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by Aussie Natursists Are Teeing Off In The Buff!

Wearing nothing more than sunhats and running shoes, the naturists of the BruJul Nudist Retreat in Darwin, Australia have taken to the Humpty Doo Golf Course! The event was called "Wandering Bares" and was organized by 69-year-old nudist Bruce Jensen and his wife Julie, who run the retreat. Check out the fun snaps below and the full article here. READ MORE >>

by How To Survive A Heatwave - GET NAKED!

A first-time skinny dip can be awfully intimidating to the non-naturist. But in some of the high heat temperatures we've reached this season, we're running out of options for how to keep comfy under the summer sun... it's time to strip down and seize the summer! Check out this awesome article by Alice O'Keefe on the joys of getting naked! CLICK HERE. READ MORE >>

by The "Nacation" Is Travel-Addicts' Latest Trend!

The trend of Naked-Vacationing or 'Nacation'-ing has sent international travellers around the globe for the most unforgettable nude adventures. In 2016, residents of Florida spent 4.3 billion dollars visiting exotic destinations like (our favourite), Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica! So why has this naked-travel-trend popped up in popularity? Dr. Sanam Hafeez, a neuropsychologist in New York City... READ MORE >>

by New York Bakery Makes Naked Marilyn Monroe An Edible Delight!

In 1949 a young, starry-eyed Marilyn Monroe posed nude for Playboy Magazine in what would become one of the era's most iconic moments. The LuLu Cake Boutique in Scarsdale, NY just revealed a stunning reproduction of the famous photo in a completely edible cake format! The dessert is composed of vanilla cake, mascarpone filling, marzipan, white chocolate, and candy sprinkles. It weighs in at... READ MORE >>

by Worldwide Naked Bike Ride In Protest Of Pollution!

This past weekend saw two major Naked Bike Ride events take to the streets. Citizens of Thessalonik, Greece and Mexico City flocked in nude hoards of thousands to draw attention to the rise of pollution and environmental dangers we are causing the planet. Attendees were decorated in elaborate body paint including beautiful depictions of nature and stark colours with messages strewn across their... READ MORE >>

by Nude Spencer Tunick Photo Shoot Thwarted By Woolworths Supermarket

Spencer Tunick makes art we love. His iconic photographs feature hundreds or even thousands of naked people in spectacular places, and his shoots are legendary. But his plans for a new piece in Melbourne, Australia has been given the kibosh by the Woolworths supermarket chain. His request to use a rooftop car park owned by the chain has been refused, and he's pissed! Woolworths says it's... READ MORE >>

by It's Madness! Miss America Is Scrapping The Swimsuit Competition!

It's true! The Miss America Organization has announced that the best part of the program - the swimsuit competition - is no more. In fact, the iconic beauty pageant won't even be a pageant any more! Miss America 2.0 will be open to women of "all shapes and sizes" and will have an "interactive" portion where each contestant will "highlight her achievements and goals in life and how she will use... READ MORE >>

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