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Welcome to Naked News, I'm Eila Adams...

And I'm Whitney St. John. We have lots going on today, and it all starts with a question Eila, do you have any addictions? Well, this is a topic Alana wanted to explore, so she went Naked In The Streets to talk to people about THEIR addictions. Here she is!

Evel Knievel's stunts may have been impressive, but they were rarely practical, which is why I'm extra-impressed with North Carolina's Whitney Biggerstaff! He recently became a Facebook sensation thanks to a pic showing him moving a couch he found on the street with his scooter! Normally, I don't think I'd go for a guy who furnishes his apartment with other people's garbage. But I'm pretty impressed by his ingenuity, his balance... and the last name “Biggerstaff!”

Superstitions are usually pretty harmless... but sometimes, they can be deadly! A flight in China was recently delayed for hours because an 80 year old passenger took the opportunity to throw coins in the engine... for luck! Mechanics then had to do a complete inspection, which uncovered one coin in the engine and eight more in the surrounding area! I think I speak for everyone when I say “Hey, lady, here's a tip: keep the change!”

I imagine a world where Yakov Smirnoff says “In Soviet Russia, toilet flushes you!” And I say “Yakov, that makes no sense.” And then he shows me this video! Those are porta-potties sliding down the streets of Moscow! I invite you all to make your own CRAPPY jokes... but I think that's terrifying! And that's my FECAL position! Back in a shit!

Okay, so moving on, Whitney, are you a fan of war movies, like Saving Private Ryan Platoon, or Inglourious Basterds, etc? Well if you like the genre then pay attention because Kat Curtis is next, Naked At The Movies, looking at the new war film called Dunkirk.

Dunkirk is a story that's well-known to World War Two buffs, but it's about to become well-known to everyone! If war brings out the worst in people, it can also bring out the best. And as writer-director Christopher Nolan explains, what happened in Dunkirk was not only singularly important in determining the outcome of the war, it's just an incredible moment in time!

Yes, many will point out that the incredible evacuation of Dunkirk wouldn't have been possible without a massive blunder by the Germans. But the fact that so many Allied soldiers were able to be saved through the courageous acts of others is definitely worthy of acknowledgment. And this epic recreation of World War II is probably the best we've seen since Saving Private Ryan!

Familiar names in the cast include Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh, and Cillian Murphy. If you're in the mood for learning and inspiration, Dunkirk is in theaters now.

On the other hand, if you want all the battle but with a lot more escapism, there's always Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. The latest from the director who brought you The Fifth Element is once again building worlds you have to see to believe. This sci-fi adventure, with leading lady Cara Delevingne, is a feast for the eyes!

I really hope those crazy kids make it... Okay, I really hope SHE makes it! If you want to see who lives and dies, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets is in theaters now. I'm Katherine Curtis, and we'll see you next time, Naked at the Movies!

Get ready to fast forward to the good parts! This is Hollywood Xposed, brought to you with the help of Mr. Skin! In theaters now, Rihanna's playing the role of Bubble in Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. But she was at her most Bubblicious when she gave us her Double Bubbles to chew on in her video for Bitch Better Have My Money! Rihanna's so hot, we remember it's her breasts we saw, even though she's LITERALLY junk in the trunk!

Jada Pinkett Smith is in theaters with Girls Trip, but Girls be Tripping if they think her best role wasn't in 1994's Jason's Lyric! She plays Lyric, which makes sense since she's total music to our eyes! Especially with an in-store romp where she showed us: BUNS for the money, Two for the SHOW, Three to get SWEATY, now go, Jada, go!

Jenny Slate stars in the movie Landline, but the Jenny we'd love to Re-CALL was the one in the FX series Married. Especially when she seduces Paul REISER and tries to make him live up to his last name! Yeah, I'll bet he was a REISER after that, but he's not the only one living up to his name. 'Cause there's no denying Jenny SLATE makes all the boys ROCK-HARD!

Episode 4 of Power's fourth season is entitled “We're in This Together”, and if the “This” refers to La La Anthony, we couldn't be happier! The former Mrs. Carmelo takes us to La La Land, which must be in Canada given her fine Mountie! Looking at the perfection that is her left breast, I finally understand why Carmelo always drives right!

Now let's stay on track with some Hollywood Xpress! On, Julia LaCour does a nude shoot on the beach for Treats Magazine with the hottest companion imaginable: herself in a mirror!

Genevieve Morton also does a nude spread for Treats, that makes us wish we were Courtin' Morton!

Seeing Justine Nikolaiev nude is enough to make us never want to niko-laiev her again!

And Meghan Wiggins pulls out her biggins for this topless shoot. And just like Addilyn doing her impression of Clay Davis from The Wire, this one had us saying “Sheeeeeeeeeeet!” With all your latest celebrity skin, for Naked News, I'm Madison Banes.

Welcome back everyone. Okay, so this may seem like an odd question but, would you ever wear food as clothing? And if so, what would it be? Up next, Laura is back in the Naked Newsroom with a story about an outfit I wouldn't WEAR, but I would certainly eat!

Edible undies are fun, but truthfully, they never really seem like a full meal. For those with more voracious appetites, Villa Italian Kitchen introduced the Pizza-Kini! On July 5th, National Bikini Day, they had a deal where they'd send you over a quote-unquote “food stylist” who'd fit you for your own two-piece, made entirely of pizza! All for a cool ten grand! Hopefully, they'll have the same offer next year, because there's nothing better than a hot pie... and also a pizza!

And if you're looking for a dessert that also keeps the party going, you might want to try some Coco Loko. Which, if the name didn't give it away, is snortable chocolate! According to reports, the effects are comparable to chugging an energy drink, with an endorphin and serotonin rush that lasts for as much as an hour! It just confirms my suspicion that there are two types of people in the world: those that want to get high on chocolate... and those who are too vanilla!

When Wayne's World came out twenty-five years ago, it was clear we'd never be able to hear Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody the same way again. Now, it's impossible to hear it and NOT headbang. So it's all too fitting that the Wayne's World anniversary celebrations in Aurora, Illinois set a new world record for headbanging! That's a thousand people headbanging at once! Which is pretty impressive... but I think we can top it! Naked News-apalooza 2017, people! You bring the booze and the hair, and I'll bring the tunes and the 'tude! Because... We are worthy! We are worthy! That's all for THIS edition of Odds N Ends.

All right, time for us to answer some feedback e-mail. I've got a question here from Jason in New York, who says, "I'm really loving the guest anchors you're bringing in. It's got me wondering, if all you ladies could bring in your own special guest, anyone, who would it be and why?"

I like that question! Good one Jason! Before we answer it, let's see what everyone else had to say.

Thanks for the question Jason, and if anyone else out there would like to ask us something, anything at all, just send it in to

You never know, it could be yours we answer on the show next!

We're done for today but we've got lots more Naked News coming your way this weekend. Madison is in South Beach checking out one of the sexiest camming conventions you'll ever see, and Kat is back, Cooking In The Raw!

She'll be joined by Angie and this time and they're attempting to make a really delicious soup!

I love soup, but we'll have to see if these two are up to the task. One last thing before we go, make sure to stay up to date with all things Naked News, by joining us on social media.

We're on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and of course, Snapchat. Take care everyone.

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