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Today's Show Tuesday July 26, 2016

Tuesday July 26, 2016

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Transcript I'm Eila Adams. Naked News is poolside today at Oasis AquaLounge, one of our favorite adult destinations in... Read More >> Hide >>

I'm Eila Adams. Naked News is poolside today at Oasis AquaLounge, one of our favorite adult destinations in Toronto, Canada. We've got a great show for you and it includes a guest anchor that just about swept EVERYONE off their feet with her audition. Her name is Clara, she has a degree in computer science and she's getting naked for you today in Entertainment. Let's first say hello to Natasha Olenski who's standing by with the headlines. What's going on Nat?

Well, Eila, if you're taking that midnight train to Georgia, you might want to wear pants. Turns out upskirting is legal there!

Ugh. I know it may sound weird coming from a naked person, but that is so skeevy!

Everyone seems to agree on that, but 6 judges on a 9 person panel weren't sure it's illegal. Yet. Here's what's going on Eila. A Georgia Court of Appeals has overturned the invasion of privacy conviction of 'upskirter' Brandon Lee Gary. The former grocery store employee had been convicted of taking pictures up a woman's skirt with his cellphone camera while she shopped! The court's decision hinged on the idea that the “private place” referred to in the privacy law had to be a physical location, not part of the body. The majority opinion condemned Gary's behavior but said it wasn't technically illegal. Lawmakers are already working on legislation to fix the legal loophole, so enjoy it while you can, pervs!

The toxic blue-green algae that has caused many problems in Florida has now hit the state of Utah and one of the largest fresh water lakes in the US. The 150-square-mile Utah Lake is now covered with the toxic gunk. Besides the foul smell, the toxic algae causes a literal and figurative rash of health problems. Utah Poison Control reports receiving hundreds of calls, with symptoms including vomiting, diarrhea, and headaches. While the lake itself isn't used for drinking water, the bloom has spread to the north-flowing Jordan River, an irrigation source for dozens of farmers.

A small silver lining for people needing to flee toxic algae: summer gas prices are lower than they've been in a decade! Average gas prices in the US stood at 2 dollars and 18 cents a gallon on Friday, with some predicting they could soon drop below the 2 dollar mark! The low prices are due not just to the drop in the cost of oil, but a MAJOR oversupply of gas. The US currently has 241 million barrels of gasoline stored up and waiting to go! We'll be right back.

Welcome, loyal minions, to the Naked Nerd! I am your Overlady, Kat Curtis.

Someone finally caught 'em all! Nick Johnson from Brooklyn, New York, caught all one hundred and forty two Pokemon available in his area. Nick said he caught one hundred thirty five of those in his first week and a half of playing the megapopular game. He and his girlfriend would go on pokewalks, sometimes for between six and ten hours to capture the virtual creatures. I need to move to New York - all I've been catching lately is Drowzees. So many, many Drowzees.

The rumor is officially confirmed: Hollywood hottie Brie Larson is your new Captain Marvel! The 21 Jump Street stunner was revealed to be playing the superhero during the Marvel panel at this past weekend's San Diego Comic Con. She tweeted a photo of her donning a Marvel cap with the caption, “call me Captain Marvel". I think we'd call her anything she wanted, honestly.

Speaking of Comic Con, the new Justice League trailer was revealed at the huge event, surprising fans at the Warner Bros panel. Despite the fact that Zack Snyder is directing it, this film actually looks FUN. And oh my god, Jason Momoa. He looks so badass as Aquaman! There's a joke in there about Aquaman's power being able to make things wet, but I'm too classy to make it.

Rocket and Groot are headed to space- in real life! The Guardians of the Galaxy characters feature prominently on mission patches for science payloads heading to the international space station. The patches are just the beginning of what CASIS, who manages the ISS's US National Library, has planned for Rocket and Groot. Apparently, the two adorable Guardians will be the focus of an education flight contest intended to inspire and excite future scientists and engineers.

Eleague is set to host another huge esports tournament- the Overwatch Open! The giant invitational gaming tournament is offering a three hundred thousand dollar prize pool, with the first place team taking home 100K and the runner up getting 32K. Not bad! The online qualifiers started Saturday, July 23rd at overwatchopen.com. If you hurry, you can still qualify. I've played Overwatch, Eila - those players aren't messing around. I wouldn't stand a chance!

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that this tournament even exists. We'll see you later Kat. Okay, next up, she wowed us in her audition and now, back by popular demand, CLARA is here to do it all again. The ravishing redhead is going to give you the lowdown on all the news out of Hollywood, right now, in Entertainment.

Thanks very much Eila, and welcome to Entertainment everyone. It's no secret stars can make big bucks shilling products on social media, but who has the most earning potential? Social media company D'Marie Analytics crunched the numbers and found that Selena Gomez has the MOST to gain online! With more than 90 million Instagram followers she could pull in more than 550-thousand dollars per post! She shills for Coca-Cola, Pantene, and K-Mart online, but Gomez has been careful not to overdo it. Rihanna, Beyonce, and Taylor Swift were also at the top of the list.

