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Today's Show Wednesday October 26, 2016

Wednesday October 26, 2016

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Transcript Welcome to Naked News, I'm Katherine Curtis! Angie Heyward is going to start us off today by whisking us aw... Read More >> Hide >>

Welcome to Naked News, I'm Katherine Curtis! Angie Heyward is going to start us off today by whisking us away to a "one of a kind" destination in Naked News Travels. This place sounds pretty creepy Angie.

Only if you don't like VAMPIRES Kat! You've really got to hand it to Airbnb, they've outdone themselves with this one.

And that's saying something because they've had some pretty awesome promotions.

Yeah and I think this one tops them all. Listen up folks because we're off to Dracula's castle in THIS edition of Naked News Travels. Here's a booking for those in search of a truly authentic Halloween experience: a night in Dracula's castle! AirBnB is awarding two lucky contest winners a trip to Bran Castle in Romania. It's located in the Carpathian mountains of Transylvania, and it's the place that inspired Bram Stoker to write his legendary vampire tale. Winners on Halloween won't have to spend the night all alone. They'll be accompanied by Stoker's great nephew, who's an acclaimed vampire expert himself. Best of all, guests will be taken to the castle in a horse-drawn carriage and bed down in a coffin!

In other travel news, we now have ANOTHER reason to go to Pittsburgh! The Steel City will soon be home to a 50-thousand square foot beer museum! "Brew" will be filled with beer artifacts and info from 48-hundred breweries in the US and beyond, and will include a "Beer Hall of Fame", a gift shop, and most importantly, a bar! It's slated to open in Spring 2018!

A scenic mountainous region in China's Hubei province just got a LOT more accessible, thanks to the world's longest sightseeing escalator! The 2,260 foot stairway has been under construction for years and was finally completed this month. It let's visitors enjoy the gorgeous views at Enshi Canyon without having to worry about bringing their hiking boots! The escalator takes 18 minutes to travel from start to finish, and was a huge hit when it opened during China's Golden Week national holiday.

And if you're hungry for adventure, head Down Under! The Crocosaurus Cove Wildlife Park in Darwin, Australia is home to the terrifying "Cage of Death"! Guests can pay for the privilege of being dunked in a tank with a 17-foot crocodile! For 125 dollars, you get 15 minutes inside an acrylic tank that's plunged into the water beside the croc. Then you're treated to an up-close view as the reptile chomps down on some of his favorite snacks - which hopefully doesn't include YOU! Wishing you happy travels for Naked News, I'm Angie Heyward!

Welcome to the Naked Newsroom, I'm Roxanne. I've got some good news from the war on climate change, renewable energy continues to grow! A recent International Energy Agency report shows that over half the new power capacity added in 2015 came from renewable energy sources! It notes that half a MILLION solar panels were installed every day last year, and China added two wind turbines every hour! Of course, capacity is different from actual energy produced, but still, there might be hope for this planet yet!

Expect the pictures coming out of Sweden to be less cool for awhile! The Supreme Administrative Court of Sweden has all but banned cameras on drones after ruling that they are surveillance devices! Now, the only people who'll be allowed to use camera drones will be law enforcement officers or those who apply for and get issued an expensive permit! Besides hurting photography hobbyists, the industry group Unmanned Aerial System Sweden has said the move could cost the country thousands of jobs!

And Amnesty International has released a Message Privacy Ranking, and of the big companies, it turns out Facebook is the most secure! The organization looked at the 11 companies with the most popular messaging apps to see how well they protected users' privacy, and Facebook's Messenger and Whatsapp received the highest scores. Apple's iMessage and Facetime were just behind. Near the bottom of the list were Blackberry, Snapchat, and Microsoft's Skype! Don't go away.

Thanks Roxanne! It's time now for our midweek look at Naked Sport. Natasha, as you know, I'm not the biggest sports fan, but you've got a story that makes me extra sure I never want to go to a football game.

