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Today's Show Wednesday September 28, 2016

Wednesday September 28, 2016

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Transcript Welcome to the program with nothing to hide, everyone! Glad you're with us, I'm your host Carli Bei. Coming... Read More >> Hide >>

Welcome to the program with nothing to hide, everyone! Glad you're with us, I'm your host Carli Bei. Coming up, we'll be getting under the covers with Vera for some Pillow Talk, and Kat Curtis has the latest from the world of social media in Trending Now! But first up today Whitney St. John's joining us for a mid-week look at sports!

Well hello there. I've got some big news for UFC - Connor McGregor has a new fight lined up!

Already? I heard he was supposed to be out for a few months after hurting his foot in the Diaz fight.

That's what everyone THOUGHT, Carli, but apparently not! Before I give you the details on who Connor's facing, I've got another big injury to tell you about from the NFL! Houston, we have a problem! Reigning NFL defensive player of the year JJ Watt could miss the rest of the season with a back injury! The Houston Texans superstar missed the entire preseason after undergoing surgery to repair a herniated disk. Now it appears he reaggravated the injury in the team's week 3 loss to the Patriots. Watt hasn't been his dominant self so far this season, but there was still plenty of time for him to make a run at an unprecedented fourth defensive MVP trophy.

The UFC is FINALLY coming to the Big Apple, and we're getting a big fight to match! Connor McGregor will be taking on lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez at Madison Square Garden! Connor is already the featherweight champ, and if he wins, he'll become the first UFC fighter to hold two different belts at the same time! McGregor versus Alvarez is sure to be a huge hit with fans, but not everyone's happy about it. Interim featherweight champ Jose Aldo has been dying for a rematch with McGregor, and he is FURIOUS about not getting another shot. Aldo told a Brazilian news outlet that if the UFC doesn't let him out of his contract, he'll retire!

Now to some sad news from the NBA. It looks like the career of 11-time all-star Chris Bosh could be OVER. Bosh missed the playoffs last year due to a lingering blood clot issue, and it looks like the Miami Heat are ready to move on without him. Team President Pat Riley told reporters this week that the Heat are not working toward his return. Bosh claims he's healthy, but he's currently on blood thinners, which could make playing dangerous.

Usually, sports trading cards take awhile to appreciate and become REALLY valuable, but that isn't the case with this LeBron James rookie card. His uber-rare Upper Deck Ultimate Collection rookie card is considered the holy grail of modern trading cards. It's autographed and features a game-worn jersey patch. The card is up for sale at GoldinAuctions.com, and it's expected to fetch 200-thousand dollars! If you want a piece of the action you'd better act fast: bidding closes this weekend!

And we'll wrap things up in college basketball, where the Georgetown Hoyas have come up with a very romantic offer! They've announced the "Proposal Package". If you're ready to pop the question, contact the team and they'll have a proposal planner work with you one-on-one to customize the big surprise. The package includes two seats for the couple and other seats for friends and family elsewhere in the arena, y'know, to keep it a surprise. The happy couple also gets t-shirts, and a photographer will be on-hand to capture the moment. The best part? If she says no, you get your money back!

Those are your sports headlines - now let's cap things off with some of the week's must-see moments! I've been watching baseball a LONG time, and I've never seen anything quite like that! The Red Sox look unstoppable! I'm Whitney St. John and that'll do it for this edition of Naked Sports! See you next time!

In the news today, we already knew that Earth is the hottest it's been in recorded history. But thanks to new research, we now know it hasn't been this toasty for WAY longer than that! Turns out the planet is hotter than it's been in around 120 THOUSAND YEARS! This according to a recent study published is the journal "Nature". The study also concluded that we're on pace to hit the highest temperature mark in over 2 million years! The study doesn’t estimate temperature for a single year, but averages it over 5,000-year time periods. Needless to say, these are rough estimates with large margins of errors.

