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Today's Show Tuesday August 23, 2016

Tuesday August 23, 2016

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Transcript Thanks for tuning in, I'm your host Carli Bei! We've got the latest entertainment gossip, some nerd news, a... Read More >> Hide >>

Thanks for tuning in, I'm your host Carli Bei! We've got the latest entertainment gossip, some nerd news, and a very special selection from the vault on the way. But first - the headlines! Natasha Olenski has them for us, starting with the American swimmer who dove headfirst into BIG trouble!

It's always been said that Ryan Lochte could have been Michael Phelps, if Michael Phelps wasn't around, Carli. But he became JUST as famous at the Rio Olympics.

Yeah, for being a big fat liar! Not exactly the kind of attention I think he was hoping for.

Not at all and it just got a LOT worse for him. Welcome to the Naked Newsroom, everyone. All four of Ryan Lochte's major sponsors have ditched him in the wake of his Rio scandal. Speedo, Ralph Lauren, Gentle Hair Removal and mattress company Airweave are all dropping the disgraced Olympian. In an official statement, Speedo said "we cannot condone behavior that is counter to the values this brand has long stood for". Lochte was the ringleader in a group of four swimmers who claimed they'd been held up at gunpoint and robbed at a Rio gas station. But authorities had their doubts, and video evidence later proved the athletes had been intoxicated and vandalized the gas station bathroom. The incident drew international headlines and has raised tensions between the US and Brazil. The sponsorships were believed to be worth upwards of a million dollars.

The Canadian Coast Guard had a busy weekend keeping shipping wayward Americans back across the border. Heavy winds blew more than 15-hundred US citizens across the border on Sunday. They were taking part in the Port Huron Float Down on the St. Clair River, which divides Canada from the state of Michigan. The event sees partiers drift down the river in rafts and inner tubes. When the winds picked up, people were sent off course and the coast guard spent HOURS scooping them up and shipping them back across the border by bus, with police escorts.

And this is one of those stories that's almost too good to be true. A fisherman in the Philippines spent YEARS sleeping on a hundred million dollar fortune - and he didn't even know it! More than a decade ago, the unidentified man dropped anchor off the coast of Palawan Island. It got stuck in a giant clam and he dove down to bring it back up with him. The shell had an ENORMOUS pearl inside, but not knowing its value, the fisherman decided to keep it under his bed as a good luck charm. Fast forward to earlier this year, when the wooden shack he'd been living in burned down, forcing him to clear out. He brought the pearl to a local tourism officer who was totally blown away. The pearl is worth an estimated hundred million dollars! Weighing 77 pounds and measuring a whopping 1 foot wide by 2.2 feet long, it dwarfs the current world record holder. The pearl was unveiled this week, Carli, and the local government is hoping to keep it on display as a tourist attraction.

I BET they are - I've never seen anything like it. Quite a story, thanks Nat. Lots of Naked News still coming your way, so let's check in with Angie and Kat to see what they've been working on!

The United Arab Emirates is about to get its first rainforest, Carli! Find out how, coming up in Naked News Travels!

And in the Naked Nerd, I'll tell you about a Tolkien box set more precious than the One Ring. Plus, we'll have the winner of the 2016 world Pokemon championships.

Thanks ladies! We'll check in with them again right AFTER visiting Eila Adams with the latest Entertainment headlines! I hear you've got a handful of hotties getting naked this week.

Thank goodness for fashion magazines, Carli. They give A-list models a TASTEFUL reason to take it all off. But first I've got some details on another Hollywood starlet we've enjoyed seeing naked in the past: Ms. Lindsay Lohan.

Oh Lindsay. There's always something crazy going on with her.

Well she just had a very public breakup with a rich young Russian businessman, and things just keep getting weirder and weirder! Welcome inside Entertainment! Lindsay Lohan's split from fiance Egor Tarabasov has been BIG news in Russia, and one of the country's most popular talk shows is eager to speak with her about the high-profile relationship. Lindsay's willing to do the interview, but she has some pretty outrageous demands! The "Mean Girls" star has sent producers a list that includes a private jet, a 1-year extension on her Russian visa, 500-thousand British pounds, a Ritz-Carlton penthouse suite, and oh yeah - a meet-and-greet with Russian President Vladimir Putin! Lindsay broke up with Tarabasov in July after claiming she caught him cheating on her with a hooker!

