Today's Show Thursday February 23, 2017

Thursday February 23, 2017

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Welcome to Naked News, I'm Katherine Curtis! Before we get to the headlines, let's head outside the Naked News studios and check in with Madison Banes for an early look at her Naked Weather Forecast! It's looking a bit dreary out there, Maddy.

You're right but it's around 60 degrees which is close to a record for late February, SO I'M NOT COMPLAINING! BUT, I promise to brighten things up because this weekend is going to be HOT, glittery, and ALL the stars will be out! It's Oscar weekend, and there are some sensational celebs vying for that golden bald guy. I'll be taking a look at the Best Actress candidates, so don't miss it!

Thanks Madison! Her time to shine's coming up shortly, but first, some headlines! Natasha Olenski has them for us, starting with a story on how life just got a little TIT better in Colorado!

It's a big win for nudity, Kat! A judge in the Colorado college town of Fort Collins has blocked a law that would have banned female toplessness! US District Judge R. Brooke Jackson ruled that the mandate was rooted in discrimination against women. The judge said it perpetuated stereotypes that made male breasts acceptable, but female breasts taboo. Fort Collins is the hometown of Colorado State University, and I'm guessing students are in for one extra-wild spring break!

Attention people of Indiana: if one of your coworkers was mysteriously absent today, I might have the reason why. The latest Powerball jackpot has been won, and there's only ONE winning ticket! The 435 million dollar prize is the seventh largest in Powerball history. Officials have confirmed that the ticket was sold in Lafayette.

And then there were two! Budapest has officially withdrawn its bid to host the 2024 summer Olympic games. That leaves only Los Angeles and Paris as potential destinations. Hungarians were dead-set against the cost of hosting the event. It follows Hamburg and Rome on the list of major cities who backed out of their bids due to soaring costs. The IOC is scheduled to announce the host of the 2024 games in September. Don't go away.

I'm Roxanne O'Neill. Ryanair is a popular discount airline from Ireland. To their credit, they're cheap and reliable. BUT, they're a no-frills service. And I MEAN, no frills. They've considered charging people for using the toilet and have looked into using "vertical seats", AKA standing up with a seatbelt on.

So yeah, if you're flying Ryanair, don't expect luxury. They also have a reputation for truly terrible customer service. Their treatment of passengers has been described as "cavalier", "appalling" "nasty", and "rude". And yet, somehow, Ryanair just managed to outdo themselves in the awfulness department!

Last week, Niamh Herbert was supposed to fly from Dublin to London with some friends. Niamh uses a wheelchair, and checked in for the flight about 90 minutes ahead of takeoff. When she arrived at the boarding gate, she says she was told she'd have to wait for someone to help her onto the plane in her wheelchair.

Okay, fair enough. Except she kept waiting. Then, a Ryanair employee came over and asked her if she'd be able to climb the stairs "for easiness' sake". Uh, NO! Then, the plane's captain contacted the boarding desk and said he was going to take off without her. And he actually DID!

Shockingly, this isn't even the first time Ryanair has been jaw-droppingly horrific to people with disabilities. They've been sued by a woman who had to be CARRIED onto a flight by her caregiver, and just a few months ago, two women with disabilities were left behind by their flight when they were FORGOTTEN in the lift that was supposed to raise them up to the plane. There's more, but you get the gist.

I can't even begin to tell you how UNACCEPTABLE this is. Even if the flights are cheap, people are still PAYING for the services and are entitled to be treated as human beings.

Niamh is considering taking legal action against the airline, and I hope she does. But until she, and all the other customers they've treated like crap, are vindicated, we offer this: Ryanair IS, our Boob of the Week. For Naked News, I'm Roxanne O'Neill.

Jerry Bruckheimer is teaming up with Sports Illustrated to develop a TV series, which you'd think would be every sports fans' dream come true! But as Eila Adams is here to tell us, you might want to be careful what you wish for!

Very true, Kat! Not only would this series be a nightmare for some fans, it could run forever!

Well, why would it run forever if it's that bad?

Actually, it sounds pretty good! It just might upset people that there's enough material to make a whole TV series called “Sports Illustrated: TRUE CRIME!" Jerry Bruckheimer and Sports Illustrated are teaming up to develop an unscripted TV series based on the TRUE CRIME stories of athletes. It will be a strict documentary approach with no re-enactments. Bruckheimer has lots of experience telling crime stories through his long running CSI franchise. And Sports Illustrated has been having great success with their SI True Crime coverage, so the pairing should make for some great TV!

