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Today's Show Wednesday July 27, 2016

Wednesday July 27, 2016

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Transcript I'm Angie Heyward, WELCOME to Naked News. It's a great day to be outside but maybe not such a great day to ... Read More >> Hide >>

I'm Angie Heyward, WELCOME to Naked News. It's a great day to be outside but maybe not such a great day to be an Apple investor. Let's say hello to Natasha Olenski. She's starting things off with the headlines and some disappointing results from everyone's favorite tech company.

Angie, you wouldn't know it from all the people walking around playing Pokemon Go, but Apple's sales are actually down!

I'm actually not that surprised, they haven't come out with a real HIT in a long time.

iPhones are still their leading product but like their LAST quarter, they aren't selling like they used to. Here's the story. Look out, all you Isaac Newtons, because Apple is falling! For the second straight quarter, Apple saw a drop in their year-over-year sales! In terms of device sales, Apple's big three of iPhones, iPads and Macs were all down! In the quarter ending in June, Apple's sales were lower by over 7 BILLION dollars compared to last year, with iPhone sales declining by around 8 million units! A new iPhone launches in September, and Apple is hoping lots of people trade up!

It's a recall you may recall, and now it's gotten even BIGGER! General Mills' recall of flour began in May and has now been EXPANDED in the wake of more people getting sick! The cuprit? E. coli! It's now considered responsible for the illnesses of 46 people in 21 states! The original recall initially targeted flour produced up until December of last year, but that cutoff date has now been extended to February! Of course, the biggest lesson here is you should never eat raw dough!

Now for some fantastic news for the U.S. housing market. June saw the highest level of new single-family home sales in over 8 years! The seasonally adjusted annual rate of 592 thousand units sold is the greatest that's been seen since February, 2008. Sales of previously owned homes were also up in June, at their strongest pace since February, 2007! The housing market's strong performance has been chalked up to solid job growth and VERY low mortgage rates! Stay tuned for more, Naked News.

TMZ has acquired some CRAZY video of ex-NFL quarterback Marcus Vick. He's the less famous brother of Michael Vick. The incident happened in April and started at a gym in Newport News, Virginia. The police were questioning Marcus about a warrant for his arrest when the QB decided to make a run for it! Good luck catching him guys. Marcus ran a 4.42 40 at the NFL combine. But the cops caught up with the QB when he eventually ran out of gas and sat down on the curb. Pretty dramatic stuff. Vick was charged with resisting arrest and got a year probation, along with about a month behind bars!

At the last summer Olympics in London, organizers gave away 150-thousand condoms in the athletes' village. It might have seemed a BIT excessive but apparantly the IOC didn't think so. The governing body has TRIPLED that number for Rio! They've ordered 450-thousand rubbers for the 10,500 athletes. That's 42 condoms PER athlete! And if they need help getting in the mood, local media are reporting that drug dealers are selling cocaine using the official Rio 2016 logo! Isn't that just typical. Drug dealers have ZERO respect for copyright infringement!

NBC is giving viewers two more reasons to tune in for their Olympic coverage! Brazilian supermodels Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima will be taking part in NBC's late night coverage. The Victoria's Secret Angels will be sharing the camera with host Ryan Seacrest at the Copacabana Beach studio. Let's hope they're wearing bikinis! The girls I mean - NOT Seacrest.

And speaking of Ms. Lima, she's been spotted out and about with none other than New England Patriots star Julian Edelman. EdeLima were caught on camera holding hands in Nantucket over the weekend. Patriots players seem to have a thing for Brazilian models - not that we can blame them! Edelman's trying to score by following in the footsteps of his teammate and mentor Tom Brady, who married Gisele Bundchen in 2009.

Here's some great news for baseball fans! Twitter has just struck a deal with MLB Advanced Media that will make the social media platform home for out-of-market games, highlights and analysis! In addition to having video of all the biggest plays, a new show is being produced for Twitter that will showcase all the sporting news you need to know. It's called "The Rally" and it will air two hours every night!

Those are your headlines! Now we're heading into extra innings for this weeks MUST SEE MOMENTS! Not too often you see a game end on a wild pitch, Angie!

I'm not much of a sports fan Eila, but I always love the must-see moments! Thanks very much. Kat Curtis is next, she's got what's Trending Now online, including a big Hollywood actress getting Bernie-or-BUSTED!

It's usually pretty easy to ignore a sore loser, as sulking is generally a pretty low-energy activity. But when you're Susan Sarandon, and you're sulking at as huge an event as the Democratic Convention, it might just grab some attention. The staunch Bernie Sanders supporter was caught in full pout mode in a GIF video journalist Ian McKenna tweeted out with the caption “Susan Sarandon is having literally the worst time at the #DemConvention” His tweet has received around 10 THOUSAND retweets and over 15 THOUSAND likes. Which, amazingly, puts it miles ahead of Sarandon's RETWEET of the post, with the comment “Accurate.” Ah, democracy in 2016!

Clearly, the Internet is not to be trusted. Innocent young bots get turned into Nazis, noble nautical vessels get named Boaty McBoatFace... the list goes on. So you'd think a megacorporation like McDonald's would know the burger-building Create Your Taste promotion on their New Zealand website would go horribly awry! The feature is now off their site, after being overrun with some truly distasteful suggestions! But it wasn't removed before the sharing of such gems as Bernie Socialist Feast, The Saddest European, The Nihilist, Girth, and my personal favorite, the all-mayo Ron's Creamy Surprise!

