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by A Bounty Of Beautiful Booties & More On Today's Program

In Weather, Shannon Blake wishes Anaconda-licious singer-rapper Nicki Minaj a happy birthday with a bodacious booty-themed edition of the Naked Weather Forecast! Along with Nicki's big fat ass, we pay respects to Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and the beautiful butts of our very own Naked News women. We cannot lie! You can see it all at READ MORE >>

by Best Of Athena King On Today's Show

While we're off for a few days over the holiday period, we're bringing you some special classic content to enjoy. Today, we've got the Best Of Athena King. Athena specialized in Viewer's Mail and Sports segments, so we've included some of those, plus both of her One On One segments. Why did she have two? Well, after she took a year off from Naked News, she returned a little bit... different. So... READ MORE >>

by It's A Trip Way Back In Time - A Naked News Program From 2003!

We get a lot of requests to show our older programs, so since it's a holiday in our neck of the woods, we decided to offer up a full show from all the way back in 2003! The show is hosted by Erica Stevens and Lily Kwan, with segments featuring other past anchors Athena King, Samantha Page, Gia Gomez, Roxanne West, Sandrine Renard, Michelle Pantoliano, and of course, the First Lady of Naked... READ MORE >>

by Ex-NFLer Darren Sharper Sentenced, Utah Legalizes Firing Squad Executions, Average Penis Size Revealed & More On Today's Show

Today's show is hosted by Isabella Rossini, who also heads up the discussion in today's Closing Remarks. She, along with Katherine Curtis and Eila Adams, discuss a survey about average penis sizes, the apparent feud between Rob Kardashian and Kim Kardashian, and Eva Mendes' comments about never wearing sweatpants at home. It's the capper to a terrific show that you can catch at... READ MORE >>

by Holiday Show - Best Of Flex Appeal

Naked News is offering up some special programming for the holiday season and today's show features Whitney St. John hosting the "Best Of" Flex Appeal! There have been some great Flex Appeal segments over the years, and we've picked some of our favorites. There's the very popular - and very bouncy - Kangoo Jumps class with Katherine Curtis, Eila Adams, Peyton Priestly, and Natasha Olenski.... READ MORE >>

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