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by Meet The Naked FLOTUS Model, Melanie Marden

Rapper T.I. has sparked outrage with the release of his latest music video. First Lady, Melania Trump has called for the video to be boycotted for depicting her likeness in the oval office, stripping naked while T.I. watches from the President's desk. The Canadian-born model, actress and producer, Melanie Marden is now defending her role in the video for online haters who are ravenous in their... READ MORE >>

by "Bowsette" Is The Hot New Cosplay Character - And We Approve!

In the Super Mario games, Bowser is the bad guy. But someone wondered just what it'd be like if the baddie was instead a sexy "Bowsette". And cosplayers have run with it! #BowsetteCosplay is a hot new hashtag, with some hot costumed babes showing off their stuff! You don't have to be a gamer - or a plumber! - to appreciate this look! READ MORE >>

by Latest Social Media Trend, The #Belfie

The global bum craze is palpable! Fans of backsides will be happy to know that a quick search for the hashtag #belfie will direct them to an endless gallery of bare bums on display in locations around the world. With sexy celebs like Kim Kardashian flaunting her derrière on the regular, the public can't resist joining in on the fun! Why not make your contribution today? Simply remove the... READ MORE >>

by New York Bakery Makes Naked Marilyn Monroe An Edible Delight!

In 1949 a young, starry-eyed Marilyn Monroe posed nude for Playboy Magazine in what would become one of the era's most iconic moments. The LuLu Cake Boutique in Scarsdale, NY just revealed a stunning reproduction of the famous photo in a completely edible cake format! The dessert is composed of vanilla cake, mascarpone filling, marzipan, white chocolate, and candy sprinkles. It weighs in at... READ MORE >>

by Suzy Cortez Strips Down For Playboy World Cup Edition!

Brazilian bombshell and former Miss BumBum Winner, Suzy Cortez is hot with World-Cup Fever! Her latest nude shoot (announced on the model's Instagram) is playfully raunchy as she bares her bountiful backside whilst clutching a soccer ball! Suzy has claimed she plans on giving Philippe Coutinho a personally signed copy! Check out the article here! READ MORE >>

by It's Madness! Miss America Is Scrapping The Swimsuit Competition!

It's true! The Miss America Organization has announced that the best part of the program - the swimsuit competition - is no more. In fact, the iconic beauty pageant won't even be a pageant any more! Miss America 2.0 will be open to women of "all shapes and sizes" and will have an "interactive" portion where each contestant will "highlight her achievements and goals in life and how she will use... READ MORE >>

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