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by Opera Queensland Plans To Have 200 Naked Women In Their Don Giovanni!

The Director of Opera Queensland's upcoming production of Mozart's Don Giovanni wants to alter the opera's ending to feature 200 naked women! She says she wanted to update the piece to give the titular cad's victims more of a voice and face him down. Usually, Don Giovanni gets dragged down to hell to pay for his sins, so being faced with a couple of hundred nude women is quite a change! Opera's... READ MORE >>

by Aussie Natursists Are Teeing Off In The Buff!

Wearing nothing more than sunhats and running shoes, the naturists of the BruJul Nudist Retreat in Darwin, Australia have taken to the Humpty Doo Golf Course! The event was called "Wandering Bares" and was organized by 69-year-old nudist Bruce Jensen and his wife Julie, who run the retreat. Check out the fun snaps below and the full article here. READ MORE >>

by Alana Reveals King James Is A Prince Among Men & More On Today's Program

Alana Blaire has the details on the I Promise School in Akron, Ohio. LeBron James created the institution to help at-risk youth, and it offers an onsite food bank, a new bike for every student, and job placement assistance for parents. Well done, LeBron! Get the full story now at READ MORE >>

by Aussie Farmers Get Naked For Charity!

Another awesome photo series has been compiled for charity! This time it's the farmers of rural Australia that have been snapped for a 2019 calendar to benefit, the Royal Flying Doctor Service’s mental health team. Behind the project are photographers Ben Brooksby and Emma Cross who made the trip of 14,000kms in 19 days visiting 13 properties and photographing 55 farmers for the project! Read... READ MORE >>

by Hundreds of NAKED Aussies Gather For Large Scale Art Installation!

Legendary art provocateur and photographer, Spencer Tunick staged his latest naked scene to be snapped for his growing collection of group nudes! Over 500 men and women gathered in a Melbourne car park in the chilly morning air to lay out for the American photographer's camera! Read the full story here! READ MORE >>

by Chasing Waterfalls Is The Latest Craze In Nude Traveller Insta Accounts!

Naked tourists through Australia have been rampantly contributing to a growing gallery of pics snapped at gorgeous waterfalls! The trend has been coined "travel belfies", meaning butt-selfies and in this case, in the presence of cascading waterfalls! Get Naked Australia is the account to follow if chasing waterfalls in the nude is your cup of tea! Click here READ MORE >>

by Nude Spencer Tunick Photo Shoot Thwarted By Woolworths Supermarket

Spencer Tunick makes art we love. His iconic photographs feature hundreds or even thousands of naked people in spectacular places, and his shoots are legendary. But his plans for a new piece in Melbourne, Australia has been given the kibosh by the Woolworths supermarket chain. His request to use a rooftop car park owned by the chain has been refused, and he's pissed! Woolworths says it's... READ MORE >>

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