Of course, if we HAVE completely ruined this planet, plans to get to another one are well underway! Billionaire Elon Musk has outlined his vision for sending people to Mars, and it's not as far off as you think! His company, SpaceX, is sending an unmanned capsule to Mars in 2018 and aims to get the first crew headed to the Red Planet as early as 2024! The Mars rocket they're working on would have room for 100, plus cargo, and the intended ticket price is 200 thousand per head!

That may seem like a lot, but this next story will definitely have you thinking about leaving the planet! The Township of Centre Wellington in Ontario, Canada, recently got outbid for the water rights to a local well by multinational corporation Nestle! Wellington was looking to keep its water supply safe in the long term, while Nestle wanted it as a “supplemental well for future business growth.” Nestle was already taking nearly a MILLION gallons a day for bottling from a well in a nearby town. This may be a story worth keeping an eye on, Carli, as the company's water-taking permit for THAT well expired in July, and many people do NOT want to see it renewed!

I guess you could say they have a THIRST for justice! Thanks, Eila. Now, it's time for some crazy video and an unfortunately unforgettable earworm in this week's Trending Now! Take it away, Kat!

Thanks Carli, GoPros have made it easier than ever to shoot videos from a first-person perspective. And our brains are now trained to see first-person footage like it's from a video game. Which goes a long way to explaining why people can't get enough of YouTube user 8booth and his death-defying leaps off balconies into pools! It's hard to believe what you're seeing, and honestly, if your character did this in most games, you'd be looking at Game Over! That video has over 2-point-5 MILLION views on YouTube, and you can find it by searching for Laguna Pool Drop 2! That's right: he did this more than once! So if you find yourself swimming at a Laguna Beach hotel, you might want to look up every once and a while!

I've never seen an ACTUAL earworm, but if I could travel back in time, I would choose to have one of them jammed into my ear rather than ever hear Pen Pineapple Apple Pen! The song by Piko-Taro, the fictional creation of Japanese musician Kazuhiko Kosaka, only lasts about a minute...but that's all it needs! If you don't mute your computer, it'll be stuck in your head forever! You've been warned! Playing the clip in 3...2...1... Those of you who ignored my advice are now not only infected, you're probably a carrier! The original video on YouTube has accumulated over 5 MILLION views, and the Facebook video post on entertainment portal 9GAG has over 50 MILLION VIEWS!

Tom Hanks has starred in many hit movies, but Wedding Crashers wasn't one of them. So we have to presume the actor was winging it when he interrupted his jog and worked his way into a Central Park wedding photo shoot! Despite making the couple's day, Tom DID turn down an invite to the wedding, though he offered to officiate if they were in a pinch! Of course, the star didn't walk away empty-handed! He took a selfie with the couple which he posted to Instagram, where it's earned tens of thousands of likes!

Katy Perry is arguably the most powerful woman on social media, so you knew eventually she was going to break the internet! Thankfully, she did it for a good cause! On Monday, she tweeted “Tomorrow I use my body as click bait to help change the world.” That alone got nearly 300 thousand likes! As for the Funny or Die video which came out on Tuesday, which argues you can vote wearing whatever you want, the sky's the limit! I should point out the target audience for the video is voting age, so there's really no need to black out the good bits... but why get greedy? And in case they do release an uncensored version and the internet is permanently broken, it's been an honor and a privilege bringing you Trending Now! And on the off-chance the internet lives on, here's our pick for this week's Hashtag Follow Me!

We could tell you how beautiful Nina Agdal is, but nothing we could say would beat the greatest endorsement of all: she's Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriend! Of course, she's also appeared in multiple Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues and was on the cover of the 50th anniversary edition! Most recently, she drove the internet wild with her pic with the pizza-slice nipples and the comment “waiting for Dominos”! Very appropriate, since to her 1-point-4 million Instagram followers, Nina DELIVERS every time! I'm Katherine Curtis, and that's what's Trending Now!