Mariah Carey's upcoming Las Vegas shows are causing all sorts of controversy... in California! Airports near Burbank and Orange County have banned Mariah's billboards promoting her Sin City shows because they're supposedly TOO racy! Apparently they've taken issue with Mariah's boobs, which are just barely covered with a gold sheet. The diva's fighting for her right to bare all, and says she spent big money on the ads. She definitely has OUR support!

Mariah was ALMOST naked in her billboard ads, but Lady Gaga's showing off her TA-TAS in V Magazine! As you can see, Gaga's gone goth in these black and white photos. She looks like an extra from the Rocky Horror Picture Show! The woman once made a meat-dress look good, so these weird wardrobe choices are downright regular for her by comparison.

Bella Hadid is following in her big sister Gigi's footsteps in the BEST possible way - with a stunning nude photo shoot for Vogue Paris. The 19 year old beauty shared a couple of photos from the shoot on her Instagram account, with the hashtags "Freethenipple" and "Loveyourbody". The black and white pics show Bella looking DEFINITELY bella, wearing nothing but a black jacket around her waist. I think I speak for us all when I say I'm wishing for a wardrobe malfunction!

ALSO Freeing the nipple for her art, gorgeous Irina Shayk is featured in a ridiculously sexy GQ Italia spread this month. The shots by celebrated photographer Mario Sorrenti show the Russian supermodel lounging on a sofa, gloriously au naturel. Irina ALSO made waves this week, making her debut as a BLONDE in Vogue Russia. She's since gone back to her natural brunette, but not before Instagramming that "blondeshavemorefun". That's how things look in Entertainment, I'm Eila Adams!

Welcome loyal minions to the Naked Nerd! I am your Overlady, Kat Curtis. A fan made Pokemon computer game- with one hundred and fifty new Pokemon - that was nine years in the making was released recently - but it didn't last long. Pokemon Uranium received more than one million five hundred thousand downloads from the creators' official sites before being removed after multiple takedown notices were sent from Nintendo's lawyers. While not exactly shocking that Nintendo would want to protect their property, especially because Pokemon Sun and Moon are being released soon, it's still a bit of a bummer- from the trailer, the game looks awesome.

Got 800 bucks burning a hole in your pocket? Are you a Tolkien fan? Well, for 800 bucks, you can buy the ultimate Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit gift set! But Kat, I know you're thinking, I have all those blu-rays, and they cost me 125 bucks on Amazon! I mean, you're not wrong, but the ultimate edition comes with a replica art book and all the blu-rays come in old leather book looking things! And you get a shelf! A very, very expensive shelf. You know what? Don't buy this. This is dumb.

Beetlejuice is headed to Broadway! A live musical version of the popular Tim Burton film is headed to the stage in 2018. It'll be directed by Alex Timbers, who directed the musical version of Rocky. So, this is not going to be great- but maybe it'll still be better than the cartoon. I'm a Tim Burton fan, so I'll be there, but if they don't do the Day-O number I'm burning down the theater.

While you were out hunting zubats in the park near your home, a bunch of actual Pokemon players were competing in a three day challenge to be the very best, like no one ever was! The 2016 annual Pokemon world championships were held in San Francisco California this past weekend, with Wolfe Glick being crowned the official Pokemon Master. No word on whether Team Rocket showed up to ruin the festivities.

And finally, Luke Skywalker himself is stepping in to ensure a terminally ill fan gets his Rogue One wish! British artist Neil Hanvey was given 8 months to life back in April, which means he most likely won't make it to see Rogue One when it's released in theaters - so he started an online campaign to get to see the film early, a campaign that's since been retweeted by Mark Hamill. Fans campaigning to get to see films isn't exactly out of the ordinary - last year JJ Abrams let a terminally ill fan see The Force Awakens early, and it's pretty much the entire plot of the movie Fanboys. But still, it's sweet. I hope Neil gets his wish. If you want to help the campaign, tweet with the hashtag rogueonewish. And on that note, I'm off to twitter to do some good for a change. Bye!

In other news making headlines today, the German government has issued an alarming decree to its people: stock up on food and water! This is the first time the country's leadership has made such an announcement since the Cold War. It's all part of the government's new civil defense concept, which advises citizens to have ten days' food and five days' water on hand in case of a national emergency. The Interior Ministry says there's no imminent threat of attack against Germany, but wants people ready in case something disastrous happens in the future.