Stadium bathrooms are bad enough Kat, but what happens when thousands of people CAN'T use them? Details on that in a moment, but we'll tip-off with the return of the NBA.

They used to always say that "God hates Cleveland", but that doesn't seem to be the case these days does it.

Not at all! They've got one team in the World Series, and another received their NBA championship rings on Tuesday night! Welcome inside my naked sports report everyone. The NBA season is officially underway, and while all 30 teams are hoping to win a title, only ONE of them is thinking about REPEATING as champs. That would be the Cleveland Cavaliers, who JUST received their championship rings at a special ceremony. Then LeBron and company went out and proved they meant business by stomping the New York Knicks! The Golden State Warriors are the odds-on favorite to win it all this season, but MY money's still on LeBron and the Cavs!

And if you're not already excited about the return of pro hoops, maybe this'll do the trick. The NBA has announced plans to broadcast games in virtual reality! The league's teamed up with NextVR to become the first pro sports association to broadcast regular season games in virtual reality. To see it, you'll need to subscribe to NBA League Pass and buy a Samsung VR headset. The plan is to have at least one game a week broadcast in VR, and if you want a look, the October 27th matchup between San Antonio and Sacramento is being shown as a free preview. I hear it's just like being at the game, without having to spend 12 bucks a beer!

The University of Alabama might be the country's biggest football powerhouse, but when it comes to PLUMBING prowess, they stink! During 'Bama's game against Texas A&M this weekend, 100-thousand people at Bryant-Denny Stadium were asked NOT to use the restrooms! A water pressure issue meant fans had to sit with their legs crossed for half the game! Talk about a crappy situation. Naturally Twitter had a field day making jokes at their expense. No roll, Tide!

NBA TV reporter Kristen Ledlow is going to be taking a little break from social media - and the reason why is TERRIFYING. On Saturday, a group of thieves ambushed her outside of her home in Midtown Atlanta, held her at gunpoint, and made off with her car, purse, wallet, and smartphone. Thankfully she was unharmed. Kristen says the robbers knew who she was and where she lived. Luckily police tracked down her car, a 2016 Corvette, less than a half hour after it was stolen. The suspects, on the other hand, are still on the loose.

And this is just amazing. 29-year old Pete Kostelnick has set a new Guinness World Record as the fastest man to ever run across the US! Pete started on the steps of San Francisco's City Hall on September 12th, and didn't stop running 'til he reached New York City Hall in Manhattan 42 days later! Pete shattered the old record of 46 days, set back in 1980, but he didn't do it alone. Running 72 miles per day meant he needed a team to help him stay on track, well fed, and in shape. He'd get up every day at 3am, have breakfast, and hit the pavement by 3:30. By the time he reached New Jersey, people even started running WITH him, Forrest Gump-style! That's the latest Naked Sports, I'm Natasha Olenski!

This is the last Trending Now before Halloween, so it seems appropriate that the most talked about video on-line right now is also might be the grossest thing I've EVER seen! An Australian man by the name of Jason Wormal posted a video to his Facebook page of a giant spider crawling along his fridge... carrying a mouse to eat! I want to say Jason is wrong, and that is the OPPOSITE of cool... but the internet disagrees with me! That video has 18 MILLION views and has been shared more than a QUARTER OF A MILLION times! And in a later post, Jason reported that they not only adopted the spider, they named him Hermie!

You don't have to be a big football fan to know that games almost NEVER end in ties. 6-6 is an incredibly low-scoring game. And any field goal under 30 yards should be a gimme! So the shocked look on Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll's face could have been for any number of reasons, after his kicker Stephen Hauschka missed a 27-yarder with seven seconds left in overtime! Of course, given that the Cardinals seriously outplayed his team, it might have been relief! Either way, the GIF of Carroll became an instant meme on Twitter, and naturally, it also got the Curb Your Enthusiasm treatment! Always funny, though based on Carroll's look, I'd say his Enthusiasm is already Curbed!