Aaron Paul became a TV icon playing a meth dealer, but now the Breaking Bad star has just signed on to play ANOTHER icon, Jack Daniel! Yes, THAT Jack Daniel! The famous moonshiner went on to be America's king of whiskey! The series is based on the book “Blood and Whiskey.” All I ask is even if it doesn't fit the post-Civil War setting, PLEASE let Aaron call people “Bitch!”

Harvey Levin is coming to Fox News! The TMZ founder will produce and host ten episodes of his series OBJECTified. Levin will tour a celebrity's house and let them tell their stories based on the objects they've gathered over the years. The series began as a special, with Levin touring Donald Trump's home months before the election.

And here's proof that the entertainment landscape is changing. The next collaboration between Martin Scorsese and Robert DeNiro won't be heading to theaters, but will instead be heading to Netflix! "The Irishman" will be the ninth time the two have worked together, and considering their previous films include Mean Streets, Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, and Goodfellas, this has to be considered a huge get for the streaming service! The movie which was first announced in 2008 is expected to go into production later this year!

SPEAKING of Netflix, it's time for our Stream This pick of the week! Abstract: The Art of Design is Netflix's look into a world that completely affects our day-to-day lives but that we almost never think about! This series gives us insight into how designers work, but more importantly for our viewing pleasure, also introduces us to some big personalities! Each episode covers one creator, and all of them are at the top of their game! It's like the old expression: Those who can, do. Those who can't, can watch them on Netflix! All eight episodes are streaming now. I'm Eila Adams, and that's what's happening, Inside The Box.

If Apple Park sounds like an alternate name for the Garden of Eden, you're not far off! Apple's much anticipated 175-acre campus will be open to employees starting in April, and it looks incredible! The 2-point-8 million-square-foot main building has the world's largest curved glass panels. The campus is powered entirely with renewable energy, and in a nice tribute, the thousand-seat auditorium will be known as the Steve Jobs Theater.

The expression 'making bank' sounds pretty cool, until you remember that it's something that banks actually do and usually at your expense! A report by CNNMoney found that America's three biggest banks pocketed more than 6-POINT-4 BILLION dollars last year in ATM and overdraft fees! That's over 25 dollars for every American adult! Add in the 2-point-3 billion the Big 3 charged in maintenance fees to keep accounts open, and we're NOT laughing all the way to the bank!

It looks like the President of Iceland should have kept his mouth shut... or at least crammed it full of pineapple! President Johannesson was recently asked what he thought about pineapple on pizza and he replied that he'd ban it if he could! The statement caused outrage in Canada, where the Hawaiian pizza was invented... and presumably in Hawaii! The President later dialed back the statement on Facebook, saying he liked pineapple and was glad he didn't have the power to ban it on pizza! Boy, good thing he didn't go after anchovies! I'm Natasha Olenski. Take care everyone.

This weekend, the stars will be shining bright at the Oscars. There are some tight races in the best actress category, and we'll taking a look at them in THIS EDITION, of my Naked Weather Forecast!

Let's first shine the spotlight on a little Brainstorm Trivia! In 2004, one movie nominated for Best Feature Documentary had a title that MIGHT make you think it was about meteorology - but it wasn't. Do you know what doc I'm talking about? Stay tuned for the answer.

Now, to the forecasts! La La Land got a record-tying 14 nominations, and Emma Stone is the odds-on favorite to win Best Actress. At just 28, this is her second Oscar nomination, just two years after her first, for Birdman. She can sing, she can dance, she can act... I think this gal is going to be around for a while! Emma was born in Scottsdale, Arizona, where the weekend will be sunny, with a high of 71.

Isabelle Huppert is an acting icon in France, and has over a hundred and thirty screen credits and a ton of awards. But her role in in the psychological thriller Elle has given her her first Oscar nomination. She's also a Hall of Famer on Mr. Skin, with almost too many nude scenes to count! Gotta love French cinema, right? Isabelle is from gay Paris, which will see some clouds and a high of 54 this weekend.

Natalie Portman is on her way to becoming a screen legend. Action, drama, comedy, Star Wars - she's done it all. And her portrayal of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy in Jackie is just the latest in a long line of great performances. It got her her third Oscar nom, following her win for Black Swan in 2011. Natalie was born in Jerusalem, which will see sun followed by a few clouds this weekend, and a high of 64.

