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Today's Show Friday July 22, 2016

Friday July 22, 2016

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Transcript Welcome to Naked News, everyone! I'm Whitney St. John And I'm Carli Bei, coming to you from the beautif... Read More >> Hide >>

Welcome to Naked News, everyone! I'm Whitney St. John

And I'm Carli Bei, coming to you from the beautiful Hanlan's Point nude beach, in downtown Toronto, Canada! Tell me, Whitney, what are your thoughts on shaving? I don't do it that often, cause, look at my arms, I have no hair! Well, as much as we complain about shaving, we've got NOTHING on the woman that Elise is going to tell us about.

She's standing by right now with this week's Odds N Ends!

It's a title that we unfortunately associate with the circus, but one bearded lady is ready to step out of the shadows! 39-year-old Rose Geil has a hormonal disorder called polycystic ovary syndrome. Because of it, she shaved her face daily for over a quarter of a century! But damage to her skin forced her to stop shaving a few months ago, and gradually, she just let her beard grow! In a happy twist, she now gets more attention from men!

It's hard to tell if it makes no sense or all the sense in the world, but The Backyard Axe-Throwing League has applied for a liquor licence! Seems risky, but according to CEO Matt Wilson, the Ontario league had 100 thousand visitors in 2014, and the only injuries were a few cuts on the hands suffered while staff were sharpening axes. I don't know how I feel about their application, but I sure wouldn't want to be the one saying “No” to them!

Everyone knows that sex sells, even when you don't mean for it too. 25-year-old Jessica O'Brien found that out the awkward way when her post to a Facebook group selling her couch accidentally included a topless pic! That definitely piqued interest in the sofa, especially since she also offered to drop it off for free! The Manchester beauty therapist had a good sense of humor about it, reposting an edited version under the title “When you make an absolute schoolboy error on your buy and sell post!!!” Stay tuned for more Naked News.

That looks like a fun topic. What are your thoughts on weed Carli, do you think it should be legal across the board? Okay, let's move on to another topic, the upcoming Olympics in Brazil. Is this something you're looking forward to? Well, we're not the ONLY ones with an opinion on the games. Here's Isabella Rossini with Talk Is Cheap!

The summer Olympics are almost here, and stop me if you've heard this one before: they look like they're going to be a DISASTER. And I'm not exaggerating. Rio's governor has literally declared a state of disaster thanks to a serious funding deficit. But a lack of cash is just the tip of the iceberg!

How's this for a bad omen? A jaguar, which just so happens to be the MASCOT of the upcoming games, had to be shot after escaping its leash during the torch relay and trying to eat a soldier. Meanwhile olice officers on strike are greeting people at the airport with a sign that says "WELCOME TO HELL", promising visitors WON'T be safe in the city's streets. So much for to protect and serve!

Not to worry though. If you're looking for a helping hand in Rio, I hear there's plenty of human body parts washing up on the public beaches! And I hope none of the athletes get injured, because a few weeks ago armed gunmen stormed the city hospital to free a suspected drug trafficker. On the plus side: Brazil DOES have free healthcare!

Remember when the Zika virus was the scariest thing happening in Rio? Now it's barely in the top five. Number one on my list has to be the drug-resistant bacteria infesting Rio's waters where sailing and rowing events are being held. Athletes are being forced to don special suits just to go NEAR the water. Nothing like evading a super-bug while trying to achieve a personal best!

I say the IOC should settle on a short list of spots that can actually HANDLE this type of event. Kinda like what the NFL does with the Super Bowl. These games are shaping up to be a catastrophe, and the people of Rio will be left footing a bill that's always hundreds of millions of dollars pricier than originally promised. Then again, unlike the insane cost of hosting the Olympics, talk is cheap

Madison Banes goes Naked In The Streets to talk to people about marijuana. Whether they've ever used it, how they use it, and if they think it should be legalized.

Next up we have Elise with more Odds and Ends, and she's churning out a tale of one of the BUTTER arrest stories we've heard in a while.

You looked up butter puns specifically for this bit, didn't you?!

Oh come on, they're only margarine-ally terrible. Here's Elise.

Two Irish policemen found themselves in a slippery situation recently when they were threatened by a knife-wielding drunk covered in butter! Michael Rooney claims he was imitating a scene from the movie Bronson at the time of his arrest. The cops used two rounds of pepper spray to take him down before slapping the cuffs onto his greased-up wrists! Rooney received a suspended sentence for the incident, so I'm guessing he also buttered up the judge!

Score one for the dog people! A Wisconsin couple recently felt so terrorized by their cat that they actually called the police! The cat was eventually taken into custody by the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission. The injuries to the couple turned out to be minor, which is good, because that feisty feline could have been looking at NINE life sentences!

And finally, lightning has struck twice in a good way for a man from Matteson, Illinois. He won two lotteries nine years apart...using the same numbers! The five jersey numbers from his high school basketball netted the retired school administrator 50 thousand dollars the first time around and over a MILLION dollars this past June! But that's not even the best part of the story! The man's name? Larry GAMBLES! Sometimes, a thing is just meant to be! With your Odds N Ends for Naked News, I'm Elise Laurenne.

