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Monday December 5, 2016

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Transcript Hello, everyone, and welcome to Naked News! I'm Eila Adams, and making her cohosting debut is our recent au... Read More >> Hide >>

Hello, everyone, and welcome to Naked News! I'm Eila Adams, and making her cohosting debut is our recent audition, Sadie! It's good to have you back Sadie! How you feeling so far? Well, we'll be getting to know you a little better throughout the show, and discussing your audition and all the great feedback we got in the wrap-up! But first, let's head to Natasha, who's got a rare protest WIN in a Naked news Bulletin.

The Standing Rock Sioux tribe and their supporting protesters got to claim victory on Sunday, at least for now! Construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline has come to a halt after the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers denied Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners a necessary easement. The almost twelve-hundred mile pipeline is nearly completed, missing only this North Dakota section that would have run under the Standing Rock tribe's major water source. Score one for the good guys!

It turns out there IS a Hawaiian word for snow, and Hawaiians are getting a chance to use it! The summits of volcanoes Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea on Hawaii's Big Island have gotten several FEET of snow. This, combined with heavy winds and low visibility, has prompted the National Weather Service to issue a winter storm warning for the mountain summits! But no need to worry, tourists! Temperatures below 9 thousand feet remain more typically Hawaiian!

Normally, when we think about a hero, we're more likely to think of someone who saved someone else's life than someone who saved their own. But we still have to applaud the coal truck driver in northeastern China who had to act INSTANTLY to save his own life when his truck came to a halt on some train tracks! And as the video shows, he didn't have a MILLISECOND to spare! That is absolutely terrifying! I'm pretty sure they'd be scraping me off the grill! But thankfully, it looks like something that driver TRAINED for! We'll be right back.

We're back, and up next, it's time for Madison to bring us the latest in sports! Are you much of a sports fan, Sadie? Well, here's Madison with everything you need to know!

Tom Brady versus Peyton Manning will always be one of football's great debates. But Tom added another record to his Hall of Fame resume this weekend by passing Peyton as the all-time leader for wins by a quarterback! Brady led the Patriots to a 26-10 victory over the Rams - the 201st win of his career! The only team above Tom Brady and the Pats in the AFC? Derek Carr and the Oakland Raiders! Carr rallied the Raiders from a 24-9 third quarter deficit, helping Oakland score 29 unanswered points on the way to a 38-24 win. Right now he's MY choice for MVP!

They always say the REAL season starts in December, and I guess the Seattle Seahawks believe it! Seattle started out slow this year, but the Seahawks are playing their best football right now. They trashed Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers on Sunday Night Football, 40 to 7! And we've still got a few weeks left in the regular season, but it's never too early to start talking playoffs. At least not if you're the Dallas Cowboys! They're the first team to clinch a spot in the postseason thanks to their win over the Vikings Thursday night, coupled with Washington's loss to Arizona on Sunday.

The table is set for this year's College Football Playoff! The number one overall spot went to who else but Alabama. The Crimson Tide is the only program to make the playoffs in all three years since the format began! 'Bama will take on Washington in the first semifinal. The other clash will see number-two-seed Clemson taking on the Ohio State Buckeyes! Both semifinal games take place on New Year's eve. It's hard to see anybody beating Alabama, but that's why they play the games!

Even when he isn't 100-percent, Tiger Woods proved he's still must-watch TV this weekend with his long-awaited return at the Hero World Challenge! It was an up-and-down weekend in the Bahamas for Tiger, who returned from a 15-month layoff due to a back injury. On Sunday he had five birdies... but he also had three bogeys and three DOUBLE bogeys! The end result was a 4-over 76. But Woods showed a few flashes of brilliance and gave golf fans hope we might see the OLD Tiger again eventually. Winner Hideki Matsuyama finished at 18-under to take home the 2.3 million dollar top prize!