It started its life as the hashtag in an @Midnight hashtag battle, but CrappyCompliments quickly took on a life of its own! A chord was definitely struck, as people continue to excitedly share their favorite crappy compliments or, as they're otherwise known, insults. Popular targets include appearance, intelligence and gender, with “You'd be pretty if” and “for a girl” making frequent appearances! For example, one popular celebrity tweet was Erika Christensen's “You're going to be so pretty when you grow up!” Of course, as a feminist nerd who delivers editorials while naked on the internet, I have no experience with this phenomenon whatsoever!

Vincent van Gogh only sold one painting in his entire lifetime. All of his fame and success came after his death. Keep that in mind when I tell you that Iggy Azalea just posted a butt selfie on Instagram that got over 170 THOUSAND LIKES! Now, the sexy rapper does have over 9 million followers, and from one professional to another, I'll admit that trunk's got serious junk, but c'mon! Of course, the hashtag Vegas and Azalea's high-profile split from her former fiance Nick Young kind of make it a booty pic with a story...but that story is mostly “Hey, check out my buns!”

And speaking of bun-watching, it's time to add some spice to your Instagram with our HASHTAG FOLLOW ME pick of the week!

You can pretty much count on the weather in Mexico being hot, but thanks to weather girl Yanet Garcia, that phrase is true in all senses! The form-fitting dresses she dons on Televisa Monterrey have viewers ready and waiting for a hot front to move in, and her 2-point-4 million followers on Instagram feel the same! She also trains models at her own school, and if that means more of her are coming, there are sunny days ahead. For Yanet Garcia, our door is always open! I'm Katherine Curtis, and that's what's Trending Now!

Daniel “El Loco” Barrera was one of the world's biggest coke dealers, and now he's got the prison term to prove it! Manhattan judge Gregory Woods sentenced Barrera to 35 YEARS in jail and threw in a 10 million dollar fine for good measure! El Loco's Colombia based criminal organization distributed 400 TONS of cocaine A YEAR from 1998 to 2011, and it's believed that 720 TONS of that ended up in the U.S.! Barrera was captured in 2012 in Venezuela after a MASSIVE manhunt before being deported to Colombia and eventually extradited to the U.S.

The mother-in-law of Formula One head Bernie Ecclestone has been kidnapped, and the billionaire is now dealing with a 36-and-a-half million dollar ransom demand! Aparecida Schunck was abducted from her Sao Paolo home on Friday night, and the ransom being sought for her return is believed to be the biggest in Brazil's history! Though a crackdown has reduced its frequency, kidnapping is historically a common crime in Brazil. Just one more reason to think twice about going to Rio!

Prayers for gifts from above may soon be answered! Amazon is working with the U.K.'s Civil Aviation Authority to allow for the testing and development of drone deliveries! At its best, an army of drones delivering small packages could see people receiving their purchases within 30 minutes of ordering them. But before that can happen, a system needs to be established that'll address both safety AND privacy concerns! Government officials have said they want that system to be up and running by 2020! That's the news, I'm Natasha Olenski.

With the headlines out of the way, we can all relax because it's time for a little Pillow Talk. And who better to look over at then the lovely Whitney St., John. Here she is with the BREAST news you're going to hear today.

It's news that may have you chanting “USA!” but you should really be chanting “USD, E, or F!” A study published in The Journal of Female Health Sciences shows that American women have the biggest natural breasts in the world! The study took over 300 THOUSAND breast size measurements from non-pregnant women ages 28 to 30 from 108 countries! The mean breast volume for Caucasian women from the U.S. topped the charts at around 56 ounces, bigger than a D cup!

Two things America does undeniably well are military and porn, so why not celebrate them together? xHamster has started a contest which will see someone from each service branch get the VIP treatment at the AVN awards on January 21st! The lucky chosen will get flown out to Las Vegas, walk the red carpet with porn star dates, and take in the self-proclaimed “Oscars of Porn” at their own VIP table! The contest runs until August 1st, with soldiers encouraged to send in a picture of themselves in uniform along with an interesting military story.

If cramming yourself into a tiny bathroom and possibly getting caught isn't what has you interested in joining the Mile High Club, you're in luck! Flamingo Air in Cincinnati, Ohio offers a 475-dollar package that gives you an hour in the air to do the deed in relative comfort! You get champagne, chocolate, something approximating a bed, and a pilot who promises to put the bulk of his attention on flying! Sounds okay...but I'd hold out for a private jet, ladies!

It's a clear case of “If you build it, they will come too fast!” Tokyo's first Adult VR Fest was shut down when overcrowding concerns forced organizers to end the festivities prematurely, an experience many attendees were no doubt familiar with! Among the event highlights was a machine that simulated the sensation of being with a woman in 'cowgirl' position and a box which uses air to recreate the feeling of fondling a breast! Crazy to think someday we're going to be telling our grandkids about how we used to masturbate manually! I'm Whitney St. John, thanks for joining me for some Pillow Talk!

Carli Bei went Naked In The Streets, asking people to name the song that's the theme song to their life.

I think we can all agree, though, that ALL breast sizes are beautiful! And we'd love to know what YOU think, about any of these topics! We'll be posting to our Facebook page, looking for your thoughts, so head over to facebook.com/nakednews and join the conversation.

Thanks to everyone for watching! We'll see you back again tomorrow

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