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Friday February 24, 2017

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Transcript Welcome to Naked News, I'm Eila Adams and back with me today is the beautiful Krysta! Okay so Krysta, if I... Read More >> Hide >>

Welcome to Naked News, I'm Eila Adams and back with me today is the beautiful Krysta! Okay so Krysta, if I was to ask you what you think the Anatomy Awards are, what would you say? They're like the Oscars for nudity in film and TV and every year. Our friends at Mr Skin put their list together. Natasha has some of this year's winners for you RIGHT NOW in Hollywood Xposed!

Eila, we're in the 18th year of Mr. Skin's Annual, Anatomy Awards. There are over 40 categories but by far the most coveted is Best Nudecomer. That honor goes out to Taylor Marie Frey this year! The daughter of music legend Glenn Frey made us all want to be ROADIES scholars with her appearance in that series' third episode! Her all-too-brief role is the definition of “I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave!”

Kelen Coleman has had an impressive career, with recurring roles in The Office, The Mindy Project, and The Newsroom, but her crowning achievement might be the role in Flock of Dudes that won her this year's Best Ink by the Stink! I must be off to see the wizard, because I'm not LYIN', that TIGER and BARE butt, OH MY!

An arguable upset in the Best TV Show category, as the prize went to Westworld, which will be hard-pressed to come up with a celebration better than the ORGY they hosted in Episode 5! Watching that MINUTES-long scene, you didn't have to be a newsie to find yourself yelling “Extras! Extras! BREED all about it!” It seems Game of Thrones has been de-big-chaired, as Westworld is now the go-to show to inspire your HB-O face!

At the Anatomy Awards, no individual honor is greater than the prestigious Best Nude with Fruit Loops! As it turns out, it's the perfect cereal for winner Kether Donohue. That's because in the twelfth episode of the latest season of You're The Worst, she beautifully shows off her TWO CANS, SAM! I hope she has more cereal, because those milk bags are looking full!

Our Breast Picture for 2016 is White Girl, and though the title also refers to a brand of coke, that's not the White Girl we're interested in! The lead character is played by Morgan Saylor of Homeland fame, and she more than once had us saying “Hello, SAYLOR!”...especially as the seamen were entering her port! If you're looking for some great boobage, White Girl is the Right Girl!

And last but certainly not least is the Lifetime Skin-chievement Award. Penelope Cruz came out on top because she's earned our love time and time again with her INCREDIBLE BODY of work, including 2008's Elegy. She plays a student having an affair with a literature professor, who certainly seems to have a way with words... Sir Ben Kingsley, we couldn't have said it better ourselves! To see the FULL list of winners, head on over to Bye for now.

Forget LISTENING to songs, have you ever wondered what they TASTE like? Well, we do now thanks to James Wannerton from Britain. He has a neurological condition called synesthesia, that actually causes him to taste the songs he hears! Apparently Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself" features the flavors of toasted sugar sandwiches and boiled egg white, while Adele's "Hello" is fresh melon and large rubber bands.

Imagine running around the earth, 6 and a half times! That's the equivalent of what another Brit, former Olympic runner Ron Hill, did. He just broke his streak of running at least 1 mile ever single day for the last 19 thousand and 32 days. That's over FIFTY TWO straight YEARS! Over that time, he ran over 160 thousand miles. He stopped for a pretty good reason though, chest pains!

And dogs may be man's best friend, but cats are taking over the world. The first stop? The uber-prestigious Westminster dog show! For the first time in it's 140 year history, CATS were included. The "Meet The Breeds" display featured 40 breeds of kitties, and there was even an agility competition, where cats run around a course of obstacles. Don't go away.

I don't know, I find it odd featuring cats at a dog show. What do you think? Especially THAT dog show, it's the most prestigious dog show in the world! Okay, Krysta, your audition is still fresh in everyone's minds. Tell us two things that stuck out to you about the whole process. It's something we make everyone who appears on our show go through, even special guests like the recent Holly Hoxter. People have been asking for her audition, and here it is!

Okay, Krysta, are you familiar with the term "cosplay"? Another guest anchor of ours, Jacqui Melissa Childs, went to a nerd convention to learn ALL about cosplay! Here's what she discovered!

Imagine coming home to find THIS, in your basement. That's right, a freaking MOOSE! That's what happened to a family in Hailey, Idaho, recently. After falling into a window well, the female moose shoved her way into the house and hung out in the basement. Fortunately for the family's insurance company, the moose stayed calm until Fish and Game officers came. They tranquilized Ms Bullwinkle and released her back into the wild.

There's a hot new trend in Japan - adult SWADDLING! "Swadd-LEES" lie on a mat on their back, with their knees tucked up to their chest, snugly wrapped in cloth. They're then rocked back and forth. Devotees say it can help with posture and stiffness, and lowers their stress levels.

And a 21 year old Florida woman claims she was kicked off an airplane because she showed too much CLEAVAGE! Have a look for yourself, seems fine to me right! Spirit Airlines claims she was removed because she was drunk and obnoxious. But a number of witnesses are siding with the woman, claiming that flight attendants were "loud and rude" demanding she cover up. Well, I know what airline I won't be flying on! For Naked News, I'm Addilyn Bailey.

Okay, next up Jordan Peele from the comedy duo of KEY and Peele, is helming a new horror film unlike anything you've seen before! Madison Banes is gong Naked at the Movies to tell us ALL about it.

Get Out is horror movie unlike any you've ever seen before! Jordan Peele from sketch troupe Key and Peele has made an unforgettable directing debut that crosses many genres! Yes, horror movies often include humor and social commentary, but this movie tackles race in a way that is far beyond anything us popcorn-eaters are used to!

Things start very “Guess Who's Coming to Dinner”, but it's not long before you're Guessing Who's Going To BE Dinner! While the terror is well-earned, writer-director Jordan Peele clearly had more on his mind!

It's a strange feeling not knowing whether you're about to scream with terror, scream with laughter, or scream with outrage, but one thing's for certain: this movie's a scream through and through! Get Out is in theaters now.

Mad Max's Nicholas Hoult gets sucked back into the world of crime to try to save his girlfriend, in the new film Collide. Hoult's character, Casey then spends much of the movie on the run. And what better place to be on the run than the Autobahn?! And that's how the movie ends!...Just kidding, of course! You have many more plot twists to get through. Arguably TOO many, as the story doesn't really hold up to much scrutiny and unlike with Mad Max, you might find yourself asking “Are we there yet?” But as movies go, overall, it gets you where you're going...

This movie is fine, mindless entertainment, and not much more. I know it's hard to believe this cast, including Ben Kingsley and Anthony Hopkins, wouldn't make a great movie... but somehow this one turned out to be less than the sum of its parts. Collide is also in theaters now. See you next time, NAKED at the Movies.

That's all for today's show, we'll see you soon with this weekend's Naked News Magazine. is where you can ask us anything and Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook is where to follow us on social media.

Take care everyone!

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