And we'll finish up with the most surprising story to come out of racing in a LONG time. Newly-crowned Formula One champion Nico Rosberg is retiring! The 31-year old says his childhood dream was to win the F1 title. Now that he's done it he plans on spending more time with his wife and young daughter. Rosberg lost close championship battles with Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton in 2014 and 2015, before finally edging Hamilton this year. He says he never wants to deal with that kind of stress again! The German is literally leaving tens of millions of dollars on the table by retiring. That's what I call riding off into the sunset! I'm Madison Banes and THAT, my friends, is how it looks right now in the Naked Sports department. See you next time.

I'm Veronica, your Naked Foodie! Tony the Tiger is adding CINNAMON to his Frosted Flakes! Kellogg's is rolling out the new twist on the classic cereal because, apparently, CINNAMON, is the most-requested taste idea. Kellogg's says it took them over a YEAR to find the right balance of frosting sweetness and cinnamon kick. Yeah, it definitely sounds like they'll be GREAT!

Remember Morgan Spurlock, the "Super Size Me" filmmaker who ate nothing but McDonald's for a month to make a point about fast food's relationship with the obesity epidemic? Well, he's opening a fast food restaurant of his own! But there's a catch. Holy Chicken, slated to open early next year, will be TRANSPARENT about how not-great it is for you. It'll also explain all the industry marketing tactics it's using to make you think it's eco-friendly and healthy. Pretty meta!

According to junk food review site Junk Banter, Nabisco will be releasing APPLE PIE flavored Oreos! Talk about two American classics. There's no official word yet, but it looks like it'll be vanilla cookies with an apple pie creme center. Which sounds perfect for dunking in milk. Unfortunately, it sounds like we've got to wait to find out. Junk Banter says the launch won't be until NEXT Labor Day! Seriously, that's just cruel.

Here's a great gift for the coffee lover in your life - a monthly coffee subscription! Keurig Green Mountain has launched three, six, and twelve month plans at prices ranging from fifty to a hundred and seventy dollars. The plans will deliver a box of K-Cup Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts coffee pods every four weeks, with some other coffee brands also available. No Keurig? No problem! They're also offering a discounted coffee maker to subscribers.

And finally, Accoutrements, the novelty dealer known for originating the horse head mask, is offering a range of DIFFERENTLY flavored candy canes this Christmas season. You can choose from "festive" flavors like pickle, coffee, bacon, wasabi, and even GRAVY! If those sound unappetizing - like they do to me! - you can just give 'em to friends and call it a holiday prank. You can get the canes on Amazon or the Archie McPhee website. That's a "naughty list" ending to this edition of the Naked Foodie. I'm Veronica, don't go away.

The problem with the company name Uber is when they do something creepy, it's UBER-creepy! That's the way many users feel about an update to the app that allows Uber to keep collecting passengers' location data for five minutes AFTER their trips end! Uber has said it intends to use this extra data to improve its pick-ups and drop-offs and to monitor driver performance. But people are pretty upset that the 'When Using the App' permission setting has been removed as an option from the app, and I don't blame them!

It looks like a lot of American Airlines' flight attendants will be stripping out of their uniforms, and not in a sexy way! The airline recently unveiled new uniforms, and now the flight attendants' union is asking that they be recalled after more than 16-HUNDRED health complaints! According to a memo from the Association of Professional Flight Attendants, these include headaches, rashes, itching, eye irritation, and respiratory problems! And I tend to believe them, even though they are notoriously FLIGHTY!

Finally, Philadelphia was home this weekend to an unexpected Foam Party! A transformer explosion at a power substation triggered a fire suppression system that blanketed its neighborhood with firefighting foam, up to 7 feet high! Officials have assured the public that the foam is non-hazardous, and firefighting crews were washing it off the streets and into the sewers! It may not have actually been snow, but based on the footage, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Those are your headlines, for Naked News, I'm Natasha Olenski.

So tell me, Sadie, are you someone who goes out to movies a lot, or do you just watch them at home? Well, despite it being easier than ever to just be a couch potato, the movie theaters are still somehow packing them in! Kat joins us now to go Naked at the Movies, with the story.