Natasha Olenski talked to people Naked In The Streets about their bad habits

Sadly, everyone here has THAT bad habit, Nat! Coming up in Pillow Talk, Vera explains why a sex MARATHON may not be such a good thing! But first, Eila's in the Naked Newsroom with the hottest costumes and trends for Halloween.

Carli, the National Retail Federation in the US has released their annual survey on the top Halloween trends. The most popular costumes for the 18-to-34 year old set this year will be Batman characters, including Harley Quinn. The older demographic will settle on the more traditional, witches and pirates. And for those planning to dress their pets, the pumpkin, hot dog, and bumblebee options top the list! The amount spent on Halloween this year is projected to reach an all-time survey high of 8-point-4 BILLION dollars!

Three exotic dancers are suing the state of Louisiana over their right to strip! Under a new state law just coming into effect, all exotic dancers are required to be at least 21. The young women behind the lawsuit, all listed as Jane Does, are saying this denies their freedom of expression, violating the First Amendment! They also say the law goes against the constitution's equal protection clause by specifically targeting women! Good luck, ladies, and if all else fails, you've always got the movie rights!

When Apple removed the headphone jack from the iPhone 7, they must not have known how upset it would make people. And even if they did, they couldn't have guessed how desperate AND gullible people could be! But they know now after a YouTube video apparently has people DRILLING into their phones! This video entitled “Secret Hack To Get Headphone Jack on the iPhone 7” has over 12 million views, and it seems a lot of people missed the joke! The comments section is full of people who took it seriously and are shocked to find that their phones don't work! I guess some people just aren't ready for SMARTphones! That's the news, don't go away.

I'm Vera, and it's time for some Pillow Talk! Here's news that may surprise and possibly delight some of you men out there - marathon sex sessions usually AREN'T a good thing outside of porn videos! A Penn State University study gathered data from experts and found that people considered sex lasting 7 to 13 minutes to be ideal. Over that was too long. And in fact, over 30 minutes is, quote, "ripe for disappointment and dissatisfaction".

It turns out that people REALLY want a better condom! Swedish sex toy company LELO's innovative "HEX" condom SMASHED its Indiegogo target recently, and it's not hard to see why. The inventors integrated a hexagonal "web" into the ultra thin latex, which improves the fit and comfort, while helping keep it in place. The design ALSO prevents tears - a pretty important factor in condoms. ALSO important? How it feels. Both men and women are giving the HEX a big "thumbs" up!

Men with erectile dysfunction now have a UNIQUE option for helping keep their erection - introducing the Stays-Hard. It's basically a little "scaffold" for the penis, that is put on before sex. The creators say it's practically imperceptible to both partners. You can order a Stays-Hard for about fifty dollars online. But in England, it MAY soon be made available by prescription through the National Health Service. That'll help Brits maintain their stiff... upper lip!

But even an INDUSTRIAL strength Stays-Hard wouldn't help Kenyan man Sorence Owiti Opiyo. He has a penis so large, it's the size of a watermelon. Unfortunately, it's due to a disease so rare it doesn't even have a name. It's obviously difficult for him to "fit" properly in clothes and SEX? Not a chance, no one wants to go near him. He's scheduled to have surgery soon in hopes of reducing his massive member. We wish him good luck with that! That's all for this edition of Pillow Talk, I'm Vera!

Welcome to the wrapup, everyone! I've got Eila and Elise with me to talk about some of the news we covered today. Okay, I'm a bit of an adventurer and I've done some risky stuff like surfing with sharks. But what about that guy who's trending for jumping off of balconies into pools? As far as I'm concerned, the guy's nuts. Right?

Actually, the next one is almost as nuts, but less dangerous. WHAT is the deal with that Pen Pineapple Apple Pen song?

And finally, what did you think about Katy Perry's "voting naked" video for Funny or Die? Thanks for the discussion, and now we'd love to get your opinions on these stories, too! We've posted them to our official Facebook fan page at facebook.com/NakedNews, so be sure to head over there and tell us what you think. Take care everyone.

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