Thanks, Angie. Remind me to get that guy's digits from you later!

Now let's check in with Kat, who's probably in Nerd Heaven as she previews the new Star Trek in Naked at the Movies!

Star Trek: Beyond is the third movie in this generation of the franchise. It again sees our intrepid crew take on an epic baddie, this time played by Idris Elba! While it may seem like more of the same, JJ Abrams, who remains as a producer after ceding his director's chair to Justin Lin, explains how this movie boldly goes where the others haven't gone before!

We still get the epic action, but this movie also has a more intimate feel, as much of the story sees the group paired off. We get Kirk and Chekov, having fun with their man and boy dynamic. We get the series classic Spock and Bones. There's the unusual but entertaining matchup of Uhura and Sulu. And Scotty gets to know new hero and soon-to-be-collectable Jaylah!

This is the fiftieth anniversary of Star Trek, and it's the first film since Leonard Nimoy's passing. Anton Yelchin, who plays Chekov, also died tragically after shooting, and there has been controversy after it was revealed Sulu will become the franchise's first openly gay core character. But as Simon Pegg, who co-wrote this movie explains, there's something about Star Trek that will always live long and prosper! Very well said. And if there are some great shoot 'em ups along the way, I'm not complaining! Star Trek: Beyond is in theaters now.

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie follows the BBC cult hit that started in the '90s and never really went away. The series starred Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley as Edina and Patsy, and their outrageous drug-addled adventures are comedy gold to those not bothered by how horrible they are! In movie form, we get much of the same, though the big screen treatment sees the dial turned up on the action!

This is one of those movies that's tough to review. If you're not into Ab Fab by now, you're never going to be. And if you are into it, you're probably already drunk outside the theater! But for those of you who might want to see what you've been missing, Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie is in theaters now. For Naked At The Movies, I'm Katherine Curtis.

It's that time again! Time to get a good hard look at this week's hottest celebrity nudity in Hollywood XPosed - with the help of the fine people at Mr. Skin.

There are plenty of major movies hitting theaters, so it might be easy to overlook Summertime, also known as La Belle Saison. That'd be a BIG mistake, however! Yes it's in French, but even if you don't speak a word, I promise you'll be entranced by stars Cécile De France and Izïa Higelin - and their FREQUENTLY naked bodies! If you're a fan of girl-on-girl - and let's face it, who isn't? - you'll definitely appreciate these two fine actresses' dedication to their craft.

On the small screen, it was another fantastic week on the gritty MMA-themed series, Kingdom. First, Lina Esco's character Ava showed us her heavy bags, and later Natalie Martinez' Alicia got down and dirty. It seems like just about every episode features at least one of these beauties in the altogether, which is more than enough reason to keep watching!

In home theaters this week, we've got the Ultimate Cut Blu-Ray 4K release of Watchmen. And that means spectacular crystal-clear views of gorgeous Malin Akerman. The Swedish sexpot isn't shy about showing skin on screen, and this flick has some of her FINEST work. A particular highlight is the spaceship sex scene where we get to see for ourselves that her body is truly out of this world. Who watches the Watchmen? We do. Over and over!

If you're looking for something a bit more off-kilter, 1985's cult classic Return of the Living Dead is out in a new Collector's Edition Blu-Ray. This horror comedy gets a Hall of Fame Nudity rating from Mr. Skin! That's thanks to B-movie queen Linnea Quigley, who spends a good chunk of the movie naked and writhing around shamelessly. Her dance on top of a crypt, shaking her Quigley down under, might just be enough to raise the dead... or something.

And now it's time for some Hollywood XPress, courtesy of Egotastic AllStars! For a long time, Dakota Johnson was just known as "Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson's daughter", but her role in Fifty Shades of Grey rocketed her onto our radar. And these snaps from the set of the sequel will remind you of exactly why.

Maitland Ward is an actress best known for her role on Boy Meets World. She's never been nude for an acting role, but her Snapchat is a whole other story! And BOY, it's been worth the wait!

Barbara Di Creddo is a Brazilian Victoria's Secret model, and as we all know, those are two guarantees of jaw-dropping HOTNESS. These black and white snaps for Lui Magazine will leave you breathless and begging for MUITO MAIS!

Page 3 girl Nicola Paul is a buxom British beauty with a sweet smile and curvalicious body you won't want to take your eyes off of. I bet your "English" rose for this English rose! I'm Eila Adams, and that's a wrap on this edition of Hollywood XPosed!

Thanks to Eila Adams for all the SEXY celebrity skin and thanks to all of YOU, for tuning in.

We'll see you NEXT for this weekend's Naked News Magazine! We've got lots of amazing features for you including guest anchor Hanna so don't miss it.

If you've got any questions or comments about today's program, please send them in to feedback@nakednews.com.

You can also stay up to date with all things Naked News by visiting us on social media. We're on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Take care everyone.

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