Eila there's no business like show business, and that's fo' SHOW business! The U.S. box office passed the 10 BILLION DOLLAR mark faster than ever this year. It reached the milestone in November! The previous record was set in 2013, when the mark was achieved on December 7th! Of course, last year's TOTAL American box office may prove impossible to catch! While it didn't reach 10 billion dollars until December 18th, that's the day The Force Awakens opened! That movie's huge numbers propelled 2015 to a record-setting 11-POINT-12 BILLION DOLLARS! No pressure, Rogue One!

One company set to capitalize on all this big box office is AMC, which is now officially the world's biggest movie theater chain! The Chinese-owned company recently acquired Europe's Odeon and UCI Cinemas in a deal worth 1-POINT-2 BILLION DOLLARS! With the acquisition, AMC now has over six hundred theaters with over 76-hundred screens! And they might be getting even bigger! AMC has a deal in place to acquire America's fourth largest theater chain Carmike Cinemas.

Of course, AMC's rise also reflects China's growing power and influence in the world of movies! One thing that makes that scary to some is the country's lax attitude towards intellectual property, and a new Chinese movie called Mad Shelia is not going to help! It is a BLATANT Mad Max: Fury Road ripoff, so blatant, I'm just going to show you the trailer, because words wouldn't do it justice! Normally, I would be pretty excited about a remake that replaces the male lead with a hot Asian babe, but c'mon! If you're going to be that obvious, the least you should do is call your “tribute” Mad Maxine!

It's especially sad to think that that movie got made, while we haven't had a new Wes Anderson movie since The Grand Budapest Hotel in 2014! But thankfully, Anderson DID make a Christmas commercial for H & M that's for all intents and purposes, a short film! It definitely has that Wes Anderson feel and a bona fide movie star in Adrien Brody! See for yourself! So charming! And the setting and the star make it feel like a Christmas version of Anderson's underrated 2007 movie The Darjeeling Limited! The four-minute-long video is called Come Together, and it's available to watch on YouTube!

Normally, a sequel to a movie not many people saw wouldn't be cause for celebration. But Goon is a comedy cult classic. The 2011 sports flick is a sweet and funny tale about hockey enforcer Doug “The Thug” Glatt, played by Seann William Scott, best known as Stiffler from the American Pie movies! He's back in Goon: Last of The Enforcers! I know Canadians put a lot of effort into convincing the world they're NOT all meathead hockey players... but I have to admit that trailer is the most Canadian thing I've ever seen! Goon: Last of the Enforcers is in theaters March 17th. I'm Katherine Curtis, and I'll see you next time, Naked at the Movies!

Vera Bambi has some sexy stories about porn salaries, backdoor action, a way to test if Viagra is legit, simple identity protection on Ashley Madison, and a card game you won't play with the relatives.

Thanks, Vera! Unlike Go Fish, I definitely won't be playing THAT one with the relatives this Christmas! All right, Sadie! It's been awesome having you back today. How did you like your first full day in the studio? Well, I know our viewers are VERY happy to see you again. You've got several more segments this week, including co-hosting me again on Friday and Sunday! I'd say you've officially hit the big time, Sadie!

Okay, in addition to "more Sadie", we've got plenty for everyone to look forward to this week including another brand-new audition. I'll also be teaching Addilyn how to go Naked In The Streets, AND Kat and Whitney have some more amazing footage from their trip to Croatia.

Now before we sign off, i've got news about Hanna's amazing painting. It's now officially up for auction on eBay! Yes, YOU can bid to own a piece of art created by the bountiful breasts of the lovely Hanna AND support an excellent cause, because all the proceeds are going to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. You can find the link to the auction on our Facebook page and our Twitter feed. So go bid now and bid often! And if any of you missed HOW this painting was created, check the archives for the December 4th Viewers Mail.
Thanks for watching, and Sadie, thanks for joining us! We'll see you all back here again tomorrow.

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