Natasha Olenski leads off the program with the big stories from the Naked Newsroom
- The US Soccer Federation has suspended Hope Solo for 6 months, following her comments about the Swedish team being "a bunch of cowards"
- Ghostbusters and SNL star Leslie Jones' website was hacked and replaced with racist memes, personal information, and nude images
- Barbra Streisand says she called Apple CEO Tim Cook directly to get the company to correct Siri's pronunciation of her last name
- Researchers confirmed Proxima Centauri has a planet orbiting it, which is in the habitable zone, meaning it could support life
- Airlander 10, the "Flying Bum" crash landed very slowly at the end of its second test flight. Nobody was injured, but there was some damage
- Great Britain gave their Olympic athletes new luggage, but the identical suitcases led to chaos at the airport

Eila Adams has the clicker Inside The Box
- The new teaser for NBC's upcoming Celebrity Apprentice with Arnold Schwarzenegger has been released, with a dig at former host Donald Trump
- Idris Elba: Fighter is set to show the star training to become a professional kickboxer
- A TV adaptation of Get Shorty on Epix iwill premiere next summer, starring Ray Romano and Chris O'Dowd
- Peyton Manning will be taking part in the upcoming roast of Rob Lowe, alongside Rob Riggle, David Spade, and Pete Davidson, among others
- This week's Stream This is Last Chance U, a Netflix documentary about college football, set at East Mississippi Community College

Angie Heyward crowns Heather Bresch, CEO of pharmaceutical company Mylan, the Boob of the Week for jacking up the price of life-saving Epipens by hundreds of percent - while jacking up her own salary by even more. 

Carli Bei is harmonious in Turn It Up
- Twenty One Pilots just had their third consecutive number one Billboard single, as Heathens replaced Ride, which replaced Stressed Out
- Sir Paul McCartney has signed a contract with Capitol Records, and work has begun on special versions of his complete discography
- A full third of Canada's entire population watched The Tragically Hip's final concert, following singer Gord Downie's brain cancer diagnosis
- TMZ reports that Guns 'n Roses invited 50 models to their LA concert, but only models - no boyfriends or plus-ones
- Carli reviews Frank Ocean's new release, Blond, calling it "emotional and introspective"

Madison Banes has the Naked Weather Forecast, which celebrates KISS rocker Gene Simmons' birthday.  She's got a look at Gene and the band's history, as well as the weekend temperatures. 

We wrap things up with Katherine Curtis and Eila answering some Viewer Mail. There's a complaint about our Olympic medal table, a question about disabilities, and a compliment about some spectacular breasts.  See it all at