Natasha Olenski gets today's program started with the top stories from the Naked Newsroom
- The CIA and FBI are reported to be closer to finding the insider who provided Wikileaks with classified materials
- General Motors says that one of their plants in Venezuela was seized by local authorities
- It's now specifically prohibited for service members in the US Navy and Marine Corps to share nude photos without the subjects' consent
- A huge iceberg has made its way to Newfoundland, Canada, drawing tourists to the town of Ferryland
- A study in the Immunity scientific journal, says that frogs' skins have a gland that secretes a substance that helps battle the flu
- Starbucks' new Unicorn Frappuccino is a rainbow-colored concoction that's the latest entry in the internet's unicorn food craze

Eila Adams will never interrupt your favorite programs as she goes Inside The Box
- Netflix revealed that Dave Chappelle's first comedy special is their most-watched ever
- Fear Factor is coming back to MTV with Ludacris hosting, but it won't be as gross-out as the old verion
- King Kong Skull Island is coming to TV as a serialized continuation of the movie franchise - with a female lead
- VH1's Dating Naked has been cancelled. It's believed that poor ratings were the trigger, but we say the main reason is that blurred isn't naked
- Our Stream This selection for the week is Girlboss, based on the real life of Sophia Amoruso, starring Britt Robertson

Erika Jordan has another edition of Ask A Sexpert, and this time she talks about why it seems like many women seem to prefer to have relationships with jerks. 

Our Boob of the Week is everyone involved in the trash fire that is the Dutch game show "Neem Je Zwemspullen Mee". As Roxanne O'Neill explains, its appalling "competitions" include male "contestants" deciding if a woman is "Pregnant or just fat", and guessing whether someone is Chinese or Japanese. Despite the producers trying to claim the show is satire intended to show that people are often mistaken when they assume things based on appearances.  But we say the truth is they're just insulting, exploiting, and objectifying people for yuks.

Madison Banes celebrates National Lookalike Day by taking a look at some of the anchors' celebrity doppelgangers - according to technology versus according to actual people.  Let's just say that the celebrity twin sites and apps have a pretty broad definition of "lookalike"!

Carli Bei goes all the way to 11 in Turn It Up
- A 6-song Prince EP called Deliverance was slated to be released today, but the icon's estate is suing to stop it
- Ed Sheeran has settled in the lawsuit that claimed his hit song Photograph was stolen from a song called Amazing
- 69 year old shock rocker Alice Cooper is heading on tour Down Under, hitting several Aussie cities
- 50 US cities will mark Make Music Day on June 21st, where people can make music in street studios
- We also review Kendrick Lamar's sensational new release, DAMN - and DAMN, it's good!

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