Happy Hump Day!  And on a joyous day such as today, Angie Heyward steps in with News Off The Top
- Twitter stock plunged Tuesday after its first quarter earnings didn't meet expectations
- Sue Ann Arnall won't be getting any more of ex-husband Harold Hamm's $18 billion fortune after judges ruled that when she cashed the $974.8 million check Hamm wrote her, she forfeited her right to appeal
- The National Football League is set to start filing tax returns as a taxable entity, after years of not-for-profit status - despite making a billion or so dollars a year
- Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont is reported to be throwing his hat into the Democratic Presidential nominee ring, facing off against Hillary Clinton
- Celebrated primatologist and animal rights activist Dr. Jane Goodall says that SeaWorld should be closed, and calls their tanks an "acoustical hell"
- Bumble Bee Foods and a pair of employees face felony charges in the 2012 death of factory worker Jose Melena. Melena was killed when the oven he was working on was filled with tuna and turned on

Katherine Curtis checks out what's Trending Now across the web
- Despite the serious issues and unrest in Baltimore, footage of a woman catching her son ready to cause trouble - and giving him hell for it - has been a source of laughs
- Also in Baltimore, Michael Jackson impersonator Dimitri Reeves has been stopping traffic with his smooth MJ moves
- There's terrifying footage from a base camp at Mount Everest, showing the avalanche caused by the devastating earthquake in Nepal. By the way, folks, we urge you to donate to the Red Cross to aid their relief efforts in Nepal
- Someone made a video of original cinematic Joker Jack Nicholson reacting to the photo of Jared Leto, and it's pretty funny
- One of our favorite hashtags of the week is courtesy of @Midnight. It's #EuropeanSuperheroes, and spawned Italian Batman and Ambiguously Greek Duo 

The midweek Sports report is presented by the lovely Natasha Olenski
- The LA Angels of Anaheim have coughed up about $68 million to get Josh Hamilton off of their roster
- It's NFL Draft time, and Washington owner Daniel Snyder is offering a million bucks to whoever picks the exact order of all 32 first-round players
- Angels pitcher Garrett Richards broke the Texas Rangers' Adrian Beltre's bat all three times they faced one another. Beltre sent Richards a bill
- JJ Watt hand-wrote a note to a Houston Texans fan's boss, so she could see his Charity Classic baseball game
- ESPN 2 got some flak from sports fans when they aired over two hours of Heroes of the Storm, an online game

Our Guest Anchor Madison checks out what's got the nerds excited in Game Spot
- This summer's Windows 10 will include the classic Solitaire card game and the old Start menu
- Telltale Games has partnered with the creators of the Marvel Universe's Avengers comic books to create a console and PC series
- Capcom says the remastered Resident Evil HD has sold a million copies, and became the biggest first-day selling game ever
- There are details about the impending Mad Max game now that the developers, Avalanche Studios, released a gameplay video
- We review the Year One Survival edition of the horror role-play game State of Decay. Early hint: Good stuff!

Eila Adams scours television for the best bits and offers them up in Boob Tube
- Jerry Seinfeld re-performed his very first stand-up set for David Letterman
- Terry Crews kicked butt against Mike Tyson on Celebrity Lip Sync Battle, with a killer performance of Vanessa Carlton's A Thousand Miles
- Manny Pacquiao told an easy-to-misinterpret story of how his bout with Floyd Mayweather came to be, on Jimmy Kimmel Live
- Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay appeared on the Late Late Show with James Corden, and proceeded to drop so many F-bombs that even Big Brother host Julie Chen got into the act

There's also an Ask An Anchor with Carli Bei, who tells us a bit more about her time at the Young Swingers event at Hedonism in Jamaica.

And in the Closing Remarks, Peyton Priestly and Katherine Curtis have a few disagreements while discussing some of today's stories. They also have the results of our most recent poll question.  To see everything, go to www.NakedNews.com