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by Absolut, The Vodka With Nothing To Hide (VIDEO)

Check out our favorite new ad campaign for one of our favorite beverages! The fun and playful video features employees on site at bottling and distilling facilities in Sweden, as well as their famous grain fields! READ MORE >>

by BANNED Toothpaste Advertisement!!!

Believe it or not, an organic TOOTHPASTE ad has been banned in the UK for displaying what appears to be a fully-nude model, posed alongside a cluster of onions! Though Raconteur Media Ltd firmly stated they did not intend to objectify the female form, the Advertising Standards Authority has banned it for being overtly sexual... Check out the story here. READ MORE >>

by We're Not Lovin' McDonald's New Slogan

McDonald's is addressing "the haters" in its new advertising campaign - and it might be a more regrettable decision than the McPizza. The fast food giant will be launching the slogan "Lovin' Beats Hatin" as a complement to its longtime catchphrase "I'm Lovin' It." READ MORE >>

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