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Wednesday March 29, 2017

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THIS is Naked News, welcome everyone. Up ahead Kat's got what's Trending Now, and Shannon's getting ready for some Pillow Talk! But first it's time for some Naked Sports and what's the one thing everyone is talking about today Carli?

The Oakland Raiders will soon be the Las Vegas Raiders.

It's a doozy Nat, and everyone's still getting used to the idea, especially people in Oakland.

And I hear that there's more than just a new football stadium coming to Sin City!

That's right, it's a place where Raiders fans can ALWAYS score - even when the team doesn't! Renowned Las Vegas brothel owner Dennis Hof is obviously a BIG Raiders fan! In honor of the team moving to Sin City, Hof is opening a Raiders-themed cat house! It's called "The Pirate's Booty Sports Brothel", and it'll be filled with working girls in cheerleader outfits! Hof says it's made specially for sports fans, but Raiders team members get a special perk: 50-percent off! The Pirate's Booty is set to open when the Raiders arrive in 2020!

Now to some BIG news in the soccer world. FIFA has handed a shocking 4 game suspension to superstar Lionel Messi. It's for verbally abusing an official during Argentina's recent match against Chile. No one knows exactly WHAT he said, but rumor has it it involved the official's mother! Hours after the ban was announced, Argentina went out and lost to little ol' Bolivia! It's put the powerhouse team in danger of missing the World Cup! Their best player will have to sit out 3 of his country's last 4 qualifiers, so this situation could get really MESSY!

Usually when an athlete's suspended for a banned substance, you hear excuses about how they had "no idea" they were taking something illegal. That's not the case with New York Knicks center Joakim. The NBA's slapped him with a TWENTY GAME ban for using PEDs. But instead of whining and making excuses Noah's being refreshingly honest! He openly admits to taking something illegal to help him recover from nagging injuries. It's bad news, but Noah's suspension isn't even in the top ten for worst moments of the Knicks' season!

And one of the most impressive streaks in sports history is officially over! The Detroit Red Wings made the NHL playoffs for an unbelievable 25 straight years! But sadly it all came to an end Tuesday night when they were eliminated from this year's postseason race. Crazy to think that when the streak started no one had heard of the Internet, and superstar Connor McDavid was just a twinkle in his daddy's eye! With the way the salary cap works now we'll probably never see another run like it in ANY major pro sport! That's your midweek look at NAKED Sports, I'm Carli Bei!

The US Coast Guard must have ruined one HELL of a party! Authorities seized sixteen TONS of cocaine along the Pacific coasts of Central and South America as part of a massive sting operation. There were 17 raids in all over a 26-day period. At a press conference in Fort Lauderdale, officials said that 30 smugglers were arrested and the coke seized was valued at close to a BILLION with a B, dollars!

At long last the residents of Flint Michigan will have clean drinking water! A federal judge in Detroit has ordered the state to install new lead-free pipes in 18-thousand Flint homes. It's an unprecedented ruling that will cost at least 97 million dollars. It's great news for residents, whose water has been contaminated since 2014. But the ordeal isn't over yet. The pipes won't be completely replaced until 2020.

Making the bestseller list is great, but if your book is REALLY good, it'll end up in Norway's new "Doomsday Library"! Located in the northern wasteland of Svalbard, the vault is officially called the World Arctic Archive. Precious books will be stored there in digital form. Officials say that the data could survive for a thousand years after an apocalyptic event - including nuclear war. The library is actually the second vault in Svalbard. The first one houses a huge collection of seeds that could be used if global food supplies are wiped out. I don't know about you, but I think a couple episodes of Naked News should be considered for inclusion there, Nat.

We'd be a comforting reminder of simpler, NAKED-er times! Thanks Roxanne! Hundreds of protesters were arrested across Russia this weekend while demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev But one image has swept across the internet to symbolize all the unrest. Here's Kat Curtis with what's Trending Now.

Natasha, THIS woman being carried off by riot police in Russia is blowing up the internet. The pic's perfect composition almost looks like a classical painting! The woman's been identified as Olga Lozina. She was arrested while trying to free her mom and sister from police custody. The shot instantly went viral and has since been shared hundreds of thousands of times.

The internet's also flipping out over this monster truck video! You'd think after all these years of monster trucks flying off big jumps, someone would have done a front flip by now. But it had never happened... that is until the Monster Jam competition Saturday night in Las Vegas! Watch this! Love how driver Lee O'Connell capped it all off by trashing his ride. Cause that's how guys celebrate in monster trucks I guess?

