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Today's Show Thursday August 25, 2016

Thursday August 25, 2016

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Transcript Welcome to Naked News everyone, I'm Katherine Curtis. The US soccer federation has lost "HOPE" in their sta... Read More >> Hide >>

Welcome to Naked News everyone, I'm Katherine Curtis. The US soccer federation has lost "HOPE" in their starting goalie and Natasha Olenski joins us now to tell us why!

Team USA is a juggernaut in women's soccer, Kat, and goalkeeper Hope Solo was probably the most recognizable name on the squad. But she let her emotions get the best of her at the Olympics, and it's going to cost her.

Because her team got upset by Sweden in the semi-finals? It was such a big sports story that even I heard about it!

It was definitely a shocking loss, but it was Solo's conduct AFTER the game that got her into trouble. Here's the story. The United States Soccer Federation has announced that star player, Hope Solo, will be suspended for six months! The reason? After the team's heartbreaking loss to Sweden in penalty kicks in Rio, Solo accused the Swedes of playing like quote "a bunch of cowards". As good as Solo's been ON the pitch, she's been a headache OFF it. She's had a number of run-ins with the law over the years, and this latest suspension seems to be more cumulative than just about her comments on Sweden. Now 35 years old, we may have seen Solo don a team USA jersey for the last time.

Saturday Night Live star Leslie Jones is under attack again online! This time her personal website, JustLeslie.com, was viciously hacked. Racist memes were posted on her page, along with images of her passport and driver's license. The hackers also posted multiple NUDE photos believed to have been leaked from Leslie's iCloud account! Her team took the site down shortly after the hack was discovered. Jones has been a target for cyberbullies ever since she was cast in the Ghostbusters reboot. She briefly left Twitter in July due to a flood of racist tweets directed against her.

When you're Barbra Streisand you can do pretty much anything you want - including telling Apple to change things about Siri. During an interview on NPR, Streisand revealed that she called Apple CEO Tim Cook to have him fix something that'd been bothering her for years! There you have it folks, it's STRY-sand, not STRY-zand. We'll ALL be watching for the update, Babs! And for the record, Kat, having Tim Cook on speed-dial is a life goal of mine.

You and me both, Natasha. Thanks for the stories. We've got the latest in TV, music, AND your Boob of the Week up ahead. First let's stop in with Madison Banes to see what she's putting together for us in her Weather forecast!

It's rocker Gene Simmons' birthday, and I'm going to "shout it out loud" with a KISS-themed edition of the Naked Weather Forecast, coming up!

Okay, see you soon Madison! Right NOW though, we've got Eila standing by with the latest from the world of TV! So, Eila, I'm not quite sure what the old host is up to, but it looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger's takeover of Celebrity Apprentice is coming along nicely!

We recently got our first promo for the show, and as a fan, I'm happy to say it's leaning heavily on the Terminator theme!

So there's still hope his firing catchphrase could be “Hasta la vista, baby”?

No firing catchphrase as of yet, but the video does feature a line we could be hearing plenty of! I hope everyone's sitting comfortably because THIS is what's happening, Inside The Box. No matter how much we all love Kindergarten Cop, Arnie definitely has a defining role. I mean, even when he was the Governor, he was the GOVERNATOR! So despite his many accomplishments, the new promo for Celebrity Apprentice is very aware what the fans want to see! Some catchphrase potential there, for sure! The teaser also allowed NBC to get a dig in at its former host. The tagline accompanying the video reads “Brains, brawn and business acumen – we're building a better boss.” Take that, OLD boss! The show premieres in January.

Speaking of action heroes, in a series for the Discovery Network, Idris Elba will train to become a professional kickboxer. The three-part series titled simply Idris Elba: Fighter will shoot on location in Cuba, Japan, South Africa, Thailand and the UK, and see the actor training with coaches and former champions from around the world. The show will air in early 2017, and I just want to warn whoever Idris is fighting: If you hit him in the face, you're going to have a world of angry women to deal with!

Get Shorty is coming to TV. It's being adapted from the 1995 film and will star TV veteran Ray Romano along with BRITISH TV veteran Chris O'Dowd. In the 10-episode series for Epix, O'Dowd will play Miles Daly, a former Nevada mobster who goes to LA to launder money and try his hands at showbiz. Ray Romano will play a burned out producer similar to the one played by Gene Hackman in the film. The series is set to premiere sometime next summer.

It's not often a quarterback gets called for unnecessary roughness, especially a retired one! But all that could change when Peyton Manning takes part in the roast of Rob Lowe! The five-time NFL MVP will be up on stage, trying his best to keep up with professional funny people Pete Davidson, Rob Riggle, and David Spade. Hopefully, his multiple appearances on Saturday Night Live should help! The roast airs on September 5th, and Manning is expected to rake Lowe over the coals for the time the actor started a media firestorm by wrongly tweeting the quarterback's retirement!

