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by Brooklyn Street Art Depicts NAKED Sex Offenders Of The Era!

A series of art posters have popped up across Brooklyn's Williamsburg and Greenpoint neighbourhoods depicting the eras TOP sex offenders of the #MeToo movements; Donald Trump, Bill Cosby, Brett Kavanaugh and Kevin Spacey completely naked. The posters are inspired by the famous Picasso "Les Demoiselles d’Avignon" in which naked women are painted into a brothel scene. The posters have been... READ MORE >>

by Naked Ladies Cause A Commotion Covered In Strawberry Jam

Art certainly is all about personal expression, sometimes more cerebral than the public can wrap their heads around. Two ladies were busted by police for casually sitting completely naked and smeared in sticky strawberry jam in the middle of a busy Manchester high street. The two artists had a toaster plugged into a nearby car battery and were prepared to begin toasting slices of homemade... READ MORE >>

by Puerto Vallarta Is Experiencing A Naked Crime Spree

We've showed you Kylie Cupcake Morgan naked in Puerto Vallarta before - and this is nothing like that! The popular tourist destination has experienced a wave of bizarre cases that see people abducted, and then tied naked to lampposts with their butts smacked raw and the letter R shaved into their heads! Crazy stuff! Most of the victims have refused to talk or claimed they didn't remember what... READ MORE >>

by Opera Queensland Plans To Have 200 Naked Women In Their Don Giovanni!

The Director of Opera Queensland's upcoming production of Mozart's Don Giovanni wants to alter the opera's ending to feature 200 naked women! She says she wanted to update the piece to give the titular cad's victims more of a voice and face him down. Usually, Don Giovanni gets dragged down to hell to pay for his sins, so being faced with a couple of hundred nude women is quite a change! Opera's... READ MORE >>

by Ex On The Beach Babes Bare Bums for Instagram!

Scottish Ex On The Beach Reality Star, Che McSorley shared a sex bare-bottomed bath time photo with friend, Zahida Allen while on vacation in Austria! Needless to say her soaking bottom and stunning rose-tattoo on full display have captured the hearts of many fans on her Instagram. Check out her profile here READ MORE >>

by Saying "I Do" In The Nude!

Naturist couple, Anca and Valentine Arsene are making headlines with their recent nuptials in the nude! The bare-skinned bride and groom exchanged vows in veil and bow-tie before an an ordained mutual friend. The private ceremony on a beach in Sardinia was held on the 18th of July, 2018! Check out their full story here. READ MORE >>

by Mozart For The #MeToo Era!

The Opera Queensland company in Australia is staging Mozart's classic 'Don Giovanni' with a powerful performance element requested of all women attending. The famed story of Don Giovanni spotlights a man boasting about his sexual pursuits and conquests as a great seducer of women. Director Lindy Hume has asked that in the final scene of the opera, the women in attendance stand naked or... READ MORE >>

by Students Strip Down For Charity Calendar!

Cambridge University students have stripped down for not one but FOUR great causes! An all-nude calendar series was shot around famous locations across the city in the early morning hours as not to cause too much of a public commotion! The calendar costs 10, with all proceeds going to Beat Eating Disorders, Mary's Meals, Papyrus and Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre.... READ MORE >>

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