Another week, another sexual harassment lawsuit at Fox News! This time, former host Andrea Tantaros is accusing ex-network chief Roger Ailes AND TV personality Bill O'Reilly of sexual misconduct in the workplace. In the lawsuit, Tantaros claims that "Fox News masquerades as a defender of traditional family values, but behind the scenes, it operates like a sex-fueled, Playboy Mansion-like cult, steeped in intimidation, indecency and misogyny". Her legal action comes about seven weeks after another former Fox News host, Gretchen Carlson, accused Ailes of sexual harassment. Since then at least twenty women have come out with their own stories about Ailes' lewd behavior. He has resigned amidst the allegations against him.

And Kobe Bryant's retirement didn't last very long! The NBA legend is now looking to score big in the business world by launching a 100 million dollar investment fund. Kobe is teaming up with famed venture capitalist Jeff Stibel. The "Bryant Stibel" fund will be looking to invest in tech, media, and data companies. Kobe says he has an eye for identifying up-and-coming entrepreneurs, and that the skills he learned about hard work and discipline playing basketball will translate perfectly to his new line of work. Bryant and Stibel are financing the entire hundred million dollar operation themselves. Let's hope Kobe's a better business partner than he was a teammate! From the naked newsroom, I'm Natasha Olenski!

Oh, snap, Nat! Great work. Now, it's time for our weekly feature, From the Vault! This week's pic is thanks to our loyal viewer Roberto, who wrote in "Could you guys please re-air Ariella Banks' audition. She was my favorite anchor of all time".

No problem, Roberto! Ariella was a LOT of people's favorite anchor, if our emails are any indication. And watching her audition, you'll definitely see why. She was an instant hit. Here it is, from back in 2009. Enjoy!

If you're visiting a desert country, known for its opulence, what sort of extras would you expect from your hotel? How about a RAINFOREST! I kid you not, the soon to be built, Rosemont Hotel & Residences Dubai will include a 75-thousand square foot man-made rainforest. Not only that but it will also have a “sensory rain system”, so people can have the “sensation” of rain without actually getting rained on! And if that's not crazy enough, the hotel will also have an overhanging glass-bottomed swimming pool that'll let you stare at the ground 25 stories below AND ROBOTIC HOSTS. So the rainforest may not even be the hotel's main draw!

It's one of the natural wonders of the world, but it's nothing a zipline couldn't make more exciting! Tourists will now be able to take in the glory of Niagara Falls while soaring alongside it at nearly 40 miles per hour! Honeymooners, and everyone else, can now ride along four zip lines running two-fifths of a mile along the Canadian side of the falls.

The party could be coming to an end for tourists in Bali. Indonesia is considering a bill that would make the production, distribution, and consumption of alcohol illegal. The bill was introduced by two Islamic parties in the mostly Muslim country. The tourism industry is rightly in a tizzy, saying that if anything, there should be increased monitoring rather than prohibition! Some parts of Indonesia already have alcohol bans in place, but if this bill is successful, the dry spell would go nationwide!

Everyone likes to think of a hotel as a getaway, but unless it's a REALLY exclusive hotel, one thing you won't be able to get away from is other people! Expedia recently conducted a study where they asked over a thousand Americans what behavior they find aggravating in other guests. For the second year in a row, Inattentive Parents were considered the worst, cited by 72 percent of those surveyed. That was just ahead of Hallway Hellraisers. The top ten also included In-Room Revelers, The Loudly Amorous, Poolside Partiers, and Hot Tub Canoodlers!

Of course, this may explain the appeal of Airbnb and ESPECIALLY the appeal of their most popular properties! Coming in at number three is Casa Barthel, a beautiful tree house in the heart of Tuscany, just outside of Florence. In second place, Casa Caracol in Isla Mujeres, Mexico, is a funky SEASHELL house that carries the theme throughout! And Airbnb's most wished-for listing is an escape somehow located within Atlanta, Georgia, three separate tree house rooms connected by rope bridges! Pretty awesome! For Naked News, I'm Angie Heyward. Happy travels everyone!

Welcome to the wrap up everyone! Madison's joined me here, and we're going to play a little game of "getting to know us"!

We've taken some of the actual questions that have come in to us, and we'll be answering them for you! The first question is "what would other people say is your best asset?"

I feel like I know you better now. And hopefully, our viewers do, too.

If you have any MORE questions for us, be sure to send them in to feedback@nakednews.com, and maybe we'll answer them here on the program.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in, and for watching! We'll see you back again tomorrow for another great edition of the program with nothing to hide. See you then!

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