And now, something for your viewing pleasure in this week's STREAM THIS. Last Chance U may sound like a sex comedy about a freshman trying to get laid, but it's actually a fascinating and sometimes heartbreaking look at college football! The series is set at East Mississippi Community College, a kind of Purgatory for student-athletes with disciplinary or grades issues hoping to get back to Division 1 and someday make the pros! The six-part documentary series is a Netflix original, and it was recently announced that there's going to be a second season. Without spoiling anything, you may think you know where things are headed after the first episode, but trust me. You'll want to see the first season through to the end! I'm Eila Adams, and that's what's happening, Inside the Box!

I'm AH, it was almost exactly one year ago that notorious "Pharma bro" Martin Shkreli was our Boob Of The Week. So it feels almost like deja vu that ANOTHER pharmaceutical exec is being SUCH a toolbag that they're our undisputed booby prize "winner",. THIS week. Here's why.

Millions of Americans suffer from allergies so severe that they're at risk of anaphylaxis. Their tongue and throat could swell so much they could die within minutes. When this happens, they need to be administered a drug called epinephrine as quickly as possible. And the usual method is with an Epipen. These are LITERALLY life-saving devices, and it's recommended that people with severe allergies always carry two.

The Epipen has been around since 1977, and in 2007, pharmaceutical company Mylan bought it. At that time, a two-pen set cost about fifty seven dollars. But since then, Mylan has been jacking the price up, and it's now over six HUNDRED dollars! It's also worth noting that the devices haven't changed in years, AND the actual cost of the epinephrine is roughly a dollar.

To add insult to injury, Heather Bresch, the CEO of Mylan, even had the GALL to say it was Obamacare's fault. Right, you raising the price four HUNDRED percent in the past seven years had nothing to do with it! Way to deflect, lady! And meanwhile, her salary jumped nearly seven hundred percent to almost NINETEEN million dollars! That's a LOT of price-jacked Epipens!

Here's what I said about Martin Shkreli. CLEARLY Ms Bresch didn't get the memo. And so, for showing once again that the pharmaceutical industry is happy to screw over the sick in the name of profits, YOU, Mylan CEO Heather Bresch, are our BOOB of the WEEK. Take THAT twice a day with meals. For Naked News, I'm Angie Heyward.

Exciting news, Citizens of Earth. We have a new neighbor! Researchers have confirmed that Proxima Centauri, the closest star to our sun, has a planet orbiting it! What's more, the rocky planet known as Proxima b is in the habitable zone, which means liquid water could be sustained on the planet's surface, which means it could support life! Researchers have estimated that if Proxima b has an atmosphere, surface temperatures would be between 86 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

They say the bigger they are, the harder they fall, but clearly, that's not always the case. The Airlander 10, the world's largest aircraft, experienced what looked like a slow-motion crash landing to end its second test flight! Officially dubbed the Martha Gwyn but more commonly known as the Flying Bum, the hybrid air vehicle went into a bit of a nosedive on landing. This did some damage to the front of the flight deck, but thankfully, no one on board was hurt.

And sometimes, a half-baked idea needs a little more time in the oven! Yes, it was very nice of Great Britain to issue all their Olympic athletes fancy new luggage. But as you can see, chaos ensued when they returned home and all their bags looked EXACTLY THE SAME! Luckily, the Olympians seem to have been good sports about it, taking to Twitter to joke about the situation. Apparently, everyone found their bag, eventually, particularly good news given their 67-medal haul! From the Naked Newsroom, I'm Natasha Olenski.

Thanks Nat, I wonder whose idea it was for everyone to have the exact same bag! Pretty crazy! All right, your weekend weather report's right around the corner, where Madison will be commemorating the birthday of a famous rocker. But before we get there, Carli Bei's TURNING IT UP with details on the band that just can't stop churning out number one hits!

Kat, if you haven't heard of Twenty One Pilots yet, you probably haven't been listening to the radio much lately. The electropop duo's new single from the "Suicide Squad" soundtrack, "Heathens", just topped Billboard's Hot Rock Songs chart. Now here's the really impressive part. "Heathens" replaced their last single, "Ride", at the top of the charts. And Ride replaced their single "Stressed Out". Yes that's three number one singles in a row, and their album "Blurryface" topped the Billboard 200 when it came out in May! I love this band!

Sir Paul McCartney's going back to where it all began! He's just signed a new contract with Capitol Records. McCartney's had an on-again off-again relationship with Capitol over the years, but his legendary Beatles albums were all distributed in the US by Capitol. So, why should YOU care? Mainly because Sir Paul's team is already working with Capitol on special versions of his entire discography. It could be a VERY merry Christmas for Beatles fans!

It was an emotional Saturday night across Canada as millions tuned in to bid farewell to The Tragically Hip. They're the biggest and arguably BEST band the country's ever produced. Lead singer Gord Downie has been diagnosed with an incurable form of brain cancer, so the band wanted to go on one last cross country tour, to say goodbye. It ended on Saturday night in their hometown of Kingston and was broadcast nationally. A full one THIRD of the population tuned in to watch the 3-hour concert.

When you're as big as Guns 'n Roses, you can be picky about who gets to attend your concerts! TMZ got a hold of an email the band sent to a talent agency before their tour stop in LA recently. Axl and the boys invited 50 models to the show, where they got primo seats, backstage passes, AND a spot on the guest list for the after party. The catch? NO boyfriends, non-models or ANY plus-ones allowed! It's both offensive and kinda awesome.

