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by Spam King Sentenced To Prison, Hot Drinks May Lead To Cancer, Radiohead "Live From A Moon Shaped Pool" & More On Today's Program

On today's program, Eila Adams has the Naked Weather Report, which commemorates the anniversary of Valentina Tereshkova leaving the Earth in Vostok 6, making her the first female astronaut. Eila also looks at other women in space, including Sally Ride, Roberta Bondar, and Liu Yang. She's also got the weekend forecasts in this out of this world segment! See the whole program and hundreds more at... READ MORE >>

by FDA Black-Boxes Some Painkillers, Samsung's Galaxy S7 Consumer Reports' Top Smartphone Ever, A Real Cat Burglar & More On Today's Program

Another "hump day" at Naked News means another awesome day for you! That includes Natasha Olenski heading up to the plate in her Naked Sports report. She's got stories like - The Tampa Bay Rays played the Cuban national team in Havana, Cuba. The Rays won 4-1 in front of Barack Obama and Raul Castro - MMA is set to be legalized in New York. The sport has beel illegal there since 1997. Expect a... READ MORE >>

by US Job Openings Surge, 2015 Set Shark Attack Record, More Bad News For Johnny Manziel & More On Today's Program

Today's Naked News program starts off with Angie Heyward and the News Off The Top - A new law signed by Barack Obama will provide up to 50 million Africans with electricity in the next five years - US job openings surged to 5.6 million, nearly triple the positions available in 2009 - Google CEO Sundar Pichai will keep $199 million in stock if he remains in his role until at least 2019 - 2015... READ MORE >>

by Michael Bloomberg Mulling Presidential Run, Broncos And Panthers To Super Bowl, New Suicide Squad Trailer & More On Today's Show

Welcome back to another spectacular week at the one and only Naked News. It's going to be a terrific week. We've got Guest Anchors Ky, Danni, and Vera Baby coming up, plus a fresh new audition. And there's another clip from Amnesia Rockfest, as Carli Bei interviews Big D & The Kids Table. And of course, all the great news, sports, entertainment, and more that you know and love. That includes... READ MORE >>

by Viagra For Women Approved, Ashley Madison Member Details Leaked, First Hurricane Of The Season & More On Today's Show

Today's show is another one of our Hump Day sensations, guaranteed to end - or begin, or refresh - your day with a smile. The lineup includes Whitney St. John checking out the best moments from television - A news anchor's "Uranus" pun shocks his deskmates - Sir Patrick Stewart visited Conan O'Brien and they reenacted Stewart's famous kiss with Sir Ian McKellan - Mother Nature surprises a news... READ MORE >>

by Wildfires Blazing On US West Coast, Netflix Announces New Leave Policy, Adidas Wants James Harden & More On Today's Show

It's another busy day out in the world - and here at Naked News! It's all hosted by lovely Madison Banes, who guides us through the program and finishes up with a little Viewer's Mail! We had a recent question come in asking our anchors if they ever got told they look like specific celebrities - and if they do, which one. So, we find out their answers. Would you believe that two of the ladies... READ MORE >>

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