Meryl Streep is up for her, like, hundredth Oscar, but it's first-timer Ruth Negga you'll have your eyes on. She's nominated for her portrayal of Mildred Loving, one half of an interracial couple who challenged miscegenation laws in the 1950s and 60s. Quite a change from her role as gun-toting Tulip O'Hare in the Preacher TV series! Ruth is from Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. Addis Ababa will see showers turning to thunderstorms over the weekend, and a high of 72.

Now for the answer to our Brainstorm Trivia Question! The Weather Underground was a documentary about The Weathermen, a radical left-wing militant organization that bombed a number of buildings in the 1970s. And now you know! See you on the red carpet! Have a good weekend everyone.

Well done Madison Banes! My money's on Emma Stone! Okay, moving along, I always thought they called Michael Jackson the King of Pop because he had the most number one hits. But that isn't quite the case, is it Carli.

MJ's WAY up there Kat, but there are a couple artists who've got him beat when it comes to number ones. And we just added a NEW name to the list! Turning It Up this week is RIHANNA!! All of her "work work work work work" is really paying off! The Bajan beauty's just overtaken Michael Jackson when it comes to top 10 singles on the US Billboard chart! Ri-Ri's new song "Love on the Brain" is her THIRTIETH top ten track stateside! It won't be too long before she catches The Beatles and Madonna, who are the all-time leaders for top tens with 38!

Adele's become one of the highest-paid performers in the history of EVER! Her massive world tour was completely sold everywhere she went, and new numbers show the British diva pulled in more than 625-thousand dollars PER SHOW! As far as earnings go, that places her alongside some of the biggest names in the biz, including Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, and the Rolling Stones.

Ringo Starr's got a new album in the works, and he's getting by with a little help from his friends! He shared a couple snaps on Twitter this week, showing that his old bandmate Paul McCartney had stopped by the studio to record a few tracks! And if that wasn't good enough, his pal Joe Walsh dropped in too! Will all that star power equate to an awesome album? We'll find out when Ringo's new record, which also features Peter Frampton, hits stores later this year!

In a career filled with amazing accomplishments, this one has to be right near the top for Jay-Z! He's set to become the first rapper ever inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame! It's one of music's most exclusive clubs. To make it in, an artist has to write hit songs for at least 20 years. Soon Jay will be gettin' that dirt off his shoulder alongside music legends like Bob Dylan, Marvin Gaye, and Dolly Parton!

More than a year after his death, fans of David Bowie are still looking for ways to honor their rock 'n roll hero. And it appears they've now come up with the perfect idea: It's pretty epic and organizers have started an online campaign to raise funds to build it. Their goal is 1.2 million dollars to build the 30-foot tall statue. If you're interested in chipping in, head to! Turning it up for Naked News, I'm Carli Bei!

All right, it's one of my favorite times of the week, time to answer some viewer mail! Why don't you start us off?

Absolutely! The first question is from Jeremy. He asks "I know a lot of girls apply to be on your show but what about people BEHIND the camera? How do you advertise and are you looking to fill any of those positions?"

SHOCKINGLY enough Jeremy, we don't have a lot of staff turnover here, so we don't have to do too much hiring. But when we do we hire through industry websites. Thanks for the question.

This next one is from Chandru in India. He says "I've been watching Naked News for the past 2 years. I never get bored. It's a highly entertaining and informative show. Thank you!"

Well, thank YOU Chandru! It's awesome to hear you're a fan. We actually a a pretty big fan base in India!

We're just touching people all over the place, including New York City. That's where Andy is, with this question. "When Eila travels, who is her videographer?

Our final email today is from Domenic. "I've been an avid member for a long time and love the show. Just recently there was an archive segment with and anchor that was pregnant and looked so sexy. My question is how many anchors have been pregnant and continued to work at Naked News?"

Well, Domenic, so far there have only been two of us who were pregnant on-air! Way back in 2000 and 2001, Holly Weston, one of the original anchors, was pregnant. You can see a few of her clips in the Archives. Go to "Vintage Naked News" and select "Holly Retrospective". Then there was ME, in 2011 and early 2012! You can also find a few of those segments in the archives.

That seems so long ago!

Thanks to everyone who wrote in! If you have a question or comment, make sure to let us know! Drop us a line at We love to hear from you.

See you again tomorrow!

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