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by The Art Of The Orgasm

July 31st was National Orgasm Day, and in celebration, we are sharing these gorgeous and very artistic photographs snapped by Lithuanian photographer Albert Pocej. The black and white images are of women experiencing 100% genuine orgasms. Check them out below, full article here. READ MORE >>

by 21st Annual World Body Paint Creations!

International body paint artists and models from over 50 countries gathered in Klagenfurt, Austria this week for the 21st annual World Bodypainting Festival. Check out some of the top looks. Along with these incredible creations on display, festival goers were entertained by musical acts; Culcha Candela, Camo & Krooked and MIA, a punk/new wave group from Germany. READ MORE >>

by Florida Nudist Resort Hosts Open Door Event

No need to back a bag if you're attending the Cypress Cove Nudist Resort Open House event in Kissimmee, Florida this Saturday! The stunning facility will be open for visitors to experience the resort and "dip a toe" into their lifestyle. The event will include the opportunity to enjoy on-site dining, a hair and nail salon, a massage center, a boutique, bicycle and golf cart rentals, a fully... READ MORE >>

by New York Bakery Makes Naked Marilyn Monroe An Edible Delight!

In 1949 a young, starry-eyed Marilyn Monroe posed nude for Playboy Magazine in what would become one of the era's most iconic moments. The LuLu Cake Boutique in Scarsdale, NY just revealed a stunning reproduction of the famous photo in a completely edible cake format! The dessert is composed of vanilla cake, mascarpone filling, marzipan, white chocolate, and candy sprinkles. It weighs in at... READ MORE >>

by Chasing Waterfalls Is The Latest Craze In Nude Traveller Insta Accounts!

Naked tourists through Australia have been rampantly contributing to a growing gallery of pics snapped at gorgeous waterfalls! The trend has been coined "travel belfies", meaning butt-selfies and in this case, in the presence of cascading waterfalls! Get Naked Australia is the account to follow if chasing waterfalls in the nude is your cup of tea! Click here READ MORE >>

by Singers Stripped Down in South African Choral Concert

The story is striking controversy and uproar by event planners globally, though the group of stripped choir singers are being praised by their choir master for paying tribute to the Xhosa tradition of removing their garments to dance in small aprons. Read the full story here and check out the awesome video of their performance below. READ MORE >>

by UK's Cheeky Past of Streaking at ROYAL Events!

Days after the Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, it's safe to say the event wasn't interrupted by the appearance of a nude hooligan, however it certainly WOULDN'T have been anything out of the ordinary. UK locals are OBSESSED with streaking in front of the Royal Family. Numerous nude accounts have been documented at events such as; 1996 Wimbledon, The Queen's Golden Jubilee, The... READ MORE >>

by Spencer Tunick Wants YOU Naked for Art!

Photographer Spencer Tunick has made a name for himself conceptualizing and arranging massive nude installations by directing hoards of naked volunteer bodies interwoven into breathtaking vignettes. His next piece will be photographed in July on famous Chapel Street in Melbourne! The piece will be titled 'Return of the Nude' To read more and register to take part, click here. READ MORE >>

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