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Today's Show Monday September 22, 2014

Monday September 22, 2014

Transcript There will be no shortage of topics to tackle this week as world leaders gather for the 69th United Nations... Read More >> Hide >>

There will be no shortage of topics to tackle this week as world leaders gather for the 69th United Nations General Assembly in New York. Dealing with Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria is expected to top the agenda for Western and Arab leaders. The Ebola outbreak in West Africa, and stalled nuclear negotiations with Iran will also get plenty of attention from the 140 delegates.

Ahead of the UN gathering on Wednesday, millions of demonstrators, in over 2000 cities around the globe, took part in rallies calling for action on climate change. The People's Climate March demanded stronger policies on carbon emissions. The largest protest took place in New York City where the crowd was estimated to be UPWARDS of half a million people. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon was among them, and made it clear that their voices had been heard.

And in Moscow, tens of thousands gathered in the streets to protest Russia's role in the Ukraine war. Organizers for the protest say they were demonstrating against Russia's aggressive foreign policy. A ceasefire was established September fifth, but there have still been numerous incidents of violence. Kiev has repeatedly accused Moscow of arming rebels and sending troops into Ukrainian territory - charges that Russia denies

We'll begin in the NFL with an EXCITING Super Bowl rematch between the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos. Seattle needed OVERTIME after blowing a 14-point lead in the fourth quarter. But the defending champs got it done 26 to 20 - thanks to a Marshawn Lynch touchdown. Elsewhere, the Dallas Cowboys matched the LARGEST comeback in team history. Big D erased a 21-point deficit and beat the St Louis Rams 34 to 31. And the Philadelphia Eagles got past Washington 37 to 34 – despite a BIG game for Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins AND a huge fourth-quarter brawl.

Joey Logano has joined Penske teammate Brad Keselowski in the next round of the Chase! He took the checkered flag at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Logano grew up about a three hour drive away and considers it his “home track”. Team Penske is now two for two in the Chase for the sprint cup and has won four of the last five races overall.

Lewis Hamilton is BACK on top of the Formula One standings – much to the chagrin of Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg! Hamilton captured the Singapore Grand Prix for his SEVENTH victory of the season. Rosberg had a steering column issue which forced him to retire early from the race. Hamilton now leads his teammate by just THREE points with five races to go.

Newly-promoted Leicester City had a comeback for the AGES – against one of the GIANTS of soccer. Down three to one in the second half, the Foxes scored FOUR times in twenty minutes to SHOCK Manchester United, five to three. Jamie Vardy got the winning goal in the 79th minute. Man U only has FIVE points through five matches so far this season.

And finally, it appears the 2022 World Cup will NOT take place in Qatar after all. That's according to a FIFA Executive Committee Member. Theo Zwanziger believes the EXTREME hot temperatures will cause life-threatening conditions for players and fans alike. There's no official word yet but rumors have been swirling that an announcement is close.

Our first stop is Code Babes. We all know how GREAT the Internet is for checking out HOT women! I mean, OBVIOUSLY! But what if you want to look at hot girls AND learn how to write code? Well, there's only ONE place you need to go – Code Babes.com! It's got lessons on everything from basic HTML to more advanced programming languages like PHP. You start off with an intro video, like this one for the Internet and Web Development.

Then, you have to pass a QUIZ before you can unlock the next lesson. As a special treat for passing, you get a SEXY video clip where a CodeBabe removes a piece of clothing – as motivation! You get more advanced lessons – and less CLOTHING - as you progress.

The girls are SASSY – and you REALLY do learn a lot! It sure beats reading a dry textbook or trying to follow a boring online tutorial. Code Babes is the perfect mix of function and FORM!

Our next stop is MeteoEarth.com. Have you ever wondered what the weather is like on the other side of the world? Or even in the country next to you? MeteoEarth lets you see temperature, precipitation, wind speed and MORE anywhere on Earth – on a REAL TIME, 3D map!

It uses similar technology to what TV presenters use to broadcast their weather segments. The site is easy to navigate – just use your mouse to select the icon you want. You can even observe tropical storms and get details about where it's headed and how strong it is. Amateur meteorologists could spend HOURS playing around on this site.

California's "King fire" continues to rage just sixty miles east of Sacramento. Close to three thousand people in the town of El Dorado were forced to flee their houses over the weekend. Five thousand fire fighters are battling the blaze, which was is said to be only ten percent contained. The "King fire" has now grown to 82-thousand acres in size and is threatening thousands of home.

