location. Clear skies are on the horizon for the town of Bonavista, but it'll be a COLD 25 degrees (-4 C).

John Cabot's son Sebastian followed in his father's footsteps, becoming an explorer as well. Under the employ of Spain in the 1520s, Sebastian was one of the first to navigate the interior of the Rio de la Plata in South America. Eventually, the first European colony was established in the area - we know it today as Buenos Aires. It'll be sunny and HOT HOT HOT there this weekend with a high of 80 degrees. (27 C).

Time to discover the answer to our Brainstorm Trivia question! You'd be hard pressed to find WORSE weather conditions than the one Robert Scott and his crew dealt with in Antarctica in 1912. EXTREMELY cold temperatures resulted in frostbite, snow blindness and exhaustion. Probably should have tried somewhere warmer!

That's all for the Naked Weather Forecast, I'm Natasha Olenski - land ho!

I'm Carli Bei and it's time to TURN IT UP!

The W.H.O. has some ominous news for anyone who loves live music. Their new report finds that spending just 28 seconds at a concert can cause permanent hearing damage! You can avoid hearing loss by wearing earplugs and taking listening breaks while at noisy venues, which doesn't sound very rock 'n roll does it?

Earphones are another big problem. The agency says we shouldn't be wearing them for more than an hour a day, and listening at about 60-percent of full volume. The WHO believes up to 1.1 billion people are at risk of suffering permanent ear problems from their listening habits.

Speaking of bands that make your ears ring... a special Led Zeppelin concert movie COULD be coming to a theater near you - but for one night only! The career-spanning flick will feature footage from some of the legendary band's greatest shows throughout the 1970's, including gigs at Royal Albert Hall and Madison Square Garden. This epic cinematic event's going down on March 30th, and to find out if it'll be screening in your town, go to FathomEvents.com.

Now to some BIG news for Metallica fans! The hard rock gods are re-releasing their entire catalog this summer with all kinds of extra goodies. But what REALLY stands out is an album most fans have probably NEVER heard! On April 18th they're re-releasing "No Life 'Til Leather", a seven-track demo from 1982. It was recorded with Dave Mustaine - the guitarist famously booted from the band in favor of Kirk Hammett. Things worked out ok for Mustaine though - he DID start Megadeth. Anyway, Metallica had originally only sent copies of "No Life 'Til Leather" to friends in the underground metal scene. Crank it up!

Never a dull moment when it comes to Bob Dylan! He caught the music industry off guard with his recent album of Frank Sinatra covers, "Shadows in the Night". And according to renowned producer Daniel Lanois - a frequent Dylan collaborator - the iconic songwriter has a SECOND Sinatra record up his sleeve! Dylan's camp has yet to comment on the rumors, so no word yet if or when it'll be released. Dylan, meanwhile, put out a new video from "Shadows in the Night" this week. It's for a tune called "The Night We Called It A Day". Check it out.

We'll cap things off with our album review of the week: "Chasing Yesterday" by Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds. Of course, we all know Noel better as the driving creative force behind Oasis, one of the biggest rock acts of the nineties. For better or worse, his new stuff will ALWAYS be compared to his old stuff. This is the second record from Noel's new band, and there's no question the man still knows how to right a catchy song. Here's a look at the album's first single, "Ballad of the Mighty I".

Long story short here, if you were a fan of Oasis, you're going to be on board with this record. As for the rest of you, "Chasing Yesterday" is a pleasant listen but just isn't really that memorable. For that reason we'll give it 3 out of 5 Naked Ns. Turning it up for Naked News, I'm Carli Bei!

Isabella Rossini and Katherine Curtis answer some Viewer Mail about combining male and female anchors, the status of our ball hockey Versus segment, and praise for Kat's knowledge of rugby. Plus, the results of our most recent poll question.

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