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by New Poll Question! Do you think companies like AirBnb lead to the proliferation of homes that are essentially illegal hotels?

On today's program, Angie Heyward tells us that New York legislators have okayed a bill that would require all rental listings be for 30 days or more. That would basically ban people from offering their homes on AirBnb or other sites for short-term stays. The lawmakers claim the law would prevent commercial companies from buying up properties to turn them into "hotels" using AirBnb or similar... READ MORE >>

by New Poll Question! Are the summer Olympic Games in Rio going to be a disaster, or has everything been overblown?

In today's program in Sports and in our Wrapup, we talk about some of the troubles surrounding the upcoming Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. From the Zika virus, to polluted waters, to crime, to political issues, to massive financial issues, all we've been hearing is terrible news. So we want to know if you think that Rio is going to be able to pull off the Games, or is it going... READ MORE >>

by New Survey Question! Do you think millennials 18-35 have it tougher than previous generations, or are they just unwilling to do what it takes to make it on their own?

On today's program, we found out that for the first time in US Census history, more adults 18-34 are living with their parents than any other living arrangement, like living alone or with a spouse. Nearly a third of these millennials are living at home. That said, the phenomenon is most evident in areas where rents and mortgages are highest. Katherine Curtis, Eila Adams, and Isabella Rossini... READ MORE >>

by New Poll Question! Do you think there should be MAJOR punishment doled out to people who interfere with wildlife in national parks?

On today's program, we talk about the recent incident at Yellowstone National Park. Tourists took a baby bison they thought "looked cold", put it into their vehicle, and took it to the park rangers. Rangers tried to reintegrate the bison with its herd, but it was repeatedly rejected. Since the baby would have starved to death or been hit by vehicles, it was euthanized. There are warnings... READ MORE >>

by New Poll Question! Do You Have Any Tattoos?

On today's program, we talk about an App called InkHunter, available on iOS and Android. It lets you see what you'd look like with a tattoo, and could help people decide if they really, truly want to get inked, before it's too late. Eila Adams, Angie Heyward, and Guest Anchor Addilyn talk a bit about tattoos and regrets, and we wanted to know about you. Let us know where you stand, by casting... READ MORE >>

by New Poll Question! Do you think that Apple is losing its appeal in the marketplace?

On today's program, we hear that Apple's iPhone sales have gone down for the first time ever, and the company's revenue dropped for the first time in 13 years. Elise Laurenne, Kat Curtis, and Isabella Rossini share their thoughts on it in our wrapup, and discuss whether it's because the recent iPhone releases haven't been as groundbreaking as earlier ones, or if people are moving to other... READ MORE >>

by New Poll Question! Have you ever tried COLD-FX, and did it work for you?

In today's news, Isabella Rossini reports on a possible class action lawsuit against the drug company behind COLD-FX. It's a cold and flu remedy that's advertised as providing immediate relief of cold and flu symptoms, when taken within the first three days of symptoms. A British Columbia man has filed a complaint saying that the company's research indicated that COLD-FX's benefits would only... READ MORE >>

by New Poll Question! Hulk Hogan's Right To Privacy Versus Gawker's First Amendment Rights

Hulk Hogan, real name Terry Bollea, sued Gawker for publishing excerpts from a sex tape. Hogan claimed his right to privacy, and Gawker claimed First Amendment rights, saying that because Hogan talked openly about his sex life, publishing the excerpt was journalistically sound. The jury disagreed, and has awarded Hogan over $140 million in damages. Gawker plans to appeal, saying important... READ MORE >>

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