One year and 442 MILLION miles later, NASA's Maven spacecraft has arrived at Mars! The explorer successfully slipped into the red planet's orbit over the weekend. The 670 million dollar mission will see the vessel explore Mars's upper atmosphere. Scientists believe it will hold clues as to how the planet went from being warm and wet billions of years ago to the cold and dry place we know today. Maven will conduct all of its observations from orbit as it's not equipped to land.

And finally, ANOTHER batch of celebrity nude photos has surfaced on-line. Singer Rihanna and actresses Amber Heard, Kate Bosworth, and Gabrielle Union are among those affected. Like the last batch, these photos were taken from iCloud accounts. Apple denies that the iCloud system was compromised, and says the accounts were accessed by "a very targeted attack on user names, passwords and security questions". Anyone worried about their own iCloud data should use a complex, unique password, and enable two-step verification.

A tainted food scandel can be DEVASTATING to your bottom line, and that exactly what's happening to McDonalds in Asia. A recent tainted food scandal involving a McDonalds meat processor in China, is keeping people away from the fast food chain ACROSS ASIA. August profits nosedived, with sales in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East dropping almost 15 percent. In Japana?, they dropped twenty SIX percent!

With fast food sales taking a hit in Japan, Burger King hopes a new look burger will bring customers back! If you're in Tokyo, keep an eye out for the Kuro Burger! Kuro means "black" in Japanese, and that's exactly what you get with these two new sandwiches. The Kuro Pearl retails for about four fifty and the Kuro Diamond for just about six bucks. You have until November.

Speaking of burgers, who makes the BEST burger in the US? The folks at Zagat conducted at coast-to-coast survey to find the answer! If you're in New York, Brooklyn's, Peter Luger Steakhouse is the place to go. On the West Coast, LA's In-N-Out Burger wins hands down. And if you're in Miami, the Original db Burger at Daniel Boulud's Bistro can't be beat. It costs 34 dollars, but comes with black truffle and foie gras. Now you know!

Coca Cola is bringing back a classic beverage in the hopes that it will boost sales. "Surge", a citrus-flavored soda similar to Mountain Dew, debuted in 1996. It was discontinued in 2002, but has actually developed a pretty passionate following. A Facebook group called "The Surge Movement" has 128-thousand followers! Don't expect to see it on store shelves though. It's only available online through Amazon.

And here's something for all you stoners, frozen pizza infused with marijuana! It's the creation of an LA based company called "Stoned Oven Gourmet Medibles." A frozen pie contains 250 milligrams of THC and sells for ten dollars a piece. Unfortunately for you pot heads out there, the frozen delights are only sold in Los Angeles, for NOW anyway.

If you're a fan of Texas Longhorns football, here's a way to let EVERYONE know you love the team! Introducing the special-edition University of Texas Longhorns Chevrolet Silverado! It comes in the team's trademark sunset orange, with the team's logo on the rear and side. The special package costs 795 dollars, and is ONLY available to customers buying the Silverado Double Cab or Crew Cab editions. Pretty cool!

One of the most iconic motorcycles EVER made is up for sale, but it ain't cheap! Peter Fonda's customized Captain America chopper from "Easy Rider" is expected to fetch more than a million dollars at auction. Four motorcycles were made for the movie, but three of them were stolen before the film was even released! This is the only one left.

It's easier than ever to own a Jaguar thanks to the company's new entry-level XE model! It's designed to compete with the BMW 3-series and Mercedes C-class! The Sport version packs a supercharged V6 engine churning out 340 horsepower. The aluminum body will also help keep it lightweight. No word on price just yet, but the XE will go on sale in Europe next year, and the US in 2016.

There are high rollers, and then there are HIGH rollers. A Hong Kong business tycoon definitely fits into the latter category after placing the largest Rolls Royce order in the companies history. Stephen Hung has agreed to buy thirty Rolls Royce Phantoms in a deal worth twenty million dollar. The luxury cars will be used to chauffeur guests to and from Hung's Louis XIII hotel in Macau.

And how's this for a story of lost and found: police have tracked down a classic Jaguar that was stolen nearly FIFTY years ago! The 1967 Jaguar XKE was stolen from Ivan Schneider in New York. After a few months he figured he'd never see it again. That is until LA port officials found a number of old cars in a shipping container. Using the car's ID number, they traced it back to Schneider, who's now 82 years old. He called it a miracle, and says he plans on restoring the Jag to its original beauty!

Eila Adams wraps up today's show with the winner of our weekly caption contest.

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