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by #ThrowbackThursday- Kat Curtis Checks Out A Cosplay Ball!

Happy #ThrowbackThursday, everyone! This weekend, Carli is checking out Fan Expo, a giant geek culture convention. In anticipation of that segment, here's a waybackplayback from two years ago! In this clip, Naked Nerd Kat Curtis covers the 2014 GeekPr0n Cosplay ball at the Virgin Mobile Mod Club! Featuring performances by Charlie Quinn, Miranda Tempest, The Nerdy Stripper, Itto Kagutsushi, and... READ MORE >>

by Fallout 4 Trailer Looks Bonkers

The new Fallout 4 trailer is here, and it looks GORGEOUS! As Kat mentions in her Naked Nerd segment today, in this version of the popular game, it appears that a shadowy operative called The Institute are creating very human-like androids called Synths, which should make for a very compelling story. The environment looks absolutely beautiful, and we can't wait to play this one! READ MORE >>

by The Naked Nerditorial- Kat Does Disney, Part 2

Storm castle. Claim castle as own. Kick Beast out of castle and strongly suggest anger management. Track down witch that caused curse. Coerce witch to break curse. Live in harmony with her Dad, Mrs. Potts, Lumiere, Cogswell, and all those books. READ MORE >>

by The Naked Nerditorial- Kat Does Disney, Part 1

Disney Princesses suck. Straight up. They're these helpless little wimps who do everything wrong, yet somehow manage to fail upwards into a Happily Ever After. Well, that's not how life works. Ask any guy with a trilby and a neckbeard how far being nice and passive has gotten him. Passive niceness may get you liked, but it won't get you your happy ending. You have to work for it. With that in... READ MORE >>

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