Imagine spending your whole life working on one trick, and when the moment comes you pull it off flawlessly... only to be completely upstaged! That's what happened to this bearded gentleman, who I guess is doing some elaborate push ups or something. Who cares though right because the internet can't stop watching the old guy OWNING the basket! Grandpa in the background couldn't miss! The clip's gotten hundreds of thousands of likes online.

When a celebrity's daughter is trending it's normally for all the wrong reasons. But not so when it comes to Hailie Scott, better known as the daughter of Eminem! Hailie's 21 and currently enrolled at Michigan University, and as far as we can tell she's a perfectly normal and well adjusted young woman. She just happens to ALSO be incredibly hot! She celebrated her 21st birthday a few weeks ago and gave her Instagram followers the gift of awesome underboob!

Now to our #FollowMe pick of the week. Sexy women and fast cars. It's a timeless combination right up there with peanut butter and jelly. And if you love extra horsepower, allow me to introduce your dream girl: 22 year old Elettra Lamborghini! Yes, she's the granddaughter of legendary car designer Ferruccio Lamborghini! Elettra's a star on Italy's version of "Jersey Shore". She also DRIVES her 1.3 million followers crazy with super-sexy photos on Instagram! If you're ever lucky enough to score a date with the Lamborghini heiress, it's safe to assume she'll be picking YOU up! I'm Katherine Curtis and that's what's Trending Now!

This week in Pillow Talk, we're all about the sexiest female body parts, according to science!

Obviously, women are great to look at! You wouldn't go all head over heels if we weren't so spectacular from, well, head to heels! But what part of a lady gets men the hottest? Online pharmacy Dr. Felix did a survey, and the results may surprise you!

The most attractive part of the female body OVERWHELMINGLY... was the face! A full 46 PERCENT of men kept it classy! And that number goes up as men get older! I'd look more shocked, but I hear that gives you wrinkles!

So the obvious question becomes what finished second: the booties or the boobies?!? Glad you ASSED! The backside comes out Number Two with 18 percent support! Money well spent on that Booty Cam, Naked News!

So the smart money says boobs are in third place, right? You'd go TITS UP on that bet! Hair came in third place with 11 percent. Fourth goes to LEGS at 9 percent and look at this chest gentleman, it came in at number 5, with just 8 percent of men calling it their favorite body part! I want a re-count!

Looks like the next time a guy is staring lovingly in my eyes, I'll have to say “Dude, my breasts are down here!” Just a few more reasons why it's so much fun to work where I get to show off the WHOLE package! For Naked News, I'm Shannon

It's an amazing scientific advancement! A paralyzed man has regained function in his arm for the first time. It's all thanks to groundbreaking technology that reconnected his brain with his muscles! The 53-year old was paralyzed from the shoulders down after a cycling accident. Scientists at Case Western University used a brain implant that decodes brain signals to help him regain movement! It's the first time this type of treatment's been successful, and it could have a HUGE impact on future cases!

Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk has been warning us about the potential dangers of artificial intelligence for awhile now. And to make sure the robots don't eventually take over he's come up with a mind-blowing new plan: make humans into half-robots! He's started a new company called Neuralink, which is working on technology that would connect the human brain with computers using a tech called "neural lace". It would essentially allow your brain to wirelessly communicate with computers. Musk thinks the brain implants would help humans keep up with rapidly advancing AI.

And if you live in the US, your internet history and browsing habits are up for sale - whether you like it or not! On Tuesday voters in the House lifted rules that kept internet service providers from selling consumer data to advertisers. The vote was strongly opposed by Democrats but still passed by a narrow 215 to 205 margin. Critics of the rule change say ISP's will know everything about consumers, right down to their underwear size. Lucky for ME, I have nothing to hide! For Naked News, I'm Roxanne O'Neill!

All right, thanks to Roxanne for the updates. Next, do you LOL? Think RiRi is cray-cray or SWAGGY? Those are all slang terms and in light of how POPULAR slang is these days, Eila Adams is going Naked In The Streets to investigate.

Okay, we're wrapping things up today with a little Viewer Mail. The question came in from Carlton in Las Vegas, and he asked, "What is the ONE thing any guy or girl can do or say that would make you putty in their hands?" That's a good one, Carlton! I'm going to think about it while the other ladies have their say!

Now remember to only use this information for GOOD! Thanks for the question, Carlton. If YOU want to ask us something, anything at all, just send it in to Thanks for watching, we'll see you back here tomorrow.

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