Now let's check out the the LONG awaited album from Frank Ocean, called "Blond". The enigmatic r 'n b singer became a huge star with his 2012 major label debut, "Channel Orange". It topped the charts AND critics' year-end best albums lists. So, how do you follow-up one of the most revered albums of the 2010's? Well in Frank's case, you get even more emotional and introspective. There's a hypnotic, meditative quality to these tracks. Have a listen to the album's lead track and first single, "Nikes". One critic described Blonde as a "trickling bubblebath" of an album. For some it might come off as lukewarm, but for others - myself included - the water feels just right. That's why I'm giving it 4 out of 5 Naked Ns! Turning it up for Naked News, I'm Carli Bei!

Gene Simmons is a rock icon. He co-fronted one of the CRAZIEST bands of all time, and gained fame for his fire-breathing, blood-spitting stage persona. We're gonna "rock and roll all night" by marking his sixty-seventh birthday on THIS edition of the Naked Weather Forecast!

First let's rock out with a little Brainstorm Trivia! Gene Simmons' masked persona is known as "The Demon". Serbian, Bulgarian, and Macedonian folklore tells of a type of demon known as an "ala". Do you know what they're known for? Stay tuned for the answer.

Now, to the forecasts! Gene Simmons gained fame as the demonic bass player and sometimes singer for KISS, but before making it big, he held some very un-rockstar jobs. That includes time as a "man Friday" to an editor at Vogue Magazine, because he was an excellent typist - though iffy with shorthand! Simmons was born Chaim Witz in Haifa, Israel, where the weekend will be sunny, with a high of 88.

In 1970, Simmons formed a band with Paul Stanley, first called Rainbow, then eventually Wicked Lester. In 1973, with Peter Criss on drums and Ace Frehley on lead guitar, they settled on KISS. And contrary to rumors, it does NOT stand for "Knights in Satan's Service". The band's first-ever performance was in front of just three people at a club in Queens, New York. Queens will see a sunny weekend with a high of 89.

KISS released their first album in 1974, and went on tour to promote it. Their first stop was at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology's Jubilee Auditorium. According to Simmons, this also marked his first groupie encounter - the first of nearly five thousand. Edmonton is looking at clouds with a high of 70 this weekend.

KISS' live show soon became legendary, with flaming guitars, pyrotechnics, and Simmons' notorious spitting blood and breathing fire. And of course, their characters - The Demon, The Starchild, The Spaceman, and The Catman. But in 1983, they decided to ditch the makeup as part of the promotion for their new album, Lick It Up. Their first unmasked tour kicked off in Lisbon, Portugal, where this weekend will be a mix of cloud and sun, with a high of 82.

Now, for the answer to our Brainstorm Trivia Question! An ala is a bad-weather demon, which aims to ruin crops by leading thunderstorms and hail to fields and orchards. Now you "sure know something"! That brings up the house lights on this edition of the Naked Weather Forecast. I'm Madison Banes, and remember - be careful with that "love gun".

Thanks, Madison! You know, they call HER Dr. Love! Okay, before we finish up here today, Eila's joined me to answer some of your feedback! The first one is from Paul, who says "Disappointed to see your medal table for the Rio Olympics showed China in second place. True China's total medals were more than Great Britain, but every sport buff knows that the table rankings are ALWAYS by number of Gold Medals. If there was a Gold Medal for magnificent mammaries among NN anchors, then Hanna would clean up! Boobalicious!"

I'm going to guess you're from Great Britain, Paul? We just decided to rank by overall medal count. As you know, we don't always play by the same rules as other media. Sorry to disappoint! But I think we're all in agreement about Hanna's breasts. Tens across the board!

The next email is from Justin. He wrote "My question to you girls may seem a little unorthodox. I've been in a wheelchair since birth due to cerebral palsy. Has any of your anchors done Naked News in a wheelchair due to a disability or has anyone had a disability of any kind work on Naked News? Thanks girls, sending you love!"

Thanks for writing, Justin! I know we've never had an anchor who used a wheelchair, and I don't believe we've ever had an anchor with a visible disability, either! Actually, I don't think we've even had anyone apply to audition. But who knows? Maybe someday!

And the last email today is from Stephen, who wrote "Friday's show was your BREAST show ever. What can I say except a celebration of large breasts! Whitney and Elise hosting. Ask An Anchor with a member asking Hanna to bounce her breasts. Hannah's pillow fights. Chelsea Handler in Hollywood Xposed. I realize that I'm supposed to be watching Naked News for the News, but sometimes the Naked portion is just overwhelming."

We understand completely, Stephen. Friday's program is always a great way to end the workweek! Especially that one in particular! If anyone missed it, be sure to check the archives!

Thanks to everyone who wrote in! If you have a suggestion, comment, or compliment, make sure to let us know! You can email us at feedback@nakednews.com, or drop us a line on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. We might even answer you right here on the program.

We'll see you back again tomorrow.

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