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by Laura Goes Coconuts In The Naked Newsroom & More On Today's Program

Guest Anchor Laura is in the Naked Newsroom with the bulletins today, with stories including - 200 million US voters' personal information was exposed, thanks to a marketing firm working for the Republican party - American supercomputers are out of the top 3 ratings for the first time since 1996 - At least 20 flights out of Phoenix needed to be cancelled because of the extreme heat - Time... READ MORE >>

by Amateur Taylor Auditions, Looks at 50 Shades Of Black and The Finest Hours, Video Gaming News & More On The Weekend's Shows

Is there any better word than "weekend"? Maybe a few, but not many, and that's especially true when you've got great Naked News programming to enjoy. There's tons of great segments to enjoy, including the first step in Eila Adams' new fitness program! She's entering a bikini fitness competition, and we'll be following her efforts. See it all at READ MORE >>

by Whitney Tests Her Nerd Cred At Fan Expo, Kat And Angie Bake Apple Pies, Eila Schmoozes With Porn Star Asa Akira & More On Our Weekend Shows

We've been working hard to make sure we do our part to make your weekend the best days of the week! That includes Katherine Curtis and Angie Heyward in a new edition of Cooking In The Raw. They're in the kitchen making in-the-apple apple pies. Well, mostly Kat, because she doesn't trust Angie with a knife, and even the spoon was a bit of a risk. But the results are a sweet delicious treat... READ MORE >>

by Sexpert Dr. Jess, Marley Marijuana, Brazil's Miss BumBum & More On Today's Show

In Dating Uncovered, sexy sexpert Dr. Jess sits with Whitney St. John to talk about keys to a healthy sex life. Communication is the big thing, but what exactly does that mean? Dr. Jess has the answer. To see the entire program, go to And don't miss our Black Friday Sale - it's our best membership price ever! READ MORE >>

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