Speaking of Selena Gomez, she shared a surprisingly emotional post with her 90-plus million Instagram followers this weekend. The cryptic note was shared a few hours after her concert in Jakarta Indonesia. Selena said that she felt unauthentic and unconnected to both herself and her music. She went on to say that she needs to re-think many areas of her life. Pretty deep stuff for the normally jovial 24-year old. I bet a delicious, ice-cold bottle of Coca-Cola might help cheer her up!

It looks like Paris Hilton's wild party days are officially behind her. The sex-tape-famous socialite is finally following in her family's footsteps and getting into the hotel business! Paris is planning to open three luxury hotels in the cities she visits most: New York, Las Vegas, and Dubai. Was I the only one expecting Paris to be in there? If you want to know what to expect, look no further than the beach clubs she helped design in the Philippines.

Emily Ratajkowski's been widely regarded as one of the world's hottest women. So when I first heard she'd JUST gotten her first swimwear campaign, my first thought was: "what the hell took so long?!" Better late than never I guess! Emily's strutting her stuff for the new swimwear line from Aussie company Amore and Sorvete, and let's just say she has a knack for filling out a bikini. THAT'S what I call making a great first impression!

And Crystal Hefner is back and better than ever! The 30-year old wife of Playboy icon Hugh Hefner recently underwent surgery to have her 34D breast implants removed. Well a few days ago, she posted THIS pic on Instagram to prove she doesn't need silicone to look sexy! She believes the implants were slowly poisoning her, leading to all sorts of health problems. Mrs. Hef now says she's happier and healthier than ever, and based on that photo we can't disagree! Thanks for joining me in Entertainment, I'm Clara!

Donald Trump is going to be hosting an Ask Me Anything on Reddit! The Republican presidential nominee will be replying to questions from Reddit users online Wednesday at 7 p.m. Eastern time. Coincidentally, or not, that's the same evening President Obama and Vice-President Biden are scheduled to speak at the Democratic Convention. For those interested in catching the Trump show instead, the Q & A will take place not in the usual Ask Me Anything subreddit, but in a pro-Trump subreddit called “The Donald”.

We may not be that impressed with flights around the world anymore, but what if I told you a team accomplished the feat without using a single drop of fuel? The Swiss-engineered Solar Impulse 2 completed its trip around the world powered only by the rays of the sun! The entire 17-leg circuit took over a year to complete, with flights occurring within March to June of last year, before resuming again this April. The solar-powered plane landed in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday, completing its incredible record-setting journey!

And the deep blue sea just got a little deeper! Chinese researchers have just discovered the deepest underwater sinkhole in the world. Located in the South China Sea, the underwater cave reaches nearly a THOUSAND feet below the surface, that's about as tall as the Empire State Building. The Dragon Hole, also known as Longdong, is also 426 feet wide at the top, more than the length of a football field! Pretty amazing. That's all for the news, I'm Natasha Olenski.

All right, time for our weekly feature, From The vault. This week's segment stems from an e-mail we read LAST Thursday from Mike. Mike wanted to know why he had never seen a One On One with our very own Katherine Curtis. We mentioned that she, in fact HAD filmed one, and it aired a number of years ago. Well today's the day we're going to show it again. Here once again is Kat's One On One.

I'm Elise Laurenne. Welcome to Dating Uncovered! After a two and a half year legal battle, gays and lesbians have won the right to use dating website ChristianMingle.com. This after a California court approved a settlement agreement with the site's parent company, Spark Networks. The site will have to change their signup and search functions to allow same-sex options. As will OTHER sites owned by Spark, like JDate and MilitarySinglesConnection.

Tinder isn't just for one on one dates any more! The dating app recently launched "Tinder Social", for groups. Users can invite friends to join a group, and then swipe and match with other groups in the area. If "It's A Match", users can connect and meet up. To use Tinder Social, users have to actively unlock the feature - so there's no worry you'll ACCIDENTALLY end up the fifth wheel to a bunch of strangers. Or alone at an orgy.

If YOU've ever used a dating app and wondered why you get so few replies to your messages - it's not just you! A new study looked at nearly nineteen MILLION messages from 400 thousand users across the US. They found that almost half of ALL initial messages go unanswered. And overall, less than ten percent of conversations end up with phone numbers being exchanged. I'm not crazy about those odds!

And finally, if you're not into the Pokemon Go craze, this might entice you: It's a great way to meet people. And by people, I mean possible dates. Stories are surfacing of people using the game to Pikachu up other players. Makes sense - at least you know you've got something in common. Plus, with millions and millions of players, the odds of finding someone to play with your Jigglypuff are pretty good! For Dating Uncovered, I'm Elise Laurenne.

Well, it was a pleasure meeting you Clara and I think I speak on behalf of everyone when i say, we hope to see you again very soon. If you've got any thoughts on today's program, or anything else that's on your mind, including Clara here, please send them in to feedback@nakednews.com. And remember to like and share us on social media. We're on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Thanks to Oasis AquaLounge for hosting us, we'll see you back here tomorrow.

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