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by A Billion-Dollar Proposal For Cancer Research, Millions Of Acres Of Rainforest Saved, Deadpool's Latest Advertising & More On Today's Show

Today's program finishes up with one of the most enlightening wrapups ever! Eila Adams, Kat Curtis, and Guest Anchor Danni discuss the crucially important details of how men should treat women's breasts. It's a great learning opportunity and a wealth of information for any man who's got an interest in boobs. So pretty much all of our fans! See it all at READ MORE >>

by Rachel's Audition, More From Young Swingers Week In Hedonism, Secrets Of Naked News & More

Everybody's working for the weekend, and we've done our part to make yours sensational. Here's just a surface-skimming of what you can expect to enjoy on our Friday and Weekend shows. Buckle up, it's going to be a bouncy ride! Katherine Curtis, Carli Bei, and Andrea Scully are here to guide you through. Carli Bei starts things off with more from her visit to Hedonism, Jamaica, for Young... READ MORE >>

by Republicans Officially Control House And Senate, Astronomers Discover More New Planets, Four Elected to MLB Hall Of Fame & More On Today's Show

In our Hot Properties report, Katherine Curtis runs down some high end real estate news, like Moby's new Los Angeles home, the awesome glass house Justin Bieber is leasing in Beverly Hills, Roger Federer's massive new glass home on Lake Zurich, and Matt Damon making a tidy profit off the sale of his Miami estate. Plus plenty of news, sports, travels and more to keep you informed and... READ MORE >>

by New Ebola Prevention Measures and iCloud Under Attack & More On Today's Show

In News Off The Top, Peyton Priestly has reports on the US government's funneling of some passengers to specific airports to help combat the spread of Ebola, the surprise release of American Jeffrey Fowle from North Korea, Apple's warning about attacks on its iCloud service, figures around the US government's war on opium in Afghanistan, UK wind farms' noteworthy day of beating out nuclear... READ MORE >>

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