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by Mitsubishi Motors Admits To Faking Fuel Efficiency Tests, Conor McGregor NOT In UFC 200, Another Record Tower For Dubai & More On Today's Program

Isabella Rossini kicks things off - including her clothes! - in the Naked Newsroom - For the first time ever, sales of the iPhone declined, and Apple's revenue dropped for the first time in 13 years - Japanese carmaker Mitsubishi Motors admitted the company had faked fuel efficiency test results for the past 25 years - Employees at US yogurt company Chobani will be given up to 10% of the... READ MORE >>

by Alaska Legalizes Recreational Marijuana, Aaron Hernandez Murder Trial Continues, Guest Anchor Stephanie & More On Today's Show

Brand new Guest Anchor Stephanie Lusk presents her very first segment, with Travels stories like - Ithaca New York's tourism website temporarily surrendered to the nasty winter and recommended visitors go to the Florida Keys instead. - The Washington Monument is actually ten inches shorter than originally measured. Turns out you have to measure from the right part of the base. - The most... READ MORE >>

by Nicaraguan Canal Construction Underway, Christmas Travel Weather Worries, Colbert and Ferguson Farewells & More On Today's Show

With the week's best in TV, Whitney St. John is in Boob Tube, saying farewell to a pair of late night talk show icons - Stephen Colbert and Craig Ferguson. Plus a look at Saturday Night Live and Mike Myers' Dr. Evil taking a few pokes at Kim Jong Un, and three great things that go great together: Downton Abbey, It's A Wonderful Life, and George Clooney. To see it all, just go to... READ MORE >>

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