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Madison Banes gets the ball rolling with Entertainment
- Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift seem to have reignited their passive-aggressive feud on social media
- The dashcam footage of Randy Travis' 2012 nude arrest for DWI is making the rounds
- Katharine McPhee pitched a snit after being booted from a wedding reception she crashed with a friend
- Rita Ora raised some ire online after tagging some pics with Conor McGregor as "date night"
- Wolverine: The Long Night is a new scripted podcast from Marvel, about agents tracking a serial killer suspect named Logan in Alaska

Eila Adams is in the Naked Newsroom
- Russia and the US are battling over custody of a man accused of money laundering billions of dollars in Bitcoin
- A senior manager from Volkswagen has gotten 7 years for his part in the VW emissions scandal
- Several female comedians are complaining about being sent to "Facebook Jail" for negative comments about men
- Bankrupt Toys R Us is giving top execs $16 million in incentive bonuses
- Los Angeles City Council approved seveal measures that'd make the city home to recreational marijuana
- "The Silence Breakers", including Rose McGowan and Terry Crews, have been named Time Magazine's Person of the Year

In Weather, Shannon Blake wishes Anaconda-licious singer-rapper Nicki Minaj a happy birthday with a bodacious booty-themed edition of the Naked Weather Forecast! Along with Nicki's big fat ass, we pay respects to Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and the beautiful butts of our very own Naked News women. We cannot lie!

Guest Anchor Betsy is back to reveal our Boob of the Week - former Florida congresswoman Corrine Brown. Brown was convicted of 18 charges for her part in using money intended for a scholarship charity for decidedly uncharitable expenditures.

Alana BlaireĀ has got the music in her, and she'll share it with you in Turn It Up
- The new documentary "Prince's Last Year", follows the purple icon's final months, and includes previously-unseen footage
- Ed Sheeran is Spotify's most-streamed musician of the year, with 6.3 billion listens in 2017
- One of the biggest-selling tours of the year is Depeche Mode, who sold 1.27 million tickets in just 9 months
- "Unforgettable" a collection of assorted Christmas songs and other tidbits created by Paul McCartney for the other Beatles, is now on YouTube
- Alana reviews Neil Young's newest album, The Visitor, recorded with Promise of the Real

And our host Laura Desiree is joined by Eila to answer some Viewer Mail. Get the details on upcoming dating tips, Athena King, and the infamous Goldfinger "death by paint" urban legend! It's all at www.NakedNews.com