Yes, Jimmy Kimmel's 'Mean Tweets' videos always go viral! And every time Barack Obama does something funny, it goes viral! So obviously, when the President takes time out of his schedule to read his Mean Tweets, most everyone's going to watch it no matter what we do! Now let's revel in one of the sickest burns in Presidential history! I know it's government property, but I'm going to go ahead and say that is one well-earned phone drop! I'm going to miss that guy, and given the video got over a million views in its first day online, I'm not alone!

Time will tell, but as of now, there's a very good chance the press tour for Inferno will be better than the movie. That's because Tom Hanks is just SOOO charming! He was killer hosting Saturday Night Live for the ninth time on the weekend, but his most lasting moment for the week may be the interview he did with YouTube personalities Wesley Chan and Philip Wang of Wong Fu Productions! A big fan of Big, Philip requested that Tom Hanks join him in that film's famous rap. And that's why, 28 years later, we have this! That video was over 100 thousand views in its first day and climbing fast! Pretty great, though given the movie he's promoting, maybe Hanks should have gone with Disco Inferno?

And now, it's time to spice up your Instagram account with our #FollowMe pick of the week! Australian beauty Rosanna Arkle may have grown up in rural New Zealand, but now, she's all about the Down Under! She first came to fame as a cast member on the Kiwi reality show 'The GC', which has been described as 'The Hills', but set on Australia's Gold Coast. Though when Rosanna's on it, it must be PLATINUM! She's got her own fitness app, but as her 2-point-5 MILLION followers would tell you, there are some things that can't be taught! Rosanna definitely puts the 'Arkle' in 'Sparkle'! I'm Eila Adams, and that's what's Trending Now!

Given that Suge Knight is awaiting trial for murder, you'd think he'd want to avoid courtrooms! But that isn't stopping him from suing his former Death Row Records partner Dr. Dre for 300 million dollars! Knight is claiming that Dre promised him 30 percent of his earnings for life and is seeking his share of the sale of Dre's Beats to Apple. The suit also alleges that Dre was behind multiple attempts on Suge's life! Can't we all just get along?

Amy Schumer may be very popular, but no one is big enough to take on Beyonce! Schumer is currently taking a lot of flak for a lip-syncing parody she did of Beyonce's “Formation.” Though the comedian has called her version a "tribute" on Instagram, a lot of people are calling it racially insensitive and cultural appropriation. Judge for yourself: Doesn't seem so bad to me, but the video on YouTube has way more dislikes than likes, and the hashtag #AmySchumerGottaGoParty is trending on Twitter! I just hope we can all agree that it's nice to see Goldie Hawn and Wanda Sykes working again!

And if Donald Trump thinks Hillary Clinton is a nasty woman now, he might not want to see her behind the wheel! A new study by Hyundai Motor UK has found that women are on average 12 percent angrier than men while driving! And that gap got even wider when it came to dealing with a back-seat driver or someone who failed to signal! The good news is the study also provided a solution. More than half of those surveyed said what made them happy in the car was singing! Carpool Karaoke, anyone? For Naked News, I'm Roxanne!

All right thanks to Roxanne for the updates. Next up we're going Naked in the Streets! Carli's heading out to sing a tune and hear about the theme song to YOUR life!

All right, welcome to the wrapup, everyone! Eila and Roxanne have joined me to share some thoughts on a few of today's stories. So, Roxanne, you told us that Sweden has basically banned cameras on drones, requiring people to apply for a permit. Do you think this is the right move?

Okay, next, you also reported on a study that said women get road rage WORSE than men. Does that sound possible to you?

And finally, I keep thinking about that CRAZY crocodile "Cage of Death" attraction in Australia that Angie told us about. That's SERIOUSLY extreme, and got me wondering about the extreme experiences WE'VE had in our lives.

Now, we'd like to know what kind of extreme stuff YOU've gotten up to! We've got a post up on our official Facebook fan page where you can let us know your wildest experiences.

I'll definitely be checking up on that thread - I could use some inspiration!

Thanks for watching! We'll see you